How to Measure Digital Marketing Investments - Yiğit Konur

How to Measure Digital Marketing Investments - Yiğit Konur

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So. Welcome. Again today. Is, I'm. Going, to talk about a different topic it's. About measurement. In. General we prefer to talk about measurement. In the final part. Of, conferences. Because you, will learn about lots, of things about this CEO and then the. Last point is measuring. The success so, it's. A bit early but. Yeah. We I hope, that you will like it today. I'm going to talk. About creating, an insane, SEO, dashboard, in 10 steps so. Let. Me introduce myself first. There's. A hidden logo, I'm. A founder, of zo which. Is the formula Co, Co it's. A consultancy, company which. Is based in Istanbul, and have an office in Ankara I'll. Help in too many clients well-known, brands like hips brother amex apt and Marco phony and we. Proud to announce it and. I am also working, as a judge at us, and european, search efforts with, Judith and, I'm. Also part of a theocracy our, unique management, style and company and also i'm SEO strategist. And these. Are the, brands we work together and, I, think. That's enough to, talk about me so. Most. Of the people is saying that online, marketing, is not that much heart and all my marketing, is easy yes. It might be but online marketing was easy i think, because. In these days when i start, a CEO in. 2007. We. Just have to uh. Just. Five amount of metrics we have and we are just looking for new visit we, are looking for the backlinks, we earned and. This. Kind of stuff and after. Then just say, seeing, that the green bar is increasing, we are saying that yeah we just, made. It and we, just. Beat the situation, but it. Was easy in 2007. And the game is changing so fast and, the. Keep eyes were. Like this just the positions, the clinks, organic, traffic's and that's, all but. In. This situation the. Online marketing, and SEO is changing, in 2016. So. We. Have lots of keep the eyes maybe you can find lots of blog post about this you keep eyes but just run away because. Today. I'm going to talk, about 30. Different online marketing, SEO. Keep ice to. Discuss but, there. Are lots of keep eyes I want to talk and I, don't want to make you bored so I add some, satisfying. Gifts, to. Help you to. Be engaged to, my presentation so, I, idly. Don't keep, myself out to watching it, probably. You will watch. For five times minimum, you. Know the analytics, and we are just focusing on the similar metrics like everybody, business page views and how, many people converts, by coming, from organic channel, and then, average cart value of organic channel a bounce rate and engagement, metrics and then in search, intelligence, part is a bit different you, might need to use array, more different tools most. Of them are paid tools, mainly. We are using SEO, monitor for keyword rankings, difficulty, and opportunity, maybe, you might consider to, know about. That how, many PPC, budget we save after than increasing SEO, rankings, also. It's another case to just calculate, return on investment, of SEO so. The. CTR of syrup and the impressions. And this kind of metrics and blah blah, and. Also there, are lots of web level metrics they. Are mainly backlinks. And the social silos, and we are just approaching, them in. The different way so, i. Will, also continue, to talk about it but if. We just look on all of them there, is just there are 30, different metrics, and it's, really hard to focusing. All of them and the. Early, days of just focusing on, three metrics, are. Just. Going. Back and then we, need to focus to today's SEO so.

I'm. Going to talk about something, like this but if you just need to follow all these metrics, you need to work like crazy. And. It's, not only working, hard but. Also it's, just, a typical. Days, of digital. Marketers, we, are just surfing, between the google. Analytics, page and, if you are using on niche and web track and something like this and it's just a typical day of days of day of digital, marketer, and, also, I know. That it's not that much funny, because we. Also need, to wait too, much time and it's. Also. Decreasing. Our productivity. In, by, many ways so. Because. Of just waiting this loading bar if you are working with the websites. Which has more than 1 million traffic, in a day you, will face with this more and more and some of my clients are even not, using google analytics because of the high, delays even they are using the premium, version of google analytics and then after. Than working that much it's possible to be burned out and the. Piece burnouts. Results. Might, not be good and. It. Can be destroyer, word so, we. Need to learn about dashboards. To eliminate. The, rest, of time in google. Analytics and the search intelligence, tools and the web level metrics and, lots, of things and lots of things so we. Just need to see all the, metrics in, the same, page and, analyze. All the metrics together, so, there, are mainly three. Different, ways. Of. Creating. Your own dashboard, the first. One is the most know is. The exiled exports, because it's. Easy to make and then, you if you able to just, connect them api it can go the real time and then, just refresh the data is in each minute and it's possible, and if, you have a talented, developers or. Outsource. Software. Company, we, have an amazing part, 35. Laps. Standalone. Apps is also, great choice for you, you. Can do it and then closed surface but, eggs also a dashboard, has, some, disadvantages. And. They are not portable, and not mobile, friendly if, you even send one, XL dashboard, to do your client, and if their exile. It is just, one, point different, than any, other version, and, mainly, it's not working, and it's. Really, nice, because you know need to live from your favorite tool but it, also has some disadvantages and. If, you are interested in exile dashboards, and SEO. Zone 14 speakers, any cushing has an amazing, course in here you. Might consider to. Have, this dashboard be, bolded and then taking. Our agency, really. Love it I strongly, recommend it, so. In other ways creating. The standard labs and in. Here, as a Turkish. Market that I cannot say that. We. Are always working with the best developers, we really. Unlucky, in this situation until, to finding the correct partner but if. You are have a great, software team you can also create your standalone, app to, track, all the digital marketing metrics but if. You don't have you can just follow up work there, are five. Amount of talented, people over, there and just need to be you. Need to be a very picky so, the, up work is, also. There are lots of experience, people in Google Analytics, dashboard. Creation. So, you, can get any information over, there and then, cloud, software's I think it's the easiest, way to use because you. Are just connecting, your Google Analytics account. Your. Google. Search console a card and then grab. All the data together and, just, the small. Disadvantages. You need to pay monthly, but, you know the software is a service tools and just not. That much expensive, so you, might willing to pay. For it, there. Is a two, different options click folio, and kai, fee and. My. Main option is click folio in this case because it's easy to use and I, will continue to talk about clip. Folio and we, will get our hands, dirty with, just a small workshop in this, left, 35, minutes, so.

Click. Folder is amazing, tool I'm not the marketing, manager or, not affiliate. Like. Chudat, because. There isn't any URL. Maybe, you just must, be URL by the FL, eating and then sharing. In SlideShare, you, are coming from black yet background and we can expect it. I'm. Just kidding and the. Clip folio is amazing, true I'm, not getting any Commission. Even. They had a rand fishkin dashboard, in here so they. Just get. Some. Inspiration. From brent's whiteboard, Friday videos, and then create a dashboard over, there so, i will, just keep it because i, hate, to follow easy way, because. Just just drink the manual stuff and then, focusing. On what you exactly. Really need, to have is the best option so, let's. Do things manually and, in. This situation build. A custom. Clip button, is, not. The most. Entertaining one, but i hope that you will like it in these 10 steps i will, use different data points the first one is google analytics, for. Sure and if, you are talking about SEO, and the search console, and the search analytics is mandatory so. I will. Also mention about, it and then, the SEO monitor not only being, the main sponsor, but also we are using them, for two years they're amazing, and then we, will use the API, and we. Will use some SEMRush, API, and searchmetrics, API, and mosey, I and, some. Google adverse data and. There. Is a great, software. And, not software just like a secret but which. Is just published, by mihai e he. Is also here, just. Published, a great, article in moles about it and we, will use it and then, seal, Interactive's, SEO, tool boxes, just, a bit old but it's still working, in. Sometimes, so and then, we push all the data in crete folio and, so. In. Here, we have, all. The api keys of these tools that's why i'm very confident, to talk about it but maybe you, might consider to skip some, of them so let's. Continue one by one the first one is google analytics, and you know we spent too much time in google analytics, and then, click foley also, consider this and then say that okay eat i have a solution. For google analytics, and it's not only the just, standalone, solution but, also they import. Some kpi's, for you you, can even just click. On here. And then say that show. My blog subscribers. In real time or my. Conversion, funnel or the organic traffic's. I get the landing page performance, of organic searches they. Are all ready, to use and you can also click create, your own but. There. Are lots of opportunity. In here and then this scroll, pages. So, long so. You, might consider to, just adding, some of them and I have created something. Sample. For you and in. Here you will see that there. Is some audience metrics of digital, zone website I love, transparency. As. You can see in here you can just filter, the. Data according. To your needs not like Google Analytics, you. Just need to pick, the start date and the end date, and it's just easy to use the last, seven.

Days 30 days 30, 65, days and it completely. Depends on you and. After. Than that you, can even connect. Your ping demand google analytics, and you can see your. Speed. Performance and. You can see your adverse keyword, performance and, lots, of things more and more and even, for. The organic perspective. There, are great matrix, to catch, it in here and. So i strongly, recommend you. To. Use cliff. Foley and i will share my dashboard. In, end of this presentation so. The. Second, part of this. Situation. Is just connecting. Your google search console data there. Is a great, amount of data behind of search analytics and I think, that it's, the one of the most underrated, SEO, tools in the world so, you, just need to focus more, over there cliff. Folder has also google search console integration, and you. Can see something different in here and I, think. In search law in a steer the leader Kim has a great, speech about. A. Drank, brain and he, mainly, focused on increasing CTRs, of search. Console page and said that the, well, performing, pages unicorn, and let's, performing, pages are donkeys. And you need to optimize donkeys. To, survive. From. Google's. Algorithms, and mainly brain rank so, saying. Brain rank is much more cooler like you say that's why most, of the people says brain, drag instead of Google algorithms, so, after. Then importing, your data you, will see a great, chart like this. The. Cliff folio automatically. Aggregates, your, click. To rate ratios. From, all, the keywords you have and then saying that okay it in the third, position of your keywords you will get 25. Percentage, of click to rate so. According. To the average it. Automatically. Goes into your. Account, and then containing, that okay it you. Are not. Listing, you. Are listing, in third, position home, tech tablets, but. The, CTR, needs to be for. The percentage. But your city is seven. Percentage, that is just tore the seven percentage, of gap between of these numbers and it means that your. Paint is not look like so. Sexy. And you need to optimize this page to. Be. Much more attention. Catchy so, by, using this, data you can increase your CTR. Race in search console and it really, helps you a lot and also.

It Helps you to show, some search positioning, promote opportunities and. You are saying that Clifford, you just show me to the. Keywords. I have, the. Positions, between 11. To 15 so it, means that they are in the second page but, on the top part of second page and if, you even just make. A small, optimization, on this page you, can get. Jump on the first, page and get much, more better CTR, than it might, be a beneficial for you and. It's. The just two matrix you can use. In clip, folio but it's not enough for us in. This case we need to be as a. 2016. Marketers, we, need to be a much more techy, and geeky, and needs, to learn about ApS but. I can. Easily say that I, like. I said I I'm, a dropout sutin, off bilkent my. Department, was about computer, science and but I, couldn't, manage to complete it because of just starting, a co co, but. I can. Just, a bit understand, about api's, language, but, I'm sure that you, can surely understand, that but when. I firstly. Take. A getting. My attention on, the first API, it. Likes the. Language, of aliens, and it. Will. Be a bit tough in the first step. But you, will get used to, in the api's. If you don't know what the meaning of API is it means that, the. Languages, of computer. Programs, and they, are just talking, between, of them by using this language which, means API, and if. You are able to use the API as you can connect different services, in, here, google is disclosing, that here. Is my search, console API and here, is how my tool is speaking. And you if you use just these rules you. Can just you, can also call talk, with my tool as well you, can get my data into. Your tool as well so, it's. A great opportunity and, if, you're able to use just a search console API you, can also, reach, more. And more limits than an ordinary user, gets when. It comes to fetching data in, here, what i do in, cali. Folio there, is a great, feature witches, mean, a clip, editor, you. Can just. Get the data from the AP is what. I do in here as, you can see in query URL, is the, URL which, group which is disclosed by the google, and google says, that if, you, say to, this URL say, that just. Show a CO z OS search. Analytics query. For starting, days 10, October to, the 15 octobre I, want, to see the pages, and the, role limit is 2050. Which. Means that i want, to get. 2050. Best, performing, pages, on the syrup. I just want to see it after. Then taking, an aspirin from the google clip, folio helps, you to put, them into table, if. Your mind you can use a line chart pictures, etc lots, of thing, just. Put it on the table and after. Them putting it on the table you can also create. Some indicators, and by. Using these indicators, you can easily say that if the, position, is greater than, 5 just. Show this in the red color is if it's just, less than 5, show. It's in the green color and you, can also, colorize. Your, data. And then make. It easy to understand, for sure and. Then. By. Using this, data you can just import this to do your dashboard, and this, data will, be updated. In just. In one minute and you, can also specify according. To the.

Preferences. In the tool so, it's a great thing and if, you're able to do it you, will really like it just, learn, to use api's, you. Might firstly, our consider. To. Research. About Jason, GS. O n, after. Than understanding, that I i I'm, sure that you, can able to connect some api's and, another. Step. Is connecting, a co monitor a simulator. Is a great tool which helps us, in search intelligence, and we can get our organic traffic. Keyword. Positions. And, keyword, opportunities. And lots of data so. In here I'm. Just opening a simulator API, documentation and. Then seeing that ok. There, are some responses. Just returned back to me and i will say that just site ID which, is a unique. Idea of any, project in the way. SEO. Monitor so they'd start and end and it, can gives me back to the data and i also just customize. The data requests, from. Clip editor and then saying that yes, my query is like, this the start date and dead and my authorization code, which is blurred and, then. It also helps, you to get your own data in this case I just fetch my, brand and number, and ratio, and by, exact numbers and. Included. It's my own. Dashboard. To, just continue, to, track. This data, and, so you can fetch your all keyword rankings, just, changed, keyword. Data in, the URL and then you can get something, like this which. Just comes from one of our clients, so. You. Can even create some, kind of dashboards, by just using SEO, monitors data and it's, also valid for the sandwich, they have an API documentation, you. Will read it and get it and then, just posting, data to the cliff folia again but, in this case it's not a returning, indecent, returning. In CSV. And then, I can, just get this data and create, a dashboard like this it's, really, easy to use and also. You. Can continue, to use api's, but I will not continue, to talk about it because it's like a bit tacky, and boring for some people, so I, will, continue to talk about opportunities. Of caliph óleo and also. There is a deep integration of, searchmetrics. In here if you are using searchmetrics, you have some credits of API, I'm. Not sure about the essential package but the sweet. Packages, included. And. After. Then. Just. Entering, here, as you can see you can just, see the estimated, search, value, which means that if. I bring. This traffic, to my website with. Using adverse, how. Many how, much money i need to pay to google it's, a great metric, to sell to your clients, and because. You know we are doing SEO and, for, most of the clients return, on investment, calculation, of SEO is really. Tough so, you can use these metrics, and you, can even list your winning keywords, and lots of data and, it really helps you a lot so. After. Then spending. Five minutes in cliff folio I also create. A dashboard like, this as you can see made a research, for drink and there. Is your visibility is shown the, competitor, situation, is shown the, winning givers of trang and their competitors, you, can get all this data in real time just, set up for one time and then, you will get this data in every. Time you log into the cliff folio and also you can get some data, from most API they. Have an HM integration. In this native integration you, can just get the backlinks, and these, api's. Are mainly most. Escapes API which is the link index of moss and by. Just selecting, your metrics, in here you. Can create something like this in here like. You see I'm, just seeing my current. Numbers in green and then. My competitors, are listed in the table below so. It's. Also helps you a lot and it's. Not only a SEO, but also adverse, and even, you can use adverse data for your SEO purposes to. Understand, that which, keywords, converts, much, more better than any other key verse we are doing this in many. Of our clients in, keyword, research process. Connecting. PPC, and SEO is crucial, for big Camping's so. In google adwords and they have a deep integration as, well and, yet you can just add the, campaign performance click-through. Rate and specific, keywords, and welcome. Best converting. Keywords, as well and it, really helps, you to understand, that ok in this season, people. Are just buying, t-shirts, and, then. It converts really, well white, t-shirt, key verse in my, website, and you will see this data dynamically, you, will see in, the screenshot. Is just one, snapshot but, if, you able to login, for. Cliff foliar in any time you, will get the updated, data in each time so it. Is really good option, and, if, you are a nico. Like me and and. If. Your main expertise, is not PPC. Please. Consider. PPC. Data I really skip this data for long years but after, that seeing the the, real benefits, of PPC data idly. Gets stick on and then. The eighth position are, eight. Step I will talk about the search analytics for sheets, like. I said in my easier. He. Just published, a great, article. In most and, in. This bloke eh he, also, make.

The Launch of the new keyword. Research tool and the. Dis keyword research tool help you to get your. Search. Console. Data search, analytics data. It's, like this creating. A sidebar, in your website in. Your, Google sheets and in, default, you can just, fetch. 1000, data but. You, by using API, so you can get up to 5000 theta which, means a lot for big, clients so, as. You can see I just ask, that show. Me the queries breakdown. By page, and date as you, can see and how many clicks I get in, 17. October, by a co song keyword is 10 click and I, can see, all the details like this and I can also change the matrix, and request. The data to, do refreshment, so, it's automatically, updates my google, and how, can I use this, in the Google. To. Creating dashboard. In cliff folio it's, justin is the way because, there. Is a great opportunity, these. Guys, are also connected with google drive and if, you're able to connect, your, search console data. Spreadsheet. Which is supported, by Mijares to you. Can even import this data into. Your dashboards, and if you just backing. Up your data by, using these, google sheets it. Will help you a lot and it will, be amazing so. The. Last part is, using. Siri Interactive's. SEO tool box so. In here, we are, just doing. It. Helps, us to fetch, the data from the different data points like. You see it's a bit old tool. But. You can just understand, this by seeing that there. Is written SEO moss which, is most for three years. But. It's still working in some. Perspectives, if, you just able to get some data from, the. Different. Services into. Google sheets you can still import. It to your, dashboards, and finally. Click folio and all, the data comes together in, the one, warehouse and, then, you analyze the data it's. The best, part of this, work you. Can do lots, of things in clip editor you can just, create, indicators. And then specify, your, properties. And, there, are lots of different, views and components, like, a pie chart. Charge then even. You can do retention. Charts, for, using. Different, purposes, and, this. Indicator, feature, is amazing, like I say to you and also, you. Can use a, branding. Option, and, it's. Not the, best, way but you, can also white label the service, and saying that it's. My it's. My own dashboard, to your class if you might, it's. Also another prestigious. Part, of it and then. You. Create your final, data and, you. Will have a dashboard like, this you. Will see all the data you need, for one website in, our agency we, start to create. A project to, migrate. All the client data into. This project, and. Our. Consultants. Can easily. See the big picture if. There. Is a traffic drop maybe it might be just, because. Of the PageSpeed problem, and maybe you couldn't see, this page speed problem, man you visit the website but, nobody just get your mind that okay maybe the traffic. Drops comes from our organic, wizard robes come from the weak. Performance, on the web. Or mobile site, so it, really helps, you you. Can connect many sides and you, can also have, different, dashboards as, well and then, it's easy to share you, can also show, your talents to your clients, and you. Need to get benefit. Of these. Dashboards and, like. I said i have many measures, on. My hand right now so, I really want to share this with you but it's. Not ready yet, I. Hope. To disclose, it in this, week so, if. You're able to just drop me a line you get at zero, org dot org I'm. A really, friendly a reply. Err on the most of the cases just. Drop me a line and I will let you know when, I. Ready, to share my all. Dashboards. For, you. And, that's. My presentation. And thank you for listening and if you have any question, I will be happy to answer. I'm. Sorry, because i, really, forget to bring some chocolates, Judith's. Can I get can. I borrow from you you. Say that I have 15 and you get 5 question, if you, don't prefer, to give three chocolate for. Each question I can take. Your checklist, thank. You I have, 10 chocolates. And. I. Offer five. Chocolate for one question. It's. The rule of economy, you know. Yes. Please. Yeah. Please don't. So. You, created. These dashboards for. All. Of your projects for your consultants to look at do you ever use. Clip folio or anything like that to create dashboards for your client is to look at or is that too dangerous. To. Let them look at directly, sharing data with chaining, client data it click folder you say yes to. Share with the clients, so you create a dashboard that they can look at. There. Are three there, are two ways to share your dashboards, in cliff, folio the first one is public, shaming it's free. But. If you mind to share your data, in. Private.

Environment. You. Can also protect. It by password. And, you. Are completely right just. Imagine that we are working with the largest e-commerce Brandon, turkey, and the old, data is just a skink, disclosing. One URL, and if, somebody, able to find, this URL and can get the entire, data, in. Our agents, that we prefer, to use P foliar in our own, singing it's. Like. Reports. That, and, then, you can reach these dashboards by, just. Entering. Your. Own password, and your data is, private. On the. Cliff folios servers. I hope so. So. I know they, get many Mesmer's, before so it's a big company and it, might, even drop, boxes hecht and it's, possible but we. Hope so. And I. Think that is safe, by. This situation. You. Get your five chocolate. If. You don't ask question, I will ask a question, to myself to, get this fire fast five, shackles okay is, it acceptable Jeanette. Eat. Will you get any commissions, from cliff folia know. Okay. Thank you so much for listening me, it will take a bit longer coffee, break so I hope, that you enjoyed, the last reminder, if. You want to ask any, question, two speakers. And, a bit, shy. To ask, you. Can directly, send, the DM to, digital. Zone 16, account so, we will answer your question, so, please. Send your old questions, is DM. To digital zone 16 account. Another. Reminder. Our, hashtag. Is not digital, zone 16, our hashtag. Is digital zone if you're, able to send by digital zone you, will increase your luck, to, get tickets and or. Even increasing, our chance to get a trend, topic, thanks.

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