How To Make Your Online Business A Success - Video 4 of 4

How To Make Your Online Business A Success - Video 4 of 4

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Hi. How you doing, now, this is the, final, video in the online business success principles. We. Are discussing. Seven. Online, business, principles, that would determine your success or failure with your online business, this. Is a series, of videos, this, is the fourth video in the series and this, is going to be the final, video in the series as well where. We're going to be discussing the sixth, and the seventh, principles. That, will determine your success with, your online business, my, name is olafemi, i Adeje i call, myself the lazy tycoon, and that's, because, I run an online business, that virtually, runs itself an autopilot, you. Are watching this video because you are interested. In the idea of making money, working, from home with an online business, so, I want to officially, welcome you to my world if this is your first time coming across me I've been doing this now for almost. Five, years. 2014. Was, when I quit my job to, start running an online business full, time and what, I've decided to do is basically, start. Recording, videos like, this sharing. With you every, single thing I know about, an online business so. That I can help you achieve success, with your online business if. You are somebody. 100%. Serious. About running an online business I want, to invite, you to subscribe to, my youtube channel subscribe. To my email list and follow me on whatever, social. Media platform, I happen, to be on you, would find the links to that in the description of, this page other, than that I, will, not officially welcome you and let's, get stuck into the sixth and seventh. Success. Principles. That, would determine, whether you succeed or fail with. Your online business let's, dive into it straight away yes. So. Like. I said this. Is gonna be the final video, in this series where. We're gonna be covering, the. Seven online, business, principles, that, will. Determine your success or, failure, with your online business, so. If this is a first time actually. Landing. On any of these videos where were discussing are, the seven online business, success principles. You, want to make sure you, go and watch other other videos, in this series if. You are watching this on youtube then. If, you want to go to my playlist I use, are these videos, I will be filed under the seven online business, success principle so make sure you have a look at it there what, I would also do, is output output, links, to, the other videos in, the, description of. This video as well so make sure you watch that as well so. We are gonna be covering, the. The sixth, and the seventh, principle, thou. Determine, your success with your online business I just, want to say I bear with me I have, a bit of a cold and a sore throat so I'm not I'm not gonna sound a hundred percent but. I just want to make sure I still you know go, out there and record this video for you today. Now the. Obviously. Like you guys know I refer, to myself as the latest tycoon, and I just want to help you understand, a little.

Bit More about this concept of of, the lazy tycoon, the. Laser tycoon, is about the path of least, resistance. To. Actually, hit your goal of. Running. A business, that gives you financial, and life time, and lifestyle. Freedom. Obviously. The Internet allows us to achieve that but. More than just internet. Allowing us achieve, that what. I'm also going to be helping you understand, is the. Shortest, possible, path, to. Use the Internet to hit your goal as well, so this principles. I'm gonna, cover with you if you apply them to your, situation and, if you adopt this mindset, this attitude, and this principle that I'm sharing with you there, are eventually, gonna fast-track, and. Accelerate. You. To your desired, goal, with your online business, today. By. The very first principle which is principle, number six which, I'm going to discuss with you today is this people. That eventually succeed. With their online business. They do not fall, prey to the shining, object. Syndrome, so. What exactly is, the shining, object syndrome. Now. The the, shiny object, syndrome is, a syndrome that's. Very, much common, in our industry. Let me actually help you understand, how that happens, you. See most of us I get started, in this industry. We, either start, going, out there maybe. Researching. On search engines, and looking for you know ways to get started with an online business and along. The line we get bombarded with, different. Types of online. Business. Programs. You know there's various, business, models, out there when. It comes to running an online business that's, what I do. Which, is affiliate, marketing, there's. Things like running a business on Amazon, there, Shopify. There's. Justin Facebook to advertise, for stuff as well there's. Different online business. Models, out there and there's also different. Strategies. As well behind, all this models as well so. One thing that. Happens very frequently, in, our industry, is this we, get distracted. By. Something, we. Just discovered, or something, new that's just been pitched to, you and it's, very easy to, get so overwhelmed. With. Different. Opportunities. And different strategies, and different approaches. And what happens, is you never really, commit, to one strategy, or one approach, fully. And you're. Left with trying, little bits here a little bit there and, you never really fully commit, and remember. If you don't ever. Really, fully. Commit. With. Anything. At all you're, never really, gonna get good at that thing and. It's. A trap, that's very, common, within, within, our niche. Even. With, opportunity. Programs, as well affiliate, marketing programs, as well I have. Met, people were. Trying to do so much I remember there was a lady I met. Out a couple, of years ago and she was obviously struggle. With trying to make money online and, I asked, our what, she was doing, and she was involved, with nine. Different. Types of online business. Programs. And she, didn't have a clue, what she was doing and she was failing, at everything and that's, because she was trying to spit so, many place at the same time, remember. Most, of us actually get started in this industry we're doing this part-time, to. Now try, and you. Know spread. Yourself, so thin by. You're trying, different online business, models, you're never really gonna have the time to fully come into one when. It comes to even things like you know sort, of marketing, strategies.

Or When, it comes to maybe traffic, generation, strategies. As well there's, so many different, ways of going out there and using, the internet to generate traffic. This. YouTube. This, Facebook. There's solo ads they're search engine, optimization. And you're, never really, gonna, get, good, in one. Traffic. Generation. Process. Unless. You really master, that process, and when. You're brand new it's really. Really, difficult to, master one traffic. Process. Talk. Less trying to master, three four five different traffic strategies. At. Once so, my advice, to you, is when you're near spend. Some time and get a feel, for what's best. Suited, to you to your personality. And make. Sure that once you decide, to do something make. Sure you commit, to that process until you get results, and. Don't. End up being a dabbler, I see so many people come into this industry where. They try to do so many things and that's the reason, why they're they fail, and it's, something that's very, prevalent. In our industry. There. Was a guy that just reached out to me, not. Quite a couple of days ago this guy has actually. Been in the industry before. I got, into the industry okay. When, I got started, he was involved in athlete marketing, but since I have known him his, tribe affiliate, marketing, he's gone into cryptocurrencies. He's, tried CPA offers. His tried Forex. He's tried so, many things until. Today, he's. Still, not succeeding. The, reason why he's not succeeding, is basically, it's not that those business, models don't work in, fact. Most. Business. Models, out there on the internet, would work but. It would only work for. You if you actually commit, to it hundred, percent and you actually go deep, with, that business model okay right and. Just. To wrap this up okay I. Remember. You, know when when I was young, I. Used. To spend a lot of time watching, and, I saw you know enjoy. Till today but I used to spend a lot of time, watching, documentaries. On wildlife. And I, used to really enjoy the, documentaries. Where you. You get be like the big, cats go hunting, like you have the Lions, or you have the Tigers, or you have the you, know the cheetahs go hunting, and I. Remember. This specific. Documentary. That I was watching, it. Was it was a cheetah. A. Female. Cheetah that was trying to teach our younger, cheetahs, how to go hunting, and more often than not you. Would notice that the inexperienced. Cheetahs. When they go hunting they're, not decided. On which, prey, to go, after so, the spend time trying, to chase everything, and very soon, they, get exhausted. And because they lack focus on, one specific target.

They, Come back with, nothing, but, the more experienced. Cheetah, what they do is they study the herd and they, now target, that. One, specific. Usually, a gazelle, or maybe, like a small, antelope, that they go after and the more experienced. Cheetah. Focuses. On that one and just basically. Chases. It until. It capped, is that and comes back home with the prey in, our industry. It's a bit like that as well the, people, that succeed are the people. That, understand. Their, approach, to, an, online business. And, they focus. On that. Approach, until. They. Succeed. They, identify. What, best suits, them they, identify. What business, model, best suits their personality. And they, go to work, on that approach, until. They get their result, for, me. One. What. One, of my saving. Grace was this, I am. Very aware of my limitations okay. And one, of my limitations. Is this I am NOT, great. At multitasking. But. That's also a strength, of mine because. I am NOT great, at multitasking. I never, attempt. To do too many things at once so I only, focus, on the few, key, things that. Will, get me the, kind of results, I want, so, I focus. On, high-leverage. Activities. That, would determine, my, results. And that's, the same approach, I have with an online business, as, well yes. I do, believe. In multiple, streams. Of income but. I built on multiple, streams of income within. One, sort, of business model. What, I don't do maybe, one day I would eventually evolve. My. Business, so I can do different business, models, but, I personally. Under, way it works for me at this, stage is, to go out there really. Really. Get, good at one thing so, I become a master, of that and, once I perfect. That process, and once, that process, is, good, enough to help me you, know give me the time, freedom, and the financial, freedom I want then. In the future, I can go out there and start trying other things as, well so, if. You're watching this video and you are brand. You you're not making, money in this industry. My. Advice, to you is this, don't. Be. A dabbler. That's always gonna. Be the. Latest. Way. Of making, money on the internet there's, always gonna be the latest, way of generating, traffic, that's, always gonna be a new, platform. You know we have you know we've. Had search. Engines, that we've had YouTube. Then, we have facebook. We have Instagram. We have Sweta we. We have snapchat, we, have Pinterest. There's, so many platforms. Out there yes. Eventually, one, day you want to be on as many platforms as, possible but, when you are new you can't, spread, yourself, thin make. Sure you just master. One maybe, two, if, you're good enough to manage, that but, just master, one or two and make. Sure you really go deep, with those processes as well same, thing with affiliate, marketing as, well or whatever business, model, you want to do as well now. If it's ecommerce. You wanna do make, sure you focus, on that and get good at that if it's a Fiat marketing, you want to do make, sure you focus on that and get good at that if it's some. Product. Creation, you want to do make, sure you focus on that and get good at that you're, never, gonna make any money, in this industry, if you, don't get good at something, period. That's. It for now so. That's that's, the sixth, principle when it comes to what's gonna determine your success or failure with your online business it's, this make, sure you don't fall, into the trap of going. After shiny, objects. That would distract, you from the chase, we're. About to discuss, the final principle, the, seventh principles. That determine, your success, or, failure, with the online business and honestly, this. Is one, of my favorite, principles.

It's This it's, being, resourceful. Okay. In, my opinion this. Is, The X Factor. Now, what, exactly, do I mean by being resourceful, this is what I mean being. Resourceful, is being able to go out there and find, solutions, and, solve, problems that are presented in, front of you when, it comes to trying to succeed or grow your online business. Now. In every, walk. Of life you. Know we, all love the, rags to riches story, which. Is basically, the story of resourcefulness. You, know there's always somebody, there's, always there is in every walks. Of life where. You, had somebody, who, was who. Had nothing, you. Know or, they. Lost everything, they had and against. All odds. They. Made it big, or they made it successful. And if, you look at those kind, of stories. That we draw inspiration. From, those. People, had, very. Limited, resources. When, they went down you, know the typical rags, to riches story which. We, win we all love we. All love that movie. You the one with, with Will Smith in pursuit, of happiness, and. And. This. Is a story, about somebody. Who. Had a dream and was. Resourceful. Enough, to. Find, a way to eventually, attained. Their dreams although. They didn't have much resources, to start with in the first place, in. My opinion this. Is I. Mean. All the principles. Are, important. But, this is one of those principle. That, in my opinion, it's. The X Factor, it's, one of those things that when, I speak. To people in, this industry I can. Tell straight away if somebody. Has that. X Factor based. On how they go about things, all, right, one. Thing that's guaranteed, to, happen, in, our industry, is this. Things. Are never, gonna go according to plan you. Know you. Know things are always gonna. Go wrong that's the essence, of business. There's no way you wanna run a business and, every. Single day things. We just walk. Out like. You wanted it to a business. Is adult ups and downs and, really. What's, gonna determine your, success in business is how, you manage, it when things go, wrong, things. Are always gonna go wrong you're always gonna. Faced setbacks, you're. Always gonna. Hit the wall and it's. Down, to how, you can, deal. With, such situations, that's. What would ultimately. Determine. Your success with. An online business, you. Know, it's. Never really down to, the resources, you have and I. Say. This to, a lot, of people if it's a very common. Notion. That. It takes money, to make money and. Yes. It. Does take, money to make money but. On the contrary, if. You don't, know what to do with money you're. Gonna lose all your money and in. Fact somebody, who has nothing, in the world. All, right somebody, with doesn't, have a penny but. That person. Is, resourceful. Would. Eventually. Become, successful. All. Right. Would. Eventually, become more successful than somebody. Who. Has all the resources in, the world and doesn't. Understand. How. To be resourceful, with. The funds they have okay, and. And. That's the final thing you. Know I wonder, I want to discuss, with you when it comes to the seven. Principles. That determine, your. Success with an online business it's just being resourceful it's, been able to go out there and based. On what you have based, on your situation because.

Remember. We. All come from different, situations. We all have different, backgrounds and we, all happen to be in this online business, industry, some, people come, with nothing. Some, people come with a lot and I'm talking about maybe some people come here without. Any kind of you. Know basically. As, a. Last. Resort, like I was when I first got started and lost. Everything, I've worked for I had very. Little, to nothing on the, flip side you, come across people that come into this industry and. Financially. They, in a very strong position but. When they get into this industry they, feel that just because they have money they can buy their way to success no. You can't buy your way to success, money. Helps, but, money, only helps, once, you understand, what you do with, that with money and. Really. If you think about resources. Okay. Resources. Are all, the, things we have within us so, our passion. Our drive, our commitment. Our ability. To make sure we find solutions. Everybody's. Situation is, unique. And it's down to you to. Be able to, understand. Your situation, and. Understand. The variables, that you have in your situation and, to be able to go to work with that and make, something, happen for, you. With, that it's, all down to you, and how, ambitious, you are and how. Passionate, you are and how, resourceful, you are when. It comes to finding, solutions and, finding. You, know answers, so, that that, way you, can keep progressing, with. This within this industry you know just to finish off my mentor. Used to say you, know what if it's, to happen, it's, down to you and being. Resourceful. Succeeding. It's all down to you it's, all about finding. A, way. And I wish I could say more on being resourceful, but, like I said it's almost, an X Factor, it's something, that you have to deep, deep within, you, and bring. Out because, we. Are gonna, come across stumbling. Blocks, we are gonna come across stumbling, blocks we, are gonna come across situations that, we feel, is beyond. Us we, are gonna get knocked back and, it's your ability to now take. A step back. Analyze. The situation and, look. For, ways to, find, solutions. That. Ultimately. Was gonna determine, your success and I'll give you one tip when it comes to looking for ways to find.

Solutions. One. Thing you want to do is align, yourself, with. Other. Successful. People, and. And more, often than not when. You are lined with other successful people, you. Experience. Or you get to see how they deal with challenges. You, get to see how they deal with situations. And, you can also adopt. That mindset. You, see attitude. Is. Something, that, we can learn. Attitude. Is something, that we can acquire. By. Watching, other, people. And how, they deal with problems. And also. Make sure you just network, with other people, speak. To people, that have dealt with your situation, before speak. To people that came into this industry, that had, nothing, and speak. To them find out their story gain, inspiration, from, their stories and use. That to, develop, your, attitude. Of resourcefulness. That's. Why you. Know it's very, good to actually go out there and read, biographies of. Successful. People because. What do you do when you read biographies of, successful, people is this you, almost tend, to absorb. Their. Mindset. When they tell their stories. Because anybody, was succeeded, in life what. They are doing is they're getting to that next level, in, life by, taking on challenges. And that, propels, them to the next level so make. Sure that you. Understand. That running an online business it's not a linear, path where, one, plus one equals, two more. Often than not you're, gonna take a few steps forward if, you step back back, you're, gonna have situations. That you didn't plan for you're. Gonna have scenarios. That make. You feel like oh my god I can't. Carry or no more but, it's your ability to just keep, getting. Up and keep get going, keep finding solutions, keep finding, answers keep. Digging and tap it into that, power within you that's, ultimately what's, gonna make you succeed okay so. Basically. That's. What, this, video, series is about I, have, covered with you in, this video series the seven. Principles. That will determine whether, you fail or you succeed, with your online business make. Sure make sure you actually go back and watch all the videos and make, sure you actually identify all. These principles, that have discussed, with you and make, sure you use that as a blueprint. To, and ask yourself am i. Adopting. These principles. In. My. Online. Business journey. Because, remember the. People that succeed are the people. That go, to work, on this principles, the, people that don't succeed at the, people that quite frankly are, probably. Not aware that they have to do this or even. If they are aware, that they have to do this don't, actually go, to work with it so don't leave your success, to chance, remember. Anything. Worth, having. Has. Got to be earned and you have to work hard for it okay and. Obviously. That's, the end of the series but, what you want to make sure you do is as always. Make. Sure you, subscribe to my chart if you ever need any help you, can always reach out to me on Facebook, or reach out to me send. Me a comment or send me an email or something I am here to help you with your journey let, me know what you think in the comments below and more, often than and let, me know what you think in the comments, below and, make, sure you go to work with your online business and then subscribe to my channel so I can share more information, and, share, more videos like this with you that's it for now and I'll be back with you again shortly, take care for now speak to you soon bye.

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