How To Make Over 100k A Year in 2019! | Blueprint Publishing Academy

How To Make Over 100k A Year in 2019! | Blueprint Publishing Academy

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Yo. What's going on everybody I'll back you coming out to here it is a beautiful, Saturday, I'm, filming this on Saturday because I, got, some videos going up on Monday, and Tuesday, and I can't I don't want to take away any of that you. Know it's just YouTube, SEO shit. So this, going up on Sunday. So, I'm doing weekly update right now but. It's. Been a little while since we've, done this I think New Year's was. New. Year's was on a Monday or New Year's Eve and Christmas, was and I don't think I know I did that one video I did in the Range Rover it, wasn't really a weekly, update, or anything but it's. Been a little while and I'm excited to to. Connect with all of you and and look. At this I actually took, some notes, and, I. Was like okay let me get through all this and. So. Yeah I got some notes here we got, to dive into things because, it's. A it's 2019. And, 2020. 18. What. Was quite. The year quite, the year. You. Know so happy. New year first off and. Hope. Your, holidays are, good. It's it's, January, 5th and. Let's. Talk about holidays for one thing and it was funny I did. Not have a good Christmas or, inators. You. Know I had some just some things that were kind of distracting, me a bit and and. AH I just didn't want to take the time off and. What's. What's really cool is here, I'm gonna let you see my eyes right because you can, know, connection what's, really cool is. What. When you when you're when, you're in a position where, you're doing what you love. Holidays. Are meaningless, like. Yeah you spend time with family, and all of that fun stuff but. If. You don't need to escape like there's no reason to, to. Get. Away from anything because there's nothing you're not running from your work great. I just wanted to keep working and keep driving, forward and, and. All, of that and it was talking to the boys and you. Know actually do you want brought this up he's like there's. Have nothing to to escape we love what we do and. We. There's no reason for us to take time off but the holidays kind of forcing because everyone else taking time off and you know even on the like on the third I was. Like making phone calls and trying to connect with people and like they're still on holidays I'm like guys, it's freaking January, 3rd like get your ship back to going it's like 2019, we already lost three days like, let's say get this shit going but. You know it is, what it is and apparently. Everyone. Here takes off till the 6th, like, are they like is everyone, in elementary, school no the seventh is, that'll be Monday, but. So, a few more days and then I think the world will start getting back to, the. Full speed but I know, is how are your holidays, how. Are yours did you enjoy, them did you did, you want to escape did you want to get away did. You get away um. You, know so it's uh ya. Know it's uh it's interesting even, the speaking of escape you. Know my birthday, is coming up and you. Know like. She was looking at booking something really hey wait, hey what are you doing what do, not book any trips, for my birthday no I'm not going nowhere for my birthday but, it was like I do not want to go anywhere I just want to get to work and get things done and and everything, I might have said you know like you guys could go away from my birthday. But. It's. All good that's just the mood I'm in because I'm ready to make 2019. My batch so. Let's get, down, and dirty. Lack. Of videos. Why. Have there been a lack of videos, on. The channel as, of late. Really. Good reason for that, one. More day of my cranberry, mocha Blanco. That's. Been you know white. Cranberry I. Don't know, it's called. Lack. Of videos why um. Honestly. Because, I just have a little film. I've. Tried, I've. Picked up the camera I've tried filling some videos and I. Am just, mentally. I wasn't in it and I, just. Wasn't there. And so that's. Why there have been a severe. Lack of videos, over. The last couple weeks and I'm not apologizing. For you it's my channel, I'll film videos, when I fucking want to. You. Know but. You. Know I needed a break I guess I just. Yeah. So, I just didn't. Want to film so I just didn't film just.

Gonna. Give a fuck and that's. That's. How it is right. You, know one of the things that I'm really gonna focus more on for 2019 it's it's, doing more of what I want and less of what I don't want and, you. Know, that was just one of the things I realized it was like you know what right, now filming. Videos is just not something I want to be doing and, I'm. Like yeah you know is it will it hurt course sales obviously, yeah. You know because some more videos to film more gets out there or if you buy stuff, you. Know so but I was like you know what I just don't want to film right now it's right now mentally, I'm just not not. Not there with you know others other, distractions. And things going on I just didn't really care too so. You. Know but, I've. Been filming all day yesterday today I'm. Filming, again on Tuesday Wednesday and later. On once, I get this you. Know up I'll be filming more. Later today but. We. Have some good stuff coming up in fact I need to talk about those videos actually it's in my notes to talk about some videos coming, out here, in a second, so coming. Up first, and foremost, the. Academy, is gonna, reopen you're. Seeing this on Sunday you know reopen on Monday I, believe no. Clue what time but sometime on Monday you're gonna get an email that's saying it's open now. This. Is gonna be the focus for 2019. I'll. Be shifting, my focus away, from my. Self publishing blueprint, and focusing, purely on the. Blue print publishing Academy. The. Reason being is this I want. To focus on helping people create six-figure. Businesses. You, know the publishing, myself publishing blueprint has been phenomenal it'll, still be there it'll still be updated, it'll still be the most relevant and updated course that. You can get into self-publishing, no, matter what 100%. In fact I just finished. The massive update. Massive. Update I just finished doing the annual update. With, it I think there's three, more videos and then the twin section, I just have to you, know basically, publish. Those on the new site but, if you do by myself, publish simply pretty you get you'll, get access to the to, the new course the new platform, that we're on good job' good, job I whatever, it's called, it's. Ten times better than that shit show teachable, is. You. Know it's just at the level the businesses, a teachable just couldn't handle it, god that making those program but. Yeah. So anyways the blueprints always gonna be updated because that's always gonna be the basics, that's always gonna be the you. Know the core principles, for you. Know making your first thousand, dollars you can't make you you can't build a six-figure business, without first making your first you. Know thousand, so those core principles are, always going to be there that course will always be updated so. People who want to still get that and focus on that you're, able to hundred percent, but. The Academy is gonna be for people who want to build an actual six-figure. Business, you. Know this is for people who are thinking more long-term more. Strategic. This, is for people who have more money to invest period, right. Because you know the price is higher the. You, know we focus on doing, different. Things with our books that cost more money. So. That is the that is the that's. The that's gonna be more of the focus so. And. I guess the the big difference, is the, Academy, is done with you I'm, actually personally. They're working, with each and every one of you helping. You build a six-figure business, whereas. The blueprint, is like you get the course you're in the Facebook group in that size right, you're, figuring things out. The. Academy is a lot different and you, know the students I've worked with through the Academy over the last few months, officially. And unofficially. Will. Attest to that. So, anyways link, in the description to join that if you're watching it and it's not open yet so if you're watching on Sunday. You. Can join I guess the waiting list I believe it'll take you to that page until, it's officially. But. Yeah. I'm super, excited to start. A new class of students, for. That one we are only keeping 20, spots open, for this one we. Opened it with ten in the beginning but now we're opening it to 20 because the ten filled up so fast to, 20 spots that's it and then it'll be closed again so, get. It while you can. Oh. Yeah, and if. You, join my self publishing blueprint you, also will get a further, discount on the Academy cuz you already bought the basic course so that, will be mentioned inside. The. Blueprint. Facebook group, cool. All right that. Updates, done. Coming. Up Miami. Grant. Cardone is 10x growth done cannot, tell. You how excited, I am for this job.

Just, Working on some final preparations and. Yeah. It should be fun should, be interesting. But. I'm. Really looking forward to hearing John, Maxwell, is probably the biggest, speaker, I'm looking forward to hearing. You. Know Tai Lopez, it'll be kind of it's like you're going to hear, these. Big names speak. You. Know and you, know there there should be some decent business, connections, to meets you. Know at that event as well and of course to hang out with people like all in Marco, and calcined, and. You. Know all of you who are going we're. Looking, at. Organizing. Some sort of group event. So we can you know I'd like to me if you're going call, it below let me know you're going because when. I try to organize something where we can all kind of get, together for you know some drinks or dinner or you. Know whatever the case is but I, would, love to me some of you who are gonna be the Miami. Miami, area, you. Know before the event starts you just hit down down in South Beach look. For me so I'll be on the beach and join, some of that for a while but. Yeah. So that's coming up the 31st, the fourth. But. Let's talk about the channel let's talk about what. Is 2019. Gonna, be bringing to the channel so like, I said it's gonna be focused, on helping people build. 6-figure. Of your businesses. Shifting, away from hey, let's make your first thousand it's let's, help. You build a six-figure a, year business and. You. Know here are the strategies and the things that you need for it because. You. Know it's. That's. Just it's. More fun it's. More fun for me because these are the people who think more strategically, these. Are the people who understand, businesses. A long-term, thing. They want to do it you, know they, want to set themselves up for success, long-term. You, know I'm not just looking for this short little things. So. Yeah, so that's gonna be you, know the, big focus but I already said that so. Video. Topics, so I got a ton of videos coming, up, some. Will be some basic, publishing, stuff. Basically. Stuff I've talked about before but this is kind of changed, like, one of the videos I have to I have to get a new one and this will be coming up shortly. Is. What needs to go into right because I did that bad the, bad Nisha's where I'm like bad. News, that. Video and uh. My. Philosophy. Has changed. Right. Health. And fitness, self-help. Whatever. The hell third owners, great. Anxious great, niches to get into 2019.

But. There's. Specific things you have to do in, those dishes in order to make money you can't just get in there right, otherwise ill will fail right. So that's gonna be a video game sorry, and, I'm, also gonna cover some more advanced, stuff like building. Your email list. You. Know. I don't. Cover some will cover some back end stuff but you, know also some of the more advanced topics that people. Have really been takin more interest as it's inside, the blueprint, you, know in the groups there. So. We're, gonna talk a bit more about that on the channel as well, but, then I also want to talk about some other really fun stuff, like money management, I want, to talk about that because if. You don't, know by now, we're. Officially debt free like, officially. Not. Just like we have more money. Than debt but. Officially, like is paid, bitch. Is gone and. I. Paid, that like two days ago and it was just I recorded, it I got to post a video on that of me, dealing with the collection, collection, girl and everything because I, get. This I own, twenty, twenty thousand dollars and it was like student, loans and stuff twenty. G's on student, loans I pay. Back eight grand. Their. Interest, it's, basically what I said. So. It's. Just so cool haven't that paid that you know haven't that paid off and. You. Know so but uh, yeah. I know it's. It's it's it's interesting, it's. It's it's, interesting so, it's, that video will be coming up so, you get some great tips because the way I'm gonna do it is. There's. Certain things, that. I did in it in order to get such a big discount and, more. Importantly, there's certain steps that I took in order to protect myself so they inter-are fucked me over you, know what I send the money because that that's happened before so. Money. Management so we I want, to talk more about that so let me know you, know if you have any ideas or things that you want to talk about for money management or, things, that you want to know vote for for money matters because man, if you knew me a few. Years ago. You. Know it's like I was horrible. With money horrible. It absolutely, horrid. So with debt but. Now it's. You. Know I ain't, gonna say I'm great, but I'm just I like, I'm literally probably. A hundred and fourteen, times, more. Responsible, with money. Now. And, so. I just feel like it's it's. In my it's, my duty to, share my experiences. And my. Expertise. The good and the bad on what. I've done with it to. Kind, of give back to all of you because hey. Three, three, things you have to know about money right how to how, to make it how to keep it and how to multiply it so. Yeah. So we're gonna talk about that and. Then mindset stuff. That's. Gonna be the biggest challenge for 2019, and that's one thing I've been working on lately I just, got Robin Sharma's new buck the 5 a.m. Club so I started reading that. But. You know mindset, and personal, growth that. Is, the stuff that I've I, haven't. Talked a lot about on the channel and the reason being is you know. 12 years in sales. Prior. To to, doing the channel I just didn't, need to I did, so much personal, growth and all of that stuff I was in a real like I just I didn't, need it. But. Now in. Order, to keep growing the business I have to grow myself more and I've. Really, come to realize that over the last few months that the business is not I'm not gonna start doing you. Know 150 200 thousand dollars a month. At. The level that I'm at you, know just mentally. In all of that um. Yeah. So.

That. Is gonna be coming up on the channel or sure but. Anyways. She. Owned a up today it's. Gorgeous you, can't see it it's, gorgeous guy but, anyways, so yeah, so. That's kind of you, know quick, update over the last a little bit what's been going on in the life Mecca and in, everything. Still. Need to sit down with Mariana to film that the house video we're. Like two months behind on the, video we're, still saving and everything for that. But. Yeah. We just. Schedules. How it will work totally just have no, it's fucking bullshit, we just haven't made a priority, right. Thought, schedule have made out fuck you live in the same house. We. Have a major priority. This. Sit down there filmer but it's good you. Know we got. We. Good, we, good, with that so. Yeah. So hopefully we can get that done maybe this week we'll see. But. Yeah, because it's it's kind of fun fun, doing that but I. Really. Hope 2019. Is, gonna be the biggest and the best year for you. You. Know it's. You. Have 12 months to completely change your life and. If. You, don't start taking action, now. This. January, 5th. Before. You know it it's gonna be December, 25th, and. You. Know we're gonna have six days left of 2019. So. I challenge, you get up get get uncomfortable. Invest. In yourself. Take. Chances, take, risks. Calculated. Risks. I took. A lot of them, last. Year you know mariotta still reminds me I took a calculated risk. Fifteen, hundred dollars I bought somebody's program, and I. Sold, her on the idea and this was back when I had to ask her for you know if I even say. Gonna spend fifteen hundred is that okay you know back when I had asked and. You. Know yeah. Yeah you know what you do yeah yeah and then I I bought it I started, I'm like holy fuck this is gonna require way, more work that I thought and. Fucked. It off she still reminds me of that you, know and. But. That was a calculated, risk I took he didn't pay off but. It was a risk I took so if. I. Didn't you know. I'd, maybe, I'd still be wondering but now I learned, a valuable lesson and it only cost me 15 probably, closer to you I was the aspect but, you. Know it was it was a good lesson fully understand, what I'm gonna get into so. Fully understanding, you think about the Academy fully, understand, what you're gonna get into beforehand. Right. Um, fully understand, it beforehand, I'll just dive. In and hope. It's gonna work where I fully understand, what you're gonna have to do in, order to build, the business and work, with me but, man. Somebody. Cooking, some fucking good barbecue. Maybe. A barbecue, time maybe I'll barbecue tonight I don't know we'll see 20:19. It's all about doing whatever the fuck I want because, you know what Yolo, shut, up for the twins right there you, only live once and I'm, gonna, take that a lot a lot more fucking seriously. Because. You get one shot, at life and. Fuck. To live in somebody else's life fuck. It. You. Know just, go after everything you want. You. Take, no prisoners, be. Unapologetic. And. Just. Go after what it is that you wanna you. Know what you want to do right. Like it's just. Yeah. Mmm. Yeah. Yeah. It's. Gonna be a good year, cheers. To all of you Happy. New Year. Let's. Make 2019, your bitch too.

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