How To Make Money Online With This Simple Business Model | 2019 Digital Services

How To Make Money Online With This Simple Business Model | 2019 Digital Services

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This. Is how you make money online in. 2019. What. Is up everyone welcome, back to my youtube channel in, today's, video I'm going to be showing you a super. Simple, concept. Of how, you can make money online and, you'll, see later in this video that this can be applied to anything, digital, any, digital, service, and even. In if, it's not digital, but it'll be, uh not. All of this will apply if it's not digital, not a, digital service you, can like I said you can still use it if it's not digital service but. This. Is mainly. This. Kind, of system, and and. Business. Model, is, works. Really well with online. Services so. Let's get right into it. I'm, gonna go ahead and. So. This video I'm going to be presenting a slide show to you guys and. Hope. You like this style of videos if you do make sure to leave a like but hit, the like button down below and, if. You enjoyed this video make sure to subscribe. To, my channel if you want to see more videos like this and. Let's. Get right into it so how to make money online, simplified. I want. Before, I say, anything I, want you guys to know that with. This model. Your age does, not matter you. Can be 13, years old or it could be 30 years old it really doesn't matter as, long as you have a computer and, an. Internet connection. You. Don't need any fancy skills. So. You, don't need to be. The best at growing, social media pages or be, the best at creating, websites, yeah you like, you don't even need to know how to do that so. You don't need. Any skills, to do this and make, money from this you. Don't need any upfront. Investment. So. With, that that, means you. Can start this with zero dollars. In your bank account you don't need to spend any money to do, this um, and. I know all, of you, are probably. Thinking to yourself. If. I, don't, need to know any skill, and. And. There's, no upfront, investment. Needed and, it's. Very, simple, I mean. This, must be a scam, or something well, I'll tell you guys it's not a scam, and it. Is an actual of actually. A very common, business. Model. And business practice, in today's world, and this is being a middleman. Now. I'll. Explain it a little bit more to you guys but here. You can see that there's. The buyer there's. You, and. There's the service provider so I'll go to this white board right here and I hope I have this pen I hope I can draw so oh yeah. Right. Here the buyer. There's. You. And here's, the service, provider, all right and, so how this works is, a. Person. Who is interested in receiving, a service is the. Buyer so, for. A super, simple. Example, let's, say it's a logo design. Okay you're selling, logo, design service, so. The buyer can be a local, business, all right and for the sake of it let's say. My. Neighbor Bob down the street, has. A lawn, care business right, and, you. Know when, he was first starting out his business, he, just, took. A picture of his. Of. A lawn that he did and that became his logo. Right and so, now me. I go. To Bob, my neighbor down the street and I say look you've, had the same logo ever, since you started your business and you've, expanded, you've grown your business I think it's time for you to get a more professional-looking logo look, I can make a professional-looking. Logo, for you and I'll get it done to you by the end of this week and I'll, only charge you. 50. Bucks or for, the, sake, of simple, numbers let's say you charge them $100 right so. The buyer. $100. Oops. $100. For one. Logo here, let me move this over here. And he is buying one, logo. All. Right, now. You. As the. As. The middleman will, go ahead and. Let's. Say either the, buyer pays you 100 dollars up front or you do 50 dollars up front and $50 once you. Once. You complete the transaction, and give him his new logo but, for the sake of this video and to make it simple for you guys let's. Say he pays you upfront right so. This $100. Now, in your pocket, all right. So. Now you go, ahead and go to a service, provider somebody. Who is actually. Builds. Log designs. Logos, and knows how to do it has done it in the past has, experience, doing it you. Go to him and. Bitch him look I need a logo, done for, a lawn care business. How. Much would you charge and, he, says I'll, charge. 50, bucks. And you. Say alright I need it by the end of I need. It within three or four days all right give yourself some leeway there, so.

He's Like done, so. You. Go ahead you. Pay him $50. And. He. Gives one, logo. Gives, you one logo. Or the. Lawn care service, you're. Left with fifty dollars in your pocket right, cause you started, with the hundred you, gave the Logo Designer fifty, dollars he, gave you the logo and now, you go. Back, to. Bob. Your, neighbor and give. Him his, this. Product, that you asked for right. Or it'd be a service and it. Can be a bunch of stuff and I have it all in the PowerPoint. I'm. Just explaining, this in, very simple, terms so, you give, Bob. His new, logo. He. Paid you $100. For it you. Went to someone else paid them $50. To, create a logo and now. You're left with 50 bucks both. The, person who created the logo was happy because they had they got business, from you they got money for, their service. And. Your. Buyer is happy which is Bob, the lawn care guy he's, happy because he only had to pay a hundred bucks for a logo and I. Know what you guys are I know you guys are thinking like, why. Didn't the buyer you, know Bob just go straight, to the logo designer and, I'll explain, that further, in the PowerPoint, but. Just. Remember, this concept because, it, is very popular, especially. Now, that the. Internet is around and. Make a lot of money with, this concept, so. What. Digital. Services. Can I offer so. Like, I use them the example, you, can do a logo design you. Can do search engine optimization, also. Known as SEO, for short you. Can do Instagram management. Facebook, management, Instagram. Growth you, can do a website design, video. Editing, and there's. Just tons. And tons and tons of other things you can do but. If, I were you I would just pick, one and stick, with it don't, try. To do multiple, at once because. You'll. You'll, be all over, the place right. And. If. You do let's say a, logo. Design and SEO, and, Instagram, management, you. Will need to find, customers. For all three of these and also. Find, somebody who can fulfill all three of these as well on. The other hand if you only do logo design you just find the one. The. Best person, that does logos, very. Cheap, well, very affordable, and does a very good job at it and you, know that you could count on him and always go back to him when, you get more logo, designing, customers. So. How do I find clients. To pay me before. These type of services there's, a bunch of different ways and now with the internet it's easier, than ever so. Here. I have a bunch of listed. So. One is LinkedIn, go, ahead and start connecting in a message and people on LinkedIn who. Are business. Owners right if your so I'm just gonna stick with logo, design for. This video just, because it's super, simple and I'm, pretty sure most of you can, relate. To it and and, can. Wrap your head around it, so, LinkedIn. You know connect. With business owners and. Go. Ahead and send them a message saying, hey I noticed, that you run a business, I offer. Logo. Designing, a logo design service or logo, redesign. So, even if they have a logo already you can redesign it make it new make it fresh. You. Can also do the same thing on Facebook go in message, businesses. There's. Business, facebook, facebook. Business pages, so, go ahead and message them saying. Hi, I have logo, logo. Design business, I can. Redesign your logo or design you, a logo for X amount of dollars, you. Could go to local, businesses in your area you. Can find you. Know businesses, on Instagram. Craigslist. People, might post on there that they're looking for logos, or, some sort of services. Not. Necessarily, logos but if you're doing. Like. A marketing, service sometimes businesses, post that on Craigslist. Reach. Out to people in your personal network so, maybe. You met John. At a networking, event you know a year and a half ago and he was telling you something about him. Trying to start a new business you know reach out to him see if he. Or someone, he knows could. Use your service. Go, to networking, events right so. Start. Networking with people are getting to know more, people building. Your network and. Also. Other events, that you go to other. Gatherings. Where, you. Know people that, you're with and people. That you're around can, use, your service and how do, you deliver the results so let's, say you're at this step where. Yeah. I can you know I'm sticking, with logo, redesign, or logo, design I found.

You. Know I looked, through all the context, in my phone and, I. Know, ten people who could really use this service. But. I don't, you, know I never designed, a logo before in my life so where. Do I find someone, who can and that's. Where you, know that interno is so powerful. Because it connects you with so, many different people with so. Many different talents so, go. Ahead. Look. Through your personal Network, right, let's say you know John he needs a new. Logo and you also know you. Also know Steve Steve. Owns a logo redesigned business. Like. A smaller business so, reach, out to John say you, know hey blah blah blah, would. You want this he says yeah great, reach out to Steve say Steve, I need a logo for one, of my buddies. What's. Your prices and if it's worth it for you if, the difference, is worth. It and you'll, be making money from this then. Go ahead and fulfill. That procedure right so your, personal network friends, and family. Fiber. So. Fiber. And upwork are both freelance. Websites, where. You can go there and find people. From. All around, the world to, do work for you and, since. The, US currency is, very, valuable you can find, you. Can find people to do jobs, for you for very, inexpensive. I know, Fiverr, is the. Freelance. Web site known, as anything. Every, like people will do anything for five dollars pretty. Much they could pay five dollars for a few. Late logos. So. That just goes to show if you charge someone fifty or a hundred dollars for a logo you go to Fiverr get it done for five or ten bucks you got, you can make like forty bucks - not ninety, bucks right just. From that simple, transaction. Also upward it's, a bit different because it's a little bit more. Professional. I, would say but. Nonetheless. Try. Both of those out out and see which one you like better and there's, also other freelance. Websites that you couldn't find and if. You don't like using. Any of these you could go again, to Facebook, look, for look for people, who who. Are on Facebook and advertise, them selves, as logo, designers or. LinkedIn. Find people on LinkedIn right as long. As, you're. Just connecting. People in this world right. So people, who run their business. They. Might nothin not, necessarily. Pay, attention, to. The little details like Oh. I need, a new logo I need to make this look better because, of, my, social media presence, so that's where you come in and you kind of sell, them on it right and. So. If it hasn't been clear, to you at this point, how. Do I make money, from this, so. I'll go ahead and. Really. Did it once but I'll go ahead and break. It down for you guys once. More. And. If. You understood, it the first time, go. Ahead you. Can, you. Can exit, out of this video. Let. Me see how do I. I just. Don't. Know. Okay. So I'll just try to fix it I'll like, delete all this stuff and. I'll. Explain, it once more to. Those. If you didn't, understand, it like I said if you understood, it the first time around you feel free to stop. Watching this video now and. If. You learned something from it go ahead and give it a, thumbs. Up and subscribe if you want to see more videos like this so. Anyways, here. Um so, here's Bob. He. Needs the service done. So. Let's go say logo, it's. A logo right. You. Don't. Need to have any money upfront it'd, be any age it could be twelve years old sitting behind a computer and doing this and. Or. You could be thirty years old right and you, don't have to be skilled in this you just have to know how to connect, the right people and find. And sell people on the.

Service You're offering and. There's. Speed. So. I know the first time around I mentioned, like a real-life example I'll. Give. You guys a bit of a more, online. Example. So Bob. Here he needs a logo, right. But you reach out to him through. LinkedIn. So, you reach out to Bob, to the LinkedIn and. You. Tell them hey, Bob I noticed you're running a business. I specialized, in designing, logos. For. Businesses, I would, like to create your logo, or how much are you willing to pay for it and bob. Says yeah, you know I'll give you. I'll give you a. Tea. Box. For logo. So. You say. He is a, $25. Upfront. And. This. Is like a more real-world. Internet. Type of example, so, he pays a $25, upfront and. You. Go to Steve, on, fiber. You, know on fiver. And you. Pay, him $5.00. To this. Five dollars, so minus, five even. Left foot $1. All. Right he. Creates, a logo creates. Logo. Sends. It over to you you have, the logo, send. It over to Bob. He has the logo and, he, still owes you $25. So. He sends it to you and. Now. You, have. You. Have. $45, total from, the super, simple transaction. All right this. Is how. You make, money, online and, like, I said it. Can be any, any. Nitch right, or any, service. You can sell any service, like that if it's. Instagram, management, right, find a client or somebody. Who needs Instagram, management, online, through. LinkedIn, Facebook, and. Sell. Them on your service, and then go, you. Know. Go, and find. Someone else who can provide, that service for a much lower. Cost, and you, just keep the difference in price so. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and learn something new I. Know. It's not super. Detailed but this is a very. Very. Common. And simple. Strategy. Or simple, business model and, how. You can make money online like. I said the age doesn't matter you, don't need to know any fancy, skills all you need to know is to, be all you need to be able to do is find the right people and, sell. Sell. Yourself. Or sell your service. So if you guys have any questions make sure to leave them in the description the comments. Below I'll. Try to answer, as many as. Many. Questions. As possible, and. If. You guys learned something new from this video make sure to give it a thumbs up if you want to see more videos, about how to make money online in, different. Business models. And concepts. Feel. Free to subscribe and, if you, want to be notified, every time I post a new video at. The post notification. Bell so, with. That being said I. Hope. You guys learned something new and I'll, see you next time.

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Thanks, and yes I am trying to do daily uploads. I really liked your video suggestion and thought I would make a video about it. I try to give as much value as I can in my videos.

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Affiliate marketing/ middle man/ bridge concept, it’s all the same, here’s a tip: 1. Best time to start was when Instagram was first a thing. 2. Second best time to start is now!

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