How To Make Money Online In 2018 - Residual Income Online - How To Make 10k A Month

How To Make Money Online In 2018 -  Residual Income Online - How To Make 10k A Month

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Hey, what's up it is a Paul farmer, from Paul G farmer calm and you're. Probably here because you, lookin for a way to make money online in. 2018. Now you want to create a residual, income and. I'm. Gonna actually show you how to go about making $10,000. A month so. What. I'm gonna be doing is showing you a simple, system a simple. System that you can plug into no. Matter if you're brand-new. Never made any money ever online or, if, you're a seasoned, veteran it doesn't matter where you're at on that spectrum, this. System, will absolutely work, for you I'm gonna be sharing some proof with you I'm gonna be showing you what the system looks like and, I'm gonna show you some support, resources. That we provide for you so, this absolutely, can be a success, okay so let's go ahead and get right to it. All. Right so right now we are on my, Facebook, wall and I just actually made a post this, simple system maybe 10k, this month so. 10k. Plus this month actually and the day it's not over, this is January 31st, 2018. So, I'm actually going to show you how. I went about doing, that so you can go and do it yourself, really. Exciting right so, what. I'm talking about it's a simple system a system that. Basically. Does, the heavy lifting, for. You so. Really there's no, setting. Up stuff like, you don't have to go and set up a bunch of stuff you don't have to go and and be, like a web program, you don't have to be a real techy, person. This, works for for, anybody. As. Long as they, are willing, to, take the simple steps and do. What is required. To get there. I should let you know that you know if you hear something, in the background is. This my cat he's a little bit excited, I am a real guy, my, background. Is, I came from. Being, a physical, education, teacher I, was, a personal, trainer and I. Found my way online basically. When I lost, my teaching, job I was laid off from my teaching job and my, goal was just replace. My income and, that's, how I came on long, online, that's, just it in a nutshell I've, had a lot of, different. Experiences, good and bad and. I'm. Just, very, excited to share this, opportunity with, you because I know what it can do for you all, right so what I'm going to do is I'm going to jump over here and the name of the opportunity. Is power. Lead system, and, what power lead system does is it provides. Tools. And, training. So what it does is it basically provides. Tools and training for business owners whether. They are online business, owners, multi-level. Marketing, business owners. Offline. Business. Owners it doesn't matter, they provide tools and training, and those people can use. And there, are a lot of those people looking. For a way, to get, what's, called leads and sales. They, want to make more sales make more income make more profit, okay and that's what this can do so I'm just gonna jump right into it and. With, in power lead system you're gonna see something like this there, are different product, levels, everybody's. Gonna start at what's called gold if you want to be a customer, of the program, and use the tools and, the. Education. The training the marketing, training teaches you how to, go and make an income online all, with. It with in-house then. You're. Gonna start with gold everyone starts with gold as a customer.

Now. If you want to earn and and, this is optional, by the way you can just be a customer. And and. Use the products, use the training. And. And use, it for your business whatever that business may be and. Help. You generate more leads and sales so, that's. 30 dollars a month okay, now, if you want to be an affiliate, which, I am I'm gonna affiliate if, you want to be an affiliate, then. You're. Gonna pay an extra, twenty three ninety seven a month that's gonna be a total of fifty three ninety seven. And that's. Gonna allow you to earn from, this, very. Amazing. Very leveraged. Compensation. Plan, so, really, earning. Income online, is, actually. Very simple, and it, just involves, you plugging, into a system. A system, that. Does the telling, and the, selling for you like. I said at the beginning you don't have to create pages, you don't have that you have to do any of that stuff it's all set up for you you have one job and that is to get people to see your offer and I'm, gonna talk about how to do that it's actually very very very simple, to do all. Right so this is power lead system, a few things you should take note of if you want to use the affiliate program if, you want to earn good. Income, you. Know that that could become good income then, you want to purchase all of these products, so basically, your back-office this where I'm at right now it's, gonna be all green. It, won't be any red, all right so, we have gold which is $30, a month plus 2397. Been affiliate then. We have fruit. That's monthly, that's your residual, income Weezie. So, think, of it like this you have residual. Bills every, month you have a cable bill every, month you have a utility, bill every. Month you you might have rent or mortgage or. Or a cardinal, or something like that you have some, kind of residual. Bill that, comes in every month your cell phone, now. What we're doing here is we're. Paying. Ourselves right, we're gonna create residual, income that comes in every month for ourselves, instead. Of having to pay every, single month this bill this bill this bill would, it be great if you could just take, the. Income you're earning from this and replace those bills right so you're not paying out of pocket anymore. Wouldn't, that be great if you had some extra income you can do that well you can absolutely can I'm going to show you proof of how, this works okay so.

First. Thing you want to do become Goldmember, then become an affiliate okay so the 53 97, a month that's your out-of-pocket expense. For your business. That's, it if you were to go offline, and, try to start a business offline, well just look just take my word for it it's, gonna be way way way way more complicated, and yours, been way way way way more money okay. 53. 97. A month is a drop in the bucket it's nothing okay next. You're gonna want to get free odd secret, this is a training that teaches you how to use. Traffic, get. Free traffic and. Not. Gonna go too much into that but it's a strong training, it's, only 147, one-time these two right here these. Two are only one-time. Payments, this will pay you $100, per sale so whenever you share this with someone and they purchase, it you get. $100, and this one is 497 one-time every time someone purchase it you get $400. Now I'm not gonna do a full compensation plan, here, I can. Tell you this is very leveraged because at the gold level not only do you get residual, income which, comes in every month you, get 50%. Matching, bonuses, from anyone, that you bring, in to. The. Program anyone. You bring in and they get started at gold and they go make, sales -. You're. Gonna make 50% of what, they make, so if they go out and they make, $1000, for the month you just made five hundred and. You didn't do anything what if you have a few of these people doing this I mean this could really add up really quick and that doesn't, even cover all the bonuses, everything, you get within this compensation, plan again. I'm not gonna go in. Deep, because. What. I'm gonna do is give you a little card you click on it and go watch the compensation, plan video and I. Go more in-depth than that in that video okay so let's. Get to the results because I know that's what people want to see just. Real quick before I get their training, let's talk about training okay because power, lead system is a training. Platform. It's it's a marketing, tools and training. Platform. Alright so one, of the things you're gonna get when, you get started as a gold, member is, this. It was free leads. 2017. And what that does is that teaches, you how to use social media, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram. You, name it any social, media and, go to attract people to you, and get, endless free leads endless, leads okay you not to pay for these weeds they come to you and you. Can connect with them he, teaches you how to do everything and if, you were to buy this product. Outside, a power elite system you go Google it you could search for it, it's, it's like four hundred dollars okay so you're not paying $400. You're, paying fifty three ninety seven, for. It it's because it's basically free if, you really think about it and roadmap. To riches, okay this is another free, training, that you get with power lead system, and in. This you're gonna learn about the company the company's been in existence, for many years started, in 2013. And. Its, software, component, actually started, in. The. 90s, okay, back in the 90s, so this, program is a solid, program it's been around a very good amount of time and. It's. This is a great read this will teach you how, having. A twenty dollar residual, income product. Just a twenty dollar residual, just the gold level can. Start. Adding up and create a ten thousand, dollar residual. Income for you when, you follow the plan okay, it's very simple plan now. Power. VIP. Club, now what this is is, this, as extra, pages extra. Training just. A lot of value right there you get access to that as well now, when you purchase, the upgraded, packages, you're also gonna get. This. Social. Profit Academy, which teaches, you how to do Facebook PPC. How. To sell t-shirts how, to do ecommerce, all kinds, of stuff you're, gonna get this this.

One Here is the diamond, level okay, now, this is what you're gonna get here so that's a training there as well and, then over here we have all the trainings, that power lead system does all kinds of stuff system, videos. Training. Weekly. Training because there's weekly training live training, that's done in this program, every Wednesday, and Thursday there's weekly training there's actually training just, about every day of the week that. They provide so, there's, just a ton of value here this is not just you know I'm throwing air at you or anything like that there's real value here. That you can use to, help you make, more money okay so let's look at some results now okay. So. I'm gonna go to my Commission's. Earned. And. Just kind of show you what's going on here alright so this. Is today this is where I'm at for this week about four hundred ninety dollars so, the week is just beginning and I'm almost to a five hundred dollar a week that's to, me I think that's pretty incredible especially. Since I haven't done a whole lot this week okay I'm. Gonna show you the last few weeks alright so basically. Here, is a three, thousand, four hundred seventy dollars remember this is weekly this is paid every Wednesday. 2218. Fifty, now these vary because, I can't, control who's going to upgrade to, the different products, okay I can't, control that all I can do is follow some simple steps and things fall into place so they do rank. They're not always the same this, one is 1600 450, this one is two thousand, eighty five dollars and, this one is four hundred ninety dollars now if you add all of those up, this. Is for the month of January. That, is over, ten thousand. Dollars in one month it's, actually, ten. Thousand, sixty eight dollars where I sit, now the day, is not over. The, way this system works let me just show you, what's. Going on in my email real quick so, what happens here when you when, you get sales. Okay, when sales come in when your team makes sales, you. Get this notification. From. Power lead system, remember, I said it was called priceless possibilities. That's their software. Platform. Okay and you, get this email these emails come in pretty much throughout, the day once you get going and, you're. Just gonna start seeing these now I have 544. Entries, and, I could track this back to September, early. September, that's where I really started taking this program seriously and. Every. Single day you're, gonna see these sales coming in so there's Gold's there's, diamond, there's fast start now fast start, that, means you made four hundred dollars now, for me this is for my team okay I didn't, make this my team made this so. I got a bonus of $50. Just because they made it I got bonus of 25 just because they made it okay if, it was to me it would be $400, if they didn't have that product, it, would pass up to me and I'll make the 400 I make the 100, okay so this. Can add up really, really quick again it's not a compensation, plan video. Please, check the card above and. Watch. That compensation, video so, you really understand, it. Alright. So as you can see like, if I just go through the dates all I want you to do is look at these dates okay so, right here this is today this, is the 31st, of January, we got one two three four five, six seven, eight. Eight. Okay. That's eight so far today, well. Actually that was this was yesterday so I'm, sorry one two three four today yesterday. Was one two three, four. Five. Six. Seven. Okay. And, then we just keep going through okay there's the 29th. There's 28th. 27th. There's, the 26th. There's, the 25th, there's a 24th. There's the 23rd, and what you'll see is. Every. Single. Day just about every single day there.

Are Multiple, sales coming. Into this thing it's really quite incredible okay, so how. Am I going about getting these sales I know that's that's a question you probably have. Let's. Listen analyze, it's just a little bit okay so what I'm doing is I'm, using what's called a funnel, I'm, using a system, a simple, system that. Again I said is set up for you so these are the components of the system first. Component, is what's called a capture, page a, capture. Page is where you go and you. You, put some kind of information, that that, somebody's, gonna want to see right. That they're. Gonna get curious about they want more information about and they're, gonna put their information in, that's, what's called a lead you just captured, a lead okay so now, we have the capture page which. Is gonna lead to what's called a sales page and, here's the sales page I use now. The sales page job is basically to do the telling and selling do the educating. Of. The prod to the service of, the benefits, all that fun stuff that's what it does I'm, not going out I'm not explaining all this stuff my system. Is doing. This now, I didn't, create this system, these. Pages were created for me I didn't, create them I'm using done-for-you, pages, all ready. To. Go out, the box okay. You just have to put them together and we, provide, you with a step-by-step guide it. Shows you exactly, what, to do to put these together and it does not take long at all to do this all. Right so you're just gonna go through, it, has a nice video has, a five-minute 44 second, video and then, as you scroll through you can learn more about the. Program, okay and how, it works here's the compensation. Plan how. That works so you definitely take a look at that, if, you want to learn more about this, if, you want to see this page and analyze. This page you. Can just go to the link right below this video and it will take you right into it you can see how it works okay. So from this page what, happens, is now the. Person that put their information is, in is. Now going to start getting emails for. The next month or just gonna come out automatically. These, emails, are already, written for you you don't have to go write them they are done they are ready to go right, out the gate and now, the fall up process, begins because a lot of time people don't buy the very first time they see something usually. They have to see it seven to 12 times before they make a decision so. That's the importance, of the follow-up, series, the, emails, that go out all right so that, a nutshell is how it works and what you want to do is you want to get eyeballs you, want to get people, to, see your offer so, how do we go about doing that well for for to, begin with one of the ways I. Showed. You already okay, it's right here endless free, leads. 2017. Now, there's a lot of different ways to go about getting. People to see your offer and. We. Actually, teach you exactly, how, to. Do this exactly. How to do this whether you want to do what's, called paid advertising, because, remember you're running, a biz this so, paid advertising, that's the fastest, way to get people to see your offer.

But. We also show you how to do it for free and that free, in this leads was another way but, we have a group a Facebook group set up is called freedom takers. Where. We provide you step by step training. Okay. So, if you go to the file section in the group you get step-by-step. Training on. What. To do how. To get eyeballs how. To get people to see your offer okay. So that's all back. Here, in, the. Files section okay. Also. Let. Me just show you this we have what's called a fast start guide okay, so, let me just pull. This up real quick and on this fast start guide this. Has been set up to help you. Get. Up and running as fast as possible. Okay so the. First step is gonna be to set up your funnel which, is actually, very very, simple to do I'll, show you exactly how to do it on this video after. That we want to get what's called traffic we want to get people to see our offer so. They can get accustomed, to it so they can learn about it and make a decision if they want to do it or not they, want to use the tools they just want to be a customer, if, they want to be an affiliate, like I am you. Know and earn from from the program they, can do that and then we talked about the importance of following up ok so all this is laid out for you I have. Also included, other. Videos. Too that go a little more in-depth and some other things as well but this is the basics, this is what you need to do to, start earning, good. Money online, to start, creating full time income it really is this simple, ok maybe it seems like it's a little, challenging. To you right now but, trust me if I can do this you can do it ok when I started, online I knew nothing absolutely. Nothing and literally. We are creating, tons. Of shortcuts, for you I mean this is this is literally this, is exactly, what to do, to. Earn a full, time income online this is exactly, what - the easiest way you could go and, try to create your own products, you, could go and, and try to create your own pages there's. All kinds of different things you can do to earn but. This is just a very very simple.

Simple. Way to do it all right so I do want to show one more thing and that is, for. Our Platinum, members okay, for, our Platinum, members. We. Do have a group, a private group and in. This group we have we, just did a two-week, mastermind. Where, we show you step-by-step. Exactly. What, to do every day okay a blueprint. And this, is for our Platinum members we have other resources. As well you don't get elsewhere in this, group so, as a. Bonus, when you decide, to, that, you really do want to make this thing happen you, really do want to make a full-time income you really are serious about doing that and you, decide, to purchase all the products, position, yourself to make the most money. Then. You get access to, our platinum, group where we provide, you with, exactly. What you need to do on a daily basis exactly, what you need to do okay so it's very exciting. Definitely, want, that and finally. I forgot, to show you this. Group here is where. We share our results. Okay, so it's not just me getting results I want you to see this okay it is. Everybody. Like there's all kinds of people posting, it here all the, time and as, I scroll you can see there's. All kinds. Of people posting, you here that. Are showing how, they are getting results, okay that's a diamond it's a hundred dollars for that person, okay, right here we have a gold member $20. And. $20. $20. Okay so people. Are posting. All. Kinds. Of things, in here. Showing. Results. $20. And you are free to come into this group if you just want to check this out and see what we're about see. If this is a fit for you go, to Facebook, type in freedom, takers, click, join, the group and we. Will get you approved into the group and you can just hang out and see for yourself what it's all about okay so that's. What I got for you today I appreciate, you being here go. Ahead and click that link check, out the funnel I just showed you and. Learn. All about it if. You have any questions, feel free to reach out to me and I'll, see you on the next one.

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Is this real, how long before I can earn a full tim3 income

It absolutely is real as I show on the video and many others. I created a full time income within a few months. I can't say how long it will take you because I don't know if you're teachable, how much action you will take and other factors. For those that want to do it is is very doable.

Great video, Paul! I am right behind you :-)

great marketing ... I join your team under Mary Ann ... which I have not heard from since I signed up ... no call to follow up with me ... after I spent $700.00 ... amanda is great thou

Sorry to hear that Kevin about your sponsor.

Get the same system I use to create a full time income online here: When you get started I will send you getting started training and get you access to our Facebook Group.

Thanks this lead system will be great for what I'm trying to do

Thanks Paul, I wish I could delete the 24 that gave u the wrong thumb. I hope to see your video on your 20k month soon ;)

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