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When we first start learning how to make money online, one, of the biggest, immediate. Challenges, that we come up against, is information. Overload. There's, so, much stuff about how to build online businesses. I had to build different income stream different business, models all these, different ideas and, it's. So difficult, to know where to start, so. My, intention in this video is to give a bit of an overview of the different types of options that are available as, some, of the biggest reasons, that people, succeed or people fail and how to avoid the ones where people fail and really. Just give a bit of an idea of where. To put your attention if you do want to start taking, steps or making progress and learning how to make money online because. This is a journey that I started in September, 2016. So, at this point I've got fair, amount of experience have, done talks, around the world I've got two and a half thousand, people in my private, community, that I support, regularly, every, single day and building online businesses, in different paths and so, this is something that I'm really passionate about and I really, really love to give back and empower people to. Really say take those steps and start creating change in their lives okay. So my outcome for you at the end of this video is to, have a bit of a clearer idea of what's. Available what's, right for you and how you can make a start yourself, and start learning how to make money online alright. So. First, thing worth pointing out is some. Of the different business models that people typically, consider, and. Something. That's really important. To figure. Out is what, is it that you're looking to create you know what's the vision of the future that, you're looking. To step into because. A lot of people will for example start, building a business and, then, they'll very quickly realize, that the business, model they've, chosen doesn't. Actually allow, them or enable, them to live, the type of life they want to live so, if one of your goals for example with building an online business is to create time and financial freedom. Then. A model like, consultancy. Or agency. Might, not be the right sort of thing for you because. We're the consultancy. Type business, where let's say you're you know you're mentoring people you're a coach or something like that or you're advising, other biz sona's on other, no marketing, or something or. In a agency, model maybe you're doing social media for clients. To help them scale their businesses, or maybe, you're looking to offer an, online services, web services, or something like that with. Those kind of models you you are servicing. Clients you're providing a service to, clients and obviously to provide that service take time or. To be a consultant to actually consult, people one-on-one you, know you're gonna get on calls with them or, you, know face-to-face might, be webinars.

But, The point is that you're you're required, to trade, your time for. Money in order. To fulfill what. You're saying you're gonna fulfill for people so, if you want time and financial freedom. Well. Chances. Are that might not be the right model now. Another model that people will typically look at is that they'll start an online business and that have a big revolutionary. Idea of some you know clever piece of software that's gonna do something, completely different or, you, know Kryptos like a big one at the moment people have some big idea for like blockchain, technology, or something that they want to implement and scale and so on and so forth now, the. Problem, with that is, that if, if you've never started, a business before in your life and you're. Going. Into that kind of level to build your own product. Like software, products, or blockchain, products or you know it's something, cutting-edge, well. Yeah, you're, gonna have to be learning so. Many. Skills, at once to even get that off the ground and, also you, know you typically, be looking at funding or something, to even you, know start that process, so again barrier to entry is really. Really high comparatively. To some other models out there and the learning curve is incredibly. Steep so. For, somebody like you know if you've never started, a business before and that's the model that you're gonna start. With like, that's that's, kind of like saying hey I've never actually. Run, in my life before but I think I'll just kick things off with a hundred mile ultramarathon. That. Seems like a good way to do things so, my advice is don't, do that like if, you've got a great idea. Fantastic. That's really really good but there's other models, that you couldn't really get started with to learn some of the fundamentals. Of building, a business but. Without so, much pressure, and so, many things to learn at once. Brick-and-mortar. Businesses. So a lot of people you, know will decide hey I want to launch a business and they'll start a brick-and-mortar business, to. Think like normal business you know High Street or something like that and if. You're starting a brick-and-mortar business. Typically quite capital intensive as well and, typically, you're gonna have to really. Invest, a lot, of effort and time at, the front end to get things off the ground you. Might need to build a team which means overheads, you're probably gonna be pulling, you know 80 90 hour, weeks for like the first year maybe even two Mayte, to a year three to you even start turning a profit so. When you compare brick and mortar business to online business and some of the options that are available which, I will run through right now then. It just doesn't really make sense in this day and age in my opinion anyway there's a there's much more efficient ways and, powerful. Ways to do things so. Two models, that for. If you want to create time, financial. And geographical. Freedom, two. Models, that I've come, across in the last three years and worked with extensively in, the last three years and build many businesses, in in the last three years our, affiliate. Marketing, and e-commerce. Now. Affiliate. Marketing, and e-commerce are. Two models, that, enable. You to not, trade, time, for money and that, is crucial if, you're. Building a business and, part. Of that business requires, you to be trading. Your time actually be in the business, exchanging. Your time in exchange for revenue. Well. That's not really scalable, because. If you were to stop working, well. Then the business stops alright and, so you can't then create a business and then go and you know explore, the world travel the world or something or you, know spend loads of time with your kids if you want to be there for your family because if, you're not in your business your business is gonna fall apart and affiliate. Marketing and e-commerce enable. You to build companies. Where you're not trading, time for money so. Affiliate. Marketing first of all touch on this affiliate. Marketing is where your you're building, a business that sells other people's. Products, and services, or other businesses, products and services, now. If you were to launch your own product you, would have to deal with obviously, the product itself if it's physical you're gonna have to go through manufacturing. And logistics if, it's, a digital product you're gonna have to develop it and keep, improving it refine it that's gonna take time you're gonna have to offer support, there's, gonna be operational.

Considerations. You're gonna need finance. Legal a lot, of other departments, in the business that you're gonna have to build which, when you start out is typically, gonna be yourself so again it's very time intensive but. What affiliate, marketing, enables you to do is, let another business deal with all of that stuff they. Create the product they do the support they do the sales they do like you know all the stuff that's behind the scenes the operations, the finance the legal etc, etc and, all, you do through your affiliate, company, is you, introduce. Potential customers, to that business and if. The PERT the person the customer makes a purchase, of that business's products you, receive a share of the revenue from, that purchase okay. So you just deal with the front-end part of the business process, and you receive. Commission. You, know relative, to the the. Fact. That you've just done a part of the process okay. And then the company or Cu gets a bunch, of revenue for the back end stuff that they do so you're kind of like imagine you're partnering, with the business and you're sharing, responsibilities. Now. The single, most, important. Skill in business Bar None is, customer. Acquisition. Because. Without customer. Acquisition, in other words marketing. And then into sales without. Customer, acquisition, you do not have cash flow and without cash flow you do not have a business. So. By, using, a model like affiliate, marketing, you are learning, the single, most important, skill in business which is to start generating cash flow if. You get that right then. Go, and launch a big software idea. Because. Then you know how to actually acquire customers because you've been you built businesses where they've successfully. Acquired. Customers, if you can do that part that's going to serve you a long way towards, building your or you know your big revolutionary, idea afterwards, okay. So that's kind of what I did my first affiliate, company, that I launched that, provided, cash flow which has been the backbone of absolutely, everything that I've gone, on gone on to do since then you. Know including travel in the world but. Mostly other businesses, it's easier to build a company when. You've got cash just coming in without. You having to trade your time in order to earn, that cash and affiliate. Marketing enables you to do that so, what you're doing is you're your you'll, find businesses, in niches like health and fitness or online education, or relationships, and dating is a big one or you, know golf for example, you'll, find businesses. That sell, products that you resonate with there. Are great products and, then. You you, can build a company an affiliate company where, you're basically, acquiring, customers for, that business and introducing, them to those products so an affiliate marketing, you are very simply, finding. You are solving people's problems you're finding people who have problems, that you can solve and you are introducing. Them to businesses. That can solve those problems, that's, it and it's. So powerful if, you learn the skills to build it but building affiliate business properly, because you can, leverage automation. You can leverage digital. Marketing. To, automatically. Get messages, in front of people that solve their problems, at the right time, so for example you're watching this video right now and, in, this video I'm going through you, know business models that can help you start online and, then, as a result of that you might get some ideas and there might be things that you need help with I go hey I actually have that same problem here's, something that helped me maybe it will help you too and you might decide okay, I'll check it out you know seems like maybe, he's a nice guy maybe, you knows what he's talking about you, know so if that's the case you might check out that product now, I'm not physically, shoot.

With At the moment you're watching this video I could, be off doing anything, else right I'm not actually going to be sitting here talking to you you're, watching a video that has been pre-recorded, and so. That kind of concept, is what you can start to leverage in affiliate businesses. All. Right now. Ecommerce, another. Business model which is really powerful is, is where you're selling physical products, on line either through your own online store like, Shopify, or something like that or through, Amazon, is a massive, one so. Amazon. Enables. You to to. Source products, from manufacturers. Again you don't even have to develop, your own product, you, can source product, from manufacturers. You, can then, connect, people who want. That product or have have a problem that that product will solve you, can sell that product through, Amazon, who will then fulfill that product they'll send that product, to, the customer, and in. Exchange for that you will receive, revenue. And then you pay a percentage of that revenue to the manufacturer, who made the product in the first place and, you would keep the profit okay, so that would be a type, of e-commerce, called drop shipping for, example, so again there's lots of different ecommerce business, models but, the point is that you're building a business where, you're connecting, customers. Product, with customers, and you're doing it in such a way where you're not trading time for money people. Might see adverts online of your products, so. To highlight just how powerful, this business, model is if, you take Amazon, and you look at Amazon's, 2018. Revenue. Most. Of their, online retail. Revenue. Came from third-party, sellers. So. They did and, I get these numbers exactly, why they. Did total. 277, billion, in gross merchandise. Volume in. 2018. And of. That, Amazon's. First-party sales, amounted. To 117. Billion and Amazon's. Third party, sales from, third-party, sellers, right like you and me and other people the, revenue, was. Hold. On where was it hundred and sixty, billion okay. So a hundred and sixty billion was from third-party sellers, and. 117, billion was from first party sellers and these. Third-party sellers, these small and medium-sized, businesses, they. Bought in or. The number, of businesses, them the number of third-party, sellers that bought in over a hundred grand of revenue, through Amazon, reach, nearly. 200,000. In. 2018. And 25. Thousand, of those small and medium businesses, broke. A million, dollars, in sales in. 2018. And nearly. Three quarters of, Amazon's, third party, seller businesses, are between one and five employees. All. Right so 200k. Did over a hundred grand 25k, did, over a million and the vast majority of those businesses, are between one and five employees, people. Just starting from their laptops, at home. Okay. So this, is this. Highlights, that, so, many, people, are building, businesses, around these models and how accessible. It is how. Easy it is comparatively. To building a brick-and-mortar business, or to launching. Your you, know innovative, software idea. Or whatever. If. You can learn the basics of business through, affiliate, marketing, or e-commerce. That. Is gonna put you in incredible. Position to then start building other companies, around your passions, or around, that great idea, that you've had because you've actually got experience, you. Know go back to that marathon example, you've actually run a couple of marathons, before you go and try the hundred mile ultra marathon. So. Filling it marketing and e-commerce incredibly. Powerful, now. That. Brings me on to talking. About how when, people start businesses or start building businesses, with these two models either, affiliate, or econ one. Of the biggest, mistakes, that they make is they try and go at it alone, so. Put it this way if you were trying to figure out everything. By yourself is it, going to take you longer, or are you gonna do it quicker than, if you had mentors. And accountability. Boobs and people, who have already done it and can guide and direct you on what to do, it's. Gonna take you longer right I mean that's obvious obviously, if someone's already done it and they're showing you how to do it it's going to be much quicker imagine. Learning to drive with no instructor, sitting next to you versus, learning to drive with an instructor sitting next to you which. One's going to learn quicker. The. Instructors going to help you I so.

With If that's the case if it's going to be much quicker, to. Get mentors. And accountability. And guides and peep who can actually help you navigate the challenges that you're gonna face let's. Imagine that with. Mentors and accountability, took you one year to build a successful business, compared. To let's say I don't know three, years of, just. Doing it alone by, yourself. Now. If that was the case if it's going to take you two years longer hypothetically. To do it by yourself. What. Do you value two, years of your time at. What's. Your current salary. So, you're doing 50k, a year right, well just based on your current salary which. Let's be honest if you're looking to build a business you probably want to increase that but, even based on your current salary two. Years of your time is worth a hundred K in, salary, and. So. So. Many people go out on and I don't want to invest in training and mentors, I'm gonna figure it out myself because. I can save money that way well. That's kind of like saying hey I'm not gonna buy an iPhone I'm gonna save money I'm just gonna build my own phone from scratch that. Does, not make sense all. Right buy the iPhone, the iPhone is already there it's done for you you, know so same kind of concepts, applies if you want to build a business like. Yes of course you're gonna have to do the work yes. Of course you're gonna have to go through the change you are responsible. For the result that you create you. Know nobody can guarantee results, for you it's just like you get the gym can't guarantee, that you're gonna get six-pack ABS only, you can guarantee whether you're gonna get six-pack, abs but. The point is is that if, you've got resources. Other people, mentors, training, education. Like this whole environment. Around, you, that's gonna enable. You to achieve success then. Obviously you're gonna achieve the result in a lot less time all other factors being the same and so. By not putting, yourself into that environment, you're. Devaluing. Your, time your time is the most important. Asset. That you have and, by, saying hey I'm gonna save money and actually spend more time what you're actually doing is you're saying my time is not worth anything, your. Time is worth everything. So. If you're serious, about creating some results in your life and you say hey I want to make money online I want to build an online business I want to start figuring out a Philly at marketing let's say you pick that path alright but, then you but, I'm not gonna investing anything I'm just gonna stick to the training on Google and the training on YouTube and find free stuff online it's. Going to take you a lot longer so you've got a decision to make what's. Your time worth and. How. Serious, are you about this because if you are serious, and you are going to succeed because you're not going to quit and you know you're not going to quit, then. Invest, in things that are going to drive you towards, that outcome, quicker save your time and, be, willing to invest money is. So valuable stop devaluing, yourself, stop devaluing, your time. So. One of the biggest things, that people do can do to really, kickstart this at their success, is find, themselves, communities, find themselves, accountability. Find themselves other people. Who have built online businesses, and learn from them how did they do it that's what I did I got involved with the community and with an education, platform that would teach me exactly, how to do it and I could follow their process and I could learn from them firsthand and I could dive on webinars with them and ask them questions and. It. Massively, reduces, the learning curve and massively, increases. Your, ability to create results. So. Three years further on from actually joining, a community from, finding, mentors from, going through education. And launching, my first business online I've, now, got four companies, I've, got one of them is, a web design agency that I created, purely to get my brother out of a job that he hated another. One the first business I launched is an affiliate company that, now, is evolving, into so much more but it still forms the backbone of everything that I do I scrapped the nine-to-five got. Another business called bamboo bar which is an e-commerce business and. We're developing eco-friendly.

Deodorants. That, are designed to so they're vegan friendly, eco-friendly. Non plastic non, harmful, chemical, refillable. Reusable, and and, they're designed really to stop. The impact of, traditional. Deodorants, with harmful packaging, and half for chemicals and so on and so forth and we've got our first prototype that, should be coming to market hopefully very, soon we're going through the final stages of manufacturing and, then, there's another business, called ignite Academy, which is taking, groups of entrepreneurs or. Potential, entrepreneurs budding, entrepreneurs, with, skills and bringing, them together, to collaborate and share skills, to enable them to build things in their own businesses, as well so. All, of this, came. From the backbone, of Education. And the backbone, of everything, I learned from my mentors when I first started and I'm still heavily. Involved, in that community even, today with the stuff that I'm launching I went. For dinner with one of my top mentors two and a half weeks ago he's the co-founder of this education, company, and he, gave me a ton, of new ideas and advice in one of the other businesses, that I'm launching, like. Just immersing yourself in this environment it's, it's. So, much more than just oh I can learn tactics, and strategies, it's. About you start to think like the people who are achieving the results that we want to achieve you. Start rewiring. The way your mind works like, your belief skyrockets. When you surround yourself with, people who, are on the same path as you and. To further ahead for example, so. If you want to get involved with them - I'm just gonna pop a link just below this video but if, you're serious whether. You do it through them or someone else doesn't matter whether you do it through my stuff I don't mind but, all I would say is please, just, find, something, some. Community. Some, group. Of people that. You can get involved with and be a part of because, without that, if you're doing it alone you, are devaluing. Your own time be. Willing to invest in yourself because. By not investing it's, too expensive not to invest, two. Years of your life is too much to. Use when. You could be saving that time. Money's. Not important, your time is so. Stop devaluing, it. All. Right so really hope that helps give some perspective pick, your path pick the route that you're gonna go down and then find a community of people who have already done that and then, learn from them firsthand and if you do just want to join the same one that I did cuz I'm a product of the product I've been through them I use them regularly still I've helped me build for businesses, you, know proof is in the pudding if, you want to join and they do your 2995. Application. To see what it's all about for yourself and they do a 30-day, money-back guarantee, it literally, couldn't be easier so, go check them out don't even take my word for it just make your own judgment call see, what you think and if it's not for you just, cancel like, it's super-easy there's, a button in your back office that says closed account and it's automated.

Okay. So check. Them out I really hope that helps and I hope this video helps gives you some perspective, about. How, to actually take those first steps as I say affiliate, an e-commerce if you go all this time and financial freedom in. My experience, are the best two models to get started with alright, so thanks, for watching if you have enjoyed this video and you would might want more like, this then click Subscribe, which should be on the screen right, now comment. Below if you've had insights, or app if any so if you have other experiences, I'd really love to hear from you thank, you very much for watching really appreciate it and I'll, speak to you in another video bye for now.

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