How To Make Better Decisions

How To Make Better Decisions

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Hello. And welcome everybody Janet, Becker's here with, Remax your, tribe radio, and I'm so. Excited, to introduce you, to my wonderful, guest today Kevin, breeding is my favorite. Favorite. People in the world Kevin. And I, have. Spent, quite a bit of time over the last year. Masterminding. In business, and the thing, that I absolutely, love, about Kevin, is this. Is a man who is an incredibly, strategic. Mind. A man, who makes big impacts. In a lot of businesses. And a lot of big businesses and, yet. He has the, most humble. Most. Non-judgmental. And absolute. True, interest. And curiosity for. Every single person no matter where, they are in their business so, I'm, really, excited to bring, you. Know, the way that that Kevin thinks and also some really great strategies that. He uses and that he has used with me to. Help me with my rebranding. In my business so hello. Kevin. Hey. Janet I'm so, glad to be here thank, you for the invitation and, an honor I've been looking forward to this for four, days now so I'm glad it's finally, that's. Fantastic. So, I. Hear. One of the biggest challenges that I have with the remote - tribe radio podcast, is I try, to keep things as, tight as we can so that people can get maximum, value in, the shortest time that we can give now I know that, you and I can talk for hours and hours and hours. So. To, cut, straight, to the chase can. You share with us who. It is that you serve and how, do you do that, sure. I am, all about coming, alongside entrepreneurs. And leaders who are looking to scale their their business quickly they, realize that they're, gonna have to do some internal work to do that and third. That they see their business as a vehicle. To do something, greater in the world it's not just about the money. And how, I do that is very simply it's through a series, of interactions. And a coaching model then that ranges from one-on-one, through. Group. Models all the way down to kind of self-guided, courses, that I have taken hundreds. If not thousands. Of entrepreneurs now through just, to help unlock some of the roadblocks and the things that all of us do with so I mean, the roadblock busting business that's what I do. Business. I love it I love it yeah.

Kevin. And I were talking, about this Simon he's I mean Kevin has this amazing. Toolkit. That he has developed from using experience to. Help. Different. People's through those, roadblocks and, one. Of the ones that I've, had personal experience. With is, the. Five step process, so. I thought, we could talk, a bit about, the. Five step process and, and. Share. Some examples about, how you've, been using that recently, because, there's some pretty exciting stories, happening, in. Kevin's. Business. At the moment so, just. Start with with, the five step process, can. You explain, what. Actually leads to, the five step process like why is the need for the. Process that we're going to cover today sure. The. The interesting thing about five step and why I think it's an important, tool is I, realized, early, on, in, kind, of rebuilding. My life I'd gone through a, bankruptcy, and a divorce all, within a six month period and it just added elute it absolutely, was catastrophic just. It not, only took away you know financial, gain and relationships, and things like that but. I didn't realize at the time the. Damage, that it did to me both intellectually. And creatively as, I would start to do new ventures, I didn't. Know at the time that, I was locked up inside and, and I didn't, have that freedom I might you know it's, funny Tony. Robbins always says that we have to remember that our brains are wired for survival, not, for creative thinking and so we're constantly thinking of what's going to go wrong and, so, something like five-step, framework allows you a model, that in the midst of chaos but, good chaos and bad, chaos, to, be able to say wait a minute everybody take a breath I know that, there's a thought. Process that I can put myself through and, allows us to take emotion out of what could be a challenging. Circumstance. And you just work your way right through a model to say okay what about this is that this or that is it a or b is it one or two and then it helps me kind of know okay, I have a, trusted. Proven, way to, identify. Roadblocks. Even when you don't see them there in the first place and then, - how, do you move and, move them quickly to where all of a sudden it gives you confidence, as, well as a structure. That says oh okay this is no big deal let, me apply that framework and, and as you mentioned I've seen, this happen and, we can get into that example here a little bit about exactly, how the framework works. You. Know I don't know if it's if it's helpful but. There's five pieces to it, and. I'll tell you I've started out in a five-day model but I realize entrepreneurs, and leaders like you and me we. Don't always work in in structured, time and so we, do it in five steps they, are quite simply imagine. Illustrate. Indicate. Integrate. And implement and, just the kind of - second version of each. Iteration. Yeah. It, always is imagine. Imagine is all about. Brainstorming, and we all know how to do that and we have different models and methods I use mind mapping and I remember, you and I had a friend mind. Mapping session, the. Second. One is probably where it would be most useful for our group listening today is on. Illustrate. And we'll come back to that where you're literally developing. Each idea more, indicates. Where you actually make your choice integrate. Is where you look at the impact of that choice all the, way through your personal life or your business your team your systems all of that and then, the implement phase which is how do you physically, bring it to real life and and I love.

This Quote and I'm gonna I'm. Gonna brag on you a little bit because you have given me the, branding. Name that has resonated for people who go through a five-step you said to me this. Process, is deceptively. Simple, and incredibly powerful and as, soon as I use, that that quote, from you people go oh wow this really does feel, simple, to, do all the things that you say it does and every, person that goes through it just simply says wow. I didn't think it would do what it does and you just nailed it and so you've actually given me the byline of the process. You. Know when you first introduced, me to the process we're going to work through I thought oh yeah. I got that I got that slight. Into variance there and it, wasn't till we were working through us that I thought actually. This. Is really I've. Skimmed. A lot. Of things that, we actually dived into deeper, but before, we go a, little bit further into the process. Can. We just backtrack, a little tiny, bit cuz I'm just thinking you talked about how, during. Times of chaos. Or. You. Know indecision, that this takes the emotion out it gives you, a chance, to be able to step back and have a logical, process and I. Know I, thought we could talk about a few, examples, scenarios. There because one. That I see. Oh look, so, much and you. Know I would be very surprised, if, anybody. Listening. Today can not mob their head when I say this it is, as entrepreneurs. There are so many ways to be right and. We're always bombarded. With you. Know you, should be doing podcasts. No you should be doing video now you should be doing. Workshops you should be doing just a book there's all these, different ways to, be right and, I. Mean. There's always it's. Without fail that there is this sense of overwhelm. Because, we have this fear, of you, know like FOMO you know your fear of missing out if I focus on this I'm losing, this opportunities, so I know that this is one particular scenario. That, a lot. Of people will have at numerous, times throughout, their. Business when, trying, to make that decision because everybody. Is screaming at them the way they should be doing things so I thought, it'd be interesting to, look at some different, examples of. When. This process when, you've used this process other with yourself or with, some. Of your your clients. Yeah. Thank. You for that it one. I, have to go back to what, it did for me personally because, I, won I won I wouldn't believe it unless I'd gone through it and did. You. Know this this came out of what was a point, where error I wasn't sure that I had the ability to kind of get, back into the entrepreneurial, game I was you, know like we all do from time to time I was ready to say fine I'm just gonna go get a job. And and you, know go be somebody else's problem and. I, realized, that that's not who I am and not what I'm about but, I didn't know how to begin the. Method, in the process now whenever I experienced. It the first time I was just journaling, I didn't know it was a five steps you. Know a five, step framework because I was, creating, it at the time and so one it comes personally, from me but, probably the most powerful. Illustration, that, I've seen of something like this working and I want to make sure to say. To everybody that's listening it's not just, the five step framework which I'm a huge fan of obviously, but. It's that we. Have to as entrepreneurs, do, the hard work and do, the prep and have, systems. And frameworks, because. What happens is if we don't have some, sort of model either, massive. Success, or something catastrophic happens. And all, of a sudden we, get devastated. And we don't know what to do what, happens is our our. Brain kind of goes into survival, mode we're into fight or flight and. It's actually one. Of the things that I talk about is we we start to experience what's called progressive, cognitive. Atrophy, and and. It's where every, time we try to fix something, we think our way through it and we can't we're frustrated we. Back off from it and it becomes that much harder, to fix it the next time yeah, so it's it's now that's a fancy you know progressive, cognitive atrophy is a fancy, way to say we psych ourselves. We. Psych ourselves, out it's we tell. Ourselves that the wall is that much bigger and in. Actuality it's, not any bigger it's just that we've made it harder because we think we've exhausted a, process so frameworks, like this work and I can give you an example, that I am living. In right this very second. Have, one, of my very, dear friends, and a client dr. Rick Rigsby who has had of there's, a viral, video that, since.

October, V has. Been, viewed, more than a hundred and twenty million, times, Wow. And so, he's gone from you know a stage. Platform, speaker and an author to, now being pursued. By A&E. Network by NBC. Being, invited on the Good Morning America. Book. Publishers. Coming at him from left and right and and you, know as entrepreneurs, we're gonna look at that saying wow yeah you know we want that that's exactly, what we're, chasing, in our business, and the truth is that. That. Kind of exposure, can, both, show, how vulnerable, you are and can, completely, leave you paralyzed. Rick. Called me and he began to explain what was going on at one, I couldn't believe it - I went and watch the video and I was like that's classic, Rick I've known him for a long time, but. He was instantly overwhelmed. With, what. To do next because there was so much so. Much coming at him yeah cuz it wasn't planned well it wasn't as if this was an orchestrated, viral. Video no. We did, not build the video this was produced, by a media, company called goal cast who's, in the business of creating, inspirational. Motivational videos, their Facebook page has 600, million views a month. And. We are now the largest view, video on their platform, and so you. Know it's, it's one of those be careful what you wish for because you just might get, it because it's although we would think it would make our business skyrocket, it, can also make your business implode, if you don't have models. And frameworks that, can. Kind of guide you in the midst of chaos because, chaos can be yeah, it's gonna be bad yeah, yeah. And, so well. What. Was the name of the video so see if people haven't watched. This then we'll go and have a look but is it good I have seen it yeah. It likes it with 120, million views they probably have the easiest way is if you go to Facebook and just search Rick Rigsby. RI GSB. Why you'll. You'll find it it'll pie it'll be the first thing that pops up it's. All. It's all over the place and still growing every day and so you.

Know It's it's it's been a it's. Been a really powerful picture, for me one because you. Know I love my friend and I'm excited for him I'm excited for our business together but. At the same time it was a great reminder for, why. I coached. The way that I do is, that you, want to dream big but you always come back and do, the mechanics, you do the work, it's it's it's like going to the gym you know it you. Know and you're you're loved you know you're not going to get out and swim the distances, that you swim without. Being, in, you, know you've got to be in the water doing the reps every day hey otherwise you just don't have the stamina and something. Goes wrong and all of a sudden you're in real trouble and so it's just it's a great reminder for us to be excellent. Businesspeople as well as you, know, entrepreneurs. Full, of vision that just go you know fly by, the seat of our pants yeah, and you know and that's one of the frustrations with. People who like, us that that, help entrepreneurs. Is this being. So, much. You, know rubbish. That's been put out about you have the idea and then the money will come that. As, soon as you start going well you know there's, some boring, bits you, know there's. Some boring, bits and you've actually got it work I'd keep consistent. You. Know that is that's a hard one to sell but I reckon. Let's have a look at your process, let's see we, were talking about diving into one, part of the five step process so, let's. Dive in and we might reflect on, what's. Been happening with you and Rick because this is fresh like this is only in, the last few weeks like you're in the myths right now, as we're recording this so let's. Reflect on that and then we can also. Reflect. On that, process, because, it. Was that process that actually helped me get clarity, on changing. My brain completely from, Wonder Woman, over, to romancer tribes okay, let's, look at those two examples because they're very quite different, and as, a way of diving in, how. Did this five-step process yeah. You know it's perfect, of the timing of this because the kind of the the the aha, day for you as I remember us going through five steps there was, day - it's. The illustrate, day and it's. Interesting, that as we are talking about this, Rick. And I did illustrate, day this morning I'm, sorry yeah, I was just I didn't. Even think about the timing of all this but it's fortuitous, and, and the cool thing you know, the. Day one is all about brainstorming and you're trying to just put every idea you can possibly pick up on the you know and just throw it up on the wall and say okay what what's possible, here but. Day two is, where you're looking at each idea, and you're trying to boil it down to three, to five that. You think have the highest potential to solve whatever your challenge, was and so, you, know in, in, Rick's case we're, looking at you know are we looking at live events are, we looking at a TV show and if it is a TV show is it a documentary-style, you, know news magazine, telling stories, or is it a talk show and so I you know it's all of this sort of sort. Of analysis. Of ideas. And as I think back to whenever you and I went through illustrating, the, the, and, I say just the the, way it works for everybody that's listening is illustrate day as you take your three to five because, sort of what we call our finalist ideas and we. Take them one at a time put, it in the middle of the table and we say okay all of a sudden this, is now we pretend. This is our only option, that we have left and we're, going to take the other four and set them aside and, for a moment we're going to assume that they will not work we, have to make this idea the one that we are talking about at the moment work, and when we take ten fifteen twenty minutes and sort, of develop, it out and let it let it you know sort of blossom. Into a full-fledged idea.

With. With, great things now I will tell you sometimes, looking. At the three to five that. One, of them will instantly, sort of wither away and as we think about it and it will let it sort of expose a bit we. Will realize that it's not as good of an idea as we thought that there's something about it that doesn't really work but. The beauty, of what an illustrate, day does in five step is one. Of these you, do, your first one and you'll set it aside and you take number two and, you'll do the exact same process again you'll think through as though it's the only one of the five that, you're and it's, it's going to be your magic bullet, it's your Barney five silver, bullet in. Andy, Griffith American, parlance there and. So you're, trying to figure out how. Which, is the best idea and for what reason, and the, beauty of it is is I remember, the day that you and I went through this is the the, note, that I tell people in the process that day is you, want these five ideas to compete, with one another so. That you have the potential of having multiple. Great, winning, and ideas, that, are competing, for your final choice which happens on session three and I. Remember you said to me that whenever you do that one it give you freedom that you didn't have to make a decision that day, in that minute so you know just think. Creatively, and strategically, but. Then it also gave. You the confidence that you're making a great decision because. You are giving it the ability to breathe and show, itself to be the best idea and, it. Sounds, so simple but I've seen it hundreds, of times now, be, incredibly, powerful to let people kind of be opened up and say I can. Make this decision with confidence because, now I know I've, thought, my way through it strategically. And systemically, yeah, absolutely because, I I can remember. That. Process because it made me realize that I do I. Have tended, to fast-track. Some, parts of it because like a lot of entrepreneurs it's, like, let's just get, this stuff done.

So. Long thinking. And, and going down all these paths and, so sometimes, you'll go with this seems like the right option, and, then go down that whole path because, I've. Used actually, I've used that the process I did with you and then I've used that thing again. With the next step so for, me I was trying to make the decision of do. I go back to the future you know do, I, make. Wonderful where women very, much all about women again and because, I had generalized. Out from there do I go back to that do, I read, do i totally, brown and everything is Janet Becker's you. Know is it going to be Janet Becker's calm, everything Janet, Becker's or, do, I let the run actual tribes system, and become the, hero and, so. But, the three of those would all work all. Of them would work really well and so. I was I say I reckon I was in a state of flux, for about a year I tried. To make this decision and every time and went straight back to what was the fancy, term that you had Kevin. About my ow you. Went back to progressive, cartography. Yes. Sitting. In absolutely, and, I can actually remember when we went through this process and then I came back to you when. I realized, that the one that I had always defaulted. Back to which was going back to wonderful web women was. The one that was not gonna work and actually. I, had, a grieving, process I. Remember. You said to me it's like choosing, one of your children. And. So that's that's the thing that I love about a framework, model, and here again it doesn't have to be this one I'm saying this about any framework, model that you can plug into your business and plug, in to how you are building up your tribe is that. It in the midst of of, confusion. Where our emotions, can taint the. Logic, in the decision-making process you. Want to go back to that which you know, has, served you well before and so, you know I hear again I I'm a I'm, a visionary, guy and I like to go do things and kind of wander. Off and explore I'm an explorer, archetype, by my wiring but.

I Know that. But. But I've figured out that that explorers. Sometimes, can go, with our gut and, our gut sometimes, is jaded, by, what we're comfortable with or by, what we know verse which is what we don't and we. End up sort of defaulting. And and sometimes, maybe even settling, and so, a framework like this gives you the freedom to say you know what I've thought it through well I have, good reason to make this decision and it doesn't take long it just infected, I mean you've done it now enough to wear it but it starts to become second, nature you can take a few minutes and really kind of work through how. Do I look at this objectively to. Be able to say this is the best and the, most right, and the most on-brand. Decision. I can make yeah, yeah, and I, think an, important, part for us entrepreneurs. In, say. If you've got three to five you, know is giving, each one and a an. Even. Chance to, win and quite. Often will go down one, and will go well, I should have nailed it you know that's going to work and so you'll tend to not, pay attention so giving, yourself that freedom and, that permission. To, take. The time and really. Focus. On on each, one equally a likely, idea that they were a competition so, yeah. And I've used that since then once I made the decision that it was romance, you tried with my social media being Janet Vickers is. Then I looked, at okay. Now. When it comes down to what am I going to be doing for my content, what's going to be the best for. That brand and the, breasts, the best for my tribe and you're. Seeing the results, it was the podcast. Because. One of the things that I recognized, through that process that I wasn't doing that I absolutely, loved, was, interviewing people and talking, to people like, you Kevin so, so. It's an it's a, great. Process to, be able to work through so, I think. As. A way of kind of wrapping. Up let's do a little bit of a loop because. We've. Seen what, the result, was when. I work through the process, we've. Looked at the change in the brand and then we've also looked at the you know they're making the decision on the content, marketing plan. So. For, you I know that you're right in the middle now of. This. One one client. You. Know and you have numerous clients so. For. You I'm curious about you've. Gone through now, the imagining, stage but you've got the next stage to go through so. Yes. So what's going to happen next in the life of of. Kevin, well, you know the the, right answer this very moment is I'm not completely sure but. The. Beauty is I have complete confidence in, the process, because. It what's happening is, what. Was a friendship, that turned into a client. Is now, turning, into, media. Opportunities, for me and a, lot of exposure I mean Rick just the other night, on one of his Facebook lives talked. About his. Personal, coach in his business coach and how had. He not had that relationship, in place he'd been curled up in the corner and and. You know has has, called me very very quickly in moments when he was up against going on and doing a live. Moment, where he was like you know I'm not sure what to say and, it was just a good picture that, you know we, all go. Through those challenges and thoughts and so just, by him mentioning, me in one, of his Facebook lives, I had this influx, of people come over and start to look at my page, and. And, it goes back to when you have exposure. That we all desire and want in our business you. Have to have a method, and a process, to be able to think your way through it so what's happening for me is the, good news is the business is growing, the, question is is you, know do I go into a more public, sort. Of taking, a front. Roll and, and being, that thought leader or do I stay in the, coaching, model where I'm sort of the the. Visionary. And sort of the wizard behind the drape it's helping them craft. The way a story gets told and. And that's right where I'm at I'm in the middle of step. Three of the five which, is where I'm trying, to indicate which one that's going to be and and, the.

Only Thing I can tell you is as soon as I know you're. Going to be the first to know because I'm. Just I'm. At a spot where I don't have to make a decision today which I'm happy about but I'm also really weighing, what. Fits me as a brand what do I enjoy doing, that can be most impactful, to my tribe and even my eventual tribe and then, also what. Can do the most good because. I go back to you know the the people that I serve they. Want to grow quickly they, want to. They, know that they have to do internal, work to do that done and they want to do something bigger than just make, money that's. Me I and, not everybody's true about this but I am my. Own consumer. And so the. Reason why it works for me is because I I'm making a decision now to figure out where is the greatest impact, is, it in helping, leaders move, to that level or do. I step. In to that role myself while. Also helping leaders do, that and so that's that's where I'm at I make. Sure what, the outcomes, because I don't know yeah, and you know by the time that we go live with this we, may know the results, so and. So. I just, love I think that's a beautiful note for us to end on because I love how you brought this back to your tribe and to, what your core values are which. Is how your tribe knows if they belong, hanging. Around with, you as the leader and, so. You're just such a beautiful. Demonstration. Of what a, tribal. Leader looks like and that tribal, leader is around clarity. And being able to say this is what we believe around here and you, just met so beautifully. And. Clearly there at the end so I'm, very excited, to, you. Know to see what happens next, and I know whichever one that's going to be Kevin. Is going to do it with absolute. Brilliance, and and. And. A sense of fun so, thank. You so much for your time Kevin I'm really excited to introduce you to my tribe now, for, people to be able to, connect. With you more to get more information on the sort of frameworks, that you do what's. The best place for people to go I'm. An easy date on this one the easiest one is just to go to my website kevin breeding calm and right, right there on the front page there's. An e-book called mastering, mindset, in it and it starts, the conversation around the five-step process, it's. Also the. Notes of about 15 interviews that I did with some of the top entrepreneurs in across, multiple industries and, so it'd be a super, handy tool for everybody to come over and grab and I'd love for it love for them to absolutely. Well thank you so much Kevin and thank. You everybody that's been here listening thank you so much for your time and one, of the things that I do encourage, you to do is. You. Know Kevin's been incredibly, generous with, his time and, you, know he's transparency. Today and one, of the most rewarding things for us is to hear back from you what did you get out of that so I really do encourage you to, hunt this man down so either you know when you're going, and you join his mailing list or whether you're finding him on Facebook, is. Just going connect and tell you you know at least one aha that, you have got from today that is one of the greatest gifts that you can give, that's. Awesome thank you for that's awesome bye, everybody.

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