How to Make Better Business Decisions & Obliterate Your Business Goals - ATOMICON 20 Keynote Replay

How to Make Better Business Decisions & Obliterate Your Business Goals - ATOMICON 20 Keynote Replay

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All. Businesses. Start the same way and. While. Some entrepreneurs. Strive, to build lumbering, global, enterprises. We. Are different we stay, small and agile we. Learn from experts, outsource. Intelligently. Selectively. And focus. Our time where, it's most impactful, scale, our offers to help more people, grow. Our income, our, small, steps lead, to big gains and when, we hit unexpected. Challenges. We. Have the support of an entire community of business, builders to share our adventure, and celebrate, wins. We. Are, small, and mighty. Maybe. I shouldn't have done it I mean. They warned, me it, was all right there laid out so, simply, and plain. No. Wonder they called me insane I, mean. It was all, right, I could. Have maintained, the same Lane knowing what everyday would contain continuing. To complain in vain just, like. Them. I. Was. So excited in beginning when, I made, the decision to follow my heart click restart. Step off the treadmill and forge a new path and it all started. With a single, spark. The. Idea, that maybe just, maybe, the, world had more in store for me that I could become the architect, of my own reality, I bought, 17. Notebooks, 30 colored pens and mapped out my entire, journey from beginning to end and. It was going to be so smooth I shift, into first fear create the idea post, up on social medias, and customers, would, appear eager no happy. No, excited. To hear from me. Unfortunately. That's not what the journey entailed, it's. Like the picture I'd imagined. But a field had failed the vision got blurry I zoomed out from my plan lost, nitch focus, I forgot Who I am and began to. Not know which way I should run a jack-of-all-trades, but, a master of none I joined. Every, network their words download every, out gave my ideas to the world but didn't get anything back, I was zapped, by rejection searching, for gratification. And every, client pitch felt like a job application. Quittin. Felt like an option I could naturally take, then. A video bottom two. Guys one, smile on each face my. Fellow Atomics, you know where I'm coming from then. I realized that to get my atomically. Astrological. Progress, taking, you from the best-kept, secret to a phenomenal, it's like the Stars the line to bring so many stars inside friggin you the secret of the marketing universe, you can take lead, generation, and growth off your wish list you took one, small step getting a ticket resulting. In one giant leap for your business, so bang on your desks, stand, to your feet and, welcome. Your host, Andrew. And Pete. Hello, everybody and welcome to. We. Are so, stoked to have you here not only for today but it's been an absolute, joy spending. The past four weeks with, all of you lovely, lines can, we firstly just give her a massive round of applause to the wonderful. Comment, members but, you've seen the insanely, good production with Justin Ruth Wilcox in, for the awesome, awesome animation. And the animation, script was written by Laura Robinson, and the voice-over done, by Samantha, boffin. Piece. By Kamal Hyman, oh my, days he. Was crying he, was in floods. To, pal it wasn't tears I just, have like allergies and, stuff anyway. Let's. Get on with the time coming all right guys give us a big yes in the comments and big capital, letters if you, ever struggle, to make decisions. For your business, whether that's really big decisions, or really small decisions, do you ever feel like just indecision. Is holding you back from achieving more, than what you possibly could do because that's exactly what we want to talk about in this session, how do we make better business, decisions to. Obliterate, our, business, goals faster. Than ever before. Oh yeah, I, mean that sounds pretty fun, a good pal yeah I mean it is good it is good and I'm really good guys that making, decisions for example I, decided. Against, the survival, guides this, year after, last, year's debacle and, one remember those let us know in, the comments, but I decided against those like yeah yeah, true, you did you did decide that yeah I also decided, to hire some the matchmaker this year and I think we can all agree she's did a great job yeah, yeah good decision yeah I even decided on booking that gunge time for Pete for next year yeah, yeah wait, what what, yeah, I'm really, good at making decisions, P, on the other hand not, so much yeah. I am. Ayana. Right. Point, proven. But don't worry P because, I've already decided exactly, the tall that we're gonna do today and how it's going to work I already know how all of these guys are, going to make better decisions to obliterate their business goals all they need to do is follow the aligned, never, defeated, ridiculously.

Exciting. Winning. Goals. Formula. Wow. I mean that's a very mouthful, I know oh we could just call it the Andrew. Goals formula, for. Short wait what, yeah. Well it just so happened to smell out Andrew and I thought it's just the. The perfect name Oh, how. Does, it work well it's really simple all we need to do is start making decisions based, on where, we want to get to our decisions, should, align themselves from, the long term goals right, so. First. Things first we, just need to know what, our goals are for the next 12, months but, rather than getting too overwhelmed, with this just, think of one specific goal, that gets you ridiculously. Excited, just, get a piece of paper or whatever you're making notes on and just write at the top what. Is that goal I get you ridiculously. Excited. And tell you what mr., indecisive. Pete, why don't we do this with, you Pete. What goal get you, ridiculously. Excited. What gets me ridiculously. Excited. Well. Pete if you don't know what your goals are how can you ever expect to make better decisions that's actually gonna make those goals happen, you've. Got a point, okay so let's spend a minute now and think about a goal you want to achieve and, something that really excites you, do you want to double your pricing, do you want to stop working weekends, do you want to launch stop membership, do you want to write that book do you want to get your product stocked in that specific shop. Do you want to lease down a lot more work. With only the claims that you absolutely love and get rid of all the rubbish clients say you don't know work with anymore there's no right or wrong answers, here let's, just for the purpose of this exercise think. About what that ridiculously. Exciting, goal could be for. You and AV, company, why don't you just put some like, some kind of elevator music on and, let's just all spend a minute just trying to think what, that goal could be so maybe if we could just. Oh. Yeah. I don't know next, doctrine. Then there we go perfect perfect, let's, just spend a minute now guys. Think. About what is that ridiculously, exciting, peanuts. Freeze-frame. Okay, we're back so, P what's, like citing business goal that you want to achieve in the next 12 months okay under I've got, it I've got it, I want to triple, the atomic membership, I don't want to fill every, single C, atomic. On next year, oh yeah, that's also a mais definitely. Ridiculously. Exciting. Isn't it Pete so. Now what. Are all the smaller tasks, if you were to like break that doll we're all the smaller tasks, that you need to now go, and do if you want to make that happen okay I guess we'd have to hire some pretty awesome speakers. But have to plan an epic, launch we'd. Want to improve, atomic. We want to improve our sales funnel we want to do ads we want to get everyone, we know to, help us push it I'd go back to our best affiliates, and ask about promotion, and I'm probably finish that chat bot that I should really get Ron to finish it there's a whole list of things to do okay great, and now here's what good decision-making, comes into play if you want to achieve that, big goal and you know you've got this whole big list of tasks, of things, that you need to do in order to achieve that thing, then, all you need to start doing is aligning your decisions, remember, the a in the Andrew goals model stands for alignment.

We Need to align, our decisions, and just not do anything else so, just don't get distracted by other stuff by your the shiny objects, and you'll get there quicker if you want to make better decisions then, all you really need to do is ask yourself this magic, alignment. Question, before, making any decision. The same yes to this task bring, me closer to, my ridiculously. Exciting. Goal and that is the beauty of the Andrew goals model do that guys and you will be all set to smash, your business goals faster, than ever before we'll, see you after, topic, on at 2021. That's. The end. Just. Don't think it's not. Easy thing. To make better business decisions no. Pete that was it that was that was done Andrew calls model Doug no no no I think, that untrue, his goals model, is fun. Excuse. Me for. I, don't think so I don't think so Pete the Andrew goals. Is perfectly. Logical. It. Might be logical, pal but I just it's not sure if it's quite as easy as that I know where I want to take the business of, no, not for a while but I've got I'll go on at the moment and I'm, not sure if I can quite do, it at this moment and to be honest I don't really know if it. Will work or if it'll work for me or if I'm really good enough well how. Long have you been putting off doing this stuff already I mean a, long. Time I guess it's always been you know a nickel I'm in the back of my mind huh, then, what, have you been putting it off I don't know I don't, know I just I guess it's, something I've always wanted to do but I'm just scared. It might fail there's so many things they need to do and a lot of those things are really tough and to Venice they're just fun tonight put it to recommend, and not have to deal with all that right now well if you don't deal with them like if you don't have the confidence to, deal with them then, your, business is gonna forever. Be held back and your business is gonna plot all, so. What you're saying is if we don't face up to these decisions sooner, then, our business is just gonna plateau and, our, business is just gonna go nowhere, exactly. And if you think about it the problem, isn't making and good decision, or a bad, decision in many cases, often, the problem is just, not, facing up to that scary decision and therefore just doing nothing, can making no decision, because if you think about it that's all business, is business, is just a constant, stream of decision. Making to grow a business and keep alive to learn up your business you have to make these business, decisions, all the, time and, some, a scarier, than others for example if you have on your task list, you must go live on Facebook. And try to sell some of your products, that's a minor decision.

To, Make and there's a small, amount of risk involved, only a small amount of risk involved if you go live and, you. Sell some things then great, if you go live and no one turns up and you sell nothing then. Okay, you might feel a bit rubbish about yourself but the risk isn't all that high you could even just elite that video okay okay I see where you're going with this but for example then, if on, your to-do list was something like invest, in outsourcing. It's, a much riskier. Business decision, and thus, the decision is much scarier if it pays off then, you level up your business you are much closer to the exciting. Goal but in the back of your mind what's niggling, is the thought of what if it doesn't all work how would if that person, doesn't, do very well what if the embarrass you what if you, don't actually make more sales in that time that you say what if you can't afford them what if you have to let them go what if you have to fire them it's embarrassing, it's all could it's, humiliating, like, yeah nobody wants that and so what we'll do is we'll up them put it off we'll, think about that tomorrow we'll do that tomorrow right it's a bigger leap of faith and the bigger the leap the, bigger the payoff we get so, business is a series, of taking, these leaps of faith between, one plateau to the next, some small some, big the, bigger you leap the more success you have but, the problem is the perception, of the size of the leap the perception, of risk is either bigger or smaller based. On your own confidence. For, example, for us we, know that we can outsource because, we've done it before and we've seen it pay off so if we need to unboard a new team member we, can very quickly easily. Rapidly. Do, all those small tasks needed in order to reach that next, plateau. For example deciding, on our budget, running it through our cash flow finding, the right person having. Those meetings deciding, who the right person is onboarding. Them introducing, them to the rest of the team getting in them in the slack channel, etc etc, etc and, we can do all of that very quickly like there's no hesitation, once, we've decided that is the right thing to do so what you're saying is that leapin. Isn't, actually leaping, it's just a series, of small. Tasks. That, we can do very quickly, to, take us up to that next level but, the problem comes when. People's, own self, belief and confidence, makes. Them think that that leap is just. A little bit too far to, leave if you don't make the leap to, keep leveling, up our business, my. Time and time again then, within it is plateau the, perceived, size. Of the, leap is bigger. Or smaller, depending. On. The size of our confidence. And it's exactly what we all do we keep going and keep going making may, be tiny leaps of faith hearing that hearing that until, we come to a decision that, is just too hot just. Too difficult to, unknown too risky too scary and that's, when we just put. It off we passed that difficult, decision and we plateau we don't jump we don't get to that next level we. End up plateau, a while pal this sounds good I mean what. Should we call it I felt like it needs to have like a name and like a model, how, about the the Andrew. Business, hang. On hang, on I think, let's just keep it simple let's just call it a confidence. Plateau because, the only reason why we plateau and don't meet that leap is all based on our confidence okay I mean no no, not as catchy as well as what I was gonna come up with but it, makes sense it makes sense I like your confidence, Plateau here's, what you're saying if we want to keep on hittin our business, goals or making the best decisions, in order to hit those business, goals then we have to keep on taking these leaps of faith and we can't let our confidence, plateau our, business, growth and the thing is we're probably all, on, a confidence, plateau and you know what as soon as you take the leap you, may enter a period, of contentment.

Say, For example you have just lost your business and you've come from not having a business to, launch. In a business, that's a fairly big leap, to take and as soon as you take that leap and you launch the business you, may enter a period of contentment, where you're happy but, as soon as that level feels, more like the norm, you may enter a period, of challenge. Like for example you might not be getting new clients as quickly, as you would have liked and soon, that challenge, leads you to frustration, and in this example you might need to make some scary, decisions. You might need to realize, that you, need to start selling more work out how you're gonna do that or you might need to say to yourself okay, I need to work out what's wrong with my product what's wrong with my service, to, work out why it's not selling but if you're not confident, enough to do what actually needs to be done you're, gonna find yourself stuck, on that plateau forever. As business, owners then we, have, to find a way to constantly. Overcome. Get to the next confidence, Plateau remember. Andrew at the start of the year when we started to survey all of our atomic members, that joined and we asked them we have vast hundreds, of hundreds of members what, is, holding, you back and these were the top nine things that kept on coming back there were haunting, people and, holding them back from having, more success not. Nishi not outsourcing. Not creating, enough content, not, focusing, not selling, enough not charging, enough across, the knee Inc in an effective. Websites, and, launching, things without an, audience. Yes these are all big and common, confidence, plateaus these, might, apply to you let us know if you may be feeling a bit like that in the. Comments, all there, might be some other smaller, ones that, are also holding you back and here's the thing your success, is dependent on, you realizing, in a, moment, that now is the time to. Take that lead on to that next plateau by doing all of those smaller tasks Lots gonna get you there to actually face those difficult, decisions and tackle those tasks, head-on, but how do you do that how do we get the courage, to face those difficult, decisions, to make that leap of faith to avoid those confidence, plateaus, that we are stuck on it's funny you should say that Pete because, I think definitely what, the past like, month and abetters taught us is that we all have it within us like how many atomic, members, have we seen that I've taken huge. Leaps of faith recently. Because. Of what the world is currently going through how many hub lords that online product, don't double down on that passion, or moved into that new niche and as awful as the world is right now we have seen so, much rapid. Action by entrepreneurs, over the past month and a bear which is quite frankly inspiring, and even before this current global, pandemic, like think about all the entrepreneurs the, have taken, rapid. Action think about for example Claire, grace who's just had that baby boy right yeah Claire has been working with us as our online business manager. Over, a year now and as soon as she realized she was gonna have another baby it certainly, gave her the motivation. To level, up she certainly had to make sure her business could survive, for a few months while she had the baby and had.

Some Maternity leave she had to bring in a team meaning she had to obey her, standard, operating procedures, she had to raise her prices and go find better clients, so that she could afford to hire the best team, to look after her client with the new operating procedures. She must have we took her business, to the next level, very. Quickly because. She, had to and someone else you had no other choice is Laura Robinson, Laurie Robinson found. Out that her husband, got made redundant, and that very month she had to suddenly make. It twice as much money and you know what she, did she took a rapid, action to, make twice as much money that month, because. She, had to right so, what we're saying is often, external. Motivators. Forces. To, take, the lead it could be like, an economic, reason or it could be a life event or even, just like a chance, meeting, or, a chance encounter that forces. Us into action these external, motivators, almost. Forces. To take rapid, action on the things that we've been procrastinating on, because, they seem a bit scary okay, so onto what you're saying is we, need one of these external. Motivators, to help us. All. Right okay I got it I got it I can, do this I'm. Gonna go make a baby I'll be back in five minutes all right oh. We. Don't have time for you to go and make her wait, hold on five minutes. Is. That all just. Any er anyway okay. Fine forget about that forget about what you say impalas think we need one of these external, motivators, but we can't just sit. Around and wait for these, external. Motivators, to just much of that you happen to as one day like it might did not be tomorrow it might be like way, off maybe years off I I can't be stuck. In this confidence, pile, forever like I don't want to be stuck no, you're. Right we can't just wait, around, well. What, what, if we can manufacture, some. Of these external, motivators, for ourselves. Go. On think. About it what do these external. Motivators. Actually. Do, like what actually happens, when an. External motivator. Occurs, is, that the path of no action the plateau suddenly. Becomes scarier. Than, the thing that we were putting up in the first place these, external, motivators, raise. The stakes owners not taking, action for example Claire, becoming, pregnant. Suddenly continuing. Down that same path is, now. Scarier. Because, she knows she's gonna have a brand-new newborn. To look after then. Actually, taking, the time to. Do all those small tasks to onboard new. Team members to raise her prices, that. Is suddenly, a less scary, than, having, the same business, and a newborn so if we want to manufacture these external motivators, for ourselves, maybe. We need to somehow work out a way to. Somehow raise, the stakes on, ourselves. To, force us to make quicker decisions and. Take, those rapid actions on demand. Yes I'm drew it that sounds incredible. If we, could manufacture, our, own, external. Motivators, whenever. We please and we can force ourselves to level. Up our business and have, a rapid, growth on, demand. That would be awesome. Yes, Pete, that. Sounds good that sounds good so, so okay has anyone ever actually, done, has anyone ever actually raised, the stakes on themselves. I, know. I know, what about honey Oh babies go, on well, I was actually talking to Danielle recently, on the phone and she was telling me about her business journey, ever since atomic, on, 2019. At the start of 2019. Daniel, Pez was a social, media manager, and I've been doing this for three, years she was starting to get incredibly, frustrated, and, I'm a little bit fed up in fact so, much so that she was even tempted, to go back into a previous, career doing, teaching and she was even watching webinars, about going.

Into Teaching. Again unfortunately. She had quite clearly, plateaued. In her business and she was probably. Procrastinating. On what, she knew she, needed to do. To change up the business and take it to that next level and, not to do something, that, she was excited by and at this point, well she's watching this webinar and returning to teaching, she was thinking. I'm. Really gonna go through atomic, on but then she thought hey, two, days away by myself that, sounds good and I've already bought the train ticket, the, hotel's already but, how. Does go, I'll see what I was like and you know what happened on the train back home from atomic on feelin all inspired, after the day's events she suddenly. Had a moment of clarity I realized. That that thing that was so obvious and interface, that she should have thought of anyway was, right there and, if she just wanted to grab it and take it and run with it she, could what, she was really really passionate about was making video and helping. Others to make better video, -, but she was incredibly, nervous about, launching. Something in this video. Space, because. She didn't know if people would want it if people would buy it would it resonate, and even if it did she, just didn't have any time, whatsoever, to, do it she was stuck in a catch-22. Not only that she needs to launch something. New somehow, but. To get the time to do that she, needed to actually fire. One of her clients to, get back that time no it would have been easy for Danielle, to, kind of plateau continue. On this plateau and her business continuing. With, her social media management, that she was frustrated with but instead she psyched herself up, and just two months later after Tommy Khan she. Fired her. Biggest. Client. That's right she fired her biggest retainer. Client, paying her the most amount of money every. Month and this gave her the time to. Go on and think, about and launch imply, her. New videos. Course, videos, on difficulty. And in that moment when, she left her biggest client, go. She. Freaked out a little bit I'm, not gonna bite your feet are all over she realized that she had just dropped her main income, source and. Though she had to have, to pretty darn quickly to. Get this new course up and running and make sure that, it was a success. What she had essentially, done it was, raise the stakes on, herself. And now the path, of taking, no action in, continuing. To Plateau was. Scarier. Than actually doing all those small tasks, in Rapid Action to, get to that next level what did she do she launched, a course and you know what, it went incredibly well. She. Made twice as much money on that launch than, she'd ever done, in any month with, her social media clients.

And Now fast forward she's, way better off than, she used to be and she's, a thousand, times happier, with, what she's doing amazing. Amazing. I love the P I love that what you saying is that Danielle, is a perfect, example of, someone who. Didn't just wait around for. An, external, motivator. She, actually raised, the stakes on herself, by firing, that big client, forcing. Her to take rapid, action to level up her business I'm doing the thing that she should have been doing anyway yes in fact I actually have a voicemail from Danielle to telling, us about how it all went Teleflora. Do you know P or are you just gonna do one of those silly voices that, you do in every. One of our talks, what. Yeah. You do you always turn you back to the audience and pretend, that you have some kind of recording, and you're, just reading off our slides I cannot a novice, no, no no I don't, do that at all it's never, like that like trust me hey I'll tell you what I'll even prove it to you I won't, turn my back so, you can actually see my lips all right go. On then play, it all. Right okay here we go I'm gonna play it. Yeah. I. Was stuck and. I had a safety net. And. I was pulling off what I really wanted to do and if I hadn't fired that client. Still. Popey. Be doing such a minute managing my merit. AHA. In the nice guys I loved our P I think, this words really, well with the confidence, plateaus. Model, because what we're saying is that there's these moments in time let's, call them leap, moments. That raise the stakes on us not. Taking, action, and forces. To do all those, tasks, rapidly. Rather, than waiting for them, than waiting around to level up our business we. Can manufacture them, just, like Danielle, did by somehow raising. The stakes in ourselves that, makes that path of no action the plateau. Scarier. Then, actually, doing the stuff that we need to do yeah, it's totally awesome yeah, okay, then P are you ready are you going to raise the stakes oh you can hit that goal of tripling the atomic membership, yes yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Well. Actually, maybe. Not. Why. Maybe, yeah maybe not well you know I love a little, thumbnail story, and all but, how do we how. Do we raise the stakes in ourselves how, do I actually do that it's firing our clients, the only way to raise the stakes is there, at the waist like whatever don't want to fight, - hey, what if I don't even have clanks what if like what if there's other ways to do this maybe. Those are the ways of raising mistakes, okay, well. Then let's. Think of another, example like, what about us like if we haven't done this for ourselves yeah. Yeah, okay I got it I got it what about with, our speaking, career like, there was definitely a moment for, us and our speaking career well we must have a level. That oh yeah that's a great story to tell so back. At the end of 2018. We, were kind of in this period of contentment. Without speaking career I guess but, it wasn't really going anywhere we had spoke at social media marketing world 2017. And social media marketing world 2018. Which, felt great because it's such a well-known conference, in our industry, but we were stuck on the Twitter track which isn't really what, we want it to be and we saw people like Jay Baer and Mari Smith and Mark Schaefer keynote, in this huge event over, in San Diego and we thought to ourselves sat. In the crowd that's, what we want to get to but, we didn't quite feel confident. In ourselves to. Do it and to go for it it felt like more, of a 10-year, goal at the end of 2018. We had written his talk they would spent months and months and months on it was called the, danger, zone and we, had eight speaking. Days coming up that, we were gonna deliver this talk and the first one of those eight was at content, marketing world you know hiya now at content, marketing world we saw drew Davis, speak for the very first time and it, blew us away. It was so stupendous, ly good and, immediately, we just felt completely in, so FIRREA in superior, in superior, in superior. With our talk the. Danger zone but later, on at the conference, we got the chance to meet drew, and the very first question we asked him was drew nice. To meet ya how, did we gasps good as you because you Blues away this morning drew told us to send us a copy of the, danger zone and once we all go back to the office he would watch it and then we could hop on a Skype call and we'd give us some pointers about how we could improve it they remind, at this point that we'd spent months and months and months working.

On This talk and we had another seven, speaking, days coming up very very soon. So what we got back to the office that we jumped on that a Skype call and he basically told us in a very nice way that the danger zone was, not good, enough and if we really wanted to work hard to like level, up I was speaking Korea, then, we had to rewrite, the, whole thing. He. Offered to help he gave her some pointers and he said was the challenge of rewriting. Just the first 10 minutes in the next 24. Hours recording. It and sending, it to him and when he says that challenge we promised, him that we would do just that let's, just tell you about, where her head was at that point we had less than six, weeks to our next gig at the you pronounce summit and we. Had a ton, a ton of, stuff, on our to-do list our plan was just to do the danger zone thought that we'd already got already produced. Then we'd spent months and months on we did not have time, in the diary to, plan and rewrite another, completely. New talk never look like rehearse. It and get it ready in time it was just not, it, was just no time like what. We thought you know what we don't want to like drew down we've made him this promise so. That's, what we did we rewrote, the first 10 minutes we, recorded, her we sent it to him and you know what he said he, said here's, some more pointers, rewriter. Again and sent it back to me in another, 24, hours time and again we promised, him we were but this happened again and, again and, again, and every single. Day we, rewrote. The first ten minutes of our new, talk, we, ended up writing over. Thirty five thousand. Words on notes. For, this talk that we will probably never use again we were stressed, to her eyeballs that, we had to redo this again, and again with, all the other stuff enough to-do list and there's drew telling us to research talks. And watch comedy, duo's in practice. Our movements, and our rehearsals. And get into the real pain, point of what this talk would deliver and every single day I sit under, I said I'm sure we. Do not have time to, rewrite, this talk we don't have a time today to, send you another, ten minutes of script maybe, Andrew, well. Just do it tomorrow maybe, tomorrow maybe. Next week and every day and she reminded, me that we've, made a promise, to her and that, we could not let him down he was giving away his time generously. For. Free to help us every day, this, is an opportunity, that we can't pass up, on he told me we've made a promise, and we were gonna stick to it we're not going to let drew down we'd, raised the stakes and ourselves now. Continuing. To plateau the, path of no action was, now more scary, than, actually trying to work on this thing because, we had made a promise and so every single day and late into the nights we, worked on the talk that would become the, 90/10, rule we. Did it for the very first time at you pronoun summer, 2018. And we got our very first, standing. Ovation not, only that but Jay Baer was sat in the audience now remember Jay Baer was one of those key notice from social media marketing wall that we looked up to him won't be on the stage just like, he was keno in that event he, came up to us after, he saw us do this talk from her for the very first time and, he said guys, that. Was amazing, I've just text, Mike Stelzner and told, him that you two need, to be keynote in social. Media marketing world next, year now, remember. We met drew in September. And in September, October we, started working on our. Speaking. In November. We did the 90/10, rule for the very first time au preneur summer and by, January we. Got an email from, Mike, Stelzner, asking. Us if we would keynote social. Media marketing world and by April, we, were on that keynote. Stage, the, year prior, we.

Were On the, Twitter track we, went from here to here, with, our speaking career in a very short, space of time you went from charging under. A few grand per speaking, gig to charging, over ten thousand pounds and getting, them accepted. We're still pretty blown away and stunned at our own rapid, action on our own leveling, up with our speaking, career and looking back what made us do, all that, extreme. Amount. Of effort in a very short space, of time oh it. Was that, we basically raised the, stakes we raised the stakes on ourselves by making a promise, to someone that we did not want to let that the pain of putting in all the extra effort was outweighed, by the pain of letting drew down. And actually country, to remember that night when, we, were really like stressed, to our eyeballs and, you. Sent me that voicemail what. No, no I don't. I don't, remember that yeah. Yeah the boys smell you sent me yeah, I'll play it now well, you've got it yeah, really. Yeah yeah listen I said I plan out yeah, good. Pete, I really. Don't want to talk. Anymore but, we made this promise to Drew and I really feel like this talk is gonna be so much better than anything else so we should really keep working on it I couldn't do this without you pal you're the best business, partner, I don't know what to do without you you're so sexy I wish I had your last, bit definitely did not sound like something I would say that. Was totally you man is definitely your voice man and I think it. Was in that moment pal when we realized, that if, you actually make a promise to someone that you definitely don't want to let down then. You can essentially. Force. Yourself to do anything you want so guys can. We ask you now can, you raise the stakes in yourselves by making a promise, to someone that you don't want to let down whether. That's a promise to someone that you respect or, a promise to L loved Waldo maybe, promised to take the kids to Disney yeah, what promise we'll have you. Taking, the lid, okay Pete this is good right if we want to level up our business then, we need to manufacture our, own leap, Mormons, and a great way to do that is to, make a promise, to someone that, you don't want to let down pee. If you want to take the leap then who who, do you wanna not, let down like you could you make a promise to hmm, well I don't, want to let you, die right oh you, watching. This right now so how about if. We. If, we triple, our membership, and, sell. Out a telecon fill. Every seat then how do we how, about I make a special promise, just to you guys Oh like, what how, about an open. Bar at the after party oh, yes. Yes. I, like an open bar at the, after party okay, you heard it here first guys.

Pete, Has made that promise, if we can triple the membership, sell, out atomic on next year there's, gonna be an open bar at, the after party Pete. Then my, friend are. You ready to take Rapid Action to take that leap yeah, yeah. Yeah. No. Why. Well. Isn't. Enough I mean, it's, all well and good to you know make a promise to not let someone, down but the bigger confidence. Plateau is where the leap is much, bigger, is. It enough for example, if you want to triple the membership, and set up atomic on next year there's gonna be some, pretty hard things to do then, what. What kind of promise is gonna be be enough to forces, to make that leap there must be something else there must be some other way to help, us minor fracture, an even bigger way to, raise the stakes on ourselves to pushes even. Further okay. Well maybe, then, we can learn from someone else P like who else has. Raised, mistakes of themselves to have some big wins okay. Okay, I got it yeah yeah whoo well, I was talking to Kelly, Noble Mirabella recently. And then always spoken, about Kelly, before, on atomic, book anyone, that knows I will know that she's definitely, leveled up her business in, the last year - right exactly, and what. Were you talking about on the call, well, back in 2017. Kelly was running her social, media management, business, and she. Was getting increasingly, frustrated, and. Bored. Even. Though she was really really good at, what she did she's been doing this for eight years and. She, wasn't sure about how or. If she, was gonna be able to take it to the next level basically. She, had plateaued. The. Thing is Kelly, knew exactly what she wanted to do if, I she'd been playing around with chatbots, and she absolutely loved. Chocolates, and she wanted to nice tone I'm stop, teaching, people training, people and chatbots and become the, go-to expert, for. Chocolates and that's exactly what she did no she, actually did a lot of stuff to. Become the chopper expert, and she. Was really proactive, about it and it was really interesting, in the, phone call I had with her as to.

What, Was behind that motivation. To make her do it in her own words she said that. She felt like she was in a, spotlight, a spotlight, that. She'd forced, on herself as you see Kelly was not quiet. About her goals she. Was very, vocal about what, she wanted to do where she wanted to get to with, people that she met in, person online. Publicly. She, said that she wanted to have a rockin, YouTube channel about BOTS she, said that she wanted to redo, the, mini chop course and become the face of the, expert, of Moneta she said that she wanted to speak at social, media markt. A mode and she didn't even buy a ticket because, she knew she. Was gonna get that I tell in the world these, goals of hers she. Put herself in, the public, spotlight and she felt that if she failed, if she didn't do all those tasks, necessary to, level up her business and achieve those goals then. Everyone, was gonna know about it and then we're gonna point their fingers and laugh yeah, because. You see when you keep your goals to yourself, when. You're not vocal, about them and no one else knows about when. Things get tough it's all too easy to just give up because. No one else knows, that yeah even Hut those goals in the first place so what happened, to Kelly, well she's, now widely considered, to be one of the best chopper experts, in of the world yeah she has a rockin YouTube channel yes, she, did manage to smash that goal of the money shot course, yes. She negotiated. One of the biggest contracts, in hell wife and yes. She, did get to speak his social media mock - whoa whoa go, Kelly, and, not only that but, she also is, now getting paid over five figures. To go speak around, the world, Carey smashed. It in fact she told us on the call that, in just two years she's been able to make the same amount of money with this new niche then, she ever did with, the social media management jack-of-all-trades, stuff, that, she used to do I'm, loving that pee and it's almost like a fear, of public humiliation, nobody, was to look like an idiot in front of everybody and Kelly, raised. The stakes on herself by being super, vocal, about her goals and what she wanted to achieve yeah, and she actually sent, me a voicemail, as well did, she is, it is it actually a real voice memo it, is yeah is it actually. Real oh yes. I wouldn't like the Apollo listen, here's what she said. But. Oh my, gosh hey, P thanks, of a copy of the day, it. Really got me thinking and. You're right, telling people what I wanted to achieve really, helped me to push for, those goals, because. She, I mean I was. Worried what people might think that didn't hit them. I'm. Not sure P that was legit. It, was, Herman it was her in her own words that's, what he said and I think this is maybe. What we need to do under maybe, to, have a period of rapid, growth that forces. Us to overcome any confidence, issues that we might have we, need to make our goals public. We need to tell the world what, we, intend, to do, publicly. And, Parcells.

In The spotlight, just like Kelly we need to make a, yes. We need to make a public statement, that. We'd be embarrassed. About failing, is, that something everyone, can do I mean P is that something you can do mmm. Okay okay I'm gonna Cove out I'm gonna pee I'm gonna I'm gonna tweet right now, um it's. Gonna tell the world what. Our intentions, are when, we put for it and you know what I'm even gonna pin it to the top yes that's great that's great okay P you, write that tweet pea you go tweet and, then are, we gonna do is we're gonna rock out we're gonna triple not, membership. Yes. We're gonna do it yeah yeah, yeah you're gonna do it you, gonna take the link you. Know. Yeah, well, maybe. Not why I, just. Don't know if it's enough I mean I'm not easily, embarrassed, really really, yeah, what. If I showed everyone is old baby photo. Still. Not embarrassed Papa well. What if I showed everybody a fault reviewer you put terrible hair oh, it's. Bad online. Buyers cops don't let brass well what if you have to do the rest of this presentation naked. Hmm. What's they're not embarrassed, well. If we don't hit our goals would, you not be embarrassed, well I would it would be embarrassed like my ego, had definitely, taken up of course but I still. Think we would have done well no matter what and I think people would respect, that I definitely think put making you goals you, know public, making, a statement is definitely, a way to help you get over certain, plateaus. But. For the biggest, plateaus. I know. I thought maybe there's just something else okay. Well then what like how else are we manufacturing. Raising. Those stakes is, there anyone else you just saw happened you have coincidentally. Had, a conversation with, and they've run up to this talk to we could have amazing, real-life. Examples, of people who, have raised the stakes on themselves you, know what I'm doing I actually, was, talking to someone else recently. No way, who, yeah. It was one of our members, actually Laura. Oh Warda lets me know no, she's awesome but not my Laura another 100. Laura, Babbitt, no. No no she's awesome Teva that not the other one Oh Laura, Stephens, no. No no she's awesome but the other Laura Oh Laura, correlated. No. She's awesome too but not her the other Lauren Oh Lauren, luckily now. She's awesome T but the other Lauren Oh Laura more no. Not that word the other Laura Oh Laura Davis, no. She's awesome T but the other Laura Oh Laura Robinson. Yeah. Oh, God. There was another 402. Laura's out to get my time that. Quick yeah, I was talking to Laura Robinson. I knew, how earlier, I mentioned how, her husband, got me redundant, and all, of a sudden she had to make twice, as much money that month and she, did and it was amazing how that. Financial. Pressure kind of like. Me the act and she like had to do it yeah. Well. I think that. The last factor, that forces, us to raise. The stakes and you know never, look up business is some. Kind of financial loss oh yeah you're right it's, that fear, of financial loss I felt like that is always going to force people to, act. And just like think about all of our examples from today, Daniel Bay's she, fired that big client, like, if she didn't start make him back that money he's not gonna be very fun for her Clegg brace when she had her baby if she, didn't get her business in order before and, do all those things that she had to do then. After, she had the baby the, business isn't going to be as profitable Kelly, pull all of her records that new niche again, if it's not new niche didn't work out for her and, she'll have stopped focusing on, the current moneymaker, again, not, very fun even, all the people that have taken a huge, inspiring, leaps over the, past month, and a bit because of the current issues that the world is facing like, if they didn't do that financially. There wouldn't be in a very great position, and I think this is the thing that fuels was all, no. Matter if we just want to live a life of luxury or if we just have a family that we want to look after the, decisions, that we make are often, based, on finances. And, potential. Financial loss or financial, gain. But. We want to manufacture these moments don't we now danielle has already done this Danielle fired back client, what. If we don't have a big client. To fire like is there another way to. Manufacture raising. Mistakes and as financially. Okay. Well, this, is what happened, in my conversation, with Laura I asked Laura what she wanted to achieve in, the next year in the next twelve months and what the next level was for her business I then asked her what tasks, she needed to do in order to be able to achieve up, weathering.

Her Business. And quite, quickly she listed off a ton of stuff that she was faffing on with that. She, was planning on doing over the next 12 months so then I said sir okay Laura. If you had a gun to your head could, you do all of these tasks, in the next month rather than in the next problem do you think you could do it and what did she say, she said she probably could so why, wasn't she doing it well, hey, plan for the next month was to check out at home watch. Some of the atomic, on fringe events, take, it easy she, had enough work on she, was happy she's in that contentment, period, and she. Didn't have any, financial, reasons, whatsoever, to, push, herself to. Take on and do. All that stuff and the next 12 months there was no reason for her to do all those 12. Months worth of tasks. Any sooner. So, I, gave, her a reason, I said Laura. Let's. Make it bad well. Kind of bad I said, Laura do. You trust me she. Said hesitantly. Yes. I, said. Well Laura if you actually did, do all, those 12 months worth of tasks, in the next month and nailed. It then, your, business would be much, further run right you'll be making way, more money yeah. You, would be happier, and your customers, would, be better off and happier also. Correct, she. Said yeah. Are. You willing to make a bet with me right now, to. Do all that 12 months worth of has. Within. The month can you do it are we gonna raise this face Laura, can. You send me, 500. Pounds and if you do all those tasks, within, the month I will, send you back about 500, pounds and if not I will keep that money I'm gonna have a wild party with that man under in you, go. To the business crazy, peace did she did she go for it yeah. She, went for it huh, she immediately sent, as the 500 pounds, here is the PayPal, like. Screenshot, like as proof I didn't, walk yes. Papa, boy, did it well and she has he sent me a voicemail this morning to explain it really. Though is it actually, her. Listen. Listen please let's play it out hey Pete just wanted to fill you in on my back with you I know you said I have a month to do all those tasks, and it's only two weeks in I was, really motivated and, I did them all already yes. Within two weeks I don't know why I ever thought it would take me years to get to this point okay, P I'm not believing that one that's clearly, your voice you, Anna brothers differently, Laura no I'm, not stupid that was clearly, your voice I think, I'll like, believe. Me or not but definitely, believe this, the. 500 pompe incentivized, this so much all those big scary tasks, that she was gonna do in a year she, did inside, two, weeks never mind a whole year never mind a month two, weeks. Wow. Can we get Laura a round of applause and the comments guys I want, to see those emoji. Hands clapping, themselves, together if, you want to take a rapid, action to, overcome old, confidence plateaus then. There needs to be some kind of money on the table in. Order to really raise the stakes now, this can't happen, externally. But, if there isn't an external. Motivator, that's pushing you on is, this a way that you can manufacture this, either, doing, something like what Danielle did by making it bet with yourself, oh like.

What Pete did with Laura, which, was making a bet with, someone else now the key isn't gambling on your success, we're not saying everyone is to go out there and start, giving away a ton of money and remember, Pete didn't actually say to Laura that she had to make as certain amount of money in order to get her 500, pounds back because. Remember, the. Achievement, isn't the end goal the achievement. Is having, the confidence to do, all those little tasks. The achievement, isn't, taking, action and you win by taking action remember. Making, no decision, and just pick frustrating. All on that plateau forever, is, a lot worse than trying, something and, it made me not going to plot so think about how you can, make a bet whether that the bet for five hundred pounds, or 200. Pounds. Or five pounds or a thousand, pounds, a number. That's meaningful, to you but you don't want to lose the, key is the amount of money that you could lose needs. To be scarier. Than actually doing those tasks, aren't going to get you out of your confidence, Plateau I'm thinking about it it's a bet that you can't lose. Because, you can do those. Tasks. You, just need the motivation, and the deadline to cry are, you going to make a bet now to, triple, the membership, yeah yeah, I forgot, yeah yeah. Yeah, yeah. Let's do it yeah, no but actually yeah yeah. A hundred percent and actually, pal if you think about it we've already kind of made the bet already we've already put the deposit down, on the. Epic, venue, we've already put the deposit down, and if. We, fail now like, to grow then, financially. We, have lost the bet so we need to make this work and in fact we've not just made, a bet we've also made a public statement to, the world of our goals that would be really humiliated. And embarrassed by and we didn't fill the venue and we've already made a promise, to all of our members that this event is gonna happen, and it's gonna be awesome and there's gonna be loads of people there so we don't want to let them down under. We've hit all three, levels. Do. You think that's enough yeah, I, think it is and not. Only do, I think it's enough but I think for this to work the best to, have one of those leap moments, to manufacture, our own and, still in the moods of it is I think it does need all, three, levels and in, fact I can actually prove, that this way, yeah yeah, remember, last year when, we've stood on that stage atomic, on 19, and. We told everyone. There he told the world that, we, were no longer gonna be prudent and that, we'd Burt this huge-ass venue, the stage for. The next year's, atomic, on if, you think about it we made the same bet the. Same public statement, and the same promise, that. We've just said right now and over the course of the year we, did jobs that would not only tripled. Our membership, but we had to be quadrupled. Our membership. We took that, rapid action we've got off our own confidence plateau and, we went to, the next level Pete.

You're Right you, know what we did smush it and the thing is we can all use the anger ooh goals model we can all set what, we want to achieve and map out the actions that we need to take to. Get there but. It's not always enough if we don't have that motivation from. Raising, the stakes from, letting someone down or public humiliation. Or losing money then the moment things get tough or hard or scary, it's, all too easy just to give up to take no action and we don't want you to plateau but, you see we are all on a plateau no, matter where we are in business I mean one thing that me and Peter bloods along the way the hard way is that, there's no end goal there's no final destination we've had the thought of oh if only we had this, many members, or if only we could pay our self this, amount per month or if only we can keynote that event, then we do felt like we'd have made it but the thing is once you achieve a goal you, might feel some contentment. For a short, period of time but. There's always the, next challenge the low is the next frustration, there's always the next plateau that you want to get to and this is ex-cons, from realizing. This, from not giving yourself a hard time but instead giving. Yourself the tools to, reach for the next thing before. Frustration. Sucks out all the confidence, and all the fun that, actually comes along with running a business, now the speakers, over the course of this event are going to give you so. Much information they're. Going to give you all the tools all the tactics but, you need to take those actions to get yourself to next Plateau they are all leaders in that field who have overcome their own confidence plateaus, -, what list of all and I want to get back but. As the saying goes you, can lead a horse to water but, you can't make it drink we can give you all the information, you need but if you don't drink the water you don't do the hard work then. This is never, gonna, pay off you not, from us not from anybody, we started off today, talking, about how to make better decisions, for, our business and we very quickly realized, that it, wasn't about, making. Better decisions at, all it. Was about just. Simply making a decision because when we get to a decision that we just can't face. That's. When we plateau in our business but. When we can face up to making those difficult, decisions we put ourselves in a place where. We can actually take. What production, and take. Our business to the next level and, all, this starts with manufacturing. Our own motivations. To push us and to, make us realize that the path of no action is always. Always. Scarier. Than, the path have, taken that difficult, decision, and to do this to, raise the stakes on ourselves. To, make us take that rapid action and face those, difficult, decisions all we need to do is, raise. The stakes so, let us know in the comments, right now he's. Gonna do it he's gonna raise the stakes on themselves. He's gonna make a promise to not let someone, down who's, gonna make a public statement that they would be embarrassed. At failing up and who's, gonna make a financial bet that the aren't willing to lose because, this is how, you level up your business and have, rapid, success, thank, you.

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