How to Make $ 35,000 in 6 Months with a Affiliate Product on Builderall

How to Make $ 35,000 in 6 Months with a Affiliate Product on Builderall

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Hey. Guys Rachel ously here and in this video I'm going to show you how, my friend Liam made thirty, five thousand. Dollars in just six months, so, here's the thing I interviewed. Him in my facebook group a couple weeks ago on how, he did this and then things got so crazy for me that I never got a chance to upload it so this was alive in my facebook group I'm gonna attach it to here honestly, to the internet was weird so I'm kind of blurry but just, the just listening, to like the things that he shares on how. He made so many affiliate, commissions with, builder, role and, how. He makes commissions from me and I, actually make more commissions because of him it's. Just amazing there's just so much like behind the scenes of things, that you wouldn't have thought, of in this and people in the comments asking. Good. Questions too. So I check, it out let me know what you guys think in the comments I'm gonna put all the information that we speak about spoke about in alive in the, description, below and, if you're not yet subscribed to my channel I would love for you to subscribe I put out videos about. Affiliate, marketing passive. Income sales. Funnels, all that, good stuff so subscribe. Notifications. And let. Me know in the comments, what's, the biggest. Takeaway that, you got from, this live interview, with Liam, so. This is super exciting, we are live right now in, the influencer, affiliate, marketing. Facebook. Group, if you guys are watching the replay and let us know in, the comments, you can hashtag replay. Well everyone is coming on here live I'm, super excited today we got Liam, live, I don't know where he is in the world or which planet, he's on. SpaceX. Stuck here maybe space is in the near future. But, it was it's so great that we finally got him in the, group at, a time that, you guys can come on here and ask him questions and I'm gonna ask him questions he's gonna share with us all, he's got thanks. For being here Liam where. Are you in the world right now. Me I'm currently in Manchester. In the UK at the moment so, I was in Bali for like, four months in Thailand, and then I just come back over here back to the UK. Yes. Back. In my hometown at the moment so a lot happened, since you were travelling, right you had a lot of goals and milestones that, you, had. Yeah. Yeah so and when, I left, and, you go, trap late I don't think I was still making a lot of sales well, while I was out there I hit the cut the dream car bonus, and I just like skyrocket. So I think the that is traveling, yeah. Well. I did some of the things I want to go into uh. During. This interview, because there's, lots of ways to do affiliate marketing lots of ways to get traffic to, your offers, and you. Have some unique and fun ways of doing it which we can teach, the audience watching, but. I, probably, need to, do. A introduce. You a little bit more for those that are not haven't, been following, Liam. And his journey and what he's up to so. We. Met like what, maybe eight months ago over something on Facebook, you contacted, me maybe I was already following you on some I think we were following each other on social media, but, you were just getting started on you were doing some click funnels weren't you, yes. No I just I started to take funnels, and I think that's how I might have found you and then I started, to me what to build it all when we started speaking I think that's what happened yeah. Wow. So so when did you start partnering. Up with builder all so. I think it was around about December. Yes, I think. So. Yeah. Yeah cuz I was, started. Getting, into my click funnels stuff ten months ago. And. My bowl was hit. The cars goal, - and you contacted, me like Rachel, I know you're doing click funnels but builder all its this great thing and I was like I just it sounds, great I just need to hyper focus right, now and it, was, like a few months ago I felt. Like I was I was ready so I I was like I texted you or something I'm like I'm ready yeah. Let's do this. Finally. John well, so, as you guys kids see sometimes what. Helps. With your affiliate, marketing efforts is showing other people that you're getting results and I think that's been one of your key, strategies, is to not, be shy about sharing, the, journey and the results.

Yeah. So the whole. Journey started because, I started, a YouTube channel to follow my journey as, I tried to become a millionaire that's, kind of what I've been doing along the way well, because I actually share my journey along the way that's, helped me get to my goals a lot quicker so, it's kind of working perfectly. Yeah. Yeah it's funny cuz when you you, can you guys can go on to Liam's. YouTube, making a millionaire, and I, probably. Subscribed, like, nine months ago and you, can see his videos from a year ago you look so much younger. But. But, you like didn't know how you were gonna achieve, the goal you just were so convicted. That you were. Because. I because, I put that video out there and made myself accountable and even. In the video you can see I didn't really. Know, what fillion marketing was then I thought it was something you do just only by blogging and, you just had your. Linkedin, most of my time doing that like a year later I think, because I thought I've been you out there it kind of forced, me to take, action. Yeah. It's works really well. Yeah. It makes it real. Exciting, and fun to watch I like seeing your vlogs also. As you, guys are hopping, on here or watching the replay you can ask, questions. And. Liam. And I will try to get back to them if you're watching the replay but I'm, gonna ask all the, questions that I want to ask because it's. Gonna help me so, I, told Liam I was like hey you know I that's. The reason he contacted, me cuz a lot of this affiliate. Marketing where. The. The with, a lot of affiliate marketing you're not gonna one-on-one message people like you're just gonna do your promo how you do it let people come to you or, you put our YouTube videos Facebook Ads Facebook group and then people DM you all the time what's your link can I get your bonuses but, in certain situations, you do want to reach out to, especially. If it's two-tier if it's two-tier, you want strong people on your team that are gonna get results so you also. Make. More money with it so. Liam knew and I knew that gonna. Get results, so. So, some of the things that I've, been doing to model after him is utilizing, Facebook, utilizing. YouTube giving. Funnels, giving, value, people. Probably. Ask you all the time like where, do I start, what, do you like to tell people when they ask that. So. When this time would you meet with build it all specifically. Yeah when if they sign up for builder all they they, see the opportunity, in it which actually we. Should let you guys know what. The opportunity, is like they just the power the, leverage of how much money you actually can, make and the results that Lemes making and then, let's actually go into like how can people get started so. I'm. Just like assuming, that you guys all know how. Great builder all is but can you tell. The audience like. What is it how does the Commission structure work for affiliates. Yes. To build the rules at all in one digital, marketing platforms, is basically, a website builder in sales funnel builder so, people just use it as a platform but. It's got like an insane, affiliate, program which, is two tiers so if, you get someone to sign up to builder all you. Get 100 percent commission from that first month when they join and then, you will also get 30, cent every month that they stay signed up so that's where you get the recurring, commissions from, but. If they also become an affiliate themselves, you, also get focus, and from every sale that they make as well and every. Month as well so it's, got an insane two, tier affiliate program which is why a lot of time and effort into like. Building. A team so rather than with most affiliate, programs you kind of just, Shaylee. Guess will decide up and then they don't really speak to you all they just move on we build a role I spend my time to, actually create resources. Like, give away my best balls for a giveaway. In like, full step-by-step training, I know you do the same as well and provide. All that because that if, someone signs up do you the more money they make. You make them so, that's the way I've looked at it so roughly just trying to make a quick sale I'm, all about getting, people to sign up and then helping, them make sales as well. Yeah. Yes, I love that and I've gone. To Liam has a Facebook, group and an online course and resources. That he updates all the time and then as, I figure things out I have my own Facebook. Group with course content and funnels in there and then everyone on my team I encourage them you guys you start making YouTube videos you start making trainings you start giving out funnels, and.

It's. The whole concept of leaders, create, leaders, and that's what makes it also really. Meaningful, and fun versus. Some. Other affiliate, marketing, which, could be fun I'm very prompt like it can be very, profitable and stuff but not like as meaningful. And, enhance. Other aspects. Of your, life and your business because, as you guys build your. Builder. All team and, awareness, around builder all you, get more subscribers on, Facebook and YouTube and on your email list so when you wanna when you have other offers for, them you have an audience to sell to. So. I'm, gonna share with you guys a link, in the comment so you guys could see but just a quick recap builder. All business, it to. Have the full access unlimited, access and be an affiliate it's. $49. A month and you make 100, percent Commission's of that the first month so, for. Everyone that's going, to sign up today I will, make 100 percent Commission's of that $49. And then, every month after I will make 30, percent Commission's. Of that 15, bucks and Liam. Will too so, it's very very. Powerful and then as you guys start, learning, how to use this system and building funnels, and providing. Resources. And trainings for people giving away funnel. Templates and downloads creating, YouTube tutorials, all this stuff then, you guys will, be able to make those $100. Commissions, and 30%. Tier 1 and tier 2, so. Ok. Builder. All also gives us on a resources let's say I'm gonna share my link right now let's say someone starts right now what, is the best way to get started so you don't fall off track. So this is not now and so. Builder will provide you with all of the pre-made, sales funnels, so, if you want to get started straightaway I always tell my team like go straight to the this section you don't need to worry about building any funnels, or anything like that because. Traditional, affiliate marketing, if you're gonna share a link, you probably need to create a website anyway, our blog.

We've. Build it all they've actually made it really easy because, you can just login grab your affiliate link leads, through to a page that's got lots of sales copy arm and sales videos you, can just begin sharing, that so. The, first thing I tell everyone is just if you signed up and you think it's a great opportunity to, share that with people in your circles, that might just be on your Facebook. Page, and. Then, going, forward I would actually sell, it as a platform. So, rather than getting all people to join up under you as a business, or as an affiliate I would just sell a platform, because it's, a really good platform it, solves a lot of problems because. Is to join it to build up some twenty nine dollars per month and you can build websites, you can build sales on also email, marketing, included it's got loads of tools and there's, a lot of people out there that need those tools for. Businesses. Or activities, so. I always, tell my team members and when, they join just. Kind. Of sells itself anyway you drop your affiliate link tell, people about this you. Could create a youtube video by just going over the features, because. You don't need any proof of earnings to do that you don't need any any, like big screenshots. Of money because you just telling them about platform, and then. As you start to get sales from that if, you start to show your screenshots, and start to build on that as you sell the business opportunity, and actually get more affiliates decided under you which, is when you're gonna start to benefit from the two-tier Commission's I, love. It in the beginning. Like. It's important just to grab like one link, and a lot of the links that they offer in the funnels they offer like they're all but, good just. You'll, find which ones you prefer I prefer the, one that I just shared in the comments right now if you guys are watching the replay it'll, be in the description it. Just goes straight to talking. About the builder all business, system and straight, to the order form it bypasses. 30-day free trial, and that's a good thing because it honestly you're doing yourself and, your. Team members I mean, I what I've noticed kind of a disservice by. Doing that not like you but anyone in general because even for me ice when I even, taught like honestly when I told Liam hey I'm ready I'm going all-in I'm ready so, I used the link but, then I was still, not so motivated. To take massive action because, I like how 30-day trial and then, once the trial, hit and I got charged, that's, when I was like nothing, I had skin in the game I like my name in, it and I was like oh now for sure I'm gonna take massive action because, I need to at least be making the, $49, back so. All I need is one sale and. I can totally 100, freakin percent do that because all I need to do is make some youtube videos and do. Some live streams and I could for sure, get. A few, sales and then from there you can leverage more, its I think it's important, in this as you. Guys are promoting. Builder off to. Not, just focus on like, getting. Signups. For the opportunity, but literally use, the platform, eventually. Like start just get your affiliate link you need that but, then as you get more into it make, youtube videos on how to build funnels. Start. Setting, up different email, sequences. And seeing, all the funnels that, they have for other types of business that are not affiliate, marketing. Businesses, by now you probably have so many two, funnels and websites, that you've in, your account.

Yeah. Making. New funnels something else that my downfall, a little bit because I'm I've got I can't focused, on one builder all because he's liked all the biggest returns of any products that promote well. I'm constantly. Soon as I finish a funnel I don't just relax I'm like on to the next idea what's the next because. There's so many different ways you can. But. That's the great thing about builder, because it's actually a funnel builder, you haven't got to be paying for over. Platforms. To build, it's, all in there so you're actually using, the Builder all to promote builder all which, is really cool well I just. Got up a. Three. Like a business in a box system, of some of you guys in this group have tried my. Business in a box system, for quick funnels and. It's just a training. System on how to use the software and how to set it up and how to get by, people to sign up so I was gonna make my own custom one and then I saw William. Brandt in our group made a really good one and then Liam made a new really good one so I need to get that all set up so, also before you guys start getting overwhelmed. With making. Your own funnels and own systems, other. Leaders, have, already developed really. Great ones you, just need to plug in your affiliate, link connect. Your domain and. It's. I think it's important to also hook up your own email like hook up the email marketing so you can follow up with these people which. Are shown how in the system. Yeah. This is it this is why it's a really good platform. To get involved because of the two chairs in a program, it's, kind of the easiest thing to get involved with because people are you and may lead this we're already creating, these funnels so it's like like, you just said it's just plug in your affiliate, link add your domain that you've got to go and then. As you start to learn it a few, months down the line you might create your own funnels but everything's, ready to go and huh. Well. Here's a question I know there's, a lot of people right now bill girls doing like an extra, contest, for extra prizes, because we, mentioned, to you guys the commission, structure the thing Commission's the 100%, commissions first, month and then 30%. Every month after on tier 1 and tier 2, but. I also forgot to say about, the $500. And thousand, dollar bonus, that, you already totally. Surpassed, so. How does that work, yes. When you get, 100. Active people, signed up to builder all they, give you a $500. Per month car bonus which. You can use to lease, a car but. The cool thing about it is you can actually use it just to spend so I've actually not got a car with that bonus yet just. And. Then if you get an, 200. Actively they actually give you another 500, month car bonus so, at the moment I've, got. 296. Actively. So that's like bringing in a thousand, dollars per month just as a bonus, and that does include all of the commissions. So, yes good, deal I'm not complaining, yeah and that's unique to some, affiliate offers well. Not. I mean just I just hate clickfunnels dream car that was my goal for the longest time and, to, get the the bonus I do need to get a car I'm going to actually this week it's. Not to be exciting and good for the branding, too so we I'm, trying to have two cars what my pink, poodles. Car in a blue Miller okay. So. But they also builder all there's a lot of other fun things to like they the. Community, everyone is just so helpful. Everyone, helps each other so many trainings. Once you're in builder oh that's like a whole online course about paid, traffic free, traffic email.

Marketing, Tracking like everything. Online, marketing but, they do other, contests. To so right now there's an extra, contest, group with a bunch of extra prizes and you are in the lead for it I know. Other, people are trying really, hard like, everyone, this competition, it's friendly competition why. Do you think you, are dominating, and, people, aren't dominating, you yes. So I think he's just because I, focused. So much on this, competition, so before the competition, side like, a month or two before I was like I'm gonna win that car I'm gonna put everything in, my I'm gonna get everything in my power to win that car where car is. A Mercedes. CLA, and. Yes. It's like 32,000. Pounds carpe dot it's not car bonus. You. Get that and your Carbone. I, kinda winning. This competition and, that's kind of what I've been doing, there's still three weeks left to go we're. Just over a month into it and I've been at the top of the lead word for the whole whole, period, and. I just I have been working really really hard and I'm. Not reluctant. And I'm constantly thinking how, I can increase sales and I'm exploring different, traffic sources and, things like that and. Just put a lot of things well I know be some big players out there are in there in leaderboard. As well. So, is taking a lot to kind of like keep them off my like. Off my tail is they are trying to get to the top Bob I'm. Just trying to keep laser focused so my screen saver behind, me is there it's. A picture of the car and the day I'm gonna win it and then, every time I leave my computer, for five minutes, screaming Sara says, how, much to really win, this car because I love working hard or not so, I'm constantly. On the computer and I've got me and that's that's. Good and either way I mean there's other prizes and you're still rebuilding up the passive, income but you guys have build a passive income it takes, active, work and you don't have to, what. I found is the results, are correlated. With how much like. No. I don't like the word work is the right word but how much like effort and focus and commitment that you put into it so for, me that first month yeah, I wasn't getting results cuz I wasn't doing anything, IRA grab, my link and I grabbed some stuff maybe. Made one video but that's like, wasn't, enough and then when I find that I do more things, maybe, interview, other leaders. In the, industry and, everyone's, so friendly with each other to people who are on different, affiliate, teams will like support each other. Every. Time I just put out more content. I get, more signups and more results and I. Learned. About the system, more which then I can teach people more, advanced, things, are things I just didn't even think about. So. What. It's, so so, you just say you said there's some big players on the leader board but also a lot of people coming into this builder. All opportunities builder, all business are, like totally, brand new there's people that have experience. With online marketing and affiliate. Marketing and automation and, funnels, and then people who are totally.

New. What. Is your, I mean. I know you gave some advice on how people can start if they're totally new but as far as like staying motivated. You. Gave us the screenshot, tip. What. Else has been some things that really helped. Like bring the community together and motivate people, so. I would just say like sad goals because I think that's the key to why I have to say so focus, so. When you're first joining in majesty I want to get my first sale and I'm not gonna movie ones waiting Canales until I've got that sale and then, like so my first always to get the first cow bonus, so, I knew that I wasn't gonna like, being off from that until, I got that and then I moved on to the second car bonus, and now I'm trying to win this this, competition. There's always something that I'm reaching for so. We just say if you're starting up just, set, a goal and you're gonna you're, gonna make a certain amount of sales that you things achievable, we're still ambitious, and, just put the effort because, I think so many people like, because obviously I deal with people a lot of the time I join my team and, I kind of know the people I can succeed, with it when. They start and, that's because the people that know. They're, really laser focused, and they say I'm. Into. It but, the other people they might join build it all today and then tomorrow on their Facebook I see them sharing, some Bitcoin or or something else it's, like they've, got too many things going on so, I would say if, you're gonna join build a roll set. A goal to achieve. Don't. Change you're like. Well. My goal is, 100. Because, like. It's actually what really drives me to get to the 100 in knowing, I'm gonna get that five hundred dollar increase, so if my monthly. Recurring revenue, let's just say is. Around. Like, three thousand dollars with. Having. 100 people under me anyway, and, my. Two tiers that. $500, is a huge, percentage, the huge jump. And. You don't you can do. What you want with it you keep traveling, you can keep reinvesting back into your business I suggest. For people like the. Way I let. Teach. People that join on my team is when. You get full access to all Liam's trainings - but just the first thing they see is like my trainings in my Facebook group and I say you guys like grab your links of course and. Make. Youtube videos. And. Even. If you're brand new at YouTube just get started you can do multiple YouTube, videos a day you can upload at 3:00 in the morning it, doesn't really matter I think, that's what holds a lot of people back now. It's you. Know my, goal was to get this video up all day and now it's already 2:00 in the morning and I was just gonna like look weird but it's like there's. Tea that's international as people all over the world it don't really matter just got the content out there you'll. Learn how to rank it better so, I let people know do what about builder o price, name that's a good keyword. Builder. All affiliate, program, builder all business. Affiliate. Program. There's. A there's different topics, that you can do and then as you start getting results like. What do you think are some, of the top best. Traffic sources, that you have so far so. I would definitely agree with YouTube, that's why I tell all of my team is well enough you actually look at the leaderboard, at the moment but. The top 5 like the majority of them evolve got a presence, on YouTube and. So definitely say that, you need to be on YouTube and you don't need to be like, have, loads of subscribers. Cuz I had someone join my team you like weeks, ago but, his first video up that was about build they made some sales from that so.

If You've got a good video and you've got a good angle on it and you're just being honest in because people just want to go into YouTube the market at build or with you and if it's just someone, it's not got a big following that's, giving an honest review on build at all then there's a good chance they're gonna listen to you trust you but we sign up your link and. So. I would definitely say yeah, YouTube is a really good one and and. Because. Builders, got so many different, tools inside, that's you could do a video about each different, tool comparing, it to another, tool so you could do mail embossed we get response now, get response might win on some of the points or build there are many buses always gonna be cheaper, and it. Solves, a lot of problems for some people so, you can just do a video comparing get, response to mail emboss and then it's gonna rank when people are searching for get response and then, you've got so many different angles they can create videos. Balance. Which. I use I don't use it so much it's my time-consuming, book going in facebook groups I'm. Posting in them and then. Games. You know Shelley. And sending. By a messenger, to people and yeah. And that's a really good traffic source which I use when I first started mm-hmm, another, one, is going in the Facebook groups and just like. Even today I posted, some photos and, Facebook groups of just like what I'm up to what I'm doing and it sparks people's interest and they click on my profile, and then they see on my profile, like, links. To my, YouTube where to my facebook group and kind of get in the funnel naturally. Organically, they were sold. To you then even Facebook, retargeting has, and YouTube retargeting, ads and the solo ads and the moogle ads and display ads. There's a lot of ways to move on to pay traffic to. But. I, think, we both suggest like at least, doing. YouTube and Facebook really gonna help you I get an understanding of what you're selling so yes, I think it's good to do the paid free traffic sources and then you start to make sales, then, you start to invest back into what, do you want to do Facebook ads I try to focus on solo ads because, they're just. Kind of you've got more control on them I think Facebook. It's. Harder to do that, but. We've solo ads so I give a lot of my page, I think week solo ads but I would always recommend that you could make a sale so, do your YouTube I don't make your sale them rather and send in your first 50 dollars that you've made investing. To some page I think if he goes wrong you've not lost anything and you just keep keep, trying and as you unless you're trying things out you're just learn it along the way and. Then you'll click it and you'll crack it and then you'll just be on scale. Ya, know it's really cool to build her own gives you all the emails, so if, someone's signing up for a trial or even if they stop. Their trial or stop their account you still have like, their email address, and you can email. Put. Them through email marketing to, try to get them to stick or come back on, or. You. Can also met, blasts do like a message, there's a messaging, system within builder, all. Torito. Yes yes, so once yeah that's the great thing about builder all is because usually, when. You are sending traffic to over, a Philly office you kind of lose them unless you've got your own opt-in, form in front of it. You've. Got that you've got that person so as soon as they sign. In the kind. Of fuels and then you can keep to be targeted and they don't sound straight away and a straight away she's really cool. If. You guys did, like wine, let's just I mean I don't do this Liam doesn't do this but if you did we're able to do one YouTube video a day for the next year that's 365. Videos and, let's, just say one a week you did one a week it's let's. Say you do 50 videos this year they don't all need to have the word filter, all in them they can be about. Just. Affiliate, marketing making money online my, I definitely. But.

Correlate. Or, what. Is the word give credit, to Liam's. Free videos, teaching people how to grow their YouTube channel, has grown my youtube channel I was at like 500 subscribers. A little while ago and Liam was that like three, thousand I think when I subscribed, to you now, Liam's almost at 13,000. I'm out almost 1,600, which you, know I'm. Taking his tips he's like sherry tips and stuff and, talking. About other things to online marketing related can, get other types of traffic that, don't even know about build our all and then they'll start learning about builder all because of the other, content you put out there, yes. So a cool trick so I'm really focused, on boy and builder all but, if you actually watch my youtube channel. It doesn't look there's, only a couple of videos that are actually mainly focused on selling build raw whereas. I would talk about something really different like Clickbank, or how to make money with this way well. I happen, to have built my sales, page or funnel on builder, all so, I can like subtly. Mention it in the video gonna have a link underneath so, I'm actually going builder all without. So. Yeah or I did a video like top free passive income ideas. So I'm providing value about different income that passive income and days but one of them happens to be build, so. Yeah there's no different ways you can promote builder all you don't always have to go in for the hard sell of join my builder or team, because. Builder all is a plumber, if you're working in digital marketing you're, gonna probably be using it anyway so these, are you never over, selling it you can just. I. Would. We, will put the link to Leo channel, in the comments, and in, the YouTube description when. Every upload this and I'll repurpose, this video, for a lot of things what. Questions. I not. Asking you that I should be asking you what L, other advice, do you have for the people that are watching they got a bunch of people on here live right now people, being shy not asking questions or, maybe they just taking. Notes and soaking this all in so what other things should they be writing, down. Good. Question, I would just say it's all about taking action really. Because I've not got any secret, to. And. The. Only secret, is to just take action and not be afraid things, got it wrong so, for, every like, full. All that I create. And I make you successful when I give to my team I might create five different tests. They've, gone wrong but. I'm not afraid of spending. A week in something. Going wrong so, I just keep trying keep trying keep trying and then, 105, might work out. So. Yeah I'm constantly, just taking action and not, being afraid to fail. Why. It's working so well we all see behind the scenes that I'm constantly, like trying different things. I. Mean, we do get to see some of the behind the scenes on your Instagram, story, and, other, fun social media that you do or your vlogs I would, almost say like what's the average day look like three but I'm sure every day is so different especially, with, traveling. But are there some like must, do things that you have to do every week because I noticed you, don't put. Out a video every. Single day or every single week and you're not happy you don't live, from all the time or. There's. Certain things like that you don't do yet you still are top of the leaderboard, then have certain results so for those of you guys thinking you have to do everything I've got to do what's right for you but, for you then what are some was like just the must do things you make sure happens every single week. See. The thing is I don't really have a set thing, no I have to do and just people live by these things what you need to do like you say in order to grow your YouTube channel, you need 12 video. Well I just kind of with. My youtuber. When I'm putting out content I just, put out if I think it's gonna be good and I'm I, think, he's got a good chance of like, going, viral so I would rather spend. A bit more time thinking about a video that I'm gonna pop out and. Make it good and then, releasing that actually, if you look at my channel I've only released about 30 videos where. Some other people, in my leadership released like 200. Not videos and they've got similar amount of subscribers so. I kind of think we've, all of my marketing, it's kind of quality, on today and, so. Even like with my facebook posts. I. Don't just run. The place to say, something. That's gonna be. People. Are gonna like people engage. With. Just. Being honest and when, undo my videos I tried to be honest that I've tried some too salesy. And. That's why I started the blog as well so you can actually see what, I was doing day to day, but.

Every Day is different it never meets different, it just depends what I set my goals on and so, like this week I'm just focusing on building this new funnel which I'm working on and then, next week I'll probably carry on doing that and it'll be I'll move on to another thing and a new funnel. Yeah. And that keeps it exciting not. Wearing so, let's, go over what, everyone's, going to get, when. They, joined, my real girl team because it's also Liam filter all teams so when you guys join, I'll have my link right here in the. Description or in the comments in the comments all posted again you. Get access to, I have a private Facebook group for. It's. Called literal business, leadership, Alliance. And there's actually, a bunch, of top affiliate, marketers in there that I got to join my, team I, was doing some very strategic. Promoting. You guys can do that too if you know of some, super killer affiliates, it. Is worth the phone call or the one-on-one message and talking to them because, then they'll. Be building up your to your twos and then. So, you guys get access to the group I go live in the group and I, post, trainings into the group and I keep kind of all, content, in the unit section where. As Liam you guys will also get access to Liam's, group and you have a membership site course, for people. Yes. So I've got like a step by step membership, and memberships. I'll apply step by step training videos, so. He literally takes you from the moment you started to build at all so. You're not lodged you know exactly where to find your affiliate link and that is that's progress so the more experience, you get after, watching the training we, take you to the next step and then you can show you how to sell my funnels, and gives you lots of tips and tricks and. That's all exactly, the traffic sources and the strategies. And methods that I'm actually using myself, and. So I just as, obviously I want my team to be successful so I don't tell, them some. Sales. That's, why I'd be really honest in my training, I just, give them all my best secrets. So. Yeah when they join. As. Well plus, all of my sales funnels, so if, I create a really good sales funnel, I'll spend time testing, about putting. Paid traffic to it and then if it works then I need to mind that machine area give my team access to it, access. To all of that as well. Super. So you guys just ton, just, everything you need I do, see, some questions, coming. In uh. Someone. Are you gonna be running a some, people always ask me all the time like Rachel are you're not promoting clickfunnels anymore, I really appreciate your never not, in that voice sorry really, good tune-up roading builder all anymore I'm like you guys I'm on affiliate marketer specializing. In software's, I got, I'm gonna I'm gonna be promoting lots of things like. All the options, and then compare and contrast all of them have a resource, for everyone the. Beginning it is hard. To do everything you don't want to do everything so I've. Not, perfected, my click funnels promo yet but it's I got steady leads coming in it's it's, like good where I felt like okay cool, and I'm gonna create. This system where yes. The more work I put in the more results, I'm gonna get from builder all but, if, I did wait one day want to stop or want to go on a vacation. For a week or whatever or not touch, it there's still money coming in still leads coming in but. Someone. We're, getting a lot of compliments too, so. Thank you everyone, live. Compliments, someone. Asked something about like a tip, for engaging, and. I was before, we and, this I was gonna mention the whole like comment. Ladder strategy. Because I originally, I think I've seen it before I was using it before but the way you like explain, it and use it it's super good so maybe. We can just give, people an. Actionable, tip about, how to use the comment ladder things in the groups, in. The group's yet so and, so. When I post some group, I always I never. About. Using, like fire, emojis, are always good grab. The attention and, then, you kind of explain, what. You're giving, away so we still got, this really, cool. Google. Zero. Links, if. You want to find info by type info below and then. When. They type import below you just comment underneath, replace. Them to let them know that you send. Info. So. More people see that. And. Then, every time they type info i also comment, on it as well which. It's. Just constantly, just about backup, if your post starts, to die down just. Go back on and just write something on it and just like this, is still available or something like that it'll go back to the top of the group and, that's basically what I spent when I first started out I just spent a lot of tiny groups, doing, that and. So. Many signups from that. Yeah. I like I did another just, a little tip you guys instead of info if you think, if you do say, ask them to do an emoji or a gif it the, algorithm, the weight on it makes it even more and today that's something I would do is reply to them all with the link but then it, discourages, other people from continuing, to comment, because then they can just click someone else's reply and, get the link where, it's not as like secretive, if, you did say hey go check your private messenger, and however it's like well send via private message ship so.

That Can work too just so many things I think a lot of it's just a matter of. Straight-up. Being focused on getting the work done because we give you guys instructions, will give you resources it's. Like literally just, making. Your video making, your posts, I say the same thing to myself every day Rachel's, literally. A matter of sitting down and building you're setting up your freaking funnel and I'm sure you tell yourself, that all the time. But. When I joined builder, all I was, I. Didn't. Have any sales and those people who are already if they already had the car bonus like chart, he, was already I. Was. Like. I. Just, set myself a goal to, get that car bonus. And. Then now I'm on, the leader board and we're selling like similar amount of counts you're. Just going to show you that even if you're just sign, off now there's, a massive market out, there and. Super. Exciting another thing too I think it's just. Deciding. That, you, are a, leader, citing. You are an. Professional. Online marketer digital. Marketer affiliate, marketer that people will listen to I have. Like conviction, I believe in myself that I go this. Program I don't know I'm gonna kill it already know cuz. I just decided, that I am. So, you, guys can decide that for yourself what, did how help me decide that that I am and that I deserve it, and I'm gonna get it and I am just, like. Among, the others that are successful, it, what, helps me to do that is. Actually. Put out content first so I didn't, feel like oh I am among the leaders until, I put out some of my first videos and first funnels and made, Facebook group but you guys can literally, do that today. So. Thanks. Everyone for watching, we got lots of comments on here - we'll go back and like like, them and maybe reply to some specific. Questions for those watching the replay, thanks, so much Liam you guys Liam and in my facebook group you guys can tag them for things and then we'll get you into his Facebook group his, course I think. We covered everything we're gonna go take some more action right after we go this, yes, yeah. Yeah thank you yeah okay bye everyone.

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