How to Leverage Your Time in Your Cleaning Business

How to Leverage Your Time in Your Cleaning Business

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Grow. My cleaning company teaches owners of cleaning companies just like you how to grow your company make, more money and finally take charge, of your financial future and your life this. Podcast is about automating. And creating systems that, give you time and money freedom so, you can grow like crazy without, losing. Control since. This is totally, free if you're giving tons of value want, to support us and make sure that you get more of the good stuff subscribe. Rate and review to this podcast today, now, on to the show. Cleaning. Nation, so, good to be with you today we. Are gonna talk about. Gosh. Something super important which is your time. We. Always talk about how or I forget. Where I heard this but man when, we, are young or when I was young I think I would a tree you know we do trade time for money right well do, anything the older I get the more I realize like, I seem. To be and I think we all hopefully, certainly, you know for entrepreneurs. The, older we get the longer were on this earth we accumulate, money right we accumulate, things but, we always lose time right so today we're going to talk about our. Non-renewable. Resource you could be rich right now you could be poor right now. But. That doesn't have a lot to do with your. Financial future in a year right what you decide to do right now has everything to do with it but, how much you have now has nothing to do with it that said no, matter how much or how much a little money you have you will absolutely be one year poor a year from now there's, no negotiation, we, can't solve that actually. Says hey Carlos says loving the new set so glad that you do man I actually, I, started we. Started helping owners of service company with growing service company calm feel free to throw us a review. Or, referral. If you find someone that has a service companies help them over to grow my service company calm and, I just came out here to be fun and I like them so well I was like I feel like it's more conversational, I get to hang out you guys more so, the sound may not be as good cuz I have my fancy mic but I. Take. Just I'm on my couches where I watch TV I just. Feel like I get to hang out with you more Nicky says hey de'aunte, says hey Mike truly appreciate you in this platform. Cleaning. Company owner from Florida, glad, to have you Deonte and I love the the world portion. Of this we get people from the UK people way early in the morning, over. In Australia. Love love love being, able to communicate with people across the world so like, I was saying let's talk about your time oh if you do dig the show and you do have the love do, me a favor subscribe rate. And review to. The podcast refer. To a grow my service company grow my cleaning company and let, us know how we can serve. You better, brian says I'm having a heck of a time hiring I promise you Brian we will talk about that just not on this show if you go, to grow my serving clean come be calm I promise you've done dozens of shows and I will hook you up Deonte says I'll refer you to all my buddies and your other platforms well thank you Deonte appreciate your brother all.

Right And of course Denise from New Jersey a loyal. Member, of cleaning, nation so glad to have you all right so I don't know about you guys when I was a kid I wanted. To make money. I remember, has a really, young kid I like stickers and, I was like stickers, like a buck for a whole pack Mike Wolfe I had if I had $10 I could buy all the stickers right and then as I got older and this would show you how old I am. That. Surprises. Yes sir I apologize nothing, to apologize for buddy I appreciate the feedback and what you're looking for we. Always want and there's lots and lots of stuff there yet Lindsey. Just put girl makes cleaning cubby calm so by the way if we're talking and you're like man that's great, but I want help on something else go to grow my cleaning company calm we've done more than 500. Episodes so I promise, you whatever, you're looking for we've got an episode on and if you can't find it you want it let us know reach out and tell us we'll do an episode for you we, are here to serve you cleaning nation all right so, yeah. I moved from nothing, to my first job, was. Working. For Carl's, jr.. And. As, old. I was I can't remember exactly but I think it was two dollars and thirty five cents an hour might have been two forty five might have been two fifty but it was less than three dollars an hour I can assure you that and. Then I remember I got. A telemarketing. Job and, I remember I was so excited because they didn't I don't think I was 16 and they I didn't have to they just on the Asia just asked, like what, are. You under 18 I said yes which I was but I wasn't cuz in Arizona I think gonna be 16 to work and I wasn't so, I upgraded from that to being a waiter and I started making the same two bucks an hour made with it had tips right, now you know with the tax and everything is probably making 100 bucks a day or fifty bucks today I thought like it was great then, I moved into car sales commission so I kept going from like trading. My time still trade my time for money top to bottom but, I went from trading my time for virtually no money I remember across a week. And I get like a hundred bucks it was nuts. You. Know my Carl's my car sales commission first, year I made you know thirty thousand dollars about fifteen bucks an hour then I made forty thousand just like twenty bucks an hour than my last year before I last.

Year Working ever before I start my own company and I haven't had a job since I made fifty thousand dollars a year and in the 90s you know that was that was real money for me I member think it was a big deal. But I realized, any. Kind of capped salary, wasn't, gonna be enough I wanted to go my own way and do my own thing make my own money and give, me you mean chatting, the feedback if you've got any terrible, or great first jobs let me know and let me know if it's if you're the same one like even if I get paid as much or more than I got now but it's just salary, like my, performance, had nothing to do how much I got paid I don't, think I'd like it let me know if you guys there's a salary you'd work for if you're just like no I got it I got to be able to write my own ticket I don't know why that is but I feel that way and I feel like it's an entrepreneur thing so. That's. When I last one I was making $50,000, a year and again I don't know my parents ever made that 50 grand here was a lot so it wasn't like it wasn't a lot of money to me I was raised poor I just, wanted to do my own thing right I didn't want to trade my time for money I wanted to build my own thing at the end of the day I didn't own the car dealership I made, good money they paid me very fairly but I made them more money I made me and I. Don't have a stake in my own outcome right so. I wanted. Control, I wanted more impact, and I wanted things on my terms right I was young and dumb and this. Is. Like definitely not yeah I don't know what it is about us entrepreneurs we just can't work for like a flat thing we need to be able to be in control of our own destiny, so yeah I went back to I, start, my business because I want to be on my own terms I was like I was like I said I was young and dumb and I was like oh these every time working Ford's not, as smart as bi you know I can't work for these idiots I gotta do it maybe they were maybe they weren't I don't know like he was for my memory they definitely weren't but they, might have been I don't know either way I wouldn't start my own business and the problem is I wouldn't right back to 10 to $20 an hour work right, I think I made $40,000. In profit that first year so I worked way harder than ever worked and, went for making $50,000, not working hard and just when the store closed I don't worry about nothing I was done right making. 50 grand to 40, grand you know I had to work you know I worked my tail off right so it, crazy, thing is happier than I ever was right I get that all the time even when people are struggling want to help them they're like couldn't, go back to a job I might be making less I might be working more but, it's my thing and that's what I want that's how entrepreneurs are which is great we just have to be able to keep that entrepreneurial, spirit without, killing, the. Well. Trading time for money right so that's what I want to talk about this, episode. This broadcasts, on how we can fix that right so. The. Problem, we have and let, me give me in the feedback in, the chat, for those beer there was live if you're feeling this. $10. On our work in $100. An hour work kind, of feel the same right, so when. A customer calls pissed off and we talk about that we, do it and then when some employee, has a question we handle that and then when payroll needs to be done we handle that and then, when a vendor needs to be negotiated with we do that and then when it's time to kind of take a minute to think about the vision of the company we don't really do it because there's no time and if we do it feels just like the, $10 an hour work so it doesn't feel.

Any. Different so we keep trying to manage our time better without, realizing, no matter how effective or efficient, we are if. We're doing 10 or $20 an hour work we could never make more than 20 or 40 thousand dollars a year right so the value of the work that you're doing is. Always gonna dictate it right the reason I made 40 grand my first year in business I did a lot of $20, an hour work in $20, an hour works that's about 40 grand, per. Per, year tsylia, says my last job was in a restaurant as a waitress tips were great but I always have this feeling I have a better purpose, in life that's, it, Cecilia, you are home a cleaning, nation that is for, everyone that is like yes Celia, said it just the way I feel it. Owners. Of cleaning. Con owners in general but certainly owners of cleaning companies feel like we have more to give and we're put on this earth to do more and if that's you that is why I am here to serve that I want to see you guys and gals across, the world give more so but, what I want you to do is not just settle, for going from a ten or twenty two hour job for someone else to, ten or twenty dollar an hour job for you right we want to make sure that you're actually leveraging, your time and your investment, and your passion what you put into your business makes, an impact in the world than your family and everybody okay so. Yeah. Because I don't want you to hit the ground running everyday with a huge list of to do's you finish exhausted, you don't really feel like you got anything done, and. Just no idea of like your spouse like hey would you know you were gone for 12 hours today what you do and you're like I don't. Know I know I worked and I drove through for a 12 minute break for lunch other than I was working I'm doing here huge air quotes for those of you they can't see me I have no dadgum ideal. What I did right I'm certain you put thumbs up people are like yes that, is me love. The feedback guys and gals it's so much more fun when I know how, you guys are feeling what you're doing alright so. Here's the problem I risked, and you risk under, that kind of way of thinking is. Just. Wanting. To shut the daggone thing down right. You. Know I thought that the, business, the type of business, or bad employees, or whatever. That case may be was, the problem, but the real problem is I didn't recognize, which parts, of my time we're making money and which, parts were basically, wasted, so I was doing a bunch of stuff it's some thought I was lazy and not about any of you guys are lazy it's just so we don't recognize the parts of our business at the time that we spend that is. Important, and impactful, meaningful, so we we spend it doing unimportant. Unimpacted, on meaningful things right and the, problem is if if, we can't get this figured out cleaning nation, you're. Really just gonna have another job that pays less and cost more with more bosses, right as opposed to one crazy boss you've got customers employees vendors you know I had a franchisee so the franchisor was, I. Don't. Say you know not a boss but certainly had some influence Denise one of our lead members says true burnout that is why we were here for you as much fun as it is to help, you guys make more money and gals make more money I'm so much more committed to helping you not burn out and to live the life that you want and to have the impact that you want on your community, so I. Personally. Recognize, the, what. Was really going on till I sold my first business right, so I don't want you to have to wait to sell, your first business to figure this crap out I want to help you now so you can grow farther and faster than I did so that, when I finally sold that first business I got.

Paid Three or four or five six. Times I could. Exponentially. More than I made all year right in one lump sum and I realized, wait a second. Grandi ride made kind of salary taking, the profit that I had to work for that there's no leverage I did work I got paid I did work I got paid but because I had owned the business when I sold it boom. I got hundreds of thousands of dollars all in one one, lump sum I start realizing holy, crap they, were, so the work I sent that so what happened I sold it the $40,000. A year I was getting I stopped getting but the work I kept doing I didn't have to do anymore but when I quit my fifty thousand lawyer your job I didn't get anything right that just that was it it wasn't my business when, I sold this thing the, guy paid me the hundreds of thousands of dollars for the systems, that I'd create and I started realizing holy, crap I spent. 95%. Of my time earning, that $40,000, a year in only 5% of my time, earning the hundreds of thousands of dollars that I kind of accrued is the. It. Is the result of having this business so I started saying hold on maybe. I should start focusing on the value of my business and the stuff that I that builds equity as opposed, to just the doing it doing it doing it every day that was a mind blow for me right so I want you guys and let me know if you're getting this or not in the chat I want you guys to be able to make that shift you don't have to wait to sell your business right you can go wait a second there's kind of kit and I'm going to go through the framework of how to spend, your time effectively but, I want you to know, you're. Either working in your business meaning I'm just doing the thing to make this thing run and whatever you take is the salaries what you get for that or you're working on your business in which case, you're creating systems and culture and an infrastructure. And this thing that exists, outside of you and that, you get paid a lot. More and you get pay we don't work right and you get paid you keep it and you're out on vacation that then keeps paying you that's how you get paid there it, actually says yes systems, to sell yes yes a thousand, times yes. Mickey. Said great point you sold for a camp or game why not keep the cash flow I wish. I had some cool, business, answer for you Mickey like oh I done the map of honest-to-goodness, I'll be as transparent. As I can I did, not have the systems I have now I. Think, this is part of why I do what I do for claymation is oh my gosh when I look back I did okay selling and making money on that thing but I did not have the hiring systems in place I freaking. Hate it and I didn't know how to get the right customers, I know there's so many things I didn't know so, we, had seven-day-a-week accounts, not all of them but enough of them one was I still that Applebee's restaurant. That. We couldn't go clean to like 2:00 in the morning or something and we. Clean that thing seven days a week and I'd get calls in the middle of the night that people set off an alarm and I just my life style. I hate it so as I didn't, like the business so that. Seems your question Mickey that's why I sold it for a capital gain not keep the cash flow out of dunny and then get out of that pain so, not something I was wanting, to go into but I loved kind. Of answering and helping you guys as we are and I want you guys to see the reality of like hey Mike to some really smart stuff Mike just really stupid stuff and some, stuff he learns on purpose and some some stuff he pays a big dumb tax so, anyway, all that to say I want. You guys to be able to get that lesson now before, you sell because you you I want you to have something, that's worth a lot choose, to keep it that's fine but, if you choose to sell it so I just want to make sure that you're you're, you're. Getting paid. For the time that you do since, this is my dream CEO of my cleaning business prior to retiring loved it abso-freakin'-lutely loved it alright so let's talk about how we can get, you. To create a sustainable, scalable. Dependable. Repeatable, system to, build businesses, that other people pay top dollar from, or. Four as opposed to working in, your business all the time right yeah.

Nikki Says giving systems in place is the hardest and most time cuz to be you're exactly right that's why we do what we do by the way cleaning, nation we are here to help you guys. Put. Those systems in place the stuff that took me 20 years to figure out we're here to do and you know here I'm going to give you a because. Obviously we will take 10 or 20 clients a month that will work what to personally go through this with you but a lot of people aren't. Ready for that if you want all the systems and processes I learned over the first 20 years of my life I'm. A freaking genius wisest, business so hard that's my first book if you just direct message me on Instagram. Growing. Cleaning company comm force us to Instagram just shoot me a message saying. Subscribed. Or reviewed, or referred. So. I know that you subscribe we refer to reviewed the podcast, I'll shoot you a a copy, of my book with the systems that we've got because that is hard alright so let's talk about the framework that you can implement today to, leverage your time and not get stuck work over 20 bucks an hour there. Are three types of income if you're right and crap down here's where you do it unleveraged. Low income, under 100. Dollars per hour this, is cleaning. Would be a perfect, example. He says she's got an appointment on Friday Nikki shot as a rock star even, though he's Canadian we don't love Canadians when Sean John's one of the good ones he's gonna rock your world sister take great care of you love, Sean can't wait to meet you Nikki okay, so unleveraged, low-income this, is cleaning, this, is trading, your time for small money this is low demand high, supply right the reason. Cleaning. Doesn't get paid a lot is because there are lots. Of people willing and able to clean and. Not. As. Many that want it right it's not like brain surgery where, there might only be one guy in the whole part, of the area they can do a really good job so, load, man high supply constant. Alarms, reminders, to do this work right if you don't show up at a client's house to clean or you're your employee doesn't show up to clean you will hear about it right, you, learn once, and then. You, rarely have to step out of your comfort zone right once you figure out how to clean em teach them how to clean there's not a lot of challenge or anything ongoing you, want to be doing this and this doesn't just have to be cleaning a kit be payroll can be driving your be doing rags if we do any repetitive, tasks that you have to do over and over and over again because you're trading your time for money right. You clean it today it's gonna have to be clean again tomorrow you, do payroll this week I'll do it again next week right so if they have you over and over again you want to do this with less than ten percent of your time zero is the goal but, five or ten percent of your time kind. Of doing low-income unleveraged, work is, fine and. When you're just starting don't tell yourself I can't afford it if it's a profitable, task you can pay someone to do it and if it's not profitable you should be done at all okay so that's unleveraged low income unleveraged, high income this, is more than a hundred bucks an hour but still limited by your time you're still trading time for money salespeople.

Doctors, Lawyers they, typically have unleveraged, high income unleveraged. Means even. From charging to 300 bucks an hour as a lawyer I still. Got to give you an hour time for that money I remember when I first started coaching I was like wow if I could make two 300 bucks now it would be a lot and now I wouldn't. I wouldn't, sell my, time for listen one time that, would even City I would even do it but if I a day rate would be closer to 10 grand so. It's still because it's unleveraged, hopefully. You hear that but that's the mindset shift. I've done is I won't do any leverage, time no matter how much it is I don't want to do it cuz I'm leveraged or I do this podcast that can spend 20, or 30 minutes with you guys in thousands, of thousands of people can hear it it. Works out great so you're, still trading your time from it's just better money right if you're gonna trade your time for money at least don't have to be 20 30 bucks an hour would be a hundred bucks an hour 200 bucks an hour so this, is higher demand lower supply right lots of people might. Want to do it but if you can or will write everyone a lot of people might want to be a doctor but it's hard to get there I'm saying with an attorney saying with being a good salesperson all that stuff you were reminders, most of the higher ticket. Stuff he won't remind you do if it doesn't get done right so. Again this still has to be done over and over yeah just do it for more money you. Make more but only when you perform the work. You. Can spend up to half your time here you don't want to be spending more than half as. Your beginning but at least spend, you know don't spend in the low wage right so there's a difference between selling a client. That's can be worth a lot of money is higher, high, high income unleveraged, cleaning. A client, is low. Wage unleveraged. Okay be. Careful this cuz it feels like you're making money and you are but, it's still not business owning anytime you're trading, time for money that's a job you'll, be owning a business is not your getting paid no matter what right I think. I would really rather, get paid fifty thousand dollars a year to do nothing then, get paid a hundred thousand dollars even have to work for it right so that's that all right here's the the, holy grail of time this is where I want to get y'all, clean. Nation is leveraged, income. This, could be there. Is no dollar per hour right it isn't under over because there's, zero time involved right you get paid no matter what and. The. Beautiful thing is by the way guys gals if you want to be retired there's only two ways to do it one, is lower your expenses, that you need to live or to raise the income that comes to you without you doing anything leveraged. Income right. This, is typically creating, systems building a culture that's what I did that's why I got paid you know hundreds of thousands of dollars from our first business in seven figures from I in my last two that, I sold was, I create a system and a culture that people wanted, and then when you be a part of I did that work once and then these cultures last forever these systems last forever you trade your time one so you get paid indefinitely this, podcast, that I coach people to start podcasts, that we that we we, take on as clients I'm. Doing this work once I'm gonna get paid indefinitely, right well like I said we've done over 500 broadcast. If I want to stop making new broadcast I could, and. Just keep redoing, the ones that we've had and I'd you know I'd get paid on that forever. Huge, demand for this virtually no supply everybody, wants to, have. The income but they won't do the work to get it right so zero, reminders, that here's the tricky part about it no, one especially for her with me is gonna remind you gotta make a podcast you guys are doing this right it is these are the things that you will forget to do because the. Other. Stuff will get in the way employees, complain rags. Get dirty schedules, need to get made payroll, needs to be done you know, someone's. Got to make the donuts right that's what's gonna be constantly setting off reminders, this, leverage didn't come though never be a reminder that's the insidious part you gotta kind of be a big boy big girl cuz it doesn't always feel like you're getting stuff done right it feels good when employee calls and go there's, a mad customer, I don't know what to do and you talk to the customer and he's happier like good I got that thing done box checked good to go.

When I my construction company sometimes, I was jealous of the guys have go out and build something come down back and they had beautiful pictures of the work they did they, could see themselves getting stuff done this, leveraged, income doesn't, feel like it I'll be honest with you guys I'm starting the grow my service company podcast and so I love having to hear you guys are here and interacting, and there's lots of you live and it's fun nobody's. A Jessica, my friend Jessica comes in and watches. On the girl way service company but nobody else the, reason it doesn't I mean bugs me a little but I know thousands, of people are going to get that later because it's leveraged, right so I did, that work once I'll get paid for it indefinitely that's what I want you guys to be doing you want to spend at least a third of your time here the more the better. The. Wealthier you get the more you will be spending your time here very very wealthy people don't do anything. That's not leveraged, ever this, is what creates long-term wealth so. Many. Of the people we coach start, with unleveraged. Low income like I did and then, they trade up for. Unleveraged. Higher income which is still a step up hey Andre hey Betty good to have you and, then. Most, of our top level people we are almost always talking about leveraged income it's more about quality of life what do you do how much time can we have, not. The money and that's what the money's bad money's great but leveraged. Money where you not that I also work for but it you get paid whether what are you doing today or not is good so once. You get to this level in your business. You. Move. To. Your money making money for you or your assets making money for you and your, time can, be moved for impact right this I feel very blessed that I'm the place and we certainly get paid for this but I get to do it because I love it and I love you guys and it. Means a lot to me that I can see you guys spending. More time with your families, and living the life that you want hiring, people making impact right this is the ultimate for, me the ultimate freedom is the. Freedom to contribute, to make it impact on other people so once your leverage income is greater than your money needs. You. Get to move to the top of Maslow's hierarchy of needs right we're in self-actualization. We get to really say what was I put on this earth to do and how can I serve my fellow man so the.

Key Is to control what you do or not the key but that's this will allow you to control what you do where you do it who. You do it with when you do it all that good stuff and it all comes from being able to move from, low. Unleveraged. Income to high and leveraged income to, leveraged. Income where you build something wants to get paid forever so if you're digging what I'm putting down subscribe, rate review to. The growing company podcast let us know we need if. You grow a cleaning company all the tools that you need every, sort of free thing all the 500 episodes there's, an on-demand training it's the best 40 minutes I've got all condensed, together go check that out grow me cleaning company calm I can't wait to serve you appreciate, each and every one of you feel free to reach out let, me know how you're doing how you're feeling how we can serve and, love. You clean a nation talk soon. Thanks. For tuning in to today's show if you're fired up ready to grow and want to see if you have what it takes to work with us at grow my cleaning, company here's, what I want you to do right now go, to grow a cleaning, company calm. Ford, / talk that's, row my cleaning, company calm, full / talk to book an appointment to speak with me personally, I'm, jump on the phone with you to give you crystal, clear on where you are now where, you want to be and how to get, you there don't. Walk around in the dark any longer if you are serious, about growing your cleaning, company it's, time to finally get the systems, in place that you need to grow we've, helped hundreds of owners and cleaning companies not only grow their business, and their personal, freedom but give back to, their community, as well if, that's what you're looking for head over to grow my cleaning company dot-com. For slash talk and book a time to talk with me personally, I can't wait to get to know you and, your business.

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