How to Increase Your Speed - Episode 205

How to Increase Your Speed - Episode 205

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Oh home what's going out of one Steve Larson from sales funnel rated today I'm going to teach you guys how to, increase. Your speed. I've. Swept the last four years learning, from the most brilliant, marketers, today and now, I've left my nine-to-five to, take the plunge and build my million-dollar business the. Real question is how will I do it without VC, funding or debt completely, from scratch this. Podcast, is here to give you the answer join, me and follow along as I learn apply, and share marketing, strategies, to grow my online business using. Only today's, best internet sales funnels my, name is Steve Larson and welcome, to sales funnel radio. Hey. What's up guys hey so. If you guys haven't heard there's a program I've been launching with just a small group and it's been a ton of phones called offer lab and I'll. Tell you guys more about that in the future but, right now it's a group of like you know 10 11 people and I, did, a Facebook live to them last. Week and. The. Question that I wanted to help them understand, more about is, something I want to also pose back to you there there's a question, I continue to ask myself about every six months and every, six months every time I ask the question. My. Business, changes, okay not my funnels, my, business, okay, a lot of you guys know you've heard the story as well alright I was building these funnels for these for this company and. Multiple. Times now I have. Almost. Hurt a company. Because. Of the funnel okay, meaning I went I build the funnel and day one we'd launched the phone we put the funnel out there like oh this is gonna be so cool it's so amazing right and day one the sales start pouring in and I get a call from the owner right this is awesome this is epic this is incredible, are you serious I can't believe this okay, day number two they call me like wow this, is really cool. Still I think you, know and the day number three they're like turn it off turn it off, the. First time that ever happened I, was. Shocked that anyone would want less sales but. He. Told, me, particularly. One time this, happened multiple times but. Someone. Was like hey you're gonna bankrupt, us I was like oh crap I didn't, realize until that point that the, funnel was different, than, the business right and it sounds silly, to say that now but like I just didn't know that at the time and. Anyway. There's a question I can't seem to ask myself alright, so I'm not talking about the funnel but every time I ask this question usually, about once a quarter it's not on purpose it just it, tends to be the question I asked myself to. Provoke, the most change, and the most progress in my business, okay and, one, of the questions it actually happened this way I was uh I was. Going it's, coming back from speaking somewhere and on. The way back I had sold a ton I'd sold a ton of stuff and I, was excited about it it was awesome and I spent. The entire night fulfilling. On what I had sold which, was great but like I was exhausted I only slept for hours the night for that as well and. Anyway. I. Was. Sitting on the airplane and I had the come to me like Stephen how. Can. You increase your speed and that's, what I wrote down I wrote down on my notebook actually right over there said how can I increase my speed and I started, I started, listing, out all of the ways that I could possibly increase, the speed of my business, right, the funnels they do great right, it's the business though and so what I wanted to do real quick is just walk, you through what.

Has Happened as a result of that question just, in the last like two. Weeks okay. So next we're gonna cut over there real quick this is I'm going over to one. Of the Q&A sessions I did to my offer lab group these, are kind of a high. Level, killers. Okay, they, work with me directly one-on-one. And. Also. Each week I do like Q&A sessions with them and look at this stuff help them design their funnels their offers their messages it's been a ton of fun anyways. I know I haven't officially launched, that a lot of you guys is probably first time I ever heard of that but, anyway, it's been a ton of fun I've really enjoyed it so this is a Q&A session that did in front of them talking, about this very thing and how to know what to do to your business next I think you guys enjoy it guys thanks for listening let's cut over there now. Anyway. This week we ask the question again how can we increase our speed and we. Had a cool chat with the CEO of prove it which is really cool and afterwards. I think Colt and I just stared off and do eternity, for a little bit we just were thinking in our head to spin and and, I asked myself the question again, how can we increase speed. And. That. Question always, leads, to growth and, things. That frankly, are a little, bit uncomfortable and so, I want. To show you guys real quick I somebody guys have seen my content, team or my content machine, but. In order, to increase my speed because, I asked that question a little bit ago I realized, I needed to spin up a second, content, team so. We did and they're, launching next, week. Or. The week after anyway. So, I have one content team for one podcast I have an entirely separate, team there's a few people that are on both well, like it's a separate team it's really interesting the process is different even, though they're both content, is really fascinating ok, well the team that we are spinning up right now and we, just over the last day. Really. I mean we've mapped out a high-level process. And. We, found the people, to fill the positions, already we found right, so. I want to walk you guys through this because this one question will change everything for you okay pick us out. All. Right check us out so. So. Uh sitting. There and I was realized and came I don't think I've ever done this but I recommend that everybody does it right when I talk about those three questions last week that will like save your life the three questions are right, what problem I trying to solve who is, my dream customer, who has money and is able to spend a lot of money and then number three what's the model that I'm following well in effort and as part of me doing that in my own business a lot of times what I will do is I, usually leave a drawn up value, ladder somewhere. Visible, for me and, it acts as a road map and an anchor because, opportunities. Are so funny guys it's like they show up as soon as you start the path down something else another, opportunity, pops up it's like opportunities. Have babies and multiply the moment you start moving and doing anything in this life I'm sure you guys are all experience that right so. So. So. To keep myself rooted, in forward, what. I do is I always draw up out of that so I have to value ladders because I have a front-end business and I have a back-end business, okay, I.

Have. A business that I lead with, in. A, business that's in the backend okay, and, the. Business that's in the backend right there's a lot of MLM stuff you guys don't know about the. Front-end stuff though is all this offer stuff that I've been doing and building now ok so I want to walk you guys real quick through this value ladder and. Then tell you guys what. Has cut what has happened, in the last 48 hours because we asked the question again how, can I increase my speed ok. Now, that question usually. Usually. In. Fact I'm not. Gonna say usually it has always made. Me have to grow and sometimes, a lot of ways they're not comfortable. In. Fact pretty much every time. So, anyway. And it just beware, every time you ask that question if you're truly willing to find the answer to the question you're gonna have to grow okay. But. This is what I do so, offer, mine, right, I did offer mine and launched offer mine, which. Really launched offer lab was, your lion right there will definitely be a mastermind, that comes up soon as well. Questions. About inspiration this is what you're referring to it's one of the things for sure you actually Bend you straight on it's one of the things I refer to okay. There's, other things coming as well at the top here it's not had a chance to draw out okay. And how do I know what, all these things are going to be it's because I'm following I can answer the question what model am i following I'm following, the info product model okay. Now the stuff, that I'm doing has, never been done but, the model, that I'm falling is totally, been done that, makes sense that's where I get a combination of living. On the edge and doing things that have never been done but, also having security the same time I don't need to run a risky business, right, there's no way I'm, not in a risky business. So. But. The stuff that I'm doing though the actual content, and and all those pieces 100%. Has stuff that's never been done before you, know what I mean it's, kind of like you get the combination between those two at the same time it's really really, awesome okay, so so, I draw out the value ladder at the bottom is all my free stuff that's, my radio shows, it's. Me publishing like crazy I have a free program on each side and then, I have an affiliate program the real reason if Philly outrage exists is so I can teach people how to be affiliates for me which, are about a third of our sales last month for. This side came from affiliates, it's working it's awesome okay I'm. Not gonna give somebody to fill I think I'm gonna teach them how to use it make an offer out of it so that they feel inclined to create content around their. Affiliate link of mine that makes sense so, at the bottom that's the way I do it and then, I've got the. Actual radio shows and stuff like that right, and and that kind of content and then books webinar. Event. Mastermind. It's the exact same model on each said that I'm doing it in, well. That's. A lot of funnels, man I mean we have a hard time getting someone just with one phone you know that's. Like I mean truly, it's, like we counted it's like twelve funnels okay, till I truly, hit every single one of them we want to and then what we did though is I ordered, them like, which is the most important, and I always start in the middle practice, what I preach right, and then I'll go up then I'll go down then, I'll go these different places but the, question, though that we started asking is how can I increase my speed and, that's, the major question, that's like the question what you guys are asking yourself how can I increase my speed how can I increase my speed and creating an offer and creating a sales message creating, a funnel how kind of crazy my, speed in fulfilling. For what I sell so I can sell faster, how can I increase my speed in gaining the sale right, how can I increase my speed and so I will ask that question how can I increase my speed multiple. Times in multiple areas, for multiple things and what's cool about it is it, lets me, tweak. Out real, hard a, lot of the processes, that support revenue. You. Know I mean it's. Making sense ok. The. First time I asked the question how can I increase my speed and I was working for Russell and had no time of my own right. I went, and. It. Led me to create a schedule. That I lived by for about a year that, was painful okay. Where I'd sleep five hours a night and I'd, get up at five be at work at six work on my own there till 9:00 yeah I mean it's been it's always been in that question, because, money loves speed money.

Sticks By speed, money, wants to have the it money feels the thrill of speed and, so, I have, to adhere to that at some point I can build everything, in these value ladders but, if I really am the only one building everything in these value ladders like. It's. Gonna be slow right. I want all that done next year all of it all. Of it in just one single year that's, fast man that's almost as fast as clickfunnels itself, as building their own funnels, okay. Seriously, they build almost one funnel and launch it just about one every other week that's. Crazy. Okay, so when I think about all the revenue, funnels, because these are all revenue, models, I'm talking about here those are all revenue models we only talked at all about business, models, and so what. I started asking the question about and, by, the way if you guys have any questions please drop them in this is your time okay, this is a total your time I have to be a little bit short today I'm sorry. My, little girl was sick I'm totally exhausted and so. I'm gonna be a little bit short today but, that's. The thing I want you guys to start thinking about like okay, what revenue, model am i following but, what business model, I'm also falling and so these are all revenue, models and so the question that I have been, trying. To answer and I think that we did right is how can I increase my speed in, the business, how, can I increase my speed in, the revenue, and the, way that I'm doing that, is by building teams around both and so, what. We've done what we're doing is inside. Of the right because I got two businesses I have the the, offer one, the, sales funnel side and then I have the MLM side okay, now these are all revenue, models, but. What supports, those and so, what Cole and I asked the question for, several times last week which is really really fun it's like what do, we need to have in place in. Order, to pull, all of that, off in a. Year right, questions. Invite revelation, right exactly like Ben just brought back up again if questions, invite revelation, which, they do you. Got to be real careful the question you're asking okay. This is true in business and everything else and so I went back and forth like well here's all the stuff that we have and all the things that are forward facing do, I have that on each side like crap no I don't um. Do. We have a system, set up where if I don't show up for a month let's say it would keep running on its own like hmm I gotta build more of the business side so that it's, just about there actually which is really really fun my. Content, teams I show up the, first half of each Tuesday and it keeps both the machines alive which. Is awesome I keep speaking and be forward in the front of everybody right, because. Of the systems, and then I build the teams that I built and so we have right. We, have a, Content, team.

Wait. Wait. -. Okay. We have content content, so content team number one content. Team number two. And. Then this is our funnel build team. Okay. And. What, they're gonna do is they're gonna be the ones who actually go dive into and build this. So although I'm a funnel builder like, I am my own bottleneck, okay. That's what I realized this last week as I was looking at the stuff I was like the. Only way like we could keep going as we are now and we're still gonna make great money we are which is awesome it's really really fun we'd really enjoy it but, like what's interesting is, like for. Me to get out of my own way the. Parts that I should be involved with are actually. A lot more narrow than. I'm currently in it's. Not going to alpha mosey as last, week and a few, other my good buddies but they especially a lot of my friends who've made like 10, million in a year kind of thing and, he what, you know and, and they, validated, exactly where I'm going with this and exactly what I thought which is like what about a team at that point it's not all about you and which. Is really. Cool so so. About. This stuff like what, I'm doing is is. We. Just had a big chat with the CEO of prove it see you nights ago which is really really fun and. You. Know like a lot of people he, asked me to build funnels for prove, it and I was like well. My. First thought was like sure. That, would be honoring but I don't have the team in place to handle that that's why I initially, went back to Tony Robbins and told him no ok. Because. I didn't have the team in place to build the front revenue but then I didn't have the team in place to support it, after it was built and, so what we've been doing and what's really really exciting is is asking. That question on both sides how to increase my speed on, fulfilment how to increase my speed on, sales and answering. Those two questions usually. Does, not involve, more of you ok. And so what we did is we went through we started looking through right, play bigger teaches, that an order for you to really make a lasting, business that's awesome you need to design a category, of product and the. Business at the exact same time I was. Like alright well I've gotten really freakin good at designing categories.

And Products, slash offers right, and, and. Actually I'm. Getting far better at the business side as well threes in the content stuff happens also. But. What what do we have, in place on the fulfillment side. Right. I'm nervous, to bring in money that we could because. I wouldn't be able to fulfill on it very well so I'm not I'm not selling, anything else offer labs not, anybody else's just you guys cuz we're fulfilling, we're, putting the processes, and the systems and, the things together watch how we're fulfilling on the stuff we've sold I think it's a great education, right there to watch as well not just what we're teaching but what were I'm doing, and, you'll watch watch, as I start putting some of these plot these things in place so, you can start doing your own business because. The. Question that I've been asking right is I don't feel faster how I sell faster well how do I sell faster, crap, I got to speak more I can't speak more oh content, team boom and I've mapped out the content, team and we made it and then, I like crap well how do I do it on this other side too otherwise, I got to spend a ton of money in ads I'm either gonna speak a lot or I gotta go drive a lot of money with ads well cool content, team number two boom that's the one I did on that sign and then, to the two days ago 48 hours ago like well how do we increase the speed so we can build out this valley letter with even more speed. I was like well I need an internal funnel building team I have to it came faster, than I thought and then I realized I needed it because. I've built the majority, of everything on this side and I've built a few things on this side and lots of stuff on the bottom and I'm, good at it I'm just only one person, though and so what we've done is is, this is the process, that we've mapped out and the positions, that we need in order to build an internal funnel building agency, so I thought I'd share with you guys so, that you guys can see how cool it is and. And. And, we. Just got the last person on board they're like have absolutely, heck yes so what, we're doing now anyway let me walk through it and I'll tell you guys what we do to automate, it because, that's a big that's a big piece of this and I've learned more and more like most entrepreneurs don't after they have a good idea like like. 99%. Of you guys are already selling, stuff all of you right you're, already selling and because you're already selling, right. Because they already selling, things the, the, next process to speed of sales actually. Has less to do with you. And. Your. Involvement it's just fun but it can be terrifying so. What, we're doing is the first thing like, what, else was really fun is when I left click funnels they that. Position, that I was in doesn't exist anymore, when. I left the position also closed. And. So what was cool about it is I have the opportunity to go through and, and. Replace. Me with a system, and that was actually my task the final two months that I was there I was, told to. Replace. What I was doing with a process. That. Made me think about what I was doing in a different way it was very advantageous so. What. I had to go do is I had to go document. Everything that I was doing on every funnel, and then find the similarities, and then start. Systemising. All the pieces kay when I'm doing this task here's the checklist of things that need to get done in order to do that in phone building the best and then that piece and that piece and that piece and that piece and then if that doesn't happen I go back to these pieces and that write is super complex it's, crazy right. And any guys you've done like funnel building on your own you know like the checklist can be freaking huge like, let alone great, research, let alone like thinking about positioning. And and voice and all those things the actual act of putting a funnel up it's easy because I click phones now but it's still a big checklist, with it right there's so many contingencies, based on all the stuff there's a lot of things you can put inside of there's a lot of bells and whistles so you can get distracted with so, what. I'm gonna do is what we started putting together at clickfunnels, well the first thing that I go do you guys like my inner circle right now right so, I'm geeking out I want to share something cool that I'm doing the, first thing that we do is is any time a funnel. Is built inside of clickfunnels they have what's called a bat line meeting and so, we went and we grabbed a really, cool image it's, like you know that the bat-signal the Batman shines up in the air we got one of those okay, and when, Russell sends that image out to his team they, all know that in like 15, minutes to just go to the same URL the same zoom room and, everybody, gets on and what, he does is he teaches, for like a straight hour of the funnel he.

Teaches It and they record it. That. Becomes, and he draws it out well, first we're gonna have this page and then we'll have this page and they'll have this page I love this page and then these down cells easy, right and then this automation right and they he draws it all out and, he draws all the pieces with there he puts it all together and then what's cool about that is that afterwards, he goes in and they. Take that recording, and some, writers, go and they, will. Tap. They will make many tasks, for, each individual, right because they're they have a content, they got lots, of content teams they, got lots of writers they got lots of videographers, lots of designers, that's it right so, then what they do and it's heads of each of those of those little departments, right, so what they do is, they will go grab. Like, a writer or each one of the people go right out the to-do list of everything they were signed during Russell's bat-line meeting that's exact what I'm doing right, the strategic, part right here all right I'm planning out not. Just the funnel but I'm also planning, out like podcast, material, on content that would be really cool to time. With, the launch of the funnel so you guys gonna see me do that this next year where, I do. Specific. Podcast, episodes, to. Build pressure around. The. Launch of the podcast or the launch of the fall like whatever funnels were building. Right. The, actual funnel plan of course the sales message the offer the, fulfillment piece, okay we're gonna need this package in this package let's go with to our fulfillment house which is a few miles down the road and let's make sure they can build this thing and put it together so every time I sell happens this thing gets shipped out right, and so we but that's that's all the stuff that I'm really good at anyway and what I teach and once you guys are all here to learn right, then, though I'm gonna go create sales videos right. From the get-go the videos are gonna be all the pages because from the videos I can go and just hand those videos to writers and I know who all these people are right, all these people. Are. Gonna go in and like oh sweet you're the writer they. Can watch the video if you notice most the styles that we do, all. Pretty much all the time we. If you look at the copy underneath, all the videos in any page ever created it's pretty much the exact same thing they said in the video which, is good news which means I can hand videos off to a writer and they can write all the copy for the page then, the video and all the copy gets handed off to a designer and they, make it look incredible. Right, design, doesn't sell but I'm not against making things look good so they're gonna go in they're gonna make things look awesome and use. The copy right, you know like when when, designers in, sales, copy like certain words we bolded out or there's a certain style of writing for sales letters well. They're, since they're gonna have the writing they'll be able to do that stuff and build, out the initial funnel. And they're, gonna take one of my templates, though about the initial funnel put all the copy in there put the videos in they'll do the initial build from. That point they're gonna go to a funnel finisher and that was actually my original role at clickfunnels when I first got hired I was the funnel finisher. We, didn't have extra writers. Or designers. Or we. Had a videographer as, Brandon. But. We didn't have writers we have designers we didn't have so I actually was doing all three, of those roles for, the first year when I was at clickfunnels only the final like like, eight months that I was there that we actually started building out actual, teams and processes, before that it was just me it was insane just freaking insanity. But. Anyway then it goes through a funnel finisher and they're the ones that do all the stuff that's not fun the doing funnels, legal. Footers, favicon. Metadata. Naming. All the pages linking. All the emails right putting, all the email copy in the email sequences, right it's all the stuff that sucks to do in a funnel but. It's like super important you, know putting, the SSL certificate on porting, over URLs, if it spot from somewhere else that's all that stuff gave, they finished the funnel and then, what they do then what we do afterwards is we were gonna go in and I will try and break it and that's always my favorite actually I like to go in and try my hardest to just break it and break it and break and break it and I.

Try, To break the funnel as actively as possible, then, because. We've gone through video, stuff we've a designer's, own stuff then, I start working with the traffic team, right. And I'm gonna be able to work with each of these teams before the step, ahead of it is completely, done but, right, that's the section of the project that we're in right then I start working with the traffic team and coordinated. Cast, episodes, with the launch of the, actual, funnel and the, ads going out okay, then I just review and tweak it that's it it seems really complicated it's actually not and the reason is because. What. I focus, on guys, this changed my life okay, what. I focus, on when I'm building, these teams out because you had all should have teams eventually, if you don't right now that's okay it, usually means if you don't have a team or you're not in a position to have a team that's okay what I found what, I found is that it means that you're still building this, main core, product, inside, of your new value, ladder like you haven't actually built the product yet or it's not actually, selling very well yet or you don't have a family yet and for the first time why are you being the one doing all that that's totally, appropriate that's, totally fine but building, out everything, else from. Above and down below it, after, that is really. Just a repackaging. Of that main idea in different ways that, are or at least, more. Expensive and less expensive, right. This, initial, pill now that can take a while and that's that's that's fine that's, fine so you're like I can't have a team yet like that's okay usually, means you don't have cash that or or you're still watching this main core thing inside, of your valley ladder but from there everything. Else with speed you can she should be able to do fast we actually can build a team but, this one thing to change my life when I'm building out these teams. Okay. So I'm going out and we're gonna do this again. With. This final team it's two things with it. Number. One. This. Helpful first of all I know is four of us on right here but like. And. I'll get back to your questions as well you guys can drop in more questions, this, is your time I gotta jump off here somewhat soon but. Anyway. This, is your time though I just. Want sure if you guess two things Oh on this. Okay. It's. Like the serious. Behind-the-scenes of Steve Larson. Yeah. He sounds good guys okay, so when I'm building these content, teams out the things that have really made the big difference is. I. No longer. Hire, individuals, anymore, I hire. Agencies. That. Changed. Everything. Okay. That, changed everything, when I hire an agency, to. Do video rather than a person. Speed. Is better qualities. Better if some, reason, there's a holiday or birthday whatever, they got a replacement usually, when, I hire an agency it's usually a little, bit more money 100%.

Worth It however. Is not worth it they're, easier they're faster, they can implement better like. They follow the processes better which I'm about to show you as well but, like I don't hire individuals anymore I hire agencies, so there is a specific agency, for each one of these almost like the funnel finisher one that. Doesn't need to be an agency that's a single person job like I don't even know how you'd make it agency out of that but. Uh actually, do you think though that person has an, agency though which. Is funny. This person's the only person that hasn't, the. Writer but, he's had a massive writing, company in the past which is cool so he still has that background and totally gets the project management side of fulfilling, which is really interesting but I don't ever hire a person, anymore I only hire agencies, that's, true for every one of my content, pieces. It's, funny I was looking back at like there's, on the, sales phone and radio content, team. And. The. Secret hamlin axe radio. The. Sales funnel radio concept, team there's. Seven. Or eight something, like that I'm. Gonna say seven. People. But. Like, looking at them they're. Pretty much all full-blown. Agencies, behind each individual. Person it's the reason it cost so much but, it's also the reason it's so good, you. Don't I mean and it's, fast and it's consistent, and I can pretty much set my watch to each, time an episode drops like they're good they get it they move and if. They and they got backups, and and, what's cool is that when I hire an agency they've, thought about their internal process, they've, thought about how to fulfill they've, thought about how to do all the things the best possible, way when I hire an individual, a lot of times they haven't and they're. Just they're doing it and they know that how to do the thing but they haven't thought through how to actually write, down the process, for the thing and that's it that's a very different, mentality to, be in okay. So. In the end then secret, mo max radio which we just barely spend that team up probably about three weeks ago. Because. I knew I knew we needed it I think I could just tell there's, a few people that are also on both teams but there's. A lot that aren't this. One has I. Think. It's either eight or nine people, on it now just pretty crazy. Eight. Or nine but, like this true for even like one-off stop, kind, of like things that I do now. Like. There's. A person that I've been hiring the you know to go kind, of revamp my LinkedIn, profile because it sucks I know it sucks but I'd rather hire, a person, who owns and started and has their own agency, rather, than an individual, because, of what they've gone through mentally. To, prove out the process. And the fact that they can bring revenue and to keep a team going man, it's like it's it's night and day difference, I'm not saying the individual can't be good like holy crap, huge, difference in like, oh my gosh so. Agency. Agency agency. Like. Right seven, people I mean agencies eight people, I mean agencies right that that saved, a ton of stuff oh, yeah. Hey. Wish you could geek out with other real funnel, builders and even ask questions while I build funnels, live Oh, wish. Granted, watch. And learn funnel building as I document, my process, in my funnel strategy, group it's. Free just go to the science, of selling online, and join now.

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