How to Have a 6-Figure Launch For Your Business Mentorship Program (in just 30 Days)

How to Have a 6-Figure Launch For Your Business Mentorship Program (in just 30 Days)

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So today, guys gonna. Go to have a lodge, a six-figure, group. Program. You. Know we almost created, a new genre of, kind of program, and so, you. Know you, may sort, of think. About this for a minute there's coaching, and losers mentoring, and. Inside. Of mentoring I always like mentoring a little bit more than coaching not saying that there's anything wrong with coaching, but what I love of mentoring is that mentoring is about allowing. A guide of the mountain and. And, so what I'm talking about the day is not just a group coaching program, but rather a group mentorship, program, and what I found is in my time there's lots of coaching, programs, but the. Problem is with with. That is, the, definition. My term, is the fact that a coach comes to help you really. Clarify. And verify, keep accountability. And that. Person that coach doesn't necessarily, kind, of guide, you up the mountain whereas, with, mentors the, idea is with, the programs that I run, I'm about mentoring right so inside, of relevancy, engine we have mentors, that. Allow. Our. Entrepreneurs. To of course get to the point of having the fundamentals, to be able to grow seven-figure, business and then it's that a project nuclear where we help people build multi-million, dollar businesses the, coaches, have built the mentors have built their own seven-figure. Businesses and in some cases actually even exited, them and, they're now mentoring, our entrepreneurs. To being able to build multi-million. Dollar empires, and. So you. Know this whole context happened in, terms of launching my, own really, back. In September. So I believe my business up I was, flying back from Utah, and I. Said you know what I don't, want to do this anymore. My. My past business it was just selling content and so you, know I kind of came to the conclusion of what I wanted to do and. He launched, a brand-new program developed. It launched it in less than 30 days and, it. Did incredibly, well it's done multiple seven figures in revenue since then and. You. Know this year alone will do somewhere between four, to five and a half million dollars, just. That specific product and, I. Said. You know what at the end of the day that's, not nothing special to me right, and so I think a lot of the time you, may be at a point where you, have an audience and perhaps. You're selling something that's a lower ticket in my case I was selling, something that's two thousand dollars back in September and the. Problem with coaching. Programs or group mentoring programs it's like well there's only one of me, so. How do I do this no today I'm not necessarily gonna go through that that's the videos here the little video that I put together a little article I put together for tomorrow. That I'm going to be launching out but, what I'm gonna be once. You know how, to leverage your program how to leverage your offer how you put it out in. Less than 30 days now. Some. Of the contacts, just. For you. This. Is, for. You if you. Either have, a, product. Or program that perhaps is a more high ticket, but perhaps it's just not the right one and by high ticket I mean highly, transformative, or. You. Have a lower ticket item or perhaps. You have expertise, and you have knowledge and an unfair advantage that, you haven't. Yet actually put out into the marketplace and, you. Want to be able to do that and so. A lot, of the time we, build an audience but we could only really. Capture so much of that audience with the different offers that we have and the further what I've found is of course when you are mentoring people you have far greater success than our success rates and our programs are phenomenal. Inside project, nucular it is ridiculous. How fast, people are creating momentum literally. In some cases doubling, their business in less than 60 days doesn't profit, in less than 30 days and one, person that I actually doubled, their profits or 10x, the profit in the first 40, days and. This. Comes back to the fact that of course when. You're mentoring you. Can have a higher level of impact.

In That person's life versus. Just say coaching. So that's, what we're going to go through today I do assume, that you have at some. Level some things, okay if you're, starting in a brand new niche and you're starting in a brand new audience and you're starting in you. Know everything's new, it. Will be more difficult it will cost, some money to be able to do it's not impossible, so, that that's one disclaimer, secondarily. If you're not good at what you do if you're not what I would consider a master, what you do or at least an expert, at what you do then, I highly, advise you not to do this, so. You know if you haven't built a business and your dreams try to mentor, people on how to build a business just. Stop please and and you know just just stop that that's just not cool that's, not an integrity, in my belief you. Can coach people but do not mentor someone on something that you haven't done see. I believe it's really important that when, we learn, something and we become knowledgeable about something we must go and implement it and see the results for a long enough time so we had to go we have to learn and, we have to do and then. We can teach right. But. A lot of people skip, right from oh I read a book about her I wanted to and did you nine webinars about it now I'm going to go and teach that see, measurings about being on, the. Mountaintop, and helping. People up them up that doesn't mean that you have to be the best in the world, it simply means that you have to have, some real-world experience and, everything Earths me it's one of my core, values one of our core values that our business, is the, fact that we only work with people that are actually experts that are actually, good at what you do so those are two caveats so if it's one of those two pieces. Right now if you don't have any audience whatsoever, it's. Gonna be a little bit more difficult not saying it won't work but, it will be more difficult and by, audience I mean literally you could have like 300 500, people on an email list you don't need to have this massive audience, especially, when you're selling highly, transformative, high-touch. High ticket products, so, just a couple disclaimers right, from the get-go because.

They Think it's really really really important for you to understand that context now, one, side not, recently. Been working with somebody and they're. An expert in what they do they sold a business for seven figures Plus and they're. Helping other people do it they have no audience and they, have an audience them about 1,500, people and she. Started. In middle of April it's now end, of May and she. Already has sales for, her $8,000 program she already has coaches hired and she. Literally started from scratch no audience no nothing, brand-new, however. In the difference is she's a master she's, really good at what she does and it. Did cost her just, around about. Five to eight thousand dollars in advertising, spend in order to essentially, what. If you will have 12. Of her first sales for her $8,000, product offering so even if you don't have an audience just remember it's either you have an audience or you have some startup capital okay, so. That. Is that, that is the, context, of this and why. I wanted of course shows, with you is I've done this time and time and time again with. Kinds, of hours and they had success a lot, of the time they've, been able to continually. Over and over and over again, be, able to hit that six-figure. Bracket, or, at least generate. Six, figures that comes in in the next 90 days, so. First. Thing I'm going to bring you through is the, overall context, of relevancy. Relevancy, is an offer, relevancy, is having, like the high of ticket, offer and so, we're, first going to go through. Avatar. Then. We're going to go through our offer. Positioning. And. Then. Of course messaging. Now. After, we go to this is the crux of you know essentially, the marketing, behind the offer then. We're gonna go into the omnipresence, blast this is kind of a new sort, of strategy. That I first used last year that worked famously, with, us being able to get, the relevancy, engine to. A place of a multiple, six-figure run. Rate on monthly, basis, and. Then on top of that and. I know a lot with that I'm going to talk about how to essentially. Utilize Facebook groups, Facebook. Email, and retargeting, to, be able to get your message in front of people to, get your conversion, methods in front of people to get people to get on actual, phone how, to indoctrinate them, in terms of what your product and program actually is and then, being able to actually bring it home and so that we've actually launched out your product you, get your first 8 to 15 customers. Into, that high ticket program, and then, from there how to turn it into being evergreen, cuz. At the end of the day I don't believe in launches I think you should launch things once and then, it should be evergreen so. I'm gonna I'm not gonna go through these super. Super super super deep. Joanna. If you want to link, our resources, are our. Wife for a high ticket website. You can go here and i literally, go through every single one these, pieces in depth, with. A video training series so i'm gonna go over this really really really quick because, you already have the resources, for this because, i want to get to the omnipresent, stuff i want to get into the conversion, stuff that i've never talked about before probably i don't want to bore you with this stuff because it is a little bit more boring than the more, kind of sexier pieces okay, so.

Avatar. So i havent funny enough i was just writing, my book right now i'm at about twenty two thousand, words and i just finished this entire piece and i went really deep into, it and so, you, know overall. Relevancy. Relevancy, at the Edit or requires, these four pieces right so in order to be relevant someone, has to know that you are for them right, so. At, the very beginning, avatar. If you do not know what your product is actually based for who you actually want to work with you're never going to have an actual product that scales you're never gonna have a product that allows someone to see that you are relevant that that product is actually relevant the, problem is for the most part when it comes to avatar first. Problem is you, feel some, level of scarcity, because, of the fact that you've, never reached down to for, quite. Literally, your avatar could. Be based on where, can I take someone to where they want to go and what is the gap and who are those people beforehand, and who are those people laughter so, our avatar, inside, of my business is people that are generating, multiple six, figures at the minimum and we help people bring it right up into multi, seven-figure. Businesses, now. The. Second problem with you know avatar, is the problem this is that as entrepreneurs, we don't want to put a name to ourselves meaning. We don't want to sale we only want to work with these people because we're the creators were the innovators we want to continually work with new people that are excited as soon as their structure, we get really really really scared at least most of us people like to me and so, the problem is is we won't actually detail. A specific, avatar, because we're too afraid to actually do it it's they're really kind of weird paradox but. Without, knowing exactly who, you want to work with it's incredibly. Difficult to, be relevant to anyone because relevancy. Requires, someone. To see you I mean actually. See you and a, lot of the time this requires, you. To see, you right so you at the. End of the day a lot of us entrepreneurs we have imposter syndrome we have all these issues when we look into the mirror the idea behind it avatar, is that we see who we are and we see who we actually want to work with and we say that's who we want to work with and I'm okay with working with just those people of, course when we were building businesses, that are doing 20 30 40 thousand will work with anybody because we need to get enough money in the bank well, if you want to be relevant especially, if you want to have a six-figure, launch, that's, gonna be impossible because you, have to be very specific upon. Who you're going to work with. So that you can filter out all the people that don't need to see your stuff and you can actually be, able to segment, be a messaging, that we've got to get to in a minute with, exactly who you, need to be working with so that's avatar, once. You actually an avatar, you of course then need, to actually look at how. You. Need, to actually help that person what, is the opera that actually, is going to allow you, to help them now, most, coaching, programs, I really, don't like group. Coaching programs oh come to a call with me every week granted twice a week and not going to help you and I, can't. Get behind that, I know that transformation.

Happens When we go, from information, to, actually, apply, implementation. Right we're, getting away from the knowledge economy because there's so much knowledge we're literally swimming and a cesspool, of information, that's not relevant to us and and. Transformation, happens when we have relevant, information and, the ability of intimacy. To be applied together that, creates of course transformation, that's why I don't sell content that's why I really, truly believe and being able to sell transformation. So. This. Doesn't mean that we need to get on the phone with everyone, this, means that inside of our offer I'll get to this in a second we need to have a methodology. And we all need to have the equivalent, of the ROI method, and we all need are offered, to allow the person in a small period of time ideally, 90 days to be able to see where they are right now where they need to be able to go most. People's problem, is that their offer is based, around you. Each every single person that comes to them they get this person they're like oh well you know what you're not my perfect avatar, but let me customize, this a little bit and then we have this offer and then this often this offer this offer well you can't scale an actual, program with that you get scale of business with that and at, the same time you want your offer to be able to be leveraged you know for relevancy, engine I do. One call per month. That's me okay, that's. It I don't, do welcome calls I don't do anything. Else however. I have a team of mentors nine people now and a head coach a head, of intimacy, that essentially. Allows that person to go from where they need to be which is at seventy twenty to forty thousand dollars a month to where they want, to be which is having the fundamentals, in 90 days or being able to scale to seven figures now, I'm not saying that you can scale seven figures and 90 days for, the most part that is very rare, however. We can give you the fundamentals, which is lead generation sales, and mindset. In 90, days and allow you to get to that next point. Now. Inside. Of that offer there's, one on one calls my mentors there's group calls or slack access, there's content, there's all these pieces that allow for kind of fertile ground, for. Transformation. And I think inside, of our offer we, need to look at what is it just irresistible, but. What allows, a person to be like well that's this shiny carry and that is, a really, really really core piece we, a lot of the time inside of our offers have to sell that carrot cake not. The carrot, a lot of people come into the, relevancy, engine being like well I want to be omnipresent, I want to be everywhere the, problem is do we have a business, yet they're only making twenty three thousand dollars a month and. I say only that's great but, they. Have to have the fundamental sense all the time inside a relevancy, engine we help them with exactly what, I'm talking about right here, the. Next piece is of course positioning, this, is a combination, of what is your methodology, and what is your unfair advantage, your unfair advantage, is a combination, of your skills your talent, your expertise. Your, knowledge all combined into one that, allows for, amplification. For who you are allowing people to connect with you in a personal, philosophy kind. Of stage so. That is absurd. Does offer that is positioning, and of, course the last great piece is, messaging. Now, of course most of you know what this is the SSF method side walk slowly and fastly, and essentially. It is a methodology, to know, that people that are in the sidewalk, need, to understand, their pain and problem people. In the small way need to see your process, and your methodology, and, look up to you as an authority and people, the fascinating, need to understand, how. Your offer is relevant. To, them so. That they of course can go and give you their credit card number, now.

Messaging. In and of itself, allows. And, extracts, who are avatar, is so that we're actually talking to them that. Extracts are positioning, how you're different in the marketplace, what is your blue oh sure and then. Of course allows, you to be able to effectively. Talk to the offer which. Requires of course us to have a methodology. In to slowly again. Johanna. Make sure that you actually post the resources, the. The high. Ticket resources. Page, video series because I go through this in, actual. Full-on detail, in there and I, want to make sure that you understand, this stuff because at the end of the day if you're not relevant no one's ever gonna buy your product, okay, the difference between someone having a lightbulb moment and someone not having a lightbulb moment are these four pieces coming together because, you can have an amazing offer, but. If no one knows what, it's a if it's for them if your avatars not right if you people don't look up to you in terms of your positions, if, people don't have the right messaging, if you're just doing sales messaging, versus slowly, messaging, no one's going to buy same, thing you can have the right messaging, but if you don't have the right offer no one's gonna buy these, four pieces together is, what creates. Overall. Relevancy. And within, a relevant see no one is ever gonna buy your stuff because the problem is is nothing can, happen at scale, what's gonna end up happening is, you're. Only gonna be able to be relevant to people one-on-one and, then the problem is people, want your time people, want to be able to buy and your, time, and get your time if you want to steal a seven-figure, business people. Cannot, be buying your time it had to be buying your process, and further they, have. Buying the. Outcome, of, the. Product. This. Is where most people this is what separates a six-figure, business owner and a seven-figure, business owner if someone, is buying you you, are done you do not have a business you have a hustle, in which, you are locked in in prison. This. Is the, key of. Both relevancy. And a, seven-figure business because at the end of the day relevancy. Allows, for a seven-figure, business to happen. So. I'd. Love to give you exercises on, these but at the end of the day going. To take a look at that video series, and ask some questions to allow you to actually understand. This for yourself but that in a nutshell is relevancy, problem, is most people want, to get into the ads content. Start writing things start, doing video start, everything else I guarantee. You if you just take literally just the day this is half a day just go to the beach or go to the mountains or get away from technology for God's sakes turn your computer off and you're entered on off and your phone off as much as you possibly can on a daily basis the more I get away from technology than one money and I make and probably the same things gonna happen to you because, this is the difference from you being, just. The, just. A superpower, inside, of your niche being in dominant, force especially. Once we actually put the omnipresent, stuff in the play so, you're getting this stuff done, I mean you can get the stuff done pretty quickly, most, of the people that come into the relevancy, engine we get it done in the first couple of weeks a lot. Of times it, just, takes a few days but, that isn't a nutshell right. Now. Question. Probably this point is to Scott how does that it doesn't have as that helped me you know specifically with an offer launching. A product launching, new anything at the end of the day well. The other day if you go out, marketing. To your Facebook group or your audience, or your email list and don't have that stuff done what's gonna happen is no, one no one's gonna see this as being a relevant awful for them if they don't see a relevant offer you're, Duffus it's doomsday it's it's it's there's no six figures there's no factory there's no four finger event, because.

Just Nothing gonna happen now. I want to get into the, kind, of omnipresent. Side and, I, call this the omnipresence. Blast. So. Let's. Say you're going to be launching a, new. Product, a new offer let's say it's going to be named, six ten thousand dollars and you're looking for twelve people of course you're looking, for. $120,000. In, generated. Revenue which will probably end up being forty thousand dollars a month, for. Three. Minutes. Now. For. The most part if you have any type of audience you have you have a few different audiences you have an audience, of people. That, are, on your email list on your, personal Facebook. On. Your business. Instagram. Or. Facebook. That. Watched videos. That. Perhaps are in your Facebook, group. Or. I've engaged with you online in some way. Now. A lot of people have a lot more of this than you actually would. Think right, so, you. Know and when it comes to email you can literally go over to let's say you have no email address you, can go over to LinkedIn and download those contacts, you can download the contacts that are inside of your Google right. Right from the get-go most people I find have a couple thousand LinkedIn contacts, and most people have emailed quite a few people in their in their gmail account instantly. Giving you an actual. Audience of, people that may may be relevant to I mean it's amazing I just have people all the time I haven't heard from in four years and I'm now relevant, to that you, know are now buying from me all, because of omnipresence. Know, the. Idea behind me omnipresence, blast is. Essentially, we. Know let's say that you know today is May the 20 years in the main the 29th, of 30 let's. Say you knew, we're going to launch something on July the first okay, or let's actually see in July before that, would be a dumb idea and, so. What. We actually know that's also a dumb idea because that's a US holiday let's call it the July the 10th. So. Overall. What. We want to do is we, want to get your content, and I'll talk about this in a second I'll talk about the relevancy, grid in a second but what we want to do is for. The three or four weeks before we're, going to get people onto a webinar or in a Facebook group or on. Your on your application, page or whatever we want to reengage, your, audience with your content so we want to go to them and we want to show them I'll get into this a second we want to show the peoc we want to film your top ten tips for this the seven ways to do this the four-step process for this we want to show them content we want to show the videos we essentially, do it and we do this inside of relevancy engine we do this inside a project nuclear, where we create, this omnipresence. Kind of. Great. Okay, so in the first ten days we showed this content, from day ten to thirty we showed this content thirty, to sixty this content and sixty plus this content well what we're doing inside of this launch method okay inside of this launch area, when you're putting this new offer out there it's we're going to anybody, that you have any level, like it they visit oh yeah also anyone, that visited your website we're. Gonna go to these people and we're just gonna be in front of them over, and over and over and over and over again no, sales don't. Need an opt-in don't, eat a challenge, don't eat any of these this type of stuff okay for, the most part if you're listening to this you. Probably have a sophisticated, audience. Sophisticated. Audiences, do not need long, challenges. Do not need long lead magnets, they need things they need to know exactly, where they're to and they need to see the, where they're gone and then in between them that gap is what. Of course they're going to pay you the, money to, be able to condense that gap.

So. This. Omnipresence. Blast. Essentially. Goes out at. Minimum, three weeks before you're looking to essentially launch and. So what happens. If. We're living at five weeks for example. So. Let's, say we were looking at. Essentially. Five weeks, all right you, would do your omnipresence. In, here. Which. Would be activating, the relevancy, grid and I'll still let you show, you it in a little bit of detail that minute and then, in here we're going to be. So. Basically week 1 2 3 we're gonna do on a presence before we're, gonna do a conversion event such as live training, or opening them actual you, know saying it wasn't we have this new program but, this is for this listen for that and then, into week, five we're going to essentially run in accept testimonials, we can do or any type of pass the results you have other maybe private clients as. Well as actually, being able to get people on the phone call okay so, and, week, one the four will focus on that first and then we'll, of course focus, on week four and five now. Inside. Of week one in one, two three here's kind, of. Tell. You the sort of that. Omnipresence. In a nutshell okay, now. We. Have an entire mechanism, for this that I don't have time to go in today at some point I'll probably you. Know going to it in a live training or something but, is actually on, the presents content there's 13 different buckets, of content, okay and as you can show to people now, when we are doing an omnipresence, blast we're a little bit putting all the content out there we don't care who sees what we're not trying to be fancy we, get a little fancier later on we, would go evergreen, but, this is only an audience that probably, knows who you are what your name is so, we have you know pieces, of content like PR we have you know things that could be case studies we, have things such as. Authority. Posts, authority. Posts such are, something, like eleven ways you could use Facebook, to do this or the seven step process to, do that, there's. Personal philosophy. Types of posts. There's. Life style so. Life style is quite literally here's how I have you know essentially live my life a life essentially. Principle, that's not taking, a picture in front of the Lamborghini it's, more along the lines of this is what's important to me whether it be family or your significant. Other personal. Philosophy, is this is what I believe this is my value, system and. Then, of course you know it's essentially 13 of these so, you're essentially putting these 13, together and, you're attracting, perhaps content, you've sent it to your email list you put.

On Instagram you put it on Facebook, you can go to fancy hands calm and you can get them to go through all of your social media content rank all of the engagement, from top to bottom go, to scott'll for calm there's a great post on there they can actually gives you the entire template, it's a forty nine hundred, word article, that shows you exactly how. To do all of the actual pieces really really really cool, so. That. Is that, is that. And. And so basically. You're putting this on Facebook, as an, advertising, as, an that essentially, an ad so, you're probably having 30 different apps 15, to 30 different ads that are going to go to this entire little tiny audience over. And over and over and over again okay, and what, it's going over and over again you just basically, and, again if you know you're relevant you know who your audience is and anything else you, would be putting, the wording, to waste inside of these right you would have testimonials, that look like the person that you're trying to attract now. None, of this is trying to sell anything none of this is trying to conversion, you're literally, just trying, to get impressions, remember, what, is inside, our mind once it goes past 12 impressions. Becomes. Almost, our new reality by the time something seems 50 times it becomes either true or complete. BS there's, no line, in the middle okay it's either yes or it is no it's binary 0, & 1 and that's, what we want to create because of course we are going to go back to this audience after. Week 3 and, we're. Gonna start getting these people on phone calls we're gonna start showing this person, what, is actually. Relevant, to them okay now. This. Is sort of Facebook alright this is sort of this is the kind of Facebook advertising you're. Gonna do this inside of email, you're gonna start sending emails with perhaps the same type of content, you're, gonna put, if you have a Facebook group you're gonna put this same type of content in a Facebook group on your personal, Facebook every. Single, day or maybe posting, these different types of things you know whatever frequency, of main bhi again. The idea, of it is is, that you aren't selling, anything you were teasing you're getting, people to, go from pain problem, accepting. It to looking. At a potential. Process or, methodology. Seeing, use of active you know what this person actually knows their stuff about this and then, of course we're, going to be going to solution, which, of course is, your opportunity to. Essentially, work, with you now. Let's, go through a facebook proof. My. Recommendation. Is unless you have a very specific unless, your Facebook group is based, upon the specific avatar, positioning, messaging, that you start a brand new Facebook of route and day, one of this for me presence thing and say this is for this type of person right now, the reason for that is you may have a thousand, two thousand three thousand members or even a couple hundred members in a current Facebook group but, the context. Of which you are seeing is the context, at which you will be remembered, by now. What, anybody says if you go back to your hometown. How. Are you remembered by are you remembered by you, know being a successful entrepreneur are you remembered by the kid that picked it's nobody knows in grade three, people. Remember, your paths based upon your past and you have to read. The context, in order to get them to then, see you as the authority and, have a positioning, so. I recommend, a brand new Facebook group that you can essentially be bringing people into via. Your omnipresent ads via your email list and then continually, being able to be able to create dialog again remember. ROI, into. The sea intimacy, is the three C's community. Conversation. And connection, all three, of those things can happen very easily, inside, of a Facebook group which is why I recommend them so, much, especially, when. They're in the context, of an overall marketing. Strategy now. Inside. Of this Facebook group one of the best things to be able to do and. This is for conversion, okay so you're posting content you're posting everything else the, best thing to be able to do to get as many people on a live training or on a phone call is this, so. You. Want to post one so. I imagine. That this is sort, of over, the span of seven days okay. Now, you actually may see this on a day-to-day basis inside of the our live web you may not actually notice, it before but you may notice it now this, is how I essentially. Create a scenario where, there's more people on the live stream than wouldn't, be on the live stream so, the very first thing is. Actually. Let me back up for a second there's six major types of post you want to do in a Facebook group we, have a lifestyle. Personal. Story. Personal. Philosophy. Results. Share. Ask. Invitation. Now. Essentially. What. You want to do in post, one this.

Is This issue what you want to do for day one you want to do a personal story, okay. Meaning. Something that's going to relate, to perhaps a live training that you're going to do or the you know the fact that girls need a program, or whatever it would be so. I'll. Give you an example back in October, my personal, story was I just blew up a multi-million, dollar business and here's why. Then. I followed the next day and the next series of days with personal, philosophy, and the personal philosophy, was I'm done, with just selling information I, want to sell transformation. Further, than that I don't want to manipulate I, want to illuminate and third, I played the long game not the short game. From. There I also had kind of lifestyle so at the same time now I don't recommend doing this but I went nomadic, I don't. Recommend blowing your life up your business up everything else to do this I think it was great my scenario is the best decision of my entire life. But something that is based upon this inside, of your lifestyle now, then. What you want to do is you want to ask hey, if you. You. Know I was thinking and, where I had a discussion with a client, and I. Have this really cool process that, will show you how to do X would. You be interested if we did if I shared this with you comment. Below and of course you're gonna get a flood of the people that are have been seeing your omnipresence, content your different pieces of content they, see and they look up to you and I do this every single time I do training you, probably respond up to at least one you're probably here because of it then. What, you want to do is you want to result, share in between the next couple of days and then. You want to do an invitation. Of saying okay, I'm going to do it at this date tag, all the people that were back here, that asked and of, course they're seeing the results share in the meantime know can you scroll back on the newsfeed you've probably seen two testimonial, videos that I did in the last couple of days as a note testimonial, videos and results here yet massively. Low results, for engagement but massively. An, actual, video view time and/or, actual, engagement but people don't want to associate their name to, that, actual, piece of content so they will not like or comment on it on a typical. You. Know Facebook group especially. If you're a highly business business highly, sophisticated people, won't if, you were for example serving, time Lopez ad, it, would it. Would either drive a lot of engagement, or a lot of negativity, not, just because it's ty Lopez just, on some unsophisticated, people, typically have more negativity, than, positivity, in my experience, so. That's, essentially, how you would, get people with a Facebook group and if. You look at it you can do the exact same thing by email, you can do the exact same thing in any other channel whether you maybe you have a messenger, bot or maybe you have a YouTube. Channel or whatever maybe overall. We're connecting, essentially. Three different or two different sides we're connecting, you as a person, amplifying. Or unfair, advantage, and then, we're amplifying, the specific, process or what you may necessarily. Teach in order to bring people in now, the idea of it is is that you, would be either, doing a live training, or. You. Would be releasing a piece of content, like an actual nice piece of content or. You're just bringing people to essentially an application. What. I find of course is the fact that you know both. Of these are pretty effective, this. Is one here just application. Will require some level of intimacy.

People. Need context, in order to jump on a phone call they need to understand the gap and one of the best ways that allow people understand the gap is of course live training, or content, so on and so forth again I'm not gonna go through out how to have a live training today obviously. I think I'm one of the worst people, on planet earth to teach anyone how to do a live training. Because. I literally, go against every rule book there is I just. I just kind of show up and, I do end up just teaching and if I didn't teach I'd probably get more money but I mean honestly I just enjoy doing this so. Fine so. That is the that, is the Facebook group and, and so then you, know you're looking, to cut to contact, switch this into, email. You're. Essentially. The only difference, is is that with email you can get someone to actually click a link and sign, up on Facebook. It's difficult, to get some of the click of the link and sign up it's a technical nightmare I haven't figured it out yet when I do I'll let you know. But with email you can do the exact same sort of thing but, the difference is you may need to put all these pieces, into. One email now, here's a little framework for emails basically. Every email that I knew is I will. Say every moment I'll say a great template, is to open up with context, of wieder in their inbox open up them with, what the pain is that it perhaps have what, opportunity, and they have to no longer be in that pain you can of course circumvent. And result here or there you then want to give accurate of what life could be like thereafter, that's related to the opportunity, that of course is related to the pain with, a direct, CTA along with what they're actually gonna be learning is it's a live training or if it's going to be an actual application call, but they're gonna go through the application call, you, want to then put a result you. Know if you want to jump on a call just like Sonny, did this or, just like David did this or whatever it may be and, then. Of course the CTA after, the result again and then, I do close with some type of story and then you can essentially repeat, now here's the problem most people actually just do anything on pain it's just an email an opportunity, you want to make it so that every single email bring, someone through the pain so, they see the vision they see the gap and then of course they see the commitment which is actually clicking on the link, because.

At The other day if you send four emails a person is only gonna open one you only get one opportunity so. We want to use this entire framework essentially, in every single email them those different versions of this based upon what you're doing whether it's a webinar or application. Call that's I think I won't go into that today but, overall, there's kind of some variation. Of this and every single email that you essentially write so. That's, a Facebook group that is email. Basically. What's going to happen as they said so week. One. The 3 is, the. Omnipresence. Whether. It be email Facebook. Facebook, group. We. For the. Five you're, essentially gonna be like it's essentially a couple different core messages that you need to put, in front of someone you, need a results, your message. Solution. Pain. And. Direct. CGA. Alright, so here's the difference in this results, here is basically like look at this other person that's done it you're, obviously further, far, more superior than this person so this person can do it you can do it I'm giving, you quite honestly what people think I'm not saying that that's what I personally, believe but. I'm just saying that's what people actually think, so what we've actually found is that the, worst the result, the higher the call to action. Because. If, the results are too good like we have someone come in the relevancy, engine and they did half a million in ninety days that. Adds not, doing that well because it's unbelievable, right, but, we had another person Rachel, Ross that came in there at twenty thirty thousand, and from September, they went from twenty. 30 0 sorry October, they went from twenty a tour. It's somewhere around there somewhere, in the fall twenty, to thirty thousand, and last month they had their first 90 thousand dollar month well that that's a little bit more you were like okay you know that sounds, reasonable right. So. That. Adds actually doing a lot better so that's a results here solution.

Is Directly. Talking about exactly, how. The, program or what you have actually, works for them say well I have this brand new thing it's a measure ship program and in, ninety days I'm gonna help you go from here to there and basically go and do it actually explaining. What that is now, I don't know if it is a good idea to, be able to get on a phone call but I guarantee, you if we do we're gonna be able to go through and see if this is a good fit for you, the. Pain is essentially going back to directly, why they would be you know even thinking about banning on a phone call with you to start out with and. A direct CTA is hey, listen let's get on a phone call obviously, these two ended. Up being later on after, you know week four right, and these, here are at more at the right so. It. Doesn't matter if you're doing this on Facebook guys doesn't matter if you're doing this on Facebook group doesn't matter if you're doing this. An email anywhere that's. The kind of decor messaging, that we're gonna make sort of share it now I recommend never sharing a price before, somebody's on phone call I also, don't recommend telling, exactly how the process works in terms of the actual process, of the program, meaning you, don't want to say well you know what you're gonna have a one-on-one call every single week you're gonna have this every single week there. Is a lure in the mystique, right the mystique, is why. We all want we all want, to like pure behind the curtain the behind-the-scenes so. Many ways we want to make. It so that other people feel, like they're kind of feeling, like well what does this look, like for me and we want to ensure, that we capture, that allure and capture, the mystique. Of ourselves that. We can of course then use that to turn that into, actual. Customers, now. My recommendation from, there is essentially. For. Sales is to get. Them on an application, page alright so the, idea of an application, page, is, to, make it short to make it simple, have some testimonials on and if you can you don't have to. And again the testimonials, if you're doing this right the, testimonials, are for your method, or you, not. The actual program, later on we'll get to the program obviously testimonials. For a specific program are more powerful but. They aren't required and, the application, page negative, it is is they submit an application 10, to 15 questions and, then. From there you, can have some logic in that you know if you're if you think you're gonna have a lot of applications, use some logic where it says well if this if this is this that I don't want the phone call but if this is this yet definitely give me that phone call and from, there a lot of the time I always recommend get on any phone call it's all market research record it so that when you hire a sales person later of course they can come in and and you know be able to understand your style how you sell on all these different types of things so. Then how do you sell the invisible how do you take it so that you sell the invisible there's a great video on my youtube I, don't remember that what it is me I think it might be the 4 step sales process it's borrowed from my good friend Jesse alder you have the phone call with them right after this and, it's. Actually breaking helps you understand how to go from the, pain to the vision to the gap to the commitment on the phone but. I always recommend if, you're, going to start say you, know cell calls on June. 25th. You. Want to make it so that there's at least three, weeks for your actual program, be, is likely at the beginning your programs not going to be ever break now later on and again the video I'm going to release tomorrow shows what you exactly how to create an evergreen program but, the first iteration, in the second iteration of the relevancy, engine there was two cohorts there was the October cohort the November cohort, and by, December we created an entire, evergreen. Systems, that we could bring people in at any given time within, two 48, hours 24 48 hours and the time that they actually paid his money and was, able to actually integrate them and start, their mentorship at, the beginning, I don't recommend, nap because you're gonna break, everything, at the beginning there's gonna be more intimacy, there's gonna be more problems there's, gonna be you know there's a vast amount of problems everyone kind of looks at lead generation and marketing and sales is the problem, well there's an entire other problem when you have someone's money you had to deliver a specific transformation, and result and of course when, you after you go to this four five six week process, now you're gonna have a four five six week process of trying, to figure out all the you know that's there my recommendation, you don't try to figure that out until you have it sold and.

So, Then, essentially you just gonna you know continually basically. Have the messaging, around you, know selling, and then as soon as you have those spots filled as soon as you have those people into, the program we had someone that did this exact process less than four weeks so fifty thousand dollars and do the program for them it, was the fact that they wanted to go lower price I think they should have did it eight to ten thousand, they did that five thousand. However. They got over fifty thousand dollars of sales they didn't even go to their entire equalist they didn't go to anything they just went to their past people, that bought right. So they haven't even got their email list haven't went to their Facebook group nobody else knows about it because he was also running the separate business again you can't easily use six figures with this however, in his case he wanted to make it smaller cuz had a couple he just had a kid had, a lot of different types of things and he wanted to keep a little bit smaller but, now once that's evergreen, in the next six to eight weeks he's, going to be able to bring in ten, 50 people per month at around $80,000. A mother's or $8,000. Which is going to create this a really really great system which, brings us to. Turning. This evergreen this, is. Great to be able to get some captions or be able to test a new product. Validated. All these different types of things but, you have to turn in Evergreen because if not you don't have a business yeah I mean anything that is not evergreen is not sustainable. Anything that doesn't require you or it does require you is not sustainable, now. That isn't if you shame for the fact that may not be sustainable, but what it should give you at least at the fact that a good kick of the bud that you have to make it sustainable it's, not you're never gonna have a business you're never gonna be able to have a life you know I've believed that entrepreneurship, work no more it's 26, hours a week on their business and the rest of the time they should be thinking and innovating, and creating and, just, being themselves and being a human being instead, of being a human being I mean we're literally of human doing, we're, I think in many ways we as. Society got, into being human doings more than beings I think entrepreneurs, our job is to be human beings so that we can think and create. An innovate and iterate so. The sooner you can get there the better of course it's, much easier to be there when you're at seventh Biggers plus then, when. You're kind of about twenty thirty thousand, trying to figure out what the heck you're doing all day, so. That, is, that. Is really the core essence, of all of this and you. Know I don't know if Joanna if you can put up the application, page our application, page but I'd love you know this is the exact process we bring people through or. About the same process we bring people through inside with a relevancy, engine which is for people that are at $20,000. Plus that, either have a higher, ticket program they want a scale which, this doesn't really apply to but.

It Does apply to you perhaps if you're really good at what you do and you want to be able to apply it to a, hike ticket sort. Of scenario and, so, from. There. From. There. We. Essentially, in 90 days bring, you through the process of being able to do this being. Able to get it out there being able to of course get that from a deliberate perspective and then you never brain with. Sort of all pieces in between and. That really it in those days how. You. Create you know a program that's, out there a. Couple. Of notes couple, pieces in, lack. Of perfection increase, intimacy, so. If, it takes you introducing. Every, single person that comes into your group individually, one of the things that we do it we individually. But we we, have people to be our likely that's three thousand people we, individually. Actually, message them hey what's up how can I help of. Course that leads to a lot of sale conversations. That, leads to a lot of ability of people be like oh this is interesting there's intimacy here you've, been connection. Is kind of the biggest kind of car, for being able to actually drive sales being able to drive what, it is don't feel bad doing that there's. A tool called contextually. This, actually allows you to individually. Send emails in a mass way to people, such, as being able to help them show it to webinars show up you, know you can extract your email list and just ask me hey what's new what's going on in. This. Process don't. Think that you're kind of too big for your britches the. End of the day you do need to get eight to twelve sales for this new program but even fifteen sometimes and sometimes, you have to kind of open up the playbook, of the packs the, playbook of intimacy and don't, feel too big to be able to necessarily do that something that I still do at the end of the day and. From. This later. On you may not need to do that chances are you will need to do that right. Unless as part of your business model, however. For right now you don't have an automated system to be able to generate new uploads you don't have an automated system to generate you kind. Of you know people that actually want to work with you so. You have to extract of your current audience those. People that are relevant to you and if you can then from the relevant messaging positioning, an offer be able to be omnipresent to those people and the time in which leading. Up to the point where you can actually say you can help them then, it's going to have a huge impact which, of course intimacy, is kind of sealing, the deal allowing it so you don't have to feel so sales me and you can rather feel kind of grown. With what you're essentially, doing, so. That. In a nutshell is, how. To make, this how, to make this work and, there's a lot of nuance, and there's a lot of different pieces that are inside I wouldn't love to be able to help you get you on a phone call with Brad on our team to see if it's a good fit for us to be able to work with you. But regardless, if you're wanting. To be able to really up level, the product offering you have and why are you doing I would absolutely. 100%. At least try this in the worst-case scenario you make forty fifty sixty thousand dollars that you didn't and, now you have a new product that you can turn evergreen, and of course I guarantee, you it, is much easier being, able to go into a marketplace. With. A product that's ten thousand dollars and being, able to take two thousand, dollars and advertise.

Than. It is to take a thousand, dollar product, and only be able to spend two hundred in, my experience, it's, been far easier to get someone to spend ten thousand dollars with me then, it's ever been to get someone to spend a thousand, and the customers, that spend ten thousand, are a heck, of a lot happier, a heck of a lot better, a heck a lot everything. Our. Retention, has been massive. Our ability. To increase. Lifetime, value has been massive, our ability, to actually create transformation. Between. Something, that was lower end and higher, end has been massive and so this is really the model of allowing, anybody to be able to do this again if, you're, going to do this with. For. Example no, audience it will cost you money and you're going to bring it completely, Coley's however, everything. Stays. The same you still run the omnipresence, you still do all of the actual pieces the, only piece that you change is the fact that you're going to a completely cold audience, so you do have the factor in the fact that more than likely you're gonna need somewhere between three, to ten thousand dollars in advertising, cost, if you have no audience, but, again with, $100,000, plus upside, I really. Do think that it may be elite, that you do want to take so, that is it my friends, that is how you can, do a six-figure, launch a for, a hike to get high test program and of, course I highly, recommend, at least giving it a try. Sooner. Than later because. You know I did this by mistake and, I keep do actually, did. My mistake I kept on doing this with clients and then ice kept seeing the clients do and I was just like well you, know when I blew everything up I'm like well let's let's try the mine and it worked famously. Well it. Generated this far, more than a hundred thousand dollars from the start in the first 30 days and I, know after, seeing, so many of the clients, that we have use, it I know it can certainly work for you as well so if you enjoyed this content and, you, want more, of it make sure you go ahead and subscribe and. If. You want other entrepreneurs, just like you to be able to also access this information this, knowledge make, sure you go ahead or share it with someone that, means the most of you remember as entrepreneurs, it's our job to be able to help other entrepreneurs. Continue. To elevate allowing. Us to evolve society. And evolve our world I'll see you next time bye. You.

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