How to grow your Instagram to 10K! - Organic Growth Hacks 2019 - Hashtags / Engagements

How to grow your Instagram to 10K! - Organic Growth Hacks 2019 - Hashtags / Engagements

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Hey. Everyone Nathan here and I'm here with Jason miles an, Instagram. Expert Jason. How are you good, man how you doing doing, great and I'm actually really excited to talk to you so real, quick if, you go back six months ago my girlfriend, she was on Instagram all the time I saw her looking at celebrities, and okuu, food cooking and food and all that and I thought, it was crazy but why would I ever have an Instagram account well yeah six months later I got 7,000. Followers on Instagram and I'm using it for business I'm getting clients and getting networking. With great influencers, that have helped free up it and it's come a long way now I'm, a pro but I definitely, see that the, potential, there and I'd, love to hear. Your thoughts on that but before we do that why don't we take a step back and talk, about you and your background and how you got to where you are today, sure yeah happy to do it. I'm, we're, entering our 10th year and in, our e-commerce business. And so. It's been a good. Run my wife and I started at our kitchen table on, eBay. Ten, years ago and before. That I had a long, career as a non-profit, executive, in, marketing. And fundraising. For. Most of my career. So. And, then ultimately, I was senior vice president, of marketing. At a university, here in Seattle, and so, I was always the helper, for my wife's. Ecommerce. Effort, and moonlighted. Really for helping. Her for about five years and, then. On January, 1st 2014. Went. Full-time with the family biz, and. Have. Never looked back it's been a blast I've always wanted to write I've sort of had that as sort of a side hustle. For. A long time now and so, the book work has come out of that yeah so. Your book is called Instagram power, why. Instagram, why Wyatt why are you diving into that space yeah. No it's a it's a great question I'm my, first, book that was published with McGraw Hill was called Pinterest power the, second book was YouTube, marketing, power third. Book had to be Instagram. Power you know so. The, first first, book came out Pinterest power in 2012, with, McGraw, and so. And that was I was a result of me blogging, I was, blogging fanatically. About Pinterest, marketing and. Just. Was totally into, it and Pinterest. Totally, blew up our business our business in case anybody wants to go check it out is is Pixie Fair calm it's an e-commerce marketplace, we. Do about 60 to 70 thousand, transactions, a month just last year that was sort of our rate and. It's. All in the sewing niche and. So. We've had about 3.5. Million, digital. Patterns. Downloaded, from our site and then, we also have. Monthly. Recurring membership so. English cinnamon is what it's called and then, online courses so Pinterest, radically. Helped us like, 2012. And I you know I was just I wanted, a blog I wanted to you know I didn't know how to be a author so, I just started, blogging got. A book deal and then.

The. Book went really really well mcgraw-hill offered, me you, know the chance to write some more so I did YouTube which. We had also used to scale, up our business and then. In. The, course of those years, 2012-2013. Instagram. Had become a big deal for our business kind. Of like what you're you, know describing, just happened to you in the last six months so we've just been at this for a long time you know I mean we've we've, just been in it immersed, in it since sort of the earlier days, and. It's. We've seen it grow and in the last two to three years just become this like. Super, nova social, media site that everybody, is talking about everybody's, on and I think there are reasons for that we can get into but. We've kind. Of questions okay all right so that's sort of the back story on why why Instagram power came to be yeah so is. It different, running an Instagram, let's say for the first six months we're getting off the ground to when you get more established, to what I'm assuming you're a big influencer or do you do you have a different strategy that goes into place and maybe kind of walk us through that that much yeah. Sure yeah I'm and the answer is yes I mean when you're first setting up your account you're trying to figure out a couple things one is your content strategy so. What what value proposition, are you bringing to your Instagram, work, I mean you know what is of benefit, to the people who are gonna follow you and you're really starting to sort that out and think it through and. Then you're also trying figure out how to leverage, your other existing. You. Know social channels you. Know email list that kind of thing to help of course blow up your your. Instagram, account and so those are the first initials, you know stages, I'm, used it's. Uh if. You've got a bigger list obviously somewhere else then it helps you tremendously, to, get your Instagram off so you. Know the. Ground but if you don't then there's obviously, strategies, for hacking sort of growth and that kind of thing we, can talk about now once you have a mature account what you're really trying to do is figure out how to optimize your messaging. And really. Drill. Into sort, of, matching. Your app your core avatars, you, know interests, and really, figuring out a way to, do a fective calls to action and get, them engaged in your whatever, your business is in. Meaningful, ways and that's what it's really all about I love, Instagram because I I like to call it and interest both social. Media light you, know it's just it's just not. Intensive. Word based you. Know stuff that much it's just a lot faster. Simpler. Social, media then, say you know Facebook, yeah. Let's talk about engagement because I'm kind, of at the point where I'm throwing things against the wall and I'll put a post that I think is awesome and no engagement, and then the next day I'll have what I consider a soso post and it'll blow up and you have any tips, or strategy, to get more consistency, there sure, yeah you you, basically want to think through your, content. Strategy. And think, of it like a blue I talked, about in the book with content blueprint. And so, the first thing you want to do is have a theme or themes that, you start to camp on and if you go look at big Instagram. Accounts you'll, quickly see and you can go look at Lewis Howes or Rachel, Hollis, or Gary Vee they'll, tell you what their themes are when they've done speeches, or that kind of thing so they'll say hey I I speak, about you. Know never. Giving up I speak about you know these you know four or five things Lewis. House has you know three or four he speaks about Gary, Vee says he has a list of like fourteen or something like that but, they have these themes that are sort of like their anchor topics, and, then, from, the theme then they develop their content strategies, you know what are they going to share a value, whether, it's quotes. Whether it's you know photos, videos. You, know go lives that kind of thing and then the and then the way in which you do that the frequency, and the type of Instagram. You, know method, you use is, really how you sort of baked the cake fully um, and so if you're throwing things at the wall then.

The Question is are you do you at least have a set of themes that you've said okay this is my, content. That, I'm gonna put in in. Instagram and I think most business people have to sort of they. Either get that sorted out or they just they're, just random, crazies. On Instagram and just you, know it's just randomness, so, so, doing that work I think is important and that's not complicated. Just take a take. A half day go meditate by the lake somewhere and think through how could I add value in a, meaningful way authentic, way to, my core audience what. About the balance between the photos, of quotes the videos Dhruva certain is there certain ratios you go for does it depend on the industry or the person yeah, yeah, and, instead, of my trainings I have screenshots of all the biggest influencers, and you can you can clearly see that many of them have a very methodical approach, to, what they're doing so for example Lewis Howes does a photo, then. A video and then a photo and he just repeats that pattern photo video photo photo video photo, Rachel, Hollis is a. Photo. Quote. Photo. Photo, quote photo, garyvee. Mixes it up a little bit but but, in general you just want to think through okay what's. Realistic in terms of my capacity, to do video just sort of the harder thing are. Quotes hard something of interest to my tribe or followers, those are very used highly. Used because. Because. I think of this one thing they, add value to. The. Reader you know like if I sure quote with you and you're waking up and you're you're looking at Instagram, and I'm dang that's pretty that's pretty good thought, for the day you've, add i've added value, into your life you know so-so quotes are used I think because, of that reason and people like them because of that reason and, so you want to just get your system, down and just, be methodical about, it and say, okay every, third thing, I'm do is going to be a video, or you know that kind of thing and sort. It out between sort. Of the, the. Common things if you look at my feet at mr. Jason miles it's, a, quote, card a photo.

A Quote card a quote, card a photo quote card and I so that's basically exactly how Rachel Hollis does it Lewis Howes just inserts a video instead, of a photo they. Get higher engagement sometimes. And it's just a longer engagement. Methodology. So yeah. Let's talk about video because I just came back from trappin inversion, and your two takeaways from that first of all don't. Introduce yourself, in the first six seconds of the video they harped, on that pretty. Hard because the average attention span is around six seconds so if you do that you kind of lose people and then the other thing was just text that 85%. Of people when they're scrolling through they're not listening they're not having sound on so if you don't have text in your video on your video you're really missing out any other tips there I'm assuming you agree with what I just said yeah. I agree with what you just said the other thing that just is important, to think through is just the fact that. You. Know you it is sort of a. You. Know a contest. Of getting attention and so, I think what Lewis Howes does with his video. Is. Every other day video is smart because, you. Know you're scrolling past you. Know these these content, pieces you. See a photo, okay. Even if it has a quote a quote card okay you can read a quote really fast that's, fine but if you see somebody with a video with text underneath and and. It catches your attention you. You'll, stop and then. That length of engagement, you, know is more meaningful the other thing, of course for, videos. You've got like three main. Methodologies. For video on Instagram now really. Four if you count boomerang, the boom one, second videos are hard to do content but, I've, got some ideas but anyway so you've got your feed video, you. Can do you've got your you. Know story, videos go live and then you've got your IG, TV which is designed, for long-form, video. So you've got the different you know methodologies. Inside Instagram, to work through to yeah. And and really when I teach people about the content blueprint I say you want a content blueprint for your feed. But then you also want a Content blueprint for stories, and story, highlights and then, for IG TV so there's a lot to Instagram, now I mean look this, yeah a, few years ago and we when I first wrote the first edition, of Instagram, power there. Just wasn't there, wasn't business tools there was an advertising, there wasn't the you, know stories or IG, TV so they just wasn't that much to work with you know let's. Talk about hashtags, because I think that's something that I'm also in that playing, around face, I. Don't even want to give my own thoughts on hashtags so I definitely don't know what I'm doing I'd love to hear yours how do you figure out what hashtags are right for your business and are, using the same ones over and over are you are you getting a list of a hundred and going 30, here and 30 here 30 here and kind of alternating what your strategy, there yeah, it's a good question so there's two two use cases one use case is working. With your own hashtag, so. That's a whole business strategy. It's like you, know you set up a hashtag that you camp on and use, regularly, with your tribe there's, ways in which that's.

Really, Powerful and I look I'd love to share an example of that but then the other one that you're sort of describing is like just using hashtags. In association. With your content for, you, know further. Reach into your, nature, or industry, so. You. Get you get 32, use, I have heard people say that if you use the same 30 every on every post you will get a. Diminished. Reach over, time the algorithm, will notice. That and will sort of you know dampen, what you're doing so that's sort of interesting I don't know if that's true or not but it's sort of speculation. And, so I think you know you probably, to your point want to have a set, of hashtags that you know for your industry are the top hashtags, that are really well used now, there's, a dance there though because if you use a hashtag that's really, super well used your. Content, then that hashtag feed, will just go by like that right. And if you don't have a huge, number of engagements, likes and comments that kind of thing it won't be a top hashtag, yeah. You know or, a top, content, piece for that hashtag and so, the, value of doing that is may be dubious so you, want to find a sweet spot where you kind of have hashtags, that are well, used but. Not too well used and that. Are being used, you're right avatar, you're correct people, that you want to connect with but. Not so hugely, used it it's, really of no value to you so there's a dance there you kind of have to find your way on the. On the set up your own content, hashtag. You. Know side, for your own content, a lot of businesses are doing very creative things you. Can use them, for contests. You can use them for. Content. Curation user-generated content we, do that for our companies you. Can check it out on pixie fair look at the bottom of our home page there's a carousel. Where our. Hashtags. Are used and then we have something called an inspiration, page where. It's just like a Pinterest style grid of all user-generated content, and then. It's connected, to our products, so for e-commerce people, this is almost like shoppable, posts, where, on your own website you can have images that people look, at and then can buy the item, associated in the image. We. Have a company we own a home and garden America that is got. Up the, Instagram, account has 164. Thousand followers so, it's it's our biggest account. And they have, done. We've purchased the company they, started originally, doing a very interesting hashtag, strategy. Where they, have. In their bio you can go check it out it's called a happy gardening life they. Have in their bio use. The happy gardening life hashtag, to be featured, and. So. Then people use that hashtag and then they're they're using, their content, in their feed they're just taking the photo and then they give credit to the original person so. In a way it's like a daily contest, and you. Know at first when I when, we first purchased the company I was, like well are they just taking people's content, but then I was like well they're, giving them credit and, when. I looked at those other accounts, a lot of times they have 500 followers a thousand. Followers so. To them, having. Happy gardening life feature. Their photo is, like winning, like. A shout, out prize, from a mega influencer. And, so the hashtag strategy is central to that and that hashtag I think has 245 thousand. Photos. Associated. With it so, yeah, so and that's a way to use them as well interesting. What. What are the, biggest mistakes you see people make that they're, doing insistant, li yeah. I mean I think the, your. Profile. In an. Instagram is really your, I mean it is really the most optimal. Turf. You. Have and so you want to have that you, wanna you know you want to have your headshot set, up professionally of, course or, the logo for your company you want to think through that that. BioSpace, is basically 150, characters you've. Got, to have super. Super focused, copyright. And really think through what you want your avatar, to see. Any hashtag, associated, accounts. You. Want to have some kind of claim to fame, you. Know uh you, know tidbit. In there and then, you also want to have a call to action in there and the, call to action you can go check out app mr. Jason miles if you want to see how I do but I basically have two fingers pointing down and in, between those it says training bids and it. Points down to the link in the bio so, my call to action is, if you want training, from me click the link in the bio and, so. That that is the you know kind of central piece and then as we've already talked about the content, strategy I think a lot of people just throw spaghetti at the wall they, don't really have a well, thought-out methodical.

Content, Plan and I would really encourage everybody to just do, that it's. Being in contact is there context. Is there a certain, amount of text that you should look at to I know so I've kind of done some really long text to go with a picture and and some shorter ones is, there a what's. Your take there yeah, you know it's really interesting at first when Instagram was like when I wrote the first edition, of the book in. 2012-2013. It, was very uncommon, for. There to be very much, caption. Information, in a in a photo or video and then, in the last couple, years really. Interesting trends have started to happen where people will any maybe you've seen this people will share a photo. And then they'll just write this full-on. Like, journal. Of like their I don't, know what it's like this this, long profound. Like they're writing an essay on, something and, frequently, they have nothing to do with each other it's just like the photos one thing and the essay, is something else and I think what's happening and it, because it's a very common practice now I. Think what's happening as people realized, you, want engagement, and you, can get engagement by somebody looking at the photo and saying, oh I like that photo but, you can also get engagement, by somebody saying you, know thought for the day do, you struggle with depression and, then, have five paragraphs, about overcoming. Depression and, people will like and comment on that. So it's, really about smart, marketers, I think optimizing. What, you get and that caption, is something, you get to. Communicate. A message and, engage, with people very, interesting, I'm assuming, you've heard Gary B's $1. 80 strategy. Tell. Me refresh. My memory essentially. I forget, how our words it's like you you put your two cents into or your tenth yeah your two cents into other people's, content a few times everyday really establishing. Yourself there, and that'll, get people to come back to you okay, any thoughts on less on your own content, but more on commenting. And liking other people's content to increase, your own following sure, yeah I mean. There's. Three, or four things that are top of mind for most, people. Following. Other, people is I mean Instagram. Does have the follow to be followed, sort. Of approach that Twitter you know a lot of people pioneered. That on Twitter follow to be followed go find the right people and then, follow them, and you. Know a percentage of them will follow you back so people manage that and. You. Know that's a common methodology. And then obviously if you're gonna follow somebody you can like their photos or videos, you, can leave comments in. Essence, those are tactics, to be on, that, person's radar, and. So if you're doing you know the main thing is who are those people are you finding the right people. And. You, know so that's what you want to start to think about is how, do I find my my ideal customer. On Instagram. And then how do I go do those types of tactics to, engage, with them. DMing. People is should be on the list as well responding, to comments should be on the list as well so you've got following, we got liking, you've got commenting, you've got DMing, you've got responding, to comments all designed. To really get you in connection to people, awesome. Jason this was great yeah I know I'm gonna. We follow you I want to check out your book where, to find, you yes where can people get the book yeah. So it's on Amazon, right now I'm just asking everybody to go and get a pre-order copy on Amazon, it comes out March 8th and. I'm. Doing a special little pre-order bonus between now and March 8th I've got 15, hours of video training. Associated. With this and, I'm. Old, school, this is not slick or anything like that if you, pre-order the book forward, me your Amazon receipt to, my email, Jason, at Liberty, Jane clothing, calm let's Li BER, tyj, a and E clothing.

Calm. And I'll, forward, you the links to all the videos so. Nothing. Slicked or fancy, really me no you know just shoot. Me an email and. I'll hook you guys up and then and, that goes away after the. Book comes out so March 8th so it's really for the next week and where. Can people find you an Instagram app, mr. Jason miles Austin. I'm at the real Nate Hirsch so, thanks everyone for watching okay. Thanks everyone for watching this was great I'm sure we'll have you back on in, the future good, deal man thank you so much. Hey. Everyone I'm, making content like this all the time if you like this video please, comment, and like below also. Click the subscribe, button to, get even more content, brought to you thanks. Again for watching and I'll be back at the end of the next video to remind you again.

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