How to Grow Your Amazon Business ($1.8 MILLION Seller Gives Insider Tips)

How to Grow Your Amazon Business ($1.8 MILLION Seller Gives Insider Tips)

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Hey everyone. Mike McCleary here for another Facebook. Live session, I have, a very special guest today he's gonna talk about brand, expansion. Exactly. How to do it and why, you might want to do that if you're ever thinking about building, a brand and selling, it for millions of dollars potentially millions of hours on Amazon. So, we'll be talking to Brandon a little later on he's on the call right now waiting, for us but I want to get through a few house, cleaning tips as well first. Off welcome to another Facebook live session we've been doing these now for weeks getting, great feedback offering. All kinds of free content, for people looking to start their own business, and really. The, easiest, route that we know of is by creating your own brand and selling it on Amazon, so everything. That we've been talking about and teaching you has been focused on that one thing these. Past several weeks so if you don't mind if you're watching this right now please, like this video please, share it with as many people as you can when, you share things on Facebook it helps it go viral and gets as many people watching as possible and we love sharing our message and our training with everyone, also, I want to remind you that if you enjoy this session and missed, out on any of the previous, live, training, sessions you can see them all on the, amazing, com Facebook, page you, go there and you'll see all the previous live calls we've had over the past couple weeks all. Kinds of training on picking, out the right product, launching. Your product finding, suppliers, how. To do some really cool hidden secret, traffic, tactics, all, kinds, of great training, that we put right out there live on Facebook, in, addition. If you want to see a more, structured, training, format that we have go to amazing, selling machine comm. And sign. Up for our free four-part. Training series we, put together four training videos that walk you through the entire business model that both myself, Brandon. Who's on the call rich Henderson, Jason, katzenback Matt Clark all of us use this model to build our own Amazon businesses, and we'll walk you through that in four really, simple, videos the first one talks about finding. The perfect product opportunities, we give you all the criteria that you need in order, to know what is and what's not a good product opportunity, we, also give you one. Hundred product, opportunities, that we found just, by going on Amazon and using a simple that's a simple criteria that we give you in order to find those products we want to show you how easy it is to, go out there and find, hundreds, if not thousands. Of products that meet our criteria for, being a perfect, product to start with then, in the second, video we talked all about suppliers. So, now that you've found a great product that you want to sell and brand as your own you need to figure out exactly how, do you get someone to make that for you so we show you exactly how to find suppliers, sitting. In your home or your office your basement, your living room wherever you're at we, teach you how to do that online and it's much easier than you might have ever imagined.

You Can do this from anywhere in the world you can communicate, with suppliers, and manufacturers anywhere. In the world it's, a complete game-changer as, to how easy it is to find companies that are looking for you to make and sell products now. In the third video once. You've found that product, and once you've found someone to make it for you you, really need to know how to launch that product because if you have a product and if you put it on Amazon if no, one sees it then you won't make any sales so, we give you what we call the rapid, ranking, formula Matt. Clark came up with that name the strategy, something that I kind of worked on for years and been tweaking but, we give you that formula for, how to go out there and get sales almost immediately, with any product as long as you meet our criteria you, follow the right product right here that we give you you'll, be able to see sales coming in immediately, and we give that whole formula outlined. In a document, with a flowchart how to follow it and we also give you a video where. I walk, you through setting, up the rapid, ranking, system for your, first product now, in the fourth video we, also go over how to really automate this whole process and how to make it much easier than you might imagine, and, then for the next couple days we have a really crazy offer on how, to make, this even simpler, for you I'm gonna talk about that at the end of the video because, now I want to get straight into our guest Brandon Slater brain, is a good friend of mine I've known for several years now I've, had the pleasure and opportunity, to attend, some masterminds with them we went to Aruba, together, went, to Maui together, I got, a chance to see him give his own training and the training that he's done on it's been on a lot of different topics, one of the ones that I've really enjoyed and the reason we brought them on this call is because, we, want to hear, him talk about brand expansion. And what that really is is when you start with one product where, do you go from there because there's just too much risk in you, know selling one product, for five or ten years once, you learn how to do this and get one product selling you, want to really learn how to expand, your brand and become a a worldwide, brand, like so many other companies out there and Brandon, is a master, at that he's, done that before and by doing that it also made, it possible from. The sell his own business that he started on Amazon, you know and I'm not gonna go into the finance of it but I know is for a lot of money I'll, let him talk a little bit more about that but he's a master, at that he's a great guy he's also I'm, gonna say a newly weds because it's been in the past year he's, got a house full of kids.

And. It's, just you know just a great all-around person, so Brandon welcome, to the call thanks. So much for joining us here today Thank, You micro to be here awesome. So if you don't mind let, you're kind of like backup and tell. People here a little bit about how you got, started selling. On Amazon. Yeah. Sure I I. Worked. In in. In. Corporate America for most of my career. And. I've. Had a big kind. Of a big shot commercial. Real estate job, making, a lot of money and I just really. Thought I was gonna break out of the rat race with, that corporate, job and. You. Got I worked hard to get it I worked hard to get my income up there and I thought once I I really. For me that the magic number was $100,000 I thought once, I could get my salary to, $100,000. Then at that point I'd probably, be financially, free and I you. Know I just really, worked hard for that my whole career and and. I I found, that once I finally made it. The. Bills were still piling up every week and you, know your, expenses, grow with your income type of thing my wife didn't work so it was just me providing for the family we wanted, to live in a place with good schools and him. So you, know upgrading, where we live and so forth and it, just. It. Just was the same old rat race after a couple years of at that fowleri level and above and i just really, started to get frustrated with. The with. That and. Started to realize like there's no way I'm. Ever gonna create wealth if. I don't try to go out and and build. A business on my own and. It finally started coming and, dawning. On me and so that's when I started searching for solutions, and and I, just came across a video online. Talking. About. Selling. On Amazon I I, was specifically, looking for trained for selling on Amazon because I felt like that was a good place to start for me and I. Saw, a bunch of people you know talking about it but it, wasn't until I found somebody. Talking about this, kind, of model this amazing, time she modeled that I really, started clicking for me and made me want to just jump into it. Awesome. So how many years ago was that about. That. Was 2013. 2014. Okay. Right around the same time that I got started as well so yeah you. Know and in terms of the business world and. Only, being around for you know four years or, so is a very short amount of time to accomplish what you've accomplished, mm-hmm, so, when, you first started off how many Prok did you start with you start off with multiple products or just one I just, one yeah that's all I could afford it honestly, it was a it, was a big. Terrifying. Risk for me to make, my first inventory, purchased, and I've just really. I think 300. Units or 500, units my first time and I. Just thought I. Was, gonna lose all my money and I was really really. Worried about as I just started really small. Okay. Same here and then so. When. You started doing the training you, recall about how long was it before you may have made your first sale. Yeah. Is about to see your. Takes you. A. Couple. Of weeks to to pick, a product and then another month or so to get. It in stock, and, then. I think about the week after I listed. An onions, I made my first cell and, what was that feeling like I, was. Is incredible. Was is really the first money never made online after. You know just on the side I've been trying for years to just do little things that, people talk about and, try to make money and I ended. Up dream of spending money on more programs, and and, so, that was the first time I made money that felt great so. So. You made your first sale and then, I'm assuming sometime, over the next couple months you must have had a little bit of confidence that this model was working tell, me about those next few months your product first could start, selling and then what was it like those first couple months of actually selling that product, yeah. It was um. For. Me it was I was, I became really. As. Soon as I got those first few sales I became, totally, hooked on it and so I just was on, the computer after, work every night for a couple hours just trying to figure out how, to grow the business and how to get. More visible, and how to get more people to see my product, and, it's. Almost like a game you know once you once you start seeing that things work they try and. It results, in more sales that makes you just want to try more things and, and and. So, yeah after after. About a month and a half or, so I decided. It was time to. To. Release the second product as I started talking with my existing manufacturer, about what are the products they had and if. There's anything that was a fit that I could go do the analysis and figure out that it would also be a good seller in Amazon, and and. Then I just started releasing new products, every month or two after that you.

Know That's a great point so I. Know you know we both, talked people for so long on here so. You had to go through all the hard work on the first product, but, one way to find another product is to simply, reach out to your supplier, you already have and that's exactly what you did. Yeah. It really streamlined, the process if, it doesn't, always work but when it does work that they that, they happen, to be, able to manufacture multiple. Things that the, members support, when, you're doing your analysis, then. It, really does streamline everything and it helps and then I'm assuming, after, that point once they recognize that you are the. Real deal you know how to sell you've. Learned this whole process you know in a very short amount of time but they don't know that they. Probably were, coming to you pretty often with more product ideas, yeah. Yeah you. Know within, about. Within. The first year I, became, the biggest customer, and. Was. Was, was. Their most important, client and so it, I started, getting the Royal Treatment from, them pretty quickly and, I'm just trying, to bend over backwards to accommodate any requests I had, developing. A new product that I could think of they wanted to help me with it and so it, was a very very different relationship with living a very short amount of time just because like you said the numbers speak. That's. Awesome, so you go from being this I'm. I'm gonna project on you because I remember we don't same, time you go from being scared to death to talk to this manufacturer. And supplier knowing. They're not gonna take you seriously and then within a few months you're. Their biggest client you're getting the royal treatment that's, pretty. Yeah. So. I'm gonna do a quick pause here I see that our numbers are really going up on Facebook, we're, close to 100 now 86, 87, so. If you're just joining us I'm, here with, Brandon Slater, he's. A seller. On Amazon he's, a trainer, he's a coach, he's been mentoring. He's. Also just a great all-around guy, he's talking about brand expansion. And how. He started his first business on Amazon, so a welcome, to the call feel free to share and like this post and share, with as many people as possible and, if you did just join us don't. Worry if you missed anything this, automatically, gets recorded, and the, replay that will show up automatically, within a few minutes after this call is over and we're gonna keep this less than an hour I know that Brandon's busy you got a lot of things to do so we won't be on for too long so so, back to you Brandon so you, you, launched, your second product probably, within like you know a few months after your first one and.

Then You know at that point when. Did you realize, really that you know you. Might want to sell. Your business at some point was it right and you started it was when you launched your second product summer. After that like when did it kind of click you might want to sell this business. Yeah. It was it, was pretty early on but it wasn't that early at. First it was just like, deer. In the headlights trying to figure out how to work everything and trying to figure out if this is sustainable. Or not, once. I started I think. It was once I was about up to to making, $50,000. A month within, the first six seven months or so then. I started, realizing like, man this is this has a lot of value what I'm doing right here and and. Really if you want to know it was funny it was that first aruba, trip that we were on I was in the pool after. One of the sessions just, kind of shooting, the breeze with some of the other students there and we, just started talking him somehow the idea, of something selling, a business came up and I, still remember it just being in there talking them and the. Swimming pool of just thinking like, wait. A second, you know why. What am I waiting for maybe I should start looking at business maybe, you, know maybe I can get three years of income all at once if I saw this business, instead, of having to you know scale it up for three years and so. That's when I first the idea first time I mean honestly, I think you were on that trip yeah yeah sure was yeah, so if. You don't mind me asking how long was it so when. You made, your first sale how. Long was it until, you found a buyer for your business how many years after that. There's. About a year, little over a year, after. You, don't want to sell the business before it's at least a year old for for, tax reasons but. I started inquiring. With some brokers. And some people that could help me solicit, buyers before, the Year mark and then. A couple months later after the year mark we started we got we got an interested party a few. Of them actually and then started, through, that selection process and and, then at about I'd. Say 18, months or so was when you close the sale and. You remember how many products, you were selling, when you sold the business. Yeah. I was over 20 okay. It was. Between. 20 and 25 I think. That's. Really good and so they have that many products, over, that short amount of time is pretty crazy you must went through a pretty. Strong. Expansion. Plan, there, growing your business yeah, you know, and the key there which, I know, you've you've taught people before too is that if. You can if you can have, another. Income source in the beginning for the first year. Even six, months six, to eight months or so to be living on so that you're not having to pull money and resources, out of the business to live on and that. Will allow. You to use all of your profits, to reinvest, in more inventory and more expansion, and that's what I was able to do since I was still working full-time for, most, that time in the first year and.

So I just rolled everything, I made back into more products back into the business back into more marketing, back. Into everything I could think of to grow that business for the first I don't think I took a dollar out of it for about eight months or so, and. And, then and that's, what I that's really, what had. That multiplier, effect, for for a big scale, in the business you, know Sabrina, bring up a great point here in like we always want to be completely upfront and, truth about everything we teach you there's. Different, ways to. Launch and run an, Amazon business or any any business out there and. We, usually teach three different models one. If you just want to have this business as a cash business to make additional, income you. Can start taking money, out of the business, once, you're selling, and profitable, and can afford to keep replenishing your inventory that's one way to do it the. Downside of that is if you don't put some money back into the business it's, not going to be able to grow as quickly as possible the. Other end of the spectrum is what brand is talking about if you're looking to sell this business at some point time and very quickly within let's say 18 months or two years or, you're, looking just to really, grow the value of the business as much as possible then, you want to take the profits and reinvest, them in the business as much as you're able to and then, there's always that kind of hybrid approach in the middle if you don't really know what you want to do you might want to keep the business operating, for a long time you might want to sell it well, you just come up with a really middle, road strategy, you come up with a plan for when you feel it's colorful to take out some money and then reinvest some money so really it's, completely, up to you which route you want to go and how quickly you want to grow this and Brandon, is a perfect, example of someone who very, early on sitting in a pool in Aruba and 90 degrees decided. He wanted to sell this business I mean made that conscious decision planned it out so that's a gray, strategy, Brandon now.

When, You first like when you're when you're once, you start getting up to 25 products, did you have a methodology, or formula. For, when it was right to launch, your third fourth, and fifth products. Yeah. And, that's one thing I tell people that that, I wish I stuck to a little better because the public would have, scaled. My business even faster, but as a, general rule of thumb. I've. Followed. The rule that you really need to get one. Product up to sign I used, about 20,000. Days that is a figure you know if once, you're up to 20 cells per day on your first product then then, you it takes you a while to get to 20 cells a baby usually you, know some people get lucky and it just takes off immediately but usually. It takes a lot of learning. And work and marketing. And advertising, and just understanding. How the. Whole ecosystem of Amazon works before, you've. Gotten to that twenty something year and when. I say awhile I mean, three, four or five months sometimes times, less. But. But once you've done all that then. It's, then, you're really ready to to. Do it again and it goes a lot faster the second time and the third time in the fourth time because. You've kind of dialed, in your system you've built your suit you've got your process, and so, and. It's really just following the model that you guys teach with, with ASM it will tell you exactly how to do that and so and so I. I. See. A lot of new students that make the mistake of trying, to grow too quickly and. They'll, get their first product up and they're selling three four units a day and they're already looking to add a second product and I'm telling them hey you haven't learned how to sell that first one you know you know you haven't really experienced. The success of getting to 20,000 a on. Your first product yet so stop. Thinking about more products and just put, every, ounce of energy having, the first product, get. It up to that 20 cells a day consistently, and, then do the same thing with your second product and get that one up to 20 cells a day and then the same thing with the third product can get that Honda twice a day and then, you know not, every product you have is going to be a home red you might have a bust here in there you, know maybe your third product flops. That's, okay because, you. You. Know the system, you know the you, know you know how you know how to make it work and then that's. The way to really scale your business properly, but. That's great so and you mentioned that another great point out there if, you're up to 20 or 25 products like you like you were not. All those products, are you know million dollar products, right you probably have some that are winners and some that are middle the road member that, probably. Should bring in very little sales yeah. Yeah. So and so, yes. I love them will go up to 50,000, a or more you, know and that's great when that happens but I never plan, on that I never I just plan on you. Know I'm gonna get, this up to twenty a day.

It. Doesn't have to be exactly twenty bait you know what I mean just kind of figure. You make, it so you're making money on it every day that's profitable, you're not spending all of your money in advertising so, it's, not the same as if you're making twenty Sunday but you're spending you know hundreds of dollars an average types of every day because and, you don't have any profits, and so so. It's not just twenty, thousand a but you know what I mean just being profitable, and give, you money back out and that twice. As the days of nice guideline and. Then, even today I'm sure you're the same way I occasionally. Have a flop it doesn't happen very often anymore, but it does I do all the work I do all the analysis, and something just never. Gets that twenty cells a day it just happens, sometimes and you, just got to not, you know let it ruin your life you just kind of you, know, given. Everything can't follow the system and if you've done everything you can, and it's. A flop then. You can move on but don't don't try to move on too quickly ya know we've had a few products, that just didn't take off everything, for some reason or another they, just didn't take off the way we wanted to we. Didn't lose money on them ever because. Usually you know if you do follow, things are right away the, worst case scenarios you break even that's, not what we're shooting for but uh that's what's happened to us too, so. So. And you kind of like touch on this the, first product is probably the hardest one but, does. It does it get easier the. Second, third fourth and fifth ones. Yeah. It absolutely does every every time and, by the by the time you get to your fifth sixth, tenth product, you, hopefully you have a little bit of a community, following by, that point pupils and some return customers, and so. You can, you can always take. Your your, new product launches to that audience, right there and say hey. We have you, know you loved our other products, here's a new one do you want to be one of the first ones to test it out type of thing and that makes everything easier, - that. That's a great point like once you start getting customers, if. You if you have a building, a brand you have future. Customers, to, sell more products to it really just kind of like kind of, throws him, no boss absolutely, did. You did all your products for your first business fall under the same brand or do you have multiple brands, yeah. I just I gave, everything, I couldn't do that one brand. That's. Another thing you know there's lots of ways to be successful I was like that doesn't not the only way. But. I personally, because. I started thinking about Suns business early on I didn't want to get, too scatterbrained, and and trying to start doing new product niches and things like that. I just wanted to have, it be a recognizable. Brand that somebody could, look. At it and understand, it very quickly what the purpose of the business was and not think like oh well he said I invent sheets and he's also selling you, know fitness items. You know what you know what kind of brand is this and. So it makes, a buyer you know more attractive, if they can understand, it right away when they looking at it. And. Then. Something. About laughing. Was. There at some point that, you know I I'm, assuming that when by the time you saw this business it wasn't, just you doing customer service everything, did you have to bring someone on to help you at any point in time, yeah. So after. I was selling probably, have two or three products, have I brought out a kind. Of a VA type of person to hand, all the customer service primarily. But also helped me with some copywriting. And some you, know content. And things like that and and they. Printed, pretty quickly I got them up to doing 30 40 hours a week and and. And. Then I had other, independent. Contractors, that I had call on when needed but that was my only real kind, of time employee. That I really needed to scale. The business not big which really surprised me I didn't think to run a multi-million, dollar business with two full-time people but, do. That and. Then when you sold the business did that person go with it or do you keep them around help you with other things, yeah, that person went with that they were kind of an essential asset to the business is that great and so, so.

That, Was part of it employee, went along, with the business but. That's probably a good thing because otherwise you, might have to stick around longer, and help them run their business until they're fully up ready yeah. It. Was a really good thing as super, helpful for that buyer, all. Right so uh before. I get some some, questions I've seen a lot of good questions pop up by the way a lot of good thank-yous by the way Brandon for hopping on if you're just joining us Brandon Slater. Multi-million. Dollar Amazon seller, newlywed. Trainer. Coach mentor, travel. To exotic locations. He's, here telling us my brand expansion, and, how that led to him selling his business, so. Thanks for joining us feel free to like and share this video, one, of the other things that I saw we had a question for I'm gonna get you right away is, how. Long was it and I think you mentioned this how long was it again before you launched your second product. Yeah. It was. About. Two months I think after my first product and, so. That's. How long it took me to follow the the training and follow the system to to. Get those that, the. Sales that I needed to to, to. Be successful at that first product and use the profits, from that first product and. Really kind, of that's that's, a good rule of thumb to is once what's the profits, for the first product can pay for the second inventory. Order then that's a probably a good time to to. Order more products but until, then you don't want to be pulling money out of your pocket, if, possible, -, - - that second product, no. Great point all, right so, we got another question as well, from. Looks. Like from Niko Kumar breathin. How are you able to communicate with suppliers, and. Place. Your orders and get the price I have how do you communicate with your suppliers. It's. A combination. Online. Telephone. Sometimes. I even gone person, I used. I still go to to. China to three times a year just because I like that face to face time with my. Suppliers and and. We. We. Use Skype a lot, for. Messaging, just to have ongoing conversations. And. Then emails and yeah. Did. You start off finding them on Alibaba. Was that where you did your search if you find it some other way, yeah. I didn't search it on Alibaba, but I think, I had adapt finding my first player read on Google okay. Just, by looking at their website. They. Mentioned, that you also went, to China how, soon was it after you started selling that you went to China and why'd you feel the the desire, to do that. Yeah. I wasn't right away it was up to about maybe a year. And. I, just felt the desire do it because I. Well. I I, talked, to other people who had been China, and they told me the value of it which which. Really is if you if, you go there especially. If you go to like a trade show or if there or something like that you, start you your.

Eyes Really, get open to lots of things that you haven't been thinking about just by clicking through on websites, you know you, you're. Looking at booths and you're looking at you know available. Products, and you think like how did I ever miss this when I was when I did hours and hours of searching for. Products, this is an obvious candidate, the, numbers work and for somebody that dinner caught. My eye you, know maybe I skipped right over it but once you see it in person it's, a fantastic, product and so, that. Plus having the personal, face-to-face. Relationship. With your suppliers. And. And, developing, that that, that relationship pays, dividends, later on to they'll be, calling you and wanting. To work with you because they know you've they've met you a couple times you've had dinner together you've. Seen their factory it's, a totally. Different dynamic and, so I don't think it's necessary, for beginners, to go out there right away but eventually I. Do recommend. That everybody take at least one trip to go visit their there's no but that's great advice that's what I've heard too so. You know almost, all of us you'll you'll hear talk about some on Amazon we, did not go to China, for example that's where a sourcing we didn't feel the need to go over there right away we, found our products online searching. Similar to the training videos if you watch too as video with you on amazing solutionn comm we show you how to do that you don't need to go to China and, then later on down the road if you want to to kind of you know get more opportunities, and meet face to face like Brandon, and several. Other kids done then head on over there and go to a fair and meet up with them so it's a great idea I will, tell you personally I'm. Now reaching, my four and a half or fifth year of selling and I've yet to go to China. Brandon. Gives me trouble but all the time my, other good friends Athena Angie. Elaine several, the people always ask me if I'm to go over there I'm holding, off still I might change her mind at some point but, so far I've been able to sell and not have to go there yet but I did that my supplier come visit me so, that was kind of a consolation, for it we. How was that Mike meeting. Him in person was to me it was a change was, coming. Over here and just shaking, hands with someone having a meal having. A drink it, did really build up it really enhanced the rapport we had already built so, I do think once you get to a certain level let's call it once. You're doing maybe half a million a year in sales which really is not hard, to get to we're, only talking about getting to you, know forty. Five, thousand. Dollars a month in revenue, in, order to get to a half million in sales that's, probably, when you might want to consider if meeting, your supplier is right, to you that's. Just my own you. Know figure to put it out there maybe it's a million but that's but until you're selling you, don't really need to worry about it focus on finding the product and getting, your brand started, and then you can figure out that's right for you like just like Brandon what he said mm-hmm. We'll get some other great questions, on here this one's from looks. Likes from while Carlos, Braun do tell us when. You create a brand do. You protect it with a trademark Brandon. Yes. And, it's become really. More important than ever to do that and when, I first started out I was, I didn't require trademark. To get brand registry, and they, didn't require trademark, to to be eligible for the, the vendor Express program things, like that but, that's all changed, in the last year so now they're they're applying everybody, to get a trademark just, to be able to have any sort of protection on your brand.

And, So. It's. A long process sometimes, it takes you. Know six, months or more but. I'd. Say right, when you start your your brand out pay the five, hundred bucks to get the trademark registered. And. Talk - trademark attorney and. Get that process going so that and three. To six months down the road you can start. Getting those extra. Access. Abilities. Within Amazon yes yeah so there are there are there are new tools and Amazon's releasing new ones all the time that, they're making available, to sellers and they're focused right now is on those that are brand sellers, if your brand registered, and, so a prerequisite. You don't got to do this on day one you start selling but once you start selling your product, and you realize that it's gonna be a you. Know a good product for you definitely. Go out there and consider getting a trademark to go out there and get brand registry, again, it's not thousands, of dollars like, Brandon said it's probably like five hundred bucks if you want to do it online in the United States also. The same person asked did, you just go for the USA trademark, or did you decide to get a trademark, internationalist. Yeah. That's a good question I I. Primarily. Started, in the US but then you, know as you know later on it's I've focused a lot more inside in Europe and, and. And, so recently I not. Too recently about a year ago I went out and got a trademark, in in. The European markets. And. I found the process actually a little bit easier surprisingly. To. Get, that trademark because. It. Was sort of a generic name that I had in my and, my brand name and and and. Then you have to jump through a lot more hoops when it's a generic name in the US but I found that it wasn't that hard you know to, get that name trademark. Over there in Europe so. So. Yeah if. And and. Actually. And if you want to start getting it in Europe it's perfectly, fine you can use that european trademark, to. Brand irritating. To get. Eligibility. For brandita street in the US these days you. Know I recall, someone, mentioning you dropped a great, trick, and tip on, that getting. Brand registered and Europe, can make it possible, in the u.s. to that's something good to keep in mind. So. Uh, um, that is asking. Brandon. How, do you manage pricing, and sourcing from Ali Baba I discovered many sellers are pricing very very low on Amazon so, how do you still sell for. Profit if other sellers are selling at a cheap price. Yeah. I mean that's the trick isn't it it's it's finding products, where there's still opportunity. And, putting. Your own spin on them to create value, so, that it, did you know just another run-of-the-mill generic. Offering. And. So. It. Takes a lot of you, know time searching to find those, niches where, they're not completely saturated, but. Also it's making the product better making, it feel, more. Quality, and putting. Your your, logo on the product among the packaging, making. It stand. Out doing. Proper, photo, geography, and marketing, so, that you can charge two three four five dollars. More than the next guy because you just put together. A. Better presentation, and a better offering, to the customer. And. So and so, I usually. Try to stay with products, if, it's like if, I have like a you. Know a barbecue. A. Barbecue. A set. Or something and I go on Amazon. And I see that like fifteen, other people are saying the exact same generic barbecue, said I'm not gonna but. I'm gonna bother with something that might be he said I'm gonna go find one that's different in some way has an extra piece has more you, know metal. Handles, whatever it is something that's better, than the ones that are out there and then really, really put, all, my, energy into, marketing. And presenting. That product, is a bitter alternative. To the ones that are doing well currently and that's, how you can increase. Your price and charge more for the problem yeah that's, great advice and like what brandon is saying there, are so many ways out there to add value, not. Just perceived, but real value, to your prod, think, about yourself as a buyer when, you're looking for a product would you rather receive, a spatula, with no logo, no brand no coupon, no insert. Just in a clear, plastic bag, or would, you like to see one coming in really nice packaging. With, some good instructions, and maybe some cooking tips on it the, logo, looks great on the box it's like really high-quality the.

Product May be exactly the same but. When you as a consumer, receive, it your perceived, value depends. A lot upon, what, that seller has done to make that product seem. Much more. Valuable. To you there's lots of things you can do to, overcome the low price sellers and then brand I'll tell me that ever probably probably grief this to most. Manufacturers. Let's say there are manufacturers, and, China overseas, trying. To sell products on Amazon most, of them know nothing about marketing the only, tool they have is price. And that's just one tool in your marketing, arsenal. Would you agree that Brandon. Yeah. Then something. You said you, know when that person gets that package, and it. And it feels good when they open the box and they're and they feel like you know I've received, a quality item. They're, much more apt to leave a positive, review and, and, if you can gather those positive, reviews over time that. Again that's another tool that you can use to charge more for your product - if, you're the guy that has three hundred four. And a half star reviews and everybody else has you know 80. Reviews them they're only three, and a half or four stars then then you you can charge three four five more dollars for your product and people will pay it yes. Absolutely, here's, another great question from Sean Kenneth did. You use enhanced, brand. Content, and. If, so did you see a big jump in sales and d'Orsay conversions, and just over nose and handspring content is, another, tool that you available to you that if you get brand registered, which. Means you have a trademark and Amazon recognized that's your brand they, give you a way to make some listings kind of pop out with images, and pictures it's. A new. Thing to come out with this year so Brandon did you use that and if so did you see any results from that. Yeah. I mean it wasn't around when I first started but I do currently use it on my, products, and I and I have seen, good. Feedback I, can't in every case it's increased my conversion, rate or my sales but but. It's kind of hit and miss sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't but I I say why not do it because. It's. You, know there's a chance that will help and it. Does look a lot nicer on the Amazon page. And. If, you haven't done, well and so, there's. If. You go on to, there's, people that will put, together really, nice looking and have spent content, banners for you for not a lot of money so it doesn't hurt to go. Ahead and do it. Awesome. So, we're getting close to where I, got to look brain and go here we got one more question I promise. You I did not set this up as from Zeebo. I can't pronounce last name but, they're saying hi I'd like to know which training, program you would recommend for a beginner I, know, I do not know Zeebo did not tell them to post this question but, I will since, they laid it up there for ya Brandon, what training firm would you recommend for anyone looking to start selling on Amazon. Yeah. Well though I mean the one that I went through and, the one that the only one I would recommend is the. Amazing selling machine program. It's. It the, reason is that it's. Not just your run-of-the-mill like, you. Know affiliate, marketing, PDF. Of how, to do something, you, guys put hundreds, of thousands, of dollars into you. Know training and effort. And bringing. Experts and. Putting. Together a, twosie guide on what you need to be successful and and, you. Get what you pay for and so it's amazing. Way, you guys have put together independent, you know I'm a living walking testimonial. Oh there's no awesome. Thanks Brando that was perfect, great. Questions Eva appreciate, that because we're wrapping up the interview as it is I did, see one of the question I Lancel it answer it for Brandon though Matt, and answered, how do you handle what are called hijackers. They're people that are kind of selling your product on your listing, do you trademark, your brand Brin already talked about it get, brand registry, gives you a ton of protections. That didn't exist a year ago and it. Does, really make that process prop. That problem much, easier to resolve do you have. Much of an issue with people trying to sell counterfeits, of your product anymore Brandon. Yeah. People. Are always jumping, on but I will say that brand registry has gotten better than it was a year ago or even two years ago. Amazon, has finally, kind of heard the, cries. From all that third-party sellers who have been victimized, by by. These hijackers, and it seems like they're cracking down and making it and. Making it more effective, to. To, get them off your listings, and so, so. Yeah I would. Echo that come. On thanks Brandon just you know don't worry about that Amazon, it's, in their best interest to make sure that we as sellers have, the best experience and customers have the best experience so, their number one focus this past year has been getting rid of counterfeiters, people.

Selling Products that are just knock-offs, they've, done a really good job of making progress, in that area so, that helps us as sellers and hopes consumer, have more confidence Brandon. Thank you so, much for being here just like everything that you do like again. And I don't, to make Brandon blush here but uh we. Always get compliments for anytime we bring Brandon, on anytime, that he goes, and does some kind of mastermind, training, any, coaching, any, time he just hops on these calls completely. You know I just. Bugged him the other day hey you want to hop on a call with us and he just always says sure just let me know what time to be on there he's always willing to share his knowledge and expertise we appreciate, that Brandon, so, happy for your success we're, so happy to hear about your first business how, well it did you selling, it for how much you did and then the fact that Brandon hasn't given up folks you decided to start another one so that's what he's doing now with another partner the, process, continued so Thank You Brandon and, I hope to see you real soon at our, next live event in Orlando and, maybe in China someday yeah, I'll, be there thank you, alright, so I want to mention since uh the question came up about the amazing selling machine that. First off if you have not seen, the free training that we have definitely. Go to amazing, selling, machine comm. And sign. Up you get the free training this is truly free training it's not watered down we, go through the the, different processes that I mentioned earlier how to find redhot product opportunities, how, to find suppliers, we, so talk about freight forwarding, that makes this business model so, much easier almost automated, as far as getting products from China or, anywhere, overseas to wherever you're selling then we also talk about ranking, and launching your product so that you can see sales immediately, and then we talk about automating, this process and, in. The fourth video and the, way to do that is, to, go, through another course that we have we have a program called the amazing selling, machine Brandon. Mentioned it's there it's the exact same training, that I took when I was starting off it's the same training that Brandon, took when you're starting off in the same trends. Of other successful, sellers have, taken and when I say the same training it is the same methodology, the same online course but it's been updated, non-stop. Throughout, the years and the way that I know that and the reason that I know that is because I personally. Have been involved along with Matt Jason.

And Rich Henderson, the past year completely. Revamping, and updating, the training so that you always get the most up-to-date and current version. Of the training we're always testing, out and seeing what is and what's not working and we're always updating the training so that you have access to that so when you sign up for the amazing selling machine and again go to amazing selling machine comm to find out all the details if you click on the fourth video once you get access to the free training click, on the fourth video called build it'll, walk you through the entire course and how to get access to it and the course consists, of a lot of different parts first, it's an eight-week online. Training, program so now we've, done is we've broken out the entire business into eight separate, modules, they get released one week at a time and it's, all on your own time so you don't to worry about the, module opens up at 9 a.m. on a Friday or, if it opens up at 10, a.m. tomorrow, morning it's all based on when you sign up you will get immediate access to the Welcome module, and a snooze you finish it to module, number one and then each week after that that, module, will open the next module will open up for you and it's eight weeks of intense online training you watch at your leisure when you're ready so if you have a full-time job like I had like Brandon head you can watch this in the evenings or in the mornings or on your breaks whenever you want to you, get full access to, the eight weeks of online training and you never lose access to that training so even if it's three, years down the road five years you can always come back and watch that train as you want now, the training is awesome, it's up-to-date it's relevant tells you all the best tactics. And tricks we know that we use in our businesses every day but there's so much more to the course than that and then there's so much more that makes us so valuable. The second component other than the training would be the mentor program I, started. Out as a mentor, 3 or 4 years ago I was just a normal member taking, the training building my own business and then, I realized, that I enjoyed helping. People not, just doing training, but just going into our online thriving. Communities and answering. Questions giving. People motivation. When, they have problems answering their problems with how to get around those problems well we have I know I think we have like 15, to 20 volt, and your mentors, right now that, are in the community all the time answering, questions and these, these, mentors are not just people that are educators. Or teachers or trainers they, each run their own business, on average, each of our mentors have done at least a million, dollars in sales so. That if you have a question or you have a problem you can trust the answer that they're giving you they're not just mentoring and training and coaching they're, also running their own successful, online businesses, and they enjoy helping people do, the same thing so you get access to the mentor program as, well, now, you also get lifetime access to what, we call the private, resource vault and our, online, community, so the private resource vault it's kind of like a Rolodex of all the services that we've been using over, the years to grow our business. Photographers. Videographers. Online. Accounting, services, freight. Forwarders, graphic. Helping, services, at. All different, kinds of things that we've been building over the years we, decided that after you know three or four years of this we, each have our own context, that we found work really belt well wellness business we, decided to pull those resources, together and put them into this private resource, fall so that if you sign up for the amazing selling machine you get access to that too if you, want to know what's.

The Best, way to get pictures taken of your product go to the vault we'll give you the same photographers that we we use if you want to get a video made of your, product. In use we have we have online people, who actually do that as well we'll give, you the contacts you reach out to them we, also work out special, deals whenever possible so that you can get the best deals possible that, aren't available to anyone else out there if, you want to get some tools, for, running your business maybe tracking, your profitability, also. How, about sending emails out to your customers, we have those tools available in the online recess, vault as a matter of fact one of the tools you, will get access to for six months for free it's, called managebystats, we've. Worked out a very special deal with them so, if you sign up amazing selling machine and when, you're ready to, go out there and actually start tracking your, sales and your profitability, and you want to email your customers you get six months of free access, to this tool just for joining you, also get access to like I said the exclusive, online community, this, is probably I feel the, most valuable, part of the entire course there, are lots of other training programs out there none of them I feel are as good as ours I am. Biased. Because I've done a lot of the training based on what I know does, and does not work so as rich Henderson, he worked with me and we both do the training but, in addition to that training you get access to the online community, not only where the mentors, hang out not only where rich and I hang out where all of our other members hang out as well it's not just new members starting off it's also members have been selling for two three four five, years sharing, their experience, with you so, if you're having my problem that day are just struggling, in general you're frustrated. About, something going on in your life your business hop, in the community you will see the most positive, uplifting group, of people, looking, to do exactly what you're doing to change their lives by starting their own business, that online community is in, valuable. I don't know how we'd put a value on it because it's unlike anything else I've ever seen, anywhere. Else now. In addition, to, everything. I just mentioned to you you also get, our 30, day money back guarantee. So if for any reason at all you sign up for the amazing selling, machine and you realize it's not right for you within. 30 days simply. Give us a call and we, will refund, you completely. What you pay for the amazing selling machine we've, never had anyone that we have not refunded.

So You don't need to worry about that you can check us out there's, never been a case where you, know it may just not be the right thing for you that's why we put all the restaurant us try, it out get access to the first for almost, five weeks of, the course and. Then if you still realize or think that it's not the right business, model for you you, can simply cancel at any point in time before 30 days and get all your money back so there's no risk to you at all now something, that we are making available only. For the next couple days this. Is we've done this a few times in the past but, we always take it away because it's just you know really really powerful but, until the end of January so only through tomorrow. I believe you. Also get what we call the six month buyback. Promise, so in addition to the 30 days you have to try out the course if after. 30 days you're, just not quite sure let's say that you don't have your product ready yet you're not ready to you know say this is in the right business you want to keep trying it out well, we have the six-month buyback, promise that if you go ahead and you follow the course to the end and you, do all the steps that we asked you for and we're not making you jump through hoops we're, just making sure that you follow the course you, watch the training you take action, you find your product, you, find your supplier you, order, your product, you launch the product and all this is laid out in the buy back promise if you do all those things and after, six, months you. Still, don't want this business the. Six-month buy back promise says we will buy your business from you up to I believe 10,000. Dollars worth of inventory will. Buy that back from you well not only reimburse you for the cost of the course we'll, also buy the inventory, that you have on hand from you so. Really there's like no risk at all a lot, of people were asking us like why would we do that with, the reason is simple we have so much faith in the amazing selling machine that, if you go out there and you do what we tell you to do and you follow the steps and you actually get, your first product and start selling if for some reason you just don't like the business you don't want the business we, are happy to buy that from you that. Is an asset that you will have and we're more than happy to go out there and buy your product, that we know meets our criteria and, the supplier that, you found the sell that product and the product that you've done the research on I got pictures on will, gladly take that over from you so, check, out the buy back promise it's actually, on the checkout page we'll give you all the details we, lay out in black-and-white what's expect, w and again it is, not anything, intensive, what we expect, just follow the training at least get to the point where your product is launched and for, some reason at all you don't want to continue on you, contact, us within six months and we, will arrange, the details for have a short call, with you we just want go through the checklist see what you've done to make sure you've checked those boxes off and then we will simply buy your inventory and refund, you for the course and get all the details online at amazing, selling, machine comm. It's. An awesome program it has changed, my life it has changed countless of the people's lives now. While we can't guarantee that every single person is going to be a complete, and total success I can, tell you that, this course gives you everything, you need and the best possible, chances, for creating your own business, and changing, your life it, is awesome, I love it I wouldn't, be on here on doing these Facebook lives sharing, all kinds of free information and then telling you about the course and then, doing the training and then, going to our live events, and hopping on coaching, calls answering, your questions I wouldn't do all those things if I, didn't have personal, faith in the program which I do if.

I Didn't if, ever feel like it's no longer working I simply, would stop doing it but that's not the case it works this business is insane, Amazon. Is growing like gangbusters I know they went through some explosive. Growth over, the past couple of years but. That trend is not, slowing down they, are still growing each and every year they're expanding, the number of FBA warehouses, they're expanding their reach in United States they're expanding the reach worldwide, and even, to this day if you think about how much more market share amazon has they, have room to grow but even more importantly, the, amount of sales that are done online, compared, to brick-and-mortar stores, is still a very very small number I don't know exactly I think it's somewhere around fifteen to twenty percent our sales, are done online, that, means there's over 80 percent of all e-commerce. Our all commerce transactions. That still are done brick-and-mortar that, people will continue to move online, and buy, their products that trend is going up and up and the best way to have your product, and your brand out there selling, and taking advantage that is to build your own business and we will show you how to do that inside, the amazing selling machine now remember that six-month buy back promise is only good, till, the end of Jai, we don't know if we're gonna bring it back again we may at some point time but we do know that we are taking it away end of, the day tomorrow so, that should be at midnight Pacific. Time tomorrow we'll, be taking that away so if you want to take advantage of that hop on check it out even, if you decide you don't want to do amazing selling machine please. Go there and watch the free training we've. Had some people who just have gotten some information for. The free training they were able to get a product up and selling and then once they realize that it's a real business model works they, came back and signed up for the course later I don't know if being available later I know it's available now but I want, you to watch the free training it'll, show you what. This business model is all about it'll, also tell you and show you about other people who've been where you are right now where I was four and a half years ago, let, you know exactly how their lives are changed on my lives it has changed, so, I want you to watch that so if you don't sign up go watch the free training it's worth it all in itself right there so, that's it for this call here I'm gonna thank everyone again for joining. Us if you hop done late remember, this call is being automatically, recorded, it'll, show up here within a few minutes on Facebook. I want, to thank you is all for for joining us we're gonna have another one of these live sessions tonight, at 9. P.m. Central, so if you want to see us interview another successful, seller hop on then and then we're also gonna two more live sessions, tomorrow first. One will be at 11. A.m. Central Time and then 9 p.m. Central Time tomorrow night we're bringing on two other people that I know and love dearly who their lives have changed so, if you want to watch those be sure if you sign up you, can just come on and sign up for live sessions, at amazing selling machine comm slash. Live. Desk sessions, that way you can notify these live sessions and you can also get the free training there so thank you again for joining us I hope to see as many as possible inside, the community inside, the course we'll, we'll be kicking off having a live coaching calls and I want to see as many feels possible change their lives thanks again and I will see and hopefully meet all of you very very soon take care.

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