How To Grow A Small Business Faster In 2019

How To Grow A Small Business Faster In 2019

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What's, up YouTube everyone watching we're back with another video and today I'm, covering, how to grow, your, small, business, in 2019. And I'm going to use a restaurant. As an example small business I've been consulting with businesses of many different sizes for over the last seven eight years so, I have a lot of experience, in this and I also used to own a few small businesses, so I know the ups and, the downs and you might feel confused, maybe you had a business for a while now you're not seeing the growth or maybe you're confused, when it comes to what you should be doing to grow or maybe you're brand new and you're just looking for more information, this video is going to be great for you so stay to the end I'm going to jump on over in a minute to this whiteboard and just draw out some stuff the same as what we do just, a little smaller, version, of what I'm consulting with clients, and we're going over strategies and blueprints, and ideas, and I'm going to show you that all on the whiteboard if you're new to my channel though, and you love business tips, business, tutorials, that come from experience over, the shoulder tutorials, then click that subscribe button down below now click the bell icon so, you don't miss any of my weekly updated. Videos I always to make them I always try to make them power-packed, so, hopefully, you like them and please, like and share this if you find any value, with it so right now what we're gonna do is cover, how to grow your business in 2019. And I'm gonna jump on over into this whiteboard now, okay. So we're over on the whiteboard and, let's say you want a small business now I'm just giving you an example but, just know this brief overview can. Apply to any business, I just don't want you to be paralyzed, a lot of businesses whether you're a roofing, business construction. Business kitchen and bath business, a restaurant. Which will use for an example a hair, salon right it does, not matter, small. Mid-sized, business, even large businesses, the overview is still pretty much the same and what, you need to be aware of so let's, say you own a restaurant we're going to right here it's a restaurant, this is the small business again, it's just an example I, have consulted with restaurants, before let's, say it's an Italian, restaurant that is it something, that you need to understand. About your business it's an Italian, place, you have Italian food and let's say you want to know your location the first thing is location because if you're a small business and you only provide. To a certain location you, need to understand, that let's say we are in. Long. Island New. York, that's where we are right now the. First thing we're gonna talk about with any small business and understanding, whether you're new or you've, been in business for a while and maybe you have heard this before is search. Now. You might be going ok yeah I heard of search or what is search what I'm saying search I mean any search. Engine especially, the powerful, ones like Google. It's, gonna write down here at Google. YouTube. And. Then. Of course, there's. Other search like Bing there's other search engines but two really, big search engines that I really, really would, definitely. Start looking, at right away as Google, and YouTube and the reason why is, because. What. I like to call it positioning. You want to position your, business in the search and what. You're doing positioning. This. Does a few different things. Positioning. In the search these, go hand in hand this.

Will Help your reputation. And. This. Will also help with, SEO and. With. Keywords. Now. You may be thinking okay what, do you mean by SEO and keywords SEO means, search engine. Optimization. So, what, you want to do is let's, say you have a restaurant, and let's, say you have a website you. Want to make sure that your website is optimized. For certain, keyword, terms and I have other videos that go over this I'll link them either up here in the cards and, I'll leave them down below that. Are going to help you draw, in organic. Traffic and the. Reason we want that is if someone types in best. Italian. Restaurant, on Long Island, and you're positioned, there what's. Going on you're. Positioning, yourself as, one of the best number one psychologically. Because they're typing that in Google and finding your website, and also. Somebody, might be in the mood to take somebody out on a date for Italian food maybe, they're just in the mood for Italian food and you're, finding your restaurant, so, you want to make sure that you're being found, in the search for keywords, right. Near keywords. That. Are specifically, targeted, locally. To your small business now, if you're a national, business then. You could go for national keywords it doesn't have to be best, Italian, restaurant, on Long Island if you are a franchisee. Of Italian restaurants you might want to be found all over the nation for just best Italian restaurants, right but, since this is a local small business and I know a lot of you have small local, either social, agencies, or, restaurants. Or small fitness. Club stuff like that you, want to understand you want to be found in Google and also, YouTube, similar. To how people find, my videos, by, optimizing. Your YouTube videos, titles, and descriptions, then. Making sure you. Really position, yourself in those search engines to be found for. A lot, of different keywords that's a whole different tactic. And, actual. Skill set that I teach in another video, with search engine. Finding, the right keywords using, the right tools so I'm not going to dive into that because we literally, be sitting here for over an hour just on this topic but I want you to make me aware that you, want to start positioning, yourself and, using SEO in, the, search engines, like Google and YouTube that's the one, main, first thing because this is going to drive organic. Targeted. Traffic to your website, and help, you position yourself and grow, the, other thing I want to talk about is influencers. And I have a few other videos going over this and I'm going to be going a lot more over this but at some point even locally, people don't realize, influencers. Locally, it's. Still a very powerful thing. Local. Influencers, they. Can be micro influencers, maybe they're bloggers, that are, locally, in the Long Island area they, like to travel and go to restaurants, maybe they're Yelpers, right they have a little, bit of an influence maybe on Instagram, they have a few thousand, followers you.

Want These people you want their attention you want them to come test, out your. Food. And, take pictures and post on their Instagram right maybe, do a video review for you and you want to do whatever you have to do to, reach out called outreach marketing, invite. Them in so, that they have a great experience in, your restaurant, or with your business and it could be for a discount, we do a lot of free different types of stuff and, in. Return they're, going to post on their Instagram, so people start, getting awareness. Or social, front from them and from their followers but really what I would really love to get is a video, review maybe, even them in the restaurant maybe even have the video and the videographer, ready so when these people come in if they agree to it they'll taste the food they'll they'll, say, what they liked what they didn't like and you could cut up a review, video out of there you could use those review videos to put on your website now when people are finding you in the search they're going to see these beautiful reviews, they're all great people talking, about your food and how good it is and then also you could use those videos on, your own social platforms. To promote. Remember. That on your own social platforms. - from and that's the next thing that we're going to get into is social, media and. They. All work. Together and, that's, why I'm just making you aware of all, this you know you'll hear people go yes, social media, or, SEO or website right they all have to work together the overview, is to position, yourself, in the search and this stuff takes, work, you don't just build a website you have to actually optimize it, add content, optimize, the content it's a whole skill. Set same thing with influencers, I made a video on how to reach out to them how is reaching out to them for actually. International. Brand how'd it get influencers, you want to do the same thing just on a local, level getting influences, social. Media you, want to have a content. Strategy especially. Right. When you're doing in the restaurant, what think about what are people looking at food I see. So many restaurants, mess this up, their. Photos, they're taking of their food their, food can be so delicious but the photos are taking are just low low quality you, want really vibrant. Sleek. Sharp, photos, that, will make your food look delicious. Your mouth should start watering and there's a lot of accounts I'll try to link one below or show you an example maybe right here right now of some, food so, that maybe you have a delicious stuffed artichoke, which I love making stuffed artichokes, and I love stuffed artichokes, now if you saw my picture, I'll show you a picture of my stuffed artichokes right here, verse. This, picture. Right. The one that's that was professionally, taken at the restaurant just look so much better than lighting the, way it's positioned, right and makes you want it you want that type of photography. Every. Day that's a strategy you put together maybe, you have somebody maybe it's somebody on your staff or you can personally do it you get a nice camera you can actually use your iPhone in portrait, mode that's, another like skill and you could look how to do this on YouTube but you want to get these beautiful portraits, of your food. Every single day especially these special dishes write a nice description, on Instagram, posting, on Facebook, make sure they're out there right there's so many different, things but I'm giving you a broad overview of, what, you should be really focused, on especially, if you're a restaurant but this goes for everyone, search. With, SEO so, YouTube, and Google making sure you're being found for certain keywords making, sure you're being found for your branding, maybe, with review videos so it's securing, your reputation. Then. The next thing is using influencers. To make, those videos so you can optimize them for your brand embed them on your websites and when people find your website they go wow this person loves it this person loves it this person loves it five stars from this person and it's video testimonials. Very very powerful, then, social, media producing. Content and putting. That content out on a daily. Or weekly basis. But good looking content, and then also I would do content, of like, meet the chef meet the team and putting that out again you're a restaurant, so I really combed the strategy of most people want to see the food videos. Of the food knowing outright making, videos of your, steak if you do steaks being sliced, in slow motion with some really good music really. Thinking of a creative, concept, and this, is what we do when we consult we write this all out right we look at everything, that you should be doing because this always stays the same if it's location we, know we want searched we know we want to be positioned we know we want to make sure our reputation, solid, we know we want to be generating.

Keywords Through SEO and generating, organic traffic, we know we want to use influencers. We know we want to use social media so we start drawing this time starting here but then it really will, expand, out in every single section and come up with a strategy for every single section and also how can each section, work with each other lay out a blueprint, and take action, so that you're not missing out with that blueprint, I know it sounds like a lot but this is what I want you to first be aware of and I'll make other videos so that we don't keep this too long and you can ask any questions, down I'll, make other videos when it comes down to strategizing. In each one I'm just giving you some examples now and then from the strategizing. Building, up the strategy and then, building out a blueprint. To take action on it so you know what you're doing every single week who has what, job to get done and how you're doing this so, it. Doesn't end here though we're just on social media now and now I want to talk about paid social. Media this is probably one of the most powerful things you can do for your local business so we're gonna jump into paid advertising, I'm just going to erase, this little section right now and just so, I can save the space as you can see and I'm going to go into paid advertising, so, social, media has something very powerful maybe, you are aware of this maybe some of you are using this. Social. Media paid. And. What. You can actually do is, target. Specific. People on Facebook. And Instagram this. Is Facebook. Instagram. YouTube. You can do as well and I'm just going to give you a broad overview real, quick so you understand, the power of this if, you have an Italian restaurant, in Long Island New York, I can, target men, and women the ages, of 22. To. 60. Let's say that. Live, within a certain zip, code so if I know my restaurant, is in a town in the Hamptons, maybe, I want to just target, 10 miles around the Hamptons, maybe I also want to promote it in New York City a lot of people from New York City this could be a strategy I think of also, travel to the Hamptons, right so maybe I want to position my ads in New York City and certain, areas of Manhattan and then, also some ads within 10 20 miles around the, Hamptons, I can actually just target people who, are on their phones that. Are 22. To 60, years old who are on Facebook and Instagram and, as they're scrolling, and you'll notice these if you don't realize this they're sponsored, ads and what, I would do is really come up with an. Attention-grabber. Because this is different than search engine. Marketing, because. Search. When. You're using SEO, and you're using specific, keywords people, are typing in, maybe best. Italian, restaurant, to eat at tonight or Italian. Restaurants, you must go, to on Long Island now if you have blog posts, and optimization.

Content That people are finding that's, really, powerful stuff but, with social media no, one's really going on Instagram, and Facebook and just typing in certain. Using it as a search engine what they're doing is they're, on Facebook, they're looking, at pictures funny videos and then BAM when they're scrolling you, want your attention, grabber. It's called interruptive. Marketing, you're interrupting them, you only have a few seconds to do this so you want to do something that's really gonna catch their eyes and. What. I would suggest in a scenario, like this is maybe we. Do free, bottle of wine and I would tell the restaurant, owner and convince them let's do something because people love a discount, people love deals people love free stuff right especially with a restaurant you're gonna make it back what. We would do is run a deal with a free bottle of wine if you book and I would have a link in a beautiful, video shot and maybe on the video I'm promoting, this free bottle of wine I'm making it really appealing what you'll get for the for the day it's. Limited, you know you can limit this to maybe 50, people you want them to book maybe through a booking, app that's connected, to your website, or some. Type of tool like that so they could book maybe. Pay in advance there's, different ways you can go about this and different businesses. Are gonna have different strategies. That really come with this but I want you to just understand, that we, can target specific people, within, specific, area so you can even target people with specific incomes. Facebook. Has so much data do, they understand, a lot, of people you probably don't realize how much they actually know about you but, that's why you'll see specific. Ads so. You want to be able to position yourself, in front of these people and then also my videos I would, put. At the end of my Facebook. And Instagram marketing. Paid videos those, influencer. Reviews. Tutorials, that, I'm getting I would, have, my videographer edit. My videos so, that at the and my ads one, or two of my positive testimonial. Reviews from those influencers. Are there, some people hear them saying I had a great experience the. Artichokes. Are to die for the pasta, is amazing. Right that type of stuff I would have in my advertisement, and I would spend paid, advertisement. To go towards, specific, people within a specific location and I would send them to a specific landing, page I would make them sign up for something in order to get that free bottle of wine right or make them book, their day that they're gonna come in now, I have their email address, and maybe their phone number now if your text message market them I would make them land, on specific, landing page and it really could go crazy here I could talk about retargeting. And what retargeting, is similar, if you're ever shopping on Amazon, and you leave Amazon, you, might go over to another site and you see what you were just looking at on Amazon following, you around that's called retargeting, we would do the same thing we can control that and we can do that on these, platforms as, well if somebody. Goes from, my Facebook ad about my Italian restaurant my free bottle of wine the other book and they go, to my website and then thinking about booking maybe, they book or maybe they leave if they leave I'm gonna follow them around and maybe. Start showing them more positive. Reviews of why they should come because they didn't pull the trigger, yet, you see what I'm saying this, is stuff that you can do paid advertisement. On Facebook. Instagram YouTube. I'm, sure you're on YouTube sometimes you see those pre-roll, ads you'll see get an ad, right before it comes, to the real video you want to watch that's it that's being paid for by that advertiser, you can do that too locally, for your business as well so paid. Avenue, is a really, powerful tool, and technique to do there's, a lot of testing, though and and. Trial and error here, to get certain things right you, definitely want to have really good incentives, that makes people stop scrolling I always, personally love video too we, do split tests with images nice carousel, images of your food as well we would split test a whole bunch of different things this is what we would be going over and and strategizing.

What Are we gonna do from here and then we would start branding. Different strategies, ideas right then from there we build the blueprint out so, we went over SEO in the search and making sure you're positioning, yourself for, your brand and specific, keyword terms and. Then we went over using influencer. To get really powerful testimonial. Reviews and content, so that you can use, that on your advertisement. Your paid advertisement. And also on your website so when people find you they see that you, can also use it on your social media platforms, for, some of your content that you're gonna be putting out we also want our social media content, a strategy, of uploading. Images on. A weekly, basis, and coming, up with a strategy for that and when you think about restaurants, and talking about really great. Looking, photos, not, what, a lot of these restaurants are doing and making their images, pixelated. Or the Lighting's really poor it's not appetizing, right you want me to come into your place if you pictures you're just using a really crappy. Light. And you're just taking really bad photos, that don't look it's not making even if it tastes good she's not making me want to come there believe me this is really powerful stuff especially. If you own a restaurant, now. Facebook, Instagram YouTube of. Course you're putting stuff up there you're you have a content strategy to, update but then you can also run the paid ads and then we talk about running, your paid ads using those reviews, making content. And I would run two different paid, campaigns, again we run a lot of different paid campaigns, because I want, to get your brand and story out there I'd shoot a video just, about your brand news story to get in front of people then I would be running. An incentive. Deal like free bottle of wine night or ladies night right get get people in the door and sign up then, I would be running retargeting. Campaigns, anyone that ever hit my website and left I be following, them around with incentives, what were you testimonials. Why, they should come and every. Single person that ever opted. In and when I mean opted in anyone that came to my website, or came, to my landing page in my advertising and gave me that phone number or email I would put them into what we call a communication. Funnel. Now. This, is another, powerful, step and we're gonna stop right after, this because, I think again, go I can. Keep digging, deep into all these I'm just giving you the over overview. So that you're aware of this but this is what we'd be going over and really, digging deep and you, know branching, out on all this stuff communication. Funnel once, you're in my email list once I have your phone number I'm, going to be either sending, you additional, deals later on or educating. You and letting, you know more about the business or giving you tips I love giving tips to I think it's a really great thing especially if you're really, good at certain things maybe, a restaurant why not get recipes, out also, put into communication, from a branch where, if I know people ate at my restaurant, they came my door and I got their contact, information and they, would go down a separate, funnel where, now I would communicate, with them offer them even, better incentives. To get back into my restaurant maybe next time I want to give them a free dessert to, get them back in but. I'm also going to ask them how their first experience was in my funnel and try to get them to leave me a review why do I want to do that because reviews. Are king online, when. People start searching, again and you're positioned, there and now imagine all you have is five-star reviews, and your position there for all these keywords and getting traffic now you have video testimonials. You have five-star, reviews being built this, is all what you should be aware of this is how you have to grow your business in 2019, and I'm, just going over basic, stuff here I don't want it to be too long I feel like I already went long enough I just wanted to give you the overview, of what to, be aware, of and. You know what I'll do for you I'll actually put this in a PDF, form and you could download it below this way you have all this information that I just went over if you want that for free I'll put it down just. So that you can read it and be aware of where you should be on as far as platforms, once, you see it you understand, wow it's pretty simple, what becomes complex, is setting, this stuff up and taking, action, and understanding, the skill set it takes to get this stuff done and putting, it into a blueprint. So that you're actually taking action and getting, it done especially when, you're just starting out you can be wearing many hats I understand, the struggle I've been there but, again, you just have to start taking action and as you plug away you'll learn it is a lot of free content out there on how to do this up on my youtube channel personally, I have a lot of free videos going over influence, and marketing YouTube, marketing right.

So You can find stuff here there's other tons of videos out there as well that are really good so, I hope that gave you a nice, brief, short. But sharp, overview, of what, you should be doing I know it's overwhelming, when I'm talking about all these different elements but I wanted to make you aware of them so you understand, that they're there and how powerful, they are the, search engine, social media, being, found, your reputation. Video, marketing photography. Everything positioned. Right and over. And over again in front of your target audience and building a brand, and a name and also, getting in front of the right search terms I hope this all makes sense I hope you could put it together I wanted to keep it brief and not as in-depth, so, that we could keep this video short if, you have any questions, at all leave, them down below and I'll be sure to answer them and again, if you like this video if you know other small business owners out there please, share, it with them hit. The like button subscribe, if you like this stuff and I'll see you in the next video.

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If you are trying to grow a small business in 2019 this can give you a brief over view of things I focus on that have 5x the revenue on some of the projects I have worked on.

That's awesome!

Thanks for sharing! Getting ready to launch #SmalleysTreeService #Facebook #Youtube

You are going to do great in that vertical. With a well optimized website for local tree service terms you can build a great business and brand with Google.

@James Kuck I sure hope so. It surprises me how many businesses don't rank up on Google because Aflac of post photos and a reviews. They just got to talk to the customer more. Tricky part is tying it all together links upon links upon links, lots of apps, websites, posts and pictures.

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