How to Get Your Color Street Business off to a Strong Start

How to Get Your Color Street Business off to a Strong Start

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Hi. Everyone. Welcome. This is the strong start. Zoom. Call for, true. Synergy. The. True synergy team is actually made up of a whole bunch of different teams, under. The leadership of multiple. Presidential, founders and presidential, circle members I'm, actually not one of those who. My name is Lynn gets I am. A leader on the team and, I'm. Excited to be here and to share with you some information today, about getting your business off to a strong start just. To give you a little bit of background information about me like, I said my name is Lynn I currently. Live just outside of Philadelphia despite, what my shirt says I'm. From Pittsburgh I. Live. Near Philadelphia, where it is actually sunny today it is not always sunny in philadelphia like. The show says but it is sunny here today I do have you old muted right now just to get rid of any background noise but I want this to be an interactive session so that anytime do you have questions, please, unmute yourself and ask them and. Of course I will have lots of time for Q&A at the end if, you want to wait and see if I address something and. Then ask your questions at the end that would be great. Again. A little bit about me I am a mom of three I have. A 7, year old and 11. Year old and, a 14. Year old and my. 14 year old is actually part of the reason why I do this business he, has multiple, disabilities a, lot, going on in his life I actually had originally scheduled this call for yesterday but we had to reschedule a cardiology, appointment had a lot of things going on and so we were able to get this call rescheduled, for today so thank you for any of you who just, stood that time for. Us but direct. Sales gives me the opportunity and especially. Color street to, take, this fun amazing, product, to. Where, it to feel better about myself, because. My nails are on point even when I'm a complete, hot mess because of something else you should know about me is that I am a hot mess I'm, a hot mess like, a train wreck full of glitter but. I'm still a hot mess and, and. I love, this business because it gives me a chance to showcase my personality I, get to have great time with my amazing team I get to wear super fun nails I'm not doing anything crazy today I'm just rocking some Gordo glutes and yesterday. Was national wine day so you know it seemed to fit um, but, it, is this business can be so much for you it can be whatever you want it to be and that's the first thing that I really think, that we all need to focus on I mean I look back and I look at why I initially, got into direct sales and then initially why I got into color Street and I. Know that for me my Y has changed over time and if you're just coming into this business now take. Some time to sit down and to, get to know why. You, decided to join this business in, your, kit your starter kit you should have received, this amazing. Book okay, this is the color street road to success guide and the, first thing, that it does after, it introduces, you to our amazing founder mr. bob park which if you haven't watched that video yet about. His story please watch that it. Is absolutely, incredible to hear more and more about his story but, the next page you. Get to your, why and there. Are a series of questions that really help you to dig into what, it is you're looking for from this business now.

Let Me tell, you there there's no wrong answers, here this, is all for you this is for you to understand what it is you're looking for how, much money do you want to make how, much time do you want to spend are those, two things in alignment. Do. You you know are you in this business looking. For fun and friendship are you in this business looking, to change your family's life and that, is something again, like I said can change over time but get to know a little bit more about, your, wife about why you jumped, into this business what, was it that you know really attracted, you to it and. Be ready to share that story you know what your story is that you can share it with others and listen to the stories of others, I think, that is one thing that we have talked. A lot about is you know my wife is going to look very different from, someone, else's and I, am always excited to hear the wives of other people so, actually if any of our leaders are on right now and you want to unmute yourself and, share with us why you joined color street I'd, love to hear that not, to put y'all on a spot Robin, but. I'm. Like who's the first leader I see up there and my little squares. But. If any of you do want to share your Y with the rest of us that would be wonderful, I. Will, I don't mind. My, wife was a little bit different, I guess um, I. I. Had, just gone through a, divorce and. Was. Feeling a after. You know after. Everything was done and everything I know I was feeling very fortunate, you know I still in my house everything was good, I've. Seen so many friends. So many people around me that go through a divorce and they're just completely starting, over. Financially. Emotionally. Just, everything. And I. Saw, this as a way to help. Other women. That. Are in that situation it's a it's a way out for a lot of women, I mean you know for basically, for the price of one pair of shoes or something you, can start your business you know and start a whole business and and. Really change your life so. That. Was kind of one of my passions. And. Then, the other one was you know I was lucky enough to stay home with my kid it's the whole time they were little, and so. Many people don't get to do that so, that was another thing as I, knew it can help people be. Able to stay home from work, with. Their kids and still you know make, the good amount of money for their family, so.

That's. Another day in passionate about you know I was trying to find those people to, be able to help them out and then of course the other one you. Know I like. That. Is another part of it but that was it for me and it's and, it's working out I love, it thank you Robin so much and thanks for letting me put you on the spot you're welcome. Oh and. That's a great point I mean it is it is business you can make a lot of money here but whatever your goals are just know what that is if your goal is a hundred dollars a month yeah that's you know we can help you do that your most $500 a month we can help you do that if your goal is a thousand, dollars a month we can help you do that if your goal is ten, thousand dollars a month we can help you do that and just know where you are and, then be ready to understand, what it's going to take to get you to that place to. Work your business in the way that is going to get you to. Whatever your goal might be which. Brings us to the next page in this road to success guide which is the compensation, plan I'm not going to go over this right now because to be perfectly honest, the biggest thing I want you to focus on is getting your business launched and off to a great start and the best way to get your business launched, and off to a great start is, by. Looking at our jump start plan our. Jump start plan is absolutely. Designed with. The goal in mind to. Get your your business off to a great start so you want to look at starting, you know getting a launch party setting. Up a Facebook VIP group. Reaching. Out to your friends and family and letting, them know that you started, this business now, I know a lot of people will step back and they'll say oh I don't want to bother my friends and family but if, you started any business, any business like, let's say you open a coffee shop you're. Going to reach out to your friends and family and let them know that you started a coffee shop so, why wouldn't you reach out and let them know that you started your color street business now, beyond that obviously. Your friends and family coming into your coffee shop every day is not going to make your business successful so. You need to start, to branch out and meet new people have, your friends introduce you to their friends by, hosting, parties and inviting. You to share color Street with their friends, this. Business, is all about getting to know new people reaching, out to them and sharing our amazing products with them as well as our amazing business opportunity and, our jump start goals and rewards are going to help you do that so when you're looking at our jump starts you're going to see that there are two different areas of jump start these.

Sales Goals and the. Enrolling. Goals, again. They go hand-in-hand. Because. That is going to be what grows both areas, of your business in sales and in building a team but, they're all exclusive. Of each other and I think that's really cool that if you hit the sales goal for jobs start 35, but, don't necessarily hit. The enrolling, goal for jump start 35 that doesn't mean that those next, level goals are out you, know that you can't achieve that you, can skip. Over one, you can you, know get all six of them I love when I see people get all six of them but you may only hit one or two and that's okay too. I really. A beautiful. Part of our business it gives you products. Credits that you can use for supplies in your business and nail strips and it. Gives you an opportunity to again. Share this amazing opportunity with all the people around you now. One of the thing that I did, one of the things I did mention was. Getting a launch party in place and. A lot of people will choose to do a multi-faceted. Launch party so something, may be online with, a Facebook, party you know really launching, their VIP Facebook, group but then also doing something at home or, at a local business you know you may want to get your friends together for margaritas, and manicures that your your local restaurant or, maybe, get them together for, muffins. And manicures, at the local bakery and if, you don't want to do something at your house this is a product, that is easily portable, so, any of those things are potential, options for you and I think it's really great to give you the opportunity, to get out there and to share the product with friends and family and I'll be honest I actually love doing like, little, get-together parties, in public, places because, it gets attention you, know people will see what you're doing and they're thinking what. Are they doing over at that table those girls are having fun I wanna go see what they're up to. Your waitress may come over and be like what are you guys doing you're doing manicures, um let. Me know more about that so you, know this is a product that we wear and share we're, able to get out and about I. Absolutely. So full confession for me I absolutely despise the term it sells itself okay that really bothers me because you have to wear it you have to share it you have to get out there with it let, me tell you it's pretty, easy to. Sell it's a simple, product it, is simple explanation, it is a simple, thing to demonstrate. You have the tools right there in your starter kit with our amazing, two finger testers and those. Are like the bread and butter of our business getting out there and getting a two finger tester, on someone it literally makes my day every time I do it and I've been doing this for two and a half years so, when, I get out there and I put a nail strip on someone new and see their face light up and go oh my gosh it's that simple wait it's dry hold on I can touch it, what do you mean that this is it's nail polish what do you mean it's gonna come off with nail polish remover I mean I get so excited when. I see that happen because, it's like it's brand-new for me all over again, so, make. Sure you get it you're getting that launch party you're getting your friends and family together also, too if you haven't done so yet pop. The box with your kit is really a lot of fun you can do this through a live on Facebook, if, you've already established a VIP group or even on your personal page go, ahead and do a quick live video if you're not into doing a live video we'll, help you out with that if you decide you want to do it later but, if you want to just record a video and. Post that to your page post it to YouTube just, get it out there so that you have something to share with people and show them your excitement you. Know this is something that I've seen friends on my team, get their kids involved with they get super excited to see what's in the box they're like wow you know mom what is all this stuff and so, it can be a lot of fun um it, could also be an opportunity to just to fight some friends over and do it with them say hey I just got my starter kit for color Street I'm so, excited to share this with you you want to come over you, know have some coffee have, some wine or whatever and, just help me go through all my new stuff and play with all the new nail strips and understand, how all this works and so. It's it's a fun product to share with friends I think that is probably one of the things I like the best about it. So. I did mention a VIP group on Facebook I think that that's a great thing to have if you are someone who is on Facebook you. Want to be able to get, that set up we, do have some social media rules your Facebook group does have to be a private, group so.

That You or if you're offering any specials. Or you're offering any prizes. Or playing any games all of those have to be private we want to make sure that we're not undercutting, other stylists, in the market and, we can't put anything out there publicly we. Can't post in any yard, sale groups or anything you, know any kind of sales online, outside. Of what our you know our actual website and. Our private Facebook groups, you can have a public business page but, you can't post any like any kind of sales or specials outside of what's advertised, from color straight so. That's a big thing but if you have questions about that please talk with your sponsor about it everybody, should you know have those rules in place but. Speaking of rules do make sure you read your policies, and procedures that. Is something, that is very important, we, lists are all expected, to abide by those policies, and procedures, so, it's something that I want to make sure I remind you to do it, can be a little overwhelming and cumbersome I admit I you know have a cup of coffee ready if, you're a coffee drinker but you. Do want to make sure that, you have that available I'm also. On Facebook we, do have all of our groups to support you you will find that there are team groups for. Your team. For, true synergy depending, on what leg of our team you're in there, are probably multiple groups, you can be a part of I do, encourage you to join of the groups that are within your team structure, because, there's, going to be a lot of helpful information shared, in those groups thanks, from corporate, trainings. Other, things from the internet each leader has a very different style so being, able to kind of get a little bit from everyone, is really helpful I'll be honest I'm actually in some of my downline. Teams leader, groups and I love it I get things from them I'm, able to post things that are a little bit different I get, thanks from my upline leader and, so it's just it's really a collaborative, workspace and I think that that is something that we, really enjoy also. - I want to make sure that you understand, we have a lot of training up now, it can seem a little overwhelming and, I don't want to make you feel like you have to go in and dive in and watch every, single training that's available to, you right now but. There's, a whole area, in the back office or virtual, office that we have and there's a whole section in there where you have all of the different training resources, now. You've probably be, getting emails from corporate, I have links to certain videos for you to watch there's. A whole series of videos that are also in the virtual office that, you can access as well also. We have archived training so them from our Tuesday, trainings these are trainings that are conducted, mostly. By leaders, throughout the company they, gave you information on practical, tips that you can use so it may be like five, suggestions. Of you know how to bump, up your facebook interaction, or it may be you, know hostess, coaching, 101, all. Of these things are available in your virtual office as, well as you know in some of your team spaces, so, if you're ever looking for something if you're like wow you know I just, could really use a little help on Facebook parties check, out those Tuesday trainings there's probably something there there's. Also going to be resources, probably in your team page as well. Moving. On I. Love. Our, this. Guy because, I told you about this the road to success okay, again pull this out this is not just a piece of paper in the bottom of your kit this is actually good stuff um but, one of the best way is to get going on this business is to follow our fun little color 10 plan.

Okay. Um you, guys again the system is given to you you want to grow this business it's. Right here color time what. We did with color 10 colors 10 actually is an acronym and. The idea is that we connect we offer we listen we, overcome, objectives, and we recruit and repeat, so. Connecting, with people getting, out there the 10 idea, is that we get out when we color 10 every week so we're putting Tuesday's on 10 new people connecting. With 10 new people each, week people that we haven't met before people that we haven't sampled and. We're able to offer them using all the tools that we have so. Whether that's using our two finger testers, whether, that's encouraging. People to get in our VIP proof or host a party, we're, able to find, out more about these folks that we're connecting, with listening. To them hearing their concerns you, know I will, I tell, everyone all the time that this product appeals, to you know people, of all ages in, all walks of life I have, members of my team who are at all education, levels who are at all ages from you know 18 to you know people who have, been long. Retired from the workforce and are just having a good time in. Their senior years we we had everyone, and, there. Is something in this for everyone um I, just had someone reach out the other day and she's like I'm really sad that my grandmother is not alive, right now because she would have loved, this and, I said you know what we have teams that actually you know go and visit their. Grandmothers at the, assisted, living facility, and they do their nails and they do their friend's nails and it's so much fun and it's a way to give back with this product, you. Know we have people who. Have participated. In all. Kinds of different events we. Have folks that are business travelers so they're not able to get their nails done on the road we have folks who are busy. Moms like me who are a hot mess on, most days. But, I will tell you honestly the first time I put product on I was. Walking around in leggings and a sweatshirt I had my hair up in a bun no makeup on like this is put together for me today this is pretty good men. So I had. You know had. Been able to try a set, um you, know a day or two before I had, to run to the grocery store and I was in the grocery store looking all a hot mess probably hadn't showered in two days but, whenever I was handing my stuff to the person, who was checking me out she complimented, my nails and I was like I. Use. Like it made me just feel better, as a, tired busy. Mom, so, you, know if I don't know if you can relate to that, that's great share my story with anyone you want if, that's not your story find someone you know share your story find the story that fits with the people that you're connecting with because like I said this product can mean so much just, so many people and being, able to get out there and to share it with everyone is just really, important, um. I. Will remind you you might want to if. You haven't sat down yet to you know go through the virtual office with your sponsor please. Make sure that you are doing that getting. To know exactly what's there there are so many amazing resources, and. So, many different things that you can go through and learn about your customers, and, to be, able to reach out to them and said you follow up follow. Up is a key to this business, whenever. Somebody orders from you make sure you're giving them a shout out doing, them a thank you circling. Back with them and letting them know that new, things are available we, always you know it's even great we're even people to search in that virtual office for specific, products, so like if a product comes out that was similar to an old product or if a product comes out you know for holiday, ting you know you had some customers who loved last year's holiday sets you're able to search through and find those people and then reach out to them and let them know so there's really great access.

To Data in that virtual office if you're a data person, I kind of like it sort of but, there's just all kinds of different things that you can do so. I. Am, kind of like glancing, through my notes I was a little all over the place with. Some of the things that I was. Going. Over but I just I mean I think the key to everything in, this is understanding. You know exactly, why you're here exactly, where you want to go setting your goals making those little SMART goals you know make I don't know if you're familiar with SMART goals if you've ever worked in corporate that kind of him it's all kinds, of SMART goals but, you know making sure that those goals are specific, and, are, measurable and are actionable. That. You're able to record them and that you're you know time bound on those so, you know if your goal is to, sell. 500, dollars, in your first month or 0 if your goal is to hit the first jump start then you know sit down with your sponsor and break that down see what that looks like work, with them about a plan that you can put into place so that you can get there and. Then just beat you and you you, can do this business in so, many different ways there is no one right way to, be successful in, this business I have. Seen people. Do this business in multiple, ways you're going to hear of multiple. Success stories from, different people, I think the key, factors, are that, you have to be consistent, you. Have to. You. Know really be willing to get, out there and consistently, work the, system and you. Just have to have fun with it and you have to enjoy what you're doing and enjoy, what you're selling, because. Nail polish so it's totally, enjoyable. All. Right well I'm gonna stop talking because I feel like I've talked enough and I'm happy, to answer any questions you may have about, the. Business about anything, I don't know whatever. Ask. Me anything I'm an open book. You. And. You're. Muted, so if you're talking and you want to come on you will have to unmute yourself sorry. I get, that just because there was some background noise in the beginning. Anyone. I. Cover. Everything, yes. Do, do to do, did. I say Tiffany, Jones everyone I'm trying to pull up I can't see the chat here, you can't sell at flea, market. Tiffany. There are very specific rules around, selling. At certain marketplaces, and it has to do with how, often these events. Are held because. We have rules around I think being considered, a retail location. So, please, look, at that specifically. In the policies and procedures in relation to that it. Is it's, you. Know farmers market simply markets, are not. Necessarily, allowed but it it has more to do with the timing and the structure of those. Events. So. You need to be able to look at how often those events are held and where. Their health, and. How. That works so that is in the policies and procedures I can't remember off the top of my head which, specific. Area. Covers that and there's, also a P and P FAQ, that, we had these are both in your virtual office if you go into the resources tab you, will find those, and. That. Specific. Information. Is there and so. It will give you you'll be able to look and see how that relates to the events that you're considering I. Do. See another question what. About selling in online events. Again. Online events, it, needs to. Be a private, event if. You're offering any kind of discount or sale that. Does need to be a private, event that. Is held so a lot, of people do online throw parties set. It up either in a private group or in a private event but. Yeah absolutely that's. The way a lot of us do our business is from up here behind our computers, so. That. Is an option as well. And. Just join excited to learn more no questions as of yet all right well Amy if you have any questions. At all, please. Let. Any. Of us know, Nicole. What are the seasonal, rhythm of the product launches or catalog releases, we. Have two big catalog, releases, every year and so, we have a spring catalog which. Is going to be coming out in March and. Then we have a fall catalog which typically, launches, I. Want to say like September ish and. The. Launches. So. Those are big launches that's when we usually see a pretty significant, turnover in product. So. You'll see a retiring, list coming out the very beginning of March so that'll be the nail, strips that are going to be retiring from our current catalog and then you'll see all the new stuff coming. And we did get a preview of that at our senior leadership retreat and I cannot remember off the top of my head how many nail starts they showed us but, they were amazing. Um one. Thing that bill did tell us and Bill is our chief. I want to say he's our chief marketing officer, he.

But It's bill is amazing, bill used to work for Sally Henson and some other companies along the way and, Bill was telling us about the fact that you're. Gonna start to see a lot, more of, our like salads. Coming. Out in our big, launches, in the fall in the spring, because. Our, little, launches, that happen in between you usually see designs so, I will say you know we usually have, holiday. Launches so Valentine's Day st. Patty's Day there's. Usually. You. Know something extra, that comes out of the spring we usually see an extra lot you know a little extra line in the summer I'm, typically. You know with or. You're. Also gonna see the foundation. Strips okay, so sometimes, it's gonna be one strip that comes up for a foundation launch. Another, time it may be four strips for a summer launch and those, happen, every kind of few weeks you. Know there's at least one, or two of those a month so. There's all these new products that are being added limited. Edition products you know when they're gone they're gone from, catalog, products are always going to be restocked on but. There is always something new I think that's one of the things that I love is seeing all of the things that come out and you know if somebody you'll see somebody who'll be super sad because, one of their favorites will get retired and you know six months later they don't even remember it existed because there's so much new stuff. Okay. Let's see. How, have. I grown my VIP I, find. Barely grown mine organically, um by. Just, you know I started off with friends and family hey I launched this new business come on in you know check it out see what I've done and, then, you know helping, to get. People there from parties I may. Offer party. Points, or you know a small incentive, like hey you know I'll send you a couple accent. Nails which are our two Z's if. You join my VIP group so as a way to kind of help get people over into my VIP group I may do that with them from. A party um you. Know I always encourage people to bring their friends in if they think their friends would like color street I'd love for you to add them and when somebody adds a lot of friends and they do place in order and do you, know send them a little thank-you with. Some twosies, or you know if there's somebody who's referred. A lot of people to me I may even send them a free set. To. Try to let people know that my VIP group is fun. My. VIP group it's not just you know me. Kind, of throwing, up color Street all over them um it, is also just you know like fun, games fun memes some. Fun contests, some other things that are less. You, know just. About my nails but, you know I want to give them nail tips I want to show. Them different ways to, you, know do. Their nails show them different Alfie's I want to actually, you know make it an engaging place rather than just say you. Know hey you buy my product so that's, something to consider, when you're doing your VIP group as well I heard. Something recently let make it more of a. Reality, show than. A infomercial. So. You want to kind of show them your life show. Them a little bit about you show, them about you know what you're doing with your business, and. Make it more of a reality show rather than just an infomercial of here's this wonderful product I sell please. Any. Other questions, and. You. Were free to unmute yourself site was just reading the questions which. Are absolutely free to unmute yourself and talk I. Just. Did that for the background boys but. Now I feel self quiet. Always. Find good mugs because they make for great male tees. Other. Tips or tricks anyone. Else any of our other leaders want to chime in with any tips, for the. Folks who have just joined us.

Okay. Well if no one else has anything that I am going to sign off but. For you please feel free to reach out if you do have any other questions I, am. Happy to chat with anyone at any time but. I thank you so much for taking this time today I really appreciate you being here and. Thank. You I can't. Wait to see where this business takes you you're gonna have a lot of fun all, right.

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