How to get Settled in Dubai ? || Anish Singh Thakur || Anish Vlogs

How to get Settled in Dubai ? || Anish Singh Thakur || Anish Vlogs

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Oh dude, I am not able to do it brother, I am not able to do. We have to leave from here What happened? Where do we have to go? Firstly, what is this? Remove it dude. We have to leave for Dubai, Pratik I can't wait till Diwali How will we go? Bro, there is this friend of mine and I think it is possible. I think only 3 things are required What? Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment Brother, which world are you living? No bro Visa, Passport and money See, Visa and passport are there. We just have to do something about the money I am just joking, it will be done Should I call and ask what are the charges? What and how it is done? Do it immediately sir Let me call Sandesh Let's do this Let me call Sandesh Hello Hello, Sandesh Hi Brother, I have left Where to bro? I have left for Dubai Now, I have my visa and passport with me Rest all you have to see How to settle there No worries man, you can come Make sure we will take care of everything Ok bro, ok Coming to Dubai Ok, bye.

Finally, I have come to Dubai \I am settled in Dubai Thanks to Mr. Sandesh He is the CEO of Nexture Corporate Services The company which helped me with my Investor visa, my Emirates id From my visa stamping to all the stuff which is required in Dubai My bank account can be opened, my cheque book arrives Because of which I can have my own house for a year Everything has been done by Sandesh So, thank you so much Sandesh for all the that you have provided. So, how was your experience? Ah, and what makes you move to Dubai? Dude, I had my own personal reasons First of all, when this coronavirus time arrived I used to stay in Delhi Now from Delhi, I moved to my hometown which is a small city Then, I wanted to move to a bigger city again Like Delhi and Mumbai I have lived in Delhi and Mumbai before I wanted to have a better standard of living Definitely, I don't think I will get it anywhere else in the world better than Dubai Here, I have seen there is a lot of Indian touch. I have actually visited Dubai twice before Secondly, there is a trading I think you don’t know in detail about it. But Forex trading is just like stock market It is illegal in India and that is a very big reason for me I have opened my account here I can do my swing trading with my Dubai's broker I can take money legally in my Dubai's bank account So I needed a Dubai bank account and that is why And I am living by my choice Here is a high standard of living in Dubai And according to me, everyone is aware about it That is why I am staying here So, Sandesh the purpose of today's video is That all the audience are watching us These people, many people have different different reasons To come to Dubai or live in UAE So, they need a bank account Like, some of my viewers who might want to do Forex trading And it is illegal to do in India So, through this video we want to help them find a way So they can come here and do all their legal things that you'll make them do And after that, they can open their bank account Now, it's their wish They want to stay in Dubai, they can stay here They want to go back to India, they can go back to India And take money in their Dubai bank account And use it in whatever way they want to use So, this is the purpose right.

See, actually we are focusing mainly on the investors or the new startup People who are interested to come to Dubai We will give the complete support like A to Z support We can do from our company Nexture Corporate Services Ok We can classify the things into 3 Hmm, hmm Basically, like the people who want to start up their business in Dubai Maybe, the people inside Dubai or outside Then the second is the people who just want to stay in Dubai Ok And, In a very cost beneficial way we can do the things completed Then the other thing is the big corporates and the brands who wanted to startup in Dubai So, I know many people Like you know they want to start up a business or stay in Dubai But they don't know the ways like how to do And they feel like it is very complex method And they don't have contacts here to complete the process Exactly So, here is where we help them As I said I mean it like A to Z things we can do Like if a person wants to start a new business in Dubai See, first of all he has to come and see the market or understand the market. So, in this case he has to come here So, from his basic need like getting a tourist visa We will help them So, he just needs to send us the documents like passport copy and the photographs. Ok And the payment, which we can avail Which he can pay in Indian bank account also Ok So this way we start the process 48 hours..... 24 to 48 hours

We can issue their tourist visa For 90 days, it costs not more than 1000 dirhams So, then in that tourist visa he can travel to Dubai Okay, this is where the process starts Ok, alright so according to you there are 3 categories of people here. One, who wants to do a new startup One, who don’t even want to do a startup, just want to live in Dubai And one, the big brands and corporates who want to start their work in Dubai For these 3 categories, we can start this process. And for this, one has to come to Dubai for once with a tourist visa Tourist visa will cost you 1000 dirhams, which is near about 20,000 rupees fees 20,000 that they will pay to come here Then, they will meet you in office and rest of the process Which we will elaborate in this video later, You will again explain it to them, Sure And we can tell them right, Yeah So, that’s great, that’s great Alright, so let’s get started We will start with what the procedure So, let me tell this to you guys before only, That you have to come to Dubai with tourist visa and it will last you 90 days And after that you have to do some paperwork What you need to have? All you have to have is your passport and visa, The tourist visa that you will get That’s it, rest all the things will be done by them So, let’s study in detail, what is the procedure? For how many days you’ll get the visa? And how much fees will be charged? So, we will get to know all these things. Sandesh, I have heard that there are two types of companies here & zones Main land and free zones See, free zones actually there is many restrictions like Basically, it is having a bound of Like, you know geographical image They can do the business only in that particular free zone I can refer like Jafza, Ja… Jafza free zone they can only do business in Jafza Then about Dafza, So, there is a geographical image for each and every There is like 25+, free zones are there in Dubai And there are other Emirates also There is, many free zones are there 25 plus free zones, ya So, when we are talking about free zones, there are many limitations Only benefit of what we are getting from Free Zone is they don't want a local partner They don't want a local partner, ok Yes, exactly But there is restriction, they cannot do See, basically the people who want to start a business in Dubai They want to do the business in the mainland Like business has to happen in Dubai Okay, right ya Here only the main land will help them to do the business in Dubai Okay In Dubai main land, ok Otherwise they need For example, otherwise this mainland license They need a distributor to supply in main land For example, I will give you a reference of Bajaj Bajaj Automobiles Bajaj Automobiles, Ya They are doing a good business in free zone, Free zone, Ya They are just booking the things And the shipment will happen directly from India To whichever place they are trading It's like acting as a hub Ok, they are just doing the billing in Exactly, Dubai and they are sending India to any other country, any other country So, it's Dubai free zone was acting as a marketing hub Billing department, it's marketing hub They will let the customers here The multinational customers are coming here to buy the things Okay, ok There, we are getting a benefit But when they want to sell the bikes in Dubai market, They need a distributor, like a dealer Ok, as happens in India also So, we have to refer to popular or Many companies are there like dealers So, we are not talking about the big things We are talking about now small things So, as when we want to do a business in a wide range In Dubai local market You have to go for a main land business So, free zone company cannot do business in main land Exactly, yes So, that's of no use I think you also helped me to register a main land company Exactly So, let's go into detail So guys In Dubai free zone area is distributed Like he is telling that there are 25 areas of free zone That area is called Javsa, Jabal Ali free zone It's called Davsa, Dubai free zone So one can register there also any local partner is required Now, you will say How will I find a local partner? I don’t have any acquaintance here Sandesh will help us to tie up with a local partner Free will pay a fees, an yearly fees And our work will be done. So, now we will talk about mainland companies As you have told me, in mainland companies There is sole establishment and I think you told about LLC And there is public joint venture and private joint venture As needed, we will establish that corporation So, please explain about it See, actually I will start from the beginning Somebody has come on a tourist visa to Dubai So they have reached here So, we'll be having a clear U know , consultation will be there So we will explain them in that meeting Whatever things, what they can do and they cannot do it So, people will be coming with a business idea only Right, or as I said like People have a purpose just to stay in Dubai So, we will be very...

Things will be very clear after the consultation So in this consultation like if I’m going with the process Like, first process is name approval So, we have to register the name for whatever business we are doing it Okay So, what we give option to the customers Is like they can give option, Like 5 options of the name on the basis of priorities So, we will register the name, available name in the system Actually the license registration department is Dubai economy So in this we will search names according to the customer's priority Ok, and this whatever the names they are registering It will be registered on that particular person's ownership, ok So he will be the owner of that particular name If it is available Then this name registration will happen According to the activity we choose Hmm, Dubai economy is having a very clear classification of the activities. They have made classification of the activities And they have grouped also So, we are registering this name according to the group of activities So we will complete the name registration So, as I said 3 topics are coming One is the name availability Second is activity and the third is ownership Like this name will be registered to whom And this name will be valid for 6 months So within 6 months We can complete the process of complete license Okay So, we have completed the name approval Now the 2nd is, initial approval This is also an important step like We will get an initial trade number, Trade license number Ok, so the first step is name registration And the second step is initial approval Exactly, ok Like these are, 5 steps are there Ya, 1, 2, 3... So, we are at the point number 2, Ya Name approval, So, initial approval Initial approval, Ya In initial approval, we are registering a legal form of a company As we discussed earlier, Sole establishment Then we have, common one is LLC The limited liability company LLC, Ya, ok And we have public, which is having like bigger companies Bigger companies, Banks, Insurance companies and all, we can take this and also Private or public joint stock companies Like there are private limited and public limited in India Exactly, like that type, exactly So... currently we will, The main thing like, if I am saying 90-95% of the company Will be registered Sole establishment And liberal liability company So we have to choose, depends upon the activities Depend upon the activity, ya So if it is a professional activity… Mostly go to professional license Like, in my case Trading is my only work So it will come under normal sole establishment Ya, so it will be sole establishment So, in the initial approval We are choosing the legal form of a company And the second is about the activities So, in detail before we have classified, We have selected the group of activities In initial approval, we will select in detail What all things we have to, say If I'm saying, opening a garage We have registered the name as a garage And the second, grouping It will be like painting, tending, mechanical work, This all these things we can add Cargos, we can add So, these kind of things we'll be selecting Then about the number of partners Like if a company Like, we have multiple partners and we will be having locals So we will be mentioning all these things like Who is the managing director? And, what is the percentage of shares Each and every person will be having So, accordingly with all this information We take an initial approach Ok and see Now, our audience are from India So, I don't want to specify this but I'll still say Like, initial approval in a normal scenario It will have to complete in 24 hours 24 hours, Ya But normally it is Nationality which is having securities Like Afghanistan, Syria and all, It will take more time Ok, so for Indians it is 24 hours And outsiders, Like Afghanistan, Syria and all others We can say Pakistan also? No Pakistan is a normal thing Oh, it's a normal thing, normal thing So, in this kind of security related things It will take time until the ministry approves this Ok ok Then we will complete the Initial approval process Then comes the tenancy contract See, ok so We were there So the first step is to decide a name You have to send five names according to your choice If your name is selected, your first work is done Second is initial activity You will tell what you actually do Like if you do Real estate, you will tell about it And if you do travel, you will tell about it So, third thing is Tenancy contract Which is having office space on rent, ok See, every commercial registration requires a tenancy contract Actually, this shop or office or Whatever the activity or business you are doing This should be having a registered office Right See, we have many options for that Now, government is very flexible and supportive To the new investors, ok See, we have like virtual offices We will not get a space but we will be having an address and all these things like a virtual set up Then, we can choose like dedicated space, flexi space and We can choose, if it is an activity He needs a shop, retail things, groceries So for these kind of things, we require a shop Ejari Like shop tenancy, okay, ok So, then after taking this tenancy like You are finding a shop and you are talking to the landlord And fixing, finalizing the rent part And you are making a contract, it's called tenancy contract Then after that it has to be registered with the Real estate authority radar Then you will get a Ejari Ok ok Ejari is actually a common term, like everyone gets confused Yes, Ejari is, I will tell about this So I think, ok So because we need to take an office So guys we have to have an office And it is not compulsory that you have to go and take the office on rent He will help you in getting a virtual office Like, you have an office You can receive your courier and mails there ] You will have an address, that you will give in bank Or wherever So, either you can have a virtual office Or a genuine office where you can go and sit Or you can also have a flexi office Where you can receive calls and all All the kinds of facilities are available to you Now, once you do it Like we do registry in India So that thing, that type of thing is called Ejari Ejari is a very common name here There is office and you have to go there and get the registration done so it's like that Ejari is actually, if I am saying It's an online registration of the tenancy contract Ejari is a system, Ejari is a system Ok, ok It is under real estate authority Like land empowerment Ok, ok After completing this ejari process Means 3rd point is complete 3rd point is complete We get an office now, Ya Ok, Then we can go and Do the agreement like Memorandum So, 4th point is memorandum Memorandum, perfect See, in all these steps actually we don't require the investor To come and attend in the department Any of the department Because our PRO will be doing all the process Except this Memorandum Memorandum is one place that all the partners Should be available Even our local will be available So we will sign it and finalize it Okay, this is the place when you called me to that mall Where there was a government office Right, so before this 4th step you have to do nothing You just have to give your Passport and Visa copy Rest all the things will be done by Nexture corporate services And later on this step, As they called me That was Al Quoz, no it was a mall right? Barsha mall, Barsha mall There are many offices of Dubai government at different places So, I went to Barsha mall Sandesh called me there and we went there Then I gave my thumb impression I signed the documents And did some paperwork So, that is the first time you have to go for this Till then you have to stay in Dubai I guess after that also you have to stay for medical and all So let's talk about it Ok, so understand One has to come for agreement, has to come for agreement So there is a place, like we have to be present and Do the signature and we will, you know fix all the number of shares What is the profit sharing of each partners? And everything will be fixed at that point of time Like after completing that All this content will be coming on the Memorandum Then, there are special cases like If I am saying, If you want to open something related to Pharmacy or a medical It should go with the particular department called, Health authority Ok, and if it's something related to Freight management it will go taxi companies So all this will go to a separate department called RTA So, that depends upon the activity Some of the activities require external department authority's approval Ok, some specific things Exactly In my business, we don't need it No need of doing any external, just normal activity Normal professional services, professional services So that's how it was Perfect Then, that is Then next comes the final step like this submission The 5th step, the final step 5th step, where we complete all the names we have registered, Initial approval we have done Ejari we have done And the contract we have done we will do the submission After submitting all these documents, we'll get the payment voucher And after paying that payment voucher fees We will be able to get the license The license, the main thing We did all these things Well, guys you don't have to go in this much detail You just have to WhatsApp come here, pay money And your work will be done But still you should have knowledge, That's why we are telling this to you So the last step is to get a Trade license It's like a printout, like a copy and that is the main thing If we go anywhere in Dubai, I think every shopkeeper has put the trade license Exactly, like there is GST in India In India, GST is compulsory likewise here Trade license is compulsory Ya, this is the title document of every business Title document, main document Trade license, Perfect So, now after doing so much stuff you got your Trade license Perfect, ok ok So, we got the Trade license Now public has more interest in knowing how much it costed So, you have to tell that also See, we have packages for this But still when we make a package, but u know everything is after consultation But approximately I can say Like if you are just looking for a 3-year Visa Like a partner visa and a license Like just you want to stay in Dubai It will cost you like including all the costs Including visa, medical and everything can cover up to like 20k 20,000 dirhams which is essentially 4 lac rupees For normal visa, with which you can just stay here You can't choose an activity or a name You will tell a basic name It means that only if you have to do something You can have it in 4 lac rupees For a year, for 3 years it will cost you renewal charges This is the cost for 1 year Ok As I said, in this 20k there is no option for choosing the names There is no option of choosing the activity Whichever the beneficial, like cost beneficial activity he will choose and we will finish this And now he will be getting a visa also in that cost The Visa will be for 3 years and the license will be for 1 year License for one year and visa for three years’ ok So, 20000 dirhams for the person who just want to stay here Ya, then about...

Somebody who wants to do a startup So for that approximately like 22k plus the activity fee if any Like as I said there will be many activities required in extra authority approval For that, you know depends upon that The activity fee will be different For example, For example, If I'm saying General trading company You can trade anything Trade means buy and sell of products, Right? Ya, anything you can buy If we say trade, my audience will take it as stock market trading It's not like that, it's commodity trading Simple, bro this is not that commodity Like it means buying and selling normal things Like hardware items and all So, I'll give you an example See general trading, so if you take a general trading activity You have to pay 15000 dirhams as an activity fee But you can trade anything other than petroleum, alcohol & explosives Everything you can trade you can buy and can sell Ok, in the local market But you can reduce the cost by specifying the thing For example, you are choosing a cosmetic trading You are trading only the cosmetics So you can just save these 15000 dirhams You understood This way we can reduce the cost for the license Ok, and... as you asked for the Real estate company Real estate company, the activity fee is coming around 5000 dirhams Ok, so for trading it's 15 and for real estate it's 5000 Ok, so For trading, I can't say that trading is 15000 As I said, if you specify the item fees are zero The fees are zero.... yeahN only the 22000 which I said for the license you have to pay Okay, so 15000 people are paying who wants to do a lot of things Exactly, ok Otherwise you have to do multiple See, you cannot do multiple things If you want to do to furniture trading and cosmetic trading You have to take 2 license Ok, 2 license Instead of that, you can go with the general general trading license Got it, got it So, there are different different fees If you are a startup, if you are really doing a business If you want to find an investor after coming to Dubai For maybe you want to open an office here or do marketing If you want to do proper business Then you have to pay 22000 plus activity fees And if you only want to stay in Dubai, you have to pay 20000 Right? Ya Perfect So, in this 22000 we are covering only the license cost Ok, apart from that we have to take the visas Like, So I will start with the visa process directly See, for taking a visa first of all we require The company to register with the Dubai immigration Because the immigration is the one who decides whether to keep this visa to the person or not Ok, immigration department They are the deciding authority So, we have to register our company with Dubai immigration So that we will get a establishment card which will be valid for 1 year Hmm, ok And it will cost around 700 dirhams And after that you can apply for a partner visa It will be valid for 3 years So, partner visa starts with the process After completing this establishment card we can apply for an entry permit You will get an entry visa Then after that, see currently due to this COVID thing The pandemic thing, the government has stopped all the outside country Visa So, that is the reason I am going with the inside country Visa See, we will apply for entry permit then we have to transfer Currently we are on tourist visa as you have come And you have to transfer your visa from tourist to this entry permit To this partner visa, so we will do a process called change status Transferring of visas Ok then once the change status is done you will be having 60 day’s time To complete your residence visa process Ok, within that you have to complete other works The penalty will be coming, Ok So completing the residence process after doing the change status We have to do the medical test Medical test, ya even I went for the medical test At Al Quoz mall, Ya So there is an application we will do that And you have to go there and they will take an x-ray and blood test Yes, yes when I went there I also had a blood test & x-ray done So, yes they do medical as well before giving you the visa Yes, so now comes Emirates id So, Emirates id is kind of a population register Same as Aadhar card in India So, here after completing Emirates I'd we will get that Emirates ID card Which we have to use everywhere now Like as I went and gave my thumb & index finger's impression It's like after preparing It's a process like after preparing the application You have to go there and you have to do a biometric They will take the photo, the fingerprint of all the 10 fingers Ya, all the 10 fingers So, Emirates ID is like Aadhar card of India but better Aadhar card Today only, a person came from the bank to give me a courier He took my He took my Emirates ID, put into the machine Then he took my fingerprint and then only he gave me It's not like that you will get an OTP There is a proper way I purchase a Sim card I gave emirates Id he put in the machine, Took my fingerprint and I got my sim So, everywhere it is getting used, really it is getting used Now, even I have heard like you know Now the banks will be using it as an ATM card also With Emirates id That's perfect dude, I think some of the banks have started it like Habib and all They have started, Habib Bank Oh wow, that's really good That's right So it's like even if you have seen like you know they... The courier people & the banks will be delivering the ATM cards and all See even in our place, In India they need to deliver it only that particular location So, location is an important thing Here, Emirates ID is important thing They can, we can, take the collection anywhere If you have an Emirates ID Ok, ok and I also heard that In India, if police chase you and grabs you And tell to show the license So they take your license But I have read here, if someone from government also ask you You don't give it Right? I have read it in emirates id's info That you are not allowed to give it to anyone Your id will remain with you only Whatsoever happens will be taken care of later, like that It's a very good thing Perfect, good So, now when we get our emirates Id Our work is done Then after completing the emirates id, there is one more step Actually it has been introduced like new thing That is insurance insurance Now government has made mandatory thing Like all the residents required a health insurance Health insurance, ok Safety for our residents only like The government is looking for like basic needs Like medicines should be available to everyone Right So that every, that... Before doing the residency we will require the health insurance So, our insurance is done? Ya, we have done with Orient Then after completing the insurance we can do the residency stamping It will be valid Right, when we get the tourist visa guys, it's a paper visa But now I have a stamp on my passport And that is my residency visa for 3 years After getting the stamp, then you can travel unlimited Like you can do any entry and exit. So, I can do as many entry and exit as I want Ok, this is how it works So, if I have this visa Can I travel in nearby gulf countries by road? Yeah, you can go but You can go but. Oman for example Oman Oman, you can drive and go

Drive and go Suppose If I had Indian tourist visa, then I won't be able to go? No, But now I can go See, Tourist visa is a single entry thing Once you exit it gets expired But if we have multi entries? If you have multi entries, then it is possible. Then we can go to Oman directly? Yes, you can go to Oman Ok, ok See, tourist visa is like giving a visa to like coming to Dubai But if you want to go to Oman, you have to take another visa like once you exit So they give you on arrival visa to residents also? Yes, if you have a See, there is a correction in that like For tourist visa you cannot because See, Oman there is no on arrival visa for Indians No, there is no I know So, if you have a resident visa, you can do that So, this is also a thing that if you have a resident visa Then you can travel in nearby countries and roam and come back here Good, dude good It was an off topic question but it's ok I had this question in my mind, ok I think we have come to the point, That after having this all the 5 steps done and getting the Trade license We got our medical done And we got our emirates it & insurance done We are done, set Also the visa stamping done And our work is done. Now we have explained all the… Yes, we have explained all the things All the basic process like if I am going in detail, I have to explain more this Public will say, if this was not the detail, then what is? What is the need of a consultation? Ya Ya… I understand See, actually when we... See, I am saying to everyone consultation is required like Is there any consultation fees also that you take? No … we are not taking any consultation fees No I’ll say Complete, good and a free consultation I can provide For any kind of business setup in Dubai Ok, ok But, consultation is more important like only then We will be able to understand what is your need Otherwise I'll make some other thing we will not be used with that Right so Sandesh now Guys there is free consultation but that doesn't mean You keep on calling. Those who have work and who has the requirement, will call And those don't need to call as we have made a process You will WhatsApp on this number and after that You will be asked for some stuff Like your passport, for how long its valid you will get a back call And you will be kept clear with the things And only it will cost you 1000 dirhams for a tourist visa You have it done and after coming here everything will be sorted See, there is an important thing also coming up Ok, like everybody have heard about like 2020 expo which has been postponed because of this pandemic Everyone is waiting for that and you know... Now it is supposed to be like October 2021 October 2021, ya The coming 2021, coming October So, this is going to be a like much awaited think for every business people So I am welcoming like if you, Somebody want to start any business this is the right time And there is 1 more point like you know now this pandemic due to the pandemic I know many people has been suffered and they have stopped their business And main players have been gone from the market And this is the right opportunity to have a startup You understood the meaning, players are not in the market So there is… Much opportunities are there Correct, ok Then, this 2020 is going to be a...

This Expo is going to be a very, you know game changer for Dubai See, there is one more big highlight His highness, Shaikh Mohammad Bin Hashid Almad Tum Has announced a 2040 plan, which is you know He has forecasted another 20 years’ development for Dubai Okay, so which will be announced and clearly explained in that So, which will be... In the Expo? It's not about the Expo In the Expo he will explain? It's 2040 plan No, no it's already explained Already explained, it is announced by many... Already explained, it is announced by many... See, they have divided the total you know,

cities into 5 And which place is going to be developed like for example Dubai's silicon oasis It is will be completely for Science, IT and all these structures And JBR, Marina and all these will be completely for tourism And Bur Dubai there will be for heritage For Indians No, no for heritage Bur Dubai looks like total India Ya, but they have a very good plants community Ya I know I know And business bay is completely for business people So, they have a very clear You know line for development for coming 20 years Which will be very good for business people like us Like we can plan how and what and when to plan, where So, we have a very clear idea about that So we can make use of it Ok, right right So, I'll invite all the investors to Dubai who want to do a startup Or who want to settle in Dubai Nexture will provide you all the support in their legal formations and visa needs Yes, and I have to tell you guys That not for a single time I have felt that I have to face any problem Related to the documents while I am standing in the bank I WhatsApp him and his team And the response was so quick like If I need anything, I just WhatsApp them And his team gives me a prompt response So, all those who wanted to come to Dubai And yes, the Expo which he told about that it will be in October It's a big opportunity for all the youngsters That he said while telling about it that many players are not there in the field You know there is so much space to enter inside. So all those who want to startup and do a worldwide business Or start business in UAE You should come to Dubai, you should come to UAE Settle your business Now it's your choice, you want to stay in India, you stay We are Indian citizens, when we want we can go I come and go from here But having a residency here is a really good thing It may help you grow career wise So whatever happens... See, it may be true that you have seen such a long video But haven't understood anything, What is Ejari and all There is no need to know about it You just WhatsApp on this number, it's genuine thing The details they ask for, give it to them You can get a call back, there will be a discussion Then after making your visa, they will call you here And simply you can do the things Now, sir will you tell us where to live? Where to open a bank account? No, I mean they will tell but how you will live and do everything Do your own research, make my trip, go Ibibo and search for stay That you have to manage yourself And if you want a house on rent or open a bank account He can suggest you a lot of things But don't think he will get this for you He is someone who is helping you with Your company registration and visa requirement But he will suggest you where you can go To come here in Dubai And have a house, the most important thing is a chequebook And and the one who owns a bank account only he has a cheque book If you want to open a bank account, You will need an Emirates Id and resident visa Which he will help you with Then you can do anything that you want Alright, so I hope you found this video very informative And interesting also And if you liked this video, So I want you to forward and share it with every person Who is interested in this Many of you were asking in comments to tell us How can we go to Dubai and what all you did for it? That's why I requested Sandesh And Sandesh also gave us his time And definitely, he is saying that he'll give you all the services That you need This video is not at all sponsored or funded by any, any authority We have made this video by our own for you all If you enjoyed, please like Then only I'll get to know if you want to see anything in this video series Anything related to legal things in Dubai How to set up things in Dubai? So if you liked the series, like the video Tell me in the comments, what happened when you WhatsApp Whatever happens tell me for sure So thank you so much everyone from Sandesh and my side Thank you so much Bye Bye We will see you soon

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