How to Get Outside Your Comfort Zone & Promote Your Business | MarieTV Live Call-In Show

How to Get Outside Your Comfort Zone & Promote Your Business | MarieTV Live Call-In Show

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In this episode of marietv we, do have some adult language so, if you have a little ones around grab, your headphones now. Hey. It's marie forleo and, you are watching marietv the, place to be if. You want to create a business in life you love and this is the marietv, Colin. Show or we take live, collars we answer some questions we have a really good time all, of team forleo's here Greg, is here who's amazing. Always, he, did this cute low pony we'll, talk about that another time but I say we, get started roll. It. Hello. Hi. Is this Marlena. It's. Marie forleo and, you're on the marietv live Colin, show. No. Way yes, way mama so you're here with myself and Gregory and all of, team Forleo, let, us know your question, and we will do our best to help you out, hello. Everyone. I. Just. Want to say you guys are a really. Admirable team, oh thank. You so much that means the world and all the rest of team forleo who is not in the studio today that means the world to them so thank you. Thank. You, so. Um yeah, a little bit about me I'm, a two-time cancer survivor. My, most recent experience, was with breast cancer it. Resulted. In me having a double, mastectomy, and. So. After. This experience, surgery I'm a little nervous I'm a little star-struck yes, okay. Girl we're here and you're, doing great. So, after this experience I designed. This temporary, tattoo and a. Variety, of products, for example temporary. Tattoos nipples so, you. Know a woman could get online and, order. These wonderful, products, and have, them delivered to her door try. Them on and a privacy of their own home and. You. Know it's just this wonderful, fantastic. Product. That I've come up with so I, got. You know I did, all the foot work I have my trademarks. I have my website, I've. Got a hashtag. Now. All I need to do is hit go literally. Hit go don't make this most nightlife and, I. Keep coming up with all these reasons not. To do, it what up with me my. Love my love first of all I gotta say so many, things to you I wish I could reach through the, camera. The computer, the telephone, and just give you this enormous hug you are so strong you are so beautiful, inside and out and I am so grateful. That you're here with us you are such an inspiration to so many so that I needed to say and you, just got something Fetty thrown at you from Gregory so that's piece number one piece. Number two, is, what. You're experiencing, right now is so. Normal. It is so normal I cannot tell you how many times, over the course of my career that, I've run into brilliant. Incredible. Creative, motivated. Purpose driven people who, find themselves having. So much trouble hitting, that Go button, launching. Sending. The email picking up the phone doing that one thing that, in their heart they know, is that, important, next step so you're not alone there but. What I want, to tell you today my friend is your, business, and by the way I took a little peek over at your Instagram and I took a little peek at what you've done and Tim for Leo we've looked at it too and all of us are jaws, hit the ground it, is so stunning it is so incredible, it is so unique and what you're doing is so important. So I really, need you to hear me when, I say this okay the. Whole thing that you need to train yourself to do my love is to, act before, you. Think, act. Before. You think you've done all of this incredible footwork, and the only thing that's stopping you is these little stories, up in here, but I will tell you this you have to train yourself to override. The, voice in your head that says I can't or I'm afraid or, it's not the right time or what are people gonna think of me or yadda yadda yadda yadda you have to be brave your way into success, I do this I'll give you some examples different, but the same at the core level there. Are many many times when, this woman she does not want to get up at the Rocka dawn when, it's dark outside and it's cold I, don't want to get out of my cozy bed I don't want to go to the gym there are a million times when I can hear the voice in my head saying you don't want to do it ya, don't wanna do it and you know what I do I act. Before, I think I go put on my training shoes I walk, over and go make my little bulletproof, coffee I start, going through the motions and before, you know it I am doing the thing that my mind previously, told me you, don't really want to do it it's too early stay, in bed so, you got to train yourself to act before you think and I'm gonna tell you something I'm gonna give you a little challenge right here are you ready for a momma I'm.

Ready. What. Is the thing that you have to do in order to in, your, estimation, hit go on this business is it literally like hitting a button to publish the website is, it, something else that you can articulate something concrete and specific you can tell us right now, it's. Literally, hitting the button to push go on the website I keep. Looking at it I've revised it maybe 10 times and it's. Just never good enough okay I've come to the conclusion that it is good enough I'm just yeah. Okay, breathe do you have your browser window open. No, I'm actually. Okay. Perfect. Marlina perfect perfect perfect thank you for safety first here's, what you need to do when you got a promise, me girl promise, me that you will do this I need you to when you get your little butt home the. First thing you're gonna do is you're gonna actually hit go on your. Website you're gonna do this and you're gonna call, you're gonna write to Louise and let her know that it's done you're gonna give like take a little selfie and say I did it I swear I'm telling you or I'm gonna come find you yes, you, will and I'm gonna push that button for you it's, not gonna be fun, because I'm gonna be mad well Marie. Forleo, is, my accountability. Girl. Like. How far are you away from home like hell, on fire, I need it I have you but. You. Better get, your run, because. We call, a couple more people we're gonna we're gonna talk to a couple more of our viewers we're gonna answer some questions girl here's what I'm gonna do bills we all have chills you're, doing this it's gonna happen and then it's off to the races from there I want you to get your boat home you, hit publish then your gonna email Louise and you're gonna call us back and tell us you did it and everyone. Like literally tens of thousands of people are gonna cheer you the, on you cool what the heck already crying, for you. Are. You cool, I'm. Cool yeah I do it okay you're gonna hang up the phone safely, get back on the road two blocks get yourself home hit, go and then email Louise and then we're gonna call you back in just a few minutes like you're one push away forget successful. One. Whoa. Oh tell us your website tell us your website right now it's. Wwwo. Here still sexy, calm still, here still sexy, calm, we got it thank, you girl okay drive home and then we'll talk to you a few good love you go. That's. How we do one push. Away from but. I but the underlying message you guys is still, so, relevant, if you listen, to your mind you ain't gonna do you will sit on the couch you will watch Netflix. And chill until you're dead I am Telling You this thing is not, always your friend it, is really not it is a tool that we must master we cannot be mastered, by it so, 9 times out of 10 when, you find yourself not doing what you know is really good for you act before, you think cool, cool. Hello. Hello. Is this easy. It. Is you're, on the Murray TV live call-in show welcome. Awesome. Thank you so much for and asking. For my question. Absolutely. So you're here with team poor leo gregory myself, why don't you tell us your question, and we will do everything that we can to help you out love, okay. So, at, first of all it's a thank you so much i found your channel, when, i was going through a message. Of depression, and it, really helped me clear. Through that and find my own passion and that's been awesome and, then to be school and that's helped us become.

The Biggest, organization, for us in scotland so it's been awesome so. Thank you so much for all your help oh thank, you that warms our heart awesome, love it, so. My question is how do you get people to want, to join list so. We have our classes our fuel which is fabulous. And we're. In the process of becoming the, first trampoline club in Scotland to have its own Performance. Center but. We need to build a waiting list for it so that we have like, a backlog, of people ready to come in yes we, currently do things, like social. Media and, every. Week we do a monthly newsletter, if. There is a space we then give them. To. Tweak. Taster, session and then they can try to join. When. GB. Won a silver medal at real in 2016, we. Had a massive, influx, of people our waiting list went up 200. Everyone. Who was inquiring joining the waiting list however, Olympics, only happens every four years yeah so what things, would you recommend us doing, now. To kind of create that buzz and sort of almost like a look at a new iPhone yeah, the. Concept before it's even been released that's, right okay. So I love this question in my love and first, of all congratulations, to you guys for doing all of this incredible work and getting to where you are right now that is no small feat so. Thank you and by the way I just love that I'm hearing a little Deo in the background, I know, I'm. Currently at training I'm currently hiding in the, cupboard oh great. Happy. Yeah man I've hidden the bathroom for phone call.i with, you so it's all good so here's. What I love, so you actually, gave yourself the clue and you have the clue I'm just gonna help you fill in a little bit of this and hopefully, inspire you, guys to do some major creative, brainstorming so. As you, mentioned just like when for, example Apple, comes out with a new iPhone, there's all this anticipation, they. Create interest and desire there's a lot of buildup what. I need you guys to do is to actually think about this like a campaign.

Think. About this like a campaign, so you want to build it out and think, about what. Could be easy, the most irresistible. Offer. That, you can make something, that's potentially outrageous. That may or may not I don't want to say make you guys lose money but, that you may think like oh my god if I offer that could I really deliver on it or if, I got a hundred people to say yes to this we'd have to work our asses off but you know what it would create some buzz so, since you're Abby's cooler you know then I am a huge, fan of figuring. Out ways to deliver, a fish additional, value, so. Yeah, maybe, what we'll do and you know what I'm gonna have Louise Louise might, mute, you up just for a second I'm gonna get through a little, bit of what I'm gonna say and then we'll pop you back on for your feedbacks so. What. I want you guys to do is to brainstorm, and I, always like to use the little sentence, stem called wouldn't, it be cool if it's. A great way to get your mind going so wouldn't it be cool if everyone. Who signed up for the wait list not, only got to private, sessions but they also got this group training, program and a party, and something, else wouldn't. It be cool if we could reach out to every, gymnastics, organization. Around Scotland, and around the UK and offer them some kind of affiliate, Commission to really pump out this word wouldn't, it be cool if we hired. A video team and some of our top. Trampoline. Masters, on making that up to, do an entire, video, campaign. All, these, different, tricks that you guys could make it so aspirational, with. Music. And making, it like a little commercial, and saying you know releasing, it four days three, days two. Days I hope, you're catching my snowdrift to your girl because, really you have to do is craft, an irresistible. Offer something. That people are like this, is a no-brainer like if I don't get on this waitlist, I'm stupid, that's, how you want people to feel so. That's gonna require you guys to push yourselves creatively, it's, gonna require, going. Into zones that you're like I don't know how to do this but I'll figure it out because everything, is, figure, out about you can't see it but I'm holding up a mug that says that, essentially. It's, how we operate. Anytime we're gonna release b-school, and we're about to relaunch, a program that we've had for a while called the copy cure and literally it's all heads, hearts, and hands on deck, to think about how can we make this idea this program, this offering. Irresistible. A no-brainer, where people look at it and go if I'm interested in this thing I can't not say yes so. Those are some of my ideas the the second thing I want you to do since you know that you want to wait list I've I think about a hung people obviously, you need to strive for like 150 or 200, you always want to shoot above what you think you can get because. Sometimes, we don't meet that goal but we come real close so you want to always overshoot. Let, me see if I had any other notes for you yeah. Essentially, there needs to be urgent, e that's the other piece you know this its, urgency. Slash scarcity. Depending, on how you want to construct your campaign talk, about the difference virgin, see is when, there's a deadline, either you're in or you're out by this particular date scarcity, in your case I mean there's only 100, yes. They. Are TC would really help yes. So. Now. If you know missing oh that's, right so, girl and I know this is like kind of a little bit of a crass statement, but I need you and your, team to go balls to the wall with your creativity, and stop it to. Make a creative, irresistible. Offer that's. What it's gonna take, I know you have it in you because, of what you've been able to built already what, you've been able to create. And how much attention and success you've already built this, is gonna push you though to your next creative and business level and Here I am certain, in every bone in my body but you got it, that. Is awesome that is really, really inspiring I definitely, feel that sort of idea of a campaign, and serve, almost like an election, and really pushing ya, bringing the buttons and we've.

Done Some filming work so then we can expand, on that and use some really cool we've got friends and some of the members are quite good cameras so she's, really video good video video photography and stuff for that is it really build it yes exactly. And, make, the, notion. Of saying guess to the wait list again, you want it to be so, irresistible that, for yet folks who you serve are like I gotta say yes to this even, if for you you're like oh that's kind of getting into my my, profit, margin as little or even if you have to hell I would lose some money I would, happily lose a little bit of money if the, payoff long-term. Was big enough I am always happy to invest in the long term success if it cost me a little bit of short-term coin always. So if that's your place, in this matter please, push it and go for it because you're creating something that your country and probably your part of the world has never seen before and you got to do everything in your power to make it win, thank. You that is absolutely awesome awesome. Alright we you please keep us up to date we're gonna be cheering you on if I had a trampoline I'll jump it right now. Thank. You that's awesome thanks, Izzy talk to you soon thank, you bye. Hello. Olga. Marie. Forleo you, are on with team for Leo Gregory. And this is the marietv laugh call-in show oh. Okay. Well. We are so excited to have you on today let us know your question and we will do our very best to help you out. Okay. So my question was how do you find the courage, you would speak up when. Your message is very controversial. Because. I'm just launching, a new. Like. A whole new project where, I want, to help people who are going to divorce that I just excuse. And. I found it a little bit too painful, when it didn't need it to be that way yes, and my, ex and I found a really loving way to do it but it just took it. Took a process, it took you know knowing how to do it and, we didn't really have a lot of support most people didn't understand, what was happening yeah so. Yeah I, want, to start putting that new the. New. Concept, out there so I created this project. Called, divorce for love where, I'm trying to make people understand, that people doesn't have to be a failure that it can be a very loving thing that you don't have to hate your partner who wants to move on but. I just started doing. My new YouTube channel and I'm. Just finding a lot of resistance inside, of me because I don't want people to go like oh my girl just wrote divorce and you're breaking families, and all that I just want people to know that there is another option and that it can be learn in a lot of way so yeah my question is how do you find the courage to speak, up when you just wanna be, silent, and be like okay doesn't, matter yeah. Absolutely. Well, first of all I just want to commend you for. Your. Project, and for what your working on and for, the message that, you're committed, to sharing because, it's important, just because something, ends whether, it's a relationship or, it's, a business or it's a creative endeavor or any type of goal because. It's done doesn't, mean it's a failure even if you've elected, to leave it or stop, it or call, it quits, so to speak so, I am, leaping on exactly. Yes. Sister, absolutely. And here's the other thing I want to tell you girl, and you know this but, it's the truth people, will come for you because it's the internet and there's a ton of shitty people on the internet that say all kinds, of things and that are, mean and ignorant. Or they're just real opinionated. Like you are okay, because you have your view and other people have their view and just like it's your right to speak about what you believe in it is their right to speak about what they believe in - now, that. Said, it's. Just the reality of the days and times that we're living in but what you want to do is prepare. Yourself, because you have to make, your message and the mission, more important. Than, your insecurities, you have to make what, you want to achieve which. Is this, experience, of love and giving people a sense of freedom way. More, prominent. Than your own fear, about, being criticized. Okay, and the way that you do that is you prepare yourself so one, of the things that I really want to recommend you do is read, a book called nonviolent, communication it's. By an author called Marshall, Rosenberg, you, can look it up on Amazon get, that thing it's one of the core books that we have everyone read on team forleo because, we interact with a lot of humans lots.

Of Them I mean I think we said I don't know Louise what was it like it, was close like 50 million emails, last year we've got like tens of millions of YouTube things, and comments I don't even go there sometimes, anymore because people are that shitty and I don't give a, I'm gonna do what I'm gonna do but, for. You, what. You want to do is when you want to address people, who, are. Really. Bringing up valid, points, and perhaps want to have a dialogue with you a meaningful. Dialogue that's, based, in honor. And respect, indignity you want to be able to approach those conversations. With, composure, with, intelligence. With respecting. Their point of view but also presenting. Something different so. Criticism. In and of itself is not something that we should run from because, it can help us to grow better and if you're paying attention to people who again are approaching. You whether it's an email or comments, from, a place of genuine, respect, and wanting to just share ideas and talk about different possibilities. You may find opportunities, to make your own thinking. Better, more, advanced, more inclusive, they may bring up points that you would have never considered before that, could actually help you achieve your mission in a bigger and better way but, the thing. That I want to let you know is is, there's. No way in this world that. You can make a difference, without making. Waves. It's. Important. You're. In Hawaii so, this one's really good for you you're, gonna be looking at that ocean go Murray told me there ain't no way I can make a difference without making waves and it is the truth so. Surrender. I'm sitting, right in front of the ocean I. Make. Waves yeah. My. Intuition my. Intuition, runs this thing it runs, this, thing I guess so excited but that was for you and that one's for everyone any time, in my life that I have been committed to making a difference in any, way shape or form I have made a lot, of waves and I get a lot of hate and a lot of criticism, a lot of upset and you know what my. Mission is more important than all of, that and there's, another thing that I want you to remember this.

Is Something that really helps me especially when Jersey, Murray wants, to come out and just cut people to size which he wants to clap back and show them what's up. Every. Bit of communication that. Every, human being shares is either, a loving, response or a cry, for help it's. Something that's from A Course in Miracles you, may or may not believe that statement, some people don't yet a that I choose, to believe it because I think that it's really helpful, for, helping me stay in a place of compassion, and. Then quite frankly for. Just the, assholes, right that come out on the Internet delete. No, don't look at them blue-black, oh so. There ain't no need for that for people that want to have an intelligent discussion awesome. But, put your attention where it's gonna be most impactful which, is for the people who really want this message who, need this message and who would really like to learn what, you have experience and want to look at divorce, and moving, on to a next chapter and a whole fresh loving, compassionate, way. Exactly. And what you just said about the conversation, that's the first thing that I said my word study I just want to change the conversation I just wanna be able to talk about it I'm not saying my ways the way I just want, to teach people options, and. The. Reason why I wrote to you was because I remember a story that you said about one time you were in a seminar, and you were like giving your elevator, pitch to somebody and he was totally dismissive, and say like oh you must have a rich husband, because it is no media business, yeah I remember thinking, oh my, gosh thank goodness, marry, some charity, thank you were like oh. That. Didn't, stop, you that's kept you going and that's what I was afraid that somebody, was gonna make a comment like that and I was gonna be like oh y'all ride my. Corner but hearing, you for. An example of what can be done they are know these things to me yeah, I'm ready to go out there and make way yeah do, it girl right in, that episode and that story really sometimes I put down is the best fuel to fire you up so I always take some of that hate some, of that haterade, some of that dismissive, stuff some of that and by the way I will tell you people still underestimate. My ass I'm like watch, out I'll, do, it more if you work at all that doesn't fire, me I, love being that dog that's fun as so anyway. Yes. Now. I was gonna say that I certainly do installation. From all the people who have done what I want to do and you're one of them and from my past experiences. Where even when it was difficult, yeah I stuck. With it and you know that what you were sayin at the beginning I sometimes you just gotta move on from something I've, owned three very successful restaurants. And once. It's my heart wasn't in cooking, for other people, I sold, them and everybody was like oh my gosh what are you doing you're crazy don't do that but, I knew that my heart was in it and I was ready to move on and now I'm, I have there avenues. That really steal my heart so yeah we can sort, of keep that carriage happy is that sorry I need inspiration. That's right baby well we love you we are wishing you so much luck in this next endeavor oh I'm thinking about you on the waves please, keep us posted and, thank you again for being on the show I, will. Thank you so much for calling me I love talking to you thank, you I love. Hello. Incredible. The. Weight, is lifted off of my chest, I'm so excited well, your sight is beautiful, we're just like rolling around right now and. You. Know oh my god stunning. Oh my, god girl yes. This is this. Is, ridiculous. Oh by the way I just saw where you were you're, in Montana, we, happen to know another badass in Montana we're gonna hook you up because there's we have friends over there that you just need to know about this is so baller and so amazing, we, love you congratulations. How does it feel to act before you think. Fantastic. Yeah. Good, good good keep that mantra, you're doing great we love you we love you we love you what did you want to say Louise anything no, it's all good okay you keep us posted, everyone's. Gonna cheer you on when this airs and you, just keep it rockin woman. Wonderful. Thank you so much again I can't I can't thank you enough. Well. Happy Campers thank, you for watching, another episode of the marietv call-in show don't forget, that. Everything. Is due out above everything, is bigger audible. It's, a key message and basically. My life hey I want. To know what, you thought of this episode which was your favorite question or the favorite answer or the aspect of it or anything leave, a comment below and let us know now as always the, best conversations, happen, over, at the magical land of so. Head, on over there and, leave a comment now and while, you're there be sure to sign up for our email list which will make you an MF inside, her it's, so good you want to be one you, are gonna get instant, access to a training I created called how to get anything you want that means you could take me in your pocket and listen to me all the time I will get your ass motivated, and you're gonna like it then, we're gonna have some exclusive content and special, giveaways and just stuff, that I don't tell anyone anywhere.

Else I don't put it on social media I just like writing little private emails to my insiders, so, with, that said stay. On your game and keep going for your dreams because, the world needs that very special gift that only you have. Thank, you so much for watching and we'll catch you next time on marietv. We. Love you guys. Are. You tired of talking into an empty void, are. You ready for more sales more clients. And more raving, fans take. Our free 7 day writing class at the copy cure com. It's. Just what our people don't get excited not vodka not gin not even mezcal water yeah, ah. You, better look out and clear the dance floor, momma's. Got the booty momma's got the legs like that's where it all is. With me you. Kick, your.

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What an inspiring show!! And the Still Here Still Sexy site is awe-inspiring. I’m so glad that you encouraged Marlena to get it out there to the world!! I lost my mom, grandma, great-grandma, and step-grandma to breast cancer, and I remember my mom’s sadness and frustration around feeling less feminine. This is a product that MUST be shared!! Thank you Marie for being the inspiration you are. And thank you Marlena, for following through and moving forward in spite of the fear!

Just Debi agreed! So inspiring and empowering during one of the hardest times a women can go through.

As always love you and your vision. My boyfriend has an amazing idea and I am going to have him listen to this video so he can get inspired to move forward.

Marie you are great,Love you from Pakistan.

You are an admirable woman Marie

Marie you are so vibrant and helpful!! thanks for everything you share, I have learned alot from you that has helped me with both my YouTube channel and my own development

You are awesome Marie..very inspiring..

First comment

Marie. This was beautiful. I love you, Greg, and your whole team so much. THANK YOU for doing what you do!

LOVE this!!! Thanks Marie and team, and callers! is soooo awesome!

so much love. These calls are amazing!

Hi Marie

checc out my channel imma post more but subscribe!!

I love these episodes! This one really inspired me, since I've been in and out of that fear of stepping out of my comfort zone. Im slowly coming out with more confidence, about what I have to offer.

I can't tell you how much I love the "make your message and your mission more important than your insecurity." That and the act before you think are EXACTLY what I need right now. Much love!

I love love love love love this live calls!!!! You inspire me team Forleo!! Do not stop!!!!! We are so blessed by you!!!! Thank you so much!

Loved this episode! My take away...not to overthink it! Sometimes you just have to do it! If only B School was open now! I'm on the wait list!

Thank you so much for that call. You propelled me forward and now Im making tsunamis ;) Mucho love, Olga

Loved ur Top

Thankx so much Marie Gr8 tips

Love this episode and all the audience questions and you and your team!!! You guys rock!!!

Love it. 'Act Before You Think'...Time to go!

What an interesting People appear in this episode!!!

Success is only achieved when you're out of your comfort zone

This episode was AMAZING! Marie I love how crazy enthusiastic you are, and watching you do your work and trusting your intuition in the way you do is inspiring. Here’s to making waves

EEEKKKK!!!! This is my favorite live call in show!!!! Marlena was my favorite! I have also been a lil slow with hitting the "Go" button with things I'm creating. This was so helpful. Also Marie, thank you for sharing about the shitty comments and how you keep going no matter what. I needed to hear all of this today. I'm so glad you're you.

Marlena! I just checked out your website. And omg wow, its so amazing! Thank you Marie. You inspire us so much! I love you!

Yay Marlena!!!!!

Loved all the questions and advice but I really loved how you called your first caller out, making her launch her site and then calling her back for the follow up. The joy in her voice gave me goose bumps. I love change and the energy that comes from it; something I push my clients too embrace daily. I appreciate your words of wisdom in encouraging others to jump into discomfort. Loving growth happens there

OMG!!! I had to hit PAUSE!!!! "if you listen to your mind, you are never going to do shit! You are going to stay on your couch and watch Netflix until you DIE"!!! That's me (when I am not productive, or when I am scared, or feeling sorry for myself). THANK YOU FOR THIS!!! Now I am going to watch the rest, LOL

Hi Marie, gosh, this is another great episode!! I especially loved the one call from Olga about dealing with something that others consider controversial. I can relate because I'm trying to stay active, and am passionate about what I do, yet because I'm almost 60, some people see age as "over the hill", when I feel that I still have so much still to contribute. Why not start a business at 60, right?

This episode was AMAZING!! holy shit I have so many notes. I had to stop and replay this part so many times to write it down because it brought me to tears. "If you listen to your mind you aint gonna do shit! You will get on the couch, you will watch netflix and chill til your dead. I am telling you, this thing [your mind] is not always your friend! It is a tool we must master, we cannot be mastered by it!" Woo girl, yes a thousand times!! God. I love you♡

OMG the best show out there! I love you Marie, you always make me feel like I can do anything! Marlena’s story is so inspirational, the site is beautiful! Your message is going to help so many people! Way to go!

Thanks for cheering Marlena on, Giselle! - Team Forleo

Whoa, Marie, what an incredible episode. That whole thing about your message being more important than your ego is *exactly* what I needed to hear.

Marlena, sweety... You are such an insperation! Go for your dreams babe and push that button!

You're so great Marie Forleo team! Always got your way to light up the whole room, yasss!

This is the first time I actually watched your video (yes there's always the first timer). It doesn't feel like a 28 minutes video. Every word is so meaningful.. and just the energy! I literally cried when you called Marlena and I love the call with Louisa too because both messages are relatable to my current issue. I love the act before you think so much! I will jump on my thing, now! Much love from Indonesia

I love seeing your Forleo team too. The circle looks very supportive and positive.

The best episode ever!!! Motivated 200%. Love you guys!!! Thank you!!

Amazing! This was so inspiring. Act before you think, I definitely needed to hear this today. Continuing this creative path and making my business work. THANK YOU!

Great conversations!

New to your channel, absolutely loved the show. All these women are inspirational unto themselves but having you and team advising and pushing them to be their best selves is just amazing! Keep up the good work

Marie's outfit is so so beautiful

Me too!!! It's such an amazing tribe!!

We're so glad that you are here with us, Annabel. Welcome! - Team Forleo

What an amazing episode you guys!! Act before you think......going to be my new mantra!! Just love Still here Still Sexy

This effing rocked. I loved the realness you brought with this episode! So happy for these women that you spoke with. ❤

This episode was sooo fun, happy and helpful

I've got goof bumps. lol

Act before you think

Head, heart, and hands, and i forget the other thing but it reminded me of 4H.

OMG......I'm in almost the same place as the woman needing the press "publish" on the website. For 2 years, I've had my domain and website and got bogged down with setting it up, plus the fear of "being out there" in a bigger way (up till now I've only had a WP blog and a FB business page-the new site will include about 6 topics that I'm passionate about, which your multi-passion approach inspired, btw) I've been writing and "getting ready" for 4 years now. I figured if I comb my computer, I could find more than enough content and probably get it live in a weekend if I really get determined! This gives me courage!

Probably my favorite episode yet. What beautiful moments to witness. And the charisma of Marie and TeamForleo is beyond!

Act before you think. Love it!

Literally got goosebumps as Greg says "I have chills!" ughhhh I love you guys x1,000,000 thank u

You and your team are so incredible. Crying from Marlena's launch!! Thanks for always bringing sunshine and hope.

I cried at the end. I love how inspiring and motivating you are.


As much as I love Marias interviews, these life shows are way to "american" for me with all that screaming. Actually it seams to be the polar opposite of the two formats,

thank you so very much, you are amazing

Still here. Still beautiful. Love her and I am going to tell all my friends about her.

Hi MFTeam! I'm so excited to see your nod to Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg!! I've been a practitioner and trainer for years and it truly has transformed how I relate in my life - in conflict AND in celebration! I lovelove helping people find ways to navigate challenging conversation with grace and skill. If anyone is interested in resources, I'm happy to share my and other trainer's online and print resources. Please message me on my website at Deep gratitude for all the inspiration you and your team provide!

Get AFTER it, Olga! Yay! - Team Forleo

We can barely keep up at single speed, Tara! - Team Forleo

Massive love to everyone in this show

How many of you checked out Marlena website (1st caller)! I was blown away. Just loved it! What an amazing product

My first time to watch ur LIVE, wow it's so cool

+Mai Mohamed aww thank you!

Ur channel is beautiful btw✨

Damn. Just cried a lot through it. :)

Thanks for the great advice.

I loved the brainstorming tip to start your sentences with "Wouldn't it be cool if..." That one really got my wheels turning!! Thanks so much for all the inspiration, Marie!

This was so on POINT!!!!! I needed to hear ALL of this right this.

Absolutely loved this episode, like so many other's here, the act before you're ready message was such a great one to hear.

Love u Marie I really needed this 1 I gotto start writing blog before thinking about other stuff

I kinda wanna be part of team Forleo x

Thanks for checking out her site and cheering you on. - Team Forleo

Marie and Team Forleo

MARIE, I ACTUALLY JUST ACTED BEFORE I THINK! I was falling on sleep and I just realize I have to trick my mind, saying: Hey Nadine, let's just have a lunch and listen to Marie Forleo, I and start to move and change my day. THANK YOU SO MUCH girl, thank you team Forleo! I'm following you on Instagram. And I AM SO GRATEFUL THAT YOU GUYS INSPIRE ME EVERY SINGLE DAY. I love you. I'm gonna meet every single one of you. THIS IS A PROMISE. Big kisses and hugs from BRAZIL!!! ❤️❤️❤️ follow us back @ndenadine

love your videos so much

This episode was de Bomb. I'm saving this to my favorites

Act before you think.

Love that - 'There is no way you can make a difference in this world without making waves.' Thanks to all of Team Forleo for all of the inspiring work you do!

I loved the motto "act before you think"

WOW I went on the website and it looks beautiful. What a lovely way to celebrate life and thank goodness Maria got her to press that button on air. The website is amazing

I was just telling my Hs students to act before they thought. They were like, “tfw?!” Then I put it on their terms and they were like, “ohhhh!” - is great!

Fabulous show Marie!! Always so inspiring! ... and Greg, I swear you're trying to convince me to design a website using Wix... oh wait, that's Kasey Mahaffy... I think? lol

Yes! Act before you think! Be patient; your mind will catch up to your action.

If Marie would call me and answer my questions live ... gosh ... not sure what I'm going to do next! I might forget what I'm going to ask. ^_^ This is really wonderful way to connect with your audience. More power!

Oh my gosh!! You are freaking AMAZING! ❤️❤️❤️

@Mai Mohamed aww thank you!

Thanks mate. Youre saying has always helped me to live in the hard society . Thanks Marie

I’m in tears now, so blown away by the encouragement, motivation and genuine love you and your team give Marie. I love you girl. Like forreal. Also, I’ll see you on the book tour! You guys are awesome and I only pray that I can live my purpose with as much vigor and change lives the way you guys do.

Omg you guys made my day just by responding

We're beyond honored that you're be joining us during the tour, Mariama. We believe that Marie's message will energize you even more towards your purpose. Sending you lots of Team Forleo love. - Team Forleo

Also I would love to have a "Everything is Figureoutable" - mug

Again tears... seriously love love love this life changing show/universal wisdom nuggets! Can't wait to get my hands on " Everything is Figureoutable"

Just bought 2 sets of tattos. Can't wait for the mail!!!! Love you Marie you are amazing!!

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