How to Get Corporate Sponsorships For Your Business

How to Get Corporate Sponsorships For Your Business

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Just. Imagine, for a moment on your next launch or project, or event having, all of your expenses taken care of before you even begin such, as your airfare, your rental car at no cost your hotel paper or your meals on the house and oh my goodness so much more all, of that is possible and today's topic is so much fun because there is a huge, untapped source, of revenue available for entrepreneurs, and it's called corporate, sponsorship. Hey. There i'm nafisa Sherine success, coach and business strategist for entrepreneurs, and welcome, to living forward TV where, we help you to create a thriving, business you absolutely, love all around, your personal freedom today, we have a very special guest, Charmaine Hammond and she's, an expert, in securing, corporate sponsorships, and she travels, the world teaching, the stuff at oh my goodness I'm so excited, that she's here on living TV looking forward TV for you you're, gonna want to watch today's episode right till the end because she's going to be sharing with you all of the behind the scenes and insider secrets of getting corporate sponsorship, dollars for your business for your next project or book launch it's going to be absolutely amazing if getting, free money is exciting, to you and give us a thumbs up and share this, video with your community, because other entrepreneurs, really need to know about this what, she's gonna share is gonna have you looking at your business and the possibilities. That are open to you in a whole new way. Charmaine. Has developed, relationships with, more than 40 sponsors and 60, business partners and she, helps her clients, secure all kinds, of cash and in-kind sponsorships. For their business through the power of relationships, and collaboration, buckle. Up today's episode is going to be a game changer for you Charmaine, welcome. To living for a TV, no. No thank you this is such a privilege to have you on our episode, I, would love it if you would maybe, before we dive into the topic because I know everybody wants to get there but I'd like them to know a little bit more about you and how you came to be doing this hmm. It was an interesting story I started, out in jail and let me preface that. I. Was, a correctional, officer so, had a government job was loving, the whole security, the government job and when I moved to Alberta from, Ontario. There was no jail where I where, I moved to so, had, to get another job and I went back to school got a master's, degree in, conflict, analysis, and management. And, opened up my own dispute, resolution, company that was 23 years ago and obviously. I've Reverb rebranded. A little bit since then but it was when, I took another job as a, executive director, of a, nonprofit organization, that. My job became finding, money through. Grants, through donors, and, sponsorship, and the sponsorship, bug, bit me then and it. Was sort of my mission beyond then to figure out how to do this and how. To incorporate this in my business wow that's just really, incredible, and I can't wait to dive, in because you I know you have, the. Behind-the-scenes, from both perspectives right, from being, someone who was awarding, sponsorship, dollars and, being someone who can secure sponsorship, dollars so I mean this is like the real whole picture here and you don't get this very often but, before, we do that I'm, gonna back up a little bit because this is living for a TV and I love to ask all our guests, and I, think yours story. Does definitely fall in line with us having made changes from original career and that, is what is living forward mean to you hmm. That is such a rich question, I think, living forward, to me is, about. Looking. Forward to your goals and taking action, every day even if it's imperfect, even. If it's not the right step and I, also think when I think of living forward, it's about standing, tall brushing, off your knees and moving. Forward when we have those hurdles, to get through in business, when things. Fall off the tracks we make a mistake so. It's about movement and momentum, I love, that and that's that's what we're all about here right it's just you know cuz we're entrepreneurs stuff. Happens. We. Just have to keep pushing. Through that and if we keep doing that we'll get to our goals right and and that's, what we're all about here, and I know that one, of the big obstacles for, entrepreneurs, and a lot of things that, that they do come up against is having the money to fund their projects so, that's why I was just really really excited. To have you here because I've heard you speak I. Know, how. Much you talk about sponsorship, and some of my colleagues have been through some of your training programs, and that sounds really interesting I'm like ooh I missed out there and I, thought well if I get you to come and talk to our viewers then I think they're gonna have so much value so.

You Say that sponsorship. Is an untapped, revenue, source for entrepreneurs, you, tell me what that means that, a sponsorship, really, is a marketing, relationship so, if you think about a company like big, brands, it's actually. A great exercise for everyone to do is to walk around their home in their office and look at, what are the products and services that they use who is their cell phone provider their bank their, insurance provider all of those brands. Those companies, has people inside them that make decisions on how. Sponsorship. Dollars or marketing, dollars they're going to be used so when we think about sponsorship. It's, really, about a marketing relationship and it's a way of infusing. Cash, and in-kind products. And services into your business and so, what. Exactly is sponsorship, now you talked about the in-kind and you talked about the cash so I kind of get you know yeah, a rough, idea but, for, somebody who's just sitting there in the you know trying, to get that next step in their business and they're and they're struggling and they've got a great, idea. Did. You tell them you know what a sponsorship, is and how it would work for them or how it could work for them we're great, so sponsorship. With, these companies that have, marketing, dollars to give really, a company, could give their marketing dollars to say Facebook Ads or. Solo. Mail. Outs they, could do in the, old days yellow, page advertiser, I dating myself here. So. When, we think about marketing. How sponsorship. Works as a company, provides, an entrepreneur, a non-profit, group with, a product, service or cash, to. Be able to integrate, into, a project so, what, I mean by that is that when sponsors, give in-kind. Products, or services, or cash, to. Your, dream to your project, they're, also expecting, some kind of ROI a return on investment so, it's not sort of like I'm just gonna give you money and go at it have fun and this, is why I love, sponsorship. Because it is a relationship. So when you're building that. Powerful, relationship. With the business with a brand and they're, invested, in your dream in your project. And your launch they're. Gonna commit to helping you make sure it's successful okay. It's not just about writing a check and and letting, you go off on your way it's really about them investing. In many, ways and that's why and raise a dream we really teach people how. To build great relationships for. So it's I mean in it so that it's win-win, everybody's. Business. Benefits. So, what kind of things can you get sponsored, I mean when, I read your. Bio and I looked at all the things that you had sponsored, I was like okay this this is like from soup to nuts I. Wouldn't. Even have thought some of these things and again I go back to the dog food and dog food bags I have a lot of animals, okay, that's that's really cool, and interesting and, so, I mean. How. Would you even know what, to ask for or what kind of projects. Or events to sponsor, mm-hmm, that's a great question, and one.

Of The ways we can figure, out what we could first get sponsored, let me answer that one first is to, actually walk, around your office sit. In your car think. About the events that you go to or, that you host yourself, and look at every, item that you spend money on, so. For. Example with your show what, are the things that you spend money on what are the things that you need to have you've got equipment here you've got cameras, so you've got lights you've got great furniture, beautiful backdrop, all of those are things that could actually be sponsored, that's really fascinating yeah so, you could have multiple backdrops. That, are all sponsored, where you didn't have to pay for for. The backdrop items for, people who host events I know you've got listeners, on your show viewers on your show that, hold events hold, retreats, everything. From the venue. To the marketing, to the social, media to the swag to. The decor, to. The hand and Wow the band events. Are expensive, to put on I've hosted. Live, of that they're, not cheap. Like. That's more than Starbucks right and, so wow I mean you can have all that sponsored, right, and here's what I love about sponsorship, for, me it's a chance for my creativity. Come out so we have a tendency as, entrepreneurs. If we need say printing, let's. Say an entrepreneur, wants to have all their handouts and their flyers, sponsored. By somebody else our tendency. Is that, our brain would go to oh I should go to a print shop well. So is everybody else who wants printing my very, first printing, sponsor, was, it was a safety, company. So they Maidana, what, they did what they did is my friend, Al head, who has a company, called safety a head he said Shar we've, got a great photocopier. Here we've got a great printer, let, me be your printing sponsor, I would. Have never have thought to ask Al in a million, really creative really. Creative, and here's the thing every. One of your viewing. Audience, has, relationships, with people just like I did with Al that wanna help, they just don't simply, see where they could fit in okay, and that. Kind of brings me to my next question then, so you know. You. Talked about it being a marketing relationship. But. I'm still would, love for our viewers to understand, you know the why behind it, like why would it a big, business or even a small business wanna. Partner and sponsor an entrepreneur, like what it what are they actually getting at yeah that, that. Is such, an important question and this is why we have to really as, entrepreneurs, look, at our mindset sometimes we actually don't think we have a lot of value, to, offer a sponsor, and the number one reason sponsors. Have said yes to me is that, they're interested, in, my audience, now I have several audiences. I speak, corporately, so I'm in front of business and, corporate, people and then entrepreneurs, so number one reason, is that sponsors. Will often, get behind your project, or invest in your project, because, they want to be able to interact, know. Or meet the, people that you have so for example, if you had a sponsor, who wants to sponsor your technology for, your show. They. May be doing that not so much to promote, the services and just have their name out there but they really want to connect somehow with. The people who watch your show because perhaps that's their audience, that's, the number one thing they want but the other key is to find out from them what they, need and want we often, make assumptions, I have done this so many times it's I won't. Even tell you the number of times I've done this we assume that we know what, a sponsor, needs from us we, assume maybe they want sales or, they want to get their product into a new audience sometimes. Sponsors, want, what's called sampling, so I'm gonna go to the poop bags okay. For. Example, the original poop, bags came onboard to my million acts of kindness tour sponsored. A number of things and can I ask you maybe, tell us a bit about that tour cuz we sure okay we could get the whole context, in it - yeah the. Million acts of kindness tour was a fourteen. Thousand, kilometer that's ten thousand miles for those of you who are in the miles across. North America and, we had a Motorhome, sponsored, from Fraser a RV 32-foot. Never. Driven a Motorhome by the way until that day and it. Was a tour that I created, around my speaking and my books and we, wrapped it around a, mission to, change the world through kindness, so it was over a six-week period and, we, had sponsors, from the Motorhome sponsor, Fraser ARB to tell, us a Telecom communications. Company, - pet, lane Canada, and then, everything, in between and the, poop bag sponsors, the original poop bags who by the way I met at a trade show okay, so there's a little tip don't. Ever go to an event and bypass, the trade show area because. God I've met so many speakers, our sort sorry so many sponsors there but, Paul when, I met him he said the way that he, gets his poop, bags in front of the world and the way that would be most valuable for, him would, be for people to try them now how.

Do I do that uh speaking of them. Short. Of having things. So. It was important, for him that people could put their hands in the poop bag could see that they don't smell weird they had to sample the bags just, like food products, will often want you to sample so we actually use the poop bags as bookmarks we've, wrapped at our books, is. Cool and we gave them to people to take home and try and, pet, lovers would love it right. You're. Always. Looking in a pocket for one. Weight. Idea sometimes. They want sampling, they want the opportunity for, a new audience, to try to buy it and I wanted to back up to something you said that I think is really important and I hope you're paying attention to this where you said not. To bypass the trade show area because. These are people that are paying to be there they're, already sponsoring, so. You know that this is part of their business model right and that's a very good mind shift. To, make to go you know it's, not just about, looking. At what I can buy although you kind of want to see what they have to offer obviously, because they're there to show. Their products and services and they're, also companies, that are interested in getting, to other markets absolutely. And for anyone who's listening that's a speaker I see, this all the time where speakers will go, to event they show up a couple of hours they come down just before they speak so they don't meet the audience they don't meet the exhibitors, and the sponsors, and then, they speak and they leave and I have made it a mission to, get there early meet. The audience spend, time with the sponsors, it's. Amazing. All that you know I mean and that's that's a big pet peeve of mine you know cuz I mean I am not a professional speaker but I do a lot of speaking in my business and it's. Amazing to me when speakers don't take advantage of that opportunity because, it's it's speaking, is all about connecting and the. Kids and it starts before you get on the stage and taking, it one step further to meet the sponsors, is just, brilliant. Absolutely because, you can meet them face, to face you, see that you can build a relationship with them you learn about their business, and the. Other thing is is sometimes at a trade show it's, not the sponsorship. Decision, maker that's there often it's someone, from their marketing team or from, their communications, team their, events, team but, when you meet them and spend time with them and show interest in their product, in their exhibit, they're, very, very, happy to connect, you personally, to the person you need to know yes very short months. Up this whole process of finding the, right person because you're getting in through through the back door a little bit right now, you said that they'd be really interested, in you. Know our audiences in getting to our audiences, and I remember when I heard you speak, the first time you, gave, a tip sheet in a suggestion that really changed how I looked at my business too and that's, about our you. Know social collateral, so. Can. You talk a little bit about how important, it is to, track, those numbers. And metrics it's. So, critical, to track your metrics in fact. It's one of the reasons. Why sponsors, may say yes to you because. Influence. And relationship, capital, is critical, for companies, it's. One thing for a company to go. On this day you're on TV or, you know on a radio show and say we are the best company in the world and you should buy our product because we brought nobody. Would buy the product, but it's another thing if you went on TV. Yeah and said I love this product and let me tell you why so.

One Of the reasons that sponsors. Are interested. In your social capital, in your metrics around your social media Reach is that they see that you have a following now I do want to preface number. And size is not everything in this case okay, so. A lot of people say well I only have a Facebook. Following of 1,500, people and I just started on Twitter and I don't even have a big database I've. Had, sponsors, tell me over and over again that for them it's not the number. That, matters as much as how you're, engaging with them so, we have a metric, sheet and I think you did that exercise, at one of my workshops where, we actually it's a better four page document that raised a dream has and you track all of your numbers, around. Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest, and you, do not need to be on them all I want to say if your, audience is not on snapchat I mean I don't even know how to use. No. Offense if that's your name but. For some people it is their thing right and I don't do Pinterest, however, I had, a sponsor, who Pinterest, was one of their primary, places. That they connect with people and so. We said would it be a value, for us to get a Pinterest, account and start building it so that we can help support you there and they said no we've got Pinterest, covered we, really need help with Twitter and Instagram, because. We're new at that so, when you know all your following and how engaged you are with people you track it every month or even every two weeks if, a sponsor were to say to you you know how many people are following you you would have that you wouldn't have to say what got 5,000. In this account and 1,000, here you would say my, collective, Reach is any, give their number but, here's the juice many. Of your viewing audience, belong to things like chambers of commerce or, women's. Groups or, networking, groups or clubs the. Membership. And their collective, audience can, also count, in that so, imagine. You being the sponsor, for a minute and ice and you said chairman you know what is the reach of raise, a dream, and Charmaine Hammonds company and I was to say you know our social, media reach is. This and I. Belong to several organizations who. Collectively, their, reach is a hundred and forty seven million, that's. Pretty huge. Right. And they say wow and who were these people and they, would start to be, very interested. Because they, understand. The fact that if I was to promote. Them in social media someway do a video do, a meme about them it, has massive, exposure, for them into new audiences, and I love, that because I think it's really easy to forget the assets, we do have and we just discounted, to well I'm just a member of this organization or, whatever, and not realizing that you, know we have reach, in it and especially if you're a speaker at some of those organizations your, reach is actually, really big because if you're in their speaker profile and you've spoken there in. Addition, to being a member we, we, all have so many touch points and I know when I did that exercise that you gave us because. I thought oh well you know what's my reach it's, a reasonable size however. When I did the exercise, and listen at all yeah, there's. A lot of reach there even, surprised myself so taking a moment to do that I think is really really. Important, it is that well it really shows you how much value, you have and I think that's one of the mindsets, especially, for women a lot of women in business struggle. With, the value, that they bring to the world and then once they get their value then, they struggle to articulate, it and talk about it, so if you do these metric exercises.

It Kind of makes it really nuts and bolts for you and if you. Can't argue with that that you have this reach and it's and it's not just the reach it's the impact right you have impact especially they've, got the engagement, and you're connecting. With people now, are there mistakes though, that people make when they go after oh. I've. Made every one of them at least three times because, I'm. Here's. Number one mistake and these are coming right from the sponsors, Rebecca, and I raised a dream we've actually interviewed, sponsors, and we've asked, them what, drives, you, crazy, and number. One was people. Using what they call old-school, sponsorship. Methodology. Which is things like. Creating. Tears, like boxes, or levels. Gold silver bronze we see that a lot because it's a way of. Differentiating. The. Value, that one sponsors bringing to an event versus, other. Sponsors, but they really, like customized. Conversations. And customized, proposals. So, customizing. Is really important, another mistake, is that people leave, it to the very last minute so. I've got a retreat in six weeks and we need sponsors and some. Of these bigger brands, they are budgeting, a year out in advance so it's about a six to a nine month process. For, them, for. Them to say yes so that's mistake number two mistake, number three is asking, for money before you have a relationship. So. It just, doesn't fly with them it and and here's, the thing many sponsors are, getting, hundreds. If not thousands. Of proposals. A year, for, their marketing, dollars for their sponsorship, dollars, and if we, don't make the mistakes that lots of other people are making we will stand out and. If we take time to build a relationship or, really get to know their company you know research, them check them out follow them online we. Will again stand out and when it does come time to picking, up the phone and having that conversation or, meeting them at a tradeshow, booth, taking. The time to really understand, their brand and asking, them questions, will. Help you stand out and that's the the one one sponsor, that I interviewed, her, comment, has, just resonated, so much she said Charmaine I want people to know that, at the end of the day even though we wear the title or the Hat of sponsorship. Decision-maker, in our company, we. Have children we have pets we. Have hobbies at the end of the day we're people this, is a job for us and so when you can show up and treat. Us like a human, and take time to know things about us we, are much, more likely to be interested, in your project and figure. Out a way to fit, into it and that's, what's really really, cool and I know you've also said too that there's. Even. Though they have some of these applications, and you want to stand out they, also have the other problem, where they actually have to spend, those dollars right there under pressure for that I. Did. That job I can't tell you how much pressure no. We think giving away millions of dollars can be stressful, but there's. Billions and billions of dollars available right now in corporate, sponsorship, dollars and you, hear that yeah. Millions. In North America, and that's, just, from the big big companies, that's not our local coffee shops and our you, know the the. Boutique. Hotels, and, the grocery, stores we go to those are the bigger companies, and so when you factor in all these small to medium-sized, enterprises. It's a lot of money that's out there. Yeah. I mean it's a stressful job for, them to give it away because, when. They say let's say they say yes to your project, and they say we're gonna give you $15,000. For, this project and here's the return on investment we want to see they.

Want To make sure at the end of the day that when your projects, done that. Was actually, fulfilled, so, whatever those goals were that you agreed to with them it happened. And of course you're gonna knock their socks off, you were gonna go above and beyond so that they are left saying, anything. She says, about. An invitation, to participate with. Living forward we are a heck yes, got it got it so what I'm hearing so far then is you know we want to make sure that we're tracking our metrics and our numbers that, we take advantage of meeting, people at tradeshows cultivating. Relationships and. Really focusing, on that relationship and, getting. Creative not, just thinking about money but thinking about all the things that we use in our business that, could. Have an impact on our audience yes to approach, those sponsors and. I know this is what you do for your clients and I, am, so curious as to, how. You've helped them and would you be willing to share some examples of, some of the things you've gotten sponsored for your clients sure well, well, I love, we're gonna talk about a mutual friend of ours Joe Dibley who has the. Best-kept secret to success, so one of the so Joe does a lot of events for women and one, of the things right, out of the gate she was able to achieve was, Nygaard, actually, becoming her, clothing sponsor, so all. Of Joe Joe's. Clothing, is provided, to her by i guard one, of her other clients, she. Attended I love this story because she attended a one-hour, workshop, and at the end of the workshop I gave them homework and the homework was to go make one call and that, could be cheer hairstylist. To the, place he go for coffee to, your bank and so, she happened, to be walking past her hairstylist and stopped him and told. Them about a, retreat, she was doing for women and the. Hairstylist actually, came on as a cash bond sir and sponsored. A couple of people to go to this retreat but, then she also got the product, suppliers. I think it was redkin I could be wrong, so, the product, that, she sells they, came on board as a sponsor then, she went to the Home Hardware, or Home Depot whichever. Was they. Sponsored. Some house it's right so, all of a sudden in a very short period of time she had many of the things that she needed for her event sponsored.

But. What, was I think most important, to her was people who couldn't afford to come were. Able to come because of the kindness and generosity of, these, businesses, who saw that link who saw them so there's a real good balance on that one between in-kind and cash, and, I, think you know you can't, overlook, the value of in-kind oh yeah because, it's not just what, you get I mean when someone's giving you a service like that or taking care of it they're actually there's some logistics, there taken care of for, you too and I mean the value of that is priceless when they show, up and do that and you know when you talk about airfare, and meals, and all of that Compton, it adds up when you're on a speaking tour right I know you you, once spoke about a book launch that you did right where you had everything. Comped. Everything, covered absolutely. And you know what it's like you start an event and you got these great ideas and all of a sudden surprising. Mr., pricing, it and wondering, who's gonna pay for this and and. That was my first real test was in 2010, when my first book on Toby's terms came out and it. The. Cool thing about that example is all 40, sponsors we're. All in kind there was no, money exchanged. But. Their sponsorship, in that year saved me 39 thousand, dollars that, didn't have to come out of my personal bank account or my, business so everything, like my hair - my clothing, -. My jewelry. My printing. The. Venue, for the launch. I even, had companies, my, hair stylist and my financial, advisor who, bought boxes, and boxes of my books to, give out to their clients, to give out to schools so, all of that was in kind sponsorship, but I think the, best. Outcome, for me in all honesty, was the fact that I now had 40 businesses, who were so invested, in what we were doing that they were out there telling, their clients ok then their pardon well and that. Was huge so I mean it's really reciprocal, I mean you think about the sponsors are wanting to get the the publicity for themselves, however, if they're gonna publicize. You and sometimes they have bigger dollars. To do that that's that's even better than the sponsorship, sometimes I think for, your business that is so amazing, and there, are connections I mean think, about how connected. They are the, people that you do business with yes they all have people that they do business with so. It solves our relationship, so I hope you're hearing, this because when we talk about untapped, revenue this really is a potential, income source I mean, $39,000. Is big what, could you do if you could save thirty nine thousand, dollars in your business when you're trying to promote it it's just phenomenal right, what could happen, so I mean what, I'm curious and I'm sure a lot of our viewers would love to know because I'm sure at this point they're just like salivating. Or I like to say chomping, at the bit first, person to find out how they. Can get sponsorship, money in their business how. Do you work with people they, wanted to know great. Questions, so we have an online program that's called the big dream primer program, that's seven, weeks and it's awesome because it takes you through our whole, seven step model and I think one of the best outcomes, that people get from that if they understand, how sponsorship, works where.

It Fits them for them but ultimately they, see their value and they, see what they could bring to sponsors, and know. How. To build that confidence to be able to pick up the phone and talk. To a stranger, we actually have talking to strange our homework in the program. Because. You do have to talk to strangers, about how, amazing, your project, is and not feel salesy, and build, a relationship and we put a link to that low cuz you definitely want to check that out I. Know you do live workshops, so much like the one you were at so live, workshops, and then we have several retreats, through the year and then, we do some one-to-one mentoring for, people who really need that hands-on. With them and their team for us to train their team and take, their whole organisation yeah if they're looking for some really big dollars so it's oh its sponsorship sounds like something that would, really help you in your business I really encourage you to get. In touch with Charmaine and and hear, what she has to say and watch this episode again because, there is so much that, is available to you that can really make the difference and give, you just that edge that can, take your business to the next level I just think it's such a cool thing and I'm so glad that you were able to be here with us today Charmaine now, before we conclude I'm, just, wondering if there's just if you could give our viewers just like one tip like what's the first thing they can do today to. Help them get on the road to tapping into this source of revenue okay here it is I'm, gonna get everybody out. I'm. Gonna get everybody, out there and here, is the tip I want you all to grab. A notepad or, a clipboard piece, of paper and you're gonna divide it into half into half, down top down line and on, the left-hand side you're going to write all the things that would be super, cool to. Have sponsored, so walking. Around your house and figure it out all the products and services that you need personally. And in, your business what would be cool to have sponsored, meaning, what would be cool if that, you didn't have to pay for it and then, the second, side of the page you're then going to write down all, of the. Things all of the people that you know and do business with right from your hairstylist. To who, pumps gas into your car I guess we probably do that now because there's no fill up stations but where do you get your guests where do you buy your groceries who's, your insurance company, so you've got both of those lists because what you're going to start to see is where, some, of these needs could be met to repair for relationships. That's, I think with starting point and I really believe that if you take action today and just start with, homework you are so much closer than other, entrepreneurs, out there that have not even thought of this because now you've got it in your awareness yeah, and and then click the link below to check, out this online course because it will help you take it to the next level for sure so, I'm really hoping, we brought, some great, ideas. Today well I'm not hoping I know we did this, was just such a fun episode and they really appreciate it if this helped you please give us, a thumbs up leave. A comment below and tell us what you found most helpful where. You're gonna plan to use sponsorships, in your business and what I would love if you have, done that list like Charmaine has suggested, that you leave it in the comments below what, came up for you when you were doing that list and make, sure to share this video with your friends and someone who needs it and don't, forget to subscribe to my channel I would love to have you here and if. You have more questions or, you need more help then I'd love to invite you to join the livin forward free Facebook, community that's.

Where I come to you live each and every week on after the episode and I answer your questions, it's also a great place for you to network build your business get daily inspiration, and motivation to. Join all you have to do is go to living forward community com click, the join Now button and I'll see you on the inside.

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Thanks for watching! What ideas did you come up with for corporate sponsorships for your business while watching this video?

What an informative video! Great concept, i didn't know that these resources existed! Must watch!

Wisdom To Wealth Mastery Thank You Sue! Charmaine was SO generous with all she shared. And I highly recommend folks check out her link wouldn’t you agree???

wow such an interesting topic! I'm saving this to come back to later. Definitely sounds like something all small business owners need to know about.

Awesome interview and great discussion on corporate sponsorship!

Nice ideas for entrepreneurs. Lots of info here!

bytheBrooke Charmaine was so generous!!!!

Wow, all fantastic ideas! Thank you!

Life So Blissful it really is. I’ve been tagging my clothing supplier in all my tweets and Instagram now. Lolol. I’ve got some idea!!!!

Ky The French Angora Rabbit I bet with your specialized niche you could have some great opportunities.

good ideas to think about corporate sponsorships.

Great advice for How to Reach Out To Brands Nafissa! Love the sponsorship advice got the wheels turning.

Thanks for the information, this is so helpful!

Charmaine Hammond is a wealth of knowledge! Thanks for the great interview!

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