How to Generate Leads for Your Business in 2018

How to Generate Leads for Your Business in 2018

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Hey. Good morning everybody, you, can't see me right now but this is Emma from the Better Business Bureau I'd, like to welcome you all to our webinar, today about pay per call advertising. Our presenter. Is Ryan McPhee chief executive, director of call, engine, Inc we're. Thrilled to have him with us today to share his knowledge and expertise, on all things pay per call advertising, I, will turn things over to Ryan, in just a moment but before I do that there are a few housekeeping, tips that I will share if any, of you are joining us on the webinar for the first time, first. Please, don't feel like you have to furiously, take notes during the presentation. I will, make a recording, available to you in the days to come if that's, something you're interested in, please just send me a message or type that into the questions, pane on the GoToWebinar. Menu I'll, keep track of those during the presentation, and make sure that I follow up with you accordingly. Second. If, you encounter any issues during the presentation. The call-in telephone. Number and access code is available, in the chat box on the GoToWebinar. Menu, again. I'm going to be moderating the questions, pane in the GoToWebinar menu. So, if you have any issues, please feel free to reach out to me using that questions, pane and I will do my best to help you, finally. You'll, notice that you are muted right now this, is to keep our audio quality clear and concise, while Ryan presents, if you, have any questions, or comments again, please use that questions, pane I will, be keeping track of these during the presentation. And then closer to the end I will moderate questions for Ryan for about 10 minutes before we finish so, if you have questions, about any of the content that you're receiving today put, those in the questions pane and we'll get them to Ryan before we finish today I'm. Going to turn things over to Ryan, now is he in today's presentation, Ryan. Are you ready I am. Yeah thanks Emma okay okay. Yeah. Thanks, for everyone for joining today first. Of all can everyone see my screen. Emma, is everyone good, yep. You guys are getting, your presentation, up and running so I can see that on my side here okay. Perfect so as, Emma said my name is Ryan McVeigh and I'm the co-founder and, CEO of Collins and we're. A certified, Google partner, that specializes. In delivering large amounts, of new customers to, service based businesses, and we. Do this through paper call advertising. If. You've never heard this term before don't, worry about it by the end of this webinar you'll have a firm grasp of what pay per call advertising, is and how. To use it successfully to, boost sales for your business. So. Just to get started I'd like to share with you a quick one-minute video featuring, a character by the name of Marty, who you may be able to relate to. Meet. Marty marty, is the vice president of marketing for his company it has been tasked with increasing, duke business by 20 percent is fun yikes. In, the past Marty has tried everything from television. And radio spots from, purchasing display, banner and space online, but. As none of these channels produce cost-effective. Measurable, results. Not. To worry Marty a call, engine, to the rescue, goal. Engine reaches, your potential, customers, at appointment they are most likely to make a purchase that's. Right when, your prospects, are searching the internet for, your services. You'll. Receive real-time, incoming. Folate delivered. Straight to your call center or sales team better. Yet you'll only pay for qualified phone. Calls but you have a shot at closing how's that for measurable it's, a slam dunk, stop. Spending money on advertising that, doesn't deliver new customers, per. Call advertising. With collection, is the solution for measurable, cost effective, customer acquisition, method, onset And start, receiving calls, today. Okay. I hope you enjoyed that little video so. Whether, you're in a sales management, position, like Marty or you own your own service, based business it, seems to say that you're all looking to gain new customers, it's. Also likely that you tried several different ways to generate new business whether, that be radio, ads newspaper. Ads, Flyers. Trade. Shows or even television, but. I'm here to tell you today is that none of those channels can provide a more measurable, cost, effective, or risk-free, means of acquiring new customers than. Pay per call advertising, tap, so. What is pay per call advertising, the. Model itself is fairly self-explanatory. Essentially. Your salespeople, are receiving incoming, phone calls from potential, customers who, are actively, searching for the service that your company provides and as. The name suggests you're, paying a predetermined. Amount for, each call that you receive. The. Logistics, of how a per call works requires, a little bit further explanation, so let's take a look at a real-life example.

In. This case doug, is in urgent need of a plumber so like, most people he picks up his iPhone or other smartphone, device he. Goes to Google and he types in plumber. Service, nearly. At. This point Doug sees the results, of this search which includes highly targeted advertisers. He, happens to live in Toronto Ontario so. The ad that catches, his eye is best. Plumbing, service, in Toronto, call now for a free quote. Doug. Then clicks on that ad which immediately prompts. Him to make a phone call now. This is where a crucial, part of the pay per call experience, takes place when. Doug makes that phone call he's not immediately, connected, to your agent instead. The caller is taken through a quality filtering. Process where, they have to answer certain questions by. Using their phone select, certain presses. You. May have heard this this stage is commonly, referred to as IVR, filtering, which stands for interactive. Voice response. So. In this example Doug. Is asked to press 1 if you would like to be connected with a plumber, press. 2 if he's looking to apply for, plumbing jobs or. Press 3 for all other inquiries. To. Ensure that you receive only high-quality calls, we would only send you the calls from. Callers who indicate, they want to be connected to a plumber, all, the other key presses are stopped from getting through by, as politely notifying. The caller that the phone number they've dialed is for new services, only. It. Has a second, layer of quality, screening, your, sales agents, would then have 60 seconds, on the phone with that caller to decipher, whether or not they're a viable customer, if. For some reason, they don't seem like a worthy customer, the sales agent would, end the prior to sixty Seconds so. In this example you would only be paying for those calls that lasted, over sixty, Seconds. Now. From a reporting, perspective you. Would be provided, with a login where, you can review real-time, reports, on each call received including. The caller ID the. Location, of the caller the, time date stamp of the call and the duration, of the call. So, as you can see the, pay per call model, can produce very high, intent sales leads at very little risk to the buyer, I say. Can produce because, you. Know it certain. Factors, do come into play in terms of when you're working with this type of marketing, so let's take a look at those key factors, that equate to success. Number. One is the advertising, message itself, every. Successful, pay per call campaign, starts with clean targeted. Advertising, that. Properly, communicates. The services, being offered, if. The message is inaccurate, or reaching, the wrong audience this. Will naturally result, in poor quality phone calls being generated, so, for example if you if you have an auto insurance brokerage, and you run an ad that says, call, to get auto insurance for one dollar per month how. Much business you think you're going to get from that ad probably. Not. Another. Important, factor is making sure that you're not bogging, down your salespeople with calls from people who have no intention, of purchasing, your services, or don't, meet certain minimum requirement, needed in order to do business with you so. For example if you know that you can't do business with somebody who has poor credit then, you obviously, don't want poor, credit callers getting through to your sales reps and likewise. If you run a maid service, you'll, want to make sure that the IVR is filtering, out calls from people looking for a job as a maid. And. The third thing. To consider. The. Third, element of success I should say is something that your, company will really need to control internally. And take very seriously, and that is the overall caller, experience. If the, previous two points have been executed. Properly their. Sales agents, should be receiving, calls from consumers, who are actively. Shopping for your services and meet, your minimum criteria, you. Then have to ensure that your agents are picking up the phone in a timely fashion and that they're trained properly to sell your services if. The colors are getting routed, to voicemail, or waiting, on hold for five minutes or, being met by agents, who aren't knowledgeable.

About Your services, then. These high intent calls will go to waste and the campaign just simply, won't work for you. So. If all of these three factors are functioning, properly your, campaign, and your company will be well-positioned to, get, the most out of pay per call advertising. So. I've explained what pay per call advertising, is and how it can be leveraged effectively. To drive new customer acquisition, but. Perhaps what some of you might be asking yourselves is why. Should I focus on targeting, consumers on their mobile device at all, so. Let's take a look at some key market trends. 45%. Of total call, volume, comes from mobile search that's. More than any other digital, or traditional. Marketing channel. 50%. Of those who have conducted research other, smartphone, have, purchased, a brand that they wouldn't normally purchase, because, of relevant, information available. In the moment so it's, really about catching the consumer, in that moment when they're most likely to make a purchase. Also. More than 60%, of, smartphone, users have, used the click to call feature when. Searching, for information from, their phone. The. Reality is that your customers, are using smartphones to find you online. In. Bound phone calls are. Naturally, higher quality, leads than, typical. Web, form leads, callers. Are highly motivated buyers, they're, actively, searching, for a service, or product at that moment in time and you're. Only paying for qualified, leads that have met specified. Criteria, your. Agents also get a predetermined. Amount of time to speak with that color, in. Order to confirm that they're vitally before the call becomes billable, and that's really what makes pay per call advertising. Among the most risk-free. Measurable. Customer, acquisition, models. Available today. So. At this point hopefully, you have a clear understanding of, how paper coal advertising, works and why, your company should embrace it now. I'd like to give you some background information on, our, company, College in ink and explain, why we're your best choice for executing, your paper call strategy and ultimately, delivering.

New Customers, for your business, so. Let's start by watching this quick 30-second. Commercial. If. You're looking to acquire your customer, to your circus business look, no further than, college the. Most experienced, team to take your call advertising. Leveraging. Is online rest and internal, distribution, college. Is a performance-based, advertising. Agency the delivers incoming, book calls to your beauty, from, consumers, who are ready to buy now stop. Spending money on advertising that, doesn deliver a new customer pay. Per call advertising, with collagen, solution. For measurable and cost-effective, customer. Acquisition. Collagen. Not long today. Okay. So as the commercial highlighted. Collagen, is the most experienced, team and paper call advertising, our founders. Including myself have, been active participants in, developing, the paper calling the streets in Pittsburgh and have, actually built paper called divisions, for other marketing. Agencies, prior to founding collagen. And. This level of experience, along, with the fact that we control all advertising, internally. Is what really separates, us, from the pack call. Engine leverages, our internal, team of seasoned media buyers and more, than a dozen owned and operated online. Properties, and this, allows you to have clearer optics, into where. And how you leads, are being generated. It. Also gives you you know a peace of mind knowing, that your company is being promoted in, a compliant, manner and being, optimized, by the actual, team that's generating, the traffic. We. Are certified, Google partner headquartered. In Markham, Ontario Canada. But, doing high-volume business across North America and, the UK. Exact. Last year we were recognized, by startup Canada. For excellence, in global entrepreneurship. And. Scalability. Is another thing that you'll get with college and on the monthly basis, we're delivering, more than 150. Phone calls to our sorry, 150,000. Phone calls to our various clients across, broad, range, of verticals, including insurance, credit, repair, telecom. Plumbing. Pest, control, and a, whole bunch of other home services. An. Ideal client, for us is a, service, based business that, has a centralized, call center or a team. Of sales agents, who can handle incoming, phone calls effectively. From. A geographical. Coverage standpoint. We're looking for businesses, who have statewide, or, province, wide coverage. There's. Certain nuances to. Working. With zip code targeting, or postal code targeting, so unless unless. We already have buyers purchasing, calls nationwide, in a particular, category we. Tend to shy away from the really hyper local campaigns, but, we do on occasion have campaigns, running that focus, on for, example province. Of Ontario, or state of Hawaii. Obviously. The broader the geographical. Coverage the more volume, that's available. Our. Model, as I mentioned, is a hundred percent performance, based so a typical deal structure would be X. Number of dollars per call that, lasts a minimum, of X, duration. Set. Up is quick and free once we have the paperwork in place we would just need the phone number that you would want calls routed to and, we can have the campaign set up the same day it. Typically takes approximately, one week before, you start to see calls coming in sometimes. Sooner if we're already actively, generating, calls for that particular service. You. Don't require any minimums, then we, have the ability to impose daily, weekly, or even monthly volume. Caps as required so it's really as long as we see demand for, your type of service, from, an online search perspective and your, company's in a position to handle incoming, phone calls we're, quite happy to start off slow and ramp, over time and. Finally. All clients are given a login to our call reporting platform where, you can view the details of each call. And other helpful reports. So. That, concludes. The presentation on, Paper Co advertising, I hope that you found it to be informative, and, are. Able to envision how paper coal can work for your business for anyone, that's interested in continuing the conversation.

You, Can feel free to reach out to me directly at, Ryan. At Collins and Comm that's, Ryan, at Collins and calm and I'll, see to it that your inquiry is handled in a timely fashion and, at. This point I'd like to open up the floor to any questions anyone. Might have Emma. Fantastic. Thank You Ryan. So this. Is all of our attendees, this is your opportunity to submit, your questions, for Ryan, we, do have some coming in so, I will just start throwing those out to you and you can answer them okay absolutely. Okay. So Hanna. Is asking, how. About. Wait excuse. Me how about services, like weight loss or nutritional, consultation. I, think, she means like just PPC, advertising work. For this type of an industry. Yes. Absolutely I would I would categorize that as a vertical that that could work from the pay per call perspective, for sure I mean, everything, from our perspective, comes down to our, people, looking for that particular service, through, a search engine if. The answer is yes our typical research would would require looking. Into the average monthly, services, sorry monthly searches for that particular service and looking. At the bid prices and, that that, will give us the information we, need to to, decide whether it's a large enough market but, I can tell you weight loss is a massive, market. Wonderful. Another. Question for you uh is, there, an option to record. PPC. Advertising calls. So the inbound calls that come in in terms. Of like tracking purposes. Yes. There is it's as simple as it's, a radio, button within our platform we can click it on or off at any time usually. It comes down to the advertiser, deciding. Whether or not they want us to record calls, there's. There's some there's, some. Verticals. Such as health insurance for example. Where there's there's, various laws in place where you can't record calls but. Most of our advertisers, want us to record them because it helps us optimize the ads if, we know what's happening, on the phone calls we're, able to make. Adjustments to the campaign, alter, the IVR just to constantly, be improving the quality. Great. Next. Question for you are there limits, to how successful, PPC. Advertising, might. Be for certain businesses, I. Mean. That's. A pretty I mean that's a, broad question but, I mean it really comes down to again how. How. Large the market is there is a limit to every. Every, vertical has its limit based on the number of searches happening, for that category, if. You get very niche and we do we do some research and find out that there's an average of say eighty, people, searching. For that type of service in a month well that. That's what you're limited by really. Comes down to the search volume. Wonderful. So, Ryan, those are all the questions that we had, for you today it, looks like your presentation was pretty clear and concise and, straight. To the point so there wasn't a whole lot that came in but I. Want to thank you for doing this today and for offering to present for us I truly, do appreciate you taking the time to go through PPC.

Advertising With, us and you. Know offer your services to accredited businesses. Likewise. And we appreciate the opportunity and, again if anybody on the call we'd. Like to continue the conversation please. Feel free to reach out to me at Ryan at Kalenjin com. Yes. Exactly, so to our attendees thank, you so much for your participation today, if, you are interested, in joining us for future sessions or if you have anything you'd like to discuss with call engine or Ryan definitely. Please let me know as well if you need, help connecting, with them my, contact information, will be in a follow-up email and I'd be more than happy to help you connect with Ryan or. Call Injun about any of the marketing programs available for your business, with. That said thank, you so much and have a great day everybody. Thanks. Everyone.

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How to Generate Leads for Your Business in 2018: Learn about pay per call advertising and why it is the most cost effective and measurable method to get new customers! Maximize your sales with pay per call.

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