How to Find Your Target Audience Online

How to Find Your Target Audience Online

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Good. Morning. Happy. Wednesday. I am, rachel lynde Tigan the president and founder of edged, marketing. And this morning, i will, be leading you through our, free, marketing, training workshop. Today's, topic, is how to identify our. Target, audience, so in just a moment we're gonna jump into that so. Glad that you could join us this is our weekly free, training, class that we offer every Wednesday morning at 10:00 a.m. mountain. Time, I'm. Based here in Phoenix Arizona so, very excited, that you can join us and go through this training class with me so. Real, quick I'm Rachel and tagging i'm the president and founder of etched marketing, we are a content, marketing agency. Based, in phoenix, arizona like, I said we, focus on SEO, social, media and content marketing and how, the three, really. Weave together. With. Strategy. To produce the best results possible for, clients, I also. Provide. And run, etched, marketing. Academy which is a small, business, training. Program, it's a marketing training program for small business owners entrepreneurs and. Startups. People who really. Need to learn how to market, like a pro, however. They. Are just. Dealing with teeny-tiny budgets, teller we're, in the new stages we're trying to figure out and grow our businesses, and you, know that you need to know how to do it but you just don't have that budget to invest in, hiring, a professional marketer. Yet that's that's. Exactly, who X marketing, academy is for so. I am, going to periodically. Peek, down and take a look at my notes I understand. That. You are very busy. You are business, owners you're trying your marketers, you're trying to run your business and get everything done over the course of the day of the day your. Time is very valuable your, time is important, to me so, I personally. Can't stand the live, sessions, that are just stream of conscious, and somebody just goes on and on and on and I, feel like we're 20 minutes into it and there's been nothing fruitful. And I feel like I've wasted my time and I promise not, to do that so if you catch me looking. Down and you see me kept see, me looking down it's because I'm looking at my notes just to make sure where. We are and to ensure, that we're on track and everything, is going. I'm covering everything that I need to cover to help you understand, our topic so, like I said today's. Topic is. How. To identify our, target audience now if you already know who your target audience is great, we're gonna take it a step further we're going to talk about how we verify. If. Who we're trying to target is who we are attracting. With our marketing, so we're gonna talk about both, sides of it today. So. Marketing, the most simple, way that we can explain marketing, is the, sentence, that, marketing. Is targeting, the right person, at the, right time with, the right message and, today, we're going to talk about part 1 of that targeting, the right person, so. Who is the right person, any, business owners who are here or anybody who's catching it on the replay let. Me know if you have identified, your target audience can you, tell. Me in a one to two-sentence. Description who. Is your target audience so in the. Etched marketing. Example. X marketing, Academy, example, my, target audience is a small, business owner entrepreneur, or. Startup, founder, who. Is, trying, to take their business to the next level they. Need. Marketing, guidance, they. Need to look professional in, order to grow however, they don't have the budget, to hire, someone. Yet they. Want that polished, professional look, but they can't afford to hire it out they, may have worked with someone in the past who, gave them incorrect. Advice so, they're really concerned, about where to go and who to focus, on and who to believe, so. For, me it's somebody who, doesn't, know who to believe or who to listen to, they're looking, for someone who has a true expert in their field they. Understand, the importance, of marketing. They. Understand, they want it to look professional but, they really, don't know who to trust and who to turn to that is my core target audience for, the marketing Academy. The agency. Side it, is, a company. That is already established, maybe. They have done everything in-house and they need to bring in someone to, really help elevate their strategy, they want somebody who, can take. Them to the next level and show them how SEO. Social and content marketing all work together, they've. Already established, a business they've got a website they've got a blog they've probably attempted.

Content. Marketing in the past but they haven't, been, able to put everything together with the right strategy and structure and they're at the point that, they can invest between. Three and five thousand dollars a month, minimum. For their or on average minimums. Fifteen hundred averages, three to five thousand a month to, really build their business, and really grow it and they believe in the potential of content SEO and social so. That's kind of how we start, to think about who. Our target audience, is why, do they need our services, so if. You, have. A target audience and you can tell me in one to two sentences, who, they are please go ahead and put that in the comments, let's take a look and see who, everybody, is trying to reach and who we're trying to work with if. You are. Earlier. In your, business, maybe you're still developing, it maybe you're still trying to figure out exactly who you serve and you haven't. Nailed down your target audience that's okay that's, the first step that we're going to talk about today if you, don't know who. You help we've, got to figure it out before we can really put together a marketing plan so. Who do you help what. Does your company your. Business your brand or your blog do, or provide, what. Services. Do you offer what. Advice, can, you give where. Are you, an expert, what is your, field, or your, experience that you can help someone with this. Is kind of where we start, just to. Figure out who. We can help and how we can build our audience, so what. Is your experience beyond. That what makes you, special, so, there may be ten people there may be a hundred people who, have the same type experience, what. Is different, about you, what makes you special or unique that. Could benefit, a fan, or a follower, potentially. A customer, how. Do you help someone else so sit. Down and think about those three things answer, those questions, what. Do you do for a business, who. Can you help. What. Is your particular experience. What. Makes you special unique, or different and, then, how do you help someone else how do you bring all of that, together and help, someone else your, goal, in business, should be to make a difference. Or to help rather than just fixating.

On Making, money when, we just put our goals and they set them out and we say we just want to make money we're. Going, about it in the wrong manner and we, really, if you, focus on being helpful then you focus on serving, people you will ultimately make. Money, but. It's more important, to focus on that service and that help and that offer and, guiding. Your audience, because that's how you're going to build that like know and trust factor that we talked about with marketing. So. Once. You've thought about your help, and what you can offer what you do different, from anyone else I want you to think about who. You can help so, in my example, the. Reason I started, the marketing, academy was. That I saw. Friends. And family members coming, to me and asking a lot of questions about marketing, and blogging and social media. And they. Were struggling. They were founding. Their businesses, they were trying to build them but. They were not, sure who to turn to and who to trust and where to get the right information and, they. Maybe get performance reports, from someone they had worked with but they didn't they. Didn't understand, how to read them they didn't know what they were telling them they didn't know if things were right or wrong if they were good or bad so. I did a lot of behind. The scenes helping him I worked I had a corporate career I worked for a big ad agency, and I was running the content marketing and SEO programs, they are working. With multi-million, dollar clients, huge huge clients, so, I couldn't, take on everything. That they needed but. I helped, them and I saw. A great, opportunity to, help more people and provide my background, and experience and, expertise, in digital marketing, for. Small, business owners entrepreneurs and, startups because, I had, so many who were coming to me and asking where, I told how do I do this what do i do what's, my next answer what's, my next move.

Am. I even doing any of this right am I getting the right kind of traffic and they. Were they. Were just getting such, bad, advice in, many instances, it was outdated, advice, it was things that we, didn't follow within the industry anymore because we have found other strategies, that worked better and the. People who they had to choose from maybe. They just were outdated they didn't know or in some cases I think they were kind of taken advantage of them so. That's. How I figured out who, needed my help was just going through that process and thinking about how could I help them who, needed my help and then from there I started, thinking about my messaging, and where to share my messaging, and that's more what we're going to talk about today so. Once, you've started thinking about that and we've got some information as, to who. We're trying to target and how we can help them then, we want to start thinking about some of the demographic, information we, want to think about demographic, and psychographic, so. Are they male or female, does it even matter so, in my particular instance. It doesn't, matter whether, you're, male or female if you own a business you want to start a business you, want, to build your business bigger, it doesn't. Make a difference now I, initially. Thought I would work more with female business owners but what I found, as I went through my audience information did, an analysis. On it and really, dug into my demographic and psychographic information I, skew. Heavier male there are more male followers, than female followers so. That, made me make, some adjustments, and change how, I go, about sharing, my information and. What I do and all of that I actually, changed, my branding slightly, so that it felt a little more, unisex. My initial. Branding, was, very, very girly, I thought, it was beautiful, but. There was no way that a man was going to want to hire an agency. That had, some of my beautiful girly, branding, as my husband, referred to it at one point if. Barbie. Had a marketing agency she'd have your logo we.

Don't Use that logo anymore but it was so pretty I loved, it but. As I found out that my target audience was. More, heavily, male than female I had, to make some changes so you'll see this, great. Little logo down here, on the other side of my mic very. Straightforward. Very simple very. Unisex. These, are the type things that we think, about in marketing, where. Does your target audience, live so I happen. To live in Phoenix Arizona but. My target, audience could. Be anywhere because of the fact that we. Do business online so. I know. That my audience for my marketing agency, I work. With clients here in Phoenix I also work with clients across the country because marketing, is something that we, can do remote, you. May have a brick-and-mortar location, you may have a business in your community at which point your, target, audience is somebody right there within your local area, the, more information we know about the audience the better we, are able to cater, our messaging, for them are. They married or single, are they parents, this can be a big one that can definitely, impact, our marketing. Message, if people are if they, have children, how. Old are their children because, if somebody has small children, at home we're. Really gonna want to think about when we message, them because. As a, parent I have a two and a half year old and then we have I have a 15 year old stepdaughter, so we have a teenager and a toddler both here, at the house my. Toddler. Is very. Much, hands-on. In the, evenings from the time he gets picked up at school until he goes to bed at night I'm in mom mode during. Those hours I'm, not thinking, about my business I'm not thinking, about growing. It I'm not thinking about any of those things I'm thinking about how do I get dinner on the table right now how, do I get him in the bath I got, to read how many stories, tonight any other parents. With little ones you know you're like counting down and at, 7:45. It means freedom, so. Between. Like. Or 4:30. And 7:45. 8 o'clock I'm in, mom mode that's. Not the time for a business, to try to reach out to me and connect with me because if I'm, their target audience, I am, so, focused on my kid at that time in my family these, are the things you want to think about as you start to figure out who your target audience is think about them what. Their day is like what. Age is your target audience. What. Is the biggest challenge, on a given, day or in, a given week, where. Do they spend their time online and this is one we're gonna talk about a little bit more in. The coming week so next week we're gonna talk about crafting. Our message and. Then, the following, week we're going to talk about where. We distribute, that message but for now start thinking about where did they spend their time online so if your target customer is a mom who's. In her 30s, who's, got three, little, kids at home she. Works full time so. She's doing the evening juggle and you.

Know That it 8 o'clock like I said in my example eight o'clock she's it's her freedom, she's. Probably, either, getting ready for, Netflix. And chill a. Little bit of time on Instagram a little time on Facebook, maybe a video on YouTube, something. To kind of relax and unwind and, then maybe she's starting to look at prepping her next day so these are the type things that you really want to think about as you're determining, who, your audience is, what. Does your audience do, for fun so your target customer, what. Do they do for fun what do they think, is. A, great, way to spend, their, personal. Time, what. Do they do for a living so if your business is, going. To serve, someone, where, are they during the day do they work of a stay-at-home parent do they run their own business, do, they have freedom and flexibility, or are they in an 8 to 5 are they, commuting, in the early morning hours because, if they're commuting maybe. There's a way to meet that message, them or reach them especially you think that podcasts. Can work great if you have an audience that commutes where they're. Captive they're in their car for 30 or 40 minutes at a time these are all the type things that we want to understand, about our audience, are. They, happy, in their lives today this it's a big one because. If. Somebody's, not happy today, is there. A way that your, business, your product your service is going to help them find, that happiness and if, you are gonna market that you have to make sure that you have ways to really. Back that up we cannot make someone else happy they have to find a way to make themselves happy, but how. Satisfied. Are they in their lives today is there something that's frustrating, them is there a challenge is there something that they're trying to figure out is. There a way that your business, can help them with that is. There something, they want to change, in, their life is there it could be work could. Be career could be family, could be even. Just a simple stress like I want, to find a way to get dinner on the table in the evenings easier I want it to be less stressful. Does. Your product, your service or your blog help, with that change that they want to make now if, you are really trying to target, someone and you really want to be able to help them you. Need to find a way that, your. Product. Your content, your service, your blog etc, serves. Your customer. Base what is it that you do that, helps solve their biggest, pain point their biggest problem we're going to talk a lot more about that as we talk about some, marketing fundamentals, and really how we build, our businesses, and how we serve our customers. Just. Start. Asking. Questions start, thinking. About your. Customer, think like, your customer, if you are. Getting. That figured. Out. Start. Thinking, about the people who fall, into that category you probably, know some in your real life if you, have the opportunity, to talk to them and ask them questions and, find, out, more.

Information And. Insights that is so, useful, and you can take that information and, really target what you're doing and provide better content, and better, marketing, messages, and in the end you're, providing more helpful. Information and, more resources. For them you're, going to become their go-to resource, for that particular. Subject and at, some point if you, have a product to sell and they're looking, to buy. It's, going to become natural. Because people buy from. They don't necessarily, buy from companies, or brands, they buy from people they know they like and they trust you, build your relationships. And it's a long-term investment to. Do it and do it the right way but. It's, an investment that will pay off when we build our, brands and we focus, on loyal customers. One, loyal customer, is worth more, than three, or four new. Customers, because loyal customers, will help refer, people to us they. Will buy more, each time they will, they. Will buy more frequently, they will help, sometimes, champion. Our brands there's a lot of research on why. Building, loyalty. Is so important, to marketing so think. About your customer always always. Always focus. On them if you are providing, value for them you, are going to do fine. Now. Refining. Your target so say, that, you've already got, your target market and you know who, it is and you're walking through the first 15. Minutes of this training and you're saying okay Rachel yeah I know I know who they are she's, a mom she's 37. Years old she's got three children she works, from home she. Plays. On Facebook, and Instagram she's. Just starting to really enjoy. YouTube she's, watching the marvelous, mrs. Mazal. On Amazon. Prime every, night like. I know her I know her biggest problem is, figuring, out how to meal plan ahead of time and put healthy meals on the table every night by five o'clock and I know she. Wants to use her crock-pot and maybe even her instant, pot more frequently, she's, just not quite sure how. To make it all happen and what to do and she's gotta have dinner on the table by 5:30, because she's got little kids that need to go to bed I know, her I know everything, about her I'm good, I am. Writing content, that addresses her needs, fantastic. I want. You to dig into your analytics, and just, make sure that. Who you think, you were serving. Is who you are actually. Attracting. With your marketing messages, so if you've already got your statement. And you know who your target audience is. I want, you to go to your, website go to Google Analytics and, I want you to look at the demographic, information in, there and I want you to find out are you, truly targeting, the right age group is the targeting. You're doing driving. The right age group, the right gender the, right location. Do. They have the same type interests, that you think, they have all, of that information I, want, you to look on your social media channels so Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram they're.

Going To give you more basic, information, they're gonna tell you about. Instagram. And Facebook, will, tell you the age and the location, they'll tell you the gender Pinterest. Will give you some information where you can you can actually click in and see like other boards, that your followers follow, other. Type pins that they like things of that nature where, you can really get some great information just. To verify just, to make sure so, take all of that together and take a look at it and make sure either. Your. Targeting, is working. And you are getting the audience. That you're looking for or is, there. Something that you need to adjust slightly, in your targeting, because who. You're trying to reach is not who's. Resonating. With your message, at which point you need to decide either you. Adjust your messaging. Slightly, or you, expand, your audience targeting. So, like I told you in my initial, example, when. I went looking for my, computer, just went. Inactive. On me when. I was. Working. On my revisions. For my website and I have a new website coming out it's really, exciting, all new, branding, whole new look and feel new. Training, website everything we've got so many things going on here it's crazy right now I can't wait to, get a couple of them live and feel like I have some breathing room but, when I was working on the new website and looking at the demographics, like I said I found, initially. I thought I was targeting, more females, but what I found, in, my information. And my insights, and analytics was. That I actually stood, about 60/40. Male so it's not heavily. Male but, it's enough so that I wanted to make sure that my marketing. Messaging, and my branding, was. More gender, neutral, than it has been in my, previous. Marketing. And branding, so those, are the type things that you want to look at and make sure that you really understand, in it it may vary by channel you. May see that your website, is split. 50-50, but on Pinterest, you're 80%. Female that, would be normal because the Pinterest audience is heavily female, and. You may find that like Instagram, does tender is still skew a little bit heavier female, than male, Instagram. Also excuse a little younger than Facebook, now Facebook's, kind of become the the, middle-aged, thing. Those, of us who came here 10 15 years ago who are still here you know we were college kids or we were early. In our career, when we first came to Facebook but it's, been 10 12 years and now we're. A little further established, in life the, younger, kids are going, to Instagram, LinkedIn. Is more corporate, related. Pinterest. Is mostly, families, very heavily families, with children under the age of 5 so, you really want to understand that we're gonna talk about all that, type demographic, information when. We talk about choosing. The right channel, for our marketing messages, in two weeks so we're gonna talk a lot about how we figure out where we focus. Our marketing efforts so, as, an example something. To kind of walk you through, when. I was working, in my corporate, career probably about 10 years ago I worked for a, children's. Birthday party, franchising. Company and we. Had, a very, defined, target, audience because, we. Knew moms. Were the ones who made the decisions, about their kids birthday parties the dads probably, had input but, the moms were the ones who are doing the research and ultimately making, the decision, and, finalizing. It and handling all the party details so the work of the kids birthday party, the majority of the work of the kids birthday party fell on the mom we. Targeted, working, moms because, they. Were the ones who really wanted. To have a way to do it and create these great memories, for their children but, because they were already working they were already, juggling, the childcare and the dinner and all the different things over the course of the day they, really didn't have time to coordinate the birthday party we.

Did Not target moms. Who working. Or not who, wanted, to host birthday parties at, home because, the reality of the situation is, if, somebody. Really wants, to do that Pinterest, perfect, birthday party and they want to hold it at home they're. Not going, to go, and, convert. And host, their child's birthday party at another, location because, that's just not what's important, to them they want to be able to do it at home so again. Understanding. Our target audience so ours had to be a mom, who was working there, had to be household, income of 75,000. Or more because of the price point of the party they, had to have enough income where it didn't hurt the budget, they didn't have to think about three. Or four hundred dollars for a birthday party they needed, to know that the. Trade-off. Of the time savings, and the experience. For their child was, going to be worth. It to them so, a mom, who, had. A lower family, income where they were they, were kind of strapped they're not gonna put that much money into the birthday party because it's, just too big a chunk of the budget a mom. Who really wants to do the birthday party at home probably. Isn't, going to. Do. It even though she may spend as much she, may easily spend, three or four hundred dollars doing a party at home I know I have, I'm. Pretty sure my. Son's first birthday party that I had at home cost. Me more than his second, birthday party that I held at a. Children's. Play place and. The. Second party was a whole lot less work for me so I definitely. Saw, the. Advantage, in the disadvantage, of both, but somebody who really wants to be that host isn't entertain, and have their birthday. Parties at home and do the beautiful Pinterest, perfect birthday parties, they're. Not going to go, and do it somewhere else so you, know we didn't even try to reach them because you're, not going to change somebody's mind about what they want to do for their kids. So. You, just really want to know as much as you can about your customer, what. Do they want. To do what, are they interested, in what are their pain points and then, think about how can you serve them and what you can do to. Help them so that's it for today's training. Hope that helps you figure out how to find your audience, if you've already got one make, sure you go through and look at your analytics and figure out if you, are attracting, the same people that you thought you were trying to target and let. Me know yes, or no are you getting the results that you were, hoping for if not, do you need to adjust something and then we'll talk a little bit about what we adjust do we adjust our targeting, do we adjust our messaging, you expand our audience all of, those are decisions that you need to make when you think about marketing strategy so we're gonna talk about that be, sure and join me next Wednesday. At 10:00 a.m. mountain. Time where. We will talk about part two so today was part 1 targeting. The right person. Next. Week we're gonna talk about with. The right message, so next week we're gonna talk all about messaging. And what information our target audience needs for us we talked a little today we're gonna go in depth next week and then. The following week we will talk about at the, right time so, the right time and in the right place we're gonna try, to figure out how we answer, those. Questions how we put it all together, if. You have more, marketing, questions you're trying to learn what to do you're curious about, learning. How to market your business please. Join our Facebook. Group, marketing. On a shoestring, budget it, is for, anyone. Who's looking to learn, more about marketing, and how to grow, their business whether. You have a marketing budget today or not, we, talked about a lot of tips, and tricks and tools and all, sorts, of things that you can do to help grow your business so please.

Join Us in the group we'd love to have you there until. Then have a great day and I will see you next, Wednesday.

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