How to Find Your Perfect people in your Salon Business!

How to Find Your Perfect people in your Salon Business!

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Hey. Everyone, good morning. How. Are you it is Wednesday. I'm excited, as always, about, our time together, on, today. We're. Gonna be talking about how to, attract, your, perfect people how to attract, your perfect people so for those of you who aren't catching me on the replay hey. Sarah how are you dear, hello. Thank you you could be anywhere else other than rocking out here with me if you're on the replay be, sure to put in the comments, say hello let me know where you're rocking out at what. Industry, what role you play in the, industry, I always, come back and comment, I'm gonna do a quick introduction. Today's title guys how, to find, your, perfect people in your salon business. Man. I'm excited, about this because it, allows me to really. Dive. Deep into, an area that I enjoy teaching and that. My clients get great results when. I teach from this perspective and so, I'm happy, to be able to share it with you guys on this morning, you doing okay Sarah thank you so much for joining this morning so guys before I do my introduction. For. Those who've never been on a live broadcast, with me before I had an opportunity to experience, me I'll introduce myself but before I do that I want to propose a question. To you all right, I want to propose a question to you are are. You operating, your. Business at its, highest level are. You operating your business at its, highest level for those of you who've never been at a live broadcast, with me before I'm Tanya Wilson cherry Beauty business consultant, and certified, life coach I have a 20-plus. Year background, in V hate the pretty experience how are you dear most, amazing, industry on the planet the, beauty industry and ten years as a former salon owner I hope, hair stylist, and salon owners, just like yourselves get, new customers maintain. The ones they have and profit, for. Real in their, business that's the main thing for real because, guys we can be in motion and we can be busy but. Not really making progress right. Or not, make really profiting, in our business and so that's where I come in with my clients, to make sure that they're doing profit, producing activities. In their business and that they're actually getting to the results that they desire, and that, they haven't just created a job for themselves and so, I help them overcome any, limiting, beliefs that. Keep them from really, charging their work and, profiting. For real in their business and this allows them to create amazing. Businesses, that they love and, lifestyles. That they love as well because I believe I, know, for certain I know from experience that our. Life rolls over into our business right our life rolls all the way over into our business and so. On this morning we're talking about how. To attract, the perfect people and for those of you who are watching who want to connect with me outside of. Facebook. Or Instagram or, periscope. You guys can, go. To renew. Full circle com, that's a way to connect, with me outside of, these. Platforms, I come on twice every. Week Mondays, and Wednesdays I do, a. Salon. Training, like we're gonna do this morning at 11:30. A.m. and, then once a month I do a, five-day. Marathon, and we just finished our five-day marathon, it ran over from, February, to March. You're. A freelance, hairdresser, and educator. In Liverpool's. UK, awesome, thank you for. Joining us from the UK so how to. Attract, your, perfect people how to attract your perfect people um, the first question and I asked this question right before I did my introduction, for those of you who were. Not on then I asked, this amazing, question because. Most. Often times if we're not attracting, the people that we desire to work with we. Have 2x start, with asking ourselves this, one question here are, you operating your business at its, highest level. Are. You operating, your business at, its, highest level and most, of us when we ask ourselves that, question. Normally. The, answer is, no meaning. There's always something. That we can. Do differently, there's, always a, way that we show, up differently. The. The clients, that you're wanting to attract, in in your business, if, they, are a.

Different, Type of customer. From the customers, that you have. Been getting recently right. I am. Embraced, did, I say that right ie I, embrace. 2016. Okay, Hey Girl hey, thank you for waving, and. So I want you guys to ask yourself are you operating, your business at its, highest level, and in, order to do that you have to ask yourself, if you're, operating, at, your, highest level right, are you operating at your highest level if. You've been in the industry for quite some time or, even. A number of years what we do as stylists. Behind the chair can, become really really routine, right, somebody put routine in the comments it can become really really, routine. When. We've been doing it consistently over. And over and sometimes. We get complacent, I feel. That there's another, level, that you can operate your business in I feel, that you can operate at a higher level, that's. One of the first things that's. Going to a routine, absolutely, that's, one of the first things that's going to help you attract, your, perfect, people because. Whenever you're operating, at a level that's lower than the, customers, that, you want to attract, the. Natural experience, Hey Girl hey how are you if, you're operating, at a level lower, than, the customers, that you want to attract they, can't even see you guys you guys hear me yeah. Tap the screen listen, guys do me a favor if your arm with me if I say something that helps your business or your life throughout the broadcast be, sure to tap the screen for Hart's show you girl a little love there, is a share, button on Instagram, it's that little airplane, symbol. You guys can press that and share it out with, someone else who you feel could use the message on periscope, they're three little dots you, can press those it allows you to share out with multiple, platforms, and on, Facebook, you guys can press the. Share button it says share so you guys can press that and there's, another industry, professional, who, you think you're, saying you, know they're they're really complaining. About their, customers, or they. Really just want to go to the next level in their business how many of you want, to go to the next level in your business put me in the comments, if you want to go to to, the next level in your business, put, me in the comments, and next, level, doesn't necessarily. Mean that you're, even at a terrible, level now you guys get that it doesn't, mean that the level that you're at now, is terrible, you just know that there's, more you, know that there's more pretty experienced says me absolutely, and so, whenever you, are desiring. For. A. Different. Type of customer, I'm gonna give you guys an example of what I mean by a different type of customer, or you. Know maybe you've decided that because. We all evolved, if you follow me before you heard me say we evolved, and we have to give ourselves permission. To. Evolve. And so, what that means or may look like for you as it did for me when, I first started out in the industry I, was partying, clubbing and going to the mall and that's where I was passing my card out right that's where I was marketing.

My Services, and so, a lot of times I would get clients who they would schedule right and they were paying my prices, but, they also had, a tendency, to not. Show, up sometimes, without calling, you know maybe I saw them at the club the night before and, I was able to make it to the 7 o'clock appointment but, they weren't able to make it and what was happening was it was showing up in my business and so I had to chase customers, I didn't. Feel like I was building, a steady clientele I felt like I was constantly trying. To get customers, and so, I, shifted. Some things I shifted. Some things within myself, right. That, began to attract, my perfect people towards, me you guys get that tap, the screen so I had. To decide first. Of all if you guys are looking to attract near perfect people you got to decide who. Are those perfect, people right. Who are those perfect people so there. Are several types of customers, one type of customer, is a price, conscious, customer. Price, conscious customer. That, customer, is pretty much looking for a deal they're looking for. Discount. They're looking. For it. To be cheaper. And, then there are your value-based customers, so your value-based customers, our customers who are looking for value and, guys cannot be honest with you about most, value, based customers. They, they're, not necessarily, looking at the price I. Need. You guys to bring me your mind right, your, mind has, everything, to do with your next level in in your business it has everything to do with who. You're attracting, into your business the. Everyday activities, that are going on in your business it's all mental, right it's a mindset, and so, most value, based customers. Pricing. Is not the first thing they saw how are you doing that they look for it's not they're looking, for, value, so I asked you guys earlier. Are you operating, your. Business to its highest level and then are you operating. To, your highest level okay. So. Let's. Let's take this for, example, so, a lot of my clients who work with me have, sales, have goals in their business of multiple. Six, figures hey so Joe how are you dear, most. Of my clients, who, work with me have goals of multiple, six figures in their business and so, I. Just. My. 3d, success mentorship, and branding bootcamp the first week just started on Monday, and little. Plug the enrollment, ends on this Monday right and so it's the last time that people are able to get in for this segment but. One of the things we do first is we I do exercises. To help stylish, shift their mindset so. When I'm asking, them certain, questions about, where they see their business some, of them when they very first start working with me some, of them may say things like in. Five years I, see myself working, really really hard just as hard as I'm working now and really, getting. Money right, and so, what. I do is, I, make. It realistic, for them so imagine. You have multiple, six-figure goals, in, your business, you. Gotta say with, the services, that I'm offering, now, how. Am I going to to, realistically. Meet. Those goals in my business now if you're a salon owner and you have employees, working with, you then of course you're your goals. Are. Probably a lot higher than just multiple, six figures but, you have to ask yourself, can. I realistically, do it realistically. Even have the energy, that is gonna take to be able to make that type of income, based. On the services, that I'm already offering. Okay. So one of the services, that I offered when I owned my salon. Was called, infusion. It was a hair weaving service I don't offer it anymore, and. I was very particular about, who, I would allow to get the service, because. Of the technique, itself. But, clients, would pay anywhere. From 1,200. To 1,800 dollars. For, that one service. Yeah. Tap the screen. We're. Going somewhere right because. When, you're trying to attract, your perfect customer, or, your perfect people one. You have to know, who. Those people are. That you're attempting to attract in your business and if you're if you have sales, goals, right. Because you're creating businesses, and lifestyles, that you love you, want to say do I even offer the, services. That, are realistically. Going to make this happen, right and so, a customer, who's willing to pay twelve to eighteen hundred, dollars for one service.

Yeah. I don't hear me and, this. Is just what it is this is just the truth there's. No way to move around it they, normally. Have a different, mindset. Then. The customer who's going to pay $100, for a weaving service, yacht tap the screen. Lord. Have mercy, they, have a different, mindset they, also have different expect. Patience, they have different expectations. So when I ask you guys are you operating. Your business to. Its highest good, are, you operating to your highest good I ask, that because as your you, know maybe you're wanting to change your perfect people I share with you guys before, that, I had to do a shift, mentally. My. Conversation. Even changed, behind, the chair yeah. I don't you me and it, wasn't that I was being inauthentic, when. I changed, my conversation. I just went back to my foundation I, began, to understand, that who I really, really, was like I love information. I love reading I love. Ideas I began, talking about those things and then, I began to attract, people in my business who. Enjoyed the same types of conversation. Because, you guys know wow you're behind the chair you're, having conversation. With people hey Natasha how are you dear you're having conversation. With people and so, um as, you, think so are you that means that you're attracting. People at this level into. Your business based on who, you are and how you're showing up and so one of the things in, this week in my, 3d, success mentorship and branding bootcamp this, week coming up we're going to be figuring out who, their perfect people are and then, we're, going to create, archetypes. For. Them and not. Only are we going to get into the demographics. Where they work how old are they, things. Of that nature but. We're also going to get into, some psychographics. Which are things that they enjoy what is what. Do you think about when you think about this particular, customer, so. Many of my clients. Behind, the chair when I was full-time behind the chair were professional, working women and so there, are some things that are important, to them right, hey, Natasha, I'm. Glad you're able to turn in. There are some things that are important, to them that, may not be important. To a different, type of customer, so when you guys are looking to attract your perfect people one. You got to know who they are and, let me share something with you guys right, if you guys see something that's normally. If. It's, a television, right of a flat, screen and it's. Normally. $2,000, for that television but, today they have an orange, sale for, 20 dollars or even, 200 when. You first see that what are your thoughts somebody. Put in the comments what they think when they see something, that's normally, $2,000. That's, priced, at like twenty dollars or even. 200 what are some of the first thoughts and I'll let somebody put that in the comments, that you guys have when you see something that you know it's supposed to be you.

Know Higher a higher price, and it's really, really really really cheap. What. Do you guys think when. You see things like that when you as a consumer, I want you guys to think like a consumer, right now when, you see those things what, are some of your first thoughts no one. Anyone. So. I'm gonna come back to that maybe somebody will will, put that what's wrong with it yes, was, it really, valuable, these. Are two things someone I miss Sonya on periscope says what's, wrong with it is it really valuable and so, a lot of the shifts that my clients, make is on. Understanding. To charge their value. And understanding. That there are people who are willing to pay for those services and, so, I share with you guys that I offered, a service in my salon as a stylist. That. Rant. Could run anywhere from 1,200. To 1,800 dollars. For one person, now it would take me about six hours, to do the service but you guys know if you do one of those a day. That's. Half the screen if. You do one of those a day. At. Twelve to eighteen hundred, dollars you. Don't have to work as hard in order. To build your business in order to meet your income goals and, so, I want you I want to propose this thought to you guys, once a day. Whatever. Your goals are your, your, number, goals we're talking about profit, now right, not just I want to do 50 people a week, because, see when you when when people say, how, many clients they want to do a week, and they, don't know what their. Average. Ticket, price is in, their. Mind the. More you do the more money you make and that's not always the case do you guys get that Lord I hope you guys get that kappa scream if you guys get where I'm going that's. Not always the case guys, and so you have to ask yourself, do, I even offer. Services. That, have enough value, that. I can attract. My. Perfect, people that. I will even attract, my perfect people I want you guys to think, about the, the entire message that I'm speaking about this morning when I asked you the question right, do, I even offer the services, that would attract, my perfect people so, this is another thing that I, did in. My salon, so there was a time where I did, a lot of extensions, and a lot of sew ins and things of that nature and, so, when I went. To get my own space, right because I could control the atmosphere and I could control the environment because, once, you figure out who your perfect people are. Hey. Awesome, how are you once you figure out who your perfect people are you, may realize, that some, things may need to change in your systems, some, things may need to change in your environment, your. Mindset, it's probably, gonna. Need to change yeah, I mean that's it's almost always the case when people are trying to when, people have all evolved, their stylist, and maybe they're not the same person that they were when they first started, doing here, right, they're different people I'm glad that you will they're, different people I'm, flooring, hi Lee how are you thank you for joining when. They've evolved. Oftentimes. As many things around them, that have to level up as well it could be their systems, their environment, their mindset, your promotions, may have to evolve and so the, message that. You're using when, you're posting on social media, or in your marketing messages, are going to have to speak to those perfect, people so, one of the things I want you guys to do, this, is an action step for you guys that's gonna help you I want you to take some time to write down who. Your perfect person is, what, are some things that they like where do they work what's important, to them I want you guys to write those things down and. Then. Write. Down some things that it's. Important, to, you that these, perfect, people do for instance if it's important, to you one. Of the things that may be really really important, to you is that your perfect people. Schedule. Ahead, of time and they, show up right. They schedule, ahead of time and show up that, maybe one thing that is like these. Perfect, people that I'm looking for in this leg. Of my. Business, or as my business is involvement, evolving. It's important, to me that one, I'm also. Attracting, people who are, loyal. Repeat. Customers, write more you'll repeat customers so whatever those things are, that, are important, to you about your, perfect people I want you guys to write them down and then. I want you guys to do this. Right. Because we attract.

All. The time, guys we attract, people into, our business, I want. You to ask yourself. Am, i, boil. Am. I on time. Right. And, I consistent. Because, the same things, that you're desiring, from these perfect, people that you want to attract into your business you want, to be operating, at that same frequency, on, that same level you guys get that yeah, please tell me you hear me tap the screen anybody, if you get it put, me in the comments, if you understand. What I'm saying and so, a lot, of times we're like I can't find customers, you, know my clients, are you, know whatever the case may be or maybe. You have higher income goals, and so, maybe it means, answering, the question, are you operating. At your highest, highest. Level. In your, business are you operating at your highest level in your business and so, I was telling you guys that one of the things I did I did. A lot of hair extensions and things like that at one point in my career and so, when. I opened, my own salon, I was able to create a different, atmosphere right. And I. Created. A, like. For every person who got a sew-in I also, had, a sheet, on, instructions. For them at home cause. Listen guys people, who. Are value-based customers. They pay for value. They. Pay for value they're not thinking about the time, well. If you're late and things like that they they are but, what I'm saying is if you offered, a service that only took 30 minutes and, maybe, you, charge the person 150. Or 200, dollars a value, based customer, is not going to say well. I mean I just gave them $200, and it was only 30 minutes that they're thinking about the value, that, they received, from, your, services, and so, I had. Like an at-home, care, sheet for, those who got hair extensions, so it would tell them how. To shampoo their hair to, do it in the shower the temperature, of the water and what, products, to use and of, course guys the, products that I had listed were products, that I had available. For them to purchase for. My salon and many, I actually, did, a master class with a lady named Tammy Charles, on. Yesterday. On yesterday. And she's, actually she. Actually owns the only retail, store that Dudley, products. Has and if, you guys don't know anything about Dudley, products. It's. Been around for a long time and they really operate, their business off of integrity, and so she's also under the mentorship of mr., Dudley guys and you know he has high expectations. So, she comes, into our masterclass to talk about retailing. Now. I feel that retailing, does. Multiple. Things for. A stylist. Or a salon. Not, only, guys does, it. Give. You an opportunity to increase your revenue stream, but, it also. Increases. Your retention, rate it's. Just something about it, clients. Who purchase, retail, for you are more likely to continue to come back to you and so one of the questions I asked her because she has a retail store she caters. To hundreds, of salons right, with. With the retail product, she's, able to measure and see some things that are similar, about. Some of her top sellers, in retail, and so. I asked her some questions like what. Are some of the things you notice about some, of your top earners, as far as it relates to retail.

Or What, did you notice when you're going around to salons so, one of the things that she said guys were, some, of the best performing. Salons, were, not necessarily. The. Fanciest. Salons. Meaning, it didn't necessarily it, wasn't necessarily marbled, out or. Tricked. Out if you want to use that word and of course it was clean and up-to-date, and you know. Modern. Or whatever the the, atmosphere. Was that would fit the customer, but, she. Said it wasn't like the, fanciest, they had the best systems, they had the best customer, service and, they offered, retail, guys, see. When, you're looking for your perfect people if you're looking for value based customers, as opposed, to, just. Price conscious customers. You got to know that most value, customers, are going to also pay you for convenience, and so, isn't it more convenient, because this is one of the reasons I hear that, people don't retail, anymore. They. Say they don't retail anymore because a lot of the products you can find now the beauty supply store. Sally's. Or. Walmart. Now that may be true about some products, right but. A value, based customer, is going to want to, purchase. Those products, from you because it's convenient, because they don't have to go all around town to go and get that professional. Product from you and so, your job is to educate them, on why purchasing. Products, from you is important, because one, we know that once. Haircare. Professional hair, care products I'm not talking about the ones you get from the dollar store. Or. The. Local beauty supply store but we know that the. Integrity, of those, products, that are purchased from an actual, professional, salon are, less. Likely, to be tampered, with because, a lot of times they're tampering with even you, know the professional products, that are sold other places outside of a licensed, facility, and so you got to educate your clients, so I asked, I said why do you think stylist. You. Know aren't, retailing, and, one of the things she said was because it requires them to educate, their customers and so, I asked you guys the, question earlier, I said are, you operating. To. Your highest good, are, you operating your business at your highest, level because. As you continue. To operate, as your highest level the, people that you attract into your business it will change it. Will change guys as you, begin. To operate at, your highest level. Andrea, hey there how are you on periscope guys, be, sure if you're getting value out of the broadcast. Share. The broadcast, out with someone else who could use the message how, many of you know. That there are some things that you, need to do to, operate, at your highest level right, any. Of you know I could do some more things to operate at my highest level I'm gonna just raise my hand because we're, never there's never, space guys we're, we're operating, imperfection. But we can operate, with the mindset, that we're always going, to be. Striving. To. Operate, from a highest, space whatever your highest space, is right, because, I know that there's more in, me I know I have more to offer and, so my goal is to continue to operate from. The space that I'm able to highest face that I'm able to based, on my understanding based. On what I know and so, what happens, is I attract, a different, type of every time I operate. At. My highest level, I attract. Different people into my business and so, for instance for me my. Perfect people, there. Have been instances where my perfect, people may, not have in their, mind felt, that they could afford my. Services but they knew that they will receive such, a transformation. From, working with me that, they figured, out how to work with me right and so, guys. When. You're thinking about your perfect people they, will figure out how to come. And have services, with you do, you guys, get that because, many of us get so stuck on our pricing, we, get so stuck and sometimes.

It's Because we're pricing our services based on what we think we can afford ourselves. And. If. You're experienced in anything funky, and your finances, you. Know when you're quoting, your prices, and things of that nature you tend to operate, from that space you tend to quote things from. That space, but, you have to know that there are people who will. Pay for your, value, and so that's why your goal is to always, operate. From, your highest, level and as, you begin to operate from your highest level you will attract, your, perfect. People into, your business you, will attract them. Operating. From your highest level sometimes. Guys, it means, attracting. Your perfect people means moving. Sometimes. It means moving I'll give you guys an example so I had a client who you. Know she had a really nice. Salon. Area, in her, I mean it was legit. But. As she began to evolve and desire, to attract, different people in her business I'd, shared, with her. This. Archetype. This, perfect person that you're looking for. Aren't. They going to be extremely, comfortable, coming, to your, home. Right. Coming. To you even though it's in a separate, space it's you. Know it looks just like a salon nobody would know the difference but. Are they is that customer, going to be comfortable if you're a try colleges, right and you don't have the space to offer. Private. You, know services. For, your customers, that, customer, that's really willing to pay you, for the value of that service, is, that going to be comfortable for them and this is what I mean sometimes. Moving. Is sometimes, the only option, to elevate, in a particular clientele. I had, to do that okay one of the stylist here says moving, is sometimes. The only option, to operate, at the level when you're looking, to attract your perfect people so my client, moved and tripled her income in three months, that's. Half the screen my, client, moved and. Tripled. Her income, and three. Months. Right. So, when. You're looking to attract near perfect people you have to know exactly. Who those people are, what, do they desire and then are you operating, at a level that they're going to be attracted, to your, systems, the systems, that you use in your business your perfect people do they need it really convenient or do they like just because, I. Completely. And fully believe, in booking. Online my, income, escalated. Tremendously. As what, she said this young lady said my income. Escalated. Tremendously. And so. Sometimes, guys, it can be environment. That is keeping your perfect, people away, from you, it, could be environment, that's keeping your perfect people away. From you and so. You. Know some of the things that may need to operate, the first question I asked was is your business operating. At is, level. Are you operating your business at his highest level, and now, I'm proposing. That question but I want you guys to really, ask yourselves, that question like. Am, I really operating. My business, at its, highest level you, know aren't there some things that I really, could. Stand. Up differently, and do in my business because doing. That will probably. Shift. A lot, of things and attract different people into your business and so, I was saying your systems, are you operating, when. You're thinking about operating, your business to its highest level what, type of systems do you have in place yes, guys people. Love. The convenience of being able, to schedule online. But. Some clients. Depending. On who your perfect people are they. Want to speak with someone on. The phone, at, some point right. At some, point some. People you, know changing, your business. Structure, would be simply, adding a receptionist. To your business and it, can work two-fold, for you there's some marketing, things that you, know your customer care coordinator, could do she. Could answer those calls that people have who just want to speak with someone if, you're doing, imagine.

You're Doing services, I told you I offer the service a hair, extension service, that was 1200, to 1800 dollars, per person they, might want to speak with somebody. You. Guys get that they may want to speak with someone now of course you can also if. You're doing a scheduling, app you can also require. Write. That, hey Gina, you can also require, that they call in for, specific, services, so some of your higher end services, you, can require that those customers call in but. You. Know what systems, do you have in place are you operating, your business at its highest level your, environment, these are things that you want to think about you. Know is this really at the highest level, when you're thinking about attracting, your perfect people is my, environment at its highest level, am I in a space, where my perfect, people are going, to feel comfortable right. Mindset. Am I thinking. From, my. Highest-level. If, you're pricing your services, based, off of what you can afford if you're in a position where, you, know stuff is a little funny and you're low-balling, your, prices, you're. Not operating from, your highest, good right, you're, operating, from a space of whack and so that's what you're going to attract into your business which. Oftentimes, is not your perfect people it's. Not your perfect people when, you're attracting, people based, from. Your, your, like thinking, you guys get that I'll be out getting it the next thing are are, your promotions. Operating. At is highs good are you. There. Are certain things that a value based customer, is attracted, to and. Desperation. Is normally, not one of them. Mercy. Desperation. Is normally, not one of them it makes them skeptical, so when you're doing your promotions, and your marketing, are you marking marketing, from a space of where you're letting, them know the value, that you bring or, are. You trying to get, them to see that it's cheap. Lloyd. Did I just say that. Mercy. Or, are you trying to get the customer, to see look. It's cheap come get it right because.

The Based on who your perfect people are that could be a complete turnoff to a customer, who's really looking for value they're like. You. Guys get that we're talking about attracting, your, perfect people. So. I again, I want you guys to decide, who is my, perfect, person right. Create. A picture, in your mind of who that perfect, person is it's one of the exercises, that I do with, my private clients we're actually doing. They're archetypes, and their. Target audience, inside. My 3d success, mentorship, and branding bootcamp, it started, on last week it's one more week for a moment after that it closes guys and to open it again later. On in the year but it's so important, to me, that when we did mindset, first week and in this week that's when we're gonna be talking about their perfect people because now that we shifted, their thinking, now, that we've shifted and and remove, some of the limiting, beliefs they're. Going to be it they're going to be looking for a different type of customer do you guys get back once. You change your mindset, you are going to change the, type of customer, that you want to attract into your business I think I never, say it's never, failed right. When my clients, start thinking, from a space of abundance. The. Customer, that they desire, to serve changes. That, customer changes they're, just a different customer that. They want to attract and so that's what I'll be doing I'll be helping them to you, know attract this. Perfect, person that they actually have, now because, they're, no longer operating. Off of limits. That mindset. Mullen, 83. 55, hey there how are you thank you for joining and so, you. Want to ask yourself am i operating, my business from this highest level and then if you're not you want to sit down and think about the different areas that you could you know operate. Differently, in. What. Are some of the areas you can operate, differently in in, your, business, and and, once you do that you. Gotta say am, i able to fully provide. For. From my highest, good do I even have the, type of services. That, would, allow, me to meet these major income, goals that, I have, do. I even have those services or will I have to you, know work like a Hebrew slave in. Order to make it happen do you even have, high-value. Services. That. You could offer to meet your income goals one, and that would attract your perfect people and so, for, some of you it would mean making what's, call a quantum, leap and that's, when you're you know you you, just kind of shift and you just move a few, levels above where, you were kind of quickly and I see it happen with my customers, alive and it's really mindset, it's mindset, so one of the things I do for my clients I help them overcome, the limiting beliefs that keep them from charging their value, attracting. Their perfect people and really profiting, in their. Business, and so if you know that there are some, areas that you would like to. You. Know maybe get some advice on how you can operate. At a higher level in your business I have, an opportunity, for I probably can take about three people for a complimentary sort, call when. I get off of the broadcast, so you can invite me if you're interested in that opportunity. I do a complimentary, sort call it's a 15-minute call I'm you, can inbox me if you're available within the next hour I have about I, have, time for about three of those and so. That's my gift to you guys today and for those of you who can't make it today, you, can also get. My sort, call complimentary, sort call to help you in your business and find out like what, can I do to operate, differently in my business, right so that I might write in my my, perfect, people you can go to be IT got. Ly, /, build. With, tenure. Be, IT got, ly, / build. With, Tanya, for those of you who are on periscope because you can't you know put anything in the comments or an inbox you, can always go to my facebook. Tanya wilson cherry, salon. Industry business. You'll put, that in the search box and it'll pop up and you can send me a message and i have about an hour to take about three people for. A complimentary, sort call today and for everyone else you can go to vit guy ly, slash build, with, tonya, be, IT guy ly, slash build, with, tenure, for your complimentary, sore. Paw. And so guys when you're thinking about retail. That should be an added, value that you're offering to your customers, right um and, and some people are afraid to offer retail. Because they're like well if i sell or shampoo then, what is she gonna need me for but how many of you know you're the licensed professional, you're.

The Licensed, professional, and so, they're, not going to be able to emulate. What you do behind the chair but, if by chance they, need it you would hope right. Can, I do this absolutely, absolutely Natasha. If. They, by, chance, you. Know needed. To shampoo, their hair wouldn't you like to think that they're using integral. Products, or products that are going to help to continue to. Make the service that you do you know look good for instance I have clients my, clients travel. Places like I worked one day behind the chair, still. And full time as a consultant, for the industry, and. I. Have clients who traveled to Africa and China and, Singapore different. Places all over Mexico they travel, do a lot of traveling, and so. How. Would I feel you, know, giving. Her a service, and then. She's. Just using anything on her here you, know while she's unable, to to. Get to me you guys get back why, she's unable to get to me and so, guys, I want you to think about retelling, differently, and and, see when I move my clients from thinking about only. The money they, do things, that bring the money to them because money is energy right and so most value based customers, as I was telling you guys before most, value, based customers, they pay for convenience, so, if you're able to offer some services, and you can bundle them with some of your retail products. You. Know you're doing a favor for those, people but it requires you to really, really, listen, to, your. Customers, when they're talking about what they have planned and their lifestyle, and things of that nature it, requires, you to listen so I'm gonna share if I can remember cuz I did not write this part down I'm gonna share three, quick things because I promised, on my Facebook page that. Were discussed, in my master class about retailing. So. I asked Tammy I said what are some, characteristics of, your, top earners, the, people who sell the most retail, she, said one day mostly do natural. Hair not natural, as in not. Relaxed, but they mostly do hair that doesn't have weave and things of that nature these are just you know some things that she noticed about people, who had the highest her, high top, sellers, people who were constantly, buying, retail, from her and making. Thousands, of dollars from, their retail, per year they most mostly. Service, customers. From. A healthy hair, standpoint. Right this was some of the top earners um. The second thing she said was, that, they. Didn't always have the fanciest, salons it was really neat professional, clean, but. It wasn't, necessarily marbled, out you know um a, lot of times we focus so much on the, furniture, and not the people a lot, of times we focus so much on the furniture and not the people another. Thing she shared, was her. Highest earning. People. Who sold retail had. A. Trackable. Clientele. Base meaning, they had consistent, customers, every. Single week they, had consistent, customers, every single week so these were some of the top earners, for. Retail and I just wanted to share those. Qualifications. Polities, with. You guys I I know it to be true because, I find, a lot of times people who are really really concerned, about the health of their hair they're, usually likely, to purchase products, that are going to help them mane whatever, it is that you're doing right and then, if you have consistent, and remember I told you guys that retail. Not only, helps. You to. Retell. Not only helps you to increase your revenue, but it also increases. Your client, retention, yeah. I don't hear me retelling increases. Your client, retention. Walter. Gatlin, how are you I'm princess. So. Guys that is my tape remembers for those of you my question for this morning for everybody, who started in the beginning are you operating your business at its, highest level are. You operating your business at its highest level because, when you're looking to attract your perfect, people they're. Going to be attracted, to you based on the level that you are operating on and so, most of us I raise my hand we all have room to operate our business and operate.

Our Services, on another, level and so whenever I'm looking to, attract. A different person into, my business then. I always ask, myself am i operating at a level that those people would even be attracted to my services, because. If you're not operating, to your highest good some of the people that you desire, to service, in your business they can't even see you, and. I'm gonna leave you guys with that when, you're not operating to your highest good and you have a desire to attract, your, perfect people are a different type of customer, or value-based customers, some, of them can't even see you because, they are looking for something completely different. You guys get that they're looking for something completely different. So that's my tape or today remember I have about three spaces you guys can inbox me within. This next hour that I can do. A complimentary, call for three people who want to maybe, get some ideas on how they can operate, at their high school in their business for, those of you who can't do it or you're not one of the first three you can always go to be IT guy ly, / build. With, Tanya, be, IT guy, ly, / and build with tenure, and schedule. A complimentary store, car with me so, we can talk about some action steps for your business I appreciate, you guys if you guys got value attack display for heart show me a little love there. Is a share button it's not too late to share out I will be back again on, Monday. With. Something great to share with you guys something for you guys to think about an implement, that will help you to shift your. Business, and take it to the next level you guys have a super, super amazing day I thank you you guys could be anywhere else other than here with me so I do not take it lightly I appreciate. You guys. You.

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