How to Find REITS | Barbara Armstrong | 11-19-19 | Generating Income with REITS

How to Find REITS | Barbara Armstrong | 11-19-19 | Generating Income with REITS

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Well. Good, afternoon or. Good evening or, good morning depending, on, the time that you're watching this but welcome, to generating, income with. REITs my name is Barbara Armstrong, I'm a coach with TDA and delighted to have you on board with me for. This webcast so, today, we're. Going to look at how, to create and run a search to. Find a REIT, that, meets some. Fundamental. Investing. Example. Criteria. That, are. Provided. As examples. That are part, of the income. Course. Stock income. Investing, course so stay, tuned stick around we've got lots of great stuff to cover this afternoon. All. Right well hello to elfrid and Guillermo, thank. You so much for joining me today always great to have you guys on board, so. Today we're going to do a search, my friends, and so, let's get through our important. Information, so we can get right. Down to business, as, you can see all, of the coaches are now part of the Twitter community I'd like to invite you to join me there at V Armstrong underscore, TD a lots. Of great information share. There in addition to webcasts, like this okay. We want to carefully consider our investment, objectives, risks charges and, expenses before, we. Invest. You. Can access, a prospectus. By calling this 1-800, number that you see here as part, of this important information you can also access that directly, from the, TD Ameritrade page and from. Our thinkorswim platform as, well know, that investment, in REITs and other real estate securities, they're subject to the same risks, as direct investment, in real estate, including. The loss of principal, so. The real estate industry is, particularly, sensitive to economic, downturns so be sure you, consider your own financial, situation, do, your research maybe, even consult, with a qualified tax, professional, before, making, any investment decisions, concerning. REITs. Also, know that all investing, involves risk including the risk of loss well. We will use real, examples. Here. Tonight. In this class know. That, just. Because we've talked about specific. REITs. It doesn't, mean that that's a recommendation on, the part of TD Ameritrade, or myself any investment, decision you make in your personal, account is solely. Your. Decision. Okay. And the. Paper money platform, is for educational, purposes only and know that successful, virtual. Trading during one time period doesn't, guarantee, successful. Investing, of actual funds during a later time period, why, because, market, conditions, are continually, changing. Oh here, we go over to our thinkorswim. Platform. So. What's the objective, of today's class, well our objective. Is to do. A couple of things one to show, you how. To find. A set, of, investment. Criteria and, if. We go to. Let. Me just show, you the cover page the, income, investing, course and the sample investing, plan and I'll show you how to get there there. Is a sample, investing. Plan so, this is an example, of an investing, plan for reefs so. We're going to show you where to find that and then we're going to come back to the thinkorswim platform and, the scan tab and, show. You how to create a scan, and then we'll go through and look at some, of the stocks that are produced from that scan, so, the objective, of today is, you. Know to figure. Out how to create, a search run a search and then continue, with our analysis, of the stocks they're in and so, that's what we're going to do go out and find the criteria. Plug. Those into a scan, run, the scan and then look at the stock so here. We go so we're going to start out with the education, tab, on. Thinkorswim, and, when, we come here we're going to look at it defaults, to the overview, which is surprisingly. Right where we want to be and from. There we are going to come over to. Stocks. And click, on stocks and. When. It brings up stocks, we have the ability, to do a search, now, we can either do the search or we can just scroll down and we'll see that. There are three, courses. Offered, and. The. Course that we. Are interested. In, is, this. Income. Investing, course. So. Which is the third one listed, here sorry, I just wrote. Over it let, me try it had a kid. There. We go income, investing, I'm. Not so great with this. A, particular, mouse. So I sometimes will switch Mouse's back and forth, so I'm doing a double Mouse event here just for those of you who are curious. After. Trying that so we're, going to click, on the course and. It's. Saying continue, well I didn't, get very far did, I it saying except which, is what you get when you first oh. Sure. Now it doesn't want to load for me. Okay. So there, are a couple of ways we can access this and this seems to be stuck.

Here So. We're going to come over. I'm. Just going to. This. Oh. For. The love of Pete oh here, we go I'm. Going to bring this over. Okay, so we're going to click on our, income investing, course and hopefully this will work a little better for us ah there, we go and, we. Can see here, over on the, right-hand side under, resources. We. Have sample, investing, plans so, we're going to click on that. And. Then. When it brings up the investing, plans there's actually. Three. Sets of investing, plans and we're interested in the third, set. So. There's dividend, stocks. And stock funds a sample investing, plan for that there's, a sample, investing, plan for bonds, and, then. We keep on truckin, and we get down to page 11 and here's our REIT. Sample. Investing, plan so, you can go to this course and print this or just print the pages that you're interested, in and. You. Know it gives you an idea or, a base to start from note that you can customize this to meet your own requirements and in, fact there are going to be a couple of things that we add on our search that, aren't on this, watch list criteria. And you, have every, right to customize, this and make, this your own, so this is just an example to, get you started so, that's. What we're going to start with and. So. When we come here to the scan tab. Which. Is the fourth one over and, as, you can see, I've. Already. Created. A. Sample, investing. A. Scan. Based on that sample investing. Plan on which to did I add that. Weren't already in there well, one of the ones I added, was that we wanted to have a minimum, price, of, $10. A share now. That isn't, part. Listed, here in this sample investing. Plan but. We can add that if we want and so we, did that and then we also wanted. To ensure. That we had some liquidity so. Another one that we added that wasn't part of this list was that we, wanted, our. REIT. Candidates, to trade at least a quarter, of a million shares a day now. Some might want that to be 500,000, shares a day you. Can customize, this to meet your, trading requirements. We, also put, in here that we wanted a minimum, dividend, yield of two, and a half percent now. Some might say you know I'd rather that be three well you can change, that to be whatever you want and then. Return, on assets. That, was, listed, here, and it. Suggested. You. Know with return on assets, that a range of three. And a half to. Seven might. Indicate, an average. Amount of risk and again. This is just a guideline, so. It says here. Return. On assets, can indicate the profitability, of a REITs assets, higher. Our OAS can correspond. With higher risk. So. Investors, tend to look for our OAS that meet their risk tolerances. So here's a suggestion, of a. Range that might meet some investors, risk tolerances. So we've put that in. And. We were looking for a dividend, yield that beat the benchmark now. If your benchmark. Is the, S&P, 500, if. We. Type. In. SPX. And. Come well this is an index, so this might, not. Give. It won't give us a dividend yield but, if we typed, in the SP, why, that. Might a one. Point seven. Seven so you know at two-and-a-half we're, trying to beat. Our benchmark. Okay. So let's come back to our scan, tab. So. If we have our dividend, yield here, of two and a half percent, return. On assets, three and a half to seven so we have that financial. Leverage, which, is assets. Over, equity. And, so. With this, it says financial. Leverage indicates. How assets. Are leveraged. Against, equity and you, may target, a different range, so, one. Example, could be three and a half to. Seven. And a half. So. We've, got three and a half to seven and a half here and there are 55. And you'll notice here up at the top we, just start pulling from wreaths with this one and, then. There was also a guideline, on ffo. Or funds from operation. That we wanted, to you.

Know See, that those were positive, and increasing but, we don't have that capability on, this scan so, that's something that we may want to go and look at outside. Of that, okay. So if we have here. Our. Scan, and we just run it we. Can see that we. Excuse. Me we. Had 14. Different. Wreaths. Come, up and. So. What we can do. Excuse. Me we. Just put you on mute for a second here. Okay. Okay we're cooking with gas, so. If we want to create a watchlist, it's a pretty simple thing to do we can come over here and say let's save this list, as a watchlist, and. So. We might want to call this REITs. That. Meet our fundamental. Criteria. November. 19, and. We're. Gonna save that and. So now we have a watchlist. With. All these stocks and it was that simple, to create it, pretty. Slick right. Okay. So now, we can, open. Up this other side and, one. Of the you know gadgets. We have access to is a watchlist and so, we've now saved this watchlist. And what. Did we call it REITs that meet, our fundamental. Plan. Fundamental. Criteria November. 19. So. When we pull this up it's, now pretty easy for us to come over to the charts and say well. It, meets some of the fundamental. Criteria we were looking for. You. Know how. Does, the, trend look and this. Is a one-year chart. I'm. Just going to get rid of those drawings. But, let's start, by looking at like a two-year, chart on these. So. We can see that bxp, has had some ups and downs was. Most, of this year pulling, back but now seems to be moving to the upside but you, know this week it. Looks. Like it's kind of been a rough week well. I guess just today, so it's kind of in a bit of a range here right. Gapped. Up. Actually. And it's, been kind of consolidating. And. You. Know if we extend, this line. To. The left, we. Can see that it's coming up against, a resistance, level that it has hit several. Times before. So. You know it's come up here. Here. Here. And it's. Hanging out kind of rate at that resistance, level again, right around that 138.

Kind. Of mark. So. We'd be looking to see if it might be. Breaking out above that, so. That, might be one, we want, to add to our watchlist. Bxp. And. We can come look at CCI, has a dividend, coming up but when we look at the last nine months on this. Again. If we're looking at this technically. If. I get rid of this old line, in. Here we'll just get rid of our old. Drawings. So. When we look at this what do we see. Something. That's been. You. Know kind of down trending, right, and. In, fact we, might even want, to draw that as a channel. So, if we draw it like that and. Then. Move this other line down here. We. Can see it's been trading in a bit of a range right, and. It's. Not in an uptrending. Range I. Think. That just a little bit heavier. So. It's, not been an attending. Range so that one we might not choose to add to our list because, technically, speaking not. Heading. In and up upward, direction. So. Chamara. Again. You know we've seen a bit of choppiness. Technically. On this one and, again. You, know many of these I mean as we can see by the drawings. You know we've we've, looked, at these before, there. Are drawings up. But. At least of late it has been up trending, but, it's come up close to this resistance. Level and, seems. To be hanging out here. And. And. So, there. Are some technicians. That. Would identify this, is a bit of a pennant. Pattern, depending on where you draw it from oh. Sorry. I've still got my, chart. Thing here so. Let's update, our drawing, tool. So. Let. Me get rid of that one you. Know, and if we're just drawing from here. You, know we're seeing a bit of a pennant pattern right and so. It's, kind of coiling. Up and so, we're looking like, is this going to is. This. Going to break out and which way is it going to break out to the upside or, to the downside, and the answer is we really don't know yet so. That's, one that we might want to come back and revisit. So. Chios, City office, read this, one has had a nice uptrend it's gone from almost 11, to 15 dollars a share but, seems to be pulling back and you know where, the 10. Day and the 30 day moving average, we're acting, as support levels, they now look, more like they're acting as a resistance. So. Gio, mm. Downtrending. You. Know look at the dividend, yield on that 13%. Very. Very high because this, stock has seen, such. A big drop and. So. Again, this is one where you know it looks like we've looked at this one before. But. You. Know not. A positive story, this looks like a pretty wild ride a big, tobogganing. Hill and it. Doesn't look like. The. Ride is quite, done yet, technically, and I mean who's to say it could change tomorrow, but.

This Is our current trend global, medical. Reap so, this has gone from 9 to 13 dollars, a share. So. If we'd run this with a $10 limit on it earlier this year it might not have shown up but. It. Looks like the last earnings report. Although it did have a pull back. It's. Moved nicely, to the upside, sense so that might be one that. We want to look into a little further, this GM. Our E and. So. Once we get our shorter, list and so you know one, could just continue, on through this list and and. We'd, start, some. Investors, might choose to start by doing just a quick brush of which, ones look, like they're moving in a. Positive, direction, from, a technical, perspective, and. You know with this one. You. Know again, we're seeing a bit, of an uptrend here. And. Again, depends, on where you start your drawings, from right this is the art of technical, analysis. So. You, know we've got a bit, of an uptrend going, and RZ we've. Looked at this one before, so. And again you know, we. Were in this one got out it continued, to fall. Seems. To be coming back around but, has. Some pretty dramatic moves, and moved pretty dramatically, to the downside, again so. This is new residential, out this is a billboard, read and this is one that we've looked at before and. This. One you. Know we got out of this and then it it's pulled back and broken, this recent. Support. Level, and that, now seems, to be, consolidating. You, know at the next support level down. But. Not. A short-term. Positive. Trend. PMT. I believe this is one we've looked at in the past also and you know when we look at this you know pretty. Consistent. Nice. Uptrend, dividend. Yield of 8% this. Is a mortgage, company and so, one. Of the things that some, investors like to look at with these mortgage, companies, is do. They have a lot of variable, rate mortgages, because then if interest rates continue, to fall then. What they can get for their mortgages, will fall also which wouldn't, be a positive thing, but. PMT. Certainly, seems to be looking.

Attractive. From a trend perspective. Youie. Urban. Edge properties. Well this one you know had quite a slide, going on and all, of a sudden is really moving to the upside so, some investors, might want, to go and have a look at that and say hey. With. Urban, edge like, what's happening, in the news here they, also and, hey Adam, thanks for typing into the chat congratulations. Um Adam. Was saying that. He's. Been looking at some of these and you, know they have been. A nice addition, so. Urban, edge. You, know we've seen this one has had a lot of ups and downs and when we look at the chart it seems, to me more of, a, Down trend than, an uptrend. But when we look at the last year it just recently hit a one-year high. And. This. One hasn't been around for five years launched, in 2015. At the beginning of 2015. So, and, then immediately kind of started to pull back one up to 30 so. All-time, high of 30 will it get back there again who. Knows. Yeah. This is a five-year monthly. Chart so if we come back to our one-year, on this you. Know had a pretty. Dramatic rise, to the upside, and is sitting, on, this 30 day moving average, so again. One like I said one might want to go out and look at the news on this we have a dividend, coming up and that. One I pays a dividend, yield of just over 4% and then, we've got Warren, Auto Realty. And. Again we can see that this one's pulled back a lot you. Know until, actually August, of this year and, and seems to be moving to the upside and. So again some might say well I'd like to see the news on this some. Might want to come out and have a look at a longer, view chart, so. This was at one time trading, at 1:15, and fell, all the way down to 58 60, so. You. Know that might, be an indication, that there is some trouble in paradise and. So. Again you might want to go in and dig underneath the covers, and. Have more of a look at this so when we now come back up and say well let's do a second, run through we. Look at BX P which is sitting, up here right close to this resistance, level and say. What are the analysts, think. And. Is you know this might help inform, your decision, now is it going to be the only basis, for your decision. You, know for some investors certainly, not but. They might take, a look at that say do I have anything that's already in, this, category. Of read so. This is office, properties. So. That might help you, with your decision if you have nothing in the office. Property. Category. So. They've got eight properties, under. Construction. Or redevelopment. They, had a hundred, and sixty seven office, properties as of July of last year. And. They are in media, legal, government public. Administer. Sayre been going up well. For the last, we. Had two years where they came down and, then two, thousand seventeen to eighteen they've, come up. Sales. Per share you. Know last year went up year-over-year. So. You can come down and look at these some. Of these metrics, as, a way of helping. You especially, if, you're, just looking, for. One. Or. Two positions. You're. Going to be somewhat, discerning. Correct, I mean you should be discerning, regardless. Or. At least a lot of investors would want to be so what is Chamara. So. This, is a mortgage, REIT. So. We've got two neutrals, on one long and not to say that you don't want to do again your own research so their. Earnings, per shell per, share fell from 2017. To eighteen pretty. Dramatically, by 32%, and yet their sales were up. Return. On equity, fowl so. You know with interest rates coming down this. May be a sign you, know that. This. Particular REIT, may. Be, facing some, challenges so. We may say well the. The. Chart looks good but I want to do a little more digging. A GM. Re. So. We only have two, analysts. Here you know where we see, as. Something listed, research, team, and the, street so we could go one. Could go and look at these, we. See a big. Jump in, earnings. Per share we. See you know a big jump, over the last three, years. In, sales, per share a, jump. In return on equity, so it looks like some. Things are being turned around return, on assets, moving, in the right direction offer, operating. Profit, all. Of these so this is a. Healthcare. REIT, global. Medical, so, healthcare, facilities. Not. A lot of detail, here. But. We could certainly go, over, to, the. TD. Ameritrade, page or we could go out to Google and just you. Know see. What's available online, so. Hello. To TC, and Danny also so glad that you guys are here. Jan. R-e. That's. This, one so we, might want to add that or put a star beside that one. M. And. R was another one we wanted to look at mon. Mouth real, estate, so. This. One. Ownership. Of real estate single. Tenant industrial, buildings. So. They're doing long-term net. Leases, near. Airports. Transportation. Hubs and manufacturing, plants, a hundred, and fifteen properties, across thirty states, so.

That Gives us some geographic. Diversity, and. Then. We look at our earnings, per share going, up yes. Dividends. Per share going, up yes, sales, per share yep, free. Cash, flow, rising. Yes, return. On equity, and assets, yes. Net profit yes. So. A lot of these, fundamental. Trucks are looking strong and it met those original. Criteria that, we were looking at as well so, we may want to go, back and look at the chart on that one again and put that on our short list, now. When it comes to nrz, is, interesting. Because when. We look at the chart here you know this, has been a tough year for nrz. Because. You. Know and this is one that we have had in our portfolio, so this is a five-year weekly, and if, we come in and we look at the last two. Years. You. Know we see you know Humpty, Dumpty had a great fall I mean this. If. You want to see the pullback I mean, that was a 25%. Pullback. And then. It recovered. And we. Actually got into this went sideways for a while and then it fell right back down to where it was before now. It seems to be coming back around, the mountain as I said earlier. But. We've, seen some choppiness. So one might want to go out and say what. Kind of news came out on November 14th. What. Kind of news came out in November 14th. For. Nrz, that we saw that kind of pullback and. There. Are some that when a dividend, yield is this high. There. You, know there might be some, concern that that, this type of dividend, may may. Not last. So. You, know and dividend yields can change over time. But. You know if we come to our analyze, tab. And. We. Scroll down you, know, are we seeing positive. Numbers on changing. Earnings per share no, how. About free, cash flow, per share, no this went from negative. Eighty two to negative, ten dollars, and, 25. Cents from negative eighty two cents so. That's not exactly. Heading. In the right direction. You. Know, and then it says here dividends. I don't know why that says not applicable because it's indicating, that it is paying, a dividend. On equity, and assets. Are a negative number so it. Looks, like you. Know there are some issues that this company is facing, so you may want to go and look. At their income statement, their balance, sheet go, and look at their earnings, last, earnings, report, that kind of thing. If, we come out to out. Which. Actually. That one wasn't on our list our shortlist, either because, it's, come back down to this, support. Level again, and hasn't given. Us an indication, that it's moving back to the upside so, while the dividend, yield is attractive, if this support, level doesn't hold and. If one of your guidelines, is that you want something that has resumed, or is up trending, this. One may not quite fit into that category a, PMT. However. Was one that was on our list so again. If we're looking at the analyze tab, this. Is a, mortgage, REIT again and so. You know if, one is saying well what types of mortgages, are they you may want to look at that. So. They buy pool, and we sell prime. Credit. Quality, mortgage, loans directly or in the form of, MBS. So. And again. What. Do their earnings, per share look, like they went up dramatically, last year sales, went, up free, cash flow per share you. Know went up return. On, assets. And equity and gross profit all, of these, you. Know numbers, went up long-term. Debt to capital though, went up also. So. Again. One of these things that we want, to look at, but. PMT. Could be on our, short list and then UE. And. Again. Just coming down and looking at our numbers. On this. An. Urban, edge, so. Real. Estate in urban communities. 79. Shopping, centers 3 malls so, how do you feel about the. Longevity. Of retail. And I do think that people still. Like to shop but they shop a lot less I know there. Aren't many people I know that, don't do.

At. Least, some of their. Shopping, online and, there, are some people that do the majority of their shopping online. So. TC. You are welcome. So. And then we get to the, o VN. O actually wasn't on our list and why well look at this chart you. Know, when we look at this, this, thumbnail, sketch here, I mean. That. Is not an, uptrend, my friends. So. You know we don't want to be on, a wild. Ride well. A stock is still. Pulling back and, this. Is a two year daily so it looks like it's starting to come back around. But. There, are other, stocks. And so some might look at this and say well, you have your opinion, and I have mine and that's what the world is all about but. There are some who, in. Trying to stock stack, the deck in their favor will look for something that has, been, moving more consistently. In. An upward, momentum. So. You. Know if we wanted to add something, to our portfolio today, I mean one of the things we might want to do is come, out and say well you, know do we currently have, any of these positions in, our, example. Portfolio. And. So. If we come down to our class on REITs you. Can see we've got quite a few positions, in here, but, the ones that we had starred, where GM. R.e.m. NR and a. PMT. Which, is a mortgage. REIT so. If we were to come back and look at say GM, re. And. Again. This. Isn't. To. Imply that at, the end of a half, an hour research. Including. A surge and. Then a look at what. A dozen, or a dozen and a half stocks, that you're going to go ahead and and make. A decision. And. This is hitting, a new, high today. So, you, know some might say well I would prefer to wait for this to, potentially. Pull back. Because, it looks like you know over time it comes up and it pulls back and, if we want to use this 30 day moving average, as, supported. At say, the twelve dollar mark then, you know we're. We're, putting, three dollars, worth of risk which is huge, into. Each share and, so. In some might say well then I'm not going to use that as support I'm gonna use this 1250, as support, you. Mean you can do this however you like, our. Sorry if we come down and use twelve dollars it's like a dollar twenty-five not three dollars I misspoke, so. Let's go ahead and do that and say well if we put our our. Support. Our stop. Or. We might just say hey if it comes back to twelve dollars we could just use an alert, so. And in, that case an alert is pretty easy to put on we just say create an alert, let. Us know if this stock, goes at or, below. 12.5, cents, so. Reach. Do. I stay. Or. Liquidate. Or. Institute. A. Stop. Breaking. A support, level I. Don't. Know you can write anything you want in here, you. Know I'm just making something up and so. Then if we went in and said okay at 13:25. In this class our.

Average. Was about, a ten thousand dollar position. So, if we bring out our calculator and say okay we've got ten thousand, and. The. Closing, price was, 1323. So. How many shares could we buy we could buy seven, hundred and fifty five shares so. Let's call it 750. We, can come to the trade tab and see if there, options on this and it does show options. But, just because options, are posted. There, may not be much in the. Way of volume, and open interest and so we can see very little which. You know when you have a bit ass spread, of 60 cents to a dollar 70. You, know some will say in colloquial, terms you could drive a truck through that so, these aren't really tradable. By. Some people's definition, so then. They don't care if they're buying you know a hundred lot so. Otherwise, they might round their position, up or down so let's, say we tee this up for. Tomorrow we just want to buy. And. We're going to make this, seven. Hundred and fifty shares. And. The. Current, ask price, of the bid-ask often. Gets a little wonky but it closed at 1323. Yesterday, so. 1324. Seems. Reasonable. So. We'll put this in and. Tee. This up for tomorrow and we, want this to go into, our. Reet. Bucket. Or. Our. Regroup. Don't ask me why I seem to be having trouble. Is, that being so first Snicket he okay there we go. And. Then, the other one we were looking at, was MNR. So. We put an alert on that one so this one was coming up bouncing. Today but. We're rate ahead of earnings on this one which is november, 25th, or next week and we've, seen lots of things both gapping, to the upside, and gapping, to the downside, the. Last time this had a pretty dramatic move, to the lot of downside, so we may say let's leave this on our list, unless. There. Are tradable. Options, where we might consider buying. A protective, put and, really. We've, got no, options. Being traded here, oh I. Was looking at the wrong month, but still no virtually. No options, being traded on this one so, let's go to our third pick. Which was PMT. And. With. PMT, we're just on the other side of earnings so we're in the clear here we might say okay, if, we consider this, 22. Kind, of 50, mark to be a support, level maybe, we would want to consider a stop, two. Or three percent so as an example we could use 3%, below that. So. That would be at 21, 82, would be our stop and. Then. If we got in around this 22, 65. So. What are we risking, we're. Risking under. A dollar right 21, 82 -. The 22, 65. Which. Is what we're paying to get in so. About 82, cents a share is, our risk. So. If we look at this and again say well we could do about a you, know a $10,000. Position, that was our position to open we don't want to risk more. Than $1,000. So, if we take our 10,000, and we. Divide that by our, 2265. That. Would allow us to buy about, 440. Shares. So. If we make that. 440. And how much are we risking, well. A little less than four hundred and forty dollars right at 82, cents a share maybe about four hundred dollars. So. We would right click this, time we're going to buy custom. With. A stop, where. Are we putting our stop at. 2182. So, that's actually pretty close to. The. System default, what. Price do we want to get in at well we're hoping we'll get in at. Yesterday's. Close, at, twenty to sixty five, we're. Gonna make that good till cancelled. Confirm. And sand on PMT, oh I. Didn't change the number of shares we want that to be four.

Hundred And forty. And. When I hit enter it'll, match those up, again. Whoops. We. Wanted to put that in our reap bucket, so and you. Know with something. That we buy online a us-based. Stock. There is no longer a transaction. Fee so. I just wanted you to be aware of that so. What, have we done in this time we've had together well, we've done a couple of things one we've. Looked. At where, to find a sample investing. Plan for, a REIT we. Have gone. Over a sample, investing, plan on the scan tab on thinkorswim, we've, run that plan, created. A watchlist, then, done, a quick technical, overview, a quick, fundamental. Overview, all on, the thinkorswim tab, far. From being a complete, analysis. Of a position, but, the purpose of this wasn't to do an in-depth fundamental. Analysis, today the, purpose of this was to show you how to access create. And run, a scan and I, hope I've made you all more comfortable, with that process and then we teed up a couple of example, trades one. On GMR. E and the other one on, PMT. And, so. That's a wrap for today my friends so I hope, you have found this helpful and, informative so. If, I could ask that you smash, that like tab if you enjoyed this subscribe. To our channel if you haven't already and, you can see in the byline at the bottom here the. My. I. Can. Find the word my, Twitter handle. Would. Love to have you join that community. As well remember, that all investing, involves risk including the risk of loss, remember. Also that we used and we used lots of symbols today actually. But, that none of those are to, be construed as a recommendation, to buy sell, or hold or trade in any way any of, those wreaths, it's, just, examples. For. Us to put into our paper money account. To, practice. And learn from any, investment. Decision you make in your live account is on, you my friends so, on that note have an amazing, rest of your day best of success with your investing, and I, will look forward to seeing you in a webcast coming up soon take care everyone bye, for now.

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