How To Drive Traffic To Your Website in 2019 [KEYNOTE]

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website in 2019 [KEYNOTE]

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So tonight we're going to talk about the five easy ways to generate more traffic to. Your website in, 2018. This is what I tell all business. Owners, when. I talk to them and they come to me and I say you know we've tried a whole bunch of thing sometimes, it works sometimes it didn't work and I said you know these are the five things that you, absolutely. Unequivocally. Need, to have, done. I'm, originally from Paris France if you didn't tell by the first, name and last name and Towanda Pont I. Am. Which. Is why I say things funny, once, in a while and I also put the wrong in fastest, on the wrong syllable so if I do please, forgive me I went. I did actually hospitality. And culinary school in, in. Paris this is how I started, some 30, movie. Crap 35, years ago holy moly, I'm not I'm, dating. Myself here and my first boss was Gordon, Ramsay, at. Work I work with with Gordon for one, year at the restaurant. Called the Gavroche, in, London. And so, if you don't like this presentation you want to insult me at the end of the presentation, you better bring your a-game because, I have heard everything. In the book, I. Been. In for the last 30 years now in South Florida you, know basically lived an old Tri County like everybody that's in South Florida has worked and lived, in Miami Fort Lauderdale at night it seems like I've started in Miami and I'm moving myself up and I think maybe in 20 years I'll end up in Orlando, or something like that but now I'm here. And, I kind of told you I'm a professional, speaker this is what I do I travel, all over the world this was in actually, last week in Bucharest. Romania where, I talked to 400. Digital. Marketers in Romania. An absolutely. Beautiful country, if you ever get a chance to go number. One people are beautiful really good-looking no, I mean I'm not serious like they died she couldn't find anyone oh yeah I was actually I'm like I was Uncle Fester over there, and. Just. Really really nice people. Romania. Is trying to position itself as the central. For digital marketing in Central, and Eastern Europe they're investing, a lot of money and I got to tell you this was the best. The general marketing conference, I had been in the last two years by. Far like, one of the things I just want to give you a sense of things they, actually wanted, to give people an experience, like.

It Was all about the experience, and the. In. Between breaks they. Changed, the scent of the room so, when people would come back they would have a different experience, and I was like, okay. Now, that's cool. Okay this is like I mean you came like that you came back in the next thing and it was a vanilla scent and then, after that it was lemon and so it would give you a different thing I'm like okay you guys are like you rock okay. So. If. You want to if there's anything tonight that actually is you know mind. Boggling to you what I've said, you. Can share it on Instagram. And Twitter at a dew point 65, and, you can use the hashtag into a new pond or you know what a prick whatever you want you can use whatever you want so let's, talk about the context, for digital marketing in. 2018. And going in 2019. Which is right around the corner the, first thing you need to understand, is we are collectively, spending, 54, percent of our time on. A mobile phone on social media that is the, reality of what, we're dealing with out there with, people we're, on a mobile and we're on social media and this is not slowing, down it's, actually going to increase in usage so, if there any anything you need to understand, and what are you dealing with clients or for your own agency this, is where we are and sometimes. I hear from business owners you, know complaining, about people we, don't talk to one another we're, in the Train and we're, not exchanging. Anything. We're not even looking, at each other you, know and all this thing I hear that all the time I says listen I'm, old enough to remember how, it was, right. We didn't use to talk to each other either 30 years ago I took the train right, all we all we have now is we have a device and instead of having one single annoying. Large, newspaper, we, probably have like you know 50,000 newspaper that we have access to so, there's really no difference really. What's difference, is our efficiency. And how we're getting that information so. If you ever have anyone that. About that you tell me I'll give you this picture and I think this is 1950s. That's how it looked like we didn't get any dumber, we actually are smarter, we're, just more efficient, so. The, first thing there's five essential. Things that you need to have and. This is not going to be the one where he's spending the, most time on tonight, and it's, videos. In. 2018. Going in 2019. Actually, you were asking. Just recently, what should I be focusing on if there's anything I could tell you and it says you want to look at videos. Every. Single one of you in this room will. Either have a full-time, videographer. Or full-time Video Editor in your agency, if you don't already have one and. If you don't you need to solidify, a relationship, because this is where it's going and it's not slowing, down this, is what we, want to consume this, is what we, love this, is what we want get. It get it now and start to get moving there's a matter of fact we have Kevin here so anyone, if you want to collect, a business card at the end you, might want to make Kevin your friend because if you don't have a need this, month you will have a need in six months from now and it's coming and it's coming big, so, let me, picture. This right about. Five years ago I was in my minivan. And, the. Clock was off by an hour because we had just to change the clock, you know like daylight day time saving and I. Don't know how it is in your car but in my car you need a freaking, engineering, degree to change the clock right you know three buttons, is all it's just annoying, so I get the manual to learn how to change, the clock and I videotape, it on my phone so, I'm gonna have you, know, next.

Time I'm gonna need it I will have that and, I didn't know what to do with the video so. I uploaded it to my YouTube personal, YouTube channel and I forget about it six. Months later we change time again by the way we're about to change time on Sunday so, it's, a friendly reminder but, six months later I get in my car I get the video and this is what I see, right. The video has been viewed by over. 38,000. People now. I want you to get the context, is at the time I had four videos on my channel one. Of them had 17, views which twelve of them were mine. But I had viewed my own video because I was like oh my god you know I got a look at this so it's like I want you to get the context, I was like completely, like what the heck happened like. I trying to do it on purpose creating, a video and, it. Didn't generate. Anything and then why do it by accident it. Actually, you. Know like like. Created, results, that were like beyond this this this is by the way viral, you, know people think like viral, is millions now this is a vital if three, of your videos have 20, views or even 100 views and you get a video that gets 38,000. Views this, is viral stuff, and. All the comments were amazing people were saying thank you 24, comments, on that video and I mean ice completely, floored this was a personal Channel so I was not monitoring, that I had no idea that this was going on no, no I got to figure this thing out because if I can replicate this. On my. Business I'm gonna be doing very well right. There's like something, that happened, here that people wanted, and so, I spent, the last. Five. Years doing. A lot of videos for myself and my client, learning. How to generate. Leads and how to create, traction. You, know and, basically grow. My business with, video marketing so I've learned everything that you should do and everything you shouldn't do so I'm gonna give you a few, tips when. I talk to business owners there, are three things that they say to me the, first one is I don't have time I don't have time for video marketing, it's just too time-consuming, the.

Second One is I don't know how, and. The third one is I. Don't like the way I look, on. Video, you. Know followed closely. By I don't, like the way I sound anyone can't relate to that anyone, come on raise your hand I know everybody, nobody do you like yourself on video. Thank. You thank you I always get one in the crowd that loves themselves so, by, the way the vast majority of people don't like them cell phone video they don't like the way they look they don't like the way they sound and I, am there's, no cure there's. Absolutely, no cure what probably, is with that, young men in the back is their habit of seeing yourself on video after, a while you stop caring. But we know what you look and sound like you, you know it's just like me I hope that looked, and sounded like George Clooney but it's just not in the cards for me right, it's more like Uncle Fester but, that's that's the reality of the thing it's just yonder, as you're doing videos ten twenty thirty you should just stop caring so the real cure, is to really get, busy and doing it one. Of the things you need to understand, with video marketing is. What. Marketers. I was, looking at a study, that said that eighteen, sorry. Videos. Uprooting, 18, hundred, percent, more engagement. Then. Text, and pictures, combined. That's. What we're that's what we're seeing right now in terms of engagement, can, anyone like you've, noticed, in your feed you're getting a lot more videos that can anyone like say yeah actually I will, stop and look at more videos than I used to yeah. Yeah. It's just you know all of us it's like it stops, us in a crack and it that's, 18, times. 18. Times more, engagement, like. This if that. Is not like you know sends all the alarms and your head think okay I really, have to seriously look at videos that's. 18 times you get my attention if. You say you're going to double, your engagement. Doubling. Is is is amazing. 10, time is like oh my god this, is 18, times more engagement. With videos so. You you, have to get that and this is really what we want now. Three. Things that we love to share on social, media. And on the Internet. This was done with a study that looked at thousands, of articles and this, is the results, twenty-five, percent of what we share is either, inspir, inspirational. Or. Educational. In content. That's. One, out of four shares is either. Inspirational. Or educational. The second one is, 17%. Funny. Like. Lol right this is this is funny that's we love that and then the the, next one is 15%, is entertaining, you, know like the music, the thing and whatnot but I want you to pay attention to 25%, because this is really where.

You And I can make a difference the young men in the back is actually as, you said he's a comedian the vast majority of us will fail miserably if. We try to do comedy and the simple reason is we're not funny it's actually an art to, be funny and then the last thing I'm gonna recommend for you is trying to do a funny video because. There's a huge difference between, being. Laughed. With, as opposed, to being left at and, you we've all seen those videos like, people trying to be funny you know like how my video is going viral I said yeah it's going viral for the wrong reason, you know people are laughing at you not with you right so don't try to do something funny unless you're actually a professional. Comedian and you can do funny where, we can make a difference as business owner is in, the. Educational. Content you, know teaching people. So. Let me show, you the three essential, video that every, single business owner need, to have in their arsenal and the first one is the how to video. How. To videos, is we can get enough of how-to videos, like. Collectively, we just love this stuff who has been, in the last 30 days search, for a how-to video, on. YouTube. Or anything raise your hand if you right yeah, just, about every single one of us who, has done in the last seven days, who's. Doing it right now please stop, okay, listen to me please all right so, it's it's that's, that's the deal we love how-to videos, so, here is Chris Sweeney owner. Of frameworks, in. Miami. And they have a if, you stayed in the hotel in, in. Miami, Beach or the Caribbeans, and whatnot, chances are that the frame in your room, or in the halls with frame by them they do frames by the thousand, and the type of content they were producing, was always, content, about the front of the house the beauty of the art and, how, everything was great and always going and going in a room and the beautiful art and they were not really getting anywhere and. They. Created this, video which is a step-by-step how, to face mountain to acrylic. How. To how do you do it right and this is what they got organically. Within seven days, now. They have 600 people that, like. Their page, right. So you. See like that and the average, the, average number of reach they were getting on their post was between, fifty two hundred that's. A huge jump and all it was was a how-to video, which. Took a couple, of hours to produce just, follow the process of how you do something, took, that video and uploaded. This is not, a massive production this, was done with a standard, camera like this on the tripod with, a microphone, and they got 2500. Over 2500. Unique viewers and. 176. Engagement, a lot. Of the engagement, was actually people saying I didn't, realize, how, complicated, that, process, was. People. Just wanted, that so, if, that is a case study for you to get that that's what people want to watch which. Actually, resulted, in business.

For Them they actually sold, some. Products, because of that video which was completely organic, this is annum this was an amazing case study now, the second, video, that you need to have is every, single product or service that you have should, have a video, every. Single one of them like, if you have ten products and services if you're a digital marketing, agency every. Service you have should. Have video and there's, a and. That video should be posted, on the website. On. The landing page explaining. What. That product or service and there's this very specific, reason why is because, everything. Being equal, your. Company, your competitors, page without, a video in, your. Page with. A video they're. Going to stay ten times longer on your page I'm making. That number up I don't know it could be twelve time it could be fifteen times but they're gonna spend about ten seconds and your competitors, and they may spend a minute and a half two minutes on your, page watching, the video because, if you are giving every single one of us if you're, given a 500. Word text, or. Video who's gonna pick the video raise, your hand right, most of us is gonna pick the video we're gonna be watching this so, that, is actually really amazing, for SEO we have SEO people this. One, of the signal, that Google loves is the length of time people will spend on the page so if you have the. Length of time that people spend on the page being over a minute and your competitors, instead second, you will win every single, time. But. You still need to fight on inwards I didn't say not to put by the way you can look at that it still has the words still. Has the words being optimizing, the video on the right right. Now. The third type of video that, you want to have and this, is something. I discovered. Just, recently. Is the, how much does. It cost video. That, actually, I didn't. Use to have that I, used. To have a different, type of video you need to have but that, floored. Me when I got, to, the core of that let me explain to you what I mean by that well by the way not before, I do that, when. I talk, to business owners about creating, videos, on how much does it cost how much does it cost for digital, marketing how much does it cost for SEO, how, much does it cost for a website, this. Is what people say it's like I don't want to give away my pricing. It. Depends. And. I may lose business because people may, see a price that scared, them away and, that's all this, is completely. Legitimate but let me show you something, that may change your, tune here because I think that a lot, of people are not realizing, what they are standing. In front of, who. Is familiar with SEM, rush where my SEO people. SEM. Rush has a tool, and there is called the keyword, magic. Tool, which, in my opinion makes. SEM, rush worth its price in gold let me show you what I mean by that if you, go if. You go to, SEM. Rush and put any keyword. In the. Keyword. Magic - when you say give me the questions, and in, this case I put hearing, aids is going, to give you the, top ten questions, people ask, around.

That. Keyword, on. The, internet let. Me say that again if you. Put a keyword and you ask for the questions, it's going to tell you the top 10 or top 20 you top 30 questions people, ask, around. That. Keyword. That, should for every single person in this room in digital marketing should. Have your eyes open that's people, there asking. For that, your. Job is to answer the question but look closely, here. Six. Seven. Out of ten first, questions, around. Pricing. These. Are the top ten questions around, hearing aids. Seven. Out of ten questions or about, pricing. People, want to know how much they cost how much are earring aides does Medicare pay for you everything. Is around, cost and you could say okay this, is hearing aids this is old people they. Want to know how much it costs well let's look at plumber. Plumber. Is five. Out of ten is around cost. Let's. Look at remodel, the kitchen, eight. Out of ten, is a cost. That's. What we collectively. Want, to know, and. It makes complete sense right, if you're looking at anything we want to know how much it costs, so, it's like the opportunity. For us is that if that's what people want. To know we. Might want to position ourself as, being the answer to that question now. You can answer that question with well it depends, does. It depend how much a, kitchen. Remodeling, cost, yeah. Of course it does you're. Not giving away your pricing, you're. Not telling. People by. The way this is how much I charge you're, just answering the question there and they want to know how, much this kitchen remodeling, cost well you could start with it. Depends, if. You want a you, know basic, kitchen. Remodeling, may cost you 10 to $15,000, if, you want to do a whole thing with marble, and granite and, all this stuff may cost you close to $100,000. You can give that answer but what it positions, you as as, a. Business, owner it positions. You with, the one that actually is answering the question what are the odds that these people may contact. You for a quote or for business, chances, are really good so, that's what, actually blew. My mind so what I do is I take, any question. And I, go to YouTube, and I look and I use another tool, which is called tube buddy on YouTube, which I highly recommend to all of you. Download. They have a free. Free. Download it costs a little bit of money if you want to have all the features but there is you can do a 30-day trial by doing same thing with SEM rush so. To buddy, what. I do is I took the question, and, I want you to look at that because this, is mind blowing here, this is an amazing, opportunity for anyone, in digital, marketing space I, put. On the right side and if you suit the, question that I put is how, much are. Hearing. Aids and the, right side to Buddy is telling me that there's not an enormous amount of search volume if. You look at the bar up top but this is very little competition which. Means that this video is very. Good for us to. Produce, we. Don't have a lot of competition now I want you to pay attention to another thing look, at the first 5 videos on the page is any. Of them answering, the question. The. Answer is no by the way. What. Do you think if you produce a quality video that say how much, hearing, aids cost, one. Of the chances, that your video is gonna rank. Yea. Will rank higher you are answering, the question now let me say that again people, are asking that question and. You. And there, is no content, that, actually, answers, that question and. It's. This that's one keyword. One. Industry, you, look at any industry any. Keyword. And you were getting page after page after page of missed opportunity, for people like, look all these five people these are the top five videos if I put that question YouTube. Is telling me ok I don't have the answer to your question, but here, is five related, videos. Which. Actually, one of them is type of earring aids which is a third video it's, types of hearing aids, it's. Not even close, do. You know what I'm saying I mean that, for me that one, I saw that it's, a massive. Opportunity, for every, single digital marketer, to actually take advantage here's. What we want to know is how much does it cost produce content. In content, or video, content answering, that question and we'll get you to rank all. Right I want to talk about a myth and a bad habit with video we're gonna spend a little bit more time than the others but, I want to kind, of like insist, on that. The. Two-minute mark right. I everybody, has heard like you know the maximum, the maximum length, for a video is two minutes right that's, I actually saw, a recently.

On LinkedIn someone that analyzed, videos and say the the. Ideal, length for a video is 2 minutes and 37, seconds right, so let me show you a video here who have seen the golden, circle simon, Sinek video it's, not the what it's not the why but. No it's not the what or the how it's the why you. Do what you do that people buy your products well it's been just seen, by 35, million people that, video is 18, minutes and 3 seconds I watched, every, saint every single second of it I actually watched it twice and the vast majority of people that. Saw that video, saw the entire thing because, it's an amazing video it. Puts the two-minute. Rule. To. Crap I mean it's just it's, not true, the truth is is if. Your video, is boring, we, will watch 10 second of it, and. If it's great well watch 30 minutes there is no such thing as two, minutes so in other words don't create, sucky, video just create good videos and people will watch it dead, just need to be as long as they need to be and. In as short as you can so what I mean by that is just create the video length if. You think you need to have five minutes of content then it's five minutes of content as long as it's good but look at the video and then look at it in terms of is there, anything here I could remove that is extra, right. And then if you have that just take it out but if it needs to be five minute then be it five minutes perfectly. Fine so two minutes is baloney, the, second thing the second, thing that, I want to talk about video marketing which, is a, bad, habit is. Creating. Commercials, so people are like okay so we want to do video marketing and then we're gonna create a commercial we're, gonna have a full film, crew and and we're, gonna have makeup, and we're gonna have stunt doubles, and we're gonna have all stuff that is going to cost thousands, of dollars and whatnot. Now by show, of hand here when. You go on YouTube and you search for a how-to video everybody, said they were looking and then you have this ad that plays, and you have the little button that says skip. Ad raise, your hand if you skip, systematically. On it every. Single time but, everybody, every time I speak at a conference every single hands goes up so, here's my question why, on God's green earth. What. You think a commercial, is a good idea. We. Don't want to watch commercial, that's not what video marketing, is about don't. Do a commercial you could have a promotional. Video if you want to show it in a showroom at a tradeshow but, that's not what video marketing, is about it's, not about commercial. It's about creating, good content how, to and. How much does it cost that's, what we want to watch not, not, your commercial, because we're gonna skip on it every, single time alright, the, second, thing that. You need to do, to. Create. Traffic, to your website is, SEO. Right. This is you, know and, I and I know I've talked to a lot of business owners they've been burn at one point or another by, someone. That did bad SEO, on them but it's like if you you, know really are you joining the group or you just okay.

Great No problem. Listen. It's, just it's it's really no point if you're gonna have a website in 2018. And you haven't done your SEO on it it really makes no sense you have multiple, SEO, people here every single business owner should have their. Website. Optimized. One. Of the things that's really important. Is a four out of five mobile. Users, actually, search, on. Their. Phone to find a business, that's, you, know that's should. Be you. Know give. Pause to everybody in the room and, you know you can spend every but every, penny you have to have an amazing website but if you don't optimize it you know really what's the point in in. Having a website you, need to make sure that you have it. Optimized, today. I'm not gonna go in details because I have a lot of people that know SEO much better than I do my. Point is really you, just need to have SEO. One of the things that everybody needs to know and it's a, conversation, that I have a lot of with business, owners is the intent, to buy versus, no intent, to buy and. People, try Facebook, and it doesn't work or they. Did try Google, Adwords and whatnot here's, what you need to understand, in digital. Marketing in 2018. Is there's. No intent, to buy on Facebook. None. None. We don't go to Facebook who's who, has gone to Facebook ever to. Look for a product and service. Nobody. We don't that's, what, we, go to Google for the intent to buy on Google is super strong so, if you want to sell product and services you need to make sure that your website is optimized, for. For. Google this is what we do we go to we, go to Facebook, to browse, that funny pictures, got, funny stuff and this is where we, collectively, give. Our attention to on, a daily, hourly, basis, but, we go to Google. To. Look, for products and services so it needs to be optimized for that two. Things I'm gonna say about the difference also with Facebook. And Google you, know Google is optimized, for keyword, primarily, for keywords and location. So, you do make sure that your local SEO, is actually, you. Know properly, done and on, Facebook, is more location, and behaviors, that's, that that's really the key difference there. Know. One. Thing you need to understand, with also. The difference between Facebook, and, in. Google, is the. Click-through rate the average click-through, rate on Google is 2.7. Percent that's, the average. Nationwide. And actually, on Facebook it's a little bit lower it's 0.9, percent average click-through rate. It's, it's great because this is what we're looking at but that's that's the average click-through, rate so. In terms of talking. About Google. You. Need to have your website optimized. I think, everybody knows here in the room that you need to have your, page optimize your schema done your, page.

Titled, On your description all this needs to be done again, this is not a technical SEO. Presentation. This is just like. To have your website optimized. In order to have it done now. The third thing, obviously. To drive traffic to your website in, 2018. After. C is social. Media right, I just like you you. Can't you know you can't sidestep, that so. Let. Me talk to you about things, that we need to stop because I have business owners that come to me and they. Show me their their stuff they've either tried social, media they've tried Google they've tried some stuff and, this. Is what I see. More often than not this is actually a local a local. Client I go, on their Facebook page and then. I look at the last 10 post on their, Facebook page on a unequivocally. This. Is the type of stuff that I see over and over and, over again where. They have their, being sold. Daily. Or weekly. Post, to put on their on their Facebook, page and this. Has to stop this. Does not work nobody. Cares and there's a matter of fact if you look at the post it actually these are the the, sixth first post I didn't have space to put ten so I put six and, if you notice that the, first three have one, like on them. And, it was like who, is that I'm like that's, the marketer, liking. Their own stuff. That. Is sad okay. This, is not what Facebook, is about like, if you're if. If anyone, is saying okay you need to have daily, post on your Facebook or we're gonna put to post today it's, nonsense. It's, really, nonsense, it's actually. Detrimental. You're. Teaching, the algorithm. Of Facebook. Is gonna penalize, you because what, they're seeing is you're, posting, boring. Facebook. Is not in, a business of showing. Your boring, to people it's, not it's, actually in a business of the opposite. It, wants to show interesting. Things, to people come back so, this is the last thing you want to do your, marketers. Need to stop doing this kind of stuff you. Know if you're in a business and people come to you and it says what we want to have daily posts and says telling just, I I don't think it's the right thing to do you know III do not go to Facebook, to have, you post yet another article, about something that you think is relevant and I want to see here's. The thing I don't, care and you. Don't care and the, reason how we know, that, I don't care and you don't care is because, Facebook. Isn't, a business of likes, comments. And shares. And. If, you post have no, comments, no likes and no shares you, have figured out how not to do it right. That's. The deal, that could just you, know if you look at you post the last ten posts no likes no comments no share you're, not helping, your cause and I've heard someone saying oh it shows a potential. Person, coming, on your, on your page. That you, have fresh, content, I'm. Like really I go. To your page and I see that you have 12 posts and none of them have any like any comments, any shares any engagement. And I think that that's good for you I don't. Think so it's just really not, right. So here's what we need to start doing on social, media we, need to ask ourselves three, questions and.

We Need to have we need to get a yes, on at, least one of those questions, on any post we're putting on social media the, first one is does it add value. This. That does this post, add value. To anyone that's going to see it right, the. Second one is does it make me smile. Thank. You does, it make me smile, did. It you know does it add value does it make me smile and the third one is does, it make me want to participate. Do. I want to engage with that content if. You're getting a no which is I can tell you that the six posts that we saw that. Every single one of them would be a no for those posts then do not put it up you, need to get a yes to, at least three of them to at least one, of those three questions, right. Sometimes it's not it's not easy, to say you, know making people smile but you can at least make, people want to participate by asking questions, engaging. People, okay. So. The. Other thing that you have to be is you have to be authentic I see way too many companies, actually being. What I call is like the fake everything is great all the time everybody, smiles, everybody, is having, a good time this is not real be, authentic be, you don't, you know be human show your human side you, know show what's going on in the business it doesn't always have, to be like everything, is great we have a new arrival of, product, and services, you know sure what's going on I mean you're, not I'm, not saying okay I just you know busted, my knee and I'm hurting but I you you could just show what's going on you have you, know just activities, around your business show that all. Right the fourth thing, you. Want to do in, 2018. And 2019. It's. Still blogs, and content, but I'm going to actually tell. You how to do blog and content the right way so here's what I see, with bad habits with, marketers, out there with, a blog, content, the first one is you, need lots of content lots. Of content that's what Google loves Google. Loves you know you posting, a huge. Array, of blogs, on your on your website, and that's not true that's. Not true at all so, it's, it makes no sense whatsoever for. You to post a lot of content the second thing is that Google wants fresh. Content, it has to be fresh it has to be new, it's. Not true either there's. No there's, no evidence, to show that Google. Will favor a fresh, new piece of content versus, an old piece of content no, evidence whatsoever. And. The second thing and the third thing is needs. To be short and sweet that, people love small. Pieces, of content. Mcgann. It's not true. These. Piece of content done by Seth. Godin Seth, Godin is a professional. Writer right, he makes his business, writing a hundred, words pieces of content that, works for him here's. The here's the breaking. News for, all of us it doesn't, work for us it, works for him doesn't, work for us okay. This. Type of stuff is so. 2012. Like, we were told in two 2012 that you need blog you need a lot of content and I still see people and, I'm not gonna name names but. I see still people it says yeah you need to have a daily blog on your website or at least two blogs a week and I see the blogs and it's like 400 words of garbage. That. Nobody, reads nobody, cares and this is not helping your cause so. Here are better habits. Focus. On quality if, you need, to still create content, in. 2018. And 2019. But, it needs to be quality, content, the. One, piece, of content one. Quality. High quality, piece of content is far. More valuable than a hundred, garbage. Pieces of content yet, I see that all the time people, have hundreds, of blogs there's a matter of fact one of the things that we talked we talked, to them is we, look at those blogs and they're generating, if they, have not generated any traffic, in the last 12 months we take them out they're actually a counterproductive. Create. Useful content, highly. Resourceful. Useful. Content that people enjoy. Your. Content has to be what. Google loves is relevant. Content relevant, content, to the keyword, that has. Authority. And is. Thicky what I mean by sticky, that means that people were spending a lot of time reading, it right. One. Of the techniques that we use is, the brian dean, sky. Scrapers, technique, it's, an amazing, technique which is he has a course that's called SEO, that works by the way for if you want to learn SEO I was highly, recommended you look at this course and the, skyscrapers, technique is basically you look at the top 40. Pieces of content on any keyword, and your.

Job Is the, sky scrapers technique is to make yours, better, than those 40, pieces of content which. Means that it involves. An enormous. Amount of research an enormous. Amount of work but, since I just told, you that you, should not be writing a hundred pieces of content that nobody reads but only do one what we do with some of our clients is write one. Piece of content per, quarter, one. Because. That's all we need and. I have some case studies I'm gonna show you that, actually did the work where we spent in Anor i'm een i'm talking about some, of them were spending fifty to seventy hours per. One piece of content took. Us three months to do it but. That piece of content made the whole difference. Noah. Kagan actually, did a study on. Hundred. Million. Articles, and here's. What came out of that study a hundred, million articles, published on the internet that, thirty, percent of all. The, best pieces of content out there is utility. Useful. Content, that. Content actually teaches, you how, to piece, of content it's, useful, in nature that. The content, length of the best pieces of content was three thousand words. Three. Thousand words that's a lot of writing right. But that's what people like. They like long form of content they don't like your 500. Word blog that actually is not saying anything, it's not even toilet readings, seriously. It's awful. Positive. Emotion, was seventy-seven, percent currently. And you know you could you could think that in the current climate of what we're dealing with all the negativity that you, know it's it's either positive, or negative actually, we don't like negative, content what. We really, like is positive, seventy seven percent of all, amazing, content, is actually positive in nature and looking. Good factor looking good is is. The, social, currency. Of a piece of content which means that if I, share, that piece of content makes me look good so, that was a huge factor in creating, content you mean you're creating, content that people would say you know what I got, to share that with, my people with my friends, on Facebook, because it makes me look good, so. Let me show you a couple. Of case studies here we. Created a list, blog for law. Firm in Fort, Lauderdale they dealing with debt collection and what, our research, showed that. Debt, collection. Questions. A lot about phone arrests, of phone, harassment. People were looking at that so we created a piece of content that was called the ten important, things to know with phone harassment, calls that's. The, content that we created which was over 3,000, words right, took us a long time it took us a month and I have to create do all the research and whatnot here, was the the. Result with that piece, of content took us a month of research it became, number six nationwide, for. Phone harassment, and number, one locally. So instead, of trying to do, 20. Pieces of content we just created one and that one piece of content give us that type of results right. That's actually pretty pretty, amazing, another. Type of content we created is a crowdsource, content. It's actually the SEO that, works, Brian Dean methodology, teaches, that so, we created a piece, of content called how to display, arts, we asked. 357. Designers. Nationwide. There, a tip, on how to display, art and 54. Of them responded, to us so, we, had to research all the. Designers. In North America, reached out to 357. And 54, of them came. Back to us and say well here's how you do it so we created a piece of content that was. 54. Experts, share their, best tip for displaying, art, in the home that. Took. That. Took three months of research and production to do but. What that gave us is again, seven, number seven position nationwide. And number, one position nationally. One. Post one. Post three. Month worth of work one post that, piece, of content is still, in the top five piece. Of content that drive the most traffic on, their website I know you're recording, how long was it was a three thousand word it. Actually was not in terms of word that was 54, it was probably a lot more than that but. By the way what's amazing with the crowdsource is we, didn't generate the content. The. 54, people did what. We did was the research so, we, give someone and. You can give that job to an intern find me 300, to find me as many interior.

Designers, As you can in North, America and they came back with a list and this is okay now send, to every single one of them an, email says, would you were doing a research paper and everything, would you please give us your tip on how, to best display, art in the home. Now. We knew, we, were aiming for 10 to 15 percent conversion, rate, we. Got 54 and. Then we create a piece of content so all what we did is put a picture you. Can look at the the piece here each, person, had their, picture, their name and what they said and that. Resulted, in seven. A position. For how to display our nationwide number, one locally. And we'll, just listen, there is no freaking way that anyone can bump us from that from that position because. It's such an amazing piece of content not. People stay with its 54, people they're going to stay a long time with it so it does the work so just basically, for all of us here it's like the proof that you know one big piece of content I'm sure they would have been sold by, another digital, marketing, agency let's, do two blogs a week and I can tell you that after three months my piece of content would have blown them out of the water no, doubt and I could guarantee you that those you, know whatever 20. Pieces of content not, not a single, one of them would have ranked on Google. All. Right let. Me go here and then the last one that we did are, not a piece of content I want you to look at is a domestic. Violence attorney. And we created a ultimate. Guide with. Facts help lines support, group for, that so instead of creating a piece of blog that, would be boring, about domestic violence we're creating it an amazing. Resource. Blog, so we created domestic. Violence, the, ultimate, resource guide now one of the things that actually we got in our research, because we did the work you, can see that there's a button in the upper right hand corner that's a red button that says leave the site now, what we actually discovered, in our research in, that once someone is a victim of domestic violence. They are probably scared, for, for, their well-being and that, action button if you click on that button will close the will close the the. Page automatically. That. Means if someone surprises. Them they can click on that button and it, closes the page that's, the level of research that we have done that. Piece of content. Took one month and was number one local, market if you look in for. Our day and you look at the domestic violence guide our, piece of content is there and there's, nobody, that is going to budge us from that that. Attorney, deals. With domestic violence cases and his, piece of content this single, piece of content is, driving, all the traffic, and although these now unfortunately it's unfortunate, for people, you, know it's not a fun, environment to be in but obviously if a, woman, is a victim of domestic violence, there's, an amazing, piece of content and that piece of content by the way has everything, all the, shelters all the resources, everything, that could possibly need. In Broward. County right. That's the level of content you need to create in 2018. Oh and, the fifth thing, and. The. Fifth thing that you need to do to. Generate, traffic on, your website in 2018. Is email, marketing I. Just. A band I actually, built, my business my, start. I opened my agency, in 2001. And I grew it on the email marketing I used that I was used I used to be one of the original spammers. I had, a database of a hundred and forty thousand emails and I'd given like interns, and like here's a phone book you don't just type it up and everything and we used to send emails by you know weekly. And I built my business and I got away from it because. It was, just too spammy, and whatnot and I didn't think it worked and we got back into it in the last year and I cannot tell you how, effective it. Actually, is to drive traffic to your website I think, that's one of the biggest mistake, when, I talk to business owners when to look at the email marketing they. Want to send their newsletter, or they want to send some stuff and I'm like I think, you're missing the point you're not a publisher. Of newsletter, here the, purpose of your email is to actually drive traffic to your website you know, that's what I choose and it's very, effective so, one. Of things with email. Marketing when I talk to business owners or marketers it says one of the first thing you need to know is what, is your open rate like. Need to know like if you have a tool that is not giving you your open rate you, need to have a tool that gives you your open rate and what, is your click, rates those are the two factors.

You Need to know because, what you measure will. Improve so. I don't know where it is right now whatever your open rate is it is, but you just can't you need to know what it is email, per email so you can improve that and. There, is a Watson. Bench. Benchmark. Report, created, a report, aggregating. All the email marketing that was sent in 2018. And they, came up with all kinds of data on the average open. Rate per industry, and it's really an amazing report, it's called the Watson, benchmark. Report, look, it up and it, will give you the, open rate for your industry and I'm gonna give you three the. Average open rate for a real estate is twenty eight point one percent right. So if you're in a real estate business well. You know that the average open rate is twenty eight point one percent so you want to measure yourself against, that like, if you open rate this twelve percent well it really sucks badly, and you need to stop what you're doing and improve it and if you're getting thirty five percent while you're above average, now. For Restaurant, is twenty five point five percent on average. Sorry. And. For marketers, is twenty four point two percent for, us in. The room mmm. Can, I get what Charlie, can you get me some water my boy. We're, some yeah I'm sorry I'm just. Got a frog in my throat. Twenty, four point two percent average. For our industry. So basically. Measure yourself against, that we're, using this to know how. Good we're doing and right now we're getting between 25, to 26, percent average, open rate so that what you that's what you need to know with. Email marketing one of the biggest, thing that you need to know is that seventy, percent of people on average. Open. An email based on the subject line alone. They'll. Thank, you thank. You Charlie. Seventy, percent now. That means that people have not opened your email yet they. Get your email they'll. Look at the subject, line and that is sufficient for them to decide whether they're gonna open it up or not you're. Not spending nearly, enough, time on your subject line. Let. Me say that again you're not spending nearly, enough, time on your subject line the, subject, line is key. Absolutely. Key the second, thing that we look at is the from name and. If you see a company name if you get an email and your inbox that it's coming from catapult, marketing, versus. Coming from Antoine DuPont if you, see catapult, marketing what do you think. If. You see anyone DuPont, probably. I. Don't know. Yes. Pam or French annoying. You know yeah, Pepe. LePew you, know all that but you're like you don't know if, I got an email from Kevin, I'm.

Like Okay Kevin I don't know Kevin but, if I get it from kvl, media I'm like oh whether it wants, to sell me something, so. It's like for every single we stop sending an email from your company name you're actually, sending a signal here, that I'm trying to sell you some, and we don't want to do that like, just you know the pay attention to that. So. If your open, rate sucks, by the way if you send email marketing, and you see that your open rate sucks it's one of the two two, reasons, the first one is your database may be old and stale we. Used to have a database of 140,000. Email which, we broke down to 50,000. Which, we broke down to 5,000. I remember every time I was crying oh my god today. My, email, database is about 1100, emails I. Took. All the crap out I, had. Thousands, of emails that were not valid they're old and stale by, the way the average the. Average, length. Of our an email is about 18 month like. If here if your database hasn't, been cleaned up in the last 18 month it's majorly. Time to do it just get rid of stuff you, can look at it people have never opened your email in the last year, they're not gonna open it take. Him out they're not interested, you don't want to you it's better to have a high, open rates or better to have actually an audience that care and wants to see your stuff say. Again saves you money saves, you money the. Most like, providers. Again, like that have pools. You, find, out if they're yeah absolutely. Yeah you get you can download your databases like anyone that has never open an email yeah. Absolutely you, can look at that you can actually save, the people that open, your email but you can look at that like people they have never ever ever ever clicked. On your email take him out, they're, not doing you any good you. Know it's much better to actually send it's much better to have 300 people that are actually or, like oh well I'm glad, you have your content as opposed to 3,000, that couldn't care less, yes. Yeah. Exactly this is a perfect, thing you can send them an email and that says listen we haven't opened exactly, what you said perfect, thing and, if, your database is not old and stale maybe your content sucks now, there's a you, know there's a particular, nominate I really, mean it and sometime I see news a lot, of businesses still send newsletter, and I'm like listen. I don't know how it is for you right I don't know how it is in your inbox and when you're receiving emails but, I'm getting way too many emails in my inbox and. If I see an email that is like you, know like long, it's got all kinds of articles and pictures and everything most, of the time I go like oh I don't have time for this stuff or I'll. Put it in the folder to, read later later. And I never do and. I never do that's, the reality so you know one of the things that I would recommend to all of you is to actually look at creating, content is a lot simpler, you don't just text only no images, you know just provide value just you know just give something, that is resourceful, with people a nice subject, line your, first name your last name give, them half the article, and give them a link to click more because remember it's about generating. Traffic to your website, but do that and we're getting amazing open. Rate right now with this method. When. I see a lot to. Say again well video well. That was the next point this is actually creating amazing. Results, for us so, again, I I told you yeah, video, marketing is is really something you need to look at in 2018. And I'm telling you what, though our clients that are actually doing that which we're doing video marketing with, or getting amazing results because, again it's the same thing you know you're looking at the email and you're like oh my god I don't have time to read all this stuff but, then there's a video so click I click, on it and then now they're engaged with your content so, this is a really effective because you know remember, we really. Would rather actually, watch a video content, than any other form of content right now so you, know really go in and do that so, what's next, in. 2019. If, you're gonna do video marketing allow, yourself to suck. Yeah. This, is my first video here, five. Years ago look at that beauty. Isn't. That an amazing video it's horrible, but. I went for it you, know I I just used the webcam I went, on my desktop, it's, a PowerPoint, to the background with the webcam it was awful, but I just went for it so if. You want to do video marketing, you're, not gonna get good at it right off the bat you know it takes it takes a learning curve you can hire a guy like Kevin which, won't do a great job for you but, it just it's not easy it's not easy to pull off and if you want to do it yourself, you're.

Gonna Suck and there's nothing wrong with that just you just go for it and allow yourself to suck be. Patient, a lot of people everybody knows Gary Vaynerchuk in the room right but. Everybody knows a lot, of people forget that Gary Vaynerchuk. Yeah. For eighteen month didn't have an audience and, five. Days a week, he created a video on the wine library, and. Had zero audience. But, he stick to it and I think the problem with a lot of people in the business and we were talking about this earlier is, people don't nearly have enough. Patience, with, digital. Marketing get. Started now you, know, that's it's it's if you. Don't get started with video marketing this, is going to be your site you're, going to be behind people, and you're, you're, you're not gonna have the first mover advantage. YouTube. Is the second, largest search, engine in the world a lot of people forget that SEO, people know that, but the truth of the, matter is, YouTube. Is primarily. A search engine. That's. What it is Google is the first search, engine. Optimization. In the world YouTube, is the second one. Facebook. Is predicting, that by 2020. All the, content, on their platform, will be videos. And will be consumed, on a mobile phone so. In terms of your strategy, you might want to consider that and Cisco. Is predicting, that by 2019. Eighty. Percent, of all content, on the, internet, will be. 80%. That's. Next year right. Videos. And again, I'm putting, the emphasis on that videos will give you authority it. Will give you credibility. And. By far is the most, effective, ways that we have found to generate leads for ourself in our clients. Its. Wide open and video marketing it's not too late a lot of people said was it too late that's been there and everything actually it's wide, open, it's, you know really like, open. Fields in front of you as I was showing you with the how how. Much does it cost videos like. If you look at you know time after time after time this, content is not being created so I'm just telling you there's just nothing in front of you and. Quite honestly if a. French, guy with an accent that looks like Uncle Fester can. Have a viral, video also. Can you and, on. That note thank you very much.

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