How to create e-courses and passive income for your business

How to create e-courses and passive income for your business

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Hello, hello, hello welcome, mutts, to. Everybody today we are talking about how, to create a courses, and make money while you are asleep so. Today. We're, going to explore the whole notion of, how. There. Is a cap for. Most practitioners, on how many people you can see right. Whoever. Joins. The call make sure you say hello and I'm open, to. All, the discussions, and all the questions today around. Eight courses platforms. And. Other. Passive income streams so. What. I realized, when I was working, as a, full. Time practitioner. Was I was. Capping. Out at the amount of people I could actually see, and. There. Is only so many hours in the day and of, those we've got to fit so much more in right so of the 168. Hours that we have in a week we, have to create. Opportunities. To be able to connect. With our. Family. We've got to create opportunities, to connect with clients and we've, got to create opportunities, to connect in, the. Ways that we do with our bigger, goals as, well and. The. Interesting thing that I found was I was getting burnt out seeing so many clients and, when. I was seeing so many clients that it didn't leave a lot of room for creating. My bigger goals um. Is. Anybody, here having the same problem because quite a few people do first we want to fill our books we just want more and more people to come and see us and then we realize oh well we've got this other time to do stuff with and. Then we want cash flow to come in and then when we're completely booked we want to leverage our time you. Might be in any of these cases and in any of them you, can still have the opportunity, to make money while you're asleep particularly. If you've got some time to create a course, now. Course, creation does take time but it only takes one time whereas, if you see clients you've got to see them as. Whereas. A court you, create in, one hit and then, you're able to it's able to automatically, go out, so. If. You are trying to fill up your books and you aren't having a lot of success. In there but you you, are the person with the freshest, amount of knowledge in your head there may be taking, parts of that knowledge and taking, the time to put it into a program or, an, a course then, sharing, that knowledge is.

Going To be able to make. You money literally. While you're asleep so I wake up most. Mornings with, a. Notification. From either PayPal, or stripe, or any of my other platforms, telling, me that I made a certain amount of money while I was asleep now, this money comes from programs, it comes from affiliate, payments, that I have with other companies. It also comes from my ear, courses, and it also comes from my, membership programs, and so, I don't. Actually have to be there for most of that because, it's automatically. Going out and. This is the interesting thing with being a practitioner, how. Can we leverage our time so. That we can see all the people that were really here to see not like everybody. But, the people we're truly here to help and. Make. Money while or asleep so. He courses is one of those so, today I wanted to talk to you about any courses, courses. It makes it kind, of super simple for us because, we, have the opportunity, to share. Things, because. Once you start sharing what you'll notice is, you have so much information in, there it is amazing. What is in there and. Once. You had like it's like kind of opening floodgates, once, you start it once if I was to ask any of you guys about your favorite subject at the moment some, of you might be into skin some of you might be into PCOS, some of you might be into, a new. Modality, you have you're. Not going to tell me a little bit you don't want to talk about so. Much of it an in-depth, kind of conversation, that is ongoing and, that's exactly what an eCourse is it is. Chunked. Down in depth conversations. About. A particular journey, or a particular subject that you want to talk about. So, if. You were going to ride near course anyone who's listening if you're going to ride any course what, would your eCourse be on. What. Is some of the ideas, that you've had thinking. Okay I'm going to pop. Out an e course I think, I could do one of those at some stage what, would be your one so, we've got, hey. Linda hey Kirsten, hey Louise, hey, grace hey Allison. So what are some of the subjects, that you would love to do an a course on that you've thought about that, you like oh maybe, this and then maybe there's some there maybe this and then maybe this Louise. Yes you've already got one and it's on thyroid health, fantastic. And. Many. Of you guys will have different types of subjects that you currently talk about okay, Kristin, says. Gut. Health and anxiety. Nice. Lisa, says, growing your own food and, medicine. Beautiful. Julie. Says blood sugar and weight and hormones. Fantastic. I. Care. Some reading food labels that. Would be an epic little mini course wouldn't that be cool you'd, sell that for like 20 bucks and people just pop. On and they. Watch a little video they, download whatever you actually give them and. All of a sudden you, are making that you've only have to do that actual, presentation. Once. You, know they have to make that PDF, once, and then, you, pop it on something to automate, it so I'm. Super, cool Oh. Alice. A nice idea. Basic, bookkeeping for health care workers, mmm. I like it I'm. All for the. Practitioner. Ecosystem. Of of. Money. Going around I love it all. Right so. What, you'll notice is you are going to be full of lots of ideas and you. Might have multiple ideas. Now if you're in this place and you have multiple, ideas it is, the, one, that. Either you have been asked about so if somebody asks you about it it's very likely that. They'll pay for it they'll pay for that information it's very likely there or looking for that information on Google and it's, very likely that they've asked you because they think you, know about, that particular subject. So. To be able to get an eCourse to sell you. Know just make the thing that you're excited about because that might not actually sell, and you might spend a lot of time energy and money building. An eCourse that, isn't going to sell any in the end and trust, me I've done that I spent. $8,000. On creating, my first eCourse and I, sold like three. Or six of them and so. I actually. Spent. $7,000. On a very, beautiful big, mistake never, to have to do that again so. The. Beautiful thing and I created, my book, from that as well but, the cool thing about creating, an eCourse that somebody, is ostry about is it means it's actually needed, somebody, is asking you about it because they think you know about it now, you might be a practitioner, that you, know gets a whole bunch of people are currently coming in for colds flus, and.

That Kind of thing or family. Kind of, health. Conditions, right but, what you really love to do is, female. Hormones and. People. Don't actually ask you about that now it wouldn't be the best commercially. Viable idea. Because. Currently. You have for. One of a better term a celebrity. Status as the family, person, but, what you were excited, about is the female hormone stuff so. To, start off with whatever you have a celebrity, status in something, that somebody who's already asking you about or something you already know about that, somebody, this is conversation, already going on that's. What you need to do that. Particular one not. One that you randomly. Pick an idea for so, when, it comes to your a course ideas. Try. The one that people are asking you about not the one that you're super excited about. First. Second. If that's, not working go and do the one that you're super excited about it's very likely that where your attention goes energy flows but, first trying. To go for the commercially, viable one because if you can get some money in and some people in and some feedback, then. You get a better opportunity to, create something new in the, long run all. Right. That's. Picking a subject, next. Next. Is if, you already have your subject so we've got Kirsten sayin gut health we've got Julie saying blood sugar and you've picture one subject, don't. Try making three courses, all at once Emily, knows all about that we, want to create one, at a time and what we want to do is follow it all the way, through in, a whole cycle, back to the start so. What that means is we, want to create, the. Course we want to get it out and, we want to share it with people to see if they're going to buy it you don't, have to create the whole of a course it's. Actually, really unlikely, that a lot of people who are pushing out their courses, are creating. The whole thing at the beginning because. Some, of the best marketers, in the world and people. Like Lisa messenger, from the the renegade collective, or the collective magazine, but just, finished up every. Time that they put out a product they, would put out the sales for. The product the sales and marketing information. For the product to see if anyone would buy it so. It's a register, of interest, and as, soon as people are interested, in it then you've got people who are actually going to buy it which, is very different, to me creating, an entire course worth of $8,000. Worth of content. That. Only three people bought so. First. You, want to get your idea and then you want to share it in, a way that is benefit. Driven to people not fact driven I'm going to do a blood-sugar course, and in this course you will learn about your. Blood, Sugar's you will learn about how. Your kidneys, look after it you will learn about how. Your, adrenal, glands and corticosteroids. Look after it you will look after you. Will look at how your pancreas, looks after it you, will look at testing, your but, it's. Not really, the thing that everyone's going to go for in the laypersons, terms is, it so. Instead. Another. Option, is to go with the benefits, at the end of this course you'll, be empowered. To you. Will, have. Knowledge. Around you. Will be able to take this course at your own pace, you will be able to. I share this information with. Your. Loved ones, you will be able to. It. Will be able to be done in your own time there's all these benefit, driven things so one's a fact and then there's benefit. When, you're creating a course and you want to be able to share it with people the, first thing you do is create a sales page and that sales page has to be benefit, driven has, to be how. What, they're going to benefit, from what are they going to feel when they've done it what are they going to experience, at the end of it not. The information. That they're going to be given not. The modality, that you are using what. They're going to get from that particular modality what they're going to get from the information, the, feelings, that they're going to feel they. The. Changes that are going to be made so. Once, you've got all of those things, on a sales, page, now a sales page can be as simple as using MailChimp for, a lead page and a, lead page is a page that, has a lead, box, a lead box is where somebody puts in their email address so, if someone's going to be interested, in what you have to present.

Then They go to one. So. In the beginning you created, their sales page on your, website or a lead page through something like MailChimp and you can share that around and you do have to share it around you can't just create a course and or create, an idea for a course and not share it because you're. Probably not going to get anybody in there if nobody knows about your course so, once you've created it you can then share it and, find, out if people are interested in it if more, than one person puts their email address in there it's time to make the course right so first we want to create, something, let, the world know that what it's going to be about through a benefit, driven sales page or lead page and then. We're going to create the course. What. Ways. In which you can create a course are all sorts, of formats but one of my favorites, is a post-it, note method, essentially, you just grab a whole bunch of post-it notes and. You. Quickly write, down all of your ideas about what you could put. In your course, and you plug them all out either on your desk or on your floor on a, mirror, wall. And then, you can filter them around into, a system, into, a journey, that you want to take your client on now. If. You've done any research or background in adult. Learning you'll know that there's a, logical. Sequence for different types of learning, styles, sometimes. Some learning styles are auditory, people want to hear it some a visual, they want to see it will be described, to them in visual terms and. Others, are kinesthetic and it goes in that way so. The. Thing, about that is you want to put all the auditory, the stuff that people have got to listen to you kind of at the start you want to put all the visual stuff gonna make sure you want to talk to them through, maybe making, a PowerPoint. Presentation maybe. You want to create, a, downloadable. Something, printable. And then, you want to have the. Kinesthetic, people towards. The end a call to action people to take action, and do something and, you'll. See it that's what I do in the in, these, lives and this is what I do in a whole bunch of money my, work is I, take. A whole bunch of learning, and development style tools. Facilitation. Tools and behavioral. Change tools and make, them into a logical sequence that can be then worked through, as a journey. Same. Thing happens with you guys if you're going to teach people about their health and their well-being you're. Going to. Grab. All their little notes and you're going to go okay, well people are going to start from the simple stuff to go to the complex stuff they're going to what, can I give them the best piece. Of information at the beginning that's going to make the most amazing change, for them at the beginning that, they're then going to want to listen for the next couple of weeks and. How. Is it not only in alignment with them but in alignment with me now if you're a visual type. Of person, then, you might want to actually create. A, PowerPoint. Presentation and, that might be what you want to talk to. Some. Of the really cool tools that we can use online, is things like use, loom, comm. Use. Loom, comm, it's a great tool because you can just. Record. Anything, that you currently got on your computer screen and you, can create your presentation that can record your voice you, can also do this with the most recent. Version, of PowerPoint, but some of us don't have that so use Lumas there it's a free tool to be able to use that and record and, essentially.

Have That video component, to, your course if. You're, an auditory person, you, don't have to make a video. Version of it you can actually make an audio, version, of it now. Audible. Note. Not audible, audacity. Audacity is, the, app that you can use to create. Audio. Files, and once, you've got an audio file you might actually have your, particular, clients listening, to you instead because, either they, prefer, to her to. Listen and they, are busy mums or they are corporates, or they or whoever, they probably, already listening to podcasts, and things like that that's if they're your target market they, probably prefer it that way and you, might prefer it that way and you might show up in a different way if you just have to talk to it and you don't have to worry about what things will look like on a camera and then. The third thing is that kinesthetic. Side of things if you if it's in alignment with you you want to create it downloadable. You want to create an actionable, step now, I've seen some amazing ones things like color. Ins I've seen. Coloring. In pictures I've seen, checklists. I have seen quizzes, I've seen self self assessment, questionnaires, and you can get all of these a lot of these from our suppliers as well, I've, also seen. What. Else have we got. Quizzes, I've also seen. Hmmm. What else workbooks. Worksheets. Play sheets. There. There, is and, then, there is instructions. And things like that so something downloadable. And tangible, that they can take away for that particular, week or that particular lesson. So. With. Your post-it, notes Rachel, saying off to get my post-it notes with your post-it notes you could have. Your. Are we we're back to find and, you. Could have up the top I'm gonna do a video on, so, we started with what, do we start with blood sugar I'm gonna have a video on symptoms, of blood sugar and then. Underneath, that I'm gonna have a PDF downloadable. Of where all the hidden sugars, are in my, foods that are currently making me feel like this and to, go and check them off and, then. The, next week it might be I'm now. Going, to be able to share where. It's actually coming, from and what tests, that you can tell and then. We're going to have a next little section of a PDF. That's specifically, around. How. To find, your pancreas how to find your, how, to test your own blood sugar at home so. A little instruction. Manual that comes with it week. 3 we might go diving, into how. Blood. Sugars change your mood and having. A mood questionnaire. And how that might be affecting your neurotransmitters. And how it might be affecting a whole bunch of other stuff so we we're taking people on a journey from the simple to, the more complex and we're taking them through, either. Visual, auditory or kinesthetic all the way through and then. At the end of it we're. Then able to package that up and we have to put it somewhere now I've told you a couple of little tips. And tricks about places to put it but. Some. Other places that you can put it on the internet very very cheap, and easy ways of doing it number one is teachable, teach was a an, online. Tool if you've got enough time to learn something a little bit different, hopping. On teacher was really good because you can put all of your content on there and you don't need your own website to do it you, can put all of your content on there so all of their video and the bits and pieces and then, through the journey and then they you can actually take money through there as well. Either. Through your PayPal account or stripe account, and. It sits on somebody else's platform all you have to do is share it to let everybody, know that your beautiful piece of work is there and sometimes. That's the hardest thing we'll do another video on that another day the sharing, bit, but.

Teachable. Think, rific another, third party platform. Kjar, be more expensive a beautiful. Third party platform, and then, there, are other. Platforms that you can put, in with, your. Particular. Work your, particular website, software, so, plugins, if you're, running a WordPress, website, zippy courses, or, access Ally are my favorites. When it comes to running an eCourse, on your website. There. Is ways in. Squarespace. To, run an e course in your website now some they've got new ways, of doing that in Squarespace, and they're quite beautiful, the. Most simple way in Squarespace, is to actually create all, of the, content. As a password-protected. Area, on your website through Squarespace, you can get a password-protected one, and then you have to share that with, the members of your your. ECourse that, particular password, but, it's it's one person password, for the whole group whereas, some of the other ones. That I've discussed, a, individual. Alright, so then then you've got your platforms. Right so. Once. You've got your content, you can put it on your platform and then, once it's on the platform. You. Are then able to one share, it to take, money taking, money depends. On you having either a PayPal, business. Account or a, stripe. Account or some, other method of payment. Some people. Use, things, like a. Plugin. For WooCommerce. Or, memberships. When it comes to your. WordPress website to. Be able to take money and. Then once you've got those mechanisms, you, can put on little notifications. So, that when you wake up in the morning you, find out how much money you made while you're asleep. So. It's one of my favorite things my, phone pings, it every morning and lets me know what, I made yesterday, through. My book sales or my other bits and pieces my. Ear courses all my memberships, it is, an. Amazing. Thing after, such a long time you know I've seen 1,400, clients in a year and seeing. That many people and being so. You. Know multiple zones, of burnout and. Being. On all the time and and all of that kind of ways of doing it, it has, been such, a different, thing to be able to share my knowledge and, know, that people have it available to them whenever they, choose like. They can access it however, much they want to um you. Know and it's it says late night you know when you're up at 1012. Looking. For information and, you're. Then able to access whatever, information you want you can download that course you can buy that ebook and it's it's a one-click kind of wonder we. Do it ourselves and, so do our clients, so why not, have. It be you in front of your clients, rather than somebody else all. Right so I'm up for Q&A for, the next six minutes so let me know what your questions are around your ear cost so I have a little flick back here Mickey, I hope you're feeling better my darling I know that you're not you're. Unwell, and I'm, super excited to see what you're creating Lisa. Would you charge per module or as a whole package, at. Least I have you ever bought an e course before because um, vast. Majority, of the time it's it's per package, because, it depends, on what you're actually creating as, to what, you. Will want. To sell but. I would, suggest that it's definitely, the. Whole package, so any, course. Of. What's your what was your ideas there did, you say oh yeah growing your own food and, medicine. Yes so I would want to know, how. Do I fill up my whole garden with food as medicine awesome. So. On, your sales page it's all about how. Am i filling up my whole garden with food as medicine what, do I need to buy where I get it from blah blah blah and then the, in-depth about. Food. As medicine so, here's, my eight-week program and, of, those eight weeks remember. We're doing post-it, notes of. Those eight weeks how, would I split, that up into eight sections that. Are going to be beneficial for the, people who are watching it now you. Can sell that whole program for $1,000 and I've seen lots of gardening, variety.

Things And food-related things, being sold for $1,000, and. The. The pricing, part of it, has. So much more to do with you and your money mindset than it has to do with anything. Else, so. Again. Topic for another time but, if you're going to say for instance share, that with people and go okay a thousand dollars to. Completely. Reform. My whole garden, and create. It just as food as medicine for, myself, then. If it's, $1,000, for that and. Your. Target market is a bit like oh I can only really spend 150 dollars at a time then you might think about creating, a plan for. Them. Being able to pay 150 dollars every, month. For, 10 months or something similar and then. You were able to give. Them a payment plan so it's not that they're paying per module it's that, they're paying a payment plan for the sum of the whole program so, hopefully. That's beneficial. Helen. How do you, work out the length of the modules and the lessons great question. So. Length. Of modules and lessons. Really. Depends, on one you, to, the, client. Some. Of us are, really, details. Orientated, people we want to hear all of it, I want, to watch if I, want to read every single piece of that publication, from front to back and I want to then implement it and I want to write notes on it and I want to do all of these things. We. Have model for that that we talked about at the retreats and then and, in, the club and and when you're a information. Density. Type of person, you. Actually might want to present that type of information. To others but not everybody, is into all of that, as. Human beings from a lesson learning perspective we can only actually remember. The. Best part of seven minutes of what. We're actually listening to so. The. Maximum, we're going to actually take. In is about 23, minutes of one. Hour so. How are we creating the, amount of information that somebody can. Create. A change. And again, that's behavioral change stuff how can we create, a change, that they're going to do something cool with rather than just vomiting. Up a whole bunch of information to them so. If. It comes from, how. Much, content, do you give them how, long is a piece of string so if, you want to dive. Deep maybe you want to do an hour-long master. Class for them if you think about how many things you watching, at any give day most. Of ours are about two and a half minutes that's where most, of our little. Splits. Are as, humans. And as marketers. Actually know that really well but, if you want to give more in depth than that 23, minute mark is about, how much you, will actually be able to retain. Somebody's, attention, for so. If you are chunking, down your information into 23, minute bite-sized chunks or something somewhere smaller than 20 minutes and you're, really getting to the point the real you know it's, like being in, an elevator, with somebody and. Say. For instance we're talking about that first week of blood sugars and we wanted to talk about, where. The hidden sugars are right and I'm standing in an elevator, and I'm just about to go from the bottom, floor to wherever, this person is going to be and they go oh my goodness I've got type 2 diabetes, and.

I. Just. Heard you talk to that lady outside the lift and you said that blood sugars are hidden every it sugar czar hidden everywhere and that'll change my blood sugar what. If you, only tell me five things what would those five things be. Instantly. You. Go oh, okay. So instead of telling them all about, everything, to do with that, you know about type 2 diabetes, blood sugar and hidden, sugars in food. Then. You, come in and you go okay well the top five things that this person would need to know about before the top of here, and if, you can do that then. You've instantly, got a blog post but what if you were to take those five things you. Would then be able to stretch them out into a 23-minute kind of conversation, right so. Chunking. That down is going, to be more beneficial for them in the long run and then finding, a piece of actionable, content so a PDF an audiotape. Herb some, type of challenge to give them is going. To keep them going. So. Hopefully that's been helpful Helen. Cool. What's, the next question there. Yeah. I want to do that to my garden - Chanelle. Would. You use a payment, plan yes absolutely. 100%. Yes. Yes yes yes yes, the. Biggest. The two, biggest objections. When you are selling something that somebody is one I don't have enough time and two I don't have enough money and all, of those are. Made-up. Stuff in their head if you, can already meet those objections, so. When. And. And if it's that important, to you you will make the time and you will make the money if it's, from my kid there is no hesitation, whatsoever. I will find a way to make that money and I will find a way to take my kid to that thing that I've been told will be beneficial for them right. So my, son. My. Son just, had to get a plate. In his mouth because his teeth aren't coming down properly and. I. Had. Going it. Had. To go to an orthodontist, and when I was there he said how much things were going to cost you know I didn't even blink, I went. Okay. Right. That's how much it's gonna cost and, I came back home with, a big deep breath and we. Had a discussion as, a family, about it but. With. My hubby and it was like well of course we're going to get it done and, this. Is the thing right you, if. It's important, to you you're you, will buy it so if you are making this eCourse important, to somebody this piece of information you, know a thyroid. Thing Louise. Like, you you have created a number. Of people. I know have created, they. Can change someone's life actually, knowing what their thyroid actually. Does, it. Can change someone's life to even have an empowered, conversation, with their doctor about, what their thyroid is actually doing be empowered, by those numbers that they just keep getting every, month be, empowered, by the food that they're eating rather than just blindly eating it and wondering if it is doing, something to the thyroid or not it's amazingly. Really, helpful, and if. You, can convey that to somebody just like this plate was conveyed to me that's going to be amazingly helpful for my son the. Objection, of money and time isn't a thing I you, know we go every three weeks to get this plate checked and we go and I paid, the payments, that I need to make for it there, isn't an objection, so. When it comes to already, coming through that the, payment, plan thing. Skips you over that oh you can't, afford $1,000, it's okay can you afford $200. A month, awesome. Here, you go and then it's, not a thing you can see when somebody's really motivated, to do something you, can create an option for them so that they can do it so they can get that information and, a payment plan is a really good one for that now, the time thing Helen points out you like to do things in your own time I totally, hear you on that and, if. You, have a home study kind of course you, want to be able to give it to them in their own time so they can listen to it on their phone or they can listen to it wherever they are so, being able to give an option for that rather, than having to get them to go to a workshop, or having them to get to go to a particular event at a particular time, they might be able to consume, it for themselves so, having an option for those objections, is, always a good one because you're instantly going to do it if you really want to do it all. Right so hopefully that's helpful. Who. Else have we got more, questions if, you have a climate plan do they only get the info as they pay they, can or they, might not so. With. A payment plan often you. But and that contract, says that the entirety of the course. Costs. X amount and. You. Commit, to paying, the. Y. Amounts, until they equal the X amount and so, you're you're still getting the same amount of money it's just over eight actual payment plan so it's.

A Very different kind, of notion to. Paying, per. Week. Or paying per, month, or whatever it happens to be if you are on a membership, so, a membership, if you, are, paying per month and then you stop paying then you stop getting the content, same. Thing happens with the payment plan often enough and. There's what and is, what is written into things like teacher role or kajabi is if they are on a payment plan and those payments, aren't made then. They'll, stop giving the information so. Hopefully that's useful as well. Jessica. Do, you run a pilot, group through your course for free. So. That they can provide feedback or, charge a lower price yeah, so. Great. Question Jessica, and I have I absolutely. Did that at the beginning and it, was absolutely a mistake. My. Opinion, is it's a mistake to run. Anything, for free that, pilot, program or, that beta test is still, your content, it is still thirty thousand dollars worth of information that you got from college that you are distilling, in a way that they understand, it through your your means and it's still costing you money to, actually. Create. That program, and be present, in that program, so, if it's costing you money there you need to be paid for it now, there's. Varying, ideas about this but, if you are running a pilot or a beta program you, could run it at cost, which means you're, not making a profit from it and you know you're not making a profit from it and. You. Just get the. Information or. You get the the information out you get the feedback from it that kind of thing that's great but, it's still taking you time it's still taking you creative, juices to actually get it done so. I would suggest it's, still going to be at a, value. Proposition, and value proposition is where you are a certain, amount of value and you're asking for them on value back in money. I, mean. So when, it comes to if you're, creating, $500. Worth of course, for. A particular person a $500. Worth or two you know three, visits to your worth of change in their life then. You. You. Need, to be recuperating. That amount of cost because you could be doing other things with the amount of time that you have there that is going to actually make, that amount of money so. Yes. My suggestion is a, pilot. Program or beta testing, program, you. Definitely charge, and I. Know, a lot of people who actually charge the amount that they expect that they will charge but the next round they end up putting it up so. Yeah. Helen. Makes. Perfect sense awesome. Okay. Is, there any other questions, about creating your ear courses so I. Know, it's the thing that we need consistently, think about and I, want to be able to answer any of those niggling, ideas. There because I think that we are in such, an amazing. Information-rich. Profession. Knowledge. Rich profession, our knowledge base is huge, and if. People are like, 80%. Of. People. Who are on google, searching, for things search, for who, are over 18 searched for health related conditions. 80%. That's, huge, and if. You're, there with all of your very specific knowledge about your very specific, stuff. You. Have an opportunity, to, change that person's life. Irrelevant. Of the money situation you're, able to be. In. On, purpose, you are on your, purpose by, being there sharing your knowledge through, them, and, so I think that, eCourse has created a really great opportunity, for us to share in. A way that we are enumerated, for that and we actually, value, what we have to say rather, than oh no, no it's just this thing because.

Like I said thirty thousand, dollars worth of your course went into you to distill this information, in a way you understand, it and if you're just seeing one person at, a time distilling. Little spits and spurts of that information it's not going to make the same amount of impact as an. Entire eCourse being able to share that for a particular subset, of the population. So. I. Just. Go when, you speak about how much a course costs, is that based on how many hours, you spent on it plus other costs yeah so I'm of, course actually cost you money so one. It will cost you the time it takes to create it. If. You, are currently. Putting. Yourself out on a hundred dollars an hour as. A, practitioner, in. The hour that you are creating, that course because. You have to be there typing away you have, to be there. Doing. Your video you have to be there doing your audio you have to be there. Creating. The PDF, you have to be there sending, it those emails, off to a virtual, assistant or, a graphic. Designer or somebody a professional. And in, those hours you, could be making $100, from seeing a one-on-one client, all right but remember you only have to do this whole system once and then you can actually get the money replicatable. Rather than seeing, one client one no time. But. Essentially, that's, a hundred dollars worth of your time. Creating. The course. Then. It, costs. You money to get onto these platforms, it costs you money by. Having. To research. Teachable, think rific kajabi, access. Ally. Zippy. Courses, how. To put it on your Squarespace, and, I haven't even I have no idea about Wix if you can do it on there but essentially, it, costs. You money to do those things so sometimes you have to change. Back-end. Things on your website that's going to cost you money sometimes. You have to sign up to something, so kajabi, costs fifty dollars a month or something. Sometimes. It's going to cost you money in Korea paying, somebody else to do that because you can't handle the tax information. That, it takes to actually do that so then you hand it off to somebody like. We, have in the hub we've got some peeps that help with textile tech for prax so. That. Cost money then, if you've got a PDF that you want to make pretty then you've got to send it to a graphic designer or somebody similar and that costs money so. All of the things to, do with creating, a course the, first time you create it cost, money so you do have to get that money back. But. After that it's. Pure, profit once, it's already set up on there all. That money that you spent that one time is gone, and you just invite, more people in, and as, you're inviting more people in, all. Of the other stuff is on there so it it's, actually all profit. So. Hopefully. That's, beneficial, yes. Lisa. How, long would each module, go for. Okay. Like. It's. A bit like saying how. Long is every, one of your. Family. So how long does your family celebration. How long does a family, celebration go, for. Because. It's. It's all relative. Right some, family celebrations, are as. Quick as humanly possible and you're out the door other. Family, celebrations, you were just in it and you're like three hours and you just love it and it turns into this amazing thing and, it's awesome, right. When.

You Are sharing, a conversation. A. Module. Can go for as long as you choose it to and, it really depends, on you and your strengths, as to, what you're teaching and how it works and, it. Really depends on what h. Climb. Each, of your clients actually needs and it depends on the subject matter as well there's, no way I could talk about skin skin is not my thing by the way adrenal, fatigue on the other hand I could talk about that until the cows come home particularly, in business people, but. Skin my. Skin module. If I was gonna create a skin a horse, it. Would be a webinar and it would be about half an hour like. It. Really, depends. Because. One that's, the content that I have to it's, the, type of thing that I I, you. Know want, to talk to only a few people about and three. It doesn't float my boat whereas. You. Know burn out in business owners I created. An entire 12-week program, for. That and. I. Created, little, chunks of information for, emails and then I created, little. Lessons so some modules, module. Might might. Be like, a week I might. Be able to create five twenty. Minute pro, in twenty minute chat on all, the, things to do with those adrenals, that week and then I'm hope pre oat five. Two minutes it's like it really depends. On what, you're discussing who. You're discussing it with and what. Your strengths are. Hopefully. That was helpful Lisa, I know it's it's it's it's, not as tangible like, I'd love to say, five, 10. Minute videos it really, it really does depend for, the same reason that some of us particularly like, particular. Lecturers, or teachers, that we've had in the past because they resonate, with our way of actually, consuming, information. It's. The same for when you're creating information. To. Share. Alright, um. And. Lisa if you want to you know I I create, I've, created lots of my courses and I've got a big membership, program. To, the club and. What. I, do is, create, see, some, modules go for two minutes there's some lessons that are in the modules go for two minutes some of them go for 20 minutes and then sometimes, I'm like I'm gonna dive deep in its juicy.

Yummy Master, class and a, master class is something that usually goes for half an hour to two hours to, be honest and if, somebody, wants to do that and somebody wants to come in and listen to that then, they can do it in their own time but something, if you want to create like a big juicy, teaching, part then, yeah you can do half, an hour to two hours and I've also sat in on some live. Air courses, which, are amazing. For. People like Brendon Burchard used to do them and they. Would go for like a whole day you would sit in there for a whole day watching your computer, and listening. To all of this different content so, it and, that's, in alignment with him but, if I couldn't possibly do that for myself so, it. Really, just depends, for. You Lisa and for your clients, remember we won't want to vomit a whole bunch of information on to our clients but, our clients might literally consume, that weight of it whereas. They might want little bits and pieces and then go and take some action and then come back and listen to you so again. It's a little dance between and, don't, let that stop you from creating something, and getting feedback and then changing, it so don't, let that be an excuse for you I don't know how long it should be just, create something that is X amount of long and then share, it and then see what feedback you get cool. Hopefully that's helpful, Helen. Did you talk to the, rest platforms, to use in the beginning of this life yes, I did, Allison. I might have already missed this part but. So. You think, content, is best delivered as videos PowerPoint, or text yes. You missed that part I think content is best, delivered, however it is in alignment with you, my. Dad is. Amazing. I just spent a couple of days in in. Canberra, visiting, them and my dads are really tech orientated, person he loves, detail, and he'll give me a book to it and and, now my my son his grandson he'll. Give them up he'll give us a book to answer a question you know, literally. Were to open the books and get the question out and. He. Also used to work on radio, so here's an amazing voice, amazing. Voice for radio and here's. A way of describing things, that are in an auditory. Kind of way. Whereas, I love, seeing. People, I. Love interacting. I love. Adjust. That's how I work so, I. Think. Content. Is delivered best, that suits you and so, when. I've tried to create podcasts before, and, Jules Galloway beautiful, podcaster, extraordinaire. She. Has, a conversational. Style and, interviewing. Style that's perfect, for having, conversations, like this. And if, that's the way that you can express, yourself the best in in, in, a way that it is really good for you then do that if you're, a facilitator, like me I love, oh my goodness if you, haven't seen me on. Fire, at a retreat, I am Wow. My, ability, to express myself becomes, even they, go because I'm in front and feeling, people's energy and being in the space and facilitating. And doing different things behind me generally I'm writing on boards and sticking post-it notes every round building, towers out of cups so. My. Particular. Style. That I think, is best delivered, is me being that because. I mean I'm 100%, me so Allison depending on what you where, you're at and if, you haven't tried everything, go and try it like. If my. First time on video I was crap, oh my goodness oh so bad it took ages, I had to create, five. Two-and-a-half, minute videos and it took from 8, a.m. in the morning to 8 p.m. at night it was. Epically. Bad so, don't use that's an excuse lean, in and see what see, what works for you but, it's. However works for you best because when, you are at your most expressive, then. Others. Will be hearing. You they'll be actually, receiving. The information, whereas. If you're sitting on a video. And you're. Hiding. And you're. Aiming. And iring and you're not quite sure and.

It Doesn't quite work and, you not being you then they're not receiving the information. Another. Way I love to work is through PowerPoint presentations, because I love visual I'm, a real, visual I remember, things I've got a semi, photographic, memory so, I love. Learning, things through that mechanism so, I create visual presentations, that seem a little bit easier for me to follow through, and keep, the conversation and story going and teach, that way so. It, really depends on you and then secondary, to that it depends on your particular, target, market because. You. Know say. For instance we've got hearing-impaired people you're clearly not going to do. An auditory thing for hearing-impaired person, you're going to, get. Somebody. There who is able to get. The message across that way and the same thing works for us in all the other mechanisms, as well so. Yeah. Lastly. On that is if, your particular target, market already. Listens, to things in podcasts, already listens to radio often. Talks about, audible. You, know those types of things then you're obviously going to do it on audio, if, they, talk about the article, that they read or the book, that they read or the thing then you want to get a transcription. Done a bit because they're going to be flicking through reading, reading, your work, or. If they talk about I was looking on YouTube the other day did you see so and so's video then, you're, going to create it in that kind of mechanism, so really, depends but beautiful. Exploration. Alright. Alison. Do. You think if you. Have, more content to release after, people have joined you. Should give this for free for people who have already bought, it or releases. A Bible add-on great. Question. You can do either it's. The cool thing you are in charge of your business and I've. Done both so. I'm. Also a giver like you'll see this. Was supposed to go for 30 minutes I'm now at 49 minutes so. Hmm. Probably, not the best person to ask, generally. I create, things that I find that are really beneficial and particularly if people, are in an eCourse already I love giving bonuses, I love, giving them the content that they're already asking, for I love giving them that and then, if I'm giving them the bonus in the eCourse then sometimes, I'll use them as a bonus. To. Sell the, next round of the eCourse or the next light of their course if they, buy it by X amount of time I'll give them that, as a bonus anyway, at. The beginning like as a sales. Conversation. So. It. Could be the Bible add-on, or a bonus, or it could be, a standalone, it really depends on how you want to get, your strategy, going for your funnel but, I'm really great question Ellison. Kathleen. Do you have someone that write. Up contracts, for, the client to sign or do you write your own for, the payment plans I'd, have no idea how to Wed these so, I, use. Michelle. Whitehead Kathleen. Yep, so um. I've. Talked. About Michelle before that. I can put another link in the the. Thing below but yes. She has a membership. A. Membership. One for payment plans and, she. The, brilliant, thing, about, getting. Her templates, is that, she also has a one-on-one with you if you, had to make sure that you're accountable and following through with it and you can ask any questions, about where, you're not sure about, what you want to write in there and that. Comes with the actual template, itself that, conversation, with her so that's. What I use great question Kathleen. Okay. I think, I've answered everybody's, questions. All. Right yes. Yes yes yes yes okay. So. Actionable. Step and it's not just for the kinesthetic, learners it's literally, to take action. To get traction in your business. So. Action. Will step. Are. You already. Thinking about an e course if you, are thinking, about an e course what. Is it going to take to get you to pick, your one. Thing and then. Get. All of your content, and start writing it out out of your head, into. An easy, flow, so. That then you can explore. A, platform. So if you already have a course content, in mind most of you do aren't hidden on your computer, go on, explore think errific. Teachable. Kajabi. Or any of those third-party. Ones because, they're. Much easier who'da me as well and. If, you already have a square space or a wordpress website see. See, what it looks like if you could have that on there. So. To that if you were already halfway through creating, your a course what's it going to take for you to actually complete, that how, can you carve. Out time in, your schedule so that you can complete that because. Once it's finished you. Don't have to do it again. Where is we have to consistently, go and see them with more and more clients but once your eCourse is finished that's it you then just have to tell more and more people about it and if.

You Do have an eCourse my. Invitation, to you is to, pop, the. ECourse. Sales, page down below so that we can see you can share it and we might be able to share it with people who might, need that amazing, information from you so. That you can share it out into the world so, wherever you happen to be with your eCourse or making money while you're asleep. What. Could be the next action for you that you could take this week to get more traction in your business all right if this has been beneficial to you. Think. About somebody else who this might have been beneficial, to and, please. Share it don't, keep it to yourself and, I. Will catch you next week for training. Thursday, all right, bye.

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