How to Create Content that is Engaging and Gets Liked and Shared- Simon Says Ep.14

How to Create Content that is Engaging and Gets Liked and Shared- Simon Says Ep.14

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Hi, I am the online duplication. Robot. Simon's. Purpose, has, to have a positive, impact as. Many lives as possible and. You. Watching. Simon. Says. I'm, tired of doing the DMM, do we, follow up but, no was a joy I wish it was just easier. I got, an idea. What about use, a robot, that would do the work for you Wow. Someone. Must make a robot that be able to create, a line duplication, for you man I'm, a robot. We are gonna fire you and get you and you I'm a bitch. You. Need me Millie what's, up production. I found, this ice and it found, that you petition, robot yeah, I got it check it out. Whoo you so said let's go check it out. Hi. I am the online duplication. Robot I help, you attract. Our line, recruit. Our line, duplicate. Online I will. Do all the work for you so that, you can sit, home go, to a tropical island, and drink, your pina. Colada, I only. Cost. $999.99. Just, go to online. Duplication. Academy, and you, can order me I will do all the work for you, you never need to do hey yo yo duplication, robot hey this is I'm sure this is my show, what, you do here hey by the way nothing, like the ever exist hey. Duplication, robot, get. Out of here right, now. All. Right so anyway so, to hijack, my show you know there's no such, thing, as just doing no work or a, website, or artificial, intelligence that does it for you and a you're watching this we know what the heck is going on, my, name is Simon Chan you're watching Simon Says but we help you build a successful business online, you. Will help you attract, online we could online and duplicate. Online, after you go through the 10 stages of online duplication, this is a show where you got the questions and I've, got the answers, not the duplication, robot right and you gotta be doing the world the DMO, if you don't know where the demo is go back to episode 2 we, talked about what you need you should be doing every, single day if you want to build a successful business online if you're new to getting started go back to episode 1 if you knew you've never done it using, the internet or Facebook social media you're not know where to start check out episode 1 so. Hope, you like these shows now what, is the thing you know person develop my appreciate you all for watching I know person development is very very, important, and so. I've been do personal development, as well and believe, it or not I'm, learning. How to be working. On that, she seems I'm working, on how to be funnier, to make it more fun hope you like my corny jokes and. Maybe. Not corny maybe you're really laughing, hard but, anyway I've, been taking this course actually of course on how to do comedy, and, what. I learned was. What. Makes a joke good, or not it's all. About the, delivery. Give. Me a thumbs up on that or, maybe, boo whatever, I'm working on it alright so now let's go to. Bart. From Utah asks, in your demo we need three pieces of content can. You expand on what makes content great and engaging also. On sources and ideas for content, okay. A great question, because we're, here to help you create content that tracks, online, so. Content, we've talked about in, previous episodes you got to create something that inspires, educate, entertains. First. Step before anything, is, before. You create content is. Up. Here right the top of it but thinking course visualize, see, yourself. Right. See yourself. See. Yourself, as a, creator. As a. Creator, and. Creating. Content as a content. Creator this. Is something that helped me out when. I first started I always create, a content, that say hey I'm not just the person. Testing it out I saw myself as a great I'm, a writer I'm a blogger I'm someone, would those online videos I do a TV show right so, visualizing. Is very important now or your content. Got to provide value. Provide. Value. To the audience, what, type of value are you creating. You know you, heard that word value. Is used very loosely so what is value value. Is like, I mentioned something that inspires.

Inspires. Educates. Teaches. People and, entertains. You, can keep it entertaining make, it fun for people write fun inspires. Educates, and entertains. Now. Before, you create a con this is what a lot of people do it wrong is, they. Want to create content for the entire. Universe. Entire. And. It's, going to be difficult for you to do that that really create content that resonates. That. That your people. Will follow you can connect with so instead, of doing that what, you want to focus on the next step is think. Of one person, so every time I'm creating a content, while I'm doing my facebook life anyway I'm focusing, on one person like I'm talking to, that one particular person could, be you or you, but one person, in general so you want to focus on. One. Person, and. We. Mentioned this on previous episode where how to overcome, Facebook life here if you think i'ma talk to the whole world even beyond nervous you, focus on one person like when your good friend of yours it makes a lot easier right so here you want to focus on one, person and what do you mean by one person is think. About the person you, want to attract and this. Is what we caught in, marketing terms an avatar. Get an avatar. Is, someone. That your. Ideal. Prospect. That you want, to attract and I'll give you a couple examples your. Avatar, could be if. You, are attracting professionals, I know we have a mastermind, coaching. Client, that wants to attract wanting doctors and lawyers PhD. Level, people right, that's, your avatar if you, are want, attract mom we stay home kids stay-at-home. Mom with kids they, that's, your avatar if you wants. Target. Jen. Wide single. Just. Right out of college, that's your avatar think of cool you tract in your business because. That allows. You that makes it so much easier to create content, that inspires educates, and entertains. I'll. Give you an example if you, are your, avatar, is like. Professions, go back to doctors and lawyers their, entertainment. Then what educates, them what, spice is different. Than, someone that's maybe a stay-at-home mom with two kids, all. Right so tell. Me providing, madam what type of content, out there so someone that is like a doctor, maybe. You. Know you know the paint right, may paint maybe they're running their, office and they want to make the office more efficient more productive so they can be home so maybe you can share with them how to run their practice, better maybe, you, can share them according, to my spires, of that even, though sometimes they're working, at a, at. A clinic, it seems like it's. A long day it's a drag the, same thing but they are making the remaining. About reminding, them that they're making a difference in the world, right, that's him they'll inspire that's some of the doctor a profession, we're like right, now how does it become our prospect, if we're talking about that later but your context what gets, people to follow you don't. Think about clinic honor get, prospects right away aim, to get the content, to create a follower, so if you're looking for doctors right, think about what they what. Would inspire them so what. Would extricate don't may be helping them run the practice better and what, will they laugh at and.

Maybe Patient, jokes or whatever right so think, about that now if you are stay-at-home mom that's. Totally different what educates. Them or, inspire, education, could be a time management tip, right. They'd help them more productive or tips. To get the kids to do the homework better that. Could be something educate what inspires, them could be you have a picture you while, you are having. Feeding, one kid in one hand right, and and the other hand helping another to do a homework that could be very inspiring, what. Entertains them could be like a joke about multitasking, right maybe on the phone doing dishes and you. Know your your toddler's next you at the same time right. So focus. On the avatar, now. I'll give you an example when I've. Been building online since 2004. I got started in 2003, first two months I did, two and a half months I did have much success and then start building online especially. I was. From New York came to LA didn't have many friends out here I start building online and what we did was we, targeted. That time my avatar, can't, give me an example were people, that read, books. Like Rich Dad Poor Dad. Robert, Alice books, teve, Hart Edgar books secrets of the millionaire mind, and. Those that people read those books who were at a job right. So specifically. Someone who read every step or that secrets. Of milling in mine or multiple streams of income by Robert Allen who arrow at a job and wanted to do something with their lives that. Was my avatar so when we created, that, this. Is before Facebook existed. But with a Google pay per click on websites a capture, pages or were, providing, tips on how, they. Could change their lives okay, that's, what we did now years. Later Malaysia. Opened up we. Knew Malaysia allowed people Malaysians, they know about network marketing but they're really sick of network marketing they were sick this was back in 2005, 2006, they were sick of it because they were sick of going around doing meetings all the time running around but, these people believed in residual income so our avatar, at that time was. Targeting. When we went there to online marketing, targeting. Providing. Content specifically. For people wondering, that we're marketing do something but they can do it online so. We start we were first, ones in the entire profession, to do webinars as early as 2005. I don't. Think back the technology, was really lame back then but we're the first wants to use it sometimes, to connect half the time people came in here well but of the fact that we had it attracted. People right uh later. Years later and Philippines, which was a total different avatar, we're attracted in their local Filipinos, but we had it down so, then when we created content, who attract, these people now. Your avatar, may change as, the years go by and in terms of specially if you're opening different markets different things but think about right now who, you wanna track and think. About how do you inspire educate and, entertain them, okay, that's, one of the big steps that people miss out they post. Content they're trying to please everyone so even like an ml nation we provide content, our avatar, is some of us in that we're marking you you're watching it if you're watching your avatar.

You, Are believing that we're marketing you know that it works you may, need some help you're not getting all the support in the world that, you feel you can get some extra support extra tips that your upline or your company's not not, providing. Right, so maybe they're not building online and you want to learn something so that's our avatar, and we know within a specific age group what it is male or female and when, I create, content is always I imagine, I'm not thinking about speaking to everyone I'm speaking to one person okay, so your avatar, extremely, important there so. Next. Thing about creating content is to. Be good at it is you've got to read, a lot, and create. A lot read. A lot read, or I can say consume. A lot. Consume. Content a lot and then, you create. A lot, okay. And I say greed under some of you don't like to read but I like reading the best because reading is something you can always go back refer, to like, if you go back to your video it's hard to refer back to video sometimes it's little, difficult but book if you have a bookmark is over it's, very much easier to do that now. Consume. If you're watching a video right should be any type of personal, development they, read consume, it's, important. But I person prefer reading consume, could be a podcast, and mom nation watching, Simon Says consume, and you create, a lot you. Mean you taking, what you learn, and you sharing. It with rest, of the world. Taking. What you learn if, you if, I think back to how I became a top content, creator it's all because of you know couple books I've read. Sometimes. Over and over again a few, blogs are a few, blogs I read over with and I get ideas, now. When, you share, take, what you learn and share so have you learned something watching this video right now if. You learn something share, it but. Number. One give it credit where credit is due say yeah I learned something from this Simon, Says right or you learn something from a book that you watch give credit and more, importantly. Share. Your, perspective. So. Share your perspective, or share, your story. Can, your story and perspective. On what. You just learned, and. So. For example if, you, learned the cation management, tip right, instead of just sharing the tip hey, you know I used to be and this leads to your, vulnerability.

Vulnerability. What. Are you vulnerable about I'm sorry I cannot spell vulnerability. And by the way someone said that you got to be perfect, and Grandma too and I remember one of my early, elementary, schools, and I hate a grandma I was really bad in English and I was like oh grandma, why do you have to do grandma and I remember his English teacher. Elementary. School teacher, teaching English he said well when you become a writer then, you can break all the grammar rules or. You become a publisher you can do whatever you want and I'm telling you since. Your content, creator right. You can break the mood right now you. Don't need to be good in grandma you've a lot of the most popular posts out there have a load of grammar mistakes, a lot of the best writers out there Stephen, King or these a load of Grandma mistakes I just used Stephen King's example because I used to read a lot of his books but you can go don't let grandma being, perfect, hold you back but, what you need to do is share something about yourself well your perspective, so getting back to time management you can share hey I used to be distracted all the time I used to be strapped down the Facebook newsfeed over time I you, know I. Say. Well actually depress me the more me make you hat because really what is news but I learned something about time management that's allowed me to say, know when to say yes when to say no to certain things, allow me focus, better and as, I've done this I'll allow me more productive okay. That's an example shame, too it was somewhat the tip is that I learned was dear, don't look at your phone the last thing in the morning or plan your day before you look at your phone they, share that tip but share your story people, want that story I'll. Give you another example if you, are watching this. You're. Probably inspired, to be creating content I'm giving, you and I'll give you a couple more tips before we wrap up I used, be dumb boring no one cares.

About What I want to do and no. One cares about what. I have to say but I realized, through, you, know watching Simon. Says that will all bow unlimited, potential number one and number two this businesses profession gives us it allows us to give back more and number three we get to create a legacy we, get to share what. We and pass it to the world and make the world a better place, and for. Me to hold back what I was learning because of my low. Self-esteem I felt I wasn't good enough who is actually not just hurting me by hurting the rest of the world all. Right so watching. This please go share share share those are my three beliefs we're all bona unlimited, potential now we're marking losses give back more get back that doesn't necessarily money. Could, mean by sharing, knowledge you're, learning something here go out then share it but, share your story share what, you were before your vulnerability. Because people want to follow someone that's human, people. Want to follow someone that's real if. You're just perfect. No. No what's that right so if you see a great blog post is them just copy, nothing and posted. Why are you posting it well, how did that Moshe touch you but right now you're watching this you're being emotionally, touched or you get inspired by something right, that inspiration. Down that's, what people want people want to follow your journey. Your. Journey, to. Every, content. Every, content that's shared is about, a journey Star, Wars is about journey journey and Luke Skywalker right, um, every. Movie, out there is about a journey. Right. I don't watch many, movies I'm think about what does movie, service The Hobbit the, to Lord of the Rings is about a journey the, movie Godfather, is about a journey of a person. It's, here its core the hero's journey I saw the famous book about it but the journey so, share with people your journey where, you were and I'm gonna give you a tip it's not about just, the before, and after is where. You are right now so obviously journey is hey for example before I was like 25. Pounds overweight now, I'm, in shape, TV. That journey great. That's this funny but she's what's more inspiring, and say hey I used to be - yeah I'm 25, pounds overweight and I know I can't put up with that anymore and every day I am doing this to get in better shape oh. You. Know I know I'm a bad career decisions, but before, in the past but I'm over that today I'm being. Consistent, working my business every single day see. That's a smart show, them were your journey where are you going. So. A couple of vulnerability, share your journey on, last.

Thing I want to end with okay, will this is. A mistake. A lot of people make I see this all the time network markers they create content and they don't get results right away as a this is not working. Say. This takes, time alright. You gotta be patient but more important, when you first start, off creating, content, it's. Not a bet your goal really is it about, just, to attract. Our provide. Value, to give but, the more you give it comes around but, it's, about discovering. Your voice, okay, your, voice so, what do you mean by your voice discover. Your voice, it's. Like your style this, is your style. Like. Are you watching this right now I was certain style of teaching coaching, I didn't. Develop it I didn't definitely didn't develop it back in 2003, 2004. It's, evolved. Over time, even. The content, that we share on ml, nation has, evolved. Over time because I realize no I don't, like to talk about that I like to teach about this I've. Evolved. It's, just style and your voice that's what every write has a voice, if you're running a blog a certain way you write a blog write different rides write differently the way you do a video certain, style the. Way you do. A certain image images, probably. Doing Instagram a certain style that style takes. Time to develop and the only way to do it is by doing it over and over and over again so really, your first 30 days by doing this creating. Content every day you know go back to DM oh yeah create content but, are we going on DM o go watch episode 2 yeah how about every day three five five five three then, you have to create three pieces of content a day so. That doing. It consistently within. One month you have a better idea so, even like going back to an avatar right. And what inspire, inspires, as you can entertain give, her that a few of how you gonna communicate, to the audience because not only will you get it by, doing it you get better and better at it but, you, also know. Your audience a lot better because, they'll be giving you feedback so. You got to be patient with it learn to describe your voice if you just start a crane content, or you didn't sporadically, you don't have a voice yet do it consistently consistently. And when. You have all these followers they follow you because, of who you are. Who. You are your story yeah and that's really you. Voice kriste cone caught your brand alright, so um, there. We go there it is remember see, yourself as being a content, creator provide, value inspired, you as you can't entertained how, to create more the more you read consume, the.

More You create read, and create it read and consume a lot create. A lot and don't. Worry about not getting the results when you create a lot you, discover that voice and also, you, get, focus. On your journey and your vulnerability. And. You, know sharing, these journeys never, you can never run out of them because we all have very unique you have a unique, life in every, chapter in life you can go deeper, and deeper and deeper sharing. Different events and also when you're doing your normal day for every. Day significant. You know one of the things I do at the end of every day I every. Day is different every day I write down three new things has never happened to me before that I'm grateful for three, new things that. I'm grateful for I've never happened before and just, doing that exercise number one makes me happier because not every day is the same right, it could be like I took myself to this product I never took before I met this person I never bet before or I met, his online prospect, and never talked to before or, join the Facebook group that I've. Never been a member before any, new thing when, you start crane this habit of realizing, you. Realize you have endless amount of content making share alright. So there you go that's. How you create content that inspires, educates, entertains that creates engagement. And. Last. Before and I want to share to recommend, Omid I know you got lots of books to read two books have really helped to help me out and one. Of them is the, art of war. Art. Of war. By. Steven, Pressfield and, a. Lot. Of war but by Steven, Pressfield okay. And we can put it on the show notes link there the link below art of war by Steven Pressfield and the second one is, steal. Like, an artist by, Austin, Kleon steal. Like. An artist, and. Both, folks, they're, very funny easy to read you can that get them done under, two hours still. Like my guitarist is actually one of my personal books, I remember, exactly where, I was reading down my grandfather this apartment and I, used to think you have to be original it's unique you know if you look at everything in the world nothing. Is actually a hundred percent original it's, always an idea taken from here and here and here and here and that's by the way that's how you discover your voice do. You mean no one's a real 100%, original nothing. In the world is 100% original but, it is taking, 1% here 1%, here 1%, here that's why when you read and consume a lot that's. The key and you create, a lot you, take, a little bit here and there and you create your voice and you become an awesome content. Creator that people want to follow and you provide more importantly providing valuing the world and you get to create a legacy take all the good stuff you're learning and sharing, with others so anyway, that is it for our show great, excellent question there and hey. Thank you for watching this assignment says you got this to show where you got the questions I've, got your answer now it's over to you if you got a question please go to ml to submit your question and I look forward to having your, question feature it on the show okay that's it and shoot, on the next show remember there's no duplication, robot, you. Gotta do the world you gotta do the DML, and start, creating content today you have you, just got ton of Nuggets in the world needs to hear what you just learned and remember we're, in the profession, to help others so, go out there for positive, impact on someone's life today god bless you. You.

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