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Yoh, hello, hope you are well, welcome back to my YouTube channel. As you know, this is the second episode of our new program called become a better artist, or becoming a better artist with Riccobeatz Mr.808 ok? So last time on the first episode we spoke of how to get a manager, and today we are going to look at how to brand yourself as an artist, and I’m going to do this session in Kiswahili as well. So before we start, if you are a new viewer, if you are new here kindly hit subscribe below, and turn on post notifications so that you don’t miss any of my videos anytime I drop them ok? For those of you who have always subscribed, remember to just turn on your post notifications, so that you can be able to get my videos as soon as they drop, otherwise we shall interact more as the video continues. What is a brand? What is a brand? A brand is a logo or a symbol, you get me? Let me get back to Kiswahili, a brand is a logo or a symbol that represents something, and differentiates it with other similar entities. For example, Riccobeatz is a brand

that stands out from many other production brands, you get it? Yeah, so a brand is a very important aspect, and many artists don’t follow the procedures of building a brand, they simply produce music So I thought this is a good topic we can discuss. So the first thing we need to know, brand, branding is just the visual representation of you, ok? It basically shows who you are visually. Now your music is different, ok? You give your music a visual image. So a brand is a visual representation of your whole self with your art, you get it? So it’s a very important thing in short because it represents your music, your art, you, ok? And a brand, or branding is something that every artist has, every artist is a brand on their own. But the branding may be good or bad, you see. Depending on whether it is a good brand or a bad brand but every artist out there is a brand. The difference is it a good or a bad one, or its just there, you see?

So, there are many things one needs to do to brand themselves effectively. But again, many artists are not keen on branding and they do not make effort on branding. Do you know why they don’t brand themselves? Some of them are scared, they feel like when they begin branding themselves, they will put less effort on their music. They feel that they will forget their sole purpose, and the main reason why they became artists in the first place. They feel that when they brand themselves, they won’t do music but that is not the case. They feel like they are deviating from being artists, and they are doing a lot of unnecessary things. If an artist is asked to, for instance if an artist has specialized in cultural content,

like Maasai culture, or Maasai kind of music, the artist needs to do a lot of shows, but this is just an example, he should wear Maasai wears, Maasai colours, the artist should do regular tours in Maasai land you get it? If he is a Maasai and a cultural artist, he portrays his brand as a cultural artist. He does everything in a cultural way, from his dress code, and maybe his ears have the large earlobe hanging, you get it? And it’s a male artist. So another artist may feel like if they started doing and following this more, they will forget their music. No, you won’t forget your music, these are the things that will help you build a solid fan base. Many artists are scared because they feel that if they brand themselves too much, they will neglect, or lose focus, and they will stop making effort towards their music, but this is not the case. Don’t be this artist, and don’t view things in this perspective.

Branding is what helps you create a fan base, and it attracts loyal fans to you ok? From here, let us look at ways which you can brand yourself; how to brand yourself ok? Number one, you can look for an artist who exists, and is already established, or who you love or admire and copy a little bit of what they do. But make sure you are not a copycat, do not be exact. Just copy how they do their thing, but be original. Find that artist you love, and admire how they carry themselves. Imitate their style, and recreate your own, similar to theirs. It a little bit tricky, but I hope you understand me.

Do not copy the artist, do what they do, but find your unique spot ok? that’s number one. Point number two, point number two is to search for a branding agent, hire branding agents. They are there by the way. Just find someone who does branding and related things, and hire them to create your brand from the logo, to the style, to the look. Find someone, hire them and pay them to create your brand. Branding agents are there, and I have so many on my phone, I have a lot of them, on social media they are there ok? and that’s number two.

Number three on how to create your brand or build it, collaborate. You can collaborate with other artists or designers. You are not hiring or paying them but you collaborate. You ask them to become a part of your brand ok? Design my brand, be part of it, and we move forward as one. If you share this idea with an artist you can collaborate on the brand, it is possible

so you guys share ideas and build a brand as a collaboration of ideas. Don’t be scared, just approach your favourite artist and tell them you want to have a band like theirs and ask them to give you ideas. The artist can give you ideas and you can collaborate ok? That’s point number three, ok? Point number four on how to brand yourself, point number four, point number four is to ask your fans on Instagram, or on social media. Just post, and ask your fans to give you branding ideas, how should I represent myself? Your fans will give you suggestions if they love you, follow you, and if they know the dynamics of branding. You can’t miss someone who knows something about branding. We work together, you even work together with your fans.

So ask them to give you suggestions, reply to them and have conversations on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter. In the process of doing that, you create some kind of engagement, interaction leading to a community which is a very good thing. If you speak to them on social media you get ideas and that’s another way to brand yourself. Ask people, and they will suggest what you can do, you understand me? Ask your fans, they will give you tips, and engage with them, that’s it. At this point, we will come back and look at style as an element of branding. So style or a trademark

will help you brand yourself. So people will be seeing you and identify you as artist X because black shades are your style, just like I am always on black shades. He wears a fedora you see? if it’s a lady she wears large sunglasses and that’s how guys know that artist or the artists has a certain type of hairstyle you see? So this is style and trademark which is part of branding, so how do you get a style? There are many ways to do that. There are those who find it naturally maybe because of how they look, but there are artists who have to work on it, which is good because they get a chance to stay unique because branding is all about making you stand out, ok? So how do you get a style or a trade mark? I can only give you tips, but there are many other ways that you guys can come up with. You can even share them on the comment section below.

So guys so far if you are learning something, if you are following, remember to hit like below, and leave a comment. You can just share what you think about the branding topic, or just say something, you know, and remember to subscribe and turn on my post notifications ok? How to get a style or a trademark. Point number one, you can imitate an artist. That artist you love or admire, imitate them. Just take an artist for example artist X

he is doing so good, use him and copy him. In the process of copying, make sure you find your authentic style. If he was wearing black shades, you can start wearing black shades too but with time you can start looking for purple or red ones. Basically I’m just giving an example, but are you getting what I’m saying? Take an idea that is already existing and modify it to your own taste, and it will help you brand yourself. Number two, get into your wardrobe or closet. Check your clothes or chains, or outfits in the wardrobe, like me I like this chain so much, but then you could be having a watch, a bracelet or whatever. Take that piece from your wardrobe which you love the most and you know you wear it regularly. It’s yours, you understand? It’s your thing, wear it and say ‘this is my style’ I will be wearing this shamballa, or this band, this is me, that’s another way.

Go to your wardrobe, check what you always like the most, and you take it to be part of your style, ok? Point number three, your friends ok? Point number three is your friends. Your friends know your music and what you rap about. So ask them what they feel, what style do you think I should have? How do you think I should present myself from the way I sing my lyrics, my videos, my pictures, how should I brand myself? How do I look? Because from your friends at least I’m sure there are some who will tell you the truth, and you can confirm from others, ok? Get that. Another point on how to get your style is to look at the songs you have released before, or recently, or in the last two three years.

Look at those videos and cover arts ***Sorry*** Look at those videos, how the cover arts look like and the artwork. From the way you look, you can tell this is your style. If you loved doing horror stuff, or crime themes, or gangsta and street music, hard-core then you know this is your style. So you know what you should wear, how you should rap, and how you should appear. There are many other ways, if you have ideas of how someone can get a style or a brand, if you have other ways, feel free to share them down on the comment section, ok? Just comment, and remember to like this video, and share it with any person whom you feel this information will be of importance to ok? Share this video with your friend who you feel is an artist or anyone you feel may need this information, share it with them, and let them come and join the community. Let’s help each other, I give you this information, and if you have yours you share it too and we move forward together, what do you think? So at this point, we have talked about how to brand yourself. Number two, we have talked about how to get your style or trademark ok? And all these aspects of branding, I can say there are three things, there are few tips we are supposed to focus on. Ok tips, only tips.

Number one, stay true to yourself, be yourself, do not be fake, and don’t fake it. Just be you and don’t fake it because your fans know you probably from seven to ten years ago, they know you especially if they are friends. When you start, you have your own fans who are friends, those people from your hood, and they know you really well. If you are a hype man, they know it’s you so you have to be yourself because if you start acting different, you will lose your core elements, and you will lose people specific to your niche, so be you, be real, and be authentic, that’s number one. Number two, this thing needs time, it takes time to build yourself and become a renowned brand.

So everything you post on your social media will pop up somewhere in future. The internet never forgets so make sure you post things that you will not regret, or feel bad about five years down the line when you look back. This thing needs a lot of time, don’t hasten the process. As long as you stand out in a good way, it needs time so don’t be hasty, and do not to destroy your image. Before you make posts, make sure you give it a lot of thought, ensure it’s a good thing. Guard your image and take care of it at all costs,

and don’t overreact emotionally to posts that reflect your brand just because you are angry, and you want to pour your anger out to your fans, no. Your fans love your brand and they don’t want to know much about what distracts you outside there. Feed them with helpful content that helps you build your brand, and their feelings ok? This is because through branding, you create a persona. It’s like you’re creating someone new that people love. So try to make sure that your brand is clean, and don’t tarnish it. Whatever you post now, make sure if you look at it five years later, you won’t say it’s destroying your image. Point number three from these tips is to make sure your brand is simple, ok? Make sure your brand is simple without much complications. People don’t like lots of complications, something simple to reach, simple to get, and simple to access, ok? It’s just that. And then when we speak about branding, we can’t fail to speak about something known as the three E’s

ok? First, you brand has to be enabling. Number two your band has to be elevating. number three, your brand has to be enriching. Now let us try to explain them one by one. When we say enabling, we mean that your brand has to be simple and not complicated. And again, the people who love your brand have to feel that your brand is simple without much complication and they should feel like they can reach your brand with ease. For example iPhone or apple, those who use it know that there is a customer service platform which can easily be accessed whenever anyone has an issue. They can be easily contacted because they are readily available, and one can walk into their shop because they are remotely accessible. Enabling meaning it is simple and your fans can easily reach it.

Number two, your brand must be elevating. Elevating means that if a person sits somewhere and thinks about your brand, let’s say when someone sits somewhere and thinks of Riccobeatz, they should feel something unique. Let’s say they love my beats and the music I have produced so when they think of Riccobeatz, they should feel that energy, they feel happy, and they feel like some energy and hype has come like eeh Ricco. When someone thinks of your brand for example Apple, let me just use Apple again. When someone thinks of Apple, they think of the good experience, you get me? Y

ou think of how like good cameras, security, good music, sound. When someone thinks of your brand, they get an experience, they feel like some senses have been awakened, they feel good about it. That is elevating. Number three enriching, when someone thinks of your brand or when someone interacts with your brand or when they relate with your brand there is something they feel they are getting. They feel a sense of satisfaction.

For example as an artist you may have some merchandise ( hoodies), some mix tapes, some ep’s, and some autographs. So when you meet fans, or when fans come to your show, there is something about you they feel they have acquired or gotten from you. Either you take pictures after the show, or you give those hoodies even if you are selling them or you give them autographs you see. Or even a fan or someone who loves your brand should be able to get something out of that brand you see? Like me, I produce music, but my clients who I produce music for, I offer more services than music production ***mhhhh Kiswahili** what I mean is I produce music but that is not the only thing I give to my artists or my clients. I give people information;

for instance if someone needs consultancy I advise them like they can do 123. If you’re trying to do marketing, do this,this and this. So I try to provide more value to my clients and even friends, you see? Yeah more value, leave alone the music I produce, or these beats I make, mixing and mastering, there is much more that I offer. For instance right now, this information I am giving which is very critical, and very important but I offer to give it to my subscribers, my clients, my friends who have subscribed you see. So I’m trying to create more value, like if you are a fan of Riccobeatz the brand or 808, you will get so much more other than the music that I am producing. You will get so much more information, consultancy, reviews, I mean a lot of things aside from my music.

So basically, that is enriching. That is those who love the brand, when they interact with it, they feel like they are benefiting, you get me? They should get something good, okay? Give them good music they enjoy as an artist, give them something they like. Give them good music, be consistent, turn up for your shows because they have paid for them.

If you have been paid, make an appearance, you get me? Perform well during your show. These are the small things that fans and people who love your brand expect. So these are the three E’s. From there, we can talk about boosters. Now let’s talk about boosters to a good brand, things that will help your brand become exemplary. Number one, be consistent. Now that you are an artist, release songs often, even if it is every six weeks or every two months, release something, that is consistency. You can even do tours and shows. If you are not releasing songs, do more shows in Mombasa, Kisumu, Busia, Kirinyaga, Turkana, Machakos, Kisii, Kericho, you get me? Meru, go everywhere, do shows and be consistent.

Number two, deadlines. If you tell your fans that you are releasing a song next Friday, try your best to ensure the song is released by Friday. Even if you have twenty fans, they are waiting to listen to your song. Do not start saying that your director has messed you up or is late, ooo the internet connection was poor so I will upload it on Saturday. No! try your best to ensure it is released by Friday even if it is five fans who will listen. Even if its five fans, try and release that song on Friday like you said. Deadlines, try and beat the deadline.

Those five fans are your solid fans and they are eagerly waiting for your video. Isn’t it being released? It becomes boring. But I understand that so much goes on especially during the period when a video is about to be released. But you as an artist, prepare yourself on time. Consistency, deadlines. Number three image. Try and build your image. Take pictures, get a logo, people should see you and know that you understand what you are doing.

Your image should be clean, like you’re dressed in designer clothes, or if you’re a corporate artist, you should be dressed in fine and fitting suits, if you’re a cultural artist, then dress in a culture appealing manner, you see? Number four is Social media. You need to be present on social media. Post pictures regularly, interact with your fans, share what you do, share your world with your fans Be very active on social media, website, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp all that be there, ok? That’s number four. Number five, have a good bio. Write a good bio on your sites; website, YouTube, Facebook, tell people where you are from and where you are going. Share with them your vision of this music ok? They should know your musical background, how did you start? Your musical background is important. Share your life experiences, what have you been through in life, you see? Have an interesting bio you can share with people. Another one is… As we said earlier, be true, be authentic, and don’t be a fake person. Just be you because your people know you, and if you try to change, you will be surprised by how fast your fans will disappear. But it’s you who is trying to act different, and it’s bad for your image, so be real. You also need to define your music.

When someone listens to your music they should understand what kind of a person you are you see? When someone listens to your music, they should be able to know what you are singing about, why you are singing you see? This reminds me of a very important point, your brand should be able to answer three questions. You brand should answer three questions. Number one why, two how, three what, ok? Why means that your brand should tell people why you are producing music, why are you singing, is it for fun, is it your talent, and you feel it may save you, you see? Is it because you have money, and you feel you may become an artist? Let your fans know in time why you are doing this in the first place. So if you tell people that you are doing music to change the world positively, you need to show them how. How will you do that? So your brand needs to actively take part in charity causes. You should occasionally host charity events,

and share your time with kids in the children’s home, or you share your time with certain, let’s say there is a football tournament taking place in your hood where young boys are participating. You can go there and perform and people cheer up. Show people how your talent can positively change the society the way you want. Three what. What are you using? What are you using to change the world positively through your music?

Are you using the music, the song? You must have the product (the song), and it should be of good quality, and it should complement your how and why. It should complement how you want to transform the society for the better using your music and talent ok? So a brand is a very important thing, and you should put a lot of effort towards making your brand. A brand is everything, and a brand is all about making your fans love you such that they feel the compulsion to attend your show. Someone might be held up somwhere, but they decide that this Friday night, Ricco, or artist X is in a certain place, it doesn’t have to be an artist, it may be a football player, and they show up. You really need to push your brand because you need to make someone somewhere love you so much that they are willing to come and see you wherever you may be.

Whether it is a club, appearance, or an event, they come. You know it is very hard, so you must make a lot of effort to make someone want to come to a place because you will be there okay? Yes. Again a brand grows with time. As you continue aging towards 20, 30, 40, your brand also continues changing because you are changing too, you’re becoming older. A brand is allowed to transform, and you must change and improve it. If you get to a place where you feel like changing a few things about your brand that is okay because you are growing and you’re changing. The next you requires the new you, or the new you requires the next you, whatever, but you understand me. To transition into the next level, you must change, and the brand can change too. You can change the yellow colour on the logo to become white, you understand me? Yeah, you continue changing, and that’s very allowed, and it’s very okay.

Brand is a very important thing and you should know that it takes time, and you should not be too quick to change things, You may be tired of it because you have had it for ten or five years and you are now tired of it. but there is someone who has just discovered it **excuse me**, so there is someone who has just noticed it, so it takes time, ok? . dont be in a hurry to change it. there are people who have not seen it yet. So don’t feel like you are lagging behind, no, it takes time, and it’s not only you who knows it That’s all I have for you, and if you have any points about branding, please don’t keep them to yourself, we are here as part of the 808 community. Drop a comment in the comment section below, and I will respond to all comments. I will read and respond to all of them.

Again, I give a lot of information of course for free as you can see, but I will only ask for a few things. First, hit the like button so that your friend can be able to find the video through the YouTube system okay? Secondly drop a comment, third and most importantly, click the subscribe button and turn on my post notifications to get new videos which I release weekly. This is episode two how to brand yourself as an artist. Episode one was how to get a manager for your music career. If you have not watched it, the link is up on my bio, and you can watch it. Remember to also like, drop a comment, share with your friend or anyone you feel may need the information regarding branding. It’s not just artists, it may be an artist, sportsman, comedian, and everyone needs this information.

If you have point you feel we may need, write them on the comment section. Otherwise at this point I want to thank you very much for taking your time to check out this video, keep it here, lock it here at Riccobeatz Mr.808. I have a lot of information to disburse to the world from my experience with the industry for a very long time, my research, my interaction with a lot of industry heads and yeah believe you me we can make a difference, and we can get better all of us in this music business okay? Thank you, take care, stay safe, sanitize and May God bless you guys, see you in my next video, bless up.

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