How to create a Facebook page for your business - Step by step tutorial (updated)

How to create a Facebook page for your business - Step by step tutorial (updated)

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In this, Facebook, tutorial, I'm going to show you step, by step how, to set up and create a Facebook, page properly, so, that it looks professional and it can easily be found in search stay, tuned. Hey. I'm Sarah neuen and on this channel I make tech and social, media easier, for awesome entrepreneurs, like yourself if you're, new here consider subscribing for, all of the latest product, reviews tips and tutorials. And at, any time check out the description for links to all of the resources mentioned in this video our Facebook, page is different, to a Facebook personal. Profile, as it, allows you to run Facebook ads, and also, access, customer, insights, such as reach and engagement that you wouldn't get from a Facebook personal, profile, it's also against. Facebook's, policy, to, use a personal, profile, completely, for business purposes. So, you want, to create a page if you're a business, so, that you can promote, your business and access, all of the analytics and insights available. To you so let's go over to my computer now, and I'll show you exactly how to set up a Facebook page to create a Facebook, fan, page or page you. Need to start off by going, to, Forward slash, business. And, once, you get to this page in, the top right hand corner here. Select. That little, arrow in. The corner and then, select, create a, page. Once. You've done that this, will open up the magical, Facebook. Page creator, and from, here you can select one, of the options, now. It's not the time to freak out if you can't decide if you want to be a business, or brand or a community, or public. Figure, pick, one that suits whatever. Situation. You're in and know, that you can change this later, if circumstances, change. Or. If you make a mistake and you select the wrong one just. Pick one I'm going to select for the purposes, of this demonstration. Business. Or brand and then I'm going to select to get started. Once you've done this then, you continue, with, the prompts so here, you need to come up with a name for your, page so ideally, the business, name or, if, it's a personal, brand you can have your personal. Business. Name and, also. To select a category to. Describe. The page so I'm going to go ahead and. Give. My page a name. In. Terms of a category if I start typing. Different. Things will come up look. Such a variety of categories, on Facebook. So, the easiest, one I think that covers. 99%. Of most, businesses, is product, or service. If you, are a bricks, and mortar business so you have a retail, shop front. Find. The, action, find that so if you're a hairdresser. Find. That and that will enable you to then put in the address so if you do have a shop front try, to find the category for, your actual business shop front whether it's a hairdresser, or a bakery, or a real, estate agent find, that category, but for majority, of businesses, I think, product, and service will, actually be the, most straightforward, in a simple one to, get a categorize, your business as then. Select, continue. If you, selected. Hairdresser. It would then ask you to put in the address and you want to do that particularly, if you are a, business, with a shopfront because people actually do, use, the, maps, within Facebook, to locate your business so that's a little tip there then. Facebook will take you to this page and you'll see that they have these little prompts, everywhere telling you how. To set up the page and with little tips which is nice and fine I'm just, closed them it's not a big deal so the first thing that we want to do is we, want to upload the, profile, image for our page, and, just, to take note that it's a square, image here, when you're setting up your page but, once you've saved it it's, actually now a circle, image so, just keep that in mind when you're uploading the actual, image, in terms, of the dimension. For the page Facebook. Recommend, that you but at minimum. A hundred, and eighty. By a hundred, and eighty pixels I find that actually to, be too small, so, I set it at 1080. By 1080, pixels and, I find that that is just better. In terms of the quality of the. Profile. Image when it appears on the screen so, it. Mean essence, you just need to upload an image that, is a square.

And You're able to crop it anyway so you can choose an image whether it's your logo, or an. Image, of yourself if, you're a personal, brand or an avatar it's really up to you so I'm going to select, change. Picture, clicking. On that little camera. At the bottom there and I, have the options from I, have, the options of choosing from photos, so this will select images from my personal, profile, or. The images that I've uploaded, on my personal. Account I can select, take. Photo, and this will activate. The webcam if you have one and then take a photo of yourself or. I can. Upload a photo which, is what I'm going to do so I'm going to select that option and. Select. The image from my computer and. That's. Uploading, now then. I have the option to drag. And, reposition. Which, section, of the image I want to be included. In that circle. And the. Other thing that I can do is that I can is crop, it a little bit using this bottom tool here, so I just drag, that. Back. And forth. Just. So that I am happy with whatever. They've included within the circle, section, there the. Other thing that I can do is if, I'm adding. Another profile. Image. So once I've uploaded this I have the option of changing my profile, image I can make it temporary so I can set it so that this image is temporary, and I, will. Switch, back to the previous, profile, image within the period of time that I choose and you can do this if you want to change, the picture, and. Just sit and forget it you, don't have to do it while you're setting it up it's just something to know that that's why that's there I can also add, a descriptions, I can add the link to my website I, can add just how, I'm feeling, it's up to you whatever, you want to add in that description, section there it's not mandatory, but. It's an option if I wanted, to edit the image a little bit more I can select, this edit, button with. The wand here, and this. Will open up the dialog where, I can, choose, different filters. That. Facebook have pre-made I, can. Leave I'm going to leave it at its original I can add text overlays. So if I click on this add text, section I. Can. Add, some text I, can then move it around a, little bit, and. It's. Just kind of this simple. Editor. That allows you to kind of add a bit more personality. And add, some, images and etc to the, profile, image so, I'm going to cancel that because I don't really want to do anything with it and discard, the changes but, you would say that if you actually didn't want to save the changes and I'm, happy with that and I select save. So. Now the profile. Image will, appear, after, the page automatically.

Refreshes, And, for, some reason, it, may be square, but, just, know that it will be, circular. On mobile. And you. Can see that on the screen now and it. Will eventually convert, over to a circle, like what you see here the. Next thing you want to do is you need to add a Facebook, cover, image, now, the dimensions. Of a Facebook cover image, are. 820. By. 312. Pixels. And you can. Upload, it as a. JPEG. File a, dot, PNG, file. And you can also create a video, at the same dimension. So, 820. By 312, is what they you. Can upload it as but, you can also upload. The video at 820. By. 462. Pixels. If you did want to upload a video in this space and the video would essentially, autoplay, and if, you select this button and then. You select. Upload. Photo. Or video I'm going to select an image that I've created. And. Facebook. Will just whack. It in there for me and then, I select, save, if, I wanted to change the cover photo so, let's say I wanted to make it a slideshow. I can, add extra, images, so. I selected, the edit I select. Upload. More photos, if I don't crop it what happens, is Facebook, will automatically. Crop it that's, why it's important, that you do resize. The image to the right size, otherwise. It's going to crop it wherever it, wants, to and I'm going to show you exactly, how redonkulous. It can look so. I've uploaded the additional. Image it's a slideshow, and if I select the, arrows, it's, cropped off half of my forehead which is not ideal so I get the. Image, size to the correct dimensions. Now, the third thing that you want to do is you want to set your page username, so if, you select create, page, username. Here it, will, open up this dialog, box and then you can type in the, page. Name so whether this is your business name or whether, it, is the name that you want the page to be known as I'm, going to try. And see if I can get. This. And if, the name is available you'll see the, tick mark here but if it's not, here's. What you'll see so, let's go through you. Will see that the name isn't available so you need to come up with alternatives. On the name. But, I'm going to select. The one that I want, that. Is available. And. Then I'm going to select create, username. Now just, a thing on user names so with user names it. Is important, that you get this one right so Facebook, changed the policy, on whether or not they let you change the username and they're quite inconsistent about it there, was a time where they only know that you changed it two times and after two times you was just stuck with the name. Sometimes. They let you change it sometimes, they don't so spend. A bit of time and, do this one when you're ready and you know what these are name is, that. You want the page to be called. So your, Facebook page when my Facebook page will now be

Forward Slash, Parker. Creative studios and that's, the URL that I can put on my business cards, on my email signature, on my website, just to make it easier for people to, find, the page and easier for me to share the page with people, so, I'm going to go ahead and create the username there. Excellent. There's. My link I'm going to go okay. We're. Making progress here we are making progress, so we've set our profile, image we've, set. The facebook, cover photo and we've, now, created. The. Username. For our page the, thing that we want to do next I feel is that we want to add a, button if, you, have a look at rode. Microphones. Page, on, their. Facebook, page for. Their button they have learn more and when, you select the button it, takes us to a very specific website. So they've got people going to at, the moment the, my. Rode, real. Competition. Winners, page so you can select, where. You want this button to go and put, a URL, to either your store, your. Website, a contact page, whatever, it is which, is the priority call to action for you that's. What I would recommend putting. The button towards so select add a button on your actual page. And if, you have a look at the options that facebook, gives you, you can either, choose. For. People to make. A booking with you to, contact, you to. Learn. More about your business to. Shop or make a donation or to download or. Play, your app or play the game so, depending, on what it is you'll be able to put in the, link or the. Details. Of where, you want that button to take you so I'm going to go learn, more about the, business so. Here I can choose a video, so, I can select a video that I upload, or upload one and I. Am going to choose learn more and. Then, I, want, to send people now to a website and then I'm going to paste in a link here so I'm going to select, the link. Here. And. Then. I'm going to select finish, and. There. The button is learn more and when people click on that it will go to the link that I chose here if I want to change it I can always edit the button and this, will enable me to then.

Change. It back to another button so a contact, button or, the. Booking button or, to whichever. One that suits me or I can also change the link whenever I want to as well so. That's. Pretty important that's pretty neat it gives you the ability to drive people to the cool thing that you want them to do the next thing that we're going to do is we are going to organize, our. Tabs. So. On the left hand side here, Facebook, will give you a bunch of default tabs, and not, all of them may be relevant to you so we're going to remove, the ones that aren't relevant to us and fill. In the details for the ones that are so, go to settings, and, from, settings, you, can then go, to templates. And tabs. On the left hand side. Once. You've done that Facebook. Will load the, template. And tabs you'll, see that they've probably set a default template. For you based on what they think is right select. Edit because normally, they don't get it right and choose a template, that suits, you so, whether you're a business whether, you have your venue, whether you're a non-profit. Politician. Services. Business, I'm, going to choose that. I am, a. Services. Business. And. Then I'm going to apply this template. You can have a look and see that. Will tell you what this template includes in terms of the tabs these. Ones yep they look pretty good to me and then, you can always change. Them around anyway, so I'm going to go okay to apply, the template, that suits me. They, have used, the default tab so this is what they think will be most successful it's. Up to you I'm going to turn it off so that this will allow me to change them so, then, I have a look at the actual tab so this is the services. Tab and if you don't want the tab to appear. You just select off now. The information. For services. Will, be in the, general information here. So. If. I don't want it to appear I turn off the review, tab. Once. Again if I don't want it to appear I can switch it off this is the review sections where people are able to leave a review same. With the shop settings same with the offerings, just go through each one and if you I. Think, you you're not able to switch, off posts because that by default is, what. Facebook is all about but, you are able to turn the, other ones off and you're also able to move them, around so. For me post is pretty important, I need, that at the top and I, also think my videos, are more, important and, shouldn't be so far at the bottom so I want people to see post videos, most services. My. Reviews, are off so, I'm going to move anything that I don't need at the bottom, jobs. I don't want to promote, any jobs that's not quite relevant so I'm going to turn that off, community. Tab. You. Can't switch that off community, tab is all of the details so for. Example, community. For road here. Just. Has a summary, of their photos how. Many likes and follows that they have so. I'm. Gonna leave that I'm. Gonna leave that probably. I'll, move it up a little bit so. It's up to you to order, them and ordering them, is as easy as dragging and dropping them once, you're happy with the, ones that you have you. Can add more taps if you want but I'm not going to do that when, I go back to my page I'll, see that the ordering has changed, videos is back up the top jobs. And whatnot is all there that, I've moved to the bottom and that essentially hit now, the last thing that we're going to do to complete. The setup of our page is, we're going to go to the. Settings. Section, here, on the top right-hand corner and, then. This is going to take me to a. Whole. Heap of things in. Facebook. So you can go through these one. By one but the key thing that I would go through is I. Would go to page, info. And I, would make the effort to fill out their descriptions. So a summary, of your page this. Is important, to put the keywords in so if you're a retail.

Retailer. Talk about what you what, you offer the, products and services, annual, location. You, can fill out the details here if you want to include your phone number the. Website, a contact email, address for it to appear on the page remember, this information, will be public if you put it in here, and once. Again the location which is very important, people use, the map on Facebook, don't underestimate that so, put it in there if you, indeed. Have a business. Where you want customers, to come and visit you if not then obviously don't, put your personal address if you don't. Want people to come and visit you at your home you can also put opening, hours very, important, for retailers. And bricks and mortar businesses, as well. Put. The hours that you're open, and closed people will refer to this when, they're planning, and when they're going to go to, the. Actual retailer, or the store, there's. Other things here that you can fill in as well if you want to take the time just, a summary of the products you are far your mission, you don't have to fill these out but, I find that it's good to fill them out because it gives you just a bit more information and if you look at Road, so, Road have filled all of theirs out. And their about page is pretty impressive so, this is this section, here, where it's all of that business information, when they started, the, contact, details, they've got an image and a profile. Set up or their milestones, so it's pretty impressive if you can fill it out properly and the, the benefit, to doing this, is that it puts more keywords, into your page, so, that if people are searching for keywords relating, to your business, business, you have a higher chance of actually, appearing, in the, Facebook, search if you had these keywords, now I'm not saying - just keywords. Stuff your page, write it properly. Make. Sure that it's not spammy, but, here's the chance for you to just showcase, your business talk about what you do and provide. Some background information to your business as well so I would make, the effort to put all of those details in and, that. Essentially. Is the basics, of setting up your actual, Facebook, page the, last thing I'm going to show you because the rest of it you can kind of play around yourself, is setting. Page roles, so one of the great, things about having a Facebook page is, that you can have lots. Of different admins. Helping, you manage the page so. In order to add extra, people you. Go, to the settings section where I showed you here then, you go to page. Roles and then, you can add other people so, you would type in their, name so, if they're already friends with you on Facebook they will appear. Just. Like. That or you, can just type in their email address, and it needs to be the email, address that's, connected, to their Facebook. Profile. And that won't able them. To come up in this search section, here and you, can select to give, them and, you, can select different, controls, so you can have them as an admin which is full control, they're able to add and remove users, do, that with people you trust because that means they can actually remove you as an admin if they are an admin as well editors. Have, similar. Controls but they're not able to manage users. Moderators. Advertisers. Analysts, as you go down they, get less and less control so. That's where you go and you add people, and you're also able to edit existing.

Control. So someone leads leaves, the organization, you go into this same place here you, can edit the permission, and. Change it you can remove them or you can change it is. It that wraps up the basics of, setting up your page with, the key things once, again you saw in the settings that there's other things that you can have a play around with but, these are the fundamental, things and once, you're happy, and ready to go then, you, can start sharing your page you can start running ads you, can start publishing. Posts. On your page and you now have a beautiful. Facebook. Page that, has a profile image a, cover, photo alone. A call, to action button, it's got, ordering, for the tabs you've, got user, users. Added to the actual page so there, are different admins helping you manage it you've also got your page. Username, and you are ready to rock and roll if you found this video useful give, me a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel and if, you're looking for more ways to grow your business using. Facebook having. An amazing Facebook, page is just one part of the equation you, can also use Facebook, live to. Generate, more leads and sales but you need to figure out what to say, how to go live what, equipment you need and how to bring it all together so. I've put together a Facebook live cheat sheet it's a super simple guide to get you up and streaming on Facebook live even. If you've never hit record, before to, get your hands on it simply click on the link in the description, below and thanks for watching.

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