How to Come Up With a Business Idea

How to Come Up With a Business Idea

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How. To come up with a good business idea even, if you don't know where to start, well, in this video I'm gonna show you a methodology, I use, to brainstorm, and decide if a business idea is good and if it fits my passions, and skills. Coming. Up. Hi. Frank here with more tips tutorials and, strategies, to help you create great content and amplify. Your brand thank, you so much for being here and if you haven't already hit that subscribe button. I need the Bell so you won't miss any future updates so. Let's, jump into the content so. How do you come up with a good business ideas, even, if you don't know where, to start well I use mind, mapping for. Brainstorming. My ideas so if you want to start a business from scratch and come. Up with the idea that fits your passions, fits your your. Skills and anything that you are passionate about you, need to have the kind of that, three-dimensional. Object. Rendered. Object, that, you have in your mind that ideally, you have in your mind and splash, into a piece of paper and that's what I do when, I start to brainstorm for business ideas I basically. Use a piece of paper like this and. I write down all the things that I, know about that topic so, for business or for online business I just use a piece of paper and that's what I suggest you to do today, just grab a pen and paper and just follow through this, video because I'm gonna brainstorm, ideas. Just. In front of you and I'm gonna be using a whiteboard, I've, got a digital whiteboard. If you have a stylus, pen like I have just follow through and use. That as well the website, is in the description below so if you have a look at that you can find out how to, get a whiteboard, online so I'm gonna jump into my computer and we're gonna start brainstorming our ideas. So. As you can see I'm using this, whiteboard. So the website is a WWF. Calm, if you want to go. Ahead and just use that if you have a stylus again makes sense to use something like this if you're, into digital stuff, otherwise, just pen and paper would do more than a knife I actually i mainly. Use, pen. And paper first and then I, perhaps, you some digital, software. Like my mapping software as well, I just, left some, links. In the description below so have a look at that so, what, you have to do first of all is to write, down your main idea in the center of the paper so I'm gonna just write here online business, it. Doesn't have to look pretty you just need to make sure that. You. Have all of your idea into. A piece of paper and then I just draw. A circle, around it online business so I wrote down this stuff already, so I'm, gonna use this as reference one, of the first step to. Start an online business is first of all choosing, the name so, I'm gonna just write here name. So. What name should, I give to my company, what, name should I give to my, to.

Write To my business if you're a freelance, you. Can just use your name if you don't like your name and you still want to use a brand name or a company, name you, can just brainstorm. Some names and. Again, this. Will. Lead me to think about what research. Tool. Should. I use to find out a good business. Name research. Tools and if. You want to find out about how. To come. Up with a good name and what. Tools to use I've got a couple of videos that talk. About that I just leave that in the description here on the video so hit that link. Above. To, find. Out, about these videos ok so that would be my first step another, thing that I have to take, care of is the logo now. Name. And logo are not essential. Actually, I would say the name is essential, but the logo it's not just at the beginning so do not do, not procrastinate too much do, not stay and romanticize. Too much about log about names trying. To decide what name you want to give to your company and then the, log is gonna be something that you can think. About later on and again, when I think. About logo I think, of what tools to use to create a logo whether. You, create a logo out of free, tools or, paid for. And you. Have that option as well. I'm. Gonna make videos about logos well there are also lots of videos online you. Can find out how to design your own blog over again I'm gonna record, videos about. How to design your own log either with the paid method or free method. As well okay. So that's another thing that I have to write down here what type of business. What. Types online business I can create and again, this is very subjective. So, this mind map you see here that I'm brainstorming. With you is something, that relates. To things that I know as a reference. You my map should should. Focus mainly on. Passions. And. I'll write this on the top left here passions. Problems. Pains. I would. Say and, fears. So. Take, these three as as. A, reference, as a guidance, to. Kind. Of brainstorm your mind, map so, even. If you write down things, then you don't know anything, about is a concern, of yours. Write that down so things that I don't know about I can, still write them down and then find out if. That. Things that I can. Research. On or I can eliminate so. Let's carry on here we types so first, of all types I need to decide if my, business gonna sell. Services. Or. Products, or. Both. Some. Businesses. Sells both. Another. Kind. Of type of business could be coaching coaching, business. Another. One is consulting. Very. Profitable, consulting. Businesses, another. One is online, courses. Courses. In general. Another. One is about for, instance, podcasts. Very. Popular nowadays podcasts. Podcasts. Are pre-recorded. Program pre-recorded, interviews, like, audio, files and people are talking about a topic specific, topic, podcasts. Pre-recorded. Radio, programs, blogs. Still. Very popular powerful. In. My case I develop, websites so, developing. Website could be something that I can focus on. Developing. Website. If you are into let's say golfing. Golf knitting. Fishing, you, can write something related to that here, you. Probably know about what channels, what influencer. Are out there so you can start to write down what sort of things related, to you to your niche I can be potentially, good for your business another, one is by selling. On. EBay would, be another, way. To. Start. Up an online business selling, on Amazon, as well Amazon. FBA. Fulfilled. By, Amazon that's what that means and then also, using. Something like Shopify. Shopify. Is a website that allows you to create your own store, online so you can sell. Physical. Goods or digital, goods it's up to you. Okay. This is very generic but at, least we know we know these, are the sort of the type of businesses. That we can think. About so, the other one that I know a little bit about I'm, not necessarily, I don't know necessarily about podcasts, that much about. Coaching, a lot. About. Selling on ebay but it's something that I can expand and think. About so, another. Arrow. Here, that I can draw is about, for. Instance very important. The niche what. Niche I mean even even if I know, in. The back of my mind I know what sort of niche. Are going to focus. On I. Want to write down there and see. What potential niche can actually fit my passions, and my skills. And, again to find out the niche there, are tools and research tools and stuff that I can use. To, to. Narrow my my, research and, again I'm gonna be making, videos about, researching. Your niche if you have any requests, about any of this. These. Topics that I'm talking about now just please let me know in a comment below another, one that I'm concerned about is content.

Creation. Content. Creation. So. Content, creation is a concern of mine and I want to make sure that I'm consistent, creating, content so consistency. Is something that I'm concerned about and again I'm focusing, on problems as well you see problems and pains, consistencies, one of my problems so I'll write, that down consistency. Currencies. And. See. Another. One is schedule, my schedule. My posts, schedule my material, I had so scheduling, schedule. Ahead. That's. Another concern. Of mine, another. One is, what. Types of content I'm going to create types, of. Content. So, I can just write here, a list of content. Let. Me zoom in a little bit so, types of content what types of content should I create well. I can start by, doing. Something like, checklists. So, checklists. Are essentially, a 4 1, a4 sheet of paper or more than one with. Like, tips, or, step-by-step. Instructions, about anything whether. You are teaching. About a recipe. And you basically, instruct, what, ingredients. They need to buy. What. Steps they need to you, need to follow to create to actually make that that meal or, that recipe checklists or checklists about any. Strategies, marketing strategies, on how to, create your to. Build your email list or how to market. Your product etc etc there, are lots of checklists you can search about. Another. One would be ebooks. Very. Popular, ebooks. Or. Ebooks if you decide to have a physical book you, can send, that book to your customers, and they can just pay the delivery. Sometimes, you just pay you, just use. That as a leak magnet to kind of gain email. Addresses, and you, know to start. A relationship with your potential clients, another one would be mini, courses. Mini. Courses, are. Also. Very popular so, you clear the course like a full video course people, just put that in name and email address to access to this four video, course mini course now, you teach about something. You're passionate about something that can. Be done can be delivered within four, videos or, something like that many, mini courses up is a very powerful way to you. Know gain attention. With, your customers, another. One is infographics. Infographics. Are it's. A graphic representation, of a, specific, topic for, instance how, to ride. A bicycle. Infographic. You might find on one long-form, infographic. About all the things you need to do in order to ride a bicycle or in order to, ride. A horse or how, to how. To play golf anything. Like this casually, can. Actually be found in infographic so one, of the best place to search for infographic, is Pinterest, com here's a, image. Search, engine, and you can search any topic you passionate, about and they, will you definitely, gonna find some. Infographic, especially for like yoga. If. You are into fitness. Into. The sale to build your ABS that I exercise, that you can use and that could be an infographic another, one is about yoga. All the Buehler postures, when, you wake up in the morning you want to find out yoga postures you'll, find infographic, about that so you forgot quite quite. Powerful, not, necessarily, something that I personally, would, do, but. Very, powerful, another. One is, reports. They. Still, they. Still work like to say you can actually make a reports, and people they're, still interested in downloading, them, and another. One would be. Resources. For, resources, I mean it's. A checklist or could be just, a PDF. Document. With, like links. To, certain websites so one of my lid. Magnet is about buying. Domains and selling domains and investing, in domains as well so that is essentially it's a keynote, PDF. Presentation. Is just that like a few pages. Where. You'll, find all different links, to, website where you can where, you can buy domain names, ok. Resources, so I just jot, down some, of some of this if I come up with others I will definitely, come up with others but these are probably the main ones mini, courses courses, as well content. Creation videos, these, are the things that I'm concerned about another thing that I'm concerned about for. Instance if I want to make videos I want to unconcerned about the music what music should I use, for. My videos should. I use a free. Copyright, music or. I. Can, use a paid for music. Or. I can make my own music because, I'm actually musician so I can actually make my own music so, I could do that and. Actually. Have a course about that, GarageBand. Course, so. Again you see I'm, just writing, down my, ski about my skills about my passions, and you have to do the same thing for, your passions, and your your. Skills. Okay. So as, you, can see if I just zoom out a, little bit. You'll. See this, mind map I started to herbs this, mind map is started to take, shape let. Me just move this a little, bit more so. Another thing that I can draw, here is about, organizing in, any business we, need to be organized.

I Think, organizing, is, also. In regards, of finding. Our ideas finding. Out ways. To deliver. Your. Product, or your service, organizing. Your schedule during the week. Organizing. Ahead one, of the things actually that, I do is my mapping, my, mindmap ideas. Projects. That I want to work on another, method is sticky notes reorganizing. My thoughts, scheduling. Posts, and again, if you're gonna have a blog if you if you want to have if you're gonna have a podcast so if you're gonna have any sort of a video or. Any sort of material your article, you want to publish on your website on your social media as well you, would have to probably schedule your post ahead if you want to make your life easier, I also, reverse, engineer. Reverse. Engineer, pretty much anything. And. I, use. Frameworks. To do that I actually. Made what my own framework, just called panoramic, wheel framework. And that, is a PDF, that you can download from, my website if, you interested in finding. Out how to start. A big project and chunk. It into, small, slices more. Digestible that. Would be probably the perfect way to start. A big project, leverage. Leverage. To. Optimize. Processes. What. Is what. What essentially means is that, I. Leverage, things, that I don't know about for instance if, I want to create a cup, of my ebook and I don't have time to do it or if I don't know how to do it I can leverage that to someone else and this is part of organization, so I can actually link this to, for, instance a freelance, freelance. Job or to, someone else I can use something like. Is. A website. That allows you to search. For freelancers. They, can do some some work for you design, covers, for your ebooks, or graphics. Or, even documents, if you want to write down the document you you don't know how to design it you, can just commissioned someone on Fiverr to, do that I think, it's a minimum of five dollars all the way up and. Then we. Have something like That's. Another one to, actually find freelancers. And. Another one is 99, design this, is more for designers, if you want to design a ebooks if you want to design, graphics. For. Your website, etc right now InDesign is also a perfect, place to search, so. And again I'm just brainstorming and, just, bringing. Up on a piece of paper anything that I know anything, that I come up now in my mind and expand. On this mind. Map and I, can even expand even more I can just leave this and.

I Sometimes I just keep, that piece of paper on my desk and I come back the day after or, after, a few days and I find out actually I actually, missed out that I forgot, to write down that, thing and after. A while you find out what, sort of things you want to you, want to focus on what things you want to eliminate. So, I also can expand on types for instance in types I can just really go here so, what niches, are out there first, of all in my case into. Intrapreneurship, so, I'm. Gonna write that down another, one is about marketing. Strategies. Another. One that I'm passionate about is passive. Income mindset. Motivational. I'm. Not really into motivational, that much but. Some. Of the stuff I like, to watch and I like to see and perhaps, I can create, something about healthy. Living. Lifestyle. Life. Acts the. Main niches, that are most researched online are. Wealth. Health. Relationships. And. I. Would say hobbies, there. Are definitely. Others but these are I personally. Think these are the main ones wealth health. Relationships. Wealth. L for relationships, and Abhi's, probably. The most searched just, focus on your niche find. Out what you're passionate about write these things down and again I can expand again here on for, instance, marketing. Strategies, for, marketing sizes, I'm concerned. And are also passionate, about email. List. Building. So. If you want to start. The business you. Need to start. To collect email addresses how, do you start to collect email addresses by, using lead. Magnets, what. Are lead. Magnets, lead magnets, are things, like this. So. Our types. Of content, that. Can be used to attract, to your customers, so they can leave. Their email address so, they can download your. Beauties, for free. Initially. And, these. Are the. Main that. You can use the main things that you can make checklist, ebooks mini courses videos. In general, resources. Create. Some sort of a PDF some sort of material they, can consume, immediately. So. That's what the lead magnets are. Another. Thing is, that. I'm that I know about marketing. Sarge's a1 is affiliate. Affiliate. Marketing, affiliate. Marketing essentially. Is you. Promoting. Someone, else's products, or services. So. I can promote about, a company, that I'm passionate about a product, that I'm passionate about that it's not necessarily mine if someone watches my video clicks on the link they. Can go directly to that website they can buy and I, can get commission out of it so I feel, a marketing, it's one of my marketing, strategies, for instance and that is part of again, building. Up your business and, another. Diversify. Your source of income, another. One is passive income and. Another one is also healthy living that I'm passionate about for, instance with alpha living I can, talk. About yoga. Meditation. Huge. Huge, channels, huge, influencers. About meditation. Yoga. Recipes. As well healthy. Habits. Another. One is. Transformational. Training. Like. Tony Robbins, cool. So I just came up with this again. I'm just gonna make this mola just to show you what I've done so far so after, you've done all of this, you, can, start, to, highlight. Things. That you are planning. To you, know pursue or.

Find. Out more about so, for instance for, me I would. Say I will, probably focus, on. Mini. Courses. Ebooks. And checklists is, something, I definitely gonna do in terms of content, creation in terms, of music, I'll probably choose, to, have some, free music that's for sure I'll probably highlight the whole thing this is definitely, something I want to focus on and in, terms of organizing my, map sticky notes is something, that I want to do scheduling. Post is something that I want to do I, don't really want to do for instance infographic. So it's something that I can just, delete, or, just, strike, through. And. Say, this is not something I'm gonna do it just takes a lot of time I could leverage that, to, a freelancer. But. It's, something I'm not really gonna do now for instance yoga meditation something that I like but I'm not necessarily gonna, do right away so, this is something that I probably going. To eliminate, you would have to decide what, to prioritize. Now and again make sure that you know these are the main niches. That are most researched the health wealth relationships. And hobbies and again, I'll probably focus. Here, on marketing. Strategies that's another thing podcasts. That's for sure podcast, online courses is something I'm passionate about as well for instance I can go here into, online, courses, and, I can say okay what yr9, courses first of all so. If you that when you decide the niche and the. Topic you want to focus on for your business for, me is online courses, for instance I have to understand first of all - why do I want to do that answer, that questions and also what. Tools you're going to use am. I going to need to create online courses, what screencasting. Software do I need I, use. It for instance ScreenFlow, 4 for the Mac for. The PC, you can use Camtasia and what. Mic do I need what, camera, do I need. Sorry. About that okay what, camera are doing etc, so all these things. Anyway, I linked in the description below if you want to find out what I use for my screencasting. And my online. Course in my videos in general and, but. What about you if you are internetting, what sort of material, do you need for knitting to. Create, a channel. To create that website now you don't have to decide right now what are you going to focus on but this is just a good way to. Figure, it out okay this is the stuff that I know what. Should I focus on now what, what should I eliminate, in, another video I'm gonna show you how to use sticky.

Notes And how, to brainstorm with those who just buy some sticky notes some memos and are, we gonna write down things. On them and we're gonna shuffle them around you'll be able actually to move them to reorganize, them to create sub lists etc to. Find out, what. To what, to focus on what to eliminate, what, what's best for us essentially, so. I hope it's been useful and, if, you like this video give it a thumbs up I know it's been quite long but. I kind. Of went through the whole process of, brainstorming with, you so help you after, this video you start to create, your own mind, map but once, you create, that once you have a little bit of visual. Representation, of your thoughts into a piece of paper you'll, be able to then carry. On and do the second exercise which is using sticky notes and find out really what you're passionate about what works. In the market what's, profitable what. Is viable for, your startup. For, your online business in general, so, thank you so much and let, me know what, topic. You're into war passions, you. Have what, sort of things would you like to start, as a business the best conversation, happens in the, comment below so let me know what, you are into, and perhaps, I can help you out or, we can brainstorm together and find, out the best solution to start your online business for, other videos related to brainstorming. Ideas please, click here and for, other related videos click here thank, you so much and I'll see you very soon in another video. You.

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That is very helpful. I have tried to find videos on creative process but only found talks. No one actually brainstorms live like you did. Looking forward to see your next videos. Gorath

Gorath Ethikije I am glad you liked it!

I really like this video. I remember learning about mind mapping in school to use as a form of study but being an unappreciative teenager I just dismissed it. I will try this out for brainstorming. If you are willing I would really appreciate some help wit regards to expanding on this and coming up with ideas

Hi Dan, Thanks for checking out this video! This method helped me a lot to come up with some great ideas. It's an iteration process, the more you do it, the more facets you'll discover along the way. I have another video about brainstorming ideas, perhaps you'll find that useful too. Check it out here:

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