How To Combine 2nd Elliott Wave And Fibonacci Retracements

How To Combine 2nd Elliott Wave And Fibonacci Retracements

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Hello. Pradesh. Hello. Traders, the. Title of the video is, how, to combine a. Second. Area wave, and Fibonacci. Request. Men. We. Are recording this video today because, familiar. With reader called jaws. II, posted. A question in, the comment, session. Asking. A, specific, question. The question, is, does. The second, wave, always end, in a. Fibonacci retracement. Level this. Is an excellent question and I would like to say to you say thank you very much, first. In first, when. A second, wave is underway. One. Must apply the Fibonacci, retracement. To the first wave and a. Highlight, a 50-person. And 61.8%. Bonacci. Retracement. Levels. Know. That a financial instrument, with strong. Fundamental. In. A bullish environment, may. Find its support, in that street. Sport, zone, but. That is not always. The. Case alright. The. Second one can retrace the first wave all the way to 88. Percy's percentage, the transparent level, but. Should not, account, sure, the. First way shouldn't, count. Chateau-thierry. Christmas or hanukkah celery, tradesmen, or the first wave vowel, each hour. In your wake guidelines. Ww2. For, in the In. The second way come so far Swain we. Will restart count away alright. Now. Let me explain everything. That I've said. So. Far in the practical, fashion. So. We are looking at the macro for shock or here it is you see this is the first way yes another pathway. So. Pulley way here so you'll be thinking that is the second, way so we start coming down here. You start coming down he said all right we are not in a second way how, why why do you need you to team value and second one because at, a commercial tree, line or the first way is broken, so. From this point onwards, doesn't, break the lowest are going now we say all right, listen. To me we. Are now in the second, way all right once you notice that you, apply the Fibonacci. Or refreshment, to the whole fresh way all. Right then, you hired at a 50%, the. System 1.8 percent people, actually transferred a lot there, is why professional. To nice because there are usually barriers. There, if, the. Prior bone is replaced with bullish usually. People would try to buy there if, the first word experice, people who try to sell, in that zone which is the 50% and, the 61 point eaters and level that's true that's what we call the street support, Fibonacci, trading zone for. Traded that are very new to the topic of sweet spot, Fibonacci, today's own go, to. WWF. One. Soon so, those, are the first W do okay as. You can see, macro. Strong you can see that people. Were buying again so you see they were buying him for many years of from 2001. All the, way to 2006. People were still buying in, that zone.

Do. It return. Weight was, not completed but, it is normal, because as was it to traders they wave, count is one, step at a time so it is normal, that. Okay. Astral. I spoke and I you apply the Fibonacci, retracement, but don't just, by addition, so do draw. Those line but. Below those the true Fibonacci, ki LaVon. Alright. There. Is a 78, position. 11 which is the lie here all right I. Use. A seventy, eight point zero I don't. Use 30 consists, or the s20 policies and. Also the 80s, is personal Fibonacci transmen, level below the general, rule according. To our inner awakening. ID lines at two four in a way the. Second. One should. Not, come all the, way to, the starting point of. The. Phosphor there is in East, if those. That bought it during the first wave we're serious. So to speak, bullish, three days they, will not give up on the trend as it's coming down the world loud the second way to come all the way to the starting point because, it will look bearish, it. Means that all the in folks would create, a new trend bullish. Trend has been, counseled. By the bear is traded so, second. Wave going beyond, or going be no more in an uptrend second, way in an uptrend will be low the system 1.8% level, we, start wondering, what's going on sometime it happened for different, regions but, I recorded. Videos there is a playlist about a second way and I'm not going to go into detail about it because you asked a specific question, so. Now. That's. The second way okay, are we rich face to a specific. Fibonacci, retracement, level no not always, by, usually, not. Always but quite often, and, it, is all that the usual list touch. A list of a one, Fibonacci. Retracement. Usually. In this zone that's why you see especially on, the, bottle shop if you only every time frame daily chart is not as solid as on a map of the mouth which are you. Do not want, to buy straight, away because blah blah blah the prior reaches that level it, can continue to go down originally. Seventy four sisters and ago they. Even go to the ATF, or 6% of them. Some. Ago a trainer do not think. That. Is. Something, wrong with the trend even. If the second, weight comes for the first way now. You. Will see some time the second way may come all the way to the beginning of the first way but. Still. You, have a third way now. I don't like that I don't like that especially while, you sit down we start cotton way you allow you to. Have all kind, of mistake, as a daily event trainer, so. To combine and its second or the first way and it's a Fibonacci. Retracement. The. Key, Fibonacci, level, that you want to watch, a 50-ton. System. One-play adoption. Fibonacci. Retracement. Level of the, first, that's. The general rule for, financial. Instrument, that, are intrinsically. Bullish. Usually. There. Will be a demand to buy but, sometimes, there are market participant, out there that want to buy the stock cheaper, so, you, see, in, storia for many a problem. Below some somebody finally pushed down below, Utena, is going to sell, those. Are people who want buy low after, you may be low it a little bit and, some people are kick out on the train, if. There are technical traders, and now here it is in one or so from a Cy Billy so, probably. A lot of people would give up on the train as they see this happening the zero the train has fell so. You don't want to be fixated, on the street portion. Excuse. Ian is widely, believed. I don't. Know T that you need to mention to you because. By, asking this question, I can deter, that your, intention.

Is True, cash the. Beginning, of the travel I believe, so so by asking this question want to be everywhere, trying to talk. Fact your entry, for, the third in your way that's. Just the only reason, that why. You can, add that specific, question that's correct so, what. You need to do this very ship over. Here ok so you are looking at Fibonacci. Just an oil you can draw them even. Take some stuff with Terra now actually upon two partial sum. We turn around at seventy, a passive, element, for many reason. Some. Day even go down to the atmo, cheaper now. Instead, of being fixated, on the Fibonacci, level, all. You, need to do or, I'm so set away is that away or a practically, speaking what we need to do to, catch a game. So. After all this table here okay you, lead us well you can throw a common set I see so when a fast way we see the first way that common satellites broken we know that the second we sat that way. Same, thing so you draw, a common, central line for the. Second way so, you don't have to worry about you soon we can go down below a straw I stay below that red line come on Santana you just keep working. Until. You. Allow you to come out they come out so all this time you know just watching it or you are selling if you want to okay. It's up to you but if, they try the bullies turn is about to begin and the third way is about to start it's not good time to stop so I don't recommend to trader to stop using this second. Wave. In an uptrend, it's no good time because a third, bullish we support to begin stop, good right. So you, just wait for that common satellite to be broken, okay. And then you, want to see after that a bullish a partner or a higher low or something other another. Place if you couldn't enter, somewhere, here you see people into here but, what was happening to back was so if. You want to catch the third wave which I believe you what to do so don't be a technical, trader alone, you. Must check the fundamental. And most importantly. The market empowerment, it's, the market bullish, and, also this sector so, the technology sector the world there was what we called a bubble of, abode condition, 2000 and, everybody, give up on it technology, for many years, so you want to check this sector, in. With a stop belong true and also. The fundamental there, won't be any strong. Ok. Turn. In a way that. You want to catch in, the fundamental, and also to the market, environment, it's very important, but if you are using this strategy for day trading or speculative. In. Your way trading ok, you may carry what we read by. Draw your channel, and after, the comma cetera now on the second way is broken, you.

Will Look, for bullish a part-time or a higher low as you can see here it was not easy also, supported pullback ladies and ladies commentator. Trial, I hear I'm. A bit I, like. What is widest in au, courant. Press release what. It is. Okay. And, the common satellite is broken, alright so how I said it ready. To put the video to do so, alright. So. If. You were here at least a common set ran out here so. He. Breaks. The bow that commercial turn out the second way now, Riley, up okay, and then, pull back you see and then his como se dice pocket, and then you will be implemented, top down to the mid tone after this common trailer is spoken all right now, sometimes. You can see he was messy you see all this time people, were trying to catch the kid the. Third wave but it was not happening because it's, not fundamentally, okay. Viable, at the market environment and, that sector, and open it up was not bullish, at all so we have instead, the X way so. If. You want to catch the third way this another place that you can catch it is above, the high okay, of, the, first way so some, trade, is some people, that are very very, conservative, all right why. Would the introductory. Wave right here is, on him, you. See this is the high order fast way that's, the safest, place to enter. It was not it. Was not neat, and clean because, it won't leave it below you. See you, see below. The streets puzzle and then you run away he had against wanna, be be loaded high or the first way and, before. It run away you see that movie. People. Want to buy low and also there were other trailer so. The next, thing that I do not want to folder because I'm going to wrap it up soon so I said to you such. Waste and away all right como se tonight's poker all right, the second, way is underway, now okay. Draw, the streets portable, machi, kilo. Book understandably. Practice, orgy to go down more okay we, don't want it to counter the factory the. Next thing that you want to do straight away after that all right. Now. Between so, if you see for the Safari going over and other it bounce up a CDN, seen how it bounced up, here, and. I say okay the. Como settle, out the second with broker the, bouncer, so. You are getting ready. - by yes or no if. The kamasutra, line or the second way is broken. Moron I, apply. The p4, to to the - wait, you, apply you, put the first point at the low of the pathway. Another, point at the top of the first wave and. Another point at the low of the second. Way. Because. At this point in time you see here as the, problem, chakra, DS you are thinking that the tourmaline is beginning, it's normal, to think that way all right now we'll. The fundamental, support with, the market environment support, okay, are you daily trading I will swing trading or, depending on what you are trying to do once, the. Commercial, jela of the supports, to be the second way is broken, apply. Simple. Not the, peaceful floral is this one. That's. Why I drink high or the subway and at. The low, of this, supposed, to be set away now the reason why I'm using the, word supposed, to be as, you can see when we were here you'll.

Be Taking at this is the second way but no it is not as, no, more at that point in time to think that probably, this the beginning of the turn way but, look today, we can confirm that it second, way in fact has ended, yet many. Atl, for a second, way to be completed, now. It is but if you own a daily chart it's not going to take 8 8 8 geometric. 8 days of time alright can take longer all right you especially if you do not have a certain. Way that is a straight, line so a certain way can be okay, is, exact. Okay a triangle. Any. Type of Correction wait something let me see how it can be but I can I show you you, just equality where and you can expect any correction, well, it is cut down one, this year it's a W, X. Y way. Ask, the shock of a war started here no one can predict, at the way that's going to be W. X Y we unless, we look at the prior trend using the fractal, pattern which, I don't know what to talk about talking about structure, or the, second man away okay, off okay. This the first way which, we can do to focus the, structure, of. This. Move down here alright. Another. Thing that you need to remember as you like, the whole intention, is to calculator, well you can't deny that okay. Okay. All, right so, okay, which is correct so any low a trader should do everything to master, the second way so, they may be able to find the third way because that's a bigger portion so, sometimes India will try they try to trade a difficult, part of the trend which means they, will try to trader, okay the fourth way at the fifth way some. Traders, who have, been. Losing, over the year and they are tired. And fed, up of, trying. To pull something to somebody the concentrate. On, the, third, way that's where a lie this question. Touches it was asking, trying. To, catch the third way it is all recommendable. To all yo a traders, so you can just say that turn will go, away look what not that turn away go. Away because, when, we reach the fourth, and a fifth weight she can be very much you remember hold. On a second and we when we're looking at okay, SMP. File you see how it's becoming difficult now when we reach the software now we. Start asking a lot of question and usually people all the money that it makes you really turn way to give it away and it turn and a safe way all, right so, this is it touching it turn away it's a very good so another thing I want to talk about before we will not be done either, day I understand.

That Day so, we were here this week is called is the first wave almost at eyes broken and so on understand. The first wave can still be extended, so. Especially, if you own the hour it open or daily chart or to our dolphin, counting, way so. You see that you see that is the certain, way but. What. You, may, be calling, a, second way may. Just be the, second. Man away of the, bigger as, well that, is a standing. So. I need to mention that because it's an impulse way such, way can be nested so, anytime you are catching, a third, wave don't. Think that dr., well, may. Not be a manner, wave of a bigger. That's, where. Your. Intention. Is to catch, the third wave the, safest, place is the border high or the first way you. See. Why. You can do this is. Sometimes. You need to be very very patient, all right because people try to jump into it so suppose he cries, a 1 2 3 first time touch this or 50% of people, watch it he bounced up a bit I didn't. Break the compositor, he came back for my drama double bottoms up Adam now, in that KP, be tempted, to buy because forming a double but it bounced up again here recession, get beat all. Right wait. Trying to catch it yeah I look, and then from that we crashed, down to the 61.8%. Over, when they be below it bounce up again people may rush again, trying. To cut Irwin come back down blah blah blah blah blah and before. Ok so. That. Pitch, for true is so important, can help you okay - no wasabi so, you can see now by drawing, that, peak for true on your chunk let me make it a bit thick, instead. Of relying. Only, on, the, Fibonacci. Key. Level hope, I'm powers are in operation hopefully. Hopefully all, right otherwise, let me know in the comment section 1. Because. I'm going, 20. Minutes down with me to wrap it up soon so, you. See now so after all this blah blah blah they, are left that you'll know that there is something fishy is going on is a why, you see that it never arrived you want to cut your third wave this, is the path from that turbine, that peaceful, true that's the path for it why.

Now. The price, is going to be low that people - that's, right left that something is going on that that. Supposed. To be, they. Tell whether all of us will try to cut the end up being x-wing, anymore you see where I stopped it on the edge for the p4 to. Bring. It down. All. Right. You. See, what how, many was, so. Now, it came down a little bit below there. You see they were trying to to each level the, smartest. The. Headphones, right. There. Longtime investor they want to buy cheaper, so they say why, should we buy back or shop in his own house 27, and 20. The best place to buy the cheapest, plane is the 78.6%. One, oh yeah. It is yeah. Somebody push it, 2007. 2008, financial. Cause I didn't want it to come near that level but. If the man was too strong it. Just went back in again, in. Such. You. Look carefully here, there, was an inverter here in sugar capital solo, for chat box and also, any. Potential, from their. Stop. Vovinam but. You. Can also look for. Triangle. You, can look for horizontal, channel, if. I make this line now a little bit thick you can see. See. Between, this one and this one so see it bounced up near that level come, back down we, went back to this same level so, you may start thinking of consolidation. Isn't so in, that is the case we see wind up and they fold to the part that you want to look for if you want to be very patient about me to say before we wrap it up sometime you see BBC first wave like this then you prime it go like this okay calm down and then form. Okay. Easy. Part on that is the part of second wave and then and then you come, down a little bit Gladys so. It can be a car Panhandle. And. Then you wonder what's, going on what kind of party this and, then from this angle you will take it away as, you take it away from here or. Sometime. While. You will see the, prime echo up a bit that is during the first wave and then, a pullback, are, you following me cause I'm going to differ no pull, back a bit and then did nice still, is that a stock wait horizontal, which me is consolidating. In, that case you just wait until he breaks the board consolidation. And retested if. It's in the down train you will wait for until I bring the load of consolidation, and we test it on. So. All in all. After. This long discussion, you can see George was. The funnel shape of Fibonacci key level draw, all of them. Know that. People. Are watching the, Fibonacci, streets puzzle, for. The scenarios, very simple, the, streets portion for, bullies, blue-chip, stock with. Strong fundamental, in a bullish market environment, in a polish sector we usually, find it very difficult to go, below the streets bosom I do not think I need to say to you about the Fibonacci chiller arm it has some stock, there you will see them all the time I. Don't. Know whether you are swing trading or opposition, to they, will turn arrow or retama 61.8%. Don't, ask me why but they have a pattern so, every year, almost. Every, season they. Go up and then they pull back to see see 1.8%, also look for ok, a repeatable, pattern, the financial they, may have a habit that's, what we call ok. That's. What I've called Castile is the colorful changing, so some, stock they usually turn our own streets. Bosom but don't don't use it as an exercise just, use it as a guide that this, talk, all right quite often, find. Support, in the streets bosom we leave first report, again and you just wait and. That's all you do don't don't assume, that differences be too funny supported from. Norfolk, repeatable, pattern, a some stock already time to go armed with a DC, the bullish environment or, whatever, store for the metro to pull back to the 78.6%. Level. Alright. And so on and so on so catch. The third wave just. Be special, look for partner yet after all the trouble we have this gigantic. Double. Bottom chart partly. Right. Okay, you, may say in that selection pattern but if safest, place is the top or the first way all, right, draw, out a Fibonacci kilo now, so this we conclude our discussion today, at the studied now. I don't, know what to say anymore so that's it all right we.

Have Any question or suggestion please put in the comments section, and, cost, I will be recorded another video to answer your. Specific question. Summer, at the video first, way is that that way draw the common set tonight common. Center line is broken we. Apply to Bonacci at, respect, to the first play we had at the street disposal, 60%. 61.8%. At, the freshman level is, that ignoring, a dirty Bonacci key levels okay. If. The common central line of the second, waste supposed, to be the second where is broke up we apply the, piece of truth to the first wave as I spilled before all, right the safest, place to intellectual. Way is the bulb in high or the first way look. For pattern, as explained to you prime a go up and, form a V pattern or, a carpet, handle pattern prime, a go up and then pull, back and a consolidate. It's. Very patient, you want to catch the third wave all right. For. Low temperatures. On mid medium. Can purposes, must, at the fundamental. You must check this sector. The. Market environment. If, this video has been truly story just for to you please let us know by. Giving us your full time job you just like it please mark it down you, take this additional object or your I can help other traders feel free to shout your final Google+ Twitter Facebook and Tumblr. Sometime, posting videos fast on facebook my facebook page, is poke a stick - Mac, and Jean. Subscribe. To our YouTube channel our YouTube channel is to for. In your, waves. Click. On notifications we, do have a recording a video you will be the first person to be, blocked if I am, approaches, traders my intention to keep this video short but. Because it's an essential question. Thank. You Jose again excellent, question I want. To explain everything to trader deeply, that's why take time and our 26, minutes gone we, may say god this was a bit long ok, or less, while we record 1 minute video or. Our. Cheerleaders. Time in. John Ross Kemp and I'd be very happy, we, are achieved STW. 24. At finish and, talking about how, to Auburn second, in your will and. Fibonacci, retracement. If you want to learn more but, ill you're betraying go to, WWE. Of wings calm. Happy. To meet you all and, I will speak. To you soon. Thank, you Josie.

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Thank you George! I have another question, how to predict / confirm abcde when abc is over in a bullish setup? E.g Ether 16-21 February

So George how we should handle it when the 2nd wave retraces to almost one pip above from the starting point of the 1st wave?

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