How To Choose The Right ATM Business Mentor?

How To Choose The Right ATM Business Mentor?

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So, you've done some research and you realize that, starting. An ATM business is gonna be a pretty great investment, for you and now you're at the point where you're like okay which a temp, is this mint or should I go with because, you know that a mentor is a great, idea that they save you time your most precious and valuable asset, they save you money and they. Give. You the proven system for you to follow right so now you're like what who do I go with because there's so many out there right, well. That's what this video is gonna be all about my. Name is Carrie buck and I've been an independent ATM, owner since 2009. Right. I've been placed in permanent placement, 8 ATMs, in my local area since 2009. I'd say about 2013. 2014. We. Started our full-service, ATM, business which means we started doing mobile events, as well you know making, big chunks of cash in a small timeframe but by placing ATMs and like carnivals, festivals fairs things like that right and I'm still, a full-service, ATM, owner all right today, right this is 2018. Right now that I'm making this video and. I've. Been teaching people just, like you since 2011, how, to start their own profitable, ATM businesses, all right so, spin around kind. Of know what I'm talking about right I kind. Of had it teach you to how to start your own business to be your own ATM business to be profitable all right so let's. Go over this let's, kind. Of dissect how do you, pick. The perfect ATM. Business, mentor, okay. First thing is first you want to go with someone who's been in the business for. Quite some time okay, because things. Happen. Happens, things change, alright and a. Lot. Of change since I've been out of business too since 2009, and I've learned, so much more since I've been in the business since 2009, so, mr., Joe Schmo that started their ATM, business last month. First. Of all I have no idea why they're trying to be an ATM business mentor and sell training I have no idea why but. They're. Gonna have way less experience. To help you and, guide you right, then of course someone like myself okay, so, you want to look at that right. You. Also want to look at how, long is it have they been teaching people. Okay how long have they been teaching, people this business. Right. So I'm in teaching people since 2011. You. Can go back into all my YouTube videos probably. My Facebook post everything. You can imagine. To. See that. I've been teaching people since 2011. Okay. I have testimonials, that go back to 2011, 2012. Okay. But. Folks that just started, the. Business last, month. They. Clearly cannot. Have, testimonies. That go back further than that and if, they do, that's. Another problem. Right. Um, so, you want somebody that's been in the business a while you want something that's been teaching people awhile right, because.

Somebody. Could start their ATM business tomorrow and then today say hey I'm going to teach you the ATM business. Well. They just started it yesterday well. Where they even know they're, a day ahead of you yes that's perfect. They are a day ahead of you and knowledge right, but. You get quickly out and olives them and outpace them and then what, are you left with you know. It's. Like holy crap I think they literally just learn. This business yesterday now they're trying to teach me you don't even you don't even know if they can effectively. Teach, you because, they just started yesterday and now today they're suddenly trying. To teach you the business hey there's, a difference, between people who. Effectively. Teach something and people, who just want to try to teach, something and throw it out there so they can make a big, ton of money selling, courses, huge. Difference, huge. Difference Hey. Because, there's people that are just trying to throw out there and throw it against the wall hope it sticks and they can sell a lot of courses they. Don't care, if, their course works. They. Just don't they care. About that money coming in from you buying the course they, don't even care if you ever start, an ATM, business how. About that they, don't even care. They'll. Use fake testimonials, fake, everything that you can think of Renick cars rented, whatever to hell you can think, to, get your hard-earned money and they don't give a if you ever do anything with the business they, just want that money. That's. Just the way of the world now guys, unfortunately. I. Am, NOT like that like I'm one of these ATM. Business mentors, that, actually give a I really do, I'm. Not in it for the money. That, you would potentially, give me you to become a student of mine clearly. Obviously. I need to get paid to train you but, what I'm in it for is, for. You to, take action and. Change. Your. Life. That's. Why I do this there, is no, greater feeling than a student, who implements. What I teach them and it, changes, their life and then they let me know about it money. Can but that. It. Can't I think that is what gets me up in the morning that gets me out of bed right to know that I have the ability to, change someone's life and I care, like, I literally, care, like, I don't if, you if you said to me right now Carrie how. Have you twenty thousand dollars to buy your training. But. I'm not gonna do anything that's. Right give me 20 grand, guess. What I. Wouldn't. Take your 20 grand I don't. Want it I don't. Want it but, all these other ATM, business, mentors. Man. They, will be running your car so freaking fast your, head would spin because. They don't care. They. Want your 20 grand don't give a if you ever change your life you've ever do anything, that's. Why, I have, an. Application, process right, because I care, I really. Care I want you to change your life I want you to implement right so that's, another thing you want to look for like do. You feel like they really care or, do you feel like it's, a money grab and they're like don't just on to the next hottest. Thing so they can make money you. Know which is selling, an ATM of course right. Yeah you you guys have you guys all have guts you all have a gut, instinct, right you, all have. You, all have a an, internal. Meter that's. What I'd call it right. What. Does your gut reaction say, what does your, meter say these. Things generally, are, pretty. Darn accurate. They. Really are you. Didn't mean. Sorry. I took my water, um. You. Just you want to pay attention I mean if you're looking at somebody and, you. Know. Let's. Say you go to their YouTube channel I think. All these videos on there and they're all like e-commerce. Videos, for like five, years and. Then. One day suddenly. Their. ATM. Training videos you're, like what, the hell just happened right or, you go to somebody else's YouTube videos and they're. Talking about flipping. Phones, and, they're talking about, an. Adage, it's starting an ad agency and they're talking about. Excuse, me real estate investing, and then suddenly suddenly. This. Week, there. Are ATM business mentor it's. Like what, what, just happened, right, I don't, get it I really, don't get it because I feel. Like, they. Think you're stupid, that's. What I think they. Think you're stupid they think that you have. No idea. How to verify, that they went from saying one day that they're broke as to seven, days later saying oh now I own ten ATMs, to seven days letters saying eight now I'm an ATM guru and I'm gonna teach you how to do exactly why I just did that you.

Can See all this stuff right, it's transparent, we're all online we're. All on social media, you can see, it all happen. You. Know I mean, so. Just, follow, the path. See. What their path looks like. Right. And another thing like you want to work with somebody. First. Of all that doesn't think you're an idiot. You. Want to work it so he doesn't think you're an idiot but, you want to work with someone who's ethical, and honest, and they're. Not gonna, you right. You. Can easily see. You, can go on okay you can go on some of these 80 I'm gonna give you a perfect example you can go on some of these ATM, mentors. Or ATM gurus. Channels. YouTube, Instagram whatever, rule wants to be Facebook whatever and you. Know you'll. Read their answer, people will ask questions and, then they'll answer you. Can tell by the answers, the ones that are full of right you really, can right. Give. Up crazy, answers oh and then you'll have once you know where somebody will post and say hey hey what do you think he carry buck. That's. Me write some, posts what do you think he carry buck and they'll. Say I don't even know who that is I. Don't. Know who that is that's what they'll say even. Though if. You watch some of their videos you'll. See you they made the same exact videos that. I've already made they, use the same exact phrases that I've already used so. You know damn well they, know who I am they've tried to get into my free group except. I knew that they were shady and full of and, I kicked them out right. You. See some of these guys who. Use. My stuff word. For. Word. Word. For word, plagiarism. Copied. It word for. Word but. Yet don't tell you they don't know who I am. They. Think you're stupid I, know. Better, right, you. Got some of these guys that'll, that that take, take. My. That I've been using since 2011. Since. 2011, taking, word for word I just slap. Their name on it and send, it out there because, they think you're, dumb, they. Think they even think you're dumb or they're so full of themselves they, just, don't think anybody would, care that they're stealing. Right. They. Know they're stealing, they. Know who Carrie buck is I know, they're stealing, you, know they're stealing, everybody, that emails, me and tells me they're stealing, knows they're stealing, right so. Why. Are the unethical, shady. Bent, or slash crews out there when they're all stealing, from me. The. Lady you agree the older lady on, YouTube, with gray hair that's. Been teaching, people this for. Seven years right. You. Just got to be really careful nowadays guys listen. I know. That, there are some of you out there that, I'm, not a fit for right. I'm really I'm not a fit for you I know it and that's okay right, if you are one of these people and I'll tell you the people that I know for, a fact I'm not a fit for if, you're one of these people that, you need to be sold, something. By. Being lied to, being. It by, talking about rainbows, and fairy, tales and unicorns. And puppy dogs if, that's, you if, those. Things get you motivated and pumped up to change your life. I'm. Not for you right. See all, these guys and. Other. Ladies I'll say I don't want to just say all guys cuz I'm sure there's you. Know women, mentors, out there trying to do the same but all these guys are out there selling that to you. To. Just do, a money grab from you right and they're counting on you being. Stupid right and and this. Is nothing gets the younger folks out there that are like changing, their lives and, doing. Really, awesome stuff I got I got plenty of younger, students as well but, they gear all this fancy. Stuff to, younger folks. Seventeen. Sixteen nineteen year old right, because they know that, you guys sometimes are a little bit more. I'm. Gonna say gullible, right, I'm sorry but they, know that you you they feel, like that you can fold they can you could fall for that stuff. I'm. Sorry it's true right however, if you're, I'm. Gonna be 45 this year so, if you're 45, year and they're four years or in her 50s, you got a family, I'm happily. Married right, getting ready celebrating my anniversary, in.

A Few days and I. Got. Two stepkids two. Cats, fortunate. To have my mom and my dad I'm, a stepmom and stepdad still with me fortunate, to have, my. Wife's parents, still around right and when. You're our age you're thinking, about your parents you thinking about doings like my wife and I are gonna move to the beach but, when we're moving to the beach we're thinking about not only having our master, bedroom suite on the main floor but, also another, bedroom. On the main floor in case one of our parents have to move in with us right so when you're that person and you've been around long enough and, you, don't fall for fancy Rolexes you don't fall for fast cars you don't fall for hot, chicks, on a yacht that when you know that. Yacht was rented, right and you know it's all, you don't suffer that because, you're a real life you're. In a real living mode that you want to take care of you and you want to take care of your family and sometimes, you know what you want to take care of your parents and. Sometimes you're a parent yourself that's watching this and you want to make sure your retirement is secure, right. So, you. Guys are. The people that I'm here for right because you don't want to be, you. Don't want to be you want time for, right. So. The. The day that they speak, about that, attracts these these young men and these young women and I feel, so I feel I feel kind of bad about it I feel. Really bad about but then I realize there's nothing I could do about it there's, really nothing I can do about it right because one, year 15 16 17 18 19 years old you know everything, right and you, just did come, on I have an eight-year-old stepson, I know he knows everything. Okay. So, you. Can't really talk any. You. Can't talk sense in them come on you guys I have 18 year olds you know teenagers, you guys know I'm right right so, they're gonna do, their thing and they're gonna learn, the hard way and I can't help them you know I really can't but. The folks whose. Meter go off the. Folks who don't want to be, it the folks who just want to be told like it isn't just say hey give me a proven system that's been working Li's, I just want to follow it I, can. Help you, all. Right I can help you. My. Trainings not cheap to say you guys know none. Of my training is cheap okay. But you know that's saying you get what you pay for, it's. Pretty true even, some of these uh gurus. Or mentors will. Go on and say hey you shouldn't, pay more than 500. Hours or $1,000 for a training. Mark. My words, mark. My words right now you.

Ready Write it down this is uh what's. Today's date what. Is today's date hold on. September. 4th 2018. Marked down that Carrie said, Carrie. Buck, who they don't know, about Carrie, buck said on, this day that, the people that talk, about higher trading program, prices, will. Raise. Their. Training, prices. Yeah. Right. They, just talk now cuz they they're. Just winging it they're just trying to get a money grab you know they don't they don't know they don't know what it goes into to create a successful training program they don't know what it goes they don't know what goes into actually giving a about your students, and being, there and making sure they're successful right. When, you do all that stuff and when you have the value, and when you have the proven track record and you have that proven system that works guys my. Works it's. Been working for seven years, okay. When, you have that. The. Training price. Becomes. Irrelevant. Becomes. Irrelevant, like, I could show you how to make five thousand, ten thousand dollars plus per month. Per. Month not, one time not per year per month if. You do five thousand that's 60 grand a year, you do ten thousand that's 120, grand for one year what, if he did two years three years four years five years that. Training price is irrelevant. And. I can show you how to do it right don't tell you you don't need any money to start an ATM business it's. You need money guys you. Need money so, you want to look for a mentor that's. Honest. That's. Ethical. Right. One, that you believe, in that you can trust one that you believe will be there for you all right. And. Again like I said I'm not for everybody that's cool I get that I totally get that but. If. You. Would. Like the. Opportunity to learn the ETM business from me I'm. A website for you to go to, you. Want to go to eight. Em. Business. Okay. You're gonna get my free ATM, business roadmap, it's been around since 2011, but I stood, up lately, right you. Also need a three, pretty. Cool training videos right, so I'm gonna talk, to you I don't even want to give away what they are I don't want to give it away right it's good, stuff. You can watch them right away if you want to just as. You watch the video. Towards. The end it'll give you the option to go next for you watch. That next video towards the end I give you option to go to next weekend right you can watch it till the end or, you know you can you know watch it every day when you get to even whenever you get the email and prompted for the email okay totally up to you but, once, you go through it if you feel like yeah this is legit business and you know what this. Chick ain't messing around she's legit and wants to you know wants. To teach me this business and I believe. In her and I have faith in her that she can show me the right way right. Danah I welcome you the opportunity, to click, the button you, know at the last by the at. The bottom of the last video and you can fill out your application and, then, after, you fill out the application you'll. Be taken right to a schedule, page and you can schedule call with me and my moment and my team okay. And. Then, we'll hop on the phone I'm, gonna I'm gonna call this an a-t-m. Session. Attracting. The, money session. And. We'll work it out we'll see you know where you want to go where you're at now how you can get there with ATMs, and then ultimately for a fit for one another okay, and sometimes we might not be that's.

Okay Too I actually. Turn down people, for my training I really, do. But. More than likely if you've went through all this you've watched my YouTube videos you've, done all this and you went through the ATM business mentor, calm. Process. Unlikely. As long as you're a cool person and, you have money to invest in your your you're ready to, excuse. Me take action likely, we'll be able to work together and I can help you could guess so, you want to go to ATM, business. Mentor. Calm, ATM. Business. Mentor, calm, I would. Love to help you change. Your life when it comes to the ATM, business I don't care if you're going school I don't care if you have a full-time job I don't, care it doesn't matter like I can help you as long as you have the cash to, invest in the ATM business and as long as you have the will. And the ability to, implement. What I teach you I can, help you. Without. A doubt I can help you I know I can, alright I've been helping, people for like I said seven years now since 2011. Okay. So. Go to ATM business. I almost said ATM business blueprint. But, that's, still valid website, - ATM business blueprint calm but go to ATM, business. If, you're looking for an honest, ethical. ATM. Business mentor who will not. You who always tell you like it is who will always keep it real and who. Actually gives a about you alright ATM. Business. Mentor. Calm, I love that blueprint ATM. Business, mentor. Calm. You. Have any questions about other things to look for in a, ATM. Business mentor feel. Free to post below. Alright. Guys listen, well that's a lot out of me, took. A lot of it I hope you guys got some value from this video I I. Feel. Like you're dead right I feel like I put a lot out there and, you. Know I was. Born and raised in Philly guys we just tell it like it is you know you guys from Philly New York Jersey you guys know what I'm talking about right we, just tell it like it is there's no, right, is. What it is you know you want to learn a business I'm here to teach you okay, I'm here to teach you you. Get what you pay for you. Want the. Best. Yeah. I'm telling you I'm the best ATM, business mentor out out, there I'm telling, you I have the best ATM training out there you want the best where. Do you want the. Cheapest. You. Want the best where, do you want the unethical people. That copy, the. Best, right, I mean. They come, in my free, like they copy my free, like it's out there for the world to see you really, you. Clearly can.

See Oh look she made this video on X amount of date mm. And what have you oh look, this is the video they made on X date, 2018. Damn, it sounds exactly like that look wait a minute it's like word-for-word what she said. They. Think you're dumb I mean come on who. Do you want to work with seriously. Who. Would you pick, just, go through this video again watch this video again if you need to okay somebody. Who's been in the business for a while somebody, who's teaching people for a while someone, who's ethical, someone, who. Cares. About your success someone. Who's just not not there for a money grab like they really want you to be successful, someone, who oh, my, god it's, gonna say something else I totally forget what was. Not. Free it was just watch this video again guys right it's, all there someone, who's legit you know someone, who really, does care about you. And. Again I'm not for everybody and that's cool I totally get that but, hopefully. I'm. For you hopeful. For you right because I want. To change your life and by the way I know, mostly. Men watch this video I know, it's mostly men that, are interested in the ATM business but ladies, ladies. Ladies ladies come on now. Come. On god, I'm. Gonna say guys but what I'm saying guys I'm meaning ladies ladies you guys can be, so. So. Profitable in this business right, don't let the men take it off do, not let the men hang up hang, up this industry, okay I welcome, ladies to to, join this business as well okay, I can, help you kick ass seriously, I really can. Fellas, you already know I mean you you guys you. Already know hey you want to be in a business or not right this. Business can literally change your life okay, I don't, need to, talk. About rainbows. And fairy tales and unicorns, and puppy dogs like this business is amazing. All on its own you can earn 10 20, 30 40 50 100 400 % are wise in this business guys I'm, not bullshitting, you go, to ATM, business You'll. Learn you. Will learn I physically. Had those ro eyes I still do i could show how to do it like, this business is great just by itself, there's, no no.

Need For me to sugarcoat it or, you with stuff there's really not okay, all right ATM business mentor, calm I hope, to talk to you soon and welcome you to the membership, area and have. A great day and may you, live. Happily off, of passive income. You.

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Hey, Carey. I see a lot of questions about "How long can the ATM business last?" and I would like to know what your personal opinion about how long you personally see your ATM business lasting in its current state and if your current profit margins can be sustainable in the next 5 years. Thank You and keep up the videos!

I so booked a call not too long ago with you and some gentleman answered the phone and I told him my situation and he said I would get a call back in 6 months which was the preferred time frame to start the atm business. I'm super serious so please don't forget to call me. Keep it up!!

+Keenen R everyone has their own time frame to get started. I'm in the middle of trying to find a house to live in so. I can't commit at the moment because of closing costs and other things but 6 months allows me to get tax returns and bonus money together to invest.

A call back in 6 months?? The process doesn't start within a few weeks? 6 months is a long time to get started

Can you do me a favor? Send me an email and let me know your name as the gentlemen you spoke to is no longer with me, so I want to make sure I have you in my calendar to call. You should have my email addy in your email since you already scheduled a call. Just search for my name: Carey Buck. Thank you!

Remember, looking for an ATM Business Mentor....head over to to grab my free atm business road map, 3 very cool training videos and the opportunity to work with me as your ATM Business Mentor.

Reddens Toys & More yea exactly. Everyone moves at a pace that’s comfortable for them because everyone’s life is different.

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