How To Choose Courage over Fear | Podcast About Business Life 2018

How To Choose Courage over Fear | Podcast About Business Life 2018

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Hi. Everyone welcome, to the Hallie hustle, podcast, I'm mark and I'm Tanya and we invite you to join us in our unfiltered, conversation, about the real life hustle of being an entrepreneur for, more information, about the podcast check out how we hustle, podcast com, make. Sure to follow us on Instagram at how we hustle, podcast, where you'll get notable, quotes from our episodes and updates, on live new episodes, so head over to Instagram and follow us at how we hustle, podcast okay, so today guys we're gonna talk about six. Different beers that come up for as an entrepreneur, and how to choose courage, over fear, in each of these situations, so. The first one we're going to talk about is fear. Of having no safety, net so, as, an. Entrepreneur you, do not have a fallback, plan I mean I hope you don't you should not have a plan B plan. A is the only plan you have and when. You're a employee. There's. Severance. There's I could get another job there, is a recruiting, company you can always fall. Back on some, other company, that's a competitor, of the company you work for or, that. You might have a retirement, savings plan or someone's. Gonna pay you severance, or unemployment, as. Jensen. Charles says if you have a back-up plan have no plan at all no. She said yeah you haven't made a decision, so. The, fear we are talking about is fear of having no safety, net which is definitely, scary it's. Something, that you. Know in my decade, of being an entrepreneur there have been times where I have laid in bed being. Like I don't freaking, know if I can make it through next week because I don't have enough money to make it through next week but. You. Know you got to just choose courage, and I'm, still here today like I'm still living I didn't die of starvation and, I never have ever had to sleep under a bridge so. But. I also think like you. Also have, the opportunity, and the ability to, make. As much. Money as, you want like there's always something you can do in, those situations, like if I didn't have enough money like I know in, the back of my mind that I can always figure. Something, out I can always do. A promotion, I can always find, a way, I can. Always offer something, to my current clients or I can do, a giveaway, or I can do a different launch or offer like, promo, something I have or create something, new like there's always something, you can do to, create more, money, there's, always something you can do to create opportunity. In your business whereas when you are an employee you, don't have that opportunity you can't just say oh I like a promotion, today or oh I'd, like a bonus, on June. Of the year like you don't get that opportunity, so as, an, entrepreneur you. Can create. As much as you want but if you do nothing and create, nothing then yeah there's no safety net yeah. I remember doing that myself when I like. Maybe like two years ago when I was a little short on cash flow and I needed to raise some money so. I sent, an email to my best customer, who I knew over the next few months was gonna spend a lot of money and, I said to her I'm like if you commit now I'll, give you a massive, discount and I forget what the discount was but, I pretty much said to her like pay, me upfront and, I. Will give you a big discount on the next few months work and she did so, I took a little bit of a hit on like my long-term profit, for the next few months but she really helped, me raise that money in that moment and so it wasn't actually that hard, mm-hmm. And it's always like that's always a way that you can if you need to invest in something in your business and you don't have the funds like you can always create a promo, or an offer to, raise. The money so. That you can make, more money in the future so that you have the system so that you have the support so that you have whatever, you need in order to grow your business make more money and not, be in that situation so. It's about having the courage to know. That like you do have a seat you know even, though it's not the same safety net they're not the original safety net you are, your own safety net and you have to have the courage to like realize that and, believe, in, yourself right believe, that you are capable, of creating.

Whatever. You desire to have like as an. Entrepreneur, we, create something from nothing we. Create opportunities we, create jobs we create, products. And programs and. Solutions. So. The, second, fear that. Was on our list here is the fear of having no. Certainty, no plan and, sort of no idea of what's next, like. Being an entrepreneur, is it's. Not the, same routine, as a lot of people have you. Know ever. The days are different and, in, a lot of ways that's scary. But. Also in a lot of ways that's, exciting, and I was thinking you, know there's. A lot of videos going around I know Gary Vee has won just about dreading. Like. Sunday. Monday like dreading Sunday because it's almost Monday and like dreading Monday because it's Monday and that's. So strange Monday is my favorite, Sunday Monday or my favorite days of the week it's actually the same with me like I love, her I. Know it's like that all of my clients like, Sunday and Monday's are their favorite, days movies I love Mondays because it's like it's, the first day, of the week yeah. Like it's like opportunities. Yeah like a whole the whole week ahead of me - just like create, you know and. Like, get. Ahead and I actually kind, of feel sad on sat on Friday because I'm like you. Know if I had to say which day was the least productive for, me it's probably Saturday. So, you. Know I'm like Oz Friday it's, like tomorrow Saturday, I'm like I. Feel. I feel like the, week is over and I'm kind of sad about it, so. So. Interesting how that changes, because like I always think about like Monday morning it's like one of my favorite, things like wake up Monday morning like all the things that and that doesn't mean I'm having a good week necessarily, like even. If I'm feeling, down on myself and. You. Know not feeling the momentum, and feeling stuck, I still. Still. Love Monday because I'm like this is the chance for me to get unstuck it's, like I don't. Like if I'm feeling stuck, and Friday comes along it's like I have the opposite I'm like oh I like I don't, want to be stuck on Friday I'd rather be stuck on Monday because I had the whole week to get unstuck if I'm stuck on Friday it means I'm at the end of the weekend still stuck you know yeah. And, I do think though like time like, I don't notice, a lot of the days I'm always like what day is it again. Because, I definitely changes, where you're like, all. Of the days are. Sort. Of same for. Me at, least but like certainly like Saturday, is my least productive day I don't work on Saturdays, so so. How do we overcome the, fear of having no certainty, with courage a good, idea well firstly I think that the courageous plan as an entrepreneur, is to create, some sort of schedule create, some sort of plan create, some sort of like thing, to stick to and I always like to, do. Like put, one task, if you got this one task done, today not like something gigantic something, manageable. Something, you could do in an hour or less what. Is the one thing that you need and you want to make sure you got done that day and I will create that plan for like six weeks in advance or, the whole month or were three months but I typically don't do more than six weeks but for six. Weeks what is the one thing that needs to get done every single day and then if you do. That what are the other things that you would do after. Anything. Else after that first thing is just a bonus but. That way you have a plan to stick to like give yourself deadlines, give. Yourself a schedule, like when do you do things I've, been working right, now with like blocking, my time out and, having. Like specific. Goals per day like booking, one call per day or speaking, to one new person per day or. What. Am i doing today like sales pages today or client, calls today or answering. Emails or, just. Like having those specific. Tasks, that you do at a specific time, like I have a big problem with answering. Emails all throughout the day which is totally, not productive and so, blocking. Out times where I answer emails where I answer Facebook messages, and not, really doing it outside of that so like creating, yourself a routine and a plan so, that it, has less uncertainty, and that you have a direction. Yeah. And and setting. Goals that. Takes courage you know to say I'm gonna book one call tomorrow that.

Takes. Courage you, know because you're setting yourself up for expectation. Yeah. But I also think you should expect, things because, when you don't expect when you expect nothing to happen then nothing happens like, when you expect, that it's going to happen you're also taking action. To facilitate, that or to support, that. Expectation. If you expect, that somebody is going to message, you or you expect to make a sale or you expect, you're acting, as if it, is already gonna happen and then you're stepping, into that sort. Of vibe. Of I, get, new clients every day I make sales every day I have, a plan my business is growing those. Types of vibrations. Versus nothing's. Happening in my business I don't know where my next sale is going to come from I don't know where my next client is coming from all. Right let's move down the list to the number three which, is the, fear, of failure, which, is a huge, one because, and, this kind of relates to the first two. If. You, are, an entrepreneur you, don't have that safety net and, if you're to fail. Then, there's, you. Know you don't have this yeah you don't have the same safety now I don't say there's no one to catch you and that's not really true because you, know it's just not but. The. Big thing with with fear of failure is the idea of like shame, and humiliation like. If, you. Are, a business. Owner and it, doesn't work out like, you're kind of wearing that label on your face you know. You. Don't need to be but and there's really no reason for shame and humiliation but, it's still scary like, if I were to come on this podcast and tell everyone like. I failed that would be terrifying, for me, what. Would make you feel like it was a failure like, when, when, would you give up on something like that's always the thing I would I just feel like I wouldn't give up if it was something I really believed, in like I would find a way yeah. And I I'm the same way too and, you. Know there's, there's a difference between the micro failures, and macro, failures, you know we. Promise. Peak for myself I have micro, failures, all the time I have micro failures every day like, if I'm on a sales call and it. Doesn't, like go well I. I. Blame, and it doesn't go well because I know that I didn't execute that call properly, like that's a micro failure for me but, I'm not about to throw, in the towel and give up my business and, be like I'm, a failure, so, this mic micro, and macro. And I think it's really important to understand the difference and to understand, that micro, failures, are essential. To. Like. Success. On a macro, level because it's only through micro, failures, that, you learn, little. Lessons. And big lessons, and figure out how to adapt, your. Tomorrow, so. That you know the big picture works, out, mm-hmm. I think, that it's. Normal to have those little failures, like it's you. Can't let those things yeah you can't let those things get you down because you also have to consistently. Be doing those things like just, because it fails the very first time doesn't. Mean that it's gonna fail the second time or the fifth time or the seventh time like it, literally.

Takes. Going. Back and doing it a little bit differently and making little teeny tiny shifts, and changes and, trying, things all different ways but, continuing, and knowing that that thing is gonna work like for example I was, sharing with Mike before we got on here that I. Consistently. Do, a live, video on Facebook on Tuesdays, and when. I first started I used to do QA Tuesday, and to. Be honest it's like there, were many, times, that, no one showed up that I was literally, talking to myself, but. I had to consistently. Do that over, and over and over again and show up as if people were gonna be there in order, for people to actually consistently. Come and show up for my Q&A. Tuesday or how, about this I told the ladies this week that there, were times when, I did, my webinar, where there was literally, nobody, on it and it was just me, doing the webinar but, one I had to do it I had to stay on and I had to show up as if there were tons of people there because. One. I was sending out the recording and, -, what. If somebody showed up in the middle of it like if I wanted, to say oh this webinar was a failure nobody's, here so I'm just gonna like not do the rest of the webinar well, what if somebody joined Midway, and then I wasn't actually there or that, I wouldn't have had a replay. To send, to people who had signed up but didn't show up yeah. We, were also talking about baseball before the call - because I was saying that the, only job I'd rather do than what I'm doing now is being a base Claire but imagine, striking out in the 6th inning and then. Like you need to have the courage to get back in the ninth inning and go win, the game for your team you know yeah, just cuz you struck, out doesn't mean you're gonna strike, out again yeah you gotta have the courage and and, face, that fear, and. Go back every time believing, that like this time is gonna be different this. Time I'm not gonna strike out this time people are gonna show up what can you do to help and support the fact that people are going to show up or that you're not going to strike out what are you gonna do differently what are you gonna watch for what, are you gonna focus on and knowing. That like you're capable of, making. It work and. Not letting those past, micro, failures, like, not letting a strike out in the 6th inning like get into your head so that when you're up to the. Plate in the ninth inning that it's gonna like affect, you you know not, letting those. Negative. Thoughts of shame, and humiliation. Like. Affect, you. You. Know more. So than they need to a. Little. Bit of fear maybe it's good but for you know you got to really overcome. That with courage, gotta, let courage win the day not fear, yeah. I think that what. You said about, literally. Showing up like you know you can only fear by not showing you can only fail by not showing up you can only sale. By not, doing it again it's. Only you, know they say you only fail when you when you give up and that's. So true especially. In entrepreneurship, because, man. I have failed so many times one, of my clients um always. Asks, herself how. Do you like, how do you want to feel when you go to bed today do you want to feel like you didn't do every single thing that you could have done to make it a success, or do you want to know that.

You Did everything in your power to make, it a success, do. You feel good about all the things that you did do. You feel good about the effort and the time, and the energy and the. Actions, that you put in to make it a success if, you feel good about it at the end of the day then that's, your measure of success rather than the results, like focus on the actions, that you take versus. The results because the actions, are what are going to get you the results eventually maybe, not today they, certainly will over time and have the courage to like accept, that that the actions, will get you there and like. Like you know that. Takes courage to believe in that and, not let the fear of the day or the moment overcome. You so. The, next fear on our list is like fear of not knowing what to do. And. This is something we've also talked about on previous episodes but you know, what. If you don't know what to do what, are you supposed to do then and like. I know, I was your gut yeah. Like I. Don't. Know, always. How. To. Run. My facebook, ads or. Deal. With Amazon. Web Services. Or, like these things like like, freak, me out like. They're, so complicated I don't know why they make them so complicated. Seriously, they didn't they don't need to be so complicated but they do make them very complicated, and I think that one. Like they can be really overwhelming when, you're like I don't know how to do this I don't know what to do like I always feel like that was like video editing right, now like that, I'm like oh my god there's just so much to learn I don't know I don't really have that much time to like learn and I'm so overwhelmed, by everything, but. Like. Just, take it one itty-bitty teeny, tiny step at a time just, learn one thing just. Spend 15, minutes learning, how to do something read something, ask somebody, a question watch. A video on how to do it or read, an article I don't know well I think if I'm struggling with something I'm like alright I'm, just gonna like, block out the next two. Hours and, I'm. Just, gonna like put my expectations, aside and maybe I'm gonna watch a video. On how to do this like, I'm just gonna take two hours and at, the end of this two hours maybe. I'll feel better maybe I won't but I'm gonna try it so, I'm just gonna take two hours and, like just, put. Everything else that's going on aside.

And. Try. And overcome this one thing, that, is standing in my way in this moment and, just. Little actions, like that like break it down just. Take two hours one hour 15. Minutes whatever, I was gonna say like two hours to me sounds like so much, however. That being said while you were saying that I was thinking to myself how. Do hours seems like ton of time but at. The end of the day it's, like do you want this or do you not are you willing to put in the time it's gonna take to learn this or are you not, well yeah like. To say I, say the reason I say to hours, is because like. 15, minutes sometimes. Isn't, enough and like. You want there's this like urge. I find, that I have to get everything done quickly, like if I can't figure out Facebook Ads in 15 minutes then, like screw, it I'm just going I like do, something else if. I just say to myself you know you know what 50, minutes is not long enough I'm gonna need actually. Two hours of my attention, to, really get into this to, the point where I can feel better about it so, I'm gonna take two hours it's gonna take two hours I'm, gonna sit here and I'm gonna spend two hours it's. Two o'clock right now and by, 4 p.m. I'm gonna be in a whole new mindset. With this one problem because I've just decided. To take two hours like what what, else could I do with two hours I could go to a movie I can go for a walk there's so many things I could do with two hours that are kind. Of a I don't say a waste but kind of a waste it's like I'm not gonna waste these two hours by, 4:00 p.m. I'm gonna be in a whole new mindset, but. Mike some people don't have two hours but I'm just saying like they can stay everyone for few hours yeah. If. It if it's the difference between making your business a success and, not making your business success, s find. The two hours to, do it like I am. Pretty. Knowledgeable. When, it comes to Facebook Ads at this point but, it took me a year to get to this point and I spent, two, hours many, times you. Know like over the past year I've probably spent, a lot of hours I don't know how many hours like learning about Facebook, Ads like learning. From, experts reading. And, researching, and, trying and, testing and, like. Doing. Doing. Facebook Ads with, what I knew like start, with what you know start, with what you've just learned, in your two hours and like start there because you will learn as you. Go and you, don't we've talked about this before but like you. Don't start out a professional, like and to. Be honest Eve people that do Facebook ads, no. One's Facebook ad starts, out epic. The, very first time you put you pressure, you. Push publish. That's. Something I've realized, lately because I've been tweaking my ads and, more I tweak I've been getting some more, you. Know some, better results by just like tweaking, it so. It takes time, to, tweak. And to learn and just, cuz you don't know what to do right at the beginning it can be overwhelming, but. Starting. Small. And focusing, on learning one small, thing at. A time because, there if you look at everything that you'll need to know like there are so many things like you do have to wear so, many hats like Mike said at the beginning and so. You have to start with just one thing at the beginning just start with one thing, learn. And. Then. The next week choose something else to learn or. Choose to learn something, else about that platform. Try. Something new it's, really about not. Being afraid to be a beginner don't, be afraid to be a beginner because every single one of us is a beginner at the beginning. So. Moving, down the list I almost feel like number five and number six are like, very related. Maybe, we can talk. About them together like number five is fear, of all that all the good ideas have been taken and, number six is like fear of not being good enough I feel, like they're they're very like similar. Like. You. Know fear. All all the good ideas have been taken so if you're starting a business or, you know, it's like what what could we possibly do. You. Know like every, business, has already taken its like, but. I think that that just means that there's a big market for it just, because someone else is doing it doesn't mean you always need, to come up with like a brand new idea it could be a different take on the same idea you, know there are tons of. Stores. That sell jeans, there are tons of brands that sell jeans nobody's, going to stop wearing jeans so.

Anybody. Who comes into the jean market now can. Still be successful because, people are going to be wearing jeans for a long time that. Ain't going out of style any time soon so if, you were like well people, already make jeans I. Go into the Jean industry. Like no. You definitely should go into the Jean industry, because what if the jeans you create, are. Better. Than any of the other ones or what if some people like them better than the jeans they have out there right now so just cuz it's been done it doesn't mean that you can't still do it yeah. If you're if you're allowing, that fear, to. Take. Over it's because you're letting, scarcity. Mindset take, over like there's not enough so. Have the courage, to, replace. That scarcity, mindset with, an abundance, mindset which. Says that there. Is enough, there's enough to go around there's. Enough for me and if. I you, know if I work hard to put, value, the abundance, will, come to me regardless. Of what abundance, is going elsewhere, there's. Always enough to around, but number six is more of like not being good enough like you yourself. Are not good enough not, your idea but you so, the last one is fear of not being good enough yeah and. I mean you know I had, a little bit of a. Impostor. Worthiness. Struggle, this week that I shared with you. So. Like even though I typically, don't have this fear anymore like at the beginning and certainly, along, the way as you up level it. Comes up over and over and over again like am I really good enough to do that am I really good enough to say this about myself am I really good, enough to, charge, that much am I really good enough to. Be. Interviewed by that person or to be on that podcast or to be, on that TV show or to write an article for that magazine, and I. Think it comes up over and over again to be honest. So. You just had the courage to be like yes I am good enough and you know something we've talked about it like that's.

That's, Like a vibe thing you know when. You're when you're when you're vibing, in a very positive courageous. Way like. Really good things happen and I know it's it gets true it just does and, even. Today for, me it, happened. When. I'm just feeling, really, courageous. About like myself meaning, like I just feel good enough I'm like. Actually. This is something that you've been helping me with like there days where I where, I'm like second-guessing. My own value, I'm, like I don't know if I'm good enough and nothing happens, to me in those days like, but. Then on. Other days and, it's usually because like. The days when I'm creating, when I'm in creation, mode those. Are the days where I really feel good about myself and like. Those, are the days that like I'd book calls and I have good good. Interactions, with people and just good things are happening so. Just. Have the courage to believe, in yourself, even if it's hard just do it just believe in yourself just tell yourself I got this, so, I actually shared, an exercise, that I used to do when I was first. Starting out with. My ladies this weekend and so, I'm gonna share it now so, just. Be. Open-minded about this I, used. To when. I didn't feel good enough and to create, the vibration, of like damn I'm like awesome I used. To this. Is awkward but okay, you, know stand, naked in front of, your mirror and like. Look at yourself, and look. At yourself from a perspective of being, a, friend. Or somebody, who loves you maybe. You don't have to be naked I just happened to have been because it was like when I was showering but. So. You look at yourself in the mirror as if that person is like your friend or somebody you love and you're like damn girl you, I mean I used to see this damn girl you look great today or like damn, girl you're a great coach or damn girl you're a great friend or like damn your crate at webinars, or you're a great speaker like just, like give yourself compliments.

As If you were your best friend and. Doing. It naked it's like when you're most vulnerable and, like, you can say like nice things about your body or how you look or whatever it is that you're like not feeling like is good enough but. Doing that regularly. At. Least once a day and. Noticing. The things that you are good at noticing, where. You have, helped someone or noticing, what you do know rather, than focusing, on the places, where you don't feel good enough where. Do you feel good enough what. Would Pete what do people say about you what. Do people compliment. For. Whenever. You do something, really. Awesome or you're there for a friend or you. Created. Something beautiful or. You. Are supportive. Or you did, a really great video or, whatever it is that you did that was really awesome like. Being. The bet being your own best friend and congratulating. Yourself or telling yourself how good that was giving. Yourself some of that feedback rather than waiting for other people to, give you that feedback because. Sometimes, as an entrepreneur, it's very lonely and like we are our own like. No one knows what we're doing a lot of the time and so, they we, can't rely, on other, people's. Compliments. We can't rely on other people's. Acknowledgement. Of what we're doing so. Noticing. That stuff within yourself, will help you feel good enough like what are you, great at why are you worthy rather, than asking questions that don't empower you questions. That make you feel less. Than well. So. To. Wrap this up you, know fear, is everywhere. It's, hard to it's. Hard to escape it but fear, can mean the difference between pursuing. Your dream and not going for it so. We. Are entrepreneurs we, are going for it so we really have to find ways to choose courage, over, fear, yeah. And I think that the last, points, that we wanted to share with you is that if you're stuck in the fear if you're stuck in I don't know what the frick I'm doing I don't know what to do I don't feel good enough like do, something different, whatever, you've been doing, try something different whatever, you've been doing. Like change, it up take action. Start, creating start. Sharing start, journaling. Meditate. Like, look within yourself, and listen to the messages that you're getting and then take focused. Action on those things like rather than letting the thoughts, and fears prevent. You from moving, forward and like stopping. You from taking action like do, anything, like I don't care what it is but like take some sort of action yeah. I don't, don't ever, get stuck in an action because that is when the fear just breeds. Mm-hmm. Whenever you're alone with your thoughts it's like they overwhelm, you so if, you, have to do, something, just to like take your own mind, off of yourself off, of your situation and just do something to create. Some momentum I always say action creates momentum whether. It's teeny tiny or huge like, any sort, of action will create momentum you, can reach out to one person send, an email like post. On social media, like someone else's post or comment on it like connect, with somebody go for a walk like think or create or write or draw whatever. Your creative, outlet. Is but start and get back into like creation, mode it, will give you some ideas, and make you feel worthy, and, excited, and that's a wrap on another episode of how we hustle, for more information, check out how we hustle podcast com.

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