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I'm sure you guys can tell by looking at the title this video has, already been demolished eyes before it was even fucking, uploaded, so that, brings me to my next very, quick point before we get into the video today's video is sponsored by a super awesome app called bricks and balls ironically. Bricks and balls I feel like this sounds so on genuine there's no way to say it bricks and balls is been one of my favorite games for such a long time like seriously, obsessed with it like ask Amar'e we love iPhone games it's an awesome time killer so we're always doing it on planes all it is is swiping and launching the little balls to break all of the bricks but I can literally play, this game all day it has a bunch of different fun modes like a hundred balls mode which you can play with your friend you guys can compete to see who can break more bricks with a hundred balls but yeah there's thousands, of levels waiting for you in three different modes so yeah thank you bricks and balls for helping me to eat it's. A completely free app it's linked in the description below, so you guys should definitely go check it out it's such a good like time killing stress relieving easy little. Game and I love it so thank you to them for letting me be this disgusting. Vulgar ass bitch and playing, their. Game I don't speak in English here is the video Thank You Brixham. Good. Morning, guys I am in Greece right now not just anywhere in Greece but I am in Mykonos, somewhere, I've always, wanted to go and I'm actually leaving today and I realized that I haven't filmed any videos, while I've been here I've just been trying to take a little bit of a break and actually, enjoy, my vacation for, as much as I could not, just start off the video on like a super, dark note but I've been definitely. Dealing with a lot of stress and mental health issues, and all that kind of stuff lately which is so hard for me to say on my channel because I always want to be the face of positivity. And all that kind of stuff but I always, promise, you guys I'll keep it real with you so I've just been taking the week off and actually enjoying Greece but I am leaving today, and I decided before I leave this incredibly, beautiful place I should at least try, to film one video here so, what. Is Tana do every time she goes to a new country Hawaii's, not a country and that's just really embarrassing, that I said that she doesn't come up with any original ideas she just gets ready in any way with the same exact fucking makeup routine and it's like less interesting, every time and, maybe that's I maybe is her dropping now. But I'm sitting on a balcony in Greece drinking water out of a glass bottle, about to get ready naked totally for the views and I don't know when I became that bitch but I'm also not that mad about it but I decided this morning oh my god is that my vagina showing, probably, but I would do it how to keep your face like a pro Mykonos. Edition, holy shit that's, insane, like if you would have told port Ana that she was even gonna get to like buy like Neutrogena, makeup wipes versus, like the Walmart brand she wouldn't have believed you let alone if you would have told her she'd be a Mykonos she would never believe that that's crazy life is crazy filming, my first video in my room with the dirty door I never would, have thought I would be here speaking of dirty doors and things everything, in Greece is so white as you can see including, me I'm the most basic bitch ever but I'm so scared to touch everything, here like even the walls even the buildings because I feel like I just like exude, spray, tan and Hot Cheetos like I feel like my natural residue. Is just spray, tan. Everything. Here today I don't really have much to do I'm gonna do a quick little photo shoot before I leave so I thought I would do like a soft, eally like Mykonos, Grecian, goddess glam. That was so fucking, ugly unsubscribed, for me right now and I'm totally just, in a towel so, this gets more views hmm, don't disrespect, my hustle like you can take the bitch out of basic but you can't take the basic out of the bitch you feel me oh my god I hate everything I'm saying right before. I get into this get ready with me and make this face a lot less ugly look, at my view look. At all the little basic, white buildings, that you see on like my life is Ava's Instagram, and like Aspen over is Instagram is that my camera's way shitty and like way cheaper and the lens like definitely has foundation, on it so you can't really see as well but like it's so pretty look, at this white ass building that I'm totally gonna ruin with spray tan and hot cheetos look, at this beautiful private, pool that's all for me but I'm totally not gonna swim in because my extensions, will fall out mm-hmm.

So Yeah I'm in Greece it's super beautiful year still not a travel blogger have no idea why companies send me beautiful places like this because I just shit on them and I'm a disgusting disgrace. To any place, ever yeah, I've just been here clearing my head and having a good time and feeling super grateful for all of the awesome opportunities, you guys give me I know that sounds really cheesy but growing, up so fucking, poor and I know I say that a lot and I'm not sure if I'm poor I'm so relatable it's not what I mean you see places like this on Instagram and you never think that following, your dream working, hard and all that kind of stuff could, ever bring you here and it just it's crazy I love what I'm like motivational, speaking even though I'm totally like depressed, and anxious and I'm just struggling so hard and I right now but, really though even though I am a struggling, mess I hope that I can be an example for you that a piece of shit can succeed know that. If you love something and you want to follow your dreams and you want to do cool shit with your life you can and you don't have to be a traditional, definition, of like a perfect person like I always also felt like even as an influencer, when I first started the cool shit like this would only happen for, like the beautiful, traditional. Supernormal, I'll have a kale smoothie for breakfast, Instagram, models and for it to happen for like a weird-ass Taco Bell asks, like there's dirt under my nails right now ass bitch like me is pretty cool, now I'm gonna shut up I think it's time we start getting ready before I get into the video as always please subscribe click, that little bell make sure your notifications, are on not occasionally, at all times because as you know I am a struggling demonetised, influencer, who will not get promoted on any platform my phone cases are out I think iPhone, X is told that right now I'm not sure but the link is in the bio you guys have been obsessed with them I've been so obsessed with them still can't believe they're real still can't believe they're finally out and I have a lot of upcoming, Tanner con news as well so stay tuned from that and now let's get right into this get ready with me let's get let's bust it and try not to have a nip slip I have my vuitton, makeup bag filled with all my things even though I owe the government like so much money in taxes, and like this is just like a physical representation of money like don't have like probably shit about it so I get makeup bags on bitch I'm such, a like self-deprecating.

Sarcastic. Mood this morning please forgive me it's toppling, over because I have so many products to make me look less bug Lee Tana. I actually have a lot of new products for this how to kick your face like a pro too which makes me happy that I'm at least not showing you the same benefit, Porefessional primer, for, the 9th video in a row I'm actually gonna start off with the Saint Tropez, everyday, tinted moisturizer, and primer I'm not even gonna bother going like this because. You. Don't fucking care I don't fucking care my body is definitely, more, orange, and covered, in spray tan residue than my face so I'm using this to try to make them match why have I never thought. To call these videos how to kick your face like a ho by the way Mika knows more like Mika, hos all, my god I need to go Mika home cuz that was me God whoa. Gonna. Be my worst video manager now that that's sitting on my face I'm gonna go ahead and use my favorite Elgin s splash moisturizer. I like to put it on top of the tan because I feel like they just mixed, together really well like that I don't fucking know anything, about anything, so maybe that's just like a total lie and I'm doing it all wrong and that's why I have wrinkles at 19 what I love this moisturizer though I always tell you guys my skin is literally like drier, than, like your grandma's, pussy so that was gross I'm really sorry I made you think about your grandma's pussy I bet when you watch lies the co she she doesn't make you think about your grandma's pussy and that's why she's more successful, than me but. Now. All of you og Tanna fans that have been watching how to kick your face like a pros are going to be very shocked at this but I'm gonna be using the Too Faced primed, and peachy, primer instead, of benefit, Porefessional I have been obsessed with this for the past like four or five months it, pretty much does the exact same thing as benefit Porefessional it, just smells like peaches and it's like cooling, on your skin and I also think it's a little more moisturizing, and a little less silicone. II if that makes sense and it smells really good I also have a lot of acne right now which I'm sure is standing out because everything, mikonos is white and then there's just like little red, dots all over my face what's like contrast, but like my bad skin like, why do I want to just like stop getting ready like why do I feel glowy why do I feel like Corinne AQAP's except, like way uglier, I just. Had to dig for my Beauty Blender for like 30 minutes and this nasty, abyss that is my makeup bag my translucent powder exploded, on the way over here and it literally looks like someone did like five lines of coke and just like sneezed, all over my makeup bag now I'm gonna wet my Beauty Blender with like a three day old bottle, of water because I'm a beauty, guru it's spilling on my leg, life. Hack am i right lady now even though a lot of things are changed up in my makeup routine as, you guys know I am and always will be a full coverage ass bitch so I still, use my Marc Jacobs remarkable, foundation, I have tried so many foundations, in the past few months I've even been kind of trying to switch it up and find something new but this is just so perfect for the longest time I was shade 27, though and now I've been shade 34, beige medium, so, at least you changed my shade it's also literally covered in white powder like hate, myself what if it was just Coke and off camera I was like now. I'm gonna put this on in the viewfinder like, the classy. Ass bitch, that I am okay wait I really can't do this in the viewfinder I'm, gonna come back to you when it's all over my face and the walls there's. A literally a giant. Ass bug oh my god no do I pour water on it do I put water do, I do i oh. Okay. It's crawling away my. Girl in the fucking, time span that I was gone which I want to express to you was literally, a minute I managed, to lose the Black Beauty blender that I wet have to find a new Beauty Blender but it was like a different, glass bottle of water my life is so hard and this beauty blender has like cracks in it and it's like so, close to being like just, as bad as the Beauty Blender in that one video where the girl has like maggots, crawling out of your Beauty Blender you know the one so that's fucking gross and inconvenient, and describes my life completely and that's why I'm not a beauty guru but now I'm gonna hop into putting on concealer really, quickly this is tart shape tape in medium.

I Definitely could go for some light medium but, what you own do trying a little weed leaf on my forehead because I haven't been high in like five days and it's actually. So, hard and now I'm gonna take my maggot-infested Beauty, Blender and I'm gonna take my mad con infested, Beauty won wow, she, sure was gone I set my face with Laura Mercier translucent powder. Because, I sure, will not be having flashback, as white as these buildings hearing freeze that's my nipples so sorry, again now. I'm gonna take my favorite bronzer right now which is to face chocolate gold so late. It's. Like broken, and, that's like super, new Wow my, life is just a giant, sum, of minor, inconveniences. That I can't really bitch too hard about because I live a great life my $40 bronzers broken but I'm in Mykonos so like shut the fuck up dumb bitch but like also this sucks so when I'm going full glam I still, use my Kat Von D shade and light palette like I literally have it right here and I drop my eyebrow brush another, minor inconvenience. With Janna but what I'm going for something quicker and softer, like today of contour, heavily, with the bronzer, i Minister does I've done that I'll take the brush and just do like a light dusting or on my whole face so my whole thing is like bronzy, but like the fat areas, are contoured a little more you know so basically just apply, more where you would contour, I don't know why I couldn't explain it like that, versions of a high school dropout why, would that be like my memoir, like there's, like Sisterhood, of the Traveling, Pants like Confessions, of a Teenage Drama, Queen like, Junie B Jones my diary and mine would just be like confessions, of a high school dropout also fully, coining, the phrase spray, tan and hot cheetos like that might be the title of my book I also love the fact that I just claimed that like anyone else would ever want that phrase like most people just wash their hands pana shout out to face tune smooth though because anything I really do wrong you know just fix their that's like my makeup to ever I'm like just do your best with the bronzer if it's bad just smooth it in facetune okay now as always I'm gonna fill in my eyebrows with Urban Decay faint eyeshadow. I'm gonna be super sloppy about this lately, I've just been not carrying, as hard about my brows which might not be a good thing my brows are also super.

Super On, tweeze, right now in like cave girl because I forgot to bring tweezers, to grease so I feel like they honestly, have no hope I love that something it's like a beauty guru would never come on her videos and be like yeah I just feel like my eyebrows have no hope so. Yeah I'm gonna do these really quickly and sloppily, and, then. I'll be back I told you they were gonna be bad in my defense the next thing I'm gonna say is totally, redundant, and I realize, how, uninformed, and, behind. On the times I, sound saying, this but I just learned something recently, that changed my life and 99%. Of the population learned, this like two years ago but it is cleaning up my brows with concealer, I know a big shot comes heart-shape tape and all I really do is just dot a little bit of it under the and. Falling apart like the, ridge post Malone way just to make the regular, way ya know just ride your vest but 7, a.m.. And, so I really just dot a little bit of it under the arch and this helps so much if you're a lazy ass grimy bitch like me and you don't tweeze your eyebrows, enough, and then once I have it on there I way too afraid, of commitment and fucking things up in every, aspect of my life but I put the brush away and then just take my finger and kind of pat in the concealer, so that it's a little less harsh now that all of that is done I'm just gonna take my Kat Von D locket setting spray and just fucking on. Vacations, in places where it's more humid though this shit like saves my life seriously, it glues down your makeup I'm also so the type of person to wear my makeup on like four planes in a day and like sleep in it and like all that kind of stuff so when she says lock it sister means lock it so now I'm super weird but after I set my face I like to go in with this little like highlight a blush e-products I feel like if I put this on my face before, I said it did the setting spray kind of like mattifies, it and it's way prettier if I put it like on top of the setting spray I don't know this is Mac gold deposit I just, recently picked this up it's like a super, pretty I guess you would say it's a highlighter but it's kind of like golden e in a little dark as you've seen by my past few videos I've been a little to oranjee in spray tan but this complements, that nicely so making the best out of a bad situation, and then I just take also my skin being like a little bit damp from the setting spray I feel like really enhances, the pigmentation, of this I could be totally wrong again I don't know shit and then in true James Charles fashion I'm gonna put a little bit down the bridge of my nose really, helps make my botched nose job a little better the next step changed, my life. So I've been seeing these Stila, liquid, eyeshadows, absolutely. Everywhere, I've seen everyone use them but I've never gotten around to try them and when I filmed with Jeffrey I finally, tried one for the first time and it literally changed my life basically it's just a cream eyeshadow by Stila it's super metallic he's super coyly super, glittery in this little tube with like a doe foot applicator and, I was always super intimidated, by them always super intimidated, by creme shadows, always super intimidated, by like super glitter whatever but I finally got one of my own in the shade kit in the super pretty like pinky, gold Denis bronzy, Capri, I just named like five colors and they're all like totally different but like figure it the fuck out on your own and before doing anything to my eye I literally, just take this product and go all over my eye and I'm not gonna lie to you guys you, and I both know if you're subscribed to me if you stand me if you fuck with me all five, of you I'm not good at makeup I'm not gonna dye shadow I'm lazy I don't like anything, that requires anything, more, than minimal, effort and I feel like for a lazy ass bitch this is the easiest, best product, in the world that not only makes it look like you tried but also that you know what you're doing and like if you have to get up early, and go to like work everyday but you want to look put together you want to go to school and look like you like tried but you're like totally now you're fucking lazy how do you want to look at you're not fucking lazy does the best product in the world I wish this watching, me so as you can see my lids are not like glittery and super cute like fave I'm literally almost done it's time for lashes I have, the, most exciting, news for you motherfuckers, if you've ever watched any video of me getting ready ever you know I'm obsessed with Lily lashes Miami they're my favorite lashes on the planet so much so that I've spent the last year, buying them oh my god I'm so humble, again I blink buy my lashes like my life is the word that's not what I meant there's, no other lash on the market it is as good as a Lily lash Miami there's something it does for my face it makes me look like a girl it makes my lashes look long another, litter, --all choads, if you put them on well enough people think they're real I don't always do that I'm not that talented but they're literally just the best lashes in the game and then Lily lashes started sending me some and I was like super excited about just that over the past year I just been promoting, them about a code and Lily lashes finally, hit me up and said hey Tana do you want a code for your followers and I'm like well I mean I've wanted one for the past year but no I'm Jake I'm super excited they finally gave me a code you can use KOAT Anna for like 15 percent off I think it might be ten percent I don't know I love having a code in knowing nothing about it but if you guys want to save some money on them I know that they're pricey and I can't wait to literally, say use KOAT Anna for 10% off every 30 seconds, especially, around James so, without further ado I'm gonna go throw my Lily lashes, style Miami news coat Anna for 10% off on my eyes and I will be right back ten years later I am back I got caught up taking, slutty boomerangs, in the mirror I glued, my lashes on I threw on a coat of my all-time favorite, Too Faced better than sex mascara waterproof, because, I'm like totally.

Gonna Swim in my makeup no I'm just kidding waterproof, because I cry myself to sleep now oh my, god I being so morbid in today's video nasally. I'm only like a half serious, so low-key after gluing my eyelashes, on I felt like my eyes, was a little too light so I'm gonna grab this huda beauty palette, and take this shade called Eden, it's just like this little peachy shade and the top love this palette highly, recommend it and I'm gonna take a Mac two to four brush this is a mini one cuz I bought it in an airport not that you care I'm, just gonna dust some of that color into my crease to give the glittery shadow some like dimension. And depth look at me using, words like I know what they fucking mean also, not pulling, my eye while putting on eyeshadow and like creating 100 wrinkles is so, hard for me and again that's why I love the glitter shadow because even throwing just, this shade on top with that looks so, pretty I, feel like putting eyeshadow on my lower lash line is so vital, for me like my makeup instantly, looks 10 times better I don't know what it is this eyebrow is definitely better so I'm just gonna spend the rest of my day talking to people like this and, now last but certainly not, least you already know what the fuck going on Mac Baldy bear lip pencil and it's literally insane even, though my lips are huge the fake vicini, still, wants, to over line and I have to have like a mental conversation, with myself every day even if you over line you're not gonna look like Kylie Jenner I feel like I'm constantly actually, having an existential crisis, with myself I'm like even if you get pregnant you won't be like Kylie Jenner if you date a soundcloud rapper it won't be like Kylie and Travis you're 1/3 Crunchwrap, supreme this week isn't gonna go to your ass like Kylie it's gonna go to your stomach and then you're gonna look pregnant but not even cute like Kylie's so, at. Least when Kylie Jenner face students she doesn't make the walls curvy, to you like that I'm just lining my lips well yelling Kylie Jenner things at my phone so yeah once my lips are line even that's a look low-key sometimes I like wearing this liner with gloss over it but today I'm gonna throw on Mac honey love lipstick, on top of that and there we have it a simple light glam using. Some new products, some old ones some old ones that I have codes for now link in description, but here in Mykonos holy shit I had a really good time getting ready with you guys even though sometimes I need a break there's nothing, more therapeutic in the world than sitting down in front of my camera and just like shit talking to you guys like that is what I love to do like there is no better mental, high for me other than like we'd obviously but, like they don't have that in Greece I am so annoying in this video thank you for loving me anyway but yeah I'm gonna shut the fuck up now I hope you guys enjoy going from mica No - mica ho.

Every. Second of every day I wish I had a live studio audience like, following me around laughing at the stupid should I say like that was like 10 out of 10 and like. So. Thank you guys as always for watching me and supporting, all of the stupid little random, videos I make and just loving me for who I am because even in moments where everything feels really shitty the one thing that is so constant is you guys's love and I'm so fucking grateful for that and on top of that thank you for giving me everything I have I know I've said this for ever and ever and I never won't sound cheesy but I have every single thing I have in this life because of the people who watch my videos and I wouldn't be here I wouldn't be doing this I wouldn't be doing anything that I'm doing I wouldn't be alive for that matter if it wasn't for the people that support me you guys saved my life and continue to save it every day and the fact that I ever even get the opportunity to do that for even one person let alone millions changes, my life like I sat down to film my first video with the intent of making one person smile and just sit here as 3.3, million subscribers, and not only be on one of my channels and not even think about any other platform, you know it's so crazy and surreal and to be sitting rumiko know somewhere that I never thought I would be it's, just it's crazy and I'm super emotional and cheesy and I know that you guys are probably so sick of me being like this in my videos like three years later but I fucking, love you and I wouldn't be shit without you so thanks for getting ready with me naked and mikonos like a slut I love, how I'm like so emotional at the end of a video that I've been like naked and the entire time I love you guys so much thank you for watching as always make sure to subscribe click that little bell to turn your notifications on, subscribe to my vlog channel below for all of the vlog content from all of the vacations, I've been on including, this one follow on my social media because you really don't want to miss the crazy shit I've been keeping you guys updated with on there if you really fucking with me you can grab a phone case or Tanic on merch those will be linked below but I'm finally, going to shut the fuck up now and try to enjoy mikonos for a couple hours so thank you guys so much for watching I love you so much and I will talk to you in the next video bye.

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12:28 gave me life. tana ignore all this hate. everyone who posts hate comments is shitty and has nothing better to do because they’re jealous of your fame and personality.

bitchyy kayy stfu she made people stand in the sun for hours and pass out and not even address it

I've been a fan for three years and today I didn't even hesitate unsubbing today. I always told myself you were a good person. Even when the n word stuff came about (yes i am also a fan of idubbbz, big deal). But after tanacon i went back to the tana callout and slowly agreed with everything he was saying. Tana, you ruined my cousins 15th and hurt so many others. You don't even have the balls to own up to your mistakes but instead, make some snapchats claiming the victim?? I'm beyond disgusted. At least give people an apology. -an ex fan

Also what a fucking thumbnail

Alyssa next time show us your sexy fukn bobs

Put your head in an oven and you’ll look better

anyone else watch over 100 videos of how much Tanacon sucked? no? ok

I got clickbaited, not gunna lie I earned the blue balls

Hate this channel's content. Such garbage.


I want my mother FUCKING money BITCH

wabalaba dabawap

The face of positivity

ppl are so dramatic tana ilysm idc that tanacon didn't go to plan it was like money i wasted all the time ilysm that it doesn't really phase me soo

you are fugly

Wow. What a fucking thot

You are incredibly ugly. Inside and out.

Your pathetic for scamming everyone at Tanacon

Ur cancelled

Who needs makeup? when your sweating in the heat

You don't look into the viewfinder. You look at yourself when you film. You're only watching the preview screen.


Cringiest shit I have ever seen. She acts like a slutty teenager, people enjoy this content?

Vidcon was right about you. Scammer goose!

Half of the shit she is saying is actually true. Her bullshit voice isn't going to cover it for me. We want REFUNDS poor ass. Btw, your manager sucks. Lay off the botox, drugs and fillers.

Too busy getting that sponsorship dollar to address the fans you hurt

It hurts to unsubscribe because I’ve always rooted for her, but to see what she’s become is truly the saddest shit ever.. every video lately is just her being thotty and self absorbed.... over it

Fucking tanacon cringe

Tana make a music vid addressing the hate and about Tanacon you gave your all for it and they don’t get it

Lol I can't... A sponsored makeup video right after your massive disastrous event instead of an apology video to all the fans you've mistreated and disappointed. Well, guess you have to pay for those refunds somehow.


I love u so much ♥️

why does she even have fans?


7k people went TanaDISASTERcon and paid for your trip, yeah?

Do you breathe

Is anyone really surprised TanaCon was a disaster? Even if she was genuinely trying to make it the best she could, Tana has an unprecedented track record of being late, flaky, etc. She has this sense of entitlement that she can do whatever whenever and people will continue to worship her. She blows people off like they don't even matter to her because they don't. She just wants that YT money. Fame got to her head and now she's giving all these false promises so fans will take the bait, and they have. I mean really? Gift bags for VIP members quadruple the price of tickets and all they get are stickers and a condom?

Say Nigger


say N I G G E R

why don't you all unsub the this fake little bitch , and let her work for the money, instead of partying all the time,

hey tana, how was tanacon?

Make a video on how to be the con in Tanacon.

Mole rat

I didn’t go to tanacon so I can’t relate to the people who lost money so I’m not going to say too bad so sad to them but I also do believe that people should get refunds. But people should stop giving Tana so much shit. YouTube is supposed to be a place were people make friends, tell crazy and embarrassing stories, to express yourself and most of all people have formed community’s that are like one big family. Let me ask people this, if one of your best friends or a family member screwed up would you so mad as to stop talking to them, to disown them, no you forgive them and let bygones be bygones. So Tanacon was a bust you can’t blame it all on her. I really hope people don’t unsubscribe from not only Tana but the other creators that went to Tanacon. This was all just a huge misunderstanding and hopefully people will move forward. I love you Tana don’t let this stop you from doing whatever comes next for you


So i have my vid on pause and m here just to enjoy the comments

Is she a motivational speaker ? Why people wanted to go and see her ? To me she just a normal girl talking all things unimportant. Is she like the pope, a spiritual leader giving out advices for people ? Is she a person of honor who self-sacrifices for the better of the community ? Get some better rolemodels, keep following this moving rock and you'll find out what the emptiness of the soul feel's like.

Did she say we don't have weed lmaooo sweetie...

The thumbnail doesn't appear in the video.

fuck u,, u fucking liar

tanacon was a fucking flop

She’s probably gonna address tanacon in like 2 years when it’s irrelevant and lowkey lie T_T.

I already have that game and every time I open the app my mom goes

I was never a fan, I never would have been anyway, but scamming literally tens of thousands of people into spending thousands of dollars is plain bitchy. Like tf? A girl was sent to the hospital, thousands of people got severe sunburns, and let’s not forget the Fact that you got a venue for 1000 people and 5000 people bought tickets before hand.

I love watching the subscriber count go down

I can’t wait for the content deputy Idubbbz is gonna make. Kids don’t watch this trash or idolize this bullshit

None of your videos been popping up Nd I have your post notifications on .

She clearly has no respect for anyone if she’s posting videos like this when she’s just went and scammed thousands of people... glad we could help you fund your vacation though☺️!! Thief.

so nooottt actually naked. Psh, click bait af.

You are already a hoe Tana you don't need makeup for that!

Lip injections

Fuck you

Ik I’m late on this comment but uh!! Tanacon was awful.... I hated it

god how does she have fans? you're not poor tana. it's very clear you have a fuck ton of money. stop trying to be relatable and joke about how little money you have when you probably spend more money in a day than most of your fans do in months. it's cringey and uncomfortable to watch. stop with the drugs. they're ruining you.

Hey so this is to everyone, I have been reading a ton of these comments. And have you ever heard don’t fight fire with fire? By just saying rude and offensive things won’t change anything and will just cause more drama and hurt feelings. I wasn’t at tanacon but I know what happened and have watched so many “tanacon experience” videos and yes her Convention was disorganized and not prepared and caused many many people to be annoyed and frustrated but I know tana didn’t purposely “scam” or anything to make money of off her fans . She honestly was trying to do a good thing and make it a amazing experience which did not work out at all but no one is perfect and she has never tried something like hosting an event like that. No one is perfect and it’s one thing to express you feelings and opinions nicely but doing it harshly and rude isn’t right. Two wrongs don’t make a right. If everyone could just mature and handle this situation maturely and not saying rude things I think it would make it a lot better. Because being rude and saying mean things to people just makes them defensive but saying your experience and or opinion civilly and nicely will be more affective because wouldn’t you not read hate and hurtful comments and instead read nice criticism and not act defensive. What happened at the event was ridiculous yes but tana wasn’t expecting that many people to show up and not knowing what to do with the situation. It’s easy to stay stuff online but really think to yourself and ask is it helpful? Is it kind? And if it’s not then it’s probably not worded right or just mean.

This. This is the reason this dumb bitch and other idiots like Jake/Logan Paul are still popular, because their fans will make excuses for them till the end of time since they're unable to see through their BS. But w/e, have fun supporting your crusty creator when she lets you down again lol

I love you so much tana. Keep your head up girl, your message behind tanacon is so dope and you did the best you can in the time you did it in. I've been watching you since day one & I've learned through you videos and social media that you are an actual genuine dope ass person and care genuinely for you fans and wouldn't mean to upset us. I love you more than you'll know

omg the lashes really made a huge difference

U always talk down on urself , but your a really great person . Your so pretty and u really need to give urself more credit than what u already do

ha face of positivity my ass

The sad thing is I don't even want her to make a Tanacon video because I can not remember a time where Tana has been involved in a scandal and told the truth or not lied nor bullshitted the whole time in the big "meaningful video". I don't understand why anyone believes a word this bitch says anymore because she stays lying and abusing her viewers trust.

Fucking scam artist. REFUND EVERYONE'S MONEY

Lol what do you mean "like a hoe?" You already are a hoe.


Tanacon who??? I only know tanaflop (a.k.a queen of scams)

We love a sponsored shista

Video starts at 20:38.

You are a child

vid actually starts at 6 40

"Let me just spend all of this money I scanned from parents of tweens and travel around the world. Hah like that's soooooo cool. Look at all the things I can do with scammed money, hahaha. I don't know when I became that bitch, but I like it and don't care, hahahaha" Refund everyone's fucking money. You're literal trash.

I don’t understand why she has enough fans to create a con in the first place lmao


also it's not her fault that so many people showed up to tanacon, it was a terrible incident and no one's fault. yes she could've done things better for example separating the VIP line and free ticket line but what the hell can she do to thousands of unexpected people who just showed up

cheybomar yes, you are right

Emilia Tervala she could refund everyone's money. Ticket money AND travel money. She needs to take responsibility for her mistakes and stop fussing over the fact that "15 ThOuSnD pEoPle" showed up. A girl left the venue in an ambulance for I don't know what reason, at least her money should be given back. Or her hospital visit should be paid for. People traveled from around the world to see Shane since he said he was going to be ther, so obviously, there's going to be a shit ton of people wanting to go. For Shane. He's been on YouTube for years, he has a ginormous fan base. And when he says he's gonna be at some event, a shit ton of people follow, to see him.

this is so funny

Return the money scam

bitch why do you look like you aged 10 years in the matter of months

Damn so ugly lol

Why are you so trash at youtube that you have to make it click bait?

Everyone is saying that she genuinely tried, and it was her first convention or whatever... She did it just to compete with vidcon. She didn't do it for the fans. She's too caught up in her ego. It was a disaster from the start. If she actually cared about the people who showed up, she would of spent more time planning it, providing necessities, and not lying about half of the things she said was going to happen. All of this bullshit was just a little temper tantrum because vidcon doesn't let her go as a featured creator. You make the tickets free, and don't expect 15 thousand people to show up? You don't provide special access to the people who paid 60 to 200 dollars on your failure of a convention. I didn't go. I don't care enough to go, but it actually blows my mind that someone could be this ignorant, and petty.


Tana you gotta let me do your hair! I swear I would would look so nice. Ughhh

Your the fkng best ! You make youtube better !

Rip Tanacon *it deserved to die just like you*

I used to watch tana a long time ago when she was just a girl in her rooms making regular funny videos. Now I just don’t like her and her demeanor I come from time to time to see if she’s back to normal but she tries so hard and she looks terrible she’s only 19. Glad I unsubscribed lol bye

I just realized that I wasn’t subscribed to Tana but I know for a fact I’ve been subscribed since before she ever reach 1Million. Tf

Literally was blinded by the white behind Tana in this video as soon as I clicked on it

So are we just not gonna talk about the mess called tanacon

3:08 I just subscribed so I could unsub. And Jesus Christ, make an apology video already.

First video girl heyy and how dope I like you ❣️

bahaha I love you so much

scotts tots vibes

What a genuine, self entitled, dickhead. “Boo boo, I wasn’t a featured creator last year at Vidcon and my ‘safety’ was compromised and here’s an 80 minute rant about it. You know what?! I’m going to make my own event with very little planning and it’ll show them!”. Fast forward and you’re blaming everyone else, your friends are blaming everyone else, Shane ‘conspiracy theorist black face’ Dawson is blaming everyone else and you’ve been found out again just what a cunt you are. All your ‘stories’ are bullshit, your attitude is bullshit. You’re just another zero talented Youtuber who thinks the world owes them because a bunch of 6 to 16 year olds watch you turn on a camera and spew utter shit and then believe it. Go fuck yourself.

Ik it isn’t your fault and I sucks that people are putting blame on just you. But the security would let ppl saying there get to there rooms

Rocks for brains..

Girl I don't know what went down but you lost a lot of subscribers u better find a way to fix this even a little bit luv u but this is really hurting your image

Not a good look

Just patiently waiting for an apology video ...

Why I won’t have a only child

Hey girl! Keep your head up everything gets easier

happy birthday tana!


Remember 2015 tana who said she would never be sponsored and never be a sell out? *sips tea*

6:37 uuummmmmmm

10,000 people + Burning heat + shit security + trash gift bags + huge scam = Tanacon

70k thumbs up and only 8.4k thumbs down? After giving thousands of people cancer in the sun and stealing their money? Damn y'all really must not have any self respect.

give these people a refund! They got tortured for hours and PAYED FOR IT. Yet thousands of people forgave you and continue to support you. Give back for once. Be the good person that your fans see in you.

shes annoying

Im sorry but this was the worst video I have ever seen. You look disparate for attention & it’s not cute at all

This bitch really in Mýkonos enjoying her time, less than a week after Tanacon without even making a video to something to address what happened?? I didn’t go/never planned on going but if she doesn’t give refunds I’m going to be so pissed.

Just read that this was actually a recorded video but Jesus Christ still. She really decided to post this video without properly giving a public explanation about TanaCon first? I feel like that should be top priority for her

Her intro seems different than usual

Wasted times

Omgg my cousin is In Mykonos and we’re Greek ughhh I wish I could go nowww

This video sums up the life of a famous talentless white girl soooo perfectly. She complains about shit then tries to correct herself with a roast about herself and then goes back to complaining like it's some kind of weird twisted cycle. Cocaine is one hell of a drug.

I love the internet

She protecc She attacc But most importantly She doesn’t give people’s money bacc

Is tanacondoms still avaible??

Ur whole personality is rough, this video idea, the “jokes” you say, ur whole , I came from nothing and look at me now, persona is repetitive . This video seemed like a big fuck you to your fans bc it shows how little care for what had happened @ tanacon and ur trying to sweep it under the carpet as if it never happened . lost hella respect for you smh

Why don't people see that when they Botox it just looks like they're reacting badly to a million bees fucking their face

Anyone else notice her teeth in the first clip?

how is she 19??? she looks like she is 50 +

I'm not even watching the video

Damn. Your face getting faker and faker by the minute.

You have 20 and already look like a fucked up 30+

Your retarded

I didn’t even know about Tanacon but sis apologize like what are you doing??

She looks like a fucking meth head without makeup lmao.

How does she have any fans?

*Bitch better have my money* *Bitch better have my money*


Say nigger


She looks like shit


you ugly fuck

She is fuckin ugly



Fuck haters ur the best.

Just apologize for Tanacon! (you keep saying your grateful, for what no-one is sure) your fans at least deserve that !!

why u no verified

Do her lips get bigger every time she lies cus damn them shits big

Not here to watch to just hate

she a liar and she always late but omg POOR TANA :( nobody should have to put themselves down 50 times in 1 second asdgsjsk

You’re a fucking absolute idiot tana

FART (cody ko)

When you look 35 without makeup and 22 with makeup

she should make a video called, " how to deny that you did something wrong like a pro: tanacon edition" who else isnt a supporter anymore?

Dang Tana You’re busted :)

WAIT WHAT Y R TANAS TEETH ACTUALLY PLEASING oof but only the first clip ;))))) love ya shishter

Your fans are just as retard and ridiculous as you.

Just ran across this individual a few minutes ago when my live feed popped up something called Tana Con. Sheesh 3.5 million subscribers? I mean oh dear well gee yikes. Maybe we are in end times after all. Oh well I still wish her all the best.

So people paid for an event that she said lied about then kept all Your guys money

You guys need to stop. She messed up. It was a massive mistake. But people make mistakes. I make mistakes. You make mistakes. It might not be letting down tons of people. But that is bc you wouldn’t be brave enough to attempt this in the first place. She is amazing, hilarious, and beautiful. Get your refunds, put on some damn aloe Vera, and calm down. She tried her best. We over react over a lot of things. She understands her mistake guys. She is trying to fix it. She will figure it out. She is a strong person. I love her no matter what she did. This will blow over soon. Stay strong Tana!!!! (You don’t even need to comment “your a jake pauler” I am. I know that is coming. But if it gives you satisfaction, feel free to cuss me out if you want!)

Lol. You do get why people are still upset at you, right? Don't even attempt to get a sympathy card from us because it ain't gonna work, hoe.. YOUR TANACON FLOPPED, WE CARE MORE ABOUT THE REFUND THAN YOUR EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING, THANK YOU! TanaCon: Time and Money *WASTED*and not even a sincere fucking apology issued, wtf?!



I'm sorry but someone has to say this but stop gloating yourself and thinking everybody's gonna think your the face of "positivity" nobody's gonna forget about the idubbbz incident than again I'm not trying to start shit just saying

It's hilarious how her fans are defending her. She made a huge fuck-up and deserves all of the backlash especially considering she has not taken responsibility and apologized smh

I love sunburnts thank you for it


Dang... Her face without makeup really looks like a peeled potato.

Your con was awful, you only did it to compete with VidCon.

Just do porn already

I love you

Am I the only one who actually likes her now lol

I’ve never laughed so hard

You're starting to look like a bloated pig.

What happened at Tanacon that was so bad ( I don’t watch her a lot )

So wait, shes dating bella right?

Honestly leave tana alone you fucking cunts let her be

oh no Tana baby what is you doing...I'm genuinely concerned for you. The self depreciation + the drug references are honestly a bit alarming. I say this as gently as possible but girl get some help. I fear the downward spiral will get even more out of control then it already is. You deserve genuine happiness and I don't think that lies in drugs and expensive items. I really hope you will get help because I truly believe you're not a bad person who is capable of so many things. And I truly believe you could be an exceptional role model you say you want to be. Get yourself out of the destructive behaviors before it's to late

I just watched her very first 3 videos from like 3 or 4 years ago and she was very pretty. Sheesh those ads gave her money to spend on lip injections

If you breathe you’re a thot

honestly stop hating on tana this whole comment section is just trashing her stop being rude u guys are annoying trying to complain and complain.

Lol you dumbfuck cunt, nice fail and 7lt8mate fuckup there right in front of vidcon proving you aren't shit. Eat a bag a dicks and choke on one. Lol, fuck your dumb drone cunt blind followers too. Lol Defranco for the win!!

Yaaaall- she pre-filmed this x_x Waaay before Tanacon even happened so chilllllll

I just came here to see all the Tana con comments who else did ?

why is this bitch still relevant?

I like how her channel didn't die yet

Do you remember the time where you tweeted to idu s that he should kill himself for saying nigger even tho u say it all the time in your tweets and then he went to your show and wanted a picture of u guys and then he said say nigger as a joke but u took it way too far and ran out yelling omg idubs ahhhhh yea remember that good times right

Idc what happened at con I still fuck hard w you boo

Still waiting for that apology video

*a girl went to the hospital at TanaCON **_an apology video ain't gonna make up for that shi-_*

it wasn't her fault the convention didn't work out like it should of. she didn't know what to expect. she was doing it for her fans to have a good time. people (her fans) came up with the name tanacon, she didn't. don't come at her bc u have no idea what it would be like to be in her position.

Greece doesn’t want you

I have to unsubscribe :/ After being a long time fan... and seeing what took place at Tanacon... and how she hasn’t even attempted an apology or resolution... I mean I didn’t even go and I’m screaming refund! I think Tana let the clout and the petty vidcon rivalry come before the safety of the fans

But Tana, you don’t even have to put makeup on to look like a hoe

"I'm not gonna be another blonde bimbo on youtube" yeah riiiight..

u r not just a lazy ass gal, u r basically a spoiled brat

Damn Girl!!! Ian fucked you good

did she get veneers or something? her teeth look straight recently You a hoe alright...

ILY Tana ♥️❤️

we love tana finally giving codes for make up products

James Charles is sHoOk

holyy this comment section is a lot...whoooo

Look so ugly without makeup

shameless, hopeless, you have no talent.

You are ugly Your channel already killed by Idubzz n you kill ur self in tanacon No one should sponsor you You dont deserve in this world You aint nicest person You thot bitch Racist cunt Hypocrite Kill yourself bitch

this is shit

I came here after watching idubzztv

Mo friend went to Tanacon and now has rlly bad sunburn and her back was super painful, are you gonna talk about it ?

Hunti refund these people before it gets worse

I don’t understand how she has subscribers???

Dumb whore

Any smaller youtubers want to support each other?

That baby talk shit has gotten pretty old. You look like a blown out puffer fish with gonzos nose


Okay I use to not like tana but now she’s so relatable and iconic and she’s had so many controversies and at the time didn’t, she has come back so well. But the tanacon thing was still kinda shitty but also not fully her fault.

WTF is this video? nothing i can say that would change you or get my concern across but DAMN you could have done way better at living. sorry you find yourself in this mental state

“You can take the bitch out of basic, but you can’t take the basic out of bitch”. Everyone at my school

This bitch is ugly AF

stop focusing on being a famous hoe & focus on doing something real with your life instead of stealing money from young fans & their parents.

What a disgusting sellout acne faced bimbo bitch. Holy fuck I've never seen an uglier man without makeup.. I mean woman. I want to vomit just listening to it. I'd fuck this disgusting pig though. I guess that's where the views are coming from. I guess there is a trashy fetish in us all. Who listens to this dumb cunt though, just slide it in those fake ass lips and make her shut the fuck up... just don't look into those gross baggy eyes. Hard for me to believe 3.5 mil people want to fuck this sack of shit tho

I don’t...know why you still have’re a mess wtf

Why do people like this tramp and her long ass boring vids?

sponsorship + people's wasted money on tanacon

"So thank u bricks and balls for helping me eat" yet "I'm making double u" and "if u woulda told poor tana.." sister be consistant

You’re a fucking piece of shit tana how fucking dare you scam the people that made you.



Tana "The Con" Mongeau

No sorry/explanation video about tanacon?

who came because of idubbbz?

She hasnt changed at all idubbbz was right


The goodie bags at tanacon had all the condoms she never used

Wholy shit tana !

Holy shit ! That’s what I mean lol

its sad that we’re the same age, but i feel like even though i dont have a ton of subscribers, nor do i have enough money to be able to even support myself, i still feel like my life is better and more thought out then yours. its sad, really it is.

Seeing people fucking destroying her in the comments is amazing!!



I can’t even do my makeup properly



So where are peoples refunds?

instead of apologizing to tons of fans, she just flew her ass to Greece and enjoyed her vacation lmao.

Lmao such a fucking scam artist

Idubbz is a god.

do you need another content cop?

"face of positivity" Me: *FACE OF A SCAMMER*

Succin too much dick Kylie jenner lips slut

Fuck you white bitch

Whassup? Ticket Scammer!!

You can't even say anything About your event. All these people wasted money to fly from all over to meet u and everyone that was supposed to be at ur event. U should pay everyone back for all the money they wasted on you.

Her beauty makes up for how fucking annoying she is. Does she ever sit back and be like “Jesus no wonder so many people dislike me, I’m an annoying ditz”

Damn, takes y’alls money and goes to Greece LMFAO

You stupid fucking hypocritical over exaggerating bitch and your stupid fucking 12 year old subscribers.... Idubbbz is less racist than you.... and Shane Dawson doesn’t need to be around your retarded ass.....

fucking scammer.... FUCK YOU... GIVE REFUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Surprised there aren’t as many dislikes from the thousands of people that got scammed for a condom. Just wanted to leave this comment didn’t care for the video bye.

Idubbz is coming

She's deleting all the Tanacon comments.

How to Face your hoe like a cake

What a bitch

I knew she was going on a big nice vacation with the momey she took from you followers. She was being petty and she got a good ass amount of vacation money out of it. This is why i love Shane Dawson. He does what he does cuz he enjoys it not for followers or for the money.


I was cringing when you didn't blend the moisturizer on your nose.


I love how the videos get worse but I wanna keep watching hahaa love you tana also guess what I got in a car accident so kool

Scamming Whorebag You’re As Worse As The Paul Brothers

You obviously don’t care about your fans fuck you


TANACON Con is a good word for it.

Legend says fans are still waiting to get their refunds..... Oh wait

Basically you make me laugh but.... Aren't you supposed to address the whole tanacon thing vs uploading a makeup video??? Im apathetic toward most of your scandals but this is ridiculous...

Lips are fucked up

anyone else think that tanas ig pictures look like a whole new bitch? seeing her in videos or on other people's channels always gets me. Like sis facetuned a whole 25 pounds off and gave herself a new face.

Tanacon was the best because I literally go no where else in my life, the only event I've been to was tanacon and so I was just glad to go somewhere.

Can’t believe Shane feels sorry for your stupid ass.

How could you even dare to post after this mess you made?

She only does it for views

Why am I watching s girl Shane Dawson

scamming bitch for real

*tanacon?* more like tanascam

Why the fuck did she ruin her adorable face with fillers and Botox?!

Enjoy our money, robber.

Say n_____

we need a storytime of why you and sister James aren’t friends anymore

“How to create a big disastrous waist of money and time in public and lie to people’s faces about it” tutorial now please. I feel like you would be good at it since you managed to scam millions of people into tanacon! Thanks! ❤️

You have to understand u have a platform that SO MANY impressionable girls are watching and copying. Judging by the videos I saw from tanacon lots of the girls there were acting so disrespectful to their environment and people around them. I just wish you spread more positivity and substance in your channel. Be a good role model in this world. We should promote self love and acceptance.. not self deprecating all the time.. I get that it’s “supposed to be funny” but you do it a lot, and I know so many younger women that watch you and start to copy that behavior. not trying to be a hater but considering what happened this weekend.. maybe it’s time to start being more genuine, mindful and humble...

Your a fucking scam. That was my friends- brothers- sisters-bestfriends-mothers- Daughter that was sitting out there in the heat you fuck

How in the hell is she 19?Stay off of the drugs.

Can she just say she a liar

Is it just me or did her top lip get bigger?

Welp, here right before everyone strikes about tanacon.

RinzlerKia tanascam*

All you guys complaining about tanacon *well i was too broke to come hah*

your face is fake

Fucking Scammer.

ya boi

Can’t wait for a new video coming out soon of her crying in front of the camera, saying she didn’t know the amount of tickets that were given out, playing the victim role harder than Mr. Keem

I would be that audience cos when I laugh you'd swear it's 50 people and not a small dumb bitch like me :))

I hope people sue you. All of the people that got ripped off, that’s a class action lawsuit. Any lawyer will jump on that.


Fuck you tana

Why does she look so old?

tana your face is way to light because of your spray tan


Shane you amazing

literally fuck you for screwing over all those kids who payed for your shit (which was supposed to be free) flopped show 'tAnAcoN'


loving the tutorial!

Hey Tana I didn’t go to Tanacon but I still look up to you and and don’t be scared to come tell us the truth we all believe in you love you sister

Why the fuck do you like troll you should just get a fucking mask to cover that hideous fucking shit you call a face Ps:Tanacon was a shit convention

Hitler so was the holocaust

I hope you die from cancer

Oh she's 19? Explains the video

Kill yourself got damn straight up lying bitch ur videos are fucking trash

I hate you. You made me wait in line for more than 6 hours. It took me so much money to see you and Shane. How could you do this stuff to me? To your fans? I have so many burns on my body. My burns started blistering. You can't do that to someone you clame to love.

Sponsored by racism

lmao obviously an apology video isn't going to fix things, but the fact that there isn't one is extremely disappointing. like??? i thought those were your specialty. considering all the people that were fucked over by poor management (or they were just fucking scammed), i find it astonishing that the only response from you is a shitty instagram live and few tweets. shane's literally doing all the apologizing for you, which is ridiculous. maybe you can do a "story time" about how GoodTime, or whatever the fuck, scammed everyone, instead of actually taking responsibility for yourself, just like always. and really, it doesn't even matter whose fault it is. i just want to know what the fuck happened and what's going to happen to 1. compensate everyone for their time and money, and 2. prevent this from happening in the future. i'm not one to post hate comments, but i'm so fucking upset with this whole thing that i just really wanted to say something about it.

Tana... I've never watched you before, but I've heard you're a bit of a fucking bitch. I heard about the hole TanaCon through Shane, and I really REALLY can't believe you'd do that to people. You let them burn in the sun, you sent a young teenage girl to hospital, you promised them some of there favorite YouTubers and then the only thing you actually gave them was 3rd degree sun burn, you starved them, you left them there with no water, you fucking RUINED so many innocnet people but worst of all you don't come out with a video explaining things like: Why you'd do all this, who the segway guy was, why you lied about having 20,000 people there. You could've explained those things and even better apologised for everything you did to people but no you come out with a makeup tutorial on how to look like a HOE. You're really messed up and horrible, and I really hope people make you wait 8 hours in queue for no reason and make you burn and starve you and let you get so dehydrated you go to hospital. Tana you're a little bitch.


You fucked up

Anyone else here from Shane?

This girl is stupid as hell im done with this thought I’m with idubbbs

It was Good Times’s fault, no doubt

Tana fucking notice me like come on shistar

Tana please read this comment. It won't have any hate or negativity in it I promise. I know some people are giving up on you because they're mad and don't know what happened but trust your guts and make an apology video. it's okay. We know you weren't trying to hurt us. You just wanted to give to us why you never had. I know there's gonna be a lot of fake fans out there claiming you scammed them but most of us know who you are. Your the most caring, loving, giving human being here. I'm glad you have Shane by your side because he'll help you to. Some of us will give you tough love , but sometimes that's for the better. But you'll bounce back and so will we. We'll be there for you just as you have to us. I think I can speak for all that we love you , and take your time , and breathe. You'll get through this.❤️

Linde Leutiger WTF WHERES MY MONEY???!!!!




Anyone else come to the comments section to sit people down and spit facts to their hating faces? No ? Ok.

tana what the hell was up with Tanacon!? You should do a PLANNED Tanacon in Missouri

say *nigger*

The part that you try to make “vulgar” as alright is sick. And you going on holiday when you are a part of shit pit - just proves the point where you exactly like GT because he did same thing ran away. You afford Mykonos, you should afford refunds to people who actually GIVE A SHIT about your life and actually pays your bills, thats the least u can do. How the fuc* having a platform like this you don’t want be better? Transform to someone who has respect.



Fuck this lying whore



Tanacon— the next worse thing thT happened then her face when she yawns hahahah

You look like a cow and i got brain cancer from hearing you spew nonsense

Wow the only good thing abt the video was The scenery she showed. Dislike deserved

Dislike as soon i saw. Fakest as u can be !! Damn oldie


Im sorry gor everything Good times did to you

How's your trip to Greece with everyone's money. Including mine. And you where right piece of shit fits just right

Cody May she went here before tanacon. check when it was posted

Stay Strong

i cant belived you did that to all those people

All these hate comments omg leave tana alone! Its not her fault that the fans got scammed!

Yo. Fix broken makeup by pouring a bit of rubbing alcohol on the broken powder and press it all together.

You are the epitome of a classless, ignorant, conceited Becky....An ugly talent and an oversized ego. How are you going to payback all the people you conned??? Where's your apology??? Disgusting.

Your YouTube career is over best to hit up college

Tana this is after tanacon has happened and I want you to know if you ever see this I don’t believe this is your fault and I love you you are my inspiration and still are I am sorry for people who attended tanacon and had had it bad tana I I love you so much and I think there is a good majority of people who think this wasn’t your fault. Tana never forget you still have fans that love you

Unsubscribed. :(

Stop talking and get in with the makeup

5:45 video starts

You’re such a piece of shit dude, you’re fine after everything that happened? Do you not feel bad? You’re a BITCH

I lowkey don't know what to think


watch Shane’s video please, it really explains everything

Fucking lying bitchhh


You are a clickbaity bitch that make autistic nine year olds think you actually do shit

The shit your fans went thru was terrible. It’s not being addressed by you and that’s disgusting. Poor kids came to your event that went to shit and spent their money that they don’t have. Lost so much respect for you. I feel bad for your fans that got burnt and was dehydrated.

Tana doesn't deserve hate, she was lied too(at least let her try too explain her side, that's all I'm saying) Good luck Tana

The video title isn't correct, let me fix it. HOW TO CAKE YOUR FACE LIKE TANA MONGEAU: NAKED IN MYKONOS EDITION Your welcome



Tana. I know that you may never read this comment, I feel that you wanted this with the best intentions for your fans. It’s not your fault. You were lied to as much as the fans that attended tanacon. I don’t blame you. Just know that we still love you, and it’s not your fault.

Oh Hell No, Your YouTube Career Is Over.


Guys did you know that she said the n word

You look old like 30 or 35

y’all annoying ass hoes, tana deadass literally could not wait for tanacon to happen. she wanted it to happen. the reason it failed was because of michael and his “team.”

hey how bout u guys check out shane's video, the "truth" about TanaCon

when your teeth change mid video


Nice scam you bitch

Your an a average blonde bimbo YouTuber

u r a hoe





Such a wannabe Jenna Marbles...

what a queen

hey tana..i just watched shane's video about TanaCon and i dont blame u ok. I could clearly hear it in ur voice that u want to make things right. I barely know much about u but i can see that you truely truely care about those who came to TanaCon. Keep it up girl dont listen to those who wanna bring u down. And all of us need you to stay strong.You r probably not gonna see this but i just wanted to put that out there. This sounds really cheesy

She can make a make up video, but she can't make an apology video...?

Everyone needs to fuck off tanas dick about TanaCon. She was just a face not the actual planner. Yeah she fucked up trusting the wrong people but it’s not her fucking fault.

Hey Tana. Ik you've been having struggles lately after Tanacon. It's not your fault, you did all the research you could do and Michael and GoodTimes should've considered people's safety. They shouldn't have been selfish and lied. The fact that Michael left and didn't help with transportation for the people to get home and no refunds is bull. So don't blame yourself you just wanted to give people something that they could do to meet other famous people who don't do VidCon. Don't blame yourself, your amazing and don't forget that. Love you

Who came here after Shane’s video about tanacon???

wow your a goalie for a dart club, right?

can everyone stop hating thanks boos’

I came from Shane's channel... Listen to that big hearted man. If he recommends something go for it.

Fucking fraud ass bitch

I love you so much even though you make mistakes I will always support you ❤️❤️

My name is Mika

Tana is 19 and in a beautiful country. I’m 19, a nurse and struggling to pay my bills stuck in the boring ass state of Ohio. Glad I’m doing great in life..

You fucked people over at tanacon and your just hanging out traveling. Like ya. Ok

Content cop 2

mostra tetas



Tanna is my girl and i will have her back and support her by any means possible


I wish i could just go to fucking Greece when i’m stressed or feeling sad. Running from your problems won’t make them disappear.


Pewdiepie patrolled this fucking THOT properly. Refund!


Ino you're probably going to ignore all of your comments but just to let you know I love you :)

You suck


You. Need. To. Clean. Up. Your. Act.

Tana scammed you fucking idiots hahaha I'm just laughing at you retarded girl teens

15 thbsfrousands and 15 k and 15 thoufrzsands


Literally the fakest person I know of


You are such a basic blonde bimbo hoe

Fuck you bitch.. ur pop n mom should use tanacondom before having sex to have you.

what an ugly hoe

we need another content cop lmaooo

great vid lol



Can you guys wait to see what exactly happened before saying she needs to go to jail and give everyone refunds, we really don't know who's fault it is yet


People say she doesn’t care about her fans but the truth is she does care for money so she does care about her fans

WHAT did she do to her face??

holy crap... stop filling your lips with that crap. It makes you look stupid. Without it, I'm sure you're super pretty.

"Thanks for the free holiday to Greece, Tanacon suckers lol"

This girl is a talentless human , who can only blabber in front of a camera about nothing that makes sense but actually who makes $ Cause why not ? People like to hear bulls*#% and drama so they follow . And who gets paid?


Everyone keeps saying her career is over because of this. but that's what everyone thought and said last time when she LIED about Idubbbz and now shes got 1.5 million more subscribers than when that happened last! I wish everyone would stop wasting their time with this waste of space person.

How can you still like her videos? She scammed her own fans.. How lonely are you people? How shitty your life must be that she's someone who you like. It's sad she's using these lost kids...


BRUH REFUND GIMMIE MY DAN MONEY BACK I PAYED FREAKIN 50 dollars and I didn’t go for my whole family

Hoe go to prison


How can she act like nothing has happen? I bet she meant to scam people and she doesn’t actually give a fuck about her fans. If she did she would be giving out refunds. Fucking sickening. Bet she used the fans money to get to her dream vacation.

Shit shit shit I want a fucking refund

Hey tana kys theif p.s. next time don't get caught



So you’re not going to address your failed event? And what are you “taking a break in Greece” from?? You being hard at work scamming subscribers ?

Fuck you, you ugly butter face bitch

Wait where is naked, Tana I see u still lying

Tana is a moronic jackass. Suck a dead mans toes Tana Mongoose.

Booo!! You suck Tana. You should just stop making videos

She has fake likes I mean just look at the comments

idubbz was right about u cunt

refund hoe

She should be behind bars

15,000 people != 5000 people.



Water under the bridge, let's move on.

I can't believe people like this already has a perfect life spoiled little brat bragging about her life is hard and Conning everyone. I hope her and her manger goes to jail and they lose their homes ,Cars and everything they don't deserve to even have a life Eat

Idubbz was right about you

You're a compulsive fucking liar Tana. You pretend to be "straight up" but really that's just to make ppl think you're a good person, but ppl see through your BULLSHIT. You're MANIPULATIVE AF, all you care about are the numbers that make you money and help you get noticed( whether it be good or bad attention.. You clearly don't care), you prented to care SO MUCH about your fans, but you left over 5,000 ppl (no, not 20,000. It's was NOT the size of the Superbowl. and if you've ever fucking been to a Superbowl, you could clearly tell) outside in the burning sun with no water for 5 hours, and it was all to make money and rip people off. WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU SELL 5,000 TICKETS IF YOUR VENUE COULD ONLY FIT 1,000?? It's because you didn't care about the people you fuck over and hurt. You wanted to make extra money and when people got mad about it, you acted dumb when in all reality this is YOUR EVENT. You should know everything that goes on. You don't care about anybody but yourself and it's so apparent. You are so DESPERATE for any type of attention or popularity, you don't care what you have to do or who you have to step on to get there.

just scrolling through your channel reading the titles of these piss poor excuses for videos is more entertaining than watching your botox filled cunt face or listening to your unbearable generic white hoe voice.

I have kitten and it Fabbb

Your one stupid bitch

Your good at doing makeup and I hope your trip was good when you went to Greek

I still love you tana

Tana, i have been watching ur videos since u had less than 100 k subs. And in some way u have not changed at all since 3 years ago. You make reallly entertaining videos and all, but your are sooooo irresponsible. You think you can do everything you want and the world will be at ur side and support you. Please get ur shit togteher and i think its kind of smart if you take a break from the media, and just take it chill and try to become a more trustworthy person that u deserve to be!

Whoo please fuck off if you have anything nice to say

I came here because of shane

Stfu and stop being a ho. Get people their money back

She can't really go to prison so just shut the fuck up


you should be ashamed

What is wrong with you ? Give the money back.. #tanaforprison



What a fake person , i hope your mask will crack and you will leave YouTube , you are worst than Paul brothers , fucking cringe content , FUCK OFF.

Jesus the comments are fucking garbage. I have mixed feelings about tana but she is a fucking human being and I think she is doing her best. Fucking rock TanaCon 2019, take a year to plan it and make it the fucking best convention you can. I know you can do it. Learn and grow from this experience. Show these people they cant hold you back. Tana, you are fucking strong and amazing and unapologetically you. You can make it through this, and come out on top.

Story time: The time I got harassed by a bunch of commenters on YouTube and in real life!!! True Story!!!!

tana has never been as annoying as she was in the first 6 minutes of this video... and thats when i finally stopped trying to force myself to finish it

So many people hate you, including me, but how do you still have 3.5 mil subs???

LMAo bitch fucking risk people’s life’s and ruins a dudes entire life’s and right after she goes of to thot around like a piece of mongoose shit.

Say nigeeeeer

Are we not gonna talk about her new teeth :O

don't listen to any of the hate you r amazing you work so hard to be awesome and make everyone happy but you are fantastic no matter what anyone says take some time off for yourself sort your head out and do some things for you i know you will probably never see this but if you do just remember that your true fans will stick by you even if you make a mistake because you are human and we all make mistakes some times but what make you better than everyone else is the fact that you are strong enough to get up and move on from this you have been such a big part of my life for ages and you have helped me through so much like depression anxiety and other mental health issues when no one else could and for that i am so grateful with love always - Stephanie

Fetch a bullet bitch.

Quit hating on Tana she fucked up yah but it wasn't completely her fucking fault. Good times is part to blame she is working on it


Shouldn’t you be apologizing for your fans. I’m not your fan and never will be, but really, you must of thought everyone was going to forget oh well think again because most of the comments are about tanacon so give your fans, well was fans what they want Excuse my grammar

U know what sad . I feel like I cant enjoy her videos anymore knowing what happened at tanacon. She definetly needs to make a response video to all her subscribers (the whole reason for tanacon!) I did watch the Shane Dawson video , so I hope he finds out what happened and everyone gets their refunds! I honestly thjnk she was niave in the whole thing and prob did want what’s best and make it better than vidcon, but she should’ve had more input and involvement in the whole tanacon event and showed how much work she had put into it instead of relying on a subpar young event planner! Just my two cents!

the first time i saw her video...i thought she was a kidding

Love youuu

Fucktard bitch.

Why does this skunt think she's hot shit?

Go kill yourself you sick fuck.your tanacon was a fail.hope you get cancer


Seeing the like ratio and the comments, makes sense. Say ______ btw

I’m here just to read the comments about Tanacon

I know a lot of u guys HATE tana but I still love her

use code MaryamE10 for 10% off arezedo cosmetics lashes (style "legendary" is AMAZING)

This cunts a NIGGER

I have no sympathy for any of the morons who attended the sham convention of this talentless, shallow, stupid whore.


why lie? and my question is why does she hug Shane in the end of his last vid honestly I don't believe her she just manipulates everything and everyone I am really disappointed that I was gonna subscribe but you Lost before you even not a new subscriber and you don't deserve subscribers because you are not true to them you don't have the guts to prove you are innocent

I want refund or your nudes !!!

Anyone else remember the famous word from idubbbz?

So how was Tannacon?

Only 16k dislike im dissapointed... c'mon internet!!

Watch shanes video

**goes straight to the comment section**

Hardly 5000 people came to tana con, with only room for 1000 people inside. Stop gloating about fake numbers

Horrible human


nasty hoe

You need to refund 20000 people 65 dollars.

Just popped in to say that you are literally the Donald Trump of YouTube. You disgust me.

Bricks and Balls regret giving her money.

no matter happens i will still ly tana, stay strong babe x

I just saw Shane’s new video she could be lying


sA y nIg G eR

The fact that she hasn't even said sorry yet is actually quite sad.

Give me a refund even if I didn’t go u fucking nigger

Nigger fagot


Also anyone scrolling for tanacon comments

Yup with my cup of tea!

You are such a fucking prick look what you did to Michael you fucking how why instead of going to Hawaii with Bella like you did before tanacon go suck a dick

I love Tana so much always have I’m and og since her first video ❤️

omg just stfu up tanacon wasnt her fault -_-


Tanacon...Big Oof

What is she popular for again...?

Sayyyy nigger

Why tf u in greece, u got refunds to pay lol



Kill yourself





“ Bye girl “ to the bug

I *only* clicked on this video to read comments about Tanacon

man , you truly are horrible. you're using shane. this isn't ur first scam , I can believe people are on your side. you're so lucky you have nice fans and friends bc youu don't deserve sht

Close your account.

It's great knowing you're having "Good Times" on a vacay after shit went down :)

Tana I watched Shane’s vids I’m so sorry i feel so bad for you

Complete free


Tana you are one of the most retarded youtuber I have ever watched you play victim way to much suck it up ok you why you mad at vid con when you can't run a con on your own



Damn, you're fucking heartless.

youre ugly


Hope you die

Anyone who reads this please mass report her videos

i don’t think y’all care but today i went to the mall and didn’t get on my phone and it felt great like wow but thank u for listening

So how's it been with idubbbz ¿

I can't even watch for 2 seconds.

Fuck you ugly cunt. Im going to celebrate after your channel gets ripped off of YouTube


Shane is the only one who can save your ass. Yes go cry to daddy you selfish fuck.

Piece of shit human #tanaforprison

Stupid Fucker.

I haven’t really watched her videos but can anyone tell me why she’s so popular? She seems really basic and irritating. I’m sorry if you like her but I really want to know because I can’t wrap my head around why my generation licks this shit up.

12:40 hahahah how ironic

I can't believe she's blaming it all on the company. Bitch. #tanaforprison


Why did people even forgive her when she lied and freaked out at idubbbz? Why are we even surprised that she did this?

I was watching videos of what it was like at TanaCon and I had to keep pausing them in fear of getting a panic attack IMAGINE BEING THERE #TANAFORPRISON

she took the money and she went to mykonos FUCKING A W E S O M E

why the lips are growing!? AND KEEP G R O W I N G!

too much filler. I dont know why people get this...makes you look stupid.


So, how was TanaCon?

How are the likes outweighing the dislikes???

Going good, comrade.

All y’all people talking about tannacon leave her alone she messed up everyone does it stop trashing her about it geese I support you tanna you are my hero and I will love you no madder what you do and all you other people how would you like it if you did something wrong and people make fun of you it sucks it feels horrible so try and put your self in her shoes you would hate it I love you tanna for ever and allways an I will be reporting everyone that is bullying my girl tanna and all you people are so immature you are just bullying a person you don’t even know and you might act like a boss on a computer screen but you are rlly just a coward

Well, I wonder how the "20,000" people will react.

ZIRA dude legit stop a she messes up everyone messes up you can’t call her all these names and it’s not her fault it good times not tana #loveyoutanna

I'm sorry, first of all. Did you know how much damages she cost, yeah people from all worldwide, bought tickets to come to Tanacon and ended up leaving empty handed, let's just say, she scammed a lot of money, and no refunds are coming. So yeah.

Can't believe you still have 3.5 million subs. After Tanacon.

Tana Con-celled.

I wasn't at tanacon and even I want a refund

1:23 bitch saying she wants to be the face of positivity -_- bitch idgaf people still need the fucking refund



Hopefully the TanaCon debacle will help some of her deadbrain fans snap out of it and realize that bimbo con-artist worship isn't worth it.

you got pewdiepie roasting you now about tanacon and still no apology

Refund !!!!!!!!

Thank you for being a real person ❤️I swear TanaCon will pass until the next Youtuber messes up Society is mad at your fans and you But they don't realize you may have thrown TanaCon and it wasn't a success HOWEVER they didn't have to go but they control their own actions And People didn't HAVE TO WAIT HOURS But they chose to

This is why you shouldn't support a retarded bitch.

Your a fucking hippacrite u stupid NIGGGGGGGERRRRRRRRRRRR hey tana day NIGGER

Toothbrush queen


Idubbz wants a refund.

guys lets go to the tana con....ouuhhh wait

love you so much tana

Oh nooo you’re dealing with mental health issues how sad . You’re keeping it real?? Fake ass . Stealing money and harming your fans and acting like you’re the victim !!

Must be nice to be rich and take advantage of others without a care in the world . You’re such a disgusting person.

Tfw you’re just so desperate

ALL PROCEEDS NEED TO GO TO HER FANS THAT ATTENDED HER SHIT SHOW. "growing up so poor" whatever all you do is feel sorry for yourself when tons of kids that need the money they spent on your greedy ass are skint and have lost so much money that could of gone towards college tuition etc. You have proved who you really are and its disgusting.

Tana needs to be put on an island with every other person as stupid as tana. People should have listened to idubbz.....


Don’t come to hawaii, you’re not welcomed here #TANACONNED

4:03 "I'm a disgusting disgrace to any place ever." Tana

Kya pheni hai tu omg

Stay away from Shane. He doesn't need a poisonous liar like you fucking his life up! #shaneistonice

I WANT MY MONEY!!! I'm suing You! I'm coming to Greece to find you! We're doingclass action bitch ! #tanaconclassactionlawsuitbitch! #apieceofshitcansucceed - Tana

You put out a video like this? Really? Instead of this shit you should put out an apology video and give everybody their money back.,

go fuck yourself retared

So wait.. She wasn't a hoe before??


Everyone go watch Shane's videos if you still think she's innocent in all the Tanacon schemes.

Everyone asking for refunds should get together and file a class action lawsuit against Tana and against Good Times. Probably the only way you'll ever recoup any of your stolen money.

*say nigger*

that's literally her everyday look. She's saying that she's a whore

Ya'll need to forgive her like you forgave Logan Paul.

Karma is coming for you for what you did AND terrible make up job

I just want my money back


Can we all just think about this for a second here...if tana really wanted to prove vidcon wrong then why would she purposely mess up? She wanted to make tanacon better than vidcon, but it so happens that there were too many’s not her fault that too many people showed up, and there is no way in hell that tana would try to mess up anything purposely, cuz she is the person that likes anything perfect and if she planned to mess up, she would lose her fans, but we all know that tana isn’t that type of person. Pls if ur reading this understand what I’m trying to say... thank u ♥️

she is NOT a good role model.

When a dumb blonde slut lets fame go to her head

Kys lying cunt

How in God's green earth can one person be so damn dumb. Proof that God doesn't exist. Nothing of intelligence could make something so stupid.

Anyone notice every hoe over uses make up

lmao i feel so bad for her, she’s a very unreliable human being and a lot of you should’ve just realized that it wasn’t going to work out just because of who she is as a person. i know she fucked over thousands of people but having literally everyone in the world hate you kind of sucks high key, rip tana 2018 lmao

9:42 “ been high for like 5 days” while ppl were paying for tix

Even in this video she’s high

Say NIGGER, becomes a victim of a hate crime.

Omg the video starts 5 minutes into it

1:36 ‘I always wanna be the face of positivity’ AHAHAHAHAH THATS HILARIOUS

I came to this video with a Hard on and i left the Video Flaccid

Can someone tell me,how does that TanaCon thing works?

You don’t deserve to do YouTube

You disgusting bitch

Tana your such a FUCKING MESS. You are the most unprofessional youtuber I have seen yet. “I love my fans”, “You guys make me so happy”, bitch shut the actual fuck up. You don’t care about ANY of your fans, not a single one. The only thing you care about and will ever love is money and attention. Don’t expect people to like you when you act like a careless, immature child. You 100% don’t care for the fact that a bunch of FANS (people who admire, support, and adore you), were burning out in the sun with no food or water for HOURS. I also find it absolutely hilarious that you still try to use other people as the problems of why tanacon was such a shit show. Its so sad and pathetic that you genuinely don’t give a shit that Michael and other peoples lives are ruined because you can’t grow up and be responsible for once. I didn’t even go to vidcon, and I am infuriated at this mess you created. These stupid ass videos aren’t funny and aren’t gonna distract all of us from how horrible of a person you truly are, Tana. So put your big girl panties on and apologize to the fans you apparently “love” and “care” for. I also have no actual idea why I ever looked up to you as a icon EVER. Unsubbing (and thousands of others are too).

Boycott this fraud and faker. Also I really hope a lot of people sue her and the events organizer.

So has anyone gotten a refund??? If she's not refunding people's money (which would be the right thing to do) what is doing with everyone's money??? That's some b.s for her to post this video like that shit did not just happen.



Holy shit...this thot has aged terribly in the year since I've seen her last video.

stupid fake bitch

Fuck you tana. Slimy, sleazy little bitch.

So ratchet

soo all these people lost so much money and u caking ur face... i see

I truly think tana should be sued for tanacon. The fact that people went to the hospital... the safety hazard... she pushed tanacon out there when everyone told her to wait for a better venue. Her name is on it therefore I find her responsible. I don’t think she deserves any form of physical pain. But she should be sued. She needs to learn from the court of law to not to fuck people over. Because this isn’t the first, and I’m sure it won’t be the last

What the hell tana

Bruh she just disappeared with peoples hard working money from TanaCon and hella dipped

you look like a fish

Idubbbz told us all

No one will believe you anymore tana.

Why isn't there more dislikes? Even before Tanacon I couldn't how people follow such a horrible content creator.

Ok something bad happened, but you guys are being horrible to Tana! We haven’t heard her side of the story yet and everyone is bombarding her with hatful, disrespectful comments! Has anyone stopped to think what tana is going through right now? I don’t want to say this because I love tana but her YouTube career is basically over! She obviously had high hopes for this convention and until we know the real story on what happens I just don’t think it’s fair to hate in her when so many things we don’t understand could have happened at Tanacon! People have reasons to be mad and I’m not trying to disregard that but I just think that what tana is going through is 10000x worse. Like this comment if you agree so tana knows we support her:)

you're a bitch thats all i came here to say

I subscribed just to unsubscribe

Next time. Make a video about "How to scam your fans, and let them fucked up by sun". Oh and don't forget, a tutorial about "How to not giving a fuck about refund" Hmm? ;)

Tbh im not even mad at Tana for making this much money so easily. The people who attended Tanacon are just fucking stupid

kronos clashon PREACH!

This is the bitch that was apparently was fucked with a toothbrush

Dislike squad wya

Get off her nuts she did what she did so get over it!

bitch u ugly

You and lele pons have similar pig face characteristics.

return the money for those kids you hoe

Honestly stfu

Fuck Americans and their sarcasm

maybe you can use ad revenue to buy better hair extensions

*Refund!* *Refund!* *Refund!* *Refund!* *Refund!* *Refund!*


You got what you deserved

Unsubscribe from Tana! Unsubscribe from Tana! Unsubscribe from Tana!

This bitch really thinks she can just lay low until this shit blows over. You just pulled off one of the biggest scams in YouTube history on your "Fans" your a horrible person you need help not fame

Dumb fuck

I worked my ass of to get money from babysitting to get ticket to tanacon flew all the way from Canada to get to see u because I looked up to u so fucking much i can’t believe how awful this went thank you so much for taking my money and throwing away my letters found in the trash so over it

Mind joining to the haters squad? :)

With all the rich little girls that watch this garbage I hope you have fun with the inevitable class action lawsuit. When is the video of you crying about this and apologizing coming out? Where you play the victim? Why would anyone emulate you? Ladies: if you feel you have to paint your face on everyday to hide that you are human start working on getting a personality and realizing you have agency of your own. If you just like make up then go wild but she is just putting a mask on right in front of you. She has about 200,000 dollars from all this. Do you think she is going to give that to charity?

what a NASTY looking nigga you are

hey i didnt go to tanacon at all, but ive been here for the content cop and watched you lie and get caught in that one, can i still get a refund for watching you in yet another lie? ive never seen someone bounce back from backlash only to get more backlash again in the future lol

but for real, i need money, im struggling, just enough for cigs


You said your lazy you can’t even be bothered for eye shadow but yet you think you worked hard to get here so I wonder if you think eyeshadow is hard how hard you actually don’t work

Yooooo tana, you done fucked up

This video screams ‘GIVE ME ATTENTION’ lol

Somebody should sue Tana


I look forward to seeing you go to jail

Mykonos is my dream vacation. Tana. I hope you dont truly believe all the things you say about yourself. You are beautiful. Dont be so hard on yourself.

Hey guys when is the next TanaConned i wanna wait outside for 4 hours and be "Oppressed"

I still love u ❤

Tana... you’re trash hun. I can’t believe you cried crocodile tears and manipulated Shane into saving your career. You’re an adult, act like it

Who's still subscribed to her? please state your reasons below. I don't get how this manipulative scammer still has 3,5 million?


She grew up poor??

wow i hate her jfc

Say nibber

Tana is a lying ass bitch

#tanaforprison !!

You literally said "I'd love to have people waiting outside, people love to be opressed." And then you cry about their sunburn? You manipulative liar!! You're completely right, you don't deserve Shane or anyone else supporting your reputation now.



Ey you got so many haters and most of them is all of your ex fan's! They say that you must go to prison

You are a *FAGGOT*

Everyone’s like “watch Shane’s videooo” when someone hating on tana boiiiii there’s another vid about her the REAL ONEEEE on Shane’s channel of course

Kill yourself Tana! You scam artist cunt bitch! All you do Kim K crocodile tear cry like you do in Shane's videos! Fuck your channel! I hope this goes to court and you get fucked royally! Your nothing!

P.S. Tana, fuck you, dude. I wasn't impressed with you following mistake after mistake, but what you put people through is downright disgusting. The only "influence" you have is one that purely influences being a sordid blockhead of a whore. I wish the youth weren't so in awe of people like you just because you know how to do your makeup. Clearly something in your development as a person got stunted somewhere. 20 is an age to know better. I know, because I've been there, done that and even I, just a pair of legs, wouldn't do anything nearly as idiotic as you have back then. Why don't you take the means you do and use everything in your willpower to get your fans who payed for tickets to get their refund? Are you doing it? Because I'm still seeing people asking for it. I'm hoping this ordeal becomes a huge slap of reality for you. FFS, you think it would've already happened, but eh, trash is trashy.

Your gay asf your a liar and a racist bitch idubbz is the best you get mad when one person say the n word dorsnt make them a horrible person just becuase you cant take it doesnt mean you gotta make the 12 year olds girls that watch you blind as fuck please block me from your channel your fuckking annoying as hell idubbz is better than you

XD Thanks for making this video to prove just how many shits you give about all the burnt, scammed fans. Good job.

Any of the tanacon goers make any attempts to maybe group up and sue her and GoodTimes yet? Because I smell a lawsuit possible somewhere.

If Tana ever starred in a movie it would probably be rated a *_Hard R_*

boycott tana!

damn this bitch is annoying letting shane do everything for her. grow up and fucking apologize!!!!! stop blaming everyone else for your pathetic actions. you knew tanacon would be over crowded and you LAUGHED. i am an ex fan. i’ll never watch your shit show again

You’re a piece of shit

There’s not a single nice comment. idk if its sad or hilarious

Refunds !!!!

da fuq is tanacon

I guess tanacon wasn’t her biggest CONcerned..... *I’ll go home*

You lying bitch

after tanacon got canceled, you just went to party like no shit happened... “i love you guys so much” *oh my god these LIES*

You did everything you could to keep the attention on Michael and not you . When he called you out for drinking and partying while everything was going to shit you literally said you went there to talk with your network (after stuttering for a few seconds trying to think of your lie )when there were snapchats of you being belligerent on the party bus.

ye *CON* is a good word

You’re relying on Shane to do everything for you and protect you. Like you can’t even just take fucking responsibility and apologize ? What the hell is wrong with you , this is pathetic. You were literally just screaming at Michael the who,e time we was trying to talk I felt bad for him . He’s the one whos gonna deal with the repercussions so why are you still over here lying . That’s literally all you do and all you ever will do. There’s always drama going on with you because of how much of a compulsive liar you are .

Please just make a video of explanation!

I think everyone call down there might be an apology video probbly coming but we should just wait.i know she messed up but calm down like really why and if you want to find answer go to shane channel Plz dont kill me in comments

Wow she could literally do a "reading hate comments" video with all these HATERS IN THE COMMENTS. Like why would you care that much about something you didnt go to?! Or if you did go get the fuck over it. You obviously love her enough to spend hella money on a ticket or whatever and you should understand how much this shit takes. You all sound like a bunch of little ass kids.

Tana charged 65 toothbrushes per entry smh

If you broke both of your legs and lost all of your subscribers I would be genuinely happy

Shavi Sikaria Lol you obviously don’t get he joke. I was quoting what Tana said to iDubbz about a year ago. So if anyone’s the hateful human being it’s Tana. She is the one that said it in the first place

Zac Newgreen youre a hateful human being and nobody is here for that shit... so bye


Tana let me just say I fuckin love you ! And i am onsiderinh starting a YouTube video and was wondering if you had any advice?

Is this really the type of influencer we want to represent our generation though? I mean come on.

Begone thot

Idubbbz & vidcon quietly snicker in background

Everyone that likes tana defends her by saying “oh she’s a human and she makes mistakes” which is exactly what they said after idubbbz made a content cop. This whole “I make mistakes and I want to change” bs after idubbbz exposed her last year was faker than her story-times. She’s still the same lying, hypocritical bitch idubbbz exposed. Fuck you tana.

I don't understand how you still have 3.5 million subscribers after all the idiotic things you have done and all the people you have tried to hurt for your own benefit. But whatever right?

your beautiful! fuck all these people who troll you just because they have no life

When you use Shane for clout and he ends up doing more than you to save your cancer ridden YouTube career

Why do these people use the word literally so much

so tanacon? what’s up with that

19:01 That sounds like the same FAKE ASS CRYING she did in Shane's Tanacon documentary. Same face and everything.

Why u so liar? I see u eat concrete in dark alley. You queefed in my living room. Why u have phat nose?

"How to Cake Your Face to Look Younger Because You're So Dirty, You Look 15 Years Older Than You Are" Can't even blame the Tanacon debacle.

Tana, Tana, Tana

Waiting for the day y'all stop giving her money and wake up. She's trash. She just wants you to think she's stupid bc it's easier than recognizing her horrible mistakes


is it me or is she so fucking ugly without makeup

Fuck Tana. Fake ass bitch

You're meant to look into the lens when you speak. Not at yourself.


Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo when do I get my money back??!!!

He came, he disliked, he left. Bye



No amount of fake crying, selected footage and pity parties can fix your mess. ONLY REFUNDS CAN

Come back Tana. A lot of us are still on your side. We get it. It was a big fuck up between multiple people. Now please come back. You will bounce back from this. But you have to make that official first step. Get it done and over with sooner rather than later. Love ya.

Lmao, so I heard this bimbo went full retard AGAIN and fucked up AGAIN. How the hell do you pull this off so consistently?

Tana. I love u soooooooo much. U r the funniest, prettiest, and amazing youtuber ever. Tanacon was one screw up. We all make mistakes. I love u again.

Where is your mother and father child? Put a damn shirt on.

I wonder if your the worst person alive.

It's not that bad Tana, the eyebrows are sis... cousins


After all of those Mykonos jokes... Myko-no I'm going...

you fat tana fuck hide your ugliness, you make my cancer grow faster

Love you tana

Why is everything you do so pathetic?

A person excited by the idea of people waiting outside of her event, and convinced people love that. Damn... Just damn...

Brush your teeth wtf

I hate that when you type in Tana, all you see is the downfall of TanaCon, it is NOT fair to Tana. She deserves more. People should be able to see the good thing and not just ALL BAD STUFF. Just because TanaCon didn't succed, a tragedy that no one could have predicted, not the only thing you should see is TanaCon.

I just had an event that hospitalized multiple kids Wasted thousands of people time and money KNEW FROM THE BEGINNING THAT 4,000 PEOPLE WOULD BE STUCK OUTSIDE WAITING LINE Posts half naked hoe video while Shane attempts to save your undeserved career. Watching you cry was like watching a 7 yr old who doesnt know what they did wrong but they dont wanna get yelled at so they crank the tears to 10. I hope shane comes to realize how fake you truly are. Youre an awful friend.


honestly i love you tana and i dont blame you for what happened at tanacon and im proud to stand on your side and fight with you


I trust you tana. I love you


Tana, get ur life together, you can’t make Shane do the work.

Fuck Tana

"it would be really really cool to have people like outside waiting to get in. Like people love to be oppressed outside" - clearly Tana doesnt mind giving her viewers melanoma. true tho... #tanacunt


People love to be opressed outside

People loved to be oppressed (Burn in hell)


People love to be oppressed outside

Who's beside tana?

Tana's been exposed before nothing new here. Remember when she lost all her the YouTube glitch

Congrats for been the most hated you tuber twice congrats


I hope you fucking die bitch :)

You know? People love to get opressed outside

Please listen to Pewdiepie and delete your channel And “people love to be oppressed outside” by the way

"People love to be opressed outside." - Mongeau, 2018

Your dirty for doing that to people and not giving them there money back little slag

People love to be oppressed outside.

I hope she breaks her lega and losses her subs, kill yourself

people love to be oppressed outside

Is it really true that people love to be oppressed outside Tana? No I didnt watch your video - I just wanted to ask you that question?

delete your channel

People love to be oppressed outside -Tana

Come to ur channel to check whether ure in prison. Oh well, u should’ve go to prison, not doing makeup tutorial


Thank God America is going down the drain. Not because of sex ohh nooo. Everybody loves that. No, it's because you cunts take the shitty things out of cool shit and go the next step and make it even more shittier. Like, holy shit. Caking!? Wtf!?

But do people love to be oppressed outside?

Just delete your channel.

"People love to be oppressed outside" - a person who doesn't deserve an audience

I dont get why people like to get used

“People love to be oppressed outside” - Tana


Hi People love being oppressed outside Goodbye

"People love to be oppressed outside"


she literally planned this shit to fail or maybe she was just being sarcastic.....anyway why the fuck would she post this video at this point of hercareer

‘People love to get Oppressed outside’

People love to get oppressed outside

People love to be opressed outside - Tana. Well i guess it speaks volumes

Btw Tana, I'm currently in training to be a beauty therapist and I learnt that waterproof mascara is REALLY bad for your eyelashes. I use the normal better than sex mascara (shout out to you for getting me hooked on two faced cause it's just like you and I jk jk) it's just as good I think, but definitely recommend you switch to the non waterproof darl xx

please delete your channel you do not deserve an audience if you only think about yourself

Can y give us a month without y fucking hoe ass so we can try to forgive y



*Delete your channel*

I do not understand why everyone likes her she is big liar drama Queen Sorry humans but i hate fake people and when you al give them power they get money attention awrything they want and everyone forgets about the real people how are raped Abusd hungry...we should give them al this attention and people like her how would do anything for wachter and the mony because they get enough mony from youtube whit this bullshit

"it would be really really cool if people waited outside, people love being oppressed outside"-tana

Meanwhile we’re our sunburns are still peeling

Delete your channel, please!!

When will this whore do porn? You should really follow Pewdiepies advice.

I have the Kitten stila, it's so fucking good. I love doing it on my inner corner too , love you Tana. Hope you mental health and everything gets better xx

fuxk u

"People love to be oppressed outside." - Tana Mongeau, 2018



"Your So Heartless Tana! You Can't Even Look At Your Viewers Straight In The Face And Say Sorry!" **WAVE OF TRIGGERED 10 AND 11YRS ARE HEADED YOUR WAY**

Be carful in these comment sections guys, the little ones are always watching- Go to 26:26 on this link

Hey Niggerfaggots

well Pewdiepie did unironically tell her to delete her channel thats definitely gonna stoke the flames XD

hate how she swears so much when it was clear at tanacon that 90% of her fans are so young. no wonder her videos are demonitised.


My goodness. You are the epitome of disconnected from the world. You literally have no idea what going thru shit is if you think that a vespa driving by is an absolutely don't deserve to travel the way you do. You can't even apologize properly....your way of apologizing is crying on shanes channel and blaming everyone but yourself while saying you dont want to blame anyone else. JUST FUCKIN TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AND APOLOGIZE FORREAL TANA.

She still nasty tho

Delete your channel

How does she even have any subscribers

HEY HOW ABOUT YOU DELETE THIS COMMENT ASWELL. I saw you took down my comment you thot


If I took a shot for every eyeroll I'd be drunk.

haha hey tana you're ruined

Such a lying bitch.

I miss the old Tana. I even had your merch and honestly, I just feel bad now. Your life became messier than when you had a stalker

Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon 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Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon Tancon Tanacon

I THOT you were deleting your Channel?

did she get new teeth?

who wants content deputy : Tanna moongoop

“People love to be oppressed outside” - Tana Mongeau 2018

If you die now you'll be loved wait to long and you'll just be forgotten like the nobody you really are or as a p.o.s. tick tock

I agree with pewds

'People love to be oppressed outside'

I sure hope you delete your channel after what the fuck you did to thousands of people and especially Michael.....

"everyone loves to be oppressed outside" - Tana

“People Love to be OPPRESSED outside “ -Tana Mongoloid

Why the fuck dose she lie about everything

hey you should delete your channel. you're a horrible person to take advantage of so many of your fans who look up to you, why would you say they like to feel oppressed when they were crying and screaming refund? pay those poor people back and if you're truly sorry get rid of this channel because you by no means deserve to have anyone look up to you or follow you. your audience is mostly children and all you do is cuss and falsely tell stories to make your life more interesting... you're sitting there naked for views but the views are from kids? please go away. you should of changed during the idubbbz incident but obviously you're not smart enough to make a decent event for people who love you or see that you're purely obnoxious and taking advantage of kids.

"People love being oppressed outside"

Does anyone really expect a refund, the immaturity level, unresponsibility, trying to be funny act makes me feel embarrassed, I hope she gives refunds then use the money for partying and going to different states / countries //:

Just delete your fucking chanel damn it.

You are a faggot


“People love to be oppressed outside”

Dont mind all these shit talkers we love you no matter wat!

Romeo allen dont be a fucking sheep

what's wrong with her face?

Tana don't listen to all the people saying to delete your channel. They are selfish little kids and your are worth it girl. You belong here and if someone tells you otherwise they are lying to themselves. Your young and beautiful and YouTube is supposed to be fun not full of angry fucking nine year olds. The point is don't listen to the haters, listen and care for the people who love you for who you are.

Sensitive headassess

The people have spoken... Delete your channel. YouTube isn’t for people like you, we already have shithead Logan Paul. People like you guys really don’t deserve a platform like this. You seriously have a shit ton of growing up to do. You’re what? Twenty? Act like it, not like a clueless 15 year old spoiled conceited brat. Actually..I’m sorry, some fifteen year olds have more common sense than you.

I thought you were a bitchy bitch but really im in love with you, I've watched two videos and I've loved them cause your so happy and it made my day :) You're not a bitchy bitch btw

after all the shit youve done you still put a link to tanacon merch in your description? poppy harlow was right you need to delete your channel.


20:30 yeah maybe you should.

19:51 stop lying



Instead of making makeup tutorials maybe you should fix the damn mess you did to all those people that went to tanacon

4 2 0 M E M E S This was before headass

Officially unsubscribe never trust a lier honestly feel bad for those people who got ripped off and hurt at tanacon

Say the N-word

say Nigggggggggeeeeeee

Say niggr


talking about your period and shit is not hot, you're disgusting. Fuck off

scaho Headass

Please quit youtube so the world can be a better place.

Honey you don't need to put make-up on to look like a hoe, generally you already are "NAKED IN MYKONOS EDITION" is my point.

Do u need sponsors I'm mean can't u just keep scamming people

Delete your channel.

The pimples between her tits

you lying bitch give us refund you scammer

slutty bitch cunt fucking nigger

Cat *y0u CanT usE tHat W0rd! It's RaCisT!!*

You are so selfish and you act like a hooker

just do us a fucking favor and delete your channel

Yo Tana I'm just a fan of that YouTuber that has about 6 million subs who's legs and other appendages that u wish to be gone along with his subs (yes that one) and I was wondering to pick who's side to be on after I'm hearing both sides but these he got to his evidence and my my am I disappointed in not only YOU but myself for considering the idea that he was a bad person but let me cut to the chase and please copy this text...... (you ready?) WTF YOU WAVE RIDING BITCH?! Are you trying to be the clickbait ass of a youtuber that you already are? How in God's name can you add so much fucking detail that makes this guys actions sounds like he was going to do worse then say Nigger? Please please explain. What else? You yourself have been saying the word Nigger for a very long ass time tana and I want to know... did your school not teach you about slavery? Or were you too busy having sex with the students in your school then regreting it and then charge them with rape? Cuz I believe u would do that. How dare you bring such negativity to iDubbss And then bitch about that negativity saying it's awful? Please do me a favor and record yourself looking at a mirror and repeat every bullshit story you have made in your mind or out loud and ask yourself "Am I telling the truth?" Newflash your not. This is who gives a fuck signing off. And please have a horrible day.

Kelly Carpenter oh....Oh well

game boy she won't put you in there it happens automatically, YouTube flags abusive comments and puts them there. Usually stuff that says nigger or faggot and other words like that.

Kelly Carpenter buddy thanks for caring that I might get in the spam section. But I have tons of accounts cuz I'm a paranoid fucker who has multiple accounts cuz..... reasons... (I'm runny from the FBI)and use them to comment. But if she puts me in the spam then ya know that's that but my voice will never be silenced and I hope she knows that.

I wish Tana could get sent to the spam section too.

Also your comment will probably get sent to the spam section where nobody else can see it either since you said nigger.

game boy lol she's not gonna take it down because she's literally never going to see it. There's thouuuuusands of comments here.

Kelly Carpenter she might take it down but I legit don't care if she does. I hope she bithes about this talking about how hate is bad. Yet again looking like a retard

She's never going to see this.

Let me mimic tana 3 weeks after a comment like the one I left "Omg guys why the hate? I never did anything wrong. I'm a girl so I'm in the right. Everything I say must be true cuz I have a vagina" and there.

I don't like you

Tanacon,the great scam...

The hate comments are actually irrelevant... she is still getting paid because of views, she isn’t going to delete her channel

Con man, con man, con man.  You're a con man.

Can someone plz throw acid at her She wont be able to make any more money?

Reetus fetus, your channel is now deletus.

Food muncher80 Norman Reedus and the funky fetus


girl i used to be a fan of yours until you made that idubz video and then he exposed you for the person you are, i mean how stupid do you think we are, not all of us are as stupid and irresponsible like you, you fucking idiot

Surprised how the ordeal with Idubbbz didn’t even phase this blonde bimbo sellout!



Delete your channel. Then hang yourself.

Wout B Smh

I don't really know about Tana personally but I did hear everything about Tanacon from shane's channel, and honestly there's no point in hating in her because it's not her fault, it's the CEO of the company Good Times fault and there's proof on shane's channel so stop hating on Tana because she's honestly amazing and all she was trying to do was make people happy. She's wonderful and the scamming wasn't her fault, it was most likely Michael's (CEO of Good Times) fault and Tana should not be for blame because she tried her hardest. Stop hashtagging "Tana for prison" and "delete your channel" and I'm sure she's working on helping the people from Tanacon.

People love to cake their faces like a hoe...and be oppressed outside.

Hey guys do people love to be oppressed outside?

You are so contagious, you are beautiful funny and captivating you

When u scam ur 4 yr old fans

I ledgit hope you get sued and charged for conning people you are a nasty fake asshole

Also your a narcissistic whore and con man

You are one of the worst influencers out there, you take no responsibility for your actions. You think that you are untouchable just because your such a huge "star" well fuck that way of thinking. I am a few years older then you, an i have a family i take care of everyday. Where is my free pass to be an asshole for doesnt care about anything? Being 20 doesnt give you the right to do this crap to people. When i was 20 i was already a mother to my first daughter. So just because your young does not give you ANY free passes to be an entitled asshole!

ScaryButNotScared Yeah, she isnt owning up, she keeps blaming partner and keeps lying when there are literal recordings proving shes lying

Dont believe Everything you Read on the Internet! People love being opressed outside! - Abraham Hitler 2018 -

I hope your fans grow up and let you fall. You need another Content Cop.

the fuck is up with her lips

*_K I L L Y O U R S E L F_*

Space Apple U have parents, yes?

*_K I L L Y O U R S E L F_* you look like a mole rat from falloit with makeup or without it

#Delete you're channel honestly you should be arrested you disgusting bitch, also fix you're lips you look like a puffer fish.

Damn these comments are roughhhhhh

Audrey Reed she deserves it

So this is the bitch the caused sunburns, scams, and people full on going to the hospital, lets check the like to dislike ratio *vomits*

Bitch, fuck the makeup what about this tanacon shit

Sam P.

Tamara Georgestone This was before headass

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Your a scamming conniving ass bitch. Please do everyone a favor and delete this bullshit ass channel. Girl you knew what you were doing "people love being oppressed" like wtf! You knew have many people could fit and still decided to say fuck it, I'm take these people money. 5,200 sound a lot different from 1,200 but yall shouldnt be surprised frl yall know Tana can't count with her 8th grade level education looking ass motherfucker. This uneducated bitch lol

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*JUST* watching *TANA* makes *MY* Skull *HURT*

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I normally don't go out of my way to send hate to Youtubers, but you are honestly a garbage human being and a waste of human space. Please do us all a favor and stop making videos. You spend little to no time on this shit content. Just looking at your face makes me lose a few braincells. Stop, please

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Video starts at 20:38

GLX thanks

"Poor tana" is as real as a good experience at tanacon

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She should *go back* to her old video style

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Yo, I literally heard about you today, you are talking faster then most people can understand. You're just some one who loves the attention from people.

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damn how does it feel to have ruined that guy who helped you with you’re conventions life

Tana:I will make my version of vidcon Cheep

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"People love to be oppressed outside" and no, your makeup can't hide your lies

to be honest.. you should delete your Channel. I just feel like you are Being so disrespectful to everyone, even to you. bye.

how about deleting your youtube channel? it's time bitch.

you are literally a pathological liar and a POS scamming and ripping people off at your convention. TBH no one even went fro you they went for Shane and lmao u lost his friendship you uneducated idiot

i love you. please never stop making videos, i need you

Why tf do fat bitchez have big tits and skinny girls have littie tits your a fat ass bitch u have big tits thanks for the clickbat

Just would like to say tana, that I love you so much, and I know you love me and all your fans too. I truly believe that you did not do all that on purpose and you just gotta get through the hate like you always do my love❤️ Just know that you will always have at least one subscriber and I’m sure there are many others like me

If you listen really REALLY can hear a crowd gathering outside her room and chanting in support of Tana

This video says: “sorry no refunds money already spent”


You're fucking manipulative. U should delete your channel because clearly u don't care about your *fans* and all the people that waited outside in the blistering heat for you're ass to show up. I just watched the video with Shane and I'm just shocked and disgusted by how much u manipulated him into thinking u had good intentions for everyone. Bitch please u were doing this for revenge. Were u crying during you're life stream? Were u crying on the phone with Shane? U even went as low as to lie to keemstar. U fucking deceit u *knew* 5200 people were there. U knew 1000+ was the maximum capacity. U *knew* Michael had shitty reviews on him and guess what? U still did it because u wanted *revenge* u wanted to prove smtg to vidcon. Blaming gd times and Michael is you're best bet to regain you're reputation. Oh don't forget to fake cry and play the victim card for extra points. And also you're fucking lucky as fuck Ryland and Morgan wasn't there to grill your ass cause u would have been toast. Don't even lie about partying even after knowing u wasted everyones time and money covering it up by saying 15000 people showed. Bitch please. U better own up bitch and thank Shane his on your side because we love him. U don't deserve his sympathy u knew how to play him to get him on your side and he did. Prove me wrong I don't want to hate u this much. So run along and go make out with Bella u both deserve each other. And anyone with a Brain knows she saw all those tweets from her fans

Everything is fake in this video

Not really naked like the thumbnail, disliked

oppressed oppressed oppressed oppressed oppressed oppressed oppressed oppressed op pressed

Testing can some one see me comments?

Comment percentage 25% Refund 50% people love to be oppressed 25% big ole rant about d Tana deleting her channel But let’s face it, everyone’s here to look at tancon comments including me

Tana honey I think that maybe you should get yourself and just who you are under control first and then try to organize things that are small and then do something big. Because honey you weren’t ready to run something this big and to be honest the reason that people think that you are a mess is because you portray yourself As a mess online. I’m not you and I don’t want to judge you and blame you or anything and I hope that this doesn’t come across as anything like that. But i think that maybe you should work on yourself and then work on small things too and then maybe with more help and not just you and a young team because at the end of the day you disappointed a lot of people and that’s just the truth and there’s no avoiding that. But maybe you should work on yourself too like how you were very defensive instead of being mature and talking about things like an adult. Perhaps councilors would be a good idea to help you work on finding yourself better you know? But try working on yourself okay? Because there seems to be some underlining issues with you honey so maybe you should work on yourself. Because you seem to have some problems and you definitely pointed and deflected blame and got defensive with Michael. There are people who love you and you hurt them. A lot. That’s a fact and it doesn’t matter the realistic version of anything because you’re name is on the event and you’re fans came for you but it all went wrong because you weren’t more involved enough. I’m sorry tana people love you okay sweetheart there are lots of people who love you but you gotta take responsibility for it and stop crying all the time instead. You are a fun person but you have to also grow up. Lots of people love you lots of people wanna trust you but now can we? Can any of us trust you now? Because honestly Michael seems way more honest than you because you have a reputation for being dramatic. Your fans love you but it seems like you need to get yourself together more and find a good center in yourself before you try anything like this at all. People love you and people want to trust you and follow you and you are a role model for people but you have to take responsibility for things and you have to show your fans that you are a trust worthy person. Because people love you tana but you have to show that you love us okay? We’ll all see you later okay honey? Take care of yourself okay?

"People love to be oppressed outside" - Tana Mongoose on TanaCon's attendees.


You need dr Phil

delete "people love to be oppressed outside" and refund

Idgaf what y’all say about tana but she is a bad bitch & is funny asfk

burn in hell. get tortured on earth first. die painfully. get robbed first. get cancer. make the earth a better place and kys. you said you are depressed and under a lot of pressure. bitch you know nothing about having a real fucking job i wish all of the things i said happen to have no idea how it feels to live a normal fucking. Cuz you're such a "special" human. first you lie to everyone and then when someone lies to you you get destroyed. fuck you please for the last time die. i hate it when you try to get us to symphatize by crying in your videos. we shouldnt support you. bitch

Theres so much hate on this video. Yall so mad about Tanacon but what did you expect from Tana, the girl whos known for over exaggerations and clickbait? You played yourself

damn not one comment i read is positive geez

First it was iDubbbz and now idk wtf is going on but i'm loving this to the core. Fuck your channel, cry some more fucking tears and upload it.

No apology. Lol . Waiting it out wont help you. Just delete your channel. You made all your fans feel like shit because they" love to be oppressed outside". You and GT are both shit. But someone whos at fault for this is you. Sure GT fucked you over. But YOU are running it. YOU should be checking and PHYSICALLY MAKING SURE ALL THE THINGS GT "PROMISED" WAS LEGIT. Like seriously. Just becaused you asked if the company did "xyz" doesnt mean you were on top of things. If you were serious, you would be looking at the venues. Looking at the gifts that GT prepared. LOOKING OUT FOR YOUR FANS SAFETY. but nope. All you did was ask if everything was done and just believed they were. How do you even have the time to prepare a big event when you are partying and going on vacation? Even worse, you went to a party RIGHT AFTER THE if everything was okay. Its really disgusting how you cry and manipulate people to believe youre sorry. You arent convincing your fans that you are genuinelysorry. You're simply just waiting it out so your fans can "forgive you" when you make your next dramatic video. Lol. You dont deserve your fans. You really treated your fans like theyre nothing. Burning outside is okay apparently

Fuck off tana

Where the refunds at? Should people sue you? Yes they should ya dumb fuck

Fuck I came here for the thumbnail...... Welppp got scammed seems like she has a track record

HOLY SHIT put your makeup back on you so ugly

Came for the hate comments

Your sarcasm its everything

DO NOT DISLIKE THIS VIDEO If you dislike it counts as engagement in the algorithm and bumps this video up. However if you leave a comment it has no such effect. Also pause imeadiately as soon as the video loads so your view doesn't get counted.

Love U girl


Love you tanna

Good job tana watchmojo last year you told idubbbz to kill himself this year you scammed a lot of nibberinos. You are a retard, faggot.


Fuck tanacon i wasted my money i could of gone to vidcon fuck you tana

isnt this your usual makeup?

Actual makeup tutorial starts at 6:06

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Delete your account pls.

how have u not made an apology video yet lmfao

"My reputation is destroyed Need to make it better and apologize to my fans I know!! Let's get naked on camera and ignore anything else That'll make everything better!" Tana

Hey uh... you know you're dumb as shit, right?

Who else is here to call this bitch a retarded??

You should go to jail for endangerment of minors and scamming.

Of u were tuna would u just give up?

# teamtana

To every single one of u that hates on her shut up. She made a huge mistake and she admitted it and you don't know what's in her head or what she's planning. I think its brave that she is still posting even with this hate

Morgan Harley shush it she stole my money!

She talks to much in the start of the video, and talks about how she has a " bad life", girl what's wrong with you.

i say start again.. start fresh, change ur motives and inspirations and be careful what u do from now

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You want me to subscribe before the video? Are you seriously retarded?

I actually need to get that glittery stella shit because i tRIED being a makeup person but it do not work out for me so im switching back to lazy makeup lmao

If you don’t like her, then why the hell are you watching her videos? Lay off

to make her delete her channel what else? besides we don't watch videos we come to hate on

i thought james said they weren’t friends anymore

Stay doing you for life, no matter what

love u.. keep doing what ur doing xxx only ur true fans will keep supporting u

that's where you are wrong. she KNEW this would happen and didn't care

darkslayer i know what happened. she fucked up obviously and she made a huge mistake and she understands that. most of it wasn't intended and now she feels exactly the way most of her fans feel.

which are little kids who don't understand that she left a whole bunch of her own fans suffering in the heat for 6 hours only to cancel the whole thing anyway

Guys don't be rude and hard on Tana yeah she messed up but she is trying to fix it and you guys are just making it worse so purple heart for tana if you support her

darkslaye she did not know that was going on I do however agree that she should have put more of her effort on it not just the company and the stuff in the bag was not what she wanted in the bag plus the company to me is at fault they did most of the work and they should have done more research the company even signed a paper on all of this if you need more info go to Shane's chanle it will explain everything

please understand that she knew all of this would happen and she left people in the heat for HOURS and when the event was cancelled she didn't give any refunds to those who couldn't get inside the building for the event

darkslayer don't watch him anymore

darkslayer nope

jeez you sound like one of those kids who defended logan paul with the suicide forest incident

I would be so happy to be your studio audience anytime! your little self jokes are what I love for that’s me all the time, people who can laugh and keep it moving. Are my favorites lol

'Delete your channel'- Poppy Harlow + the entire internet

Take one of your tanacon condoms and go fuck yourself with it. I would say burn in hell but only time can take care of that for us so you're just going to have to wait outside the gates for a while...

burn in hell? nah but she should delete her channel

Can we delete tanas channel?????????

The fact you always complain and say you grew up “so f*cking poor” and all that crap and always act like this grateful accepting hero really pisses me off because you weren’t poor .

fuck you stupid slut

no need to be so harsh but she should leave youtube

Girl: Do you think I'm beautiful? Boy: No Girl: Do want to be with me forever? Boy: No Girl: Do u even like me? Boy: No Girl: Would u cry if i walked away? Boy: No She heard enough and was hurt... She walked away with tears in her eyes The boy grabbed her arm Boy: Your not pretty...your beautiful Boy: I dont want to be with u forever...I need to be with u forever Boy: I dont like u...I love u Boy: I wouldn't cry if u walked away......I would die if u walked away. Boy Whispers: Plz stay with me Girl: I will... *Tonight at midnight your true love will realize she/he loves u *Something good will happen to u at 1-4pm *Tomorrow it could be anywhere!!! *Get ready for the shock of your life! *If u dont post this to 5 other comments... You will have bad luck in relationships for the next 10 years

i dont really care

stfu with this old ass thing

it doesn't have to go THAT far

What a sham of spam people served a scam. What a dam shame who to blame. I used to like you now you remind me of poo. Green eggs and ham fuck you.


Carrie Ellis beautiful


Sam Pepper deleted his account, now you delete yours

Ok there’s a very small chance that u might read this Bc Ik r going through a lot but I just want u to know that it was the thought that counts and all u wanted to do was do something nice for ur fans and if all these ppl where real fans they would be more understanding and not say hurtful things

her heart may have been in the right place in the eyes of you kids but she knew exactly what was happening and didn't really care


NEVER!!! lol

Let's all sing a song shall we? Sing along if you know the words. Kill yourself. Please please kill yourself. You should really kill yourself. Please please kill yourself. Continue?

Pickle elkciP i dont like her either but that's a little much.....

Hey. Don't...stop it. Now. Stop. Please. Anyone who is a fan of you has brain damage. Stop.

just like fans of the pauls am I right?

She's flaunting her new found money... Lmao

If you deleted your channel, youtube would be a step closer to being cancer free. Do us all a favor

People who support this kind of person has no right to complain about Trump being their president. If you support mockery then you deserved mockery.

Thot envolved to be a hoe

How did tanacon went? I heard it was great.

hope the FBI will knock on your door soon

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I still Love you after tanacon

If leafyishere is the Titanic of youtube.Your the hindenburg disaster of youtube.

I love you you crazy bitchhhhhhhh

Did she ever give refunds for the travesty that was “tanacon” ( what a shit name for an event )

She said something about a man riding a vespa at 7 am . If you live in Greece you know that happens all the time

This bitch is ugly af

Looks like chatu ..bate.

"bUt arE wE GoNnA"?

I wasn’t even near vid- and/or tanacon but it does bother me that she did not even address the whole debacle specially since so many people were affected. She is the least interested person. Not even knowing how much % off the code is. I mean, Tana, a brand gave you that code and wanted to work with you. Least you can do is show some interest. Same with organising tanacon. Yes you know nothing about putting together an event but if you were truly invested in that idea you would’ve done research and actually would’ve been on top of things and getting yourself informed about how stuff like that works.

I just scrolled through an hour’s worth of comments up-voting the hate. This is how fucked up this scam artist got me.

Still havent posted a video to say ur sorry wow

Yah need to get the fuck out of this website

please take care of yourself man

If you even have a single ounce of moral integrity, you will refund back those people their money. People like you are the worst kind, constantly playing the victim card whilst being the very definition of spoiled, insenstive and unempathetic. Im not here to call you names, but i sincerely hope you fucking look in the mirror, past your fakeness, deep down and just put yourself in those poor peoples show. You show no respect therefore deserve no respect and if you believe in karma, then believe that you will get whats coming to you. You define hypocrisy and iDubbz is right about you. Im sorry Tana, i dont know you well, yet your actions have defined the person you are, therefore i have no qualms on judging you, for the very lowest of the low kind of person you are. You value being loved so much, and you always see things from your point of view, you are insecure and self centered. Not to mention, vain, thougtless, super defensive, deceitful, untrustworthy, unrealiable and overemotional. One day your card will run out and lacking the wit and will, you will crumble. I sincerely hope you take a long good hard at yourself and person you want to become. A toxic cancer to society or someone that uses their power and influence to contribute.

Jeez tana not even a year later and already you got your ass spit roasted

it sickens me that your analytics are so great

Elvis The Alien ripped into you, you dumb egotistical cunt fucker. I hate how you have a fan base of a bunch of fucking idiot. You are such a fucking cry baby.

1:09 I know chicks look different without makeup but holy hell she's pretty beat without makeup lol... hope you're getting ready to hand out those refunds boo

Now here me out..I don't hate Tana at all and don't find a reason to after shane's amazing video evidence at the end of Ep 3 tanacon series..I hope you can recover from this Tana

Where is your apology video

Dear Tana Mongeau, please delete your channel

Honestly if you’re still a die hard fan I want to ask why in the most polite way possible, like, she literally scammed everyone and has had multiple racist issues pop up after her apologies, she’s convinced that looking popular and making people wait outside was the smart thing to do. Decided to lie once everything went to shit, got exposed and then lied again to cover that up. Games over. You can see it in her eyes that even she’s not a fan of herself right now.


I love you

I love you so much don’t care about the hate I love you the way you are your funny really kind nice and soooooo pretty I love you keep on fighting luvvvvvv yaaaaaaaa

This video needs two things: (1) more oppression and (2) more outside. People love those.


This video is demonetized for the title sure. But now the channel is demonetized for the following reasons: Clickbait, Sexual baiting, Inappropriate language, wear, and themes, Bad Influence

I cant believe people watch this awful person

what happened to your intro

oH MY GoD. 15 tHOusAnD pEoPLe sHoWEd uP!1!1!!

Shane told you to make a video and talk to your fans about what happens. Why haven't you done that yet? People deserve to know and get an explanation. Sure, you're most likely going to fill it with lies, just like when you were doing that interview with Shane, but it would at least be something. Don't make people wait. It's making you even worse.

remember when she got 4 thousand people to wait for her but she never showed up and people had to wait there for hours with no water and food? i remember that

Idgaf I'd still fuck her lmao

You fake bitch

You guys need to stop hating on her for things that will be irrelevant in a month. Focus on the real problems. The real people who should be in prison #TRUMPFORPRISON

Yo like dead ass yall need to stfu. Not EVERYTHING that went wrong with tanancon was her fault. How about u go watch shane Dawson's series about it all. Yes she has part blame for it but in the end she tried ! If u had been standing in the sun for atleast two hours and were that badly burned then common sense would tell u to move or leave. And just because that one thing went wrong doesnt mean her purpose was to burn people or have it go wrong. Clearly she had good intentions. And it also doesnt mean u can sit here and trash. Half of u people sitting here saying these horrible things are literally nobody's and have no influence on her cause clearly shes got better things to do

No apology video, wow, she really must be that narcissistic to not apologize. #Biggest Con of the Year

How about refund the people that wasted their time at tanacon and not be a bitch

6 gorillion people at tanacon

So no Tanacon 2?

Everyone go to Shane Dawson and hear how she "Cries" and listen how she pretends to cry in this i fr think she was just full ot shit and when her and Shane are on the Couch and she cries and hides her face she leaves a tear mark and it's literally only 1 tear mark

I want you too kill yourself

Show bobs grl

i loved tana until tanacon. she seems like a HUGE liar

don’t rip off teenagers in real life that you lie to online all the time. refund or leave youtube. that money doesn’t belong to you

when you fuck up and dont take responsibility but just cry like a little baby

Shitty YouTuber

@tanamongeau you can sit here and call people fake when literally you're the fakest bitch i've every seen, you're an awful person for tanacon and literally nothing but a rat underneath all that spray tan makeup and extensions,open a book not your legs honey

You are AWESOME!!

can this idiot just delete her channel already ? Can't understand why people even watch this garbage.

Also she didn’t pay money out her pocket to refund everybody like she said she would. The ticket venders had to go out of their way to do so...

Dude, it’s done! You fucked up and your over dramatic tears during Shanes vid doesn’t help either. You are done. Period.

Stop crying please every single fucken person I watch has a video of you crying in it shut the fuck up grow up take responsibility for your mistakes you don’t always get your way

I read an article about Tanacon...where's my refund bitch?!?!

Fucking snake

I love your personality. Thanks for the late night laugh!

*people LOVE to be OPPRESSED outside* lmao bitch fuck off


Y’all helpme reach my goal of 1000 subscribers by the end of summer!!❣️❣️ If anyone has a channel let’s support eachother

Your a real hoe for showing the top of your tits in the thumb nail and expecting Pervy guys to click on Yuri vid you really are a basic bitch #TEAM IddduBz for life peace bitch

Now i know why people go see monkeys at the zoo.

Im shocked you're 20. You look 30 atleast

Hey how was tanacon?

does she still sell her cases?

Wait can someone please tell me what happened to Tanacon?

Please do this site a favor and end your channel, you fucking narcissistic, privileged, waste of human life. This site won't be at a loss without you

You suck nobody likes you

Your fake lips are hideous

I could like this video, BUT AM I GONNA

i still support you, all these people commenting nothing but hate can just go and leave they’re doing nothing but wasting their time.

Saaay nigger

you a hoe even when you have no makeup on honeeeeyyyy

why not just wear a mask

What a stupid stupid whore #Tanacon2018

“ it would be really really cool” for you to put the people who let you live your glamorous life in danger, steal their money, and then party afterward!

so you're a hoe?

u have a ugly soul...

These comments are actually terrible. Do people not have anything better to do? Smh but fuck, I love you Tana.

delete your channel you stupid th0t

u assmonger i waited 4 hours for a condom a smartphone grip and a wristband????

YOU ARE HEARTLESS, TWO FACED BITCH. You are thee worst type of person and no matter what people say you have your hands in many jars in this situation and CAN NOOOOOTT blame it all on Goodtimes. You and everyone involved in tanacon and making it a (horrible) reality deserve to be sued and fucking hated on. Fuck you Tana and to all the people that went either for her or Shane etc, I’m really sorry and it’s not fair what you experienced.

I can't tell who's more dumb; Tana or her fans

Hey great, next time can you cake your face with shit? like fresh human shit Edit: no one wants to play that stupid game you fucking shill

tanacon lol

How was TanaCon

Where’s my refund bitch

Buh bye

#Tanacunt #Deleteyourchannel

Tana cunt

Honestly I wonder how you sleep at night acting like you do nothing wrong and it’s probably because you made thousands off of teenage children that you don’t care about just because you turned a profit you absolute skank

Why do you look like one of those old bimbos you see on television? You look like 40 years old.

So...everybody made a video explaining and apologizing and you're just going to act dumb and put it under the rug like you always do? DO YOU HAVE A BRAIN? DO YOU NOT GROW UP FROM ANYTHING? LEARN ANYTHING? Jesus, have some respect for the people that give you money and a roof over your head.

I feel really bad seeing all the hate on this video.. try to keep your head up, Tana. You messed up but Shane's already declared that and you shouldnt be berated every comment. Live and you learn. Hope you have a good day, try not to let the hate get to you. Lots of love ❤

Chloe J Shut up Hoe

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The cycle of a Mongoose: Does something bad Lies about it Plays victim card Repeat over and over. She still has fans though.

fucking retard bitch jump in a fire

you look fucking horrible and im glad the downfall of your shitty career is starting you horrible hollow bitch of a person

Tana: respect my hustle World: excuse me little girl?! You said what??

Delete your page .

TanaCon merch! wait, what?

how you gonna fix the rest of you?

Delete your channel x

OMG #GrimyBitch I can't believe people use that much makeup without being an actor or a clown

Can someone please explain the whole tana con situation to me?

her laughing sounds a lot like her crying in the shane dawson videos

I acc love u people are fully blaming I for the tanacon situation but I rlly don’t think ur intentions were bad maybe u should have just spent longer planning but it was an honest mistake and you don’t deserve the hate xx

I may not be all that but c'mon am I the only person who thinks she looks disgusting?

Mykonos is a "stronghold of opportunity and affluence in a bankrupt country." - Michael Skafidas Why anyone would worship you is beyond me, but I hoped you enjoyed your sun Tana.

Can we get 15000 likes? Nvm maybe like 5000?

Everyone talking about refund for tanacon lol

You're such a damn drama..

Honestly people should charge a law suit against Tana, Tana Con, and Good Times for false advertising and endangerment. Especially people who were physically harmed. Those people deserve compensation from this greedy lair...

You're so ugly. Ugly inside and out. I wanted to like you but you're just so. damn. unlikeable.

"But are we gonna" Too bad YouTube wont let quote idubbz.

fuck tana kys

i'D LoVE thAT FoR uS

“I’m in Greece spending all the money I stole from the tickets from Tanacon owo!” watch as all the tana fans come lol

I can imagine the rage of the people that actually waited outside and got sunburned just hearing that Tana Herself spoke about it ahead of time and thought it was funny that people would be suppressed outside...

Ugly trash

The fans kinda stupid for waiting 5 hours especially for TANA and they just sound like A bunch of uneducated children and at the same time I’m laughing Because they’re so stupid for sucking her ass and kissing her ass to the point where they waited outside that long for nothing

Tanacon was amazing

Love you tana !❤️ love you.

You look like a middle aged mother who doesn’t know how to be a parent. On that note, please never have kids.

Where’s my refund? I went for Shane by the way... he’s the relevant one

Say Neighbor

tana mango stop being a whiny bitch about tanacon and just take responsibility and actively help solve the issue

Your head would be better decapitated..

Treat life like a game you get played like an out of tune violin

Bitch give your poor fans their fucking money back.

You’re a cunt

Yo girl you ugly

How do people like you get famous? SMH

Hey tana mongrel, how about you refund these young children and stop exploiting young girls you dumb wanker.

She talks about going from poor to rich like she be doing some hard work and she was just a scammer....well I guess being a scammer is hard work, just wait till the law suits pop up.

Tana Mongrel

take felix's advice (:

Tana I love you and I miss you

Pray for me I got burned in the sun at your stupid scamcon whore

TO EVERYONE BEING DICKHEADS, About tanacon, it wasn't all Tana's fault it was also Michael Weist's too. Even thought they both fucked up, Good Times is a horrible company as we all know. They lied to Tana bunches of times. Michael is a horrible horrible person who should never be trusted. So dont y'all go on her youtube comments and right something nasty like how horrible can you actually be like fr? She already feels bad about this whole event so why make her feel worst about herself. Also if you want to know the whole in depth story go watch Shane Dawson's 3 part story. Thank You

You look good without makeup but the hoe works too

When you scam your adolescent audience with probably no steady income. **Sigh**

We want another content Cop :3

Nice tittle for your 13 year old fans.

It's funny how all the top comments are people hating. Maybe that's a sign tana.

Omg god were my pjo fandom at!!

Hey... Not sure how else to reach you... But I bought my VIP pass, still haven't gotten my gift bag unfortunately. And I still haven't gotten my $65 back... Do I need to sign up somewheres?

Can we plase get mroe hate comments so she releases a "Im getting bullied" video and then she takes a break from youtube laying the victim and then MAAAAYBBBBEEEEE She does something stupid and gets banned from youtube? Youre a fucking saggy-tits-cock-slut. Get cancer, youre trash.

DELETE YOUR CHANNEL. You’re not funny. You’re immature. STOP CLAIMING YOU TAKE THE BLAME FOR EVERYTHING AND THEN TRYING TO PUT IT ON MICHAEL. I never watched your stupid videos before and I never will. This video was paused just so I could comment. You’re a greedy bitch who doesn’t deserve attention and money. DELETE. you’re cancelled. BYE. Come back when you have more respect for people.

tana, i love you

Rest in hell , tana

U r a hoe.


Go to prison.

pls delete this

nigger faggot

Give her a fucking break guys tana there is 3M of us that love u so much ❤️❤️

This dumb cunt is somehow famous....

Fuck you im glad your demonetized ho bag and i know you read comments so fuck you from the bottom of my heart bimbo bitch i shouldn't even be writing this comment i'm sick im giving you a view fucktard i wish it was idubbbz that killed you a year ago

She wit y’all tanacon money

I bought 4 bottles of Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able off of Neiman Marcus a little while ago and I'm in love!!! Like its amazeballs and I have no regrets spending over $200 on multiple bottles of the same thing lmao

Why does she still even have followers let alone sponsors? After what she’s pulled, why would any honest company want her to represent them, even if it’s just a phone game?

*****SHANE DAWSON***** PLEASE READ: Michael Weist a rumor spreading asshole. I went to HIGHSCHOOL with him. He spread rumors about me being gay and me being in special education classes. He help ruined my whole highschool experience. I lived day to day in bs. Always getting looks by people always hearing rumors. Michael is not trust worthy at all. I am from Nashville TN and he is in my graduation class. I would NEVER trust him. He is a liar my whole life in highschool was fucked up due to him and jocks and cheerleaders spreading rumors about me. Literally Michael and I were in front of the class in a AP class in highschool and literally it was fucking horrible. (I was in special ed classes since I was in 7th grade and I had just gotten out of those classes that same year) long story short... he fucking humiliated me upfront of my ap class and regular class asking me if: "do u even have any IQ?". Like this guy is a piece of crap. My whole life and identity was constantly in conflict in my highschool because of him and kids like him. He is just evil and like my whole life was in highschool was so Shitty, like only a few of friends know about this from mt.Juliet highschool. Like I had no friends literally from the shit talking.


An apology and a refund to the people would be great


I really hope you go to jail

No one even went to tanacon for you we all only wanted to see shane

She hasn't posted since disastercoN lmao

And this makes me happy you failed! Miserably! I'd jam my fat white cock down your throat, just to shut you up! Also, telling kids, Adderall is good! Fuck you are an idiot!

Why did you poison Ethan and Hila's dog??

Bitch, you are a liar, you are a narcissist to the 9th fucking degree! Stop wearing misfits and Metallica shirts. You don't listen to that music! And your fans must me mentally retarded! How in the fuck you are famous? And you actually made a con, about you? People like you make people with brains, cringe! You are pretty good at fake crying! Eat a black cock! Devour it devil woman!

Just here got the comments


Tana looks like the type of girl that would rob a store for a candy bar that had a BOGO on it

You should go to federal prison for scamming thousands of people out of their time and money.

Jesus fucking Christ you’re so annoying it’s like you’re a 12 year old on adderall. And you’re just out of the shower but you look so greasy and dirty and that beauty blender.

I hate this cunts voice....... Actually, I just hate this cunt.

Be sure to mass report these videos and get them taken down.

Lol this ho needs to be in fucking jail


I think we may need another content cop

Yall people really are ode annoying with the refund me, scam, delete your channel bullshit, like shut the fuck up sit the fuck down and mind your damn business. Let her do what she wants

Angelina Gambino Delusional cunt.

Can yall calmmm down she is fucked up and she knows it like stop pounding her for shit she knows

Angelina Gambino There’s absolutely nothing real about Tana.


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