How to Build Your MLM Business Using Facebook Groups

How to Build Your MLM Business Using Facebook Groups

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Gross. Today. We, are talking about groups what, groups are you asking, Facebook. Groups if you are not building, your business using. Facebook groups. You, are missing out on one. Of the very, best things that, can help you propel, your business and go, to the. Next level, so if you, are watching on the replay, drop a hashtag, a replay, there for me and if, you're watching live drop a hashtag, alive, my. Name is summer Geronimo, and if we haven't met before I help, network marketers that, want to take their skill, their, mindset, and their income, to, that, next level my, husband and I we've been so very blessed to have a team that's, grown to over fifty, thousand distributors and, I'm, just sharing the tricks of the trade things, that I'm doing in my group with. You so that you can benefit and you can use this to grow your team so if you are just jumping on go ahead and put where it is that you are coming, in from I am, at in Houston, Texas tonight what's. Up miss Cathy I got some lives in the house great to see you hey, hey Lucia how are you who, else do we have what's up brandy alright, so thank you miss Cathy for sharing she is leading the way guys. If you want to go to the next level in your business if you want to knock it out of the park here's the three things that we're gonna cover and how this is gonna help you first of all it's gonna help you grow your business second, of all team retention, we're gonna increase, that team retention and the, third and final thing we're, gonna talk about how to keep more of your customers, on, auto-ship. Okay so, do yourself a favor and share. This so that you can get your team on with us because this is a team sport and, if you have your team joining, us then they're gonna be in the know on the strategy. That we're gonna go over today, so great. To see you guys what's up Fabiola, hey hey Tim how are you, so. Have, you heard about Facebook, groups have you heard about the. Importance, of this thank, you Miss Mary T guys if you do share this drop, a share in the comments section so I can publicly. Recognize. You and give, you some thanks give you a little bit of shout out so, are you currently using a, Facebook group to grow your network marketing business if you are let. Me know put I'm using groups in the comment section or if you're not go, ahead and drop up and end, for, no you're, not using groups yet I see some of the people in our organization on. So I know they're using groups cuz that's what we're gonna talk about and, guys. I don't know if you know this but the. Name of the game in network, marketing it's changed. Like it's not the same thing it used to be a couple, of years ago three. Years ago five years ago ten years ago it's not the same and if you've been around network, marketing for any length, of time you've. Been seeing the changes, it, has do, I have anybody that. Has been around in the business for let's say three years or longer if you have drop a three in the comment section or if you're filled up or drop, how long you, have been around, this. Great profession you know my husband and I our first go-around, we. Got started was probably back in. 2002. Okay. So it's been a little while and, over. That time we, have times that we've really, been in building the business for the past ten years we've. Been a pretty, hardcore in the network marketing profession and, seen, some crazy, changes, and one, of the biggest things that I have seen is you know back in the day people have they, use phones they, use fax machines, they did a whole party they did all that kind of stuff but everything now, has shifted it shifted, to using social media it's shifted.

From You know using three-way, calls to hey let's do a 3-way, messenger. Chad I mean there's been so, very many changes and so, one of the biggest things that has impacted. More people in network marketing that then I know anything else is, Facebook. Groups. And that's, what we're gonna talk all about tonight Thank You miss Cathy 40, years in network marketing, you know you remind, me of one. Of my friends he's been in the game 40-plus. Years he, grew, up in Herbalife and he's, made a hundred million dollars, in network marketing so there's good money to be made so, let's, talk about what. Are some of, the, benefits. Of groups I got Debra saying she's using groups awesome, if you're using. Book groups currently go, ahead and drop a note there in the comments section let me know if you're using groups if you're not you, can say hey I'm new I'm new to using groups sure you know let me know you can put an end, for not yet so. Some, of the benefits. Of using Facebook, groups well, one of the first things is obviously you're. Not limited, to geography. Right, you, know back in the day and how so, many people over, the over the years have built their business is they've built it locally. They built it in certain areas, and, if they had a team that was out of town what did they do they, would go to them right and you know what I have, totally, done that we still do that I think it's important you got to be with your team there's nothing like giving somebody a hug right virtual. Hug all right guys no. It's not the same so, one of the things that's great about groups, is you, are not limited to geography number, one number, two another. Thing that's awesome is that it's. Not just about you like you, can. Have other leaders, that are pouring into that group because a whole idea with what we're doing and I'm sure this is probably why, you join network marketing is we, want that Beach money right we want the money that, comes in whether you're sitting on the beach it, comes in whether you're up in the mountains that comes in whether you're at the baseball, game with your your son or you know looking at us at the Swim tryouts with your daughter or whatever you, know it's there, no, matter what you're doing and the, whole way, that that happens, is by.

Making, It so it's not not about you right there's a lot of other people that are participating, so. You don't have to be there 24/7, you're not the guy or the girl that, gets everything done are. You with me if you're with me can I get an amen in the comment section so, let's talk about one other final thing and this is probably one, of the biggest groups. Allow. You to. Create a community, right there's, a lot of people that get involved in network marketing as business. Partners and yes they join for the money and yes they join because you, know they hear about the bonus strips and the free cars and all this kind of great stuff but, a lot of people are involved because. They like the people like they like being, a part of something that's this bigger than themselves what's up my great to see where you coming in from they. Want. To be a part of something that's bigger than themselves. And maybe. Not you if that was one of the reasons that you enjoy, where, you're at if you enjoy the community and the people that you're around then, drop, us see for, community. There in the comments section so now here's what I would recommend and here's what I have seen done that has been very, successful now, if you are not driving here's my disclaimer grab, a notepad because this is something that will revolutionize your business if, you choose to take advantage of it so here's, what I would recommend first and foremost you, want to groups, okay we want to group for people that only want, to hear about your product, and they. Really, want nothing to do with the business or maybe let's, say they're just your customer, they're just your clients, right now okay good group, number one group, number two is all about the business builders these are people that they, came to make money they, want to be a part of something where people are, maybe either winning free trips their rank advancing, they got bonus, cars they're they're here to build a business okay, and so you want, to have these two groups you want to keep them separate and a, lot of times people may think oh I'm gonna have a group but everyone's gonna be in there and you know the business people are gonna influence the customers sometimes. They may turn them off so we want to just keep them separate and I'm gonna share with you how you can sprinkle in the, goodness of the business and you can convert them over to business builders if, that's. A good fit for them okay so. Let's, talk about this customer group customers. In case you don't know this customer. Retention is, typically. About, six times stronger then. Distributor. Retention. If. You did not know that drop, up aha, or a question, mark in the comment section you know that was something I learned probably. Three. Or four years ago I was at the, mastermind, event with art Joe knack and I was like holy, smokes. That's, very interesting, because, for so long so, many of us focused.

So Heavily on, recruit. Recruit, recruit, right kinda, like we're here for the army or something like that um and, recruit, awesome, and we have to recruit to duplicate ourselves but. Customers. Help, build that long-term. Steady. Residual. Income we love our customers so, what's, this customer, group going to look like now I know we have people that are jumping on from all different. Kinds of network marketing companies some people are in health and nutrition some, people may be a travel, some people may be in skincare, I'm. Just gonna kind of use one thing as an example and then you can take it and apply it to whatever it is that you're doing okay so. Here's, let's say you are in the health and nutrition business, and you have this customer, group what, is gonna be in your group first of all we, want to add all of your customers, we. Also want, to get all of your business partners and we want to clue them into hey here's a group that we're we're gonna be putting together and the purpose of the group is to, keep our customers in longer, to add value, to the customers and help, those customers, who, may know some other friends, who also want the same kind of results. So. We're gonna start adding people to the group okay now, what, is gonna be in that group if you're gonna help a nutrition business you're, gonna be posting, testimonials. You're gonna be posting weight loss you're gonna be took posting, energy. Testimonials. You're gonna be posting here's some recipes, here's a picture of my lunch here's how to improve your life and enjoy. It but also still be healthy at the same time you. May be posting. Exercise. Tips okay so, just. A couple of things that you know really are things, that your customers would care about things that the, people that are using your product number. One we want them to feel like they can contribute and, we also want to be something where we're serving, up a platter, of whatever it is that would be important, to them right, so, what, do you think your customers care, about and how can you give. Them that value, because, here's, the thing about groups groups, they. Gotta be hot okay they have to be kind of like in the know in the mix there's got to be different, people contributing, okay so that's kind of the gist with customer, groups and what. You'll find is, that typically, customer. Groups they. Grow like, crazy. Okay the gross SuperDuper. Fast because, it's, so easy for anybody to talk about it and, one, of it's very very important is if you, are gonna be the person that is stepping up to the plate as the leader is that. It's not only you posting, in the group right like if you have, other.

People On your team we. Want to share this constant, with them so like if you have other team members maybe, time to share it video. So. They can come on in join you see they can hear what we're talking about okay because you want people buying, in have, you ever seen someone and let's, say they had this great idea and they were souped up um super pumped about it right and then, have, you ever seen maybe a different, scenario where, it. Was two, or three or four people and they had an idea but everybody, contributed, to make that idea even better which. One is usually more successful the. First one or the second, one, any. Guesses drop, a 1 or drop a 2 in the comment section typically. What we find is the second one is we're successful right why because people feel like it's their baby they feel like they've contributed they feel like they've added, something to it they feel like hey, this is my idea, that I'm helping play out here so, we want to get get your team members involved or if it's just your customers say hey here's what I'm doing I'm doing something, because I want to help people that are you know on their journey and their health and you know just kind of cast the vision for them and see who wants to participate and, you will be surprised there's gonna be a lot of people that actually step, up to the plate so. That's, a customer group ok second. Group is we have a group for our business. Partners ok now, what's the business partner group all about, it is about rank. Advancement it is about people getting in bonus, pools it is about if there is like a you, know a car. Program if there's a free trip if there's anything, like, that you. Want to edify. The, people that qualify for those things like, crazy. Let's, say there's somebody new that joins the team ok. Have them get there take a picture like maybe they're holding their application, or maybe they're holding the products or maybe the holding whatever hey welcome, so-and-so to the team and let. The people in your group know it hey you know what we're gonna everybody's. Gonna welcome and then when that person becomes, a member of the group and they see their, picture is there they've been added to the group and there's 20, people welcoming. Them how, do you think they're gonna feel awesome. They're. Gonna feel amazing right. So. Those. Are the kind of ideas with the groups okay, so. Why. Why, are we doing this and what's the whole point well the point of the group is we want people to feel like they're a part of something we, want people to see social proof that like hey, it's not just you and just, them that are doing this like they're, you. Know 10, 20 30 40 50 other people or hundreds. Of other people or thousands. Of other people before, you know it if you're getting started now your, team and your group can start growing rather rather quickly and so, we. Want them to see that social proof we want them if you have a prospect, okay let's talk about this we we talk about three things that you're gonna do number, one is grow your business how, are we gonna grow your business okay here's. Something you want to write down if you're not driving it's called ATM. You know like put, your card in ATM, machine cash comes out ATM, okay now, ATM, is a concept I learned from some very dear friends of mine they have been playing out this group model for several, years and they're cranking out millions. Of dollars in volume each and every month so, here's how ATM, works okay you, want to first and foremost add somebody, to your group okay boom you, want obviously talk to them first hey you've been talking to them about your business you've been talking about your product hey you know what I have, something that, I think might be really helpful for you if you're looking at getting started on the product I've got a special private Facebook, group it's about all the people that are using it and we, also talked about health testimonies, we got talked about tips for exercise, we talked about XYZ okay, all.

Right Cool they like it great you add them to the group okay once you add them to the group you, want to tag them in something that you want them to see just, like how you can tag friends in this video right you, want to talk them you know in a video or attack them in a poster type them in something that you want that prospect to see okay. Tag them now you know that they're probably getting to see whatever you have and the third part the H E and the M is message. And the. Point of the message is you want to treat the message like, a three-way, call this is an opportunity, where let's, say you, invited him to look at something and let's. Say they were you. Know a person, dealing with problems. Around they really wanted to lose some weight okay, and, let's. Say you have a friend who's already lost a lot of weight oh okay, you put tagged them in the post and then you do a private. Message where it's you the, person that's already lost a lot of weight and the, prospect, three. Of you guys and you treat it like a three, way clock page, that ones don't use your voice recorder, hey stone so I want, to introduce you to my, friend Janice, Janice has already lost you know thirty five pounds she's having some amazing success I just wanted to personally introduce, you so that you can hear her story Janice, could you please show us share your story with, Carla. Right, and then. You get a little 3-way chat cooking and that, way that the prospect, is a part of something they, get it they know it's bigger than themselves and what's, great is you're doing all of this it can be anywhere, in the country and you're using the different resources that you have in your team to, grow your, business so that's, the first thing we talked about how to grow your business obviously. We gave an example on health. But. Do. You see how this. Could be something that would work for business right so let's say you've had somebody and, you. Know that, like they could knock it out of the park so.

What Do we want to do hey, so-and-so I'm glad you had it you know couple minutes and we were able to sit down and talk about you, know the the business that I'm working on right now hey I have this special private, Facebook group it is, crazy, with action we got people winning bonus cards we have lots of good stuff going on and I'd love to invite you to the group so that you can see you know I come as my guest so that you could see what, is actually going on the. Inside look okay so you let them know that you, add them to the group once, they're in the group you're gonna do the same thing you're gonna tag them in something you want them to see like maybe somebody. Want a car or maybe somebody was in a bonus pool or maybe somebody want a free trip whatever, tagged them is something you wanna see and then do a three-way message and then from there you can just continue your follow up as you. Grow your business so we, talked about how this is gonna help you totally. Grow your business and the thing of it is is that this is not just about you this, is the team sport right so we want to cast this vision, to the people that you have in your organization it, might be you and two three four or five other people it might be you and 50 people you and a hundred people you and a thousand people whatever, the case may be get your team on you can have them tag them in this video so, we can cast a vision for them for what is possible okay, anyway, what we want to get everybody contributing, everybody, can't just be one person that's, putting all the stuff we, want when, so-and-so joins, or so-and-so is invited to the group hey I added, so it's always my guess they're looking at what we have anybody, have anything they want to share how, this has helped them with, their finances, or how this helped me with your health or how this helpful with whatever and, let, people come in and chime in so you kind of do a round robin don't, does that make sense are, you with me if it does drop a yes in the comment section all, right so I think we covered just, about, everything. I'm. Looking at my notes don't, wanna leave anything out for you now, if you do have any further questions. On how, this whole group concept works drop. A question. Here in the comment section or you can send me a private message this. Is something that we've been doing for. Maybe. Actively. Building it in our customer, group for, probably four, months now, and it, has gone through. The roof I mean it has grown like, crazy on the business side we've been doing this for quite some time but adding. In the components of the, HTM model where people are number. One it's a lot of people posting number, two everybody, feels like they're contributing number. Three you know that the new people are joining they, see like, oh my gosh there's all this activity and you. Know they feel really welcomed and like they're a part of something the, whole thing just creates this fabulous. Community where people. They don't want to miss out they just want to be a part of it and the best thing is that you're your team retention, goes up your customer, retention goes up your customers, start referring more people it's just a beautiful, thing now, in, addition, to the group so one of the things that's been so very helpful, that. My husband and I have used over the past let's, say two years is, we've, really started using so Media as a way to attract. Prospects, to us and, what. Could this look like for you here. It is it's the time of the year there's lots of parties going on you, meet some different people you're out just enjoying, life and you, happen to look at your phone and because, of some things that you put out earlier you. Have two, or three people who have messaged, you and said, Danielle. What are you doing now what are you worried about it or they stay lonely I want to see what you have going on I see all this great stuff that you're posting you, have people to actually reach, out to you and, want to know more about your business now. Just. A question for you if, you had prospect that we're literally banging, down your door or let's say banging, down your inbox, to find out what you're doing in your business would.

That Change things for you without add a little swagger. In your stuff to where you're like you just know that you know that you know that you got it going on and it gives you such a better perspective to talk to people if so, drop, up for, in the comment section um because. That's what we've seen happen, and if you'd like to know more on how to do that in your business then. I'm, gonna give you something special I'm. Gonna drop a link here once we finish that will take you to a special spot in this, is gonna give you access to, a special, bonus training and this is the four essential, element for, attracting, prospects, to, you using. Social, media it's everything we've done it's, gonna give you kind of the 10,000 book view of what you can do take this implement, it with the groups that we talked about and there is no telling, what, you can do in your business so I will leave that for you my. Gift to you take care of my friends it's been so great spending time with you what's, up William, hey hey Ricky how are you alright guys I hope this is something that helped you if it did please drop. A comment and let me know also, feel free to tag and share the replay with people that you have in your team I'll drop that bonus training there you can click on that and get, the extra gift so take, care and be blessed and I will see you all next time.

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