How to Build Your Business with Online Video, Sue Ferreira, Living Forward TVNafissa shireen

How to Build Your Business with Online Video, Sue Ferreira, Living Forward TVNafissa shireen

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Do. You ever wonder if you're, just, too, old to do this you know at this point in your life that it's kind of silly or maybe selfish, to pursue your dreams I know. A lot of us as entrepreneurs, we're in the second act of our lives where we've had another career or another business and now, we're reinventing. Ourselves and, doing something totally new and if, you've ever had those thoughts of should, I be doing this is this really possible then, you're going to love today's episode, because our guest today is an amazing, entrepreneur, who totally reinvented, herself in her 60s, and now has a thriving business an amazing. Story and she's even been featured on video a Gary Vee and, she also happens, to be one of my most favorite people on the planet. Hey. There i'm nafisa Sherine success coach of business strategist for entrepreneurs, and welcome, to living forward TV where we help you to create a thriving business you absolutely, love all around your personal, freedom you. Know I work, with a lot of entrepreneurs who've, had a successful, previous, career, and are looking to replicate that incredible, success after, their nine-to-five, but. Making, that leap takes a ton of courage, and that's why I'm so excited about our guest today sue, Ferrara because. She has successfully, made that leap at what many people may consider to be later. In life and after. Today's episode, your definition, of later is definitely. Going to change because. You see you're never, too old to start a new venture it, was in her 60s that sue transformed, her world from. Anesthesiologist. To entrepreneur, so. Welcome, to living for a TV I am just honored to be here nafisa I am, I'm really, excited that you came to see us today and before we get into, our episode. I wanted to share with our viewers a, little bit of how we met, because I, am. Known for speaking and I get out and speak a lot but, I'm always nervous when, I go and speak and so, I like to find somebody that I can zero, in on and. Connect, with and you, were that person for that one talk and, unlike. All the other talks that I've been on we, ended up creating a beautiful friendship yeah I mean it husband a beautiful friendship and will continue to be I know and I'm so glad to have met you and you've been such a support, and encouragement for me I mean I actually might not even have had this. Youtube. Show if it weren't for suit, literally. Kicking me in the butt get, on video, and. So we have so much to cover here today and I know it's going to be an amazing, time. But, before we get into all the juicy, details what, I'd like to ask you which I ask all our guests, is what does living for word mean to you, good. Question, living for word for. Me it means that. We all have a future and. Your. You already mentioned in the introduction, that you know you're never too old to start a venture while I'm hitting 71. Next year and for me, living forward, is looking, forward to my next 30 to 40 years. And, that's one of the reasons I got into this in the first place so, me living forwards is the excitement of the next few decades and I love, it because you are you've already got your hundredth birthday planned, yes and you're the first person to get me thinking about the fact that oh my goodness I'm, going to live past 100 with all the, technology. And advances, happening, today so that really gets us to a lot, of what we're gonna talk about today and I know you've spoken about it a lot of talks about all the rapid. Changes, that you you, see and that we see swirling, around us tell, us a little bit about them and how you feel it's gonna influence and the years to come I think, it's elicit. This is you right you've heard you've heard me speak we often speak in similar. Events at the same events and I think it is transformational, what is coming up is going, to change us in so many ways and it's, funny as I came out, of Medicine about three years ago I was, blown away because, we. Were we're treating, 95. 96, year old ladies. Cuz sadly at the moment most of the den men have gone at that stage but, we're treating them and putting in new hips and new knees and these ladies that going concerns, and, that is now and with. Some of the technology coming, down the pipe which is going to reverse aging probably. And even, bring in that scary, immortality. And I'm not completely whacko saying that you. Know really, what you want to do in the future has changed totally, because the chances are you're going to be there you're going to be there well into, the future and, do. Something you love and I, think that is such an important, thing for for, all of us to consider especially as entrepreneurs, because I think a lot of times we're not thinking about our retirement, which. May not even exist now, and are.

We Thinking, about you know creating, income well, past our, our, 60s, or about that freedom 55, piece right to be able to be craving that income you've, just hit the nail on the head and you've had the - you've hit two, of the big issues I mean one of them is we're. Gonna have time so. We can do what. We want to often you know our first careers we've we've done them and we've both made a transition, to new careers and so. You have, the opportunity, to do something you might always wanted to do and. You do have the time and the also, is the income they go together. And with you look at the stats they. Ain't very optimistic. About the ability to live, hundred. And beyond on current. Savings and current ways now that might change too I mean the whole whole, money and everything else might change but for the moment we really do need to think about, how. Are we going to enjoy, our next. Half-century and, how, are we gonna finance it and you, know I. One. Of the reasons I'm really excited to have you here beside me there's so many but. You know I work, with a lot of entrepreneurs, and a lot of my audience are people. That have had prior, careers, and you. Know we're not talking about just like a job. Or a lower-level job they've had established careers, I mean you're a physician. And anesthesiologist. You. Had. Life-or-death decisions, on your hands and that's quite a distinguished. Career and and. Now you you're, doing something totally. Different a total, reinvention what. What brought, you to, that. You. Know life usually. Its life events, isn't it I I. Was, I was heading into what. I thought, was a regular retirement and then, I went through a divorce one of those gray divorces. Also on the incidents after on the increased incidence after. 37. Years of marriage when. I was 60 so. Suddenly I am changing. My focus. It's like I'm looking at a different future, that was the it was in 2007, the year before the crash then, the crash happened and I, had this there was a one moment, where I just saw, I. Just. I jog I get funny even talking about it I just felt the number of people who was lives were going to be destroyed and I put the two together and and, it was kind of strange something, came out of the blue and said to me someone. Need to do something about this and this little voice here said you're someone and I said to get away and, this little voice on here said yes you are and so I said okay I'll do something and, I did and that's. When my world changed, I mean it's bizarre innit but, I turned at that moment I started. Working. Out what was the most effective, way that I could help. Particularly. Women because I know they're gonna live much longer. Really. Work out how they, were going to organize their life, 4050, years further on and that's tough because you made the other good point is. We don't think that far ahead it's unreal it's very, difficult, to think half, a century ahead but. In fact we need to so I had to bring it into today, and using. Video is the way I I help, them get forward today and I really want to dive into that but there's one question I want to ask you to my blindside, you here a little bit with it because I did not warn you with it. But. You know one. Of the things that I I struggled. With when I made the leap to entrepreneurship, and one of the things I've noticed a lot of new, entrepreneurs. Struggle with is that mindset. Shift of. Being. An employee, of. Working. For someone else to. Being, an entrepreneur. I'd. Love to hear your thoughts on that well in a way I was never an employee, I've always been self-employed, you know but but even so the mind shift from physician, to.

Entrepreneur, Has been massive, I, don't. Think you, can do it unless you do a huge, amount of. Self. Work first and for. Me it was it was perfect at the time because I was doing a whole load of delving. Into myself as to why my marriage had gone wrong and what had happened in my life and where I was I was going to go but. I think it's it's, mandatory you're right if you don't do that you, are never going to be successful in your transition to an entrepreneurial, world so what I did basically was, literally. Go out there and read every single help. Book self-help, book I could find how many to Tony Robbins I window Oprah and it's the hilarious, things is that, my medical friends, whom I mean. I've got medical friends from 40 years or more. When. I talk like this now they roll their, eyes and. Say oh my god she's gone California, woowoo and. And, we laugh and, and. It's, so, you do become a different person you move into a different world but you need to make that mindset tips mind, set shift because, you're always gonna come up against your stuff when it's when you're an entrepreneur and, I, think. One of the things that was one of my mentors said that you you know you're always gonna be faced with what you do to you yes as an entrepreneur, yeah when you're entirely, responsible for yourself, and I I just think it's just there's. A lot of courage involved, in making that leap but. Once you start to go down that journey it, can actually be a really, it's. I wouldn't, I wouldn't have missed it for a second it's amazingly. Enriching, I am, a different person, my, kids. My. Kids see it too which is great you know and they all mom I love who you become and to me that's like that's. Enough in itself and and. I just encourage everyone to go on the journey it really, is because you really get to get. To learn about yourself the self you didn't know that's right and, that gets me to the questions, that way I want to talk about wisdom to wealth mastery, because all, of us whether we've been lifelong entrepreneurs. Or we're making that switch do, have a lifetime, of wisdom, built up in us so. How, do we take that wisdom, and turn it into wealth and I think this is we're gonna be talking about a little bit about video one of my favorite topics. Yeah. And, you're right and that's why it's. Funny cuz you you know same as me when you say later in life you say it in that you know like I don't know if I should be saying this because people, don't want to look at it that way but, when you do get into. 40s. And 50s you do have wisdom and it's, not knowledge it's wisdom and, it's wisdom that people want and and we've. Had this one, of the transformations. Of the last few years as being this massive transformation, in marketing, where we've gone from living in our own little world to. Being able to go I say it's like going through the door at the back of the Wardrobe you go through into a virtual, world like Narnia which, video.

Allows You to do and. We. Can now take our wisdom to the world and I think this is the most exciting, thing right now I think we've got what we got 7.5, billion people on the planet we've, got 3 billion online and, it's anticipated. In, the next two years we. Will go to, for another, 4 billion will come online and, these. Are people who've never been online who. Are desperately. Desperate. To learn and I know that cuz I spent quite a bit of time in Africa that and they're desperate to learn the, opportunity, we have right now to take our wisdom, to. These folks, and generate. Wealth for, us with, our knowledge but for them to it's the trickle down that I love it's it's, that we can take our wisdom help, them create, new lives educate. Them and then, that turns into wealth for all of us and that's what I want to do and of course the way we do it. Video. Because. Video allows us I mean we're living proof yep right this second, yeah we're sitting, here recording. A conversation. And this conversation, will go out to the world and that. Is the, power of video. And people get to see the person behind the words yes you know just copy on a screen can convey some, stuff but, it's the way do the people are yeah we really, want it and to me it's it's today's networking, what, we're doing is networking, with the world and it. Is it, is so powerful I mean it's risen what in 10 years is gone from nowhere it's gone from a geek in a garage with wires, and equipment, everywhere just, something everybody can do through a smartphone it's, it's amazing the power its goodness you've you've. Got the program something called purse power or you do something like that right yes you can record. Your. Cell phone video just having your person yep have a studio in your purse yes I work I walk around with an HD I say I have the equivalent of CB, CNBC, whatever. BC you want in my purse something. That only, 10 years ago would be millions, of dollars worth of investment. Now it's in my person I can take, it out at any time and go to the world as we've been doing this morning earlier with some Facebook, things I mean it's so, powerful well, and you you, have called yourself the itty bitty techie, dude yes. Tell. Me I mean I and I love watching your videos and we're gonna link to Sue's. Web page and her YouTube channel here below in the show notes as well because. It's a wealth of information on, the tech and that the piece is behind it what I mean. I love video obviously, I. Love, being the talent and. When it comes to all the the the, technology. The lights the camera that the post-production. The microphones, I I short, circuit out yeah what. Made that exciting, for you and how do you make that easy for for, people to I do, you know you hit that there's two big roadblocks I think especially for women getting onto camera one is the confidence. To do, it and that's the mindset thing we've already talked about that and second is the tech and in fact someone said to me yesterday why I made the video now what I do with it and I. Just love the tech I mean. Anesthesiology. Is a tech business right so it's very easy for me to move into the tech but, I know how, difficult it is especially, for women so, and.

I Know my talent is to simplify, we. Have simple, equipment now which really as I say really all you need is smartphone. And maybe. A microphone to make the sound better but. Beyond. That what, do you do I. Simplify. It so in my courses on my teaching I literally take you you, don't even have to think about it I say this is what you do you click here you, click here you, click here you get the video you follow, my clicks and that's what you need to do now to edit to, put, it on YouTube to put it on Facebook life I'll, give you the little techie click by click so you don't have to think and then, away you go well I think I told you this there. Was one day and this is just such an awesome like it's so funny I my. Tech, gal was not, available it was her day off I can't remember I needed, something transcribed, right, away and I'd kind of heard about that Google thing right how you could do it and I couldn't figure out I couldn't, figure out for the life Mia so what do you do you go into Google and you go like how do you transfer. It cried and put. It in YouTube. Comes up and guess, who shows up my. Teaching. It I burst out when, he wasn't, it's. Like all the videos that could come up it would be sued, so this this really shows you how you can be found on video right just, putting, something like that up there and it was it was kind of an obscure, thing but, and there, was a lot of videos. After. You but you were at the top of it and I just thought I think I post it in your Facebook group I'm like so you're not gonna believe what just happened right I just it, was you but. Speaking of being found I want. To know how, on earth did, you get, in the video with Gary Vee let's, talk about this. It's. It this is pure happenstance. My. Daughter-in-law introduced, me to Gary Vee. And. And, his book was it Jab Jab right hook and I thought this guy's really cool and I, went on to his video. On his, video channel and I. Saw his, six. Minutes for, the next 60 years of your life laughs that tuck and, it hit, me like it really hit me because I'm the avatar right I am I am, you know exactly who is talking about in that rap and if you haven't seen that we're gonna link to the show notes you have to. Watch it because that's the message that we're talking about here and, and, I watched a few times and it was so visceral for, me and yet. Gary's videos, are their New York they're, dark, they're urban and I live in Victoria British Columbia got the mountains, I got the ocean I got the flowers and. I thought you know I can't, his words are very different from mine so what I did was just transcribe, his words and do, it with me as Gary as. The avatar and then. I did. It for fun and then, I thought oh I might, be stuck with copyright, here so, I just sent the video through, Gary's, website to his -, hit - worked it to his team and asked if I could put, this video up and they said yes forgot, about it that was it and then about. Four months later I've. I'm talking to my daughter on. The phone and, my phone starts just, messages. Coming through and. This was the first time what I didn't know totally, unbeknownst, to me they picked up my video they taken, Gary's original, and they'd spliced us and, it was hilarious I mean it linked to that too it's, it. Shows one serendipity. This. Was no intent I did, it for fun and that video now has over two hundred and fifty-one thousand. Views, yeah. So, so so easy you, can go viral yep, and how, things can change and people would. Know who you are and I you, know and it's funny because I when I was talking to a few people about our, guests cuz when we when we do a interviews. We'll do, a few up in a day because obviously the sets different or whatever so I camera for who I was speaking to single we're having our interviews today and I, mentioned. Something about you coming, and then ice they, didn't quite. Know right away and I, said oh what's really cool is she had this video with Gary Vee he's like I've seen that right, so, I.

Can't Remember who that was but I do remember that was the reaction and so it's, so easy to suddenly, go from you. Know just being, comfortable and little Victoria BC to being. All over the world yet with one video one video one, video and I think the other point here which is really, important for everybody is. That with. The web you are only one click, away from, every, single. Influencer. That. Is power if you use. That power you. We all of us have I don't, like the word guru but we have people. Who are where. We want to be and you, are one click away from them well, and and that's the thing that well the next question I was going to get to because I think this this goes a little bit beyond just video, is is. That whole mindset piece, because, you could have recorded that and said ah you, know what it, was fun and show it to a few friends who. Am I to, reach out to Gary Vee yeah I which. I think a lot of us would do or or shy away from. Okay. Talk, to me a little bit about that and what would you tell our viewers were somebody listening today that says I couldn't possibly reach out to an influencer. Mindset. It's, you, just need to see some more mindset work and, and and I'll tell you to the other nice thing is when, you get in your seventies you think what. The heck yeah. Why don't I do it so you do it but, that again is a mindset stuff and say what I got to lose, the. Only thing I had to lose was they would say no and then I wouldn't have put the video up but if you don't ask you don't get so. You ask and I. I. See. If if, you if you can garner. The courage to make. That connection, it's. So powerful. Because. You know that the the gurus they. Appreciate, they see someone, they they know they've been there in the past and they know what it's like for someone to. To. Basically to want to move forward which. Is another way of living forward, yes yeah and which is I mean and I know for me when I first started my business I remember. One. Of the big things that with a lot of coaches is to speak on telesummit to get well-known yeah and some, of the harder part, about getting on Telus summits is well a they're already established, when you find out about it so how to get on there people have to know about you in advance I was unknown and you also have to have a certain list size yeah so I it. Was something I never knew how to do and it took just one influencer, one person, who, said I want to help you out right and I had to talk to her I had to ask. Her I said. You know I don't have a big list here's some other ideas, and you know what she took me on and that made it big difference right and again, it was about having that mindset yeah, but don't, be afraid because the worst they can say is no and if, you don't ask you're. Already saying no and, that is an absolutely. Profound truth if you don't ask you don't get, and it's, there it just makes it you, just have to make that step and take action yeah, absolutely and I think that's one of the hardest things as entrepreneurs, is is when we take action just, entirely for ourselves we're so worried about that rejection piece but but we can't be and I love that you said you know in your 70s you don't care and, I think we all need to stop, caring a lot sooner I heard, a talk by. Jesse. It's lair he's no you know who he is yes Sara Sara Blakely's husband for those of you who don't know and he's written a book called living with a seal which is a phenomenal, book and one, of the things he said in his talk and it really struck with me was if you can get over the fear of being embarrassed, like. Your life is gonna change right, because, then, so what well, I mean and again that that is absolutely right it goes back to the confidence, to being calm camera I mean I think there's an old Jerry Seinfeld, thing that if you're at a funeral most people would rather be in the casket than, giving the eulogy so, you have this fear of speaking on two levels one is public, speaking and then, that carries over into video and again. That, just comes back to. Deciding. To do it to working on your mindset and then to practice practice. Practice practice and we, can all do it and there's. No excuse, now especially a lot of people would avoid video until, maybe a, year. Or so ago and Facebook live came because it was too tech sorry. You, just tell me any excuse now I say you just pick up that phone hit the red button yeah pick up the phone hit the red button and. It. Has become so simple and, people. Want to know you yeah, they want to know who you are yet and to engage with you and, connect. With you and and your tribe will find you that way right how, do you help your, clients with you. Know the whole relaxing, piece like about being on camera I mean like and you even know with me I mean I I, have, a technical. Setup like I live in a technical, household I have a team and how long did I resist going on video, yep.

Yes I know it's hard to believe now but I. Mean if I can do it anybody. Can do it so how. You. Give me a real kick in the pants is is. That how do you work with everyone, or, is there something you do to help them relax and get the run no I I, do things, to help them relax there, is a couple, of things that I think are really important, and and. This is really fascinating I've, had quite a few clients who are excellent. Public, speakers in terms of standing up and step in front of 500 women they, can talk they can and when you're in that environment you're, you're, relying a lot of subtle, feedback from the audience you're making, eye contact with, the audience you're, listening to the way they respond, and you, become a part of the whole experience, take, those folks and put them in front of a cold, hard. Lens, and all. Of that feedback goes and they hate it so what, I do is, I go. Through a little exercise ahead, of time about, centering. Yourself taking. A big deep breath going, into yourself, and, imagining. Your, ideal, client, or the person you love the most I mean we know we can go in and we can visualize. A situation, and then. I get them to look right through the lens you don't look at the lens in fact I have a little teddy bear that sits behind the lens and, I. Say that is your, person, you want to talk to talk to them don't look at the lens look through the lens and that, helps and then if they really still can't do it I go, to the teleprompter, because, the teleprompter, helps get over that and then eventually they can drop the telephone yeah they're focusing on something else well and I know there's there's, a few people that I've personally witnessed so and I'll keep them them. Confidential, to respect, their privacy but. They're people that I've I've, known and seen who. Would. Be like that and who have completely. Transformed. And are out doing their, video and every chance they get yeah I'm loving yet in, a way it's not like they just said okay I'm gonna do it they're, loving it now from resisting, and that's through, working with you which has been incredible. You know it's it's always that first step isn't it you have we always have, the, big hairy. Scary, situation. Of the first step we, do it and then. We think oh I wasn't so bad yeah and in, fact I have that old the, thing you know the button thing that was easy and once you've done that the. Next one is no is not nearly as difficult and then they're off really, really fast and you get to doing it yeah so, one of the things I wanted to Segway a little bit and you had given, me permission to go there and. I'm so, glad that you did because it really, does tie well into what we're talking about about being prepared for the future and preparing, ourselves and you as an, entrepreneur as a single. Woman have just faced having. Breast, cancer breast cancer yeah. How, does you know would. You be only to talk a little bit about that to our audience because you know it's not like we have our employee. Benefits, plan we can rely on and, we have to make decisions and and, you. Know I I, didn't. Even know because you you still showed up as sue remember. Like when I emailed you and I was like oh I didn't realize until. Till later so if you would maybe share a little bit about that well I think is it's like everything that happens to you there are a real lessons out there and and, you know I know breast cancer really well because I must have given a thousand, anesthetics, to women for. Mastectomy and, for a whole load of issues. After, their breast cancer you know when they go into chemo and radiation and. I. Never. Thought it would happen to me but it did this summer and I, had a mastectomy just about two months ago and there. Are a lot of lessons, one. Is as an entrepreneur. So, one thing I know from being in medicine excuse, my language. Happens in this life what. Are you going to do ask. Yourself the question, if you, had. To stop for six months now, would. You off business, be able to survive would. You be able to survive financially and, this happened to me at a stage when I'm really ramping up and so. I've been out three. To four months, I mean I tried to keep going and I would do face, book lives but. It isn't the same intensity, and however, whatever. Your outcome is and I've been very lucky I won't need further treatment, your mind is away your your somewhere else for those months and, so. The so the first thing is how. How. Are you going to survive financially which, comes back to this whole business of using video to expand. Your audience the, second thing is the mindset thing, I you. Know how, you're going to deal with it ah you're. Going to crumple or are, you going to just say well there's a speed bump I have to deal with it and move on and and. So. I've. Been very fortunate because. I. I haven't, got to go any further but I actually have to very close friends right now who.

Had, Mastectomies, within, a few days of me who are going down who are also entrepreneurs, so going down the route of chemo and radiation that's. Really tough so you probably know on this, Monday this week I decided I would in sympathy. With them I would get my hair shaved off so don't you like my wig. Soo. Did that on Facebook live and I'm going to have again I'm gonna get that video and we're gonna link below we're gonna have a whole treasure trove, of videos. For you guys to go see because. Sue's I mean her story's phenomenal, and. I think it'll really inspire, you I mean and not I I. So respect that because that wasn't something that you, had to do it's something you wanted to do to see I want you to do it very much to support these, two ladies whom, I love and and. The other thing is so often one of the excuses that women use about I can't do a video today because, my hair is not right I'm having a bad hair day and well. I could take this off right now and say, well at, least you've got hair I have no hair a. So. I. But. I think I I, think we do need to plan for the. Unexpected and. The speed bumps and the sooner, we start the, sooner we, are going to be able to navigate those, unexpected. Things, that happen in our lives yeah I would agree with that and it we don't want to think about it we don't want to be negative but we do have. To because. Any day it could be anything anyone could have saw every, single day in my life in the or every. Single day you'd have someone, come in who you knew their, life would be on hold or their life trajectory, was going to change and. It. Happens, I hope it doesn't happen but, it does happen so. Be prepared and so we need to as entrepreneurs, and to really make sure that our business can run without us yeah that, we have things like insurance. Yes yes and that's one thing I see a lot of entrepreneurs they don't pay attention to you know sometimes you'll see the financial planners, out networking and people tune them out and I'm thinking. People. It. Doesn't, cost a lot of money to get a critical illness package, yes it's, it's the best thing, you can I think that something is entrepreneurs, we need to pay attention to because we don't have an employer paying that for us and it's it's, a very small investment in ourselves, however, critical. Illness will get you over the hump but what happens when you come back to work so if you have, a business that's running without you that, you have your video out in the world that's generating, income it's. Like you can take a break and nobody knows and you can pop back in without losing any momentum, and the other advantage again is if you've got a stack of you of videos I say every single video you may make is a little mini-me it's got their marketing, you 24/7. 365 in. 24, time zones, hey that's power so, the bigger stock of video you have, out, there already, that you can have, come up when you're out of action it's, so valuable and then again, you can eventually create courses and move into passive. Income which is really the out the ideal, outcome for all of us eventually yes yes and and I mean I've had, that myself or someone has watched a video gone. Through a webinar and then I wake up the next day and the cool money. There I, went. To bed without it I did nothing well I mean I didn't do, nothing I did the work before passive income still. Has some build-up to it but, when. I earned it it just yeah, it was unexpected, so that I mean the power of that is and we've, never had that before we've, never had this reach we've, never had this power and it's. Video that makes it possible absolutely. So so it I so appreciate you coming here today making, the trek over from Vancouver Island to, spend the morning with me and I, know today. It's it's your birthday and you're having a party, today no it's my Christmas party week right it's my Christmas party with my my, medical, family because a, birthday so well, I don't, know yeah I'll take another per thinking I've got another 30 40 to go hopefully so what's another birthday so it's oh it was a special day for you and yet you came all the way here and I so appreciate it. If there's one thing you could say. To our viewers in in, leaving, whether it's about you know starting entrepreneurship, about video about, being, prepared like, what would you like them most, to know because most of most of the that watch our.

Episodes. Are people who are in their second act what I mean and. They're. Looking to do something different for themselves what would you like to tell them one thing they could take away today you, can do this you. Can absolutely do, this and each day just take another step and you, can do this and, if I can do it but my age from, not. Even zoo from zero in what. Is it now maybe three to four years since I came into this did the video if. I can do it you can thank. You I'm quite happy to show you how awesome. And how can people find you oh well, they can find me I've got my youtube channel with a link my. Facebook. Page again. Everything, under wisdom twelfth mastery my website, is under as always. Websites, are always under construction, and. You, can Facebook message me or email, me at info at wisdom, twelfth mastery I always, offer a complimentary, chat. Be just. So people can feel their way about video so if you want to get hold of me you can and we will link to all of that below here in the show notes so that you can just click make it really easy for you and if you're having any questions, about video or about, whether you can do this I highly, encourage you to reach, out to soo she, is like I said a dear friend she's, without, her we wouldn't be here today, and. She'll really encourage you and help you get past those those. Mental. Roadblocks, and technical, roadblocks that could be in your way so I really, appreciate, having you join us today it was a longer episode and, thank you so much for watching till the end if you enjoyed today's video I'm gonna ask you to share it because this, message is so powerful, and I know it can help a lot of other entrepreneurs. And make sure you give us a thumbs up and like it and of course if you're not already subscribed to my channel I'd really like you to do that that would be really cool so thank, you again for joining us and if, you need, more help or have more questions then I'd love to invite you to join me in the living for word Facebook community that's, where I come to each and every week with, live video after. The episode we will be interviewing, Hsu live in there if you want to ask questions real time the week after this video airs so, I would love to have you join us and all, you have to do is go to the living forward, click, the join button and I'll see you on the inside.

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