How to Build an Online Business as a Single Mom w/No Experience: Freya Casey - BADASS DIGITAL NOMADS

How to Build an Online Business as a Single Mom w/No Experience: Freya Casey - BADASS DIGITAL NOMADS

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You can definitely train. Your brain you get better at, being, creative and coming, up with solutions, the, first videos I make while we're not good that we're like you, know I get up every day and say how can I fail today how, can I get one more know from a customer, see, a thumbnail I want to see something. Significant. I would rather just rely on me and have full control over my life and give it to someone else it's just my opinion because there's no limit in how much money I could ever make. Okay, guys welcome back to another episode of, badass, digital, nomads on digital Nomad TV, I'm here with, my guest Freyja Casey who, is speaking, with us from Germany and she, is a vocal, coach, youtuber. Songwriter. Multi-talented. Entrepreneur. And digital nomad and it, is such a pleasure to have her on the show today I would. Love to share her story about. How. She has, been able to develop her online business in the past few years also, as a single, mom so she's, super inspiring, I met her recently in, London and welcome. Freya. Hey. It's. So awesome that we are actually connecting, now so cool I know. This is such a great, part about being. A digital nomad is all the amazing people that we get to meet on a regular basis. Totally. So. Freya tell us a little bit about your, background. In. The, past few years what, you are doing for work and life and how. Things. Changed. For you and you wanted something different. So. I'm a performing, artist I used to work in Opera Theatre and figure, it out actually very quickly that, Opera Theatre was not exactly, my cup of tea while I love the music the whole lifestyle, just didn't appeal to me because you basically, were owned by the theatre and just had a function, and work like crazy and I. Had never had my own schedule, and I just. Working, all the time and I had no way to be protected, or to protect my voice or. To say no to anything they asked me to do basically, they owned me I hated, that so I decided, to just become a freelance, artist which I was, pretty successful doing, that I went, on cruise ships for a few years and got, to see the world and performed. On the ship that, was nice and. Then. I became a mom six. Six. And a half years ago and, I, found myself in the situation of okay my life does not work anymore the, way it used to I had, to rethink everything.

So. Trying. To be home with my baby. And then, going, out performing. That just didn't really gel, together so I thought, what can you do to, just, still keep control, of my life and still make money and still, do what I love doing most and helping, people and touching people but. I just need, to be home more, so. I just, decided. To, start a YouTube channel because, I thought well there's so many local, coaches out there but I know so, much about this I mean I'm the I'm the nerd. When it comes to voices so. I just started this and probably, about, three years ago I started actually. Consistently. Uploading. Videos and. Yeah. Went. Great and I started. Offering. Some, digital, courses, and of course some one-on-one, sessions, which I do very little of anymore because I want to not have an appointment at a certain time. And. I have a group, coaching program, that I have and, basically. I probably. About. 90%, of all my income comes, just. From the online right now that's. Amazing, well, they say that necessity. Is the mother of invention and. I've heard so many stories actually. On a lot of podcasts about, how when people had. Kids everything, changed, and all of a sudden they had to rise to that challenge and. That's. So inspiring especially. Being someone who doesn't have kids but always feels like I don't have enough time to do anything I just really, look up to people like you who are able to juggle. All of that and create, a thriving, business at the same time so tell me about a little bit about the first few years just getting started, because a lot of people. Aren't. Sure where. To start and, they, want to become, location. Independent, or they. Want to achieve freedom, overnight. But. They are like, you are saying stuck, in a job that requires, them to be there physically, so. What can you through the process of how you. Started. With your online business because. You didn't have any training or, any business background. Or any certifications. Or things like that, so. Did you kind of start it at the same time as your. Previous. Job or how. Did you start little by little and how long was it before, you, started earning revenue from that, well. Probably the first year. And a half that, I was doing the, YouTube tutorials, I thought. Oh, I, just grow, on YouTube and, then I have this Adsense, revenue and, that'll be really awesome and money just comes in automatically. And. Then I figured out this is just not how it's working I would have to wait forever my, lifetime isn't gonna be enough to. Wait for the day where, I have enough income just from the Adsense, so. I don't know that's when I probably, about a year and a half into me actually doing YouTube consistently, I, you. Know I started really listening to a lot of business. Podcasts, and started, reading the books about. Building. An online business and, the mindset and, that's, when I started, that's when I joined my first mastermind. Group and that was really my breakthrough. Everyone. Else in the mastermind, group was kind of a little bit more advanced, than I was and I was scared I was like I don't know anything about it I feel so embarrassed if, they asked me anything I just I don't know anything but that was really the brakes where I surrounded, myself with, people who are so much further along in the journey and I started just kind of learning. The practical. Aspects, of like what you know email, is building, and I didn't have a list before that, I didn't, even know you needed to have one and when.

I Started, my email list that's why not really understood psyche oh okay, I can actually now talk, to people, who, are interested, in my stuff I can actually send them something. Off. Youtube. And that's so cool and then. I started, learning that you could do online courses, and you know I asked, the other member so what can you use so. I used, think if ik back then now. I'm on kajabi but you know just knowing about all those tools I think that is a big part actually. Getting. To know the. Practical. Ways and how you can just implement. Some of the stuff I mean I know everyone, has ideas but, the question is how do I actually make that idea a reality. And, yeah, it was an important part for me to actually know that like what, tool and, what, platform. And what software do I need, because. I have the ideas up here but what's the equipment, I need and so that was really important I was. Actually just talking about this a couple days ago, because. Technology. Has, advanced, so quickly, that, it's gotten to the point to where if you have an idea and you, start researching, how to do it like it's possible, that someone. Else has already done something similar or that, the technology, already exists, to do it and it really wasn't like that even, ten. Years ago I don't know even five years ago you know for example if you want, to create. Revenue online or have an online course or something like that knowing that there's so many other people who have done it even, though it seems like an overwhelming, thing and, I know because I'm in the process of creating my first online, course as well, just. Knowing that you can take it step by step and, joining. A mastermind, or having a mentor or somebody that you can ask questions to, or, even just reading a lot and googling, and listen listening, to podcasts, like just, knowing that you can get there if you keep going and take it one step at a time it's. Really it important, for for, people to hear because it can seem like a lot but. As. You were saying like you just started somewhere in a year and a half later you made some changes and, then, now it's been six and a half years, and you have a, multi-faceted. Business. With multiple, revenue streams and, it's, just so cool to hear how you it from not knowing anything about, online business, to having. So many different projects. On going at the same time. Yeah. It's only been actually three years altogether so that was after about a year and a half I figured so another. Year and a half later I have come so, far just, because I figured, out I need to surround myself with people who know about all these things going. To conferences, and joining masterminds. Yeah and I think about sometimes how long I had an idea for and sometimes it would be for like three. Years or, five years and, I never did I, never did anything about it so to see, how much progress you can make in just a year or two years or three years it's really inspiring, so, yes you're saying that your your, day job earlier required, you to be on set all day or to be traveling, so, what does your life, look like like a lot of people love to hear about people's morning routines how much they're working, what, times of day they're working obviously, being. Able to be like a stay-at-home mom and run your business at the same time is huge so how how. Do you do it and what does that look like, so. I have a luxury, that I don't have I never really, had to get up in the morning however, I am such an early bird and so.

I Do get up probably around 6:00 every day I have times I have periods where I get up like it's five ish, in the summer when it gets like really early but. Around 6:00 or so I get up and I love that because I can actually get, a little bit of work done I know they always say don't, check your email first thing but I really believe that, it's so different for every single person, everyone's, just different, and so, for me to, actually look, at emails, and some of the messages, before I get distracted I. Can actually work, that you know work that off and have it off my list early in the morning already and, I. Always, work out in the morning that's one of my things and I found ways to not, have to spend a lot of time or money I do, a lot of running outside I, have a dog so I have to go out anyway so I could do both I. Love. To do at home workouts I use different apps so, I use freeletics, they, have a running, app and they have a bodyweight, workout, app and I use both of them then, I use some videos, off of YouTube where you could do yoga workouts, and really power Pilates, so that's awesome you can just do it home just. 30 minutes every day at home then. I take a shower and then of, course I have to get my daughter ready for, the day send, her off to school and then I have until, about two o'clock. For. Myself and, so that's, when I spend time on my business I start you know I create content which. I always bulk I always, create my videos in bulk I always make at least five six, videos. In bulk and I, do have a video editor, very nice he's, in the Philippines, so it's not very expensive but for him it's a good job to send. Those off to him and so that's off my plate and. I. Repurpose. My, content, that I have for YouTube to get on my podcast also, and, I. Have a Facebook. Group which, is very active there's more than 2,000 members in there right now and so I try to spend time in there to build my relationships, and start talking to people so. That's what I do in the mornings, just create. And. Nurture. Relationships, and. Then. Usually all. Afternoon. Pretty. Much I kind. Of divided up between just, you know. Deciding. Do I want to spend just the day with my daughter today, do we want to go to the pool do we want to do whatever so. It's so, awesome just to have, the freedom to decide. Okay today, I'm working a lot or today, I'm just taking the day off and, I. Am in, the process of publishing my book so I that's, how I brought my book just here and there found, a little, bit of time here and there and, it, really works and so that's, the rest of my day I just I love to cook I love to be home and we do travel quite a bit and I. Just as long as I have my laptop I, could, do anything even. My videos I don't do really highly, produced videos anymore I basically. Use my iPhone, and it, works so fine when you have good lighting and it's. It's, awesome. Do. You see yourself ever going, back to, a different way of life or do you think that this is it for you in some iteration. Oh I. Don't I think online business. Is my life I wouldn't. Ever want to do it any other way I still, love performing, and I still do but I have. A luxury now to say I want. To do it or I don't I can, decide I don't have to do it I don't need it and so, it's good I would. Never trade it because as long as I have my laptop I mean. It happens several times this year I went to the States we went at to the beach and I. Just, worked. On my, book or you, know the, hotel room has Wi-Fi and. I just had my meetings my group sessions, and. I doll continued. While I was traveling, all over the world couldn't. Do that in any other job I know. I'm still, always pinching, myself that, were able to do this and I've, always said as a back-up plan like I can always get. A. Traditional, job but I think once you're in this it's, it's. For good see. My opinion, is because, a lot of people think, a lot of people who don't do it themselves and, haven't been self-employed.

And Been an entrepreneur, they always think it's dangerous because. Something. Could happen and you couldn't make money they, think if you have a job you, go there and reliably. You get paid every month I think it's a lot more risky, to actually have a regular. Job where you have paid and you have someone. Deciding. If. They need you or not I think it's so much better to have it in your, own hands and it's really only up to you how. Hard are you willing to work and how, gritty are you and how many times you're gonna get up after you fell down so. I would rather just rely on me and have full control over my life and give it to someone else that's just my opinion because, there's no limit in how much money I could ever make here yes. And on. That note I would love to ask if there was anything. Holding. You back when, you first. Decided, to let go of that, perceived. Safety. And security, of an employment, job, and because, I've, been talking to a lot of friends, lately, who have. Achieved the. Job that they worked their entire lives, for like high. Paid lawyers, doctors, things. Like that, professionals. That like, the pinnacle of what. They wanted to do when they grew up and they're, not necessarily, happy. Well, let's, say they hate their jobs basically, and they're they've been talking to me about quitting, and they've been asking me like what. Can they do and they're just trying to plan it out so that they could stop. Working so, much and. And. Being, trapped in this system one of my relatives, actually. Has. A job that they, don't, like and they want to quit and I have given them a lot of ideas on how they can, use, their skillset, and, provide. The same services. But. For, a higher hourly rate, than they're making in their salaried, job. But. Then they can work less and they can have more freedom to travel and things like that and I've talked to my friends and family members about this because they've come to me for help but there's something, like. In their mindset like there's something mental, where I think that they're still afraid. To let go of that perceived. Like. Safety, and security, of getting a salary so, what kind of advice would you give, to people like that and did you have that same feeling before you, took. The leap so to speak even though in your case it was gradual. Well. I think for me I was never in the situation to where I really had like a job job even, when I was well I had worked for years to become a professional opera, singer I went to college for years went to competitions all. The master classes ever and it, was a lot of work and I spent a lot of time and money getting you know getting to that point of where I'm. Actually singing, professionally an, opera theater and then. When I did it I hated it was like I loved the music but I that's, not, it that is absolutely not what I had envisioned it's, not glamorous, and it's not beautiful.

It's, Just crap. To me really, honestly. It was to me was trash it's like they're treating, me like trash I'm not gonna have that it, was not hard for me to, make that decision to call the agency and say okay from, today on no more calls to me I'm not, doing it anymore and really, once you don't do it anymore there's no way back in because, you're out it's like being, a model or something yeah, you're out the roster and you're not getting back in because now you're too old and you've been out of it too long I never, regretted. That really, I was always so thankful but, what I really think what. Helped me is that I had entrepreneurs. As parents. So, I grew up in that mindset, of you. Need to control your life I think it's really hard for a lot of people to to, break, out of that oh but. That's what everyone does and that's the way I need to do it it's it takes a lot of strength, and I think a lot of courage. To really. Go. Again. But everyone, else does and then potentially, but look be looked at as a failure. If you don't quite, succeed, right away I think that's hard for a lot of people I think you have to get into that mindset of. I'm. Living, every single, day of my life one single time every day that goes by is. Gone. And I'm, always saying you know you want to sell that day to. Someone, else doing something that's not meaningful, to you or. Do. You want to cash in on your own day and live it to the fullest, and that gets me it's like today, when it's over, it's gone it's, never coming back it's, one day that's in the past and I don't, want to sell it off to someone for, something that's not meaningful, to me, that. Is so powerful I, think. That. Having. The confidence. And the faith to depend on your own resourcefulness. Like. Not necessarily, to feel like you're in this by yourself, and you're doing it by yourself but, to know that you can come. Up with a way of supporting yourself, and you can come up with creative ideas to make money and, I, think that that's something that's not taught, to, us, in school we're, very well prepared, for the workforce in, a way we're. Not necessarily even, prepared to figure out what we want to do for work but we're definitely prepared, to be diligent employees. By, the time we get out of the school system but. We're not necessarily given the, confidence. Or, the practice, at depending, on ourselves, for. Surviving. In the world basically. All. Right and I think what we are not taught either is like, creativity. And, solving, problems and that's something when you're self-employed like, every, single day there's, gonna be a problem you don't know how to solve and you have to be creative and just kind, of find a way but. I believe and as a musician and performing, artist I've learned that you can definitely train. Your brain you get better at being, creative and coming, up with solutions once. You know once you kind, of know a certain amount of, things. About what. You do you. Start. Coming. Up with really, cool stuff and I didn't always in the beginning I had no idea even making, videos the, first videos I make that were not good that were like bad. Sound, everything. Bad lighting, and I was kind of like oh I think I look awkward and, from the camera, and it. Has gotten so much better just by doing it, really, just by saying you know I get up every day and say how can I fail today how can I get one more no from a customer, that's, how I learn and that's how I grow, yeah. And once you do it like there's so much talk about motivation.

And So many questions about like how, do I stay motivated or, how do I get up the motivation, to start such a big project and really. The, motivation comes. Through action, and it comes through your environment, and when, you create a certain, environment, for yourself and a certain daily routine and a certain set of activities, you then become, that person I think video is a great example because, both you and I we're. Definitely not, trained, in video and maybe we don't have the best production well we don't have the best production quality, in the world you know there's always going to be somebody better than somebody worse depending on what you're doing. But. To, like, look at both of our situations, and even my own where up, until a, year ago I had never created a video ever. Like, I didn't, even have a camera to, film with and in. This year I've made over 100, videos and now, if I go, if. I go a day without. Filming. Something or editing something or outlining, an idea. For a video it, feels, weird, or if I go a week without doing, live videos, or publishing, something and it's, like I went, my whole life without publishing, videos, and, now I do it multiple, times per week and it's just because. I made the decision like I'm going to make videos now and then I learned how to do it and of course there's. Always so much more to learn but it's, never, you. Know like you said how can I fail today like. I'm like what new skill can I learn to, make my videos a little bit better or it to be faster, at it or more efficient, or whatever it's like this. Is part of. What. People, purpose, in life is feeling. Like they're doing, something meaningful, for. Themselves but also using. Their gifts and talents to help others, but. Also uncovering. Skills. That they didn't know that they could have so. I think that's really a great. Tip so thank you let's. Talk a little bit about, the. Nuts and bolts of your business because there's a lot of people who want to make money using the same, strategies. Like having a youtube channel, having. A group having, online courses. So. How, often. How. Often do you publish videos, per, week and what. Would you recommend as, a tip for somebody who wants to get started and kind of a parallel type of business, model. Okay. I think. It really depends on your niche and on your business um. My. Opinion. Is that I can I'm gonna tell you what I do know but. I think you really have to kind of start getting to know your audience everybody's. Audience is a little different and what works and what doesn't work is a little different so don't, think. That you can just follow this one path and it's just gonna work the same it totally will not so. My. Audience at this point I've, built a lot of close relationships but. You know I started, publishing once, a week and then I even went to three, times a week because I wanted to push growth, and it really did work I have a lot of videos now that have, lots of clicks that, when.

You Have over 600, videos on, YouTube like me you, get, more growth just by being present and being in the video suggestions, all, the time because you have a video covering every topic that's about what you do right yeah, so that's a good thing so. I think really, saturating. And really, putting out valuable. Content, it doesn't mean it has to look the prettiest, but. Just, value, you know just put out something, that people want, to watch and definitely. I looked, at what. Are the most, watched videos, in my niche you know what are the vocal coaches what people, what do people search for what are the topics, that people are crazy about and that's what I tried to cover and it worked out pretty well so I had something, Oh said got a lot of views. Right, away so. I kept trying, to search for those things that's a really valuable, thing and I think thumbnails. Are really, important, you know make it descriptive. Make it. Don't. Just. You, know bait, you don't do click bait you want to do what's truly. In the video you put them want to put that on the thumbnail, but. Make. It compelling. And you know don't put, a lot of words on that thumbnail, just put like a like. A like a short phrase, I think you know when I see, a thumbnail I want to see something. Significant. It's like you know I put like once. A belt question. Mark and that's, the question that everybody has like yes I do how, do I do it so. You know that's something I put on the thumbnail, but, what I really did in the beginning to get some traction I, think it is really valuable it takes a lot of time but, in, order, to make some connections, on YouTube and to be seen a little bit more, really. Go to others, videos. In your area, of expertise. Or whatever you do even if you're just a family vlogger. Go. There comment. Build some relationships with, those other people, who are watching and who are putting the, videos up so. That people see you and that you actually have something to contribute that's. What I did a lot I really spent a lot of time just commenting. And providing, some value and positioning. Myself as someone who kind of knows what they're talking about and. Then. So, my youtube channel and then I hesitated. For a quite a while if I should start a Facebook group, because. I thought it's, gonna be a lot of extra work then. I have to be in there every day and, I don't want to like be on Facebook, all day and, have like a million comments to answer, to but I thought. Well ok I'll, try it and if it doesn't work I'll just close, it again and I, tried it and I have to say it was one of the best moves I've made there's, more than 2000 people in there now very, engaged, and, it's. Really like a home for, people because. I'm there, I don't comment on everything and people know I don't comment everything on everything, because too big yeah. But every, day I asked, him I asked him for something and I have someone helping me with my posts, but every day I was, like what, is the craziest, thing you've ever done or. You know just something I want, them to tell me about themselves. What, are your biggest problems. Right now or what. Is a piece of advice you would love to share that you you know what is the most valuable, piece of advice you've learned in the past few weeks that, you would like to share so every, single, member, feels like I'm important, here I have, something to say I want, them to share that and, that's how you really build a community by everybody.

Wants To have significance, right we all have a need for significance, and when you give your audience, it's the feeling that they're important, to you that's. Really when they start getting more attached to you and so the Facebook group has been a wonderful place and then. In conjunction with that really building the email list by, you. Just need one something. Something, valuable that. You can give to people and in exchange they, give you their email address. Start. Building your email address as soon. As you can if you have anything, valuable put. It up somewhere and get people's email addresses because. Emailing. People is just. The best way, I mean I get. Emails, from people sometimes, just, in reply, to some of the emails I send out telling. Me their life story. Which. Tells me you know if they, are taking. All that time to tell me their whole life story. That's. A really good candidate, for, me to really have a closer relationship and, I could. Help them probably, in what they want to do if they tell me their whole life they're probably, thinking maybe, I'm interested in I can help them so. Email, is the only way to really have that long format, kind of contact, with someone so, YouTube. Facebook, group, and email, are probably, my three most important, ways to. Connect. With my audience, those. Are really great tips and I have to say that I can relate so much on the Facebook group because. Um. You. Know a lot of us have that. Impostor. Syndrome sometimes. Or, we think that the knowledge that, we have is common, and it's not it's just everyone. Has something that they, know about and that's easier for them and. I was seeing so many Facebook, groups about. Topics, that I knew about and I kept seeing a lot of you. Know information that was maybe incomplete. Or that, I wanted to expound. Upon and, then I was spending so much time answering. Questions, and other people's groups I was like why don't I have my own group but then like you I was thinking I don't love, social, media and, I don't know if I want to be on there all day every day but.

Now My group has about. 1,500. People in it and it is like a home, and, it's, like having. 1500. Friends. Who are all interested. In the same you. Know topics, but they're bringing different backgrounds, and different perspectives. And I've learned a lot about what people want, to learn about. The digital nomad lifestyle, and what they're struggling with and. I've also met some of them in real life so. It's just you never know what's going to happen when you bring a group of people together or, when you reach out to them on a on, a one-on-one basis. And so, yeah. That's where the magic happens so. For me it's really just about trying, something and seeing if it works really it's. So, much better just if you have an idea just do it try. It out and if it doesn't work you know you can always just, cancel. You know just you don't have to continue do it yet there, have been a few things that I have tried and they didn't quite work like webinars. Everyone. Was always talking about webinars and so I made webinars and nobody ever showed up it's like people didn't want it my audience, didn't want webinars, because they were not into business they're into singing and they don't know what it is and they don't want, to show up they. Want me to be live on YouTube so. That's. What I do I tried. Many things but see if I hadn't tried I would never know and I think you, really get to know your audience so much better when you try all these ideas, that you have just do it and see, what happens you might be surprised what would, work you know yeah. It's really just a numbers game where you know however you look at it whether it's with videos or writing or testing, out ideas. The more ideas you test the, the higher, the chances, that something's, going to work out and, you're gonna find that 20%. Of your core, activities. And, in skills, and topics, and yeah. You just never know what's going to resonate, with your audience what's. Going to be the most profitable thing for you you to do and what's going to go viral in, the case of content, creation which, in my book which you know I don't know what I mean I'm not really making, a big deal out of it I just want to have it out for those people who can't spend. So, much money to be in my really. Expensive. Program I wanted. To just provide something for those who have maybe 15, bucks, to. Want. More of me but they can spend 15 bucks on getting, more so. That's my book I am NOT expecting to be rich you know off, the book and I'm, also doing a live event next year I'm doing a live workshop here, in Germany where everyone can come so. I don't know how that's gonna go but I'm gonna just try it and see what, happens who knows I don't know I may do it once and think it was the worst thing in the world and then I know or. It. May be the one the most wonderful, awesome thing and I'll just do many of them who knows and. So. Yeah I would love to, on that note could you share a little bit about the. Types of programs you offer so if anybody is interested in, learning how to sing. What. What, types of products. Services programs. Groups, that in case there's somebody out there watching, who wants you to, learn more about that or. You could just look at my kind. Of stuff, that I do just in, order just to kind of look at what I do you, know even, get ideas for your own business I like, to kind, of peeking, in someone's, you. Know what comes in their email sequence, what do they do so. I have, on my website master. Your voice TV. I have. Freebies. I have a whole page of freebies, actually, because I've created so many courses. About. Support, about belting, a challenge. A. Warm-up. Program, for, singers.

That's. All on one page it's all free stuff so that's how I email addresses, and I mentioned, in my videos, I will always mention, one of the freebies or my. Facebook group to just tell someone hey there's, something you can do to. Get value. And then. I get a closer connection with them and then. I have. One. Signature. Video. Course, that I sell. Those. Videos are exclusive. They're not on YouTube they go more in-depth and they're. Organized. When. I thought about what, could, I possibly create. That's, not on YouTube yet because I have more than than 600, videos on there what, have I not covered, well. I do. Cover the same stuff in my video, course that I sell it's called back to the basics, however. It is nicely organized, it's, a little bit more in-depth and it's, consistent. Right so it's like it's got this line of I need to do this and then this and this and this and this you, can find everything and you, kind of have a strategy, then that's, what people pay for it they pay, me for telling. Them when to do what in what order on, YouTube you can't use like one when you, have to start with and then. I have another video, course, it's called conquer. Your stage fright it's. Really not just for people on stage it's really for anyone who, speaks, in front of an audience who. Is nervous, who. Wants to be more themself, you, know how that goes sometimes you, start turning on the camera or you start standing in front of people and you're. Not quite, like, you would be if you're just talking to friends you, are trying. To be something that you're not it's not quite you so. That's the, course addresses, that and then, I have my online masterclass, for, singers which is a group. Coaching program, and. That's really my high-priced program it's three, hundred fifty dollars a month for four months, or. Twelve hundred if you pay in one payment and that's. Really something, that, we. Have a secret, Facebook, group and I. Will give, a video, critique. Wels. Video posts, every. Day Monday through Friday so. It's almost like a one-on-one coaching situation, but you can do it whenever you have time and I can do it whenever I have time so, I could do it in the morning in the afternoon in the evening as, long, as I get it done so.

That That that's really the program that's bringing. A lot of my money and, there's. Nothing else like that out there and I've checked it there's no one really doing exactly that and that's, that I think it's really starting to have some traction now, that's. Amazing, I want. To take some of those courses. I think some of them are you, know applicable, to everybody, and. I've definitely I like. Looking at other, people's product, mix and like different. Topics, and different industries. And just. To get more inspiration. As well so I think yeah even if you're not interested in stage, presence, or singing, but you're interested, in online business you can see what phrase made and just a couple years. Right. Try to get my free courses, and then you kind of can see. What. I've done they're. Great. And so you're what's, the name of your YouTube channel. Um. Just. If, you. Put Slash, friar Casey music, or, if, you just search for my name friar Casey it's, easiest, okay. We'll put that will, link that down below and, put, it on the screen well. Thank you so much for your first spending. Your Sunday with us. Helping. Everyone learn about how, they can create their online businesses. And how they can create. A whole new lifestyle. Just from one idea so I really appreciate, you being here with us and, I'll. See you soon, awesome. I hope there gonna be more people like us soon yeah. Definitely. And that's the goal guys it's like the. Whole reason I have this channel, and the reason why I talk about this so much and the digital nomad lifestyle. Whichever, label, you want to put on it is because. I've been living. In this capacity. For about 15. Years and I always wish that there were more people. Doing it and more people who realize that they could do it so that's why I started my, relocation company, to, help people, move. And work for themselves in, different countries around the world and, that's, why I started this YouTube channel and everything. That I'm doing to spread the word about, location. Independence, and digital nomadism because, it's just part. Of my mission I think that everybody, should be able to do what they want to do for. Work and they should be able to do it from wherever they want and just, live a balanced, lifestyle, where. They're happy, and they're fulfilled. And they're. Just living. Life doing what they want there's no reason not to. Yeah. So. We're all in agreement on that so. Thank you guys for tuning in to, this episode of. Badass, digital, nomads, and see. You again next week on digital, Nomad TV. Bye. Everyone.

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