How to Build a Young Living Business

How to Build a Young Living Business

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Hello. Hello, guys welcome I, am - Han Thomas, Young Living crown diamond and, founder. Of Living, Fit Club Living Fit Club is a member portal, that's focused on crushing, limiting. Beliefs in creating epic lives. This. Is usually a, every, week we have an LSE expert, webinar, and we. Decided again, this week to open it up to everyone this week's topic, is how to build, a, Young, Living business so we're gonna talk about that with you guys for. Those who are LFC, members as you know this will be right up in the portal you'll be able to access this at any time for. Those who are not members you'll have this for the next 24 hours then, of course you could always join, into our member portal and have. Cyl access to it as you as you'd like okay I want. To jump right in first of all let me just tell you very quickly about me so you understand, when we're talking about building, a Young Living business, I know there's a lot of opinions out there and how to do this and that or whatever I'm gonna give you some tools okay, then, we're gonna get like this is gonna be more, like straight-up how to I can see the chat if you have questions, please post your questions there I'll be able to see them and I'll be happy to answer whatever. I can sir but I want you to know something about me first that I never. Had a home class and I'm not saying don't have a home class okay we'll talk about that but I never had a home class I'm a mom of three when. I got into Young Living in. 2004. Around. 2004, I, already had a young daughter had a four year olds and since then I've had two more kids so. I was building, while, you, know raising. A family and all that the other thing is I've never worked. Full-time, at, building a young living business ever, I still don't okay, and I, still was able to build up to the diamond levels, um obviously. One step away from from. The top level so.

I'm. Still able to do all of that and I'd, still. Be with my family not sacrifice, my my, whole family life not sacrifice, my career, I don't say sacrifice, my career I mean there was some like give-and-take with my career, but. It, all, worked out I just you know I really enjoyed what I did I was not using your living as a way to get out of what I was doing I really like you. Know my career and my career, wasn't health wellness anyway, even natural medicine, seeing clients and what not and. And. No, I did not build my Young Living business through my. Practice, because there's, like ethical, concerns when you do that so I do not do that I'm, trying to answer some of the questions that people always ask for assume right off the back just so we can get like really clear so that when we start, to go into all these tools and steps that you just come from like a little like a clean slate and not making any assumptions of judgments, here okay. Trying. To think what else I think, that's that's really, it so I'm gonna go through it I'll probably answer more questions as they go along and like I said just go, right into the chat ask me questions, as as, you need to you but I kind of get like right into things okay so, first off I had already mentioned there is no way. Okay there's it's that it's just not how it works so you might look at like one leader who does this and another leader does that and then you're like but I don't know what to do and how do I know that so you're. Gonna figure out, you're. Gonna figure it out you you really well you'll figure out what works for you so I want to release, you from believing, that like you have to do someone else's way. Really, perfectly so some. People build on social media some people have a lot of classes some people do DIYs, some. People don't do any of that stuff I was not one of those people so I you know there's. Plenty of ways that you could build that here and hi everybody I see all the chat now saying hello hello hello okay. So. There's no there's no particular way but there are tools okay, so what I believe is that you, should be really consistent in your message, that's. What I did so I use tools to. Be really consistent in my message around your living and around the business and most importantly, around. Myself. Okay. And it will get into that too alright so, the first tool and the best tool you're ever gonna have in all this the first tool you're gonna have is your own mind. Now for those of you who are like yeah I've done all that mindset stuff and I'm sick of it you don't get it then okay, and you're missing the boat like enormous, lis okay there. Is it's, so much about it by the way obviously I'm very straightforward so, so, and something you're gonna learn very quickly about me if you don't know that already the. First tool is your mind you need to train your mind every, single day and part, of that training is you are able to commit. To something you need to be able to commit. To whatever your goal is so your, goal might be to be an entrepreneur because I'm assuming there's some people on here who are not in yet living at all this it applies if this applies to anything now okay but even if you're in Young Living you, need to commit to whatever your. Goal is you, need to get really obsessed about it you. And. You, need to get clear of why it's even important. To you so some people have a goal say like a rankle so say you're ranked goal is to hit, silver. Write gold diamond I don't care pick one okay so your your goal is to hit that certain, things my first question would be like well, why do you even want to hit it like why is it so that in other words that can't just be the goal a kid should be like okay my sights are on silver and that's it because because, you're gonna have just like in any business you're gonna have like your ups and downs you know and if, you don't know what that fire is it gets you like it should get you up everyday like burning, with passion like every single day and if, you have no, idea what. That is let's do like why you're even doing it it's gonna be very easy to give up on whatever, your goal is whatever your dreams are so I don't care what it is it's, a paycheck if it's a certain number say you want to increase your your. Monthly. Income by. $15,000, great so, if you want to increase it by 15,000 out why what. Would that look like in your life if you were to increase it by $15,000, or a thousand, or whatever you wrap your brain around at, this point okay you, want to be able to get really clear.

On That okay. And then that's gonna be the thing that fuels, you now once you do that you need to start having gratitude, for. It already happening, okay you have to have like immense gratitude this is where you're gonna have to do things in spite of all evidence now an hour live, for those who are in living FitClub and those who maybe want to be a living Fit Club I just want to show you something quick so that you understand, where, you can access. How. To work on your mindset better, so this is the living Fit Club portal this is the back end if. You, go into the lifestyle section mindset. There all of this that we're talking about and how to build out your your. Mind and develop this and really work on and have videos and things you can listen to every. Single day thinks you could write down how exactly, to design your life that's, all here, okay that's an our mindset section, right there right in this those are front living for club members like I said anybody's welcome go to living fit club you could become a member have, access to that if you're not a member and you're not interested in being a member and then what I would do is make sure you have the right you know, books to read the things you're going to study the science getting rich Think and Grow Rich you, squared by Price Pritchett listen. To the audios of it you know just keep training your brain and training, your, mind there, so that you can stay really focused on, what it is that you want to be doing because that is going to be like your foundation imagine. That is like the foundation piece, of it and then you can launch from there because you're, gonna find like, you might say I don't, even know how to find my first person I don't know how I'm ever gonna hit executive, or so but whatever and the, ultimate goal would be royal crown diamonds, and beyond so you want to be able to start training yourself, and getting your your mind and your posture and all that, you. Know to do to be, able to do that now somebody said that I keep freezing am i freezing for anybody else here. Just let me know in the. Comments. Section if I'm freezing for anyone else everything looks fine on my end so, okay. So that was the first so the first tool is your mind this. Second, tool is you, so this kind of coincides, here you know or like works together so the second tool is going to be you and what, I want to say about that that is. People. Are buying you, okay. That's, what they're doing they're they're buying you they're going into business with you they're, like it really, is gonna be, about you, it's not gonna be like you. Know who's got the best, frankincense. You know it really is not they're gonna decide if they like you and trust you and all that it's really gonna be about you so, be, the person, that somebody wants, to follow and that is someone who is who. Does not complain okay. There's too many complainers, out there and I even see it on Facebook and and, you hear people they just everything, is like a complaint, about something it's. Very difficult, to have influence, when, you're always complaining, about something I, don't, care if it's something in your life your relationship, your job you. Know things. In your living and I don't care whatever it is if you are a complainer, it is very difficult. To. Oh very far cuz because, people don't want to be around complainers, long term okay. So this is where you're gonna have to get a little self-awareness and be able to step back and say okay I don't, even want to be around complainer, so I need to be conscious of that so. That, I'm, not that person to somebody else okay. The other thing is you. Need to overflow, from where you're at so, let's. Say you're in a job is making you miserable so, you want to be an entrepreneur whether, ill living or something else you want to be in an entrepreneur, it's that's gonna give you that like, that, out okay. For, those who keep losing me just go there's, a couple of unis having problems, go into, Chrome use the Chrome browser I think it'd be easier for you so, go. In there and that should be helpful okay. So. Um so. If. Even if you were looking for it out from, whatever you're doing and this. Is gonna be you, know your way to get out or whatever you want to make sure that. Wherever. You're, at, you. Do the best job you could possibly, do where you're already at okay, because it's that it's. That attitude that. You put into it that you do where you overfill, that cup so that you could grow and expand somewhere else it's that. Behavior. Those habits, and all that's gonna help you grow somewhere else so again, if you're only complaining.

Right, Where. You are if you keep complaining you're gonna have difficulty. Okay. So, if you want to really excel, and thrive, and move forward be really good right where you are while, you're building out your next, thing okay and. With. That going back to the mindset thing this is where you're gonna continue to be better you want to be a positive. Force in the world again it is very difficult, you could be bold you can be passionate I'm certainly all those things but I'm also a very positive, person, so, I stay, very connected to, that. Part of myself and I'm constantly working on that piece of myself okay. Here's. Another tool, and. I see people are losing, connectivity. Again, I don't I don't. Understand, why everything is fine and, showing up fine on my, end so. I apologize, for that. Okay, third. Tool presentations. So I'm going to show you some presentations. Here. I'm. Going to show you the presentations, I use. Okay. First one would be a. Product. Presentation, okay. Living. Fit club members I'll show you in a minute but you have, access to this this is these, are presentations, I've put together I've used them for years it's, this is exactly what, helped me build up to. Crown. Diamonds, I use the same presentation, so while I'm telling you that there's no like, way. In. Other, words like I use the same information, I always use this. Presentation. Or, that content, that's in this presentation, to deliver. Consistently. You, know consistent, information, okay. I teach them how to use it I teach them all about the different product lines we briefly go into certain things to see to see oh all that so, I find, it very helpful just to, have a, presentation. On hand whether I'm showing, it all or not is not even the point it's something then that, will like that will keep me on track and that's what I'm looking for is the things that are gonna keep me on track oh I I scroll, through too fast these didn't come up quickly, quick. Enough so um, okay. Do you understand what I'm saying here use a consistent.

Presentation. So what if you want to use our. Presentations, that's, fine let me pick club members you could grab, those I'm going to show you the other one that's, the product one let me grab the business one, that. I use. Okay. Ah. This. Actually brought up to a good slide something I wanted to talk about first of all network marketing in livings a network marketing company and. It's. A very successful one word like. Fourteenth's. I think, in the world in terms of size. And growth. And all that. The. The, industry itself is a thirty five billion dollar, industry, and as, you can see here there's almost 19 million people, I think you can see my little marker here there's, almost 19 million. People, just, in the US alone right here it's just in the US alone and almost, here. 37, percent of them, 37. Percent. 37%. Are Millennials. That. Is huge so starts thinking about that like learn your market, learn learn all that anyway here's, the presentation, and again I'm going to quickly this is going to end up. Taking. Away the the images. But. We, have a business presentation that, I run also so people, always get like the the basic, information, for me to get the product information they, get the business. Information that I have these recorded, as well so. That's it that's what they get so this is like their foundational. Education I know is gonna cover like I said I've been doing this a long time and, I need it because I was working full time while. Building. This I, needed. To know, that I, had. Like a tool that I could be, you. Know that I could keep using or tools that I could keep using that's just gonna deliver a very very consistent, information, and. Then. I don't have to keep saying so it's a question that people are always asking, things. That they always want to know all like the basic, sort of stuff that's, all covered in the, presentation both, do, the product presentation, business those are both like intro, style presentations. Now for. Those who are living, fit club members I. Want, to show you I. Give. You these presentations. Also I made them up I've used them for years it definitely got, me to crown diamond it's getting me beyond that. You will find them in the. Portal. You, will find them under yl. Business training. Here. Ok, here are the slides here's for the product, slides and here, are the, here's the business slide so what I just showed you are right here you just download, those and here are the videos that go, go. With it plus obviously, a, whole bunch of other, information, about training you how to do the do, the business ok, this is everything that we're, teaching here living FitClub I'm going to go over some of these points here on tonight's, call but. This obviously will go way, more in-depth both in the training. And then of course we have a millennial, mentorship, program, and. This. Also so between the young living business training for the LFC or is living fit club members between the young, living business training and the millennial men worship you, are getting, like.

Literally. Everything everything. That I've ever done to build and continue to build and do it very efficiently not. Give up the time with my family build my life from vacation to vacation still. Grow in in all areas of my life and and, still, not working living full-time and have other things that I do like I have. A wonderful life and I'm able to do it because I'm very efficient, in how I do it and this is exactly. Diesel, everything I'm training, here is exactly literally what I do exactly, what I do okay so, let me take you over there okay, so, the whole idea of when you're working, with the. Presentations. Is that you, are delivering consistent, information. You know that they are getting that, information, whoever. You're talking to whether there's prospects, or if you're using it for training that, they are getting that baseline, education. Across the board and that's for, me that's like the first I might get again that baseline education, then we will move from there and then those very things become. The tools for them to. Be able to speak to the next person so with tools in hand now okay you can either use our presentation, living fix up members you use our presentation. Anyone. Who's automated club member you can become member go in and grab the presentations. There there you, know for everybody to be able to use you, go in there and do, it or create your own that's fine but what I'm trying to say is that have something, that's very consistent. That you could deliver to each of your, prospects. And each of your members as a training. Tool not only to attract them in but, then also as a training tool so that that's where your duplication, comes in now, when I was saying that I didn't have any home classes I didn't I never had any home classes my I was just my lifestyle, was not conducive to that it's still not very conducive to that, so. I did a lot of one-on-one so I literally used these same presentations. I would do them in one-on-ones, I would, do. Them online I, would do them like, this but I would use programs, like. Well. At the time it was like any meeting, and I forgot anyway today you would use things like zoom you could use Facebook. Live if you have ECAM you're able to show your screen if you have a Mac you. Could use GoToMeeting. I mean there's plenty screen lists resource, stuff that you're able to use you, can show your screen or sometimes. I do it just like this and I, just have the slides in front of me to help keep me on track the. Other thing I do is that I I, have, done classes, I just haven't done them in my home so, what. I would do is go maybe to like a local yoga studio and I've run that space or I would, speak to the owner and say you can become a member if you want to be in my network and helping invite people then the people who come will go under you for the ones who come from your studio they'll go on to you it'll, be a win-win, situation you'll, get paid for it it helps to build your network helps to build my network you, know we could do that or I could just rent the space and everyone who comes I'll just take you know take all the enrollments, so. I've, done that before the, other thing I've done is I've got in other people's homes I've reached out to people in my own network or people have come across and instead of just just. Saying okay I want all of my network people to come to me what, I've done is tapped into their. Networks, I said why don't you have something your house I'll come I'll just teach very basic information I can show you what it is because I teach the same thing every time so, I could, show you what it is you know and teach on that and whoever's, interested interested, and who's not is not that's fine so, I'm always tapping, into my, networks. Network. Ok, that's how I did it always happy the mind it was just way more efficient for me to be able to do that ok. So that was the third - it's the first tools your mind second. Tool is. You. Yourself. Like developing, you and your posture and all that the third tool is going to be your presentations, and then of course like that peripheral. Training. But the presentations, themselves are, the tool and then, the.

Fourth - action tool actually are, apps and, one of them actually came out today so if you haven't gotten the app why, else share, there's. A lot of content, I've even gone through the whole app yet but there's a lot of content, is rope from Young Living a lot of things that you can use right in in, that app and send to people and be able to match your business the, other thing I use to help manage my business is the app oily, tools so. I use oily tools all the time. Very. Helpful and I'll tell you there's, really like a couple apps and they'll take my social media platforms but. The. Apps I use the most would, be oily, tools and spark post. Spark posts, allows me to make better, images. That I'm going to put on social media now, I'm not a huge social media person which may seem funny because I, have. I don't know altogether probably, 60,000. Close to 60,000. Followers. In my community which is really awesome. And I'm grateful for that. But I really, like I gain that I just come on and I'm just being me you know I'm just speaking and it's attractive, to whoever, it's attractive, to but, I'm really thinking about like. What images. That, I'm putting up there, you know I do, use an app like editing, tools I would use well, on them Instagram, so sometimes I use their editing tool or all in to use snap snap. Seed I just want to make sure I'm getting their names right here yeah, Snapseed, that's, an app that I use to. Do some, picture. Editing, there. And. But. My main platform, site uses Facebook I do a lot of Facebook lives so, do Facebook I, do Instagram. And I do, YouTube. Now. And. I am on Twitter but I but, I, don't, really like talk, back and forth with anybody on Twitter but I am on Twitter but, I use. Like Instagram and Facebook live and everyone when I remember, which is terrible, like I put things up on YouTube now interestingly a lot of people find me on YouTube and I'm, probably like the most awful and putting my stuff up on YouTube but. A lot of people do find me there so that is something to consider. Along. With that then, I would also consider. Making. Sure that you have good sound quality and, good video quality so even if you're using your phone just get like a little microphone you. Can pick them up on, Amazon or BH, video, photo you just get like a little microphone that you could put into your phone just, give it a little better sound quality. Okay. And then. Of course you have the camera. Right, on your phone that I'm assuming you use get a good tripod my. Tripods over there but I use a 10 row hold, on I'll. Show you I have the box right here this, is the tripod that I use. It's. Really, really, really really good so, I use that so you know just little things like that that I do and I keep I try to keep it very simple or it could be very, very. Overwhelming, and it not efficient, so for me I. Am. Very into, being efficient, I'm very into maintaining a certain lifestyle, American, to having time with my family every day I'm very into, being healthy and exercising, and working, out, I'm, very. Into only working a few hours a day I know that I could punch out and if in just, a couple of hours but most people take a day to do so. I. Know. That because I'm just very efficient so along with that what I do is I'm up early so in order for me to live and maintain the lifestyle I want to have I thrive. In the morning, and. I. Get up early to do that so I'm up early every day I get my stuff done I like the quiet I like to do my, like I have my my, list of priorities like my handful of priorities, and things that I want done every, single day and, and.

That's What I do and of course they have to involve income-producing activity. Now income-producing activity. Is speaking. To people enrolling, them and then follow-up right that's gonna be your income producing activity, so, you have to make sure that you're doing those things and that brings up the next point and probably one of the biggest points you, must be open for business okay. So if you want to be successful in your Young Living business you must be open for business this, can't be one of those things where you're like I'll. Try it okay you would, never open up a storefront and, you. Know stock it with everything, right and I know we're not doing that that's not literally, what we're doing but I want you to follow along with this, this. Analogy okay you wouldn't open, a storefront have, all this like you know the, product or whatever and say well I'm, not gonna open my doors right, now I'm. Not gonna open my doors because, I have, the holidays, coming up or I have, a birthday or I'm going on vacation or, doing this or that or whatever kind of excuses, I'm not really sure what to do yet you just wouldn't do that you know you would take it more seriously, if you have this very solid, tangible, thing to wrap your your, you know sink. Your teeth into like you would you would you would do something you really have to start using your mind a little bit better in applying, that to, your Young Living business okay or any business that you're doing as an entrepreneur, you, have to you, have to treat it like a business you have to behave like you're in you, know I'm a really proud I'm about to go on a rant I feel it coming up now okay, you're like I'm a really proud businesswoman, I am I love getting out there I'd love lifting, people up I love teaching them how they can have a better life I love teaching them how they could live vacation, to vacation and, not paycheck, to paycheck right, what, did you rather live vacation, to vacation rather, than paycheck to paycheck, that. Is something to put on to thank Christina get. On that right so, you, know and I find that, people are so stuck, in their ways and their old old ways of thinking and their old habits, and their old way of being and the people, the circle of influence that surround them is just garbage all the way around I don't mean people, are garbage don't, misunderstand I mean that's thinking the mentality, is like total, garbage and you. Know you have to be willing to let that go you really do and you have to find someplace in you that is just worth it that you were saying you know what I'm just gonna do and go back to that first thing that, I talked about your minds like in committing to it like it has to be so. Worth. It that you just do it no matter what like set a goal have something, that like you knew if you if you, were able to do this and be so life-changing for you that is so worth it for you to you know run, through those brick walls in order for you to get there you will face criticism you will face ridicule you, will have failures, you, will fall on your face who the Freak cares get, back up that's normal, business, that's what life looks like that's not exclusive. To you okay. We all go through we all have bad days we all have great days we all have all of that your. Job is to be so committed, to what you want then none of that makes a difference none, of it matters because you, just want to go out there do what you're doing for me it's peace of mind okay if I was gonna have an overall, general theme, it's, peace of mind okay. That's it I need to have peace of mind so in order for me to have peace of mind I know in, my life ABC. Has to be taken care of okay, so. The ABC whatever it is has and I'm clear about what that is but if ABC has to be taking care of that I'm gonna do whatever it takes for the ABC to be taken care of that's it nobody's even having a conversation with me otherwise, and why, do I need to discuss my business with, everyone out there who started an opinion I could, give a rat's ass what, my neighbor's dog thinks about my business how, I don't, care okay I don't care you're not in the arena with me because.

People Who are in the arena with me are not gonna have something to say that's negative they're just not only. People on the sidelines, got stuff to say and the people on the sidelines, are noise. That's. What they are they're noisemakers, okay, I'm not interested in noisemakers, I'm interested, in being in a circle people who want to lift each other up or, go out there again I have limiting beliefs so when I tell you crunch limiting beliefs this is what we do in living FitClub we, do this because I need to crush limiting beliefs also when. I talk about creating epic lives it's because I'm working, on creating the most epic life now a lot of people who look at my life right now and say though you have this epic life and I have an, unbelievably. Fantastic life that I give, gratitude, for like every, second of every day I really, do this huge amount of gratitude that's there and that's what fuels me is the constant, gratitude, for where I am but, that's also what helps me grow further because, I know that. If I make more money I could give more money I know if I make more money my quality, of life is even better I know that my kids quality, of life is even better I know for all the charities, we give to that's. Even. Better I know that I could help more people by putting myself in a position to help more people again. I'd much rather live, from a vacation, to vacation then, paycheck, to paycheck and let me tell you something I did, that paycheck to paycheck thing I did, it when it didn't work when, I didn't have enough money to go from paycheck to paycheck when I was eligible for welfare and had you know negative, whatever in my account been, there done that okay, I don't, want to go back to that space so, I am so fully committed, every day to helping other people because, this is an altruistic business, so I am so fully committed every day to helping other people knowing, that, by helping other people the laws of the universe and the laws of network marketing, bring, it back around and it's a win-win for everyone and that's where my focus is so let me tell you something, do not, walk, this, planet with any sort of shame whatsoever for, what you do or what you want to do when, giving Comex not now do and you open a store, it. Would be so unrealistic. Right to, open that store, and. For people to think that you are going to be making a million dollars on your first in that store right, you wouldn't even think that of yourself you. Wouldn't even think that of yourself but, for some reason people apply those rules to any type of entrepreneurial. Or online or network marketing type of business those rules seem to apply like you almost can't speak about business, and success until.

You, Already, made that millions its millions, out it's, sold backwards. That. Makes no sense why. Not go in the world and say I quit I'm, gonna start up right now I created, a start-up I am doing, this this, I'm excited, about it you, know and then show up for work because what they're looking, for what. The Mesa peers are looking for is for you to actually show, up and unfortunately. So, many people proclaim. To the world that they're gonna do this something whatever it and then, they don't they. Don't you don't show up you. Need to show up okay. You need to show up everyday you need to have that posture you need to be consistent, and how, you do that is by having that burning, desire that. Burning, desire to go okay, now. For. Those who are in, it let's go into like you now you become a member okay for those who haven't started. Yet. In Young Living you're gonna go back to the person who who, sent you here to listen to this okay and you're gonna sign up with them because that is the right thing to do okay, that's what you're gonna do if you found me just because you follow me on on social, media and no one ever told you about Young Living you're hearing it for the first time here just send me a private message okay, on my Facebook page that's fine. From there you're gonna get a a, one, of the premium starter kits because that's just the most cost effective it's, what makes the most sense you get one of the premium starter kits okay, and then you're gonna get on to what's called essential, rewards subscription, program you get on there you start to get accustomed, to your business this is your start up and overhead that's it okay you start up overhead you're. Also gonna get into something called wild go for those who are members already and not in wild go you need to be in wild though it is like one of the best programs like it's like the shipping, program like the Amazon, Prime of Young Living so, make, sure you get into wild go make sure you're using your oils make sure you're using nature nitro and all that um you. Know I talked about getting up early and I'm just gonna kind of reiterate this a lot of people will say I don't have time I don't understand why people say that because, according. To my calculations. And I could be off base but everybody. Has the same amount of time in a day I. Mean. Maybe, I'm wrong I don't know but I think everyone's got 24, hours right, so. It, usually. Comes, down to what are you doing with that time and I. Find, that people are not very efficient, with their time I know that there's times I'm not efficient with my time so, I have to be very conscious, of that but I will promise you that for the most part people have time. Efficiency. Problems. More. Than anything you have easy distractions, so here's gonna be another piece of advice for those who are already building. Or wanting. To build in any type part of your life okay focus. On one thing at a time do, one task at a time. Okay. That's it one task at a time so if you're answering emails answer emails if you're doing, text messages do that if you're posting on social media do that try, to avoid as many descriptive, distractions, as, you can okay. Ken. Up earlier you know some, people say stay up later the other thing I don't subscribe to I'm, not saying it's good or better and different I don't really understand, it some people will say that they you. Know are up till like 2:00, a.m. and, then. You know working and then they get up at 6:00 a.m. to work again and there's supposed to be something like badge of honor like here's my badge of honor that, you know I stayed up on I don't know I don't know what people do that I don't I sleep okay. Because I don't function well Celeste I sleep so I sleep, cuz I don't know I think it's normal I sleep all right I sleep and I get up early and I do what I need to do and I rest when I need to rest and I work when I could work and I'm really efficient, what I do and I spend time with my family every single day and I sighs, every single day and, it.

All Works out it all works out I run to companies, right now and. And. I'm still able to have life so. I just, I just for those who are looking at everyone else and thinking that that's not possible they would have liked, to do this or do that what there's certain things you have to give up but I'll tell you those things that you give up are mostly, your habits and your thoughts on, disability. It really. Is because when you're passionate about something you're willing to get up and do something that's that's really what it comes down to like if you're in waking up every day it's good like oh I, don't want to have to do this you, know then you're probably not in the right space, not. Probably you're not you're, just not you know that's the time to really go back do that mindset stuff you know do your your, journaling your reading all the things that we talked about in the mindset section, and really start to get clear with your own head about, what it is that you want for your life because you do have dreams everybody's, had dreams and a lot of people have given up on them unfortunately. A, lot. Of people have given up on them they think it's something that they can't have a routine, you know how many people believe that being, a diamond danyoung living is so far off and untouchable, and it is not it's. Not it. Really isn't. It takes the same amount of. Like. Mindset. Energy, to. Attract, in being a diamond, as it does to be an. Executive you know it really it takes the same amount of energy so why not focus on the very thing, that you, want but, understand. Why, you want, it how would it impact your life what would it do, differently. For you you have to be clear about that piece and when you get clear about that piece then you're like oh my gosh I can't, wait. To get up I cannot wait, to get up and and. Do what I need to do now some people like wait what is it but what does it specifically. Look like that I need to do okay let's go back to it. Understand. The presentations. Make, one up yourself if you have to but don't get analysis, process, right let's, get the presentations. Use. Those look, at those ask, people. To present you know see, if you could present to people I just want to practice this whatever it is, you. Know so that you get accustomed to doing it or if you want to have our home class or if you want to do an online class, fine or if you want to do an Instagram story, around it fine whatever, it is you must go into actions what would you do if you, had a storefront what would you do to service your customers just, think about it what would you do well first, of all hopefully you'd show up and unlock the door and let people inside be number one right show up to business joke to work but. How. Would you describe. The experience of, what you have in your store, how would you describe the experience of, your products, in relation, to how you've used that what stories. Do you have around them. What do you want people to know about you and your particular, business, now you don't tell young ladies business they could sell their own business you. Are in business for yourself, what. How would you like, what is the image of your business what is the culture, of your business what. Do you want people, to know about you how what do you want them to associate, with you it's, that type of image. It's that type of posturing. That's what you're gonna put on social media that's what you're gonna have in every point of contact, when you're speaking, in front of people if that's your method or when you're out and about and talking to people when, you understand. How you want your culture, to look and feel as if, again imagine, that it was a storefront when, you could get an idea of how you want that to look and feel you should be behaving that way everywhere. When. People ask you what you do you know, when. People ask me what I do I say I'm one of the largest distributors of.

Health. And wellness products, and. Essential oils in the world that's what I tell them and. I'm. Not afraid to say the word distributor, I'm not afraid you know it instantly. Gives them an idea of what I do I know a lot of people like no get them in love with the products, before. You know you ever talk about the business so I have never really taken that approach, and. It's a good approach I'm not giving a right or wrong to it I'm just giving like a personality-wise, I'm I'm okay, being a businesswoman so I'm okay talking about you, know my, my. Business, like, it's a business you. Know and and in that then when they say oh really what kind of product said oh it's great then I can have the conversation about products, if I wanted to or if somebody says you. Know whatever I it opens up the doors for conversations, in other words so so. That is what I what, I often, tell people with, me when I'm asked, that's what I tell them I also tell them I run you, know on the founder of living state club it's an online member. Portal that, helps people with their limiting beliefs that helps them create the lives that they want to do and helps them with their mindset their finances, their nutrition, in their house every part of their lives, you. Know that's. What we do I have an online portal, so people can access it from anywhere in the world anytime, they want and. That's. How I describe it that's how I talk about what I do and then that always. Opens the conversation, so that I'll be able to build rapport and part of that report is what. Do you what do you do like I immediately flip, it I want, to hear from them now, sometimes, people come up to me and I don't know I know like I just don't I know they don't really care what I what, I do at all you could just kind of tell so they say what are you doing like that whatever it doesn't matter I was like what tell me about you what, is it you do and I like instantly, slip the conversation. Around to them and then of course they like, to talk about themselves which, then but just by listening actively, listening to them and stuff I can be, able to figure, out where maybe what I have could, be beneficial. To them so, that. Opens up the conversation for, me as well so again a lot of active. Listening a lot of for, me working on myself and, my posture getting, really clear, and being. A very positive person getting very clear on what it is that I want and so committed to it that I'm willing to have the conversation with. Anybody. Because, I could care less if somebody, says no to anything that I do what do I care I mean I walk into stores all the time I don't buy every product that's there sometimes, I walk into a store I don't buy any product it doesn't mean that oh my god I cannot stand the owner of this store like, I just thought it's, just not the way it is you know it's, it's really and. Sometimes it is that sometimes I walk in and I I like, what's in the store but I didn't like how the person how its treated so like I really need to buy anything from here you. See what I'm saying like it's it, should feel. Personable. Like I look at it not, just having a store may, be a better way to say is I look at it like I have a boutique, something. A little more intimate, you know I have a boutique, so I can. Sit or like how, personable. I am. And how. Real. I am and, how much I'm listening and how much I'm caring, and how much does coming across does that make better sense so, like when I can share my business, even though my business is entirely online I when.

I'm Speaking people even online I, think of it like I have it's, just those the imagery that I'm able to do so I could do, the storytelling. And create the stories that I want to create online is and. Then of course when I'm out in the public the, same thing you know I want to be able to speak in such a way that it's very relatable. To people's lives. But also I, have a little bit of an edge of wanting, to put a fire under people's, butts as I know you really could have this great. Life don't give up on your dreams looks like black arms and do this thing together, so. Anyway. Anybody, have any questions I'm, looking. At the over, here, at. The comments, here just thinking of anything, okay somebody wrote a gratitude journal, good, I love. My gratitude journal I love it and my gratitude journal, I used as. Not. Like right science things that you're grateful for today you know that's okay but I use, it as a tool so when I'm writing the things or thinking, about the things that I'm grateful for I I, have to like I don't stop thinking about it until I have this wave, of gratitude. Come over me like that that it becomes so emotional. And so I guess, so much emotion, with, it that I it's just activating. Everything that I'm dreaming. About in thinking of and all that so I just don't like it. Just in that space that hard space as much as I can all day long not in a moment but like all day long I revisit, this and and think about it and obsess over what I want so anyway. So just as a reminder, excuse. Me, I. Hope. This was helpful to you these are all the things I do again, it's the. This is literal, I know some people see this and say okay I got the basic concepts, I wasn't giving you concepts, I was being literal very very literal, so take everything I just told you and look at it in very black-and-white terms because, it's literally, what I do very literal, okay. For. Those who like I said are living for club members all. This stuff you're gonna see in your, portal, including this video that will go up for, those that are not living state club members if you want to check out what we do go to living fit club, and, you. Could become a member at least see what it's about and if you want you could become, a member and you, know that'd be great all you're stuck behind you do sell that is just truly a personal, stock that you've built up through ER it's my personal, stock Alyssa this is I don't sell anything out of my office everything goes through Young Living I don't sell anything. Yeah. That's. It I teach people how to set up their accounts, though but no this is all this is I hate. To say this is some of my personal stock, because I actually have more, this these, work I that that's. Kind of fault but I have, I, have, a lot more song I have a lot more so I would say I have five of us here. We very, very very, much use the products, like very much all the time using. The product so day, in and day out I have a pretty. Aggressive. Right. Now supplements. And oil regimen. Just. Because of things that I'm working on in my own wellness. To achieve a next level of wellness for myself so, so. I use a lot of product and that's another thing because I use so much products I'm able to. Talk. About it a lot I could you know and very confidently, talk about the product because I use the product and and, that's, legit, you know I use it I'm in love with it and I guess that's another piece of it if you're not in love with. Whatever. Company whatever you're doing whether it's young living or something else if you're not in love, with it you're, really gonna have a difficult time like I'm in love with Young Living even though I've never done it full-time I. It's. Not for lack of my, love of the company and its mission and, its seed to seal process and, the, I know I know all the executives, personally, I knew Gary I know very very well knew Gary know Mary you know I. I'm. That's. It I'm here, like I I and, that passion I think comes through when I'm speaking about to I mean there's like nothing.

Anybody Would ever be able to say to me about Young Living that would I don't. Know I would, never rock me at all it would never you, know make. Me stray my chorus ever ever ever I am so clear about my course and I am so clear about this company I'm so clear about the products I know what it's done for me and my family and. I'm. So clear, about that that there's, nothing. That could rock my boat nothing. I mean I, I'm. Just that, kind of confident, in what I'm doing and I know for. A fact that this is going to show up in my everyday life because, I feel this way like there's literally nothing anyone, could say to me that, would be, who. They could even have their opinion that's negative I don't care all you've done is tell me whether or not I'm gonna allow you in my circle, that's all you're doing and thank you for that information because. You know thank. You for for voluntarily, leaving my circle, you know like that type of thing so. Yeah. So that's it anyway. I appreciate you all getting on tonight again if you want to become a member living. Fit Club is where you go for membership free let's see yours you know please go in use the for but you know where all this stuff is and we want you to be able to use it and continue. To use it, you. Know follow me on social, media at official, Jim Thomas on Facebook, or just, action ham Thomas on Instagram, and YouTube is, also acting and Thomas. Britney. I can never do anything else young livings the best things ever happened to me I'm a different person now right and love your ways thank you and obsessed, with you living everything yeah you know the more you use it the more such TV come with it like I put, on oils like so many time shoes before you to get II like I don't even notice it anymore and how much I use everything I just absolutely, I. Love. Everything about I love the products I love the business I love success, I love entrepreneurship. I love, helping people with their mindsets, I love you, know fitness. I love nutrition, I just. You know what I'm just like in love with life and I love teaching what I know what I've done for over twenty years almost twelve twenty to twenty five years now so. I just really have, such a passion, for what I do and and I think that's what comes across and why I'm able to do things, to. Reach certain levels of success and then continue, to go beyond that and just, just. Because I love and people like to be around you. Know that, kind of positivity, so, and. Not everyone but that's what I don't need to please everybody I just need to please the people that, want, to be in my circle, and learn and help me you know we can lift each other up that, type of thing anyway appreciate, you all again and Thomas from living, Fit Club and the crown diamond with Young Living and I. Appreciate, you guys thank you thank you for getting on take care.

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