How To Build A Speaking Business in 2019 with Simone Vincenzi

How To Build A Speaking Business in 2019 with  Simone Vincenzi

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Let's. Talk about how. To build a speaking, business in. 2019. Welcome. To another episode of, explode, your expert, beers the show my name is Simone even Chengzhi I'm your host the co-founder, of gtex a where we turn experts, in to authorities and, today. I want to talk about what. You need to put in place to, build, a speaking, business in. 2019. Now, a lot of our clients are speakers, and they always come to me and they say Oh Simona, how do you get two hundred speaking. Gigs every, single year how do you make, so much money from events, a how do you get two paid speaking, gigs and, I've, got this question over and over and over again and I, want, to discuss in this particular. Training. What. Are the trends that are happening right, now that. Will impact the, entire. 2019. And, it will impact your business as a speaker, because, they more, you know about your industry the. Better you will be able to perform the more gigs you will be able to have the more money as well you, will be able to make and the. More people, you will be able to help so, stay tuned because it's going to be a very, jam-packed. Episode. Today. I want. To start first from. What. Is the most important, thing that you need to. Get paid as a speaker and this is something that a lot of speaker actually don't. They. Overlooked they, don't consider, or, they don't think is really important. In fact actually a lot of speakers think, that in, order to get paid as a speaker you just need to have a great talk. Well. That's. A small, part of the. Entire ecosystem. That. You need to have in place because. You can have the best talk ever and you can have a great structure, people can follow you but, if you're boring as hell a delivering. Dead, presentation. If you're, not engaging if you're, not to be, if you're not able to convey, emotionally. What. Is the concept, that you, want to deliver then. No, one is going to pay, and no. One is going to buy in. Fact actually let me say that delivery. Is. Equally. As important. And if not more, important. Than the. Structure, of your talk and the, content, of your talk I mean. You, can have the best content, in the world we, can all use, as an example my. University. Teacher so, I started University I, haven't finished it but. I started University, and I, started, studying history, of heart because, I was very passionate about philosophy, about art in general and, I, said well at least is going to be something that will stimulate my, mind and. There I was seven. O'clock in the morning, in, a dark room. Where. The, presenter. With my teacher that, was about 70, years old and I was speaking, in. The same tone. Consistently. For. Two. Hours. Like. This in, a, dark room. Looking. At powerpoints. And, I. Mean I've been doing this for you and, we do for, only two seconds. Or 10 seconds, or one minute imagine. Two hours, like this, but. Isn't this what happened with many speakers. Funny. I'm. Gonna think that one. Of the things that is stopping speakers. To get been booked is. The fact that actually they. Are not as, great, as they think they are and. This. Is a very, harsh truth in particular, for lots of speakers to learn to. Understand. And to a knowledge. Because. A lot of people think that just holding, a microphone, makes. You immediately. A great, speaker makes. You immediately, entertaining. Makes, immediately. In, the. Way that people will listen to your talk but, that's not, true at all not. True at all, there. Are different, things I mean it just considering, what I've done this year to improve my, speaking skills not. Only I had a lot, of speaking coaching, no, matter I did I've, been doing a thousand, event in the past five years so, I'm not shying. Terms, of speaking on the stage and I've invested, now more, than 40 grand on my. Speaking training because. That's. What makes a difference in my business the better I communicate.

The More clients, I make and, the. More people I can help, so. Think. About what. You are doing for your speaking, how. What, they are doing to become a great. Speaker because. If you're not doing anything about it, you're. Already out. You. Cannot get paid as a speaker if you're boring you, can't. And. This, year for example I, took a stand up comedy course, nerve-wracking. Most. Difficult, experiences. I've. Ever encountered, in, this industry, but. I did it he ran really, well I started. Taking up magic. As well. So. How. Can you, stand. Out as a speaker, because, remember you are not just in a content, industry, you're, in the entertainment industry, and, if. You're not able to emotionally, intellectually. Feeling. Your heart entertain. The people that are there listening, to you. It. Doesn't matter what style you're using you don't have to be a comedian to entertain. But. What. Can you do to entertain more the audience because the more entertaining you are anymore. They will want you back not, only because of the great content, everyone, every speaker is a great content, most of the time I never, heard a speaker saying oh you know what my. Content is rubbish. You. Know I, don't have great content. Most. Of the time the content, is life-changing, but. If people are not awake enough, or. They don't want to listen to you anymore to get and absorb, this content, you. Will never be able to. Get, a client's that you want them to get the gigs that you want so. That's number one, delivery. Delivery. Delivery. Delivery, this, is what will make a difference, and why. Speakers, are not getting. And if, someone doesn't want you. To be on their stage and you approach event organizers, and say, you, know what no. Most. Of the time it is because you're not good enough. That's. How I started, I approach, different event organizers, it, was full of confidence, but. The reality, is I was rubbish at the beginning I mean I couldn't I cannot even look at myself back, six. Six six seven years ago when I started. Or. Rific. But. What I did because it no one wanted me to get on the stages, I started, my own events, inviting, speakers, and ending. That in, the meanwhile I was learning about speaking, I was practicing, a host in the events and that's how I started because no one wanted me to air and. Now I don't. Even know where to turn because everyone, wanted me to speak at their events. So. How can you become better in value. Value, value delivery. And I, gotta say thank you massive thank you to caroline king because, she has been a great help today in helping, me making. Sure that I took. The delivery, of my presentation. To the next level Carolyn. King from sovereign speakers, so, this. Is something. I've did I've done personally doesn't. Matter how much money I'm making as a speaker doesn't matter how many people I'm impacting. As a speaker, it, doesn't matter how many gigs I have more. Than 200, gigs every single year for the past five years but I'm.

Still There looking, at what can I do next but. For me next year is going to be the year of magic contain. Implement, magic, and in all my talks in all my speeches in all my seminars. Because. It's. A way to just. No better way to, get people attention no matter where did I found, so. Let's move to point number two I think we're, now ready to put them all at point number two which, is what do you need to monetize, your, speaking. Business what are the things that you need to monetize, your speaking business well. Once. You're greater delivering, now. You need to have a product or. A service you, can decide, in. Which. Kind of product or service you can have you can decide to sell. From the stage so the, your clients, is the audience how, did you clean thank you very much for joining so. Your clients, then becomes, the audience that's. It where, you, can see how, can they can you become how, can you make. Money how can you monetize your expertise, then. The other way to monetize, your expertise, is to get paid up front by, an event organiser two. Very different industries. Two, very different dynamics. Two, very different ideal clients, so. Let's look at both. Sides let's, look at first at, selling. From this stage now. If you want to monetize, an existing, business you can use speaking as a marketing, tool and that's my, preferred, way because, I can earn way, more, by. Selling that, by getting paid as a speaker, and it's way easier, as well that's been my experience and. Also my zone of genius and my opinion. But. So when, you are selling, a product or service what, you need to have it's a great product it's, something that people want to buy, so. That's. A, simplest. Thing you can put in place I mean ask, people. What, they. Want because if. You're already. Speaking. And no, one buys your product or services, it, means that what you've created actually is not that good. Considering. That you're, good as a speaker, because. If you're not good as a speaker, the product or service might be great but they don't want to buy from you. Now. Let's say you're good as a speaker but. People don't buy it. Means that the product or service is not good enough it's. Not good enough for people to say I want to invest in you, and in, your product then I want to invest in you spend more time with you but. Not in what you're offering how. Can you create a better offer well, let's think about what Suze did Susie, is there one of our clients, Susan MacLennan porns, absolutely. Incredible, she doubled their business, this year she was already making, six figures now, she's making multiple, six figures in, her speaking business and, one. Way that she did to come up with a great product and it's, a thing was genius, very simple, and. I'll tell you this she. Was did to sell something she, we had a session and she said I don't know what I'm going to sell I, think. I'm gonna sell something but I still don't know what. Is that, package. That I'm going to offer is. A next, level of clients, you. Already bought my membership, so, I'm going to see what I'm going to do on the day said. Okay that's fine so. What she did on the day she asked them, just. The audience what do you need, what. Do, you would you want me to do for you and so she put a flip shut up and she started writing all the things that. They want that these audience wanted, I am. That she said well. What. If I do this for you would you be interested. Now. It. Took 30, but. Probably 20 minutes to create it and she had a product. That the audience wanted to buy they, were willing to give her money because, they said, what they wanted and she said I'll. Give it to you so. Don't over complicate the, creation, of your product, or services, because the your, clients have all the answers every. Time you don't know if a, product. Or a service is, going to work, asking. Your clients, or, ask people that can be ready our clients if you don't have clients yet. Going. To assume, deliver. A talk and say what, do you want me to do, what. Will be so important, for you that you would say yes I'm gonna give you my money right now. And. That you created, for them if you can of course if you have the confidence that you say you can deliver, then. Absolutely, go for it because. If you don't have the right product if you don't have the right service you can be an amazing, speaker.

But. People are not going to buy, and. Then you will be there wondering, a lighting and a pie maybe. I'm not good enough now. It's not about you you are good enough as a person, you. Might not be good enough as a speaker yet you, might not have a good enough product, yet but. These are things that can improve that can change and they. Are not, connected. To who you are as an individual, as long. As you, have very interesting. And their wellness. And their well-being. And, in. Your heart that's. The most important, thing for you then. You're, already a winner so now you're working on improving, the skills, and the strategies that will allow you to make this happen and that's how you're going to monetize your your your business as a speaker. Then. If, you have any question, guys for those of you that are watching live let, me know any questions, that you have because, I will alter a conversation. Around this if, you're watching there maybe, you're watching on YouTube or you're watching or you're listening to the podcast the replay, then thank you for listening and if you have any question just pop in to the Facebook group explode, your expert business and, ask me the question, there if you're watching the replay if you're watching live then, this is the moment, now. Let's transition to, speaking. It to getting paid as a speaker, there, is one thing that you need to get paid as a speaker once. You are an incredible, speaker first of all of course you need to be great as, a speaker otherwise. An event organizer is not going to pay you money. Secondly. You. Need to have, content. That is relevant, to, the conference. Or to the events and the event organiser is putting on but. Also you need to have an incredible, profile, you, are not getting paid as a speaker, if you're not known already as, an authority, in your industry, this. Is the difference a, lot. Of speakers they say I want to get paid as a speaker, but, no one knows about them no one knows about what they do they, never have none even that many free speaking engagements. They don't have a great topic, that is different, from what other people are saying they're not even that great is a speaker, but in their mind they think well you know what let me ask an event organizer, to pay me a few thousand pounds or a few thousand dollars can. You see how. No. Logical. Disses. But. Event organisers now are paying, in are paying really good money but, they are paying for celebrities, they, are paying for industry. Leaders they. Are paying for people that have shown up consistently. And that's, what speaking, viewers event, organiser are paying for, asking. For example, Maria Franz Oni she. Runs her own speed Kim Bureau and. That's what she's looking for in, one of the speakers that she has in her books, for. Example my, wife Lou Alda she, is on, her books but why. Nobody's. Been speaking on stage you, see she was 12, 12. Years old. As. Well time. And. On, top of that she's. Been doing it professionally she. Has hosted, her own events, she spoke for free count undreds. Of times and. She, really knows her stuff and on top of that if you look at their profile, online it shows as an authority, in their industry. Why. Because, you can see that she's been on TV you can see that she had her own radio show you, can see that she. Is creating a lot, of online content you, can see that she has a following all. These, things they are crucial, for an event organizer, to say I want. To work with you so, event organizer are looking. For social, proof, that's what events organizers, are looking for are you great as a speaker do, you have the social proof that you are an authority in, your industry and.

If You can't prove that. Do. The work, do. The work is not that it's not possible to get paid speaking gigs it's possible, there are a lot of event organized I will pay for it but, do you have what they are looking for. No. Great. Dwell to speak you free speaking engagements, sell, some of your product and services, so, to create income and generate income in that way. Then. Go. And approach. Event organizers, once you have a great website once, you give it great Shah real. Testimonials. Of event organizer saying our amazing. You are on stage testimonials. Of people in the audience say how brilliant. You are on stage all, these things are crucial to get paid as a speaker. So. This is a one. Of the talking. About what, is the what, you need to monetize to speaking in your speaking business is two things if you're selling a product an awesome. Product if the, product, is yourself, and your talk you. Need to have an awesome profile, and to be already now authority, in your field otherwise, they will not buy from you. We, have a, few, common, here which, is a Jacqueline. Thank you very much for joining Jacqueline. So. She says, that, habit. People, who, are interested, in writing their story and become an author as part of an ontology how, do I get them there I am. An author myself. So. So. What. Do you I don't understand, a question so. Do you want to write their story and you want to help them and writing their story so in this case then you become a writer for them that's. What you mean please let me know and I will answer your question, at, the end of and, I will answer your question here at the end of this show so so. Far we talked about let, me just do a quick recap so, far we talked about why, speakers. Are not getting gigs so, this is number one why speakers are not getting gigs we already said it delivery. Delivery, delivery, are, you. Already, a great speaker most. Of the time speakers. Think they are better then actually. They. For they are so. Invest. In your speaking training invest. In becoming gradient, delivery second. Is what. You need to monetize, your speaking business we already said you need a great, product, and service, and if you, are the product or service, so you're getting paid to speak then. You need to be already in authority, in your industry otherwise. People are not gonna pay you simple. As that now, I. Want to transition and talk about the one thing, that. You need to do that. Will get you booked and that's, something that the speakers. Don't do the. Majority of the speakers don't do it and this is the number one thing that, a speaker should do in, order to get booked and it's. Very simple very. Simple. But. You know we, all think that. To. Get results we need to do all the fancy stuff and, most. Of the time people, don't do the simplest thing to get, the results they want so, you want to get booked who. Is booking you an event, organizer great. It means that you need to contact event organizers, how, many event organizers, are you contacting, on a weekly basis. 100. 50. 20. 30 200. A week a thousand. A month. If. You're contacting. Five event organizers, a month or five event organizers, a year how are you expecting, to gets paid speaking gigs please, explain, this to me if. You're not getting, in touch we'd event organizers, how. Are you going to get booked I don't. Know I haven't found his answer yet well. Of course you can do your prayers, of course. You can do your meditation of, course. You can visualize. Yes. And. The speaking gig is going to fall in my lap, what. If you send an email to an event organizer what, if you actually go, to an event where, you want to speak at and connect, in person we did event organizer, what. If you call them what. If you create a list of a thousand, event that could be it. Could be a good fit for you to speak at and contact. All the event organizers, on that list, would. You get a couple of speaking gigs the. Answer is yes, and the. Great thing is that once your speaker than they if you're good they will book you again and they will book you again and they will book you again and they will book you again so, this becomes like a snowball. Effect but. If you don't take the first action, which. Is contacting, event organisers. Then. Don't. Complain if you're not gonna get speaking gigs now I'm, not going to talk about how to get in touch with event organizers, here we, have an episode of a podcast, called 15, ways to get speaking, gigs type. On Google go. On our podcast, on. 15. Ways to get speaking, gigs you, will find it ok, so, these are the there are tons of ways to get speaking, gigs at, the beginning is if, you are starting out it's gonna be not that easy but. The more relationship. You build then. The. More event organizers you will connect with and the. More they will introduce you, to other event organizers.

Generally. I get three, gigs every, event organizer I know because. I speak for them, then I asked do. You know someone else and they, say well, Simona you've been brilliant. And, I said thank you, so. Let me connect you with other people but, again I've done the art work so, I have a great product I have it a great service, and I'm a great speaker and then. I'm going to move on to the next part which is getting, the referrals, and getting. In touch with event, organizers. Is, it making sense, awesome. Yes we got this so. Contact, event organizers, if there is one thing you got to do to build your speaking business in 2019. If you're already good, as a speaker, is to contact. As many event, organizers, as possible, that's your number one priority because. Everything, else every. Other part of your business will. Be dependent, from this activity, you contact. Event organizers, means, that you get the gigs means. That you, get the clients means, that you, get the money means, that you get to help people that you want to help means, that you get more gigs means. That you, get a client means, that you get the money means, that you help more people means, that you, get more gigs you. See the, way it, works. Fascinating. And simple. So. Get out there and, now, if you have personal stuff saying well but oh I don't, know if an event organizer, is what if they say no. Nine. Times out of ten probably at the beginning they will say no. And. So what. They're. Not saying telling, you oh no, you're a bad person, you're. Saying, what. You're offering or now or the level you are done right now is not good enough for the vision that I have for my event. That's. What they are saying which. Means that you can become better and then approach them again in the future had. So many events did I started. I pitched them and they, said no we. Don't want you on the stage three. Years later they. Said hey would you like to speak at our event. That. Three years later, but. In those three year I've been seeking around whining. And complaining and, saying oh my god how hard, is my life. People. Are not booking me why. Oh, god, out there god. The geeks that I could have spoken. A lot of schools for free health, of community, centers for free, everywhere. I could I. Was. Speaking and. That's what made, me have the network to. Then allowed me to have all these gigs that I have right now so, did, it work become. Better and contact as many events organizers, as possible. Now. This is the one. Thing to, do that, will get you booked, bloody. Contact, event. Organizers. All, right. So. We. Can get, we. Can look, at here. Now. We have a few questions, Ryan, Windsor, the one and only Ryan. Winds are great to see you buddy thank you for joining where, can you get some great speaking, training also. Can you explain the difference between being, a good speaking, and a platform seller, selling from a stage, okay. So let's, look at great speaking, training contact, Caroline, King sovereign. Speaker best. Speaking, training on the planet in my opinion, because, she, looks at all the different ways in, which you can. Get out in which you you, can share your message in a way that. Captures the audience attention, and the. Audience feel, emotionally. What. You're talking about, love. Their style loves. Her training, so Caroline, King. Sovereign. Speaker I'll make an introduction, and also. The other question. Which is can you explain the difference between, being a good speak, in a platform seller but, there is not real difference, so being a good at speaking. You. Need, to be good at speaking if you want to have a speaking career. Otherwise.

You. Can use. The. Speaking. But. Not. They will not give you a speaking career, you. Can use speaking to you get more clients you can use speak in to, promote your message but this, will not help you stand out because people will forget about you the moment you step out from the stage so, good at speaking is. A given. If you want to become a great speaker. Platform. Seller it means, that you are using speaking. To get clients so you're not getting paid up front or you might still getting paid up front and on top of that you. Also sell. A product or service that's, why it's called platform salaries, just a fancy name to say I'm a speaker, to sell my products, or services, so. That's that's, the main difference and, then you have the paid for speaking, where you, are getting, paid up front but, you're not selling. Which. In my opinion I, think people, think is the Holy Grail speaking. I think it's very limited, because. You, know the top you're gonna get paid I mean if you're looking at Richard Branson, for example, he, will charge 250, thousand, for, speaking, gig I made. The. Most I've made in one day I've made, a think about 200k. In one, single day and I'm. No Alicia Branson. Nowhere, near do the profile, that Richard Branson huh I think, is a and. That's Richard Branson, so the majority of the keynote speaker they have a fee from the top, one from five to 10 K and. That's, the majority which. Can. Make on a free event, with. Few people in the room so I think. That's, in my opinion but also I, love, that style of speaking and I love selling, not. The hard way of selling the running at the back of the room and stuff it's not for me but. There are way that are more authentic, to myself and to all I am and that's, why I decided to, go down that route cuz also by getting people to work with me I can, even have more impact to just a keynote, and then leaving them there, III. Don't like that personally, but, that's personal decision again some. People for example of Elda my wife she. Gets paid to speak and she, loves that she's, an event host and event organisers, she, will create an incredible. Experience, as a hostess emcee for for. The attendees of that, conference, or event and she, will get paid really well to. Speak over that one day or two days in that large event or even, a smaller one and that's, her choice because that's what she loves to do so. You find, what you love to do so. I hope I have answered your question, Ryan and. Jaclyn. Lee says I'm interested in speaking about how to become an author for those who are interested in writing their own book how. Do you worked out an event or if the event organizer how do you work out the event organizer if you're not sure what category, your service, or products. Fits into that's. A very good point Jacqueline, so if the if generally is intrapreneurs. So anytime in your industry talking. To entrepreneurs, is. A, great niche because, they will use their book, to. Promote their business through. Their story and they, already know that they. They're. Working with experts they, already know that a, book helps, them to have a greater, authority, so. They, can also monetize, it back because they can tie the book with the product or services, that they have so. For you for example speaking, to, entrepreneurs, and any events that targeted, turpan ors is a great starting point and then, you will refine again your ideal clients more and more the more you work with them and also. Get more specific, about this kind of events but, at the moment start, targeting all the events that have interpreters, there because, you know that, they, are going to be I tell you I know, they're. Going to be interested so trust, me on that now. I want to transition in the last point so to recap what we've talked about why. Speakers, are not getting paid we, mentioned, what. You need to monetize, your, speaking, business we, talked about the one thing to. Do that will get you booked in 2019. And then, I want you I want to mention one last thing which, is what will matter even more in. 2019. In, the speaking industry, what. Is the thing that will, matter. Even. More. Now. There, is something here, which, is called, social. Media and, there. Is something. Here that is called having. An audience, and. There is something here that is called, building. A following. That's. What, I'm talking, about, that's the thing that will matter even more in 2019. Because, if you're a speaker right now, you. Need. To become the celebrity, in the authority, in your field if. You are not then people. An event, organizer with, more likely, not always but more likely nine, times out of ten. Go. For that speaker, and in, particular, if you want to be paid as a speaker, you need to become a celebrity in your field and build a larger, following, because, now the speaking, industry, and the media digital media industry. They're merging there, it happened last year it happened here before it's.

Been Going on in, the background for a few years but right now even more in fact there are lots of speakers that they say is our speakers, and then you look at their social media profile. You. Find nothing about, them as a speaker and, if I'm an event organizer which I do I are, also organize events with external speakers the, first thing I do is, to look at your profile online if. You can be the most amazing speaker, in the world but, if your profile, online sucks, I'm not gonna get you on my stage and I'm. Not the only one to, do to use this criteria, actually. The majority, of the event organizers, will do do that and, in particular if you are sending, emails, or if you are doing cold, calls to event organisers to, have, an interest press to say hi this is what I can do for you and you don't have that profile, on the, social media that will talk about what, you do who, you are what, you stand for. What. You can provide what, you talk about what, topics, are relevant. Then. You're. Already out of the game you're. Already out of the game because. If right. Now in 2018. 2019. Having. A strong, social media profile. And a strong following is gonna. Be the foundation for, any speaking, gigs that you will have and, those, invite you not, to divide, they. Live. Speaking, eggs and online speaking, gigs that you will have. Because, sometimes you can have all line speaking, gigs in front of hundreds, of thousands, of people, from. The comfort of your home. With. A Christmas decoration it's a freaking background. Because. Now. People are spending more and more time online. It's. More comfortable is more convenient rather, than going to an event but. It doesn't mean that they're not the right audience, for your message or they are not the right audience for your product or services, if you're selling something, actually. Makes the process even easier so. You need to focus on line as much as you're focusing offline, those. Two area now before, you could just contact event, organizers, maybe, five ten years ago but, right now I'm working with, a lot. Of great, speakers and other incredible. Speakers, and they've been paid 10, 15 20, K as keynotes. For years, now. They see that they are not getting booked as much. Because. They, don't have a strong, digital profile, which. Means that the event organizer are transitioning. From those. Established, speakers to the ones that maybe they, are a bit newer. But. They. Have a strong digital, profile, because. Now they, can share. Their event to their followers they, can also have the event organizer to get more people in the room and also, for an event organizer is a huge, exposure I mean. If you as a speaker you have an audience of a hundred 200 thousand, people I, mind. Combined. Are, close to about 50,000. Followers. That. Means that this. Event. Where I'm speaking at can. Get close to five to fifty thousand followers can. Get exposed to that amount of people but for me my main priority, for next year because, still. Investing, and how to become great at speaking but. From the feedback I had. Take. Part, is still an ongoing process, I got. The product I got the service and, we are still improving that but we know it sells is proven. We've, done it over and over again so. That. Tick. I've. Got I'm, contacting, more event organizers, but, I'm going to focus to build, much stronger, social. Media following because. At the moment I've been focusing, to build my following offline, and in particular my network and of event, organizers, that's, how I've been able to booked so many gigs, but. Having, focus, too much on building. A huge following I have. A parish, larger. Following, but. Not a huge and. Now it's, time to build that huge following, for myself or gtex so, then we can leverage even bigger opportunities. And speak. To even bigger stages and connect. With even more, incredible, event organizers, and the, other authorities, in their field, you.

Know Just, already happy, that, I'm. Already speaking, I've already spoken with dr.. John Demartini with, Jarek Robbins, I interviewed. Frank Kern for this podcast. Great. Authorities, in, their field but. It's. Just the beginning for me who, are now to expand. The audience to new, levels and if, you're already great speaker with great product, and great services, you're already making money that's. Also should be your focus too and, if you're starting out as a speaker, needs. To be a focus that goes parallel, alongside. Contacting. Event organizers, refining. Your product and services, and becoming, great speaker. So. This is it where you, need to focus on and this is how they speak in industry, is working in 2019. To, give another example one. Of my clients which, is she's awesome, incredible. This. Is la Vida Brava now, she build an audience with hundreds, of thousands, of people, and, she. Never set out to be a speaker, she. Never said woke up one day and said I want, to be a speaker actually. Not. Air plants, what. She said is I, want. To be an online influencer. So. She became, an align influencer, but what happened, she. Get asked to speak left right and center, she. Got booked for a TEDx talk I think in Mexico, or Guatemala I don't remember and. They. Paid for a flight even on a TEDx talk. Caper to pay for a flight paid for accommodation, she, get booked on retreats, all over the world she. Could get international speaking, gigs and she never asked, once, can, I speak they're, never. Always. Event organizers coming to her saying, hi, can you speak here in. Fact one of the first events that she had as she was remember. We had a call and that was four years ago hey, Sarala I'm a bit freaking out because I'm great at delivering the content online but, I never delivered, the content offline, she's. A very similar skill, bit, different because we are in front of a live audience but, she killed it and. Now, she's also working in becoming even better delivering, since she can send out even more when, she has a live event or an online platform. So. Think about the. Where. Are you taking your speaking business think about the trends, that are happening and, then. Align yourself, to those trends that's why it's crucial for you to know the ins and outs of your industry, one. Of the reason why I've been able to be so successful in, this industry for this, very reason I'm, passionate. About this industry, I love. It I'm a sucker, for it and I, want to know everything that is going on who.

Are My competitors, what, they sell what, they talk about what. People are buying what's the size of the industry what are the trends in this industry what, was working in a past that is not working right now what, was working this past in the past that is now is coming back what's. Gonna work in the future what new trends, and technologies. Are going to happen and. If. You have this passion, for your industry, he. Will always be on top. Ahead. Of everyone. Else and. That's. How. You're going to stand down that's how you're going to get booked consistently, it's. How you're going to get the clients you want that's, how you're gonna make the money you want it's. How you're gonna get the freedom you want if that's what you want in your business or, they. Impact. Maybe. You want to have just all the money to, do. A lot of charity work and give, a lot of work away for free, awesome. Do. That but. Know your industry know, what's going on and work, on these four areas, become. Awesome a delivery. Have. Great, products, and services. Connect. Consistently. Our ongoing basis we'd event organizers, and then. Build your profile, on social, media build your audience be, seen as an authority in your field there's. Four things. You're. Killing, it in 2019. And. If. You see that oh my god there is so much work to do great. I had a five-year goal to achieve those four things I started. Speaking I think, six. Years ago six her says the probably, six years ago yeah. Six, or seven and. I, think. After four, after, the fourth year. Something. The. Things that I want to start happening but it's been four years of nothing. Four. Years of just. Becoming better just, becoming better speak, speak. Speak becoming. Better. And. That's how you make. The difference, all, right so let me check if there are more questions here, then. We are going to wrap up a Greta, millet from Ryan, Prager. Ryan. Looking. Forward, seeing you as well in February, let. Me send you also the details of the course that you won and that your wife won at.

A Christmas. At a Christmas dinner then. We have a so, Jaclyn. How. Do you build a you're following, online there. Are so, there check, different, things, there are I've got other podcast, on, my show if you go, www. That, G, Tex dot or gadot, UK forward. Slash podcast. And then you put online. Build. Your online presence, all these kind of keywords, there in the website you. Will see actually. I'm putting there in the comment. Cast. And, all of resources, I'm gonna send you a message as well because. We have also, great, trainings, on our paid, membership, group which, is only forty seven dollars a month and there, are trainings on how to build your social media profile, how to get followers online and, actually, this is lava was. One. Of the trainer of these, incredible, trainings, online, that. We have thank. You very much for everyone who has been watching alive, if also, true for everyone that, has been listening, or watching the, replay maybe you have been watching on YouTube remember, to subscribe you've, been listening on, our podcast. On iTunes or your favorite podcasting, platform subscribe. You've. Been watching on Facebook like. The page, where. You are take the action and follow me so, then you, don't miss all the other content, because in the next few weeks I'm, going to also talk about a, review. Of the biggest mistakes, I've made in, 2018. I'm going to talk about the plans that we have or 2019. Is. Really. Exciting, I'm going to do a special, one with, few influencers, in the industry, on the, state of the industry I'm really excited about that what's, the state of the expert, industry, in 2018. And what are going to be the trends in 2019. Check. Out because I'm going to get four or five people in the show to, talk about this all I've are going to have a debate and a conversation, on it so. Check, out the next few episodes and, in, the meanwhile, make. Sure you, if, you want also or help to, explode. Your expert business if you want us to help you get paid speaking engagements or. Speak. To sell develop, your product and services, help, you build your social media following we, have our course, which, is closing at the end of the year which, is called monetize, at your speaking business the. Link is in the show notes and the link as well is in the descriptions, here click, it you can find all the information and, you can apply we. Will have a chat if you're a good fit we, will work together looking. Forward to seeing you soon and always, remember, that together. We, grow, exponentially. Yeah.

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