How to Build a Powerful Brand and Explode Your Business | Lisa Nichols

How to Build a Powerful Brand and Explode Your Business | Lisa Nichols

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In. The book you see it talks about building, a building. A brand building, a master, bran or building, you, know a brand and attracting, a tribe and I thought about that and I thought you know I look. At my life and, it's, barely recognizable. How did I do that so I'm going to tell you some journeys, with me I'm a storyteller I'm, a chicken, suit for the so office so we lived, through stories, i'm gonna tell you some stories I'm, gonna tell you stories about inside, of my power out, of my power when when, I was um my. Last year in college. Which. Is my first year I. Like. To say it like that cuz I sound like I went somewhere yes. Right yes yes it. Wasn't for everybody it just wasn't the environment, for me they kept wanting me to get. Good grades to stay so my. Last. Turn college, I took. An, English class it was that basic english, class you take your first year and i, received the fell and, my. English teacher wasn't the fell that i received it was the fact that she still be in front of the class and said Lisa you, have to be the weakest writer that I've ever met in my entire life, and, with. My smart, mouth the, one that I've always had it travels. With me I said, do. I get a trophy for that does. That come with an award I mean if I'm the best at being your worst give me an award don't. Just put me up on front street so I didn't, get the award I got to fail but anyway that same year I took, a speech class and, I, knew if I couldn't do anything else I could talk cuz I've been getting in trouble for talking all my life and so. Now I got a class that's gonna be the one AI get cuz or maybe, even the one bi get cuz I always got C's for 12, years I got C's I'm I wasn't, I wasn't like vision, I wasn't like some of you I wasn't like rolling I wasn't one of those brilliant students, I was that student or I was still trying to find myself, yes. Yes anybody like that anyone. Like that I don't know if my tribe is here so I was, that kid that I studied, all day and all night just to get a seat and when, other people were upset about getting, a seat like dang I gotta see them like I gotta see go, Lisa, it's your birthday go. Lisa I'm. Like so basically. I don't have to take the class again right as long. As I have to take the class again I'm oh I, passed who. Cares it's, about the 4.5, that the other kids get and, I didn't know what the AP, was what are them at kids doing what does that that thing is that. An app for a program, no. That was advanced, placement you just have nothing to do with that program, and. So, school, for me was difficult. I'm, a kinesthetic, learner, my hands on learner I'm a tactile learner I need to see it hear it touch it breathe, it play it back to you school don't have time for that she. Was very difficult for me so when I took my speech class I said oh no no no see this, speech class I got this thing down I've been talking a long time I'm. Captain, of the cheerleading squad I, was captain of the track team in high school I've been talking on my life I got this down my, teacher said use I want, you to write for speeches so i wrote for speeches, he said I want to be edgy, so, i'm making edgy i want to be a little confrontive, ok, I can do confront I want you to grab the audience ok I can do that so, I write my speeches little did I know he was an ultraconservative, and, his his, version of edgy wasn't mine. I'm. From South Central LA I, live on the edge right I three fights with get home from school edgy is my middle name so. When I wrote about racism. He. Wasn't happy when, i wrote about incest. He. Didn't like it when i wrote about the black panthers, and how they, tried to create a movement but did it with violence and it didn't work but, I understood, their plight he really didn't like that.

So. By, the time I got to the. Grating point I went to his his. Desk and I'm ready to see the first day in my life I'm. Ready and, when. He turned the book around and I saw that I received, and the one thing I knew I knew how to do which speaking, i received. A d-minus. And. He said Miss Nichols i, recommend. You never speak in public that you. Get a desk job. Don't. Worry the story ends great. Don't. Feel bad for me yes. Yes yes, yes. Some. Of your best motivation. Will come in the form of i'll show you motivation, you're. Waiting for all of it be rah-rah kumbaya. We believe in you some of it is in the I'm, sorry I need to show you who I am some. Of it may come in that way and you, gotta use it as your fuel not your fortune, something. Someone has said or done to you some it's situation, in your life you're, still using it as if it's a weight to your leg no that's your fuel, he. Was my fuel and I didn't have a nice show i'll show you energy, I just had the energy of wait a minute hold up I don't. Think you get to define my future, but. For a minute, for, a minute I wasn't mature enough to get that so I leave, college, and all I know is that I'm the weakest rider my English teacher ever met in. Our entire life and she was old. So. That was a long life it, wasn't like it was like 30 years it was like 68, years my. Dang your, whole life, my. Whole life, and. I left college being. Told by my speech professor, I should never speak in public and, now. I'm out to live my dream, yes. Yes. So. Fast, forward 18. Years, I get, recommended, from, a friend to, submit. Stories to Jack can't feel for chicken soup for the, African American soul, which was the newest book their writing and I'm. A great storyteller, she said you know you, should write you should submit the stores cuz you're a great storyteller, I said what can I tell him the story. Or. Do I need to write the story now. Imma tap into some of where you are so I just want you to remember when. You hear your journey say yes yes with me don't leave me up here alone right.

So. All of a sudden I gotten, through the last you. Know it, probably was 10 13, years speaking. In or 18 but in a small group just, in la i'm a motivator, la, i'm, gonna feel good about motivating, la how many guys have had a dream and you keep it contained cuz it's safe for you yes yes you. Know you got a dream but if i keep its. Cool i know i can do that yes, yes cuz. I knew I don't know who I am in the world but in LA I'm the I'm. That thing in LA so, this is where i'ma stay and all, of a sudden I'm asked to do Chicken. Soup for the Soul writing, and at all of my issues came back have you ever had an opportunity and, all your back your back story, you're all the stuff happened 20 years ago start, fast born like it's right here like it's a google google, get. And. Another Mike hi. I, ain't. Gonna stop so y'all work that out so. So. So. All of a sudden all, my, issues around writing comes up all, in, my face. My. Giant, in LA and my shrinking, insider I don't, want to write for him so he can tell me I'm the weakest right he's, ever seen two, and. So for the. First month I I, put, them off no I'm, really busy mr., Canfield, I'm, really, busy, y'all. Laughing cuz it don't make no sense right for, those you don't know chicken soup is in the Guinness Book of the world's records has been the longest standing best-selling, series in the history of any series and, mr. camp phil has asked me to, consider being a co-author and I'm too busy being. Broke. But. He don't know that. Right. I said I'm a single mom I'm, a CEO now I'm a CEO of absolutely, nothing. Anybody. Else come on y'all tell the truth yes yes bust. Yourself, out come on it's all right we're, in a safe environment you, can just tell the truth out loud there's no judgment here I'm, a CEO, of nothing, like there's zero income I gotta save us that's just running low right, but I'm busy I'm, a single mom of a three-year-old who really can't wait to get away from me and go to school every day but. I'm busy then. Another month goes by he, calls me again on his staff calls me miss Nichols we, really want to encourage you. To. Consider being a chicken soup Arthur I said, thank you so much I appreciate the. Invitation but, I'm really busy I'm, a CEO on a single mom I really don't have time they said okay. Third. Month I get, another call. Sometimes. Somebody's, trying to rescue you from yourself, y'all hello, yes yes, sometimes. Someone's, trying to rescue you from yourself, so I get a third call mrs., Nichols be really, are interesting, you know we saw some video on you and we really like your style we think you're a great fit, for chickens, but Sir I'm so flattered, it's. So nice when I'm really busy I'm. Really maybe call me back later I'm really busy right I, was always stuck how many guys a master, a bit being stuck when you stuck--you stuck good like. I'm strong at everything, I'm strong in my movement and I'm strong in my stuck so. Here I was strung my stuck fourth month they call me back again how. Many guys your dream is chasing you, come. On you guys come on, this is not just entertainment I want happen to where you are how many your, dream is in your, dream is chasing, you and you're trying to outrun it you see it everywhere, you. Come, on you guys you see other people living it you know you can do it and you like on the airs like I can do it and you look like you're about to jump into a a double, dutch game you know how when the girl when they turn it for the double touch and they on the side like this that's, how you look I'm about to get in I'm, about to get in I'm, about to get in hutto keep, turning keep turning the, box get in and keep turning hold on there like come on oh.

Yeah. It's. Been three years hold, on i'ma dude i'ma do guys gotta get some things ready hold, on I gotta make sure I'm ready got make sure the kids all right make sure my my husband's all right make sure my dream I got a gear I like it perfect hold on y'all keep turning for about two more years, yes. Yes, so. Here I was living that reality, and. So five months, go by five, months. And then the, woman says something, that I insulted. Me you know sometimes, when you insult somebody you, react in when, you react the truth jumps out she. Said Miss Nichols I thought. You were a smart businesswoman. Scooby-doo. Scooby-doo, huh. Rut. Roh rut. Roh. She. Said you, know i look at your website and, what you've done and you're you seen brilliant I don't, understand, why you're saying no to the largest, best-selling. Series in the history, of best-selling. Series you, like don't have to apply they. Just want you why. Are you saying no and without, my permission that, you jumped out I said cuz I'm busy I got a lot of things do again I'm scared. Who's. That then, and. What, happened was I knew. Who I was in, this industry, but. I didn't know if I could succeed, in this industry, how. Many guys are wondering, if that thing that you love the most if you could be successful, at it you're. Wondering, and in the wandering, got you kind of doing this in the wonder, cuz you know what you know over there I'm good over here I'm. Getting my see that. Looks like a a it's. Her a in that environment but it's a seeing my whole life hello. But. It's a I over there. Why. You want me to take that risk to get another crd, minus or fell again I didn't. Realize that the rejection. That, I gotten before was guiding, me but it was the background, music real love I couldn't. Quite hear it anymore does. That make sense you guys I told. You I master yer so I stopped by to stir your soul and, so, I finally took a leap in I said okay imma try it imma try it imma, try it I wrote 10 I wrote five stories, for chicken soup I wrote. Him my keyboard. Was covered, with tears the entire time, the. Entire time how many guys have a story in your belly and you want to be an author or your speaker, raise your hand raise, your hands up high raise, two hands have you really, got a message that you got to get out raise, two hands and stand up if you absolutely can't, leave this planet before, you, get that message out whether it's in writing, whether it's vocally, whether it's through your product, look, around the room look, at all the great messages, in this room that you can't get out give, yourselves a hand for having the courage to stand up. So. So. I wrote, five I wrote five, stories, and he said I want you to collect five stories, as well to see if you can collect a powerful. Story and write, a powerful, story so, now i'm writing five stories crying the whole time if, you don't like my stories, it's okay cuz i won't even lon no chicken soup anyway you, know how, many times you act like you sorta wanna but you don't want to you can care less if you don't get it but you really want come on you guys yes. Yes yes yes. Like it's alright i saw the one but i'm cool if i don't get already making it okay to not hit the goal right. If you don't like me on like him anyway, ryky. And. So i tried, to hide the stories, let me tell you i got published, authors, and I, I wasn't, published on sir at the time so I got published authors to give me their story and I would try to hide my story in between their stories so that their, stories kind of carry my story I'm, like stinky little rat I am trying. To say I'm i am trying, to hide the story and so he called me back seven, days pacing, the floor I don't. Like this whole waiting for approval thing from somebody this don't work for me I own, my own company that's making no money I just, I am all. Set in seven days in he calls me and he, says Lisa. I have good news and not so good news oh my. Shadow went off I don't care about chicken, soup anyway, right still. Doing that justification, he. Said. You. Wrote five powerful, stories, but I need you to be able to collect, stories as powerfully. As you write. Hmm. Rut. Roh Scooby. Doo I, said. Some sorry mr. can't feel say that again, he. Said you are a powerful, story, writer but. The stories you collected, from those other authors they were kind of weak. Your. Dream is, so. Ready for you it's. So ready for you and what. I want you to get is. You're so ready for it. You. Don't have to get ready you were born ready.

You. Were born ready, for your calling, and, now you're waiting, for other people to agree, with you, hmm. Hmm. When. I decided, to be an author and a speaker my family, had a family meeting without. Me. They. Got a show called intervention, that, would be what that was. That. Lisa sitting Sagat a three-year-old, baby she want to go off and talk to people hell she talked all the time why. She can't make a business doing, that. You. Have to be willing. To. Walk by yourself for a while. I'ma. Say something that some of you came here to get if. No, one in your community, gets your vision, it's. Because. God didn't, give it to them. God. Gave it to you I, gave. It to you God, gave it to you God, gave it to you you. Got to be willing to be impregnated. With something, the world has not seen hold. It cherish. It feed, it nurture. It do the work for it and then when you birth it through the world can then see it but, it's it's, in you, so. Don't get mad at, your family if they're not your fans, don't. Get mad at your community, your husband your wife your girlfriend your boyfriend if they don't get the vision it's not theirs, to get it's, yours to. Nurture, and to bring forth yes yes yes yes. So. It took me three and a half years, to write the book, three. And a half years, you, want to talk about building, a brand and building a tribal i'ma give you some key techniques, just real fast we'll, go over a lot more on, day but, I'm gonna give you some real techniques d, I thought, chicken soup was gonna make it a best-seller and they set news flash you, were gonna make it a best seller if it's a best-seller see, we pumping our books every month we'd. Already got 92 under our belt now, they have 146. So, we just have to make a little bit of money on every book and then we'll make a lot of money well. That didn't necessarily agree, with me cuz it was my one opportunity and.

So. I created an, online culture. Where every, month I gather, people on the phone online who, had, an interest in, being in the book and every, month I would listen to their stories over the phone cuz I learned that I had a gift on how to help you shape your story, a gift, on how to help you speak and so I listened to the stories they're not coached him how to tweak it I create this online, community, all around the world I had no database I, had, no database i barely was like I would get online and get lost, like. I'm one of those people right, and so, I had a database, but I had all these people 300. People who had wrote in the chicken soup that, they wanted to a book around african-american, souls so chicken soup gave me all their emails right about 350. Emails, that's it that's. What I started with and every. Month i sent them out an email saying, join, this call if 80. People joined i was happy if, 91. I was elated a hundred, and fifty two people join i wrote, the whole book with a hundred and fifty two people to start with I told, them the stories, I read my stories for them I told him the guidelines, for the stories in every, month for three and a half years, we, got on the lot on the phone and I, would help them with their stories and then when the book was done I, showed. Them three different covers to. Help to get their help to choose the cover why people. Support what they helped to create, yes. Yes. This. Conversation, is about how do you build your tribe right how, do you activate your brand right well I'm gonna tell you how I activated, my brand it wasn't like the back the. Back door, way, alone. Before chick. Long before the secret my, brand was being activated which is what attracted, the, secret to me and so. We got on the phone and I said would. You cover do you like this he'll be like that cover I said okay great this is the cover you choose this is, cover gonna have so i let my community. Create. The book with me then. When the book was done i said okay chicken. Soup wants to do a tour in barnes and nobles and be daunting books five. I need. A little more than that and unfortunately African. Americans, aren't beating down the door to be Dalton in waldenbooks. Reality. But. They will no matter where they've been on Saturday night. They. Will be in church on Sunday Morning. Sun, walking sideways. Some. Sitting straight but, they will be in church on Sunday morning so I'd like to do my tour in church, they said unheard, of we, can't support that see. Some of you have to stop asking permission. Sometimes. You have to say I'm not asking permission I'm giving notice, so. I said I'm sorry see, I was telling about the churches to let you know where I was going they. Said we can't support you financially I. Had, 15, that I had sixteen, thousand, dollars in the bank my. Tour cost me fifteen thousand, and 81 dollars, you. Got to be willing to risk it all to. Gain at all I was. Willing to, risk it all to. Gain at all I got, those same hundred and fifty two people on them on the phone and I said I need, to go to your churches can. You get me in your churches here's the guidelines, if there were at least 500 people, I need to speak at least five minutes. 27. People off that call got me in their churches and i started, the chicken soup / chitlin, circuit tour I. Never. Knew who was picking me up but someone was there I couldn't. Stand the hotel have to stay in their houses they had no money everybody. Made me some version. A man, of chicken, soup. Chicken. And rice chicken, and dumpling chicken and noodles chicken and grease chicken and bread chicken, and something unrecognizable. And. I. Hate it and in, every city they pray for me this baby going cuz it was all african-americans. And they were older people this baby on her journey y'all pay for that baby she she's, selling chicken soup in a book. Half. Um didn't know what I was doing but I was telling her I was on a mission and it was like the modern day like. It was it was the underground. Above-ground, railroad, like I wish, I had a video. Camera in my eyes cuz, every city I go and I just and I was scared I didn't know I'll and I go to baggage claim i had no idea who's freaking up they say you, that baby from chicken soup come. On I got you and, I get in a Honda, I getting, a few goals I get Nick to it as I get on their bicycles. And, I go and I. Speak at the church and then I speak at a community center and in five months I sold ten, thousand, five hundred books.

And Made. A best-seller, on 19, different lists. You. Got to be willing to. Do that thing that, you, didn't, think you would do to, have that thing that you say you want to have you, gotta do what you don't want to do say, what you don't want to say to, be the man the woman you've always, known yourself, to be are. You willing see my grandmother says your conviction, has to cost you something it. Has to cost you something is your conviction, what are you convicted, about what, do you move to do what, has to happen before you leave this planet do, you know it make a list of it and then be willing to be mildly, to mildly to significantly, uncomfortable. To make that thing happen see. I was willing I didn't know I didn't know more than I knew but. I was willing to to, be brilliant in one sense include, us in another and let them both live together my duality, I was. Willing, before. I finished the first 2i got the book deal, for this I got the contract for the second to her via fedex, at somebody's house. Now. That was the book that was the the. Contract, that we were negotiating about, and they didn't want to give it to him because I was. I had, so many different things I wanted to do I was, a risk are you, willing to be a risk. Are. You willing to be a risk, are. You willing to be a risk. Fast. Forward, to Aspen, Colorado I, man asked me where my good friend leave, our where's my friendly, my, good friend leave our i love you i love you i love you in TLC. Where Terry, Tillman is terry i love you i love you i love you my brothers fab, where it's bad my, brother's, i love you my brothers from another mother I'm, their sister from another mister, and. We're. In Aspen Colorado and, Rhonda Byrne comes to, talk about the secret mom and I'm saying this to say your, brand is not gonna always be built in a package, are. You willing to, flex, your hustle muscle, are. You willing are, you willing to play outside the, box outside, the, boundaries I never. Knew where the boundaries were people say how did you become a bit major. Speaker what classes did you take I said I came through the back door I, to. Come to the front door I made. A door where there was there wasn't one are. You willing to make a door where, there isn't one, your. Path may not be her path sitting next to you mean I'd be his path behind you, I couldn't, measure myself against, all the national, speakers who were on major stages, they had something i didn't have they had a background and had a bio they, had an education, that teacher probably told him to speak I had. To make my way so are you willing I'm. Here to charge you I'm, gonna charge you that everything, you need you woke up with the. Human spirit is unbreakable. Unshakeable, and unstoppable. That. I'm clear of that. I'm clear of rhonda, byrne comes to aspen colorado and, she's, talking about this law of attraction, thing I grew up in a Baptist Church I don't know what she talking about, but. I'm a listen cuz. My friends are listening and they're very smart. And. She's about the law of attraction, she's talking about the secret, and she has a very thick Australian, accent she's very beautiful and she has a rhinestone, right here so. I'm distracted. She. Got all kind of beautiful colors on I'm a DD anyway, so squirrel. Squirrels. Like that's me so. She got a rhinestone, she got all kind of color she got a thick Australian accent, and she's talking about a secret I'm like who got a secret who keeping secrets I am totally confused so. I'm gonna tell you something on blow you guys is mine so. She's on a secret and everyone's, listening and they're not. I'm. A nod to cuz I'm a C student we know how to get through school do. What everybody else is doing right right. Yes yes, so. She's, asking, people to be in the secret I'm like well I shingle, day I know Sean asked me so I have to worry about that and I'm not gonna raise my hand and, out. Of the blue she doesn't, point, to anyone, else everyone else raises, their hand to offer maybe. One other person she points to and I'm just sitting there like we don't let this moment pass, cuz. I've been invited into this major group, I mean mega group I mean I mean mega I mean jack, cancels, started this organization of, who, he thought to be the best transformational, leaders on the planet and somehow. I, got. On the list now. I'm not sure if that was an error he like merged chicken soup Liz but. I'm a ride this one to the wheels fall off. So. This is only the third meeting, so I ain't been discovered, yet, imma. Keep it on dental oh no.

I'm Serious you guys what i thought i'm i'm the youngest person there um, up. Into, several, years ago i'm one of the few at them for the first three years i was the only person of color there something, i don't know i'ma. Ride this one to. The wheels fell off I soon. Found out I was right at home they expect, they meant to invite me but, at this point I wasn't sure and, so I'm sitting there quietly and as. We begin to move. Away front, her speech finishes, she goes I'd, like you to. Be in it I'm like rut. Roh cuz. I have no idea. What. She's talking about. I'll. Have no idea, about no, law of attraction, no. Secret, and I, can barely understand what you're saying and you got a rhinestone. Like. Where. You get that can I do that is that like is it am I allowed to wear one cuz. I like that baby. But. I don't want to out myself so, I'm I'll pass i said it's okay literally, i tried to get out of bed and secret you guys I was like that's okay she's, like no no no I really want you to do it I'm like it's, okay she's, like no I insist. I, heard. You need to be in and I was like dang. So. I go to my room really, fast I'd. Go on google. Because. Everything's, on google and. I. Type in a secret. What. Was the problem, it. Ain't out yet. Cuz. We making it. And. I Doan there yet so, I I didn't, think even the law of attracted, I'd even know enough about that to search that I probably would've got somewhere but i did a secret so now I'm like oh are we in trouble retro, retro. So I go back down and they're. Getting us ready to to, go on to do this to our interview, each one of us and, I said I got it i'ma, go in when Jack goes in and then. I'm just gonna repurpose his words cuz. That's what a C student does, we. Know how to play back to you we're good parents, right. So. I go in I'm sitting in the back I'm, ready to get the information I'm gonna take some notes I'm gonna make this solis I'm elesin eyes this one, and. They notice I'm in the back and they said Lisa. I'll. We need you to step out cuz we want every, teacher to have a fresh approach. Y'all. Better let me sit in here if y'all want something. They. Kicked me out so then my last hope I'm getting my makeup done and the, makeup artists like I'm so excited to, hear what you think about the, secret I'm so excited I'm, so excited so, I said so.

What You think about it. She. Went to talk and she, was like I don't. Want to ruin it. I'm. Gonna wait for you i was like damn. So. I released. I, released. Every need to be smart. I. Released. Every need to fit, in I. Released. The need to be accepted, and standing. Outside that, door waiting for Jack to finish I said. God just let my truth come to me. So. What you saw on the secret. Was me surrendering, to what I didn't, know and what, I knew I knew I know, how, to do me I know, how to love me and all, of a sudden a year later Rhonda, calls me and says you know we got a lot of requests for you um could. We do a reshoot, and, have, more of you I said. What more. Me this. Is really funny, they. Came out to California and, we, shot for eight hours and, I was in the first version of the secret four times and then, they did a redo and I was in the second version 19, times and then. I became one of the feature teachers, bye-bye. Track just, by all the traction and. So I want to tell you you, don't have to know, everything just. Know. What you know and what you want to do you. Don't have to know the details and, the how but know the what you. Don't have to know all the, plan just, hook your caboose to somebody else's train that's. 10 steps ahead of you and put, your seatbelt on and hold, on and run like hell you. Don't have to know all the details don't. Stand here like. This see. Your design this is your time to spread your wings, go. To the edge and. Trust. Yourself. Trust. It when you take that leap one, of three things will happen you will either sore. You. Will have something soft, to land dawn are. You gonna get a great big band-aid if you hit the ground I've. Gotten all three and I've been ok. The. World is waiting on you to show up like you've never shown up before. The. World needs you to be bold. Unapologetic. The, world needs you to find your voice enough to say that thing you've been hesitating. To say to, do that thing you've. Been hesitating, to do to be that man that woman you've, always, known yourself, to be see. You're barely, recognizable. Future, is waiting, for, you and. I, know that, I don't say that from rah rah I say, that cuz i'm leaning it see, I'm that same woman when my son and some of you have heard the story you'll always hear this my story I love, it I don't run out of content, this is just important to always say, so I, remember. The journey and you get a glimpse of the journey but when my son was born I was on government, assistance I. Had. To get in the county, line to help feed my baby I. Had. To get in the wit line the women infinite, children, line to give free butter and free pasta, and free milk to help feed my son Jelani very real for me I, remember. Like it were yesterday I. Remember. Spending in front of the woman promising. Her I remember the words I said I promise. You I won't be on government's assistance long, I know, a lot of people get on and just stay, on it but I just need a little bit of help I just.

I'm, In a low point I just. Need a little help but I promise you I'll, turn around and be a contributor. To the world, and. She was very dismissive like, yeah yeah yeahs lady and, I said I'm sorry can you stop writing and look at me cuz. I need you to know I'm serious. And. She looked up at me and and. She said okay, can. You sign here. Four. Months later I, found, a job and I went back to it I had a handful. Of food stamps I said ma'am, I got a job so I wanted to come and bring your food stands back, she. Said don't. Nobody bring food stands back I. Said. Well I'm not everybody. I'm. Lisa nichols, and. I asked, you three four months ago to see me. And. She said you keep a male. 18. Years ago. That. Was my life, my. Life was struggling, trying, to pay, my bill, and not run out a month money, before I run out of month my, life was not, just robbing, Peter to pay Paul but I was pissing them both off. My. Life was trying to manage my drama manage. My chaos, manage. My limiting, beliefs man, is not being good enough manage. My dark skin that I'm in matters, my full lips that wasn't, so popular all the time manage. My round, hips matters, my kinky hair that the world just didn't show us beautiful I was in the place of trying, to feel like I was enough anyone know what I'm talking about and. In your story is your story whatever it is I was in the in, the story of the people in my life around me being magnificent. And me being mediocre mediocre. I was, managing that I was managing the fact that I knew I had a giant in me I had a giant, in me that was trying to get out but I didn't quite know how to facilitate the, giant out yes yes I didn't. Know how, to help the giant come forth I didn't know that I can be as great as my dreams all I knew was that they were my dreams I didn't, quite know how to make him my reality, and I didn't know that I could because, my teacher said I'm the weakest rider and my teacher said I shouldn't speak in public so how can I be an international. Speaker and a best-selling, author who, do I have the nerve to be that in spite of my past, so. I just stopped by here. To. Remind you that, your. Past. Doesn't. Equal your future. Never. Have never, will. Your. Past is your platform to make the future more delicious. Your. Past just, gives context. To, how delicious, your future gets to be it's not in spite, of your past you get to be majoring I'm not implying everyone has a horrible, past some, of you've had magnificent, pass some.

Of You had amazing, pass and that, qualifies, you to stand on your story, not in your story, so. I just stopped by I, look. At my life today and and my, brand is in over 160, languages. I have six best sellers when, I look at no matter what the one book that's just me I've two chicken soups have the secret I have a couple other compilation, books and the one book that's just me just Lisa was. The one book that I got paid a million, dollars to write, and. I look up and I go a million, dollars is great but, a million dollars is great because my. Teacher said I was the weakest writer she ever met her entire life that's. What makes. And. Nothing, against her. Nothing. Against her I'm grateful for her she made me work there's. No judgment on her people, said did you send her a book I said no it. Was on six best sellers list including, New York time she saw my name. Nothing. Against her though cuz you need that kind of motivation, but. What makes the no, matter what but so delicious, was the journey to get there, so. I'm I'm stepping. Inside your, journey right now to shake you up I'm. Stepping aside your journaling outer rattles, it rattled, any form of complacency, you thought you were gonna live with I'm stepping, aside your, journey right now to remind, you that, the world needs you that your message your gift doesn't, belong, to you it belongs, to us it. Belongs, to the people whose, life you're going to change save. An impact, because you, have the courage to be unstoppable. Because. You have the courage to be unshakable, because. You wouldn't waiver and you were non-negotiable. Your, life has less to do with serving. You than it does to do with serving, us and. So I want to make it uncomfortable for. You, to sit. In any form of mediocracy. See. Because mediocracy. Is crowded. But. There's a whole lot of room up here in excellence I. Just. Stopped by to. Shake. You up a bit to. Stir your soul of it is it. Working yes yes I. Stopped. By to remind you, of your greatness. I, I. Want. To share a story with you and and and I'm last, year I just. I want. A for about five months straight I spent a lot of prayer time asking God where's, my where's I journey now what, am I to do now I've. Exceeded, every, single goal I said every, single one every. Single one I don't even know where to go now like what do I say now cuz. Everything is met and surpassed, and. Um. On. Sep. Tember 18th, I. Still. Get nervous saying, it it's. My first time publicly saying, it. On. September, 18. 2013. My. Company, became the first company, in the self development industry, to. Go public. Okay. Thank. You. So, I say. I guess. My next book, that I should write is, from, public assistance to go in public. Yes. Yes yes, yes. That's. A journey. I'm. That same mother in the government's, assistance line. I'm. The same mama who, ate beanies and weenies for, about five years straight more beanies and weenies, I'm. Not saying mama. So. When I look at my life now it's. Barely. Recognizable. What. I know is, that. It's not just exclusive. For me, what. I know is. That there was no hookup I hooked, myself up, what. I know is, that, you can hook yourself up to. Hook. Your caboose to, someone else's train put, on your seat belt and stay, coachable, I created. My first I worked, for five years to create a program where. I help speakers, really. Take their speaking, business to the next level authors, take, your author. Business to the next level trainers. And coaches to, take your business to the next level to, use the things that I've learned to, really help elevate your business I spent, five days in my office no, phones on no, calls no emails just, creating. The most comprehensive, curriculum, in my, company's, history. Because. In my prayer time last year I asked, God what should I be doing he. Said you've been Michael, Jordan, now. I need you to become Phil Jackson. And. So I'm looking to discover, the Michael Jordan's who, want to share your message those of you stood up those, who raised your hand I want, to invite you we. Have different ways i'll talk about a lot of our Monday different. Ways to show, you the detailed, levels of building, a sustainable business. But, in a sustainable, message, that's, wrapped in a by, a viable. Business that's. Straight enough strict enough and in order, enough to go public if you choose you may not choose that but you want it that clean does, that make sense you guys you. Want to create generational, wealth so we have a program called the speaker's Alliance, and I, won't go into the details now, level. One is called accelerate, me if you're just getting started and you want to jump and learn the foundation. Of a speed the core message how, to create, your snap how, to how to shape, your business you're all of that the second, level is called, profit eyes me if you.

Want To live your dream you need to know how to make money doing it and there's. No apology, and making, money doing what you love nothing. To apologize for and the. Last level is my favorite, is publicized. Me and that's, when you've gone through the first two levels then, I help you get on stage and I, helped put you on my stages as well and we do brand alliance so, there's three levels to help you build your career as a speaker, you'll, be able to talk to JJ raise, your hand and. Bossa. V raise your hand or Jim. Stand up and raise your hand you, can talk to any one of them artem. On monday, will, have a greater, discussion, about it as well so i, want to serve you in that way and if any of you want coach think we can serve in that way as well happy, to and any time you do business with us a. Significant. Part, of our proceeds go. Back to awesomeness fest and they, send, it all to all the sponsoring, organizations. That, they're donating money to so, we position. Ourselves we one of the largest sponsors, of awesomeness, fest through, anything that we aren't here so I want to share that with you in closing. I want, to share a, story about, my grandmother in. 2007. I. Was. I. Was. On Oprah and I. Thought, my grandmother, she. Picked. Cotton as a little. Girl so. She should, go to Oprah, so. I took her with me I thought I was doing my grandmother, a favor. My. Grandmother, she, immediately. Got on her cell phone and said my, baby is taking me to my grandbabies, taking me to Oprah and she talks loud in the cell phone cuz she don't understand how I don't have a court all. Right so she talks loud yeah. We going to Oprah, mm-hmm, we're, gonna stay up the Omni Hotel, where. The guests of Oprah Winfrey stay see, she thinks the name is the, Omni Hotel where the guests of Oprah Winfrey stays cuz that's what comes up at the end of Oprah right yep. Yeah, that big hotel and the Omni Hotel what. I guess the oprah winfrey stay that's what we stand so. We get to Oprah. I'm having a meeting with Rhonda Byrne and jack, canfield, I've ever michael beckwith and everyone else and I come back to the room and my grandmother says baby. This. Lady came and, she. Asked me that I want this thing called a turndown. She. Said I asked her do. That cost. She. Said no so I said come on in and turn down. She. Said baby she left some dessert on your pillow you don't have to order no dessert, that. Was the chocolate shop, the. Next morning I get up and, someone. Here needs to hear this some. Of you are very successful wildly, successful some. Of your just getting started something you're just in, your group growing your businesses, one, hundred percent fifty, percent annually, the. Next morning I get up and I get a phone call and it says miss Nichols the call on the other side of the phone says miss Nichols your Harpo Inc limo is here to pick you up and. I said bhai harpal England mo oh man. I'm. Here, I'm, here. Wanna. Come I'm, here I'm, here after. My coat on I, get, my purse I go to walk out the door my girl mother says baby. And. You know you can tell what's coming up my grandmother's not by the way she says baby this. Was a little different she. Said baby. Go. Make your bed. Ok. I go. I make. My bed I go. Back pick, up my purse get.

My Jacket come on it's a limo outside waiting, for us the horrible inkless like come on Ramon she's a baby oh. What's. That same kind of baby. Baby. Go. White wipe out the sink basin. Wipe. Out the sink basin I don't. Want the same face not at home I, go. I'll. Wipe out the sink basin and I. Don't know if you have you've, ever had a kind of grim with I have but in my family, if you're. Gonna question your grandmother you got to preface it with something I say grandma, no. Disrespect. You. Gotta do that if you like like your teeth. In, your mouth. Grandma. No. Disrespect, but, why. Am I making the bed, and. Wiping, off the sink basin, at. The omni hotel. What. A guest Oprah Winfrey stay. I'm. A guest grandmama. I'm. A guest, she. Said keep wiping when, you finish I'll tell you. Okay. I finished, I came in there she. Said. Now. Leave the lady a tip I said. I just did her job. Leave. The lady too I went. Down left for three dollars she said you make a lot of money don't be cheap I. Want. To look deeper left. At ten dollars I said. Girl my why am I. Making. The bed and, wiping. Out the sink basin and leaving. A tip at the, omni hotel. She. Said because your great-great-grandmother, was a day worker. When. People knew she was coming they. Would leave. Their rooms extra, nasty. She. Said you're not gonna do that baby, you. Gonna honor these people here, she. Said and. You. Left her. A tip because. When your great-great-grandmother. Got a tip we. Got to eat meat that day. She. Said I know you think you're walking on this nice carpet. At, the omni, hotel. She. Said it every time you I'm not joking, I'm. Not exaggerating. She. Thought it was the whole title and. I, know I know you walking on this cart nice car but I know you're walking on those nice shoes with that red burgundy, whatever, bottom. But. You're not walking on the carpet, and I say this to every one of you here my friends you're, not walking on this carpet, you're. Not walking on your shoes my criminal said you're walking, on the shoulders, of, those. People who've come before you your ancestors. Who, did, anything, and, everything, they could so, you can occupy this seat. You're. Not walking, just on your shoes you're walking on someone, else's legacy, that they work to build for you see baby, your great-great-grandmother, knew she wouldn't stay at the Omni Hotel. Should. They knew they wouldn't stay here they could barely get the job so they knew there would never be a guest, but. They hope one day you'd be a guess. She. Says so when you walk out that door and. I'ma. Say to you when you walk out that door on, the way to the catamaran, she said there's. Not just you, walking through that doorway there's, an allegiance, of ancestors. Cheering. You on walking, with you, sandhu, the dream, live. The drain, don't. Get scared and. If you get scared doing, with knees knocking, and teeth chattering, but don't stop, go. To the edge, spread. Your wings and then. Trust, we. Got your back, you. Ain't go fall and, if. You do we'll catch you, we. Are in your blood. You. Woke up enough, this morning, it's. Not your job to sit, down, we. Stood up that's how you can stand so you gotta stand up so they can stand. She. Said baby this. Ain't just your journey. This. Is blanches, journey Bernice's. Journey Clawdeen's, journey Maybelle's. Journey she went some names 20. She. Said they're all with you right now, so. You don't get to sit down you. Get to soar. She. Said now, get. Your coat and your. Purse, and gone. To the limo and. That. Day I had an amazing experience with, Oprah, she. Was the cherry on top of my cake, but. That day my. Grandmother, my. Calling, the. Reminder, it. Was my cake. So. I just stopped by to. Stir. Your soul I, stopped. By, to. Remind you, of your greatness I stopped. By to stand with you as your sister. To. Say we are on our way to a, breathtaking. Unrecognizable. Future, together yes. Yes, yes. Yes are. You willing to do what you've never done yes yes are. You willing to be who've never been yes yes are. You want to play bigger than your play yes yes are, you willing to move with knees knocking, yes yes with. Teeth chattering, yes yes are. You understand, with us yes yes are. You understand, alone if you have to yes yes are. You wanting to leave a legacy yes, yes, then. I'm done vicious. Y'all. Got the message.

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Lisa Nichols is a powerfully inspirational woman with an amazing abundance of knowledge to share. What were your biggest takeaways from this talk of hers? Lisa Nichols will show you how to communicate and connect with deep, powerful authenticity in her FREE masterclass

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Thanks Lisa for pouring out your soul. I don't have to know how everything will work out in the journey, the most important thing is to just leap. Now, that's called faith.

:-) first course failed was writing when I myself wrote "Meditations" and poetry and wanted to be a "Writer". Instructor just happen to be the writing dept. director an old CockAsia woman. I Reminded myself Martin Luther King Jr. failed philosophy in college. Was great motivation to keep pushing...wake up call to the racist world at age 20 and the agenda. I feared little and was oblivious given I was born and raised in the West Indies till age 13 before coming to America. Stay Strong and focus...and re-education yourself ;-)

Such a beautiful soul, Mis Lisa Nicole. Woooo I believe subscribe to your page back in January never took the time to listen to your story even after months and months your email pops in to my mail box even today I still ignored it. But I have been going thur my healing journey and feel has if nothing I try or do works in my choose of carrier right now but I am still going and believing in my process. I picked my daughter up from school and pulled in the drive way just finish listen to @chancetherapper blessing and maat 42 laws then it went to your video I seat in the car because I know this is a sign from my ancestors and archangels. Wooo I cried with you, I laugh with you. You don’t know how much your story has uplifting my soul to keep going, keep pushing forward and remember my families journey. It’s not bout me. Thank you

Love this so much!!!!!

It took me almost 2 hours to watch this 47 minute video. Within the first 10 minutes i was crying...stopped and cried 5 more minutes in...took notes... hit the back button to listen again and again before moving forward to finally come to the end and stop again with the grandmother story which made me cry harder tears. It’s Lisa’s story but it’s mine too. We are all connected in some way or another. Bless you Lisa.

I have to meet you when I get out of mediocrity! I must thank you when I do..

idk why but i got emotional watching this……. filmed in 2013. and still yet speaking to me in 2019. I AM WEALTHY I AM A SUCCESSFUL COSMETOLOGIST I AM AN INTERNATIONAL TRAVELER MONEY FLOWS TO ME LIKE A RIVER OF WATER!!!

Oh my Gosh!! Just what I was looking for without even realizing it

I've seen quite a few 'inspirational' clips/movies/films/talks... Lisa Nichols (whom I didn't know till seeing this) well? She's TOP.

Yes Yes

Thank you so much. I needed to be reminded. I got too caught up in my own drama. Thank you.

I absolutely love #LisaNichols...I'm so inspired by her story & courage to create so much awesomeness in so many people's lives. #thankyou #weappreciateyou

Wow, amazing! So inspiring!

I love her!

me too girl, me too!

September 18th my birthday. This is the motivation for me to rescue myself and step into my greatness.

Thanks Lisa:)

Lisa, you're nothing less than amazing! This message was awesome! Thanks for sharing! Look out guys because Tellyway YouTube channel is coming! The Bougiez channel is awesome too! We have new vides coming!

“People support what they help to create” *snaps*

Yes, Yes!!! This was POWERFUL ❤️

This was such a Blessing to my life and was absolutely PERFECT timing. I literally was in tears while listening and broke down like a baby after the video was over because she hit too close to home and it touched a soft spot. Blessings like this don't happen by accident and I feel my Protector sent this message for me to hear. My takeaway from Lisa's message is to not allow others or your life circumstances whatever they are, define your outcome. Stick to your vision and your gut because you know yourself better than anyone. Don't compare yourself to others because what's for you is for you no matter how you may feel you don't measure up. When you fight and press through the obstacles, ways will be made for you to help push you to your destination if you just keep your eyes on the finish line. I also took away that you have to be your biggest supporter no matter what. It's no good for others to see your potential or gifts when you don't believe in yourself. Don't allow the little voice to talk you out of a Blessing and know that you are enough, and you have your own special calling that sets you apart from the crowd. It's okay to fall, but dust yourself off and try again. I really hope this touch and reach many like it did for me, and I wish everyone that reads this the best in all their pursuits and endeavors including myself. Stay encouraged and never lose sight of who you are. Thank You for sharing.

@RS RSB No boo...gainfully employed, blessed & highly favored

Maybe there is pain within that disrespect...something you may be unaware of...if you ask the right questions humble ego maybe she will tell mom considered me disrespectful but it's because she never listened to me....she never HEARD me, so I didnt tell her my true pain until I went to therapy, even though I'm sure I was wrong I felt like she didnt truly love me no matter how much she physically sacraficed and gave to me, in my mind my love was not for purchase...sometimes when we grow up not having anything we try to physically provide for our kids and think that's enough, they need our emotional self...I'm 31 btw with a child so I understand the fine line of motherhood...I do hope you and your daughter work things out...

Watching this at 230am...and I'm loving it. This is speaking to me!!!

Hmmm ! Even though she kept turning them down , I think it’s because she was putting out that energy “ I’m a busy CEO” which would make The Chicken Soup


Hello Lisa Nichols, I tried to buy your stock but realized I didn't have your ticker letters. Please let me know how to purchase your stock. Thanks so much.

Look at that fro. Fro goals. I love it

This video made me cry. Its so powerful. Im so appreciative that i came across it.

Get out of your comfort zone and expand your talents. Reach your goals. Its better to at least try than to sit and wonder.

Tear jerker!!! So influential and heart felt! Thank you

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I'm Tyuan just like the country but spelled differently. I was born in Jersey in the 80s. You either had a Muslim name or a funny spelled name lmbo. Today I changed the rest my life in a instant for the greatest. With tears in my heart and the humbling weight of fear in my heart I'm so excited. Making my thoughts and emotions one is not always easy. It's been a long journey, but I'm ready sore. Thank you so much for that message. It was so uplifting and encouraging. Please stay tuned, you will see my name in lights, "Tyuan". Come on say it with me, Tyuan, Tyuan, Tyuan. There you go you got it! Travel well on your journey, the world needs it.


I have always seen her but never listenened. Until the day I decided that in a couple of months I will be 50 and I am afraid to risk anything. I have been in a struggle and it is time (past due). I decided my first step was changing my mindset...Lisa Nichols is it for me. Thank you and the process begins.

im a grown ass man n she tears at the end of this !! the last message was SO POWERFUL I felt that in my soul LISA !!!!

A Harriet Tubman of literature!

Yes! Yes!! ❤

Someone I can truly identify with. I have found myself!

trust I was done after that part !!! Tears R Us lol

God is great. Haggai 4:8.. read this and then look at this

Yes, yes!

Thank You Lisa Nichols!!! Your message, Your Story, stirred my Soul. God Bless You!!

My auntie

Until the black man is in the home the black woman's "brand" will never rise.


I am there now!!!! YES, YES!!! ✊

This is powerful and inspirational! This is on time for men and women who are serious about fulfilling purpose!

Very powerful speech! This hit me hard on so many levels... Yes yes!!!

This made me cry. Tooo close to home

Best inspirational video on YouTube ever!!!

Love this MsL Nichols. I remember when our visited our Island BVI. Well done.

Couldn't make the cheerleaders quad with a C in my school..

This message certainly inspires me to keep sharing my gift of reading names on my You Tube Channel. The most stirring part of her message was the conversation with her grandmother --- which was a lesson of humility and gratitude. We should never forget the sacrifices of our ancestors who paved a way for us to go further and fly help uplift a fallen humanity! Thank you Lisa for sharing your awesome journey of discovering your gift that God gave to you and only do!

Reading names???

When she started bringing up the part where she was struggling to deal with “having a giant” inside of her that she didn’t know how to handle, that hit very close to home.

Some might say this comment is negative......but its truth.....

I am are me.......

The title does not tell us what shes teaching but it grabs those who are poised to benefit the most at that time

Yeah, unfortunately interpersonal skills are not a requirement to become a teacher.


It lo0ks like she's wearing one big dangly earR1ng...if so, thats awesOMe!!

@jason butcher Dear Jason, I shall attempt to answer your question as simply as possible. In a nutshell, there is a universal law that “ sounds shape matter”. The Creator has given me the innate ability and unique gift to explain how letters and sounds in names shape our life choices. To help you better understand my gift of name reading…. Click on the video links below. I am reading the names of Michael Baisden, a well known radio personality and Nipsey Hussle, the late slain rapper. Michael Baisden Nipsey Hussle Thanks for your question and I hope the videos answers your question about reading names.


I love what you s


I may be late to see this but it's the best thing to happen at 4am

I am sooo glad i saved this to watch later! I'm trying to be an entrepreneur and this motivates me. She is an awesome storyteller

I loved this message from beginning to end! I needed this to push me, stir my soul, motivate me to quiet the noise that is holding me back. Push past my fears and take my leap of faith and become the powerhouse I am meant to become. Thank You, Thank you!

Yes yes to over 80% of what she said .

What a powerful talk!

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POWERFUL woman with a POWERFUL conviction!

Mrs Nicols you spoke to me.100% yes,yes

Bishop Eddie , I caught it.

Yes Yes!

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