How to Build a FULL-Time Online Coaching Business in the Next 6 Months!

How to Build a FULL-Time Online Coaching Business in the Next 6 Months!

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Hey, guys. Okay, welcome. So, welcome officially. I'm gonna hit record and we're gonna get started. Welcome officially to How to Build a Full Time Online Coaching Business in the next 6 months than to six figures above and beyond. My name is Jason Rossman. Uh before we get

started, um if you are watching me live on Zoom, uh we got the chat box. We'd love to hear where in the wood to come in from. Poison, chat box. Hey, I'm Jason. I'm in Cairns, North Queensland and I'm a business coach, right? I just named where in the world do I what kind of coach do you do? And if you're watching us live on Facebook, thank you so much for joining us in the live Facebook, just comment, hey, I'm live. You know, uh I'm in

United Kingdom and I'm a sex Well, I'm in the United States and I'm a life coach or I'm in New Zealand and uh I'm a online fitness program. Um if you're watching the replay, just comment replay below and saying, feel free to tag me. If you're watching a recording that's on YouTube, Elsa, welcome. Thank you for taking time and join us. We got the Facebook Live and my phone if I'm looking down, that's what I'm on and I got the Zoom on my screen as well. So, if you're

watching me right now, it's gonna sharing. Uh if you're watching me right now and you are an online coach of any Pines, uh I'm just gonna go like this. everyone. There we go. Cool. Um if you're watching me right now and you're an online coach of any kind and online fitness program, an online life coach or a spiritual healer in any way, shape, or form. Um you're

uh a fitness pro, a sex tantrum. I don't know. Second time I said that. You're a coach in any way, shape, or form. It's not yet making enough money to pay your bills and then six figures above and beyond. This is just for you. I've been a coach for over twenty years. I've been

full-time online for ten years. Worked with over 2,000 coaches I know for the past um to help them build six, seven, multiple, seven figures. Eighty between Canadian, 90% of online coaches right now all across the globe are not even making enough money online to pay the bills. To not even be able to survive their own thrive. So who is watching me by a show ahead right now? Facebook or Zoom that is not that has the goal in the next 612 months to be able to build a full time Online business at $100,000 a week, quicker job or anything like that. Who who has that

goal or that dream by show hands? Goes up that. Okay, welcome guys. I can see you guys are jumping on. That's awesome. Uh anyway if you are on the Facebook, you know something to benefit from this, it is public. Feel free to tag

them, share, all that good stuff uh as well. Um so, as we get started, I can see some more people are jumping on. So, welcome as well. Um as we get started, just a couple of things before we do, I'm gonna share with you tonight three key fundamentals, the foundation to be able to build a full-time online business.

For many people, I mean, imagine making an extra one to $2,000 a week every week in the next three, six months. Would that be life changing for most people? It would probably be life changing, right? And so, that's my goal, that's my, that's my dream by mission, that's my passion. It's to help you guys do that, to be able to business, supports the lifestyle that you dream of. Make sure people wanna be millionaires, make lots of money or rent them. That's not really what this is about. It's about helping people in a way that allows you and your family to spend more time together, travel, create freedom, eliminate financial stress, and all that good stuff, right? So, this can be a fairly short, sweet webinar. So, they're

gonna go for about forty-five minutes. Uh I'm gonna share with you the three checkpoints, the three main components for laying a strong foundation to begin to build your success full time online business centre six figures. We're gonna give you that roadmap. Also we

have not one but two very special guests tonight that have both this year achieved this very goal have been able to take their offline pivot online to be able to build full time online fitness and coaching with our businesses. You're gonna hear from both of them tonight. They're gonna share their story and also ah Lisa and Carla are not gonna check the story. They're gonna give you a couple of two, three, four gold nuggets and knowledge bombs to empower you, inspire you, equip you on your journey as well. Also some know this is that at the end of this webinar we're announcing the winner of the 8 weeks free one-on-one coaching program in our six-week coaching program uh valid over a $1,000 at the very end. We will draw that. Also, if you stated, I've got a couple of free giveaways, a call announcements and I'm just here to serve you. No one's

being paid to be here. So, I just wanna say thank you. I appreciate you and I'm grateful for your time. I know talk fast one because I'm excited because I think it's gonna help a lot of people. We're here to talk

about your dream. The ability to be able to do what you want when you want with however. Two, at the end of the day, I mean, how, you know, we're talking about creating a full-time online business. How much can I really give you in forty-five minutes? If I talk a little faster, I can get more value in and give you more uh knowledge. I'm recording this and so if you did register and you missed this or anything, you'll receive an Email tomorrow with all the free stuff and and that as well and I think that's about it. So,

we're gonna dive straight in and we're gonna get going. Um just wanna make sure you guys can hear me. If you can just let me know that you can hear me me that would be awesome. Uh Lisa and Carla, uh feel free to share this on your walls or tag yourself or you know, any any of that cool stuff as well. Um

but again, I would love to hear where in the world are you guys? Where in the world are you? What kind of coaching are you doing? Uh and what's your goal? What's your dream? Why are you here? Like, why are you on this webinar? What do you wanna get out of it? I wanna make some practice. I wanna learn about you and and hear from you guys. So, what do you what do you guys got from me? Even if you're watching a recording like on YouTube or someone else, feel free to participate. Um and Tag me if you need to. And I will gladly reply. This is actually the

first webinar we've done In I think it's the first webinar I've done in about eight weeks. Yeah. So let's have a quick look. Um Lisa, PT in Sydney,

yes. Good news from Nigeria. Good news. How you going? Uh what's your name? Good news. And I've got the Facebook as well. I love how Facebook livestreams have uh subtitles now. It's really cool as well. Uh Fred, Oxford

UK, welcome. Presentation, skills, coaching. Hey. Probably get some critical feedback at some point. Okay, let's dive straight in too. Before we get

started, again, I'm here for one main reason. One is to share the two inspiring stories of these amazing women that I'm gonna bring on board shortly. To share with you how possible it is for you to be able to build a full-time online six-figure business in the next 6 months um they're gonna share their stories and how they did that and give you some um tools. Um and two, I wanna equip you with the road map and foundation you need to build upon. Um I don't know, you know, where you're at in business right now but if you're watching me in any way, shape, or form, I know you don't have a full-time business person. It's no matter where you're at, I'm gonna show you how to add an extra one to $2,000 a week. Even though it's

not just about the money to your business but again, my intention here is I wanna help you be able to quit your job, do your business this full time. Quality time with family. Do what you want when you want and have that fruit. And I've helped thousands of people you know over twenty countries to do that. So really short sweet

ah for those that don't know me. 60 seconds about myself. You know as a teenager 20 years ago I was living on the streets as a heroin addict. Overdose three times. Third time I was clinically had for three minutes. Uh what got me off the

streets and literally saved my life was health and fitness. I became a personal trainer. A little over 20 years ago. Um and I loved it. You know for nearly a decade. I was the busiest trainer in Western Australia. You know I was

macros trained twice a day. Um and I loved it in the gym. You know I was doing like sixty sessions every week for a decade. Um and I introduced a um large chain Western Australia and got involved with management. Somebody involved with management and running teams as well. Realise I was

making another going to get but I could be doing it myself. I went out my own eleven, 12 years ago, 11 years ago. Um had a very successful health and wellness company. Was a

self-made millionaire the first time by thirty-one and um built a team of seventeen of us that had office. Um we had six business coaches, three nutritionists, nine personal trainers, doing 300 sessions a week at three studios and uh was really successful. On the surface, I had the success. You know, I had the money. I success. I had a driver. But

inside I was dying. And I truly believe success without fulfillment is actually failure. Um and after 12 years of working at no breaks holidays I burnt out with chronic fatigue and glandal fever. Which I wouldn't wish upon anyone. Um and so that kind of forced me to go online. Um about 10 years ago now. So about ten

months. And I spent like 6 months bedridden. But I went from an income of $22,000 a week in my pocket. Down to $297 a week. And into 218 thousand

$218,000 bad. Yeah. Bad debt. I'm not talking about mortgages and stuff. I'm talking about bad debt. And so I was given 14 days to make $2,000 minimum repayments on my debt consolidation. And I was lying in bed chronically ill. So I had to build a six figure business in two weeks. Ah which

I did. And in fact 9 months later I built my Online Business uh in just 9 months to seven figures. Um and I'm hoping to break that record now with the current business. Um you know, over the last eight years, I've traveled with thirty-five countries living out of hotels, written a couple of books including from Extra Millionaire which you can buy on Amazon, hard copy, share this quote and um you know, we have a coaching and uh consulting company where we uh do business coaching, helping coaches build six, seven, multiple, seven figures. We have a VA agency with appointment centers over seventy I think in the december 2 hundred team I think now and um loving life even with all the stuff that's going on. I've got another book. I've got two

more books being published in the next 8 weeks which you guys will see. And now I just I really wanna help as many of you guys as possible to create the freedom and and live the lifestyle that you dream. As well right? Isa. Hey guys. On purchase of massage. Uh I do have the chat box at any stage.

I do wanna make this interactive to at any stage Labor according to having questions posted in the Zoom chat or on the live as well. Um the name of the book is from the Strix to a Millionaire. Good news. From the Streets to a Millionaire. It's on the video. The video's real small

though isn't it? From the streets to a millionaire. Okay. Uh it's not just uh an autobiography. I mean, there's stories in there but it's a personal development mindset uh financial book. I think you you will enjoy that. and so, uh by the way, if you purchase that, let me know and I'll send you the audio version for free as well. So, anyway, that's enough about me. We're here for you.

Uh I wanna learn a little bit about you. So, I have a couple of questions. Um as I say, if you wanna better quality life, better quality questions And so, I wanna ask what's your dream? When we become consciously aware of the pain in our life, the things that disturb us. What we hate about our life. I know it's a strong

word. And the dreams we have. What are the goals? What are the what's the life we dream of? And that when we begin to bridge that gap. That that's what we're talking about here right? So I have a couple of questions. I invite you to grab a pen and paper. You don't have to. You can think them if you

want. Makes no difference to me. It's up to you. How serious this is to you. Uh a couple of questions before you get started. Number one, what and again, if you're listening to me right now, I know that you're obviously not making a full-time uh online income or you're not making six figures online, at least 2,000 consistently every week or eight grand a month, okay? Uh Euro to pound, US dollar, Aussie dollars, whatever. It's not paid. I wanna ask you a

couple of questions. I invite you to write down the answer with pen and paper. Something that goes to our neurology and makes it more serious, right? What would it mean for you if in the next three to 6 months.

You were you were to online coaching. How would that change your life? What are two, three ways that if you were to make an extra five, five hundred, a thousand, 2,000 a week online, which is not a big amount of money. But, that's really the next step. We're talking here about those of you that are either just getting started or have a couple of clients or you have a job that you wanna quit.

And by the way, who has a job that you want to quit? Uh, boatshire hands. Don't have to. Yeah. A few of you guys, right? You're in the right place. So, you wanna work on your business part time until you replace your full so you can quit your job and do it full time. Um you don't have to quit your job and you know, create all this pressure press if you don't want to an interview. You don't have to do that. Some people

choose to. It depends on how you work. What would it mean for you? Would you be able to quit your job? And if you could quit your job, what would that allow you to do? Spend more time with your family, spend more time with your children. What are the little things that later do? Pick your kids up from Have breakfast with him, read them a bedtime story, take them on a holiday, would it allow you to retire your wife, your girlfriend, your partner? Would it alleviate some pressure and stress? Maybe in the relationship. Allow you to study that thing you've always wanted to study. Or by that dream car. I don't know.

Whatever those things are. What would it mean for you? What are two or three business? It's not just about the money. It's not about the 500 thousand, three thousand, three thousand, week, whatever it is. What would it mean you. How will that change

your life? And that's what we're talking about cuz it's not a lot of money. But it's so significant because when you don't have to get in a car and battle traffic to change your life force to help someone else become rich. And you have the freedom to work full time on your own baby. That's an entrepreneur and as a coach.

Spend time with your family. When you can do things like pay someone else to clean your house. And do you do and do your guidance. So you can spend time with family and serving clients instead. How would it change your life? You know make a list. Three things. Five

things. Ten things. Twenty things. Put them up where you're somewhere where you look at them every morning. Every

you know make that the dominating thought of your mind. Make it a magnificent obsession. You know maybe uh for you men. Maybe you've you're you're your partner is pregnant. You got a baby on the

way. Imagine being able to be there and see them. Hear the first words. See hear the first

data. See the first steps and and to be there. That's what talking about here, that's how significant this is. That's how big it is. This is. This is

most people's dream. And what the awesome thing is is that's just the beginning. Now I wanna ask you another question. Why is it so important for you to achieve those things you've just written down or thought about? Why is it so important for you? Write it down. Why is it so important for you? Why is it so important for you to spend more time with your children? Why is it so important for you to quit your job? Why is it so important to be able to retire your partner? Why is it so important to be able to pay for your kids' education? What's important to you about a home school your kids? Whatever those things are, they're your dreams. These

are the things to allow you to do. Make a list. It's important because because of this, because of this, because of this. And the more you spend time on this, the more it will solidify because one of my mentors said to me, he said to me once, he said, Jason, That ignorance on fire trumps knowledge on us. Because it's not about the how to but when you're hungry. When you when you have to do something when you have this certainty and you've made the decision and you're all in on it then how to will come. It will come. You don't need to know how to get there. You just gotta decide to

go. You've gotta go all in. And you've gotta make it to dominating for even mine. You've gotta visualise about it. You gotta align your thoughts, feelings, and act and moody as we call it. Okay it's about psychology. We're gonna

talk a little bit about psychology children. One last question before we get started. Unconscious here. Cuz how would

you feel if in 6 months time feel exactly where you are right now? If you do for the next 6 months what what your life gonna look like in six months? You said exactly the same. Then how long are you gonna continue living that for you make a decision and make a change. You've heard it many times. The definition of a society to try to get a different result by doing the same thing over and over. If

you're not getting the results you want it's something you are doing. Everyone else out there. I'm no better than you. I'm just a high school dropout. Got to kick that at home. Kicked out of school. Spend time living on the streets as a drug addict. Yes. photo with me in

the in the helicopter. It was about three or 4 weeks ago of a private helicopter tour of the Great Barrier Reef. Even amidst all the craziness in the world right now. Because I created a life by design. And you can do it too. Even though it might

not seem like lockdowns and everything going on right now. Don't ask your question. What do you hate about your life? Or if you don't like that it's too much or I don't hurt anything. Not positive. What? Don't you like about your current life? Write it down. Well I don't like I don't get to pick my kids up from school. I don't

like that I don't get to spend quality time with my partner. I don't like, I haven't seen my parents in months. I don't like um that this week um you know, I had to I don't know. But be honest and you might be thinking, why do this? Well, because the greatest motivator is pain. When the pain of our current situation becomes greater than the pain of the journey we must embark upon to make the change, that's when we take action. The problem is people live too late. They have

a heart attack and then they die and it's too late. You know, People, they leave it too late. They wanna have kids and then it's too late. They wanna get married and it's too late. They they they wanna publish that book and it's too late.

And people have one DIS. Okay, Claudette. Is there a Zoom link? Um there is a Zoom link. Lisa, could you perhaps post the Zoom link for that in the Facebook um uh live for me? That'd be amazing if you have it. Thank you. It's just in the uh group chat. What do you not

like about your life? What's an salt in that mood and it will motivate you because that is what will lead you to take action to make a decision and further out, okay? So, I hope that you actually can do that now to take the time to write that stuff down. You can come back to the recording, the replays in Facebook as well. Um I really hope you take to do that. Cuz we're not talking about money here. We're talking

about your life. We're talking about freedom. We're talking about your family, your future. We're talking about generational health. Generational wealth. You know,

grandkids people. Oh, we're talking about you, right? Okay. Now, we got that out of the way. I wanted to ask you some questions. Um let's talk about

the three keys to building a full-time online coaching business and a six figures. So, how much info can I really give you in the next twenty minutes? Well, really the fundamentals, the foundations. I'm gonna lay the foundation and give you something to begin to work. It's three main components.

One, knowing your numbers. I'm gonna help you clarify them. Clarity and direction. Knowing your destination. Unfor so many

people decide to launch a coaching business and they're just throwing spaghetti at the wall. They're hoping that stuff stick. Imagine you sit down at the table and you you tip out a dick to a puzzle once the tape uh all the pieces and you throw the box out without ever looking at the picture on the front of the box. So, you're left with all these pieces on the table with no idea what it looked like finished. This is

how so many people are building a business and they're reacting to their business and reacting to life. In order for you to live a life by design and create a business by design that allows you to live the lifestyle You've got a million numbers. Okay, you gotta know what your business looks like and then we can reverse engineer it. Number one. Number two, the psychology of a six-figure coach. As we're talking about getting into full time, so you can quit your job, cover your bills, and mentor because you don't just wanna survive, you wanna thrive, right? And so we can talk about the psychology of a six-figure coach and number three, we're gonna talk about the strata.

But six-figure road map. What are the check? Seven checkpoints. So, we're gonna go through those now, okay? Again, I am gonna move pretty quickly. I just wanna lay the foundation, the ultimate belief and point you in the right direction. And I give you

everything you need, the gospel of building a full-time no, but I I'm gonna give you tools if you stick with me as well. So, okay, let's talk about step one, knowing your numbers. Again, if you've got pen and paper, highly recommend you grab some pen and paper. I'm gonna ask you some questions Ignorance on fire, shrumps, knowledge on ice. In what is ignorance of biobender. Ignorance and firetrumps.

Trump's knowledge on ice. Gonna move this out of the way here. Let's just I wanna talk you right now to clarify and know your numbers. So what's your financial target to quit your job? So step one I wanna invite you now, right now. Uh people say I want financial freedom in the morning. it. And I'm like, well, what what's the numbers? How much money do you need? So, the first question I wanna answer and I'll invite you to write this down. You can answer

this one of two ways. Number one, what is your current expenses your share of the household. What are your personal expenses for your household each week roughly? I'm not you don't need to sit down and create a comparative budget right now although I do recommend that. What is your

personal expenses per week? Internet, your mobile phone, your car, your mortgage, or your rent. If you add these things, how much is it? 500 is it? 700 is it a thousand? For most people, it's somewhere between 500 thousand. Right that number on a piece of paper. That's number one. Because once you're making that online, you've now got your living expenses. And unlike each um uh worked for income where you gotta exchange time for money and go to a uh location. Um leverage income company can be anywhere in the world. You can be the PAs on a

Zoom call making money, right? Still gonna exchange the ton of money but it's leveraged. You can be at home with the kids or whatever. Okay The the second uh number I wanna ask you is, how much money do you need to be making weekly? Or monthly, if you're in the UK, you guys have monthly How much income do you need online to justify quitting your job for those who have a job? Okay. So, anti either one of those or both of those right now? Okay, and feel free to share it in the Zoom chat or in Facebook if you wanna share if you don't feel like sharing in school. This is

a place of love and kindness, judgement, One of my favourites probably between 5 million dollars. Christine says a $1,000 per week. Is that to quit your job? Or is that expensive? That's a lot of expenses it is. Okay yeah.

$1,000 a week. So now we can go okay Christine. We we'll get and I'm I'm coaching Christine in a moment. We can start together. Uh we won a $1,000 per week. Uh how much was yours

per week? I think that's like impliance. Okay, so now we can go, okay, it's a $1,000 per week. I need a $1,000 per week online. Okay, cool. Uh so, the second thing I'm gonna get you guys to do is set a target date. I wanna invite everyone to commit. So, if you've got a job, number one, what is your amount of income you need to make online to just by quitting that job? Okay, if you don't have a job, okay? How much are your expenses each week or month that would allow you to be full time of life cuz that's the beginning. That's the first

step here. The next step, right? the beginning. And I want you to set a date for that. Target date. So if you said hey I wanna do it in ninety days. Today today is the

I have no idea. Twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-eight. Today's the twenty-ninth of September. October. Let's say I

wanna do it in three months. That's the twenty-ninth of December. You might go twenty-fourth of Christmas. Twenty-fourth of Christmas.

twenty-fourth of December, Christmas Eve. I'm going to put in my notice and 3 months that's it. So 3 months I need to be making a $1,000 per week. That means I need to add $80 per week to my income. That's one point a week. As an example, you gotta know these numbers so you have something to aim on a regular basis.

Okay, so set that set that bait and commit the exact date. Day, month, take, put the time in there. When are you gonna quit your job? When are you gonna have enough money coming through your cabinet? Let that be. Now, as you set the date,

notice a voice will pop up in your mind. That is that I don't have to do that and all the self doubt. That's the brain's physiological response to it not wanting you to change. It likes similarity. Your brain's number one job. It's protective mechanism. It's job is to

protect you against pain. It knows that when you make a decision to go after a goal or a dream or something you don't yet have. That there's gonna be setbacks earlier than pain. So

the brain is like no don't do it. So you're like okay. So tell the brain to shut the F up. Make decisions from the heart. Make decisions from the

heart. The stupid. A high to mid six er makes sixty times more energy. Did you know that the heart actually has around 80 thousand brain cells in it? Intuition. That that needs to be. That that feeling of

knowing that we're doing for the right reasons. Reason to that. Yep. Okay, the third thing we wanna work out is how many clients do you need? Okay. So, let's say for example, to make it easy for me cuz I am a PT. Let's say that Christine charges $100 a week per client or $400 a month. Fifteen, let's

say, I'm just gonna throw some thumbs down. Let's say, Christine wants to quit her job by twenty-ninth of December. Uh so, twelve weeks. Okay, she needs $80 a week, okay? And she charges $100 a week for a client. I mean, she needs ten clients. Ten clients will allow her to, now, she's got correct audience there. So, hey, we got

some boats there. So her target Christine's target is one client a week. Now she can aim for two or 300 percent. Our minimums don't have to be our maximums. But that's default.

And you break it down bite sizes. Now all of a sudden going from oh I'm not even six figure business or full time is like ah so big. So one client a week. It becomes more realistic. but how many clients do you need? Write it down.

What's your financial target? What's the date you're committing to? How many clients do you need? Write these numbers down. Put them somewhere with um what it means. We put all this stuff on a wall screen. Look at every morning giving like a vision board, you know? How many clients per week, right? And now, we've got what I call the marketing funnel. It's four

numbers there. two clients per week. On the right hand side, you got the number two. You get two clients per week, we find that if you speak to about eight people, it gives you 25% conversion rate, you're gonna hit that number. to get eight people showing up we need to book about fifteen appointments, which is the fifteen at the bottom. To get

fifteen appointments, we wanna generate about thirty. So let's say you need one client a week, for most of you, it's only gonna be a client a week, why not do clients? That's it? So let's say for Christine, Christine would need one client a week. Christine needs to speak to four people per week. That means Christine fills up eight appointments. So

Christine, you just gotta be like, how, every morning you wake up, I'm not gonna bend to a book to a point. How do I get them? Doesn't matter. You've got a thousand people, 2,000 people, LinkedIn, Facebook, by the way, I hope strategies, I will help you with the strategies here. But these in

numbers. When you write down these five lots of numbers you've got now a daily and weekly goal to get you to that ultimate goal, right? You do this with everything. Seven figures, eight figures. Any goal that you wanna create, you break it down like this, reverse engineer it, you build this belief and and so forth as well. So, know those numbers.

Um I will send this slides through. Everyone that registered uh uh Email them to you tomorrow. If you want this live, send me a private message. I'll send you these lives. Take screenshots as

well, right? Is this cool by the way? You've already got, hey, Keller, how you All the girls are here. So the ladies. Okay let's talk about the psychology of six figures. Okay, now, I mean, I could do a two-week course on this, I think. Uh, been blessed to study over twenty psychological medalities, mental, Peter, hypnosis, tier, tier, EFT, for um, emotional intelligence, the conversational intelligence, uh, introduction to neuroscience, uh, salt therapy, family therapy, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, I've been obsessed with mine for as long as I can with my neurotrantics. Mystics,

Uh so I'm gonna start with four main things. There's really two things that you've gotta do right now. I'm sure you've done different coaching programs, courses, and all these different content information. There is not a lack of information involved. It's not

information. Problem is there's too much. It's much noise. There's one thing you've gotta do. Does I can give you world class marketing strategies and sales systems. But if you don't

do these couple of things I cannot help you. Number one. You've got to make the decision right now and go online. Say enough is enough. I'm sick and tired of **** I'm sick and not being able to pick my kids up. I'm sick and tired of my wife working in a job that she hates. Sick and tired of my

parents struggling. I'm sick of I'm sick of that. I have now going to go all in. I don't know how I'm gonna get there. I don't I all I know is I'm gonna make a decision right now. I'm gonna go all in until the twenty-ninth of December to do whatever I need. Even if it's

taking twice as long. I'm gonna go all in and I'm gonna make it happen. The only way that you can fail once you make a decision is if you freaking quit. You gotta become an untilled person. Make a decision and go all in on your goals and your dreams. Put those questions, those answers on the wall. You know, on this

magnificent obsession, bring about a scheme, get about it, set an alarm because of every hour to remind you to think about it and align your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions. Because it is your dream. And it's just make a decision. All in. No plan

Bieber. You burn the chips. Number two. It's ten times more important and ten times more powerful than you believe it's possible. You believe you deserve it. You believe you are

capable of doing business in a six figures in the next three, six months. And knowing how to get it. How to. Everybody's got a strategy. Um my strategy's

best. Do webinars. Don't do webinars. Do funnels. Don't do funnels. Do ads. Don't do ads. Don't ever run. Confused. Keep it simple. Keep it simple. So,

you've gotta, how do you build belief? Surround yourself with eagles and lions. So, eagles, eagles are the people on the same journey as you, that have challenged you to soar higher, you know, and the ones that are winning and the lions are the mentors, the coaches, people that achieved exactly what you already wanna achieve. Surround yourself with eagles and lions to soar higher, and grow. Yeah. Number three, foster syndrome. Let's talk about a lot at the moment. Impostor syndrome. You know, in those days where you don't feel good enough? Like, am I good enough? Oh, people keep quitting and cancelling.

Is it me? What am I doing wrong? You know, we have all this doubt, all this fear, all this uncertainty. It is natural. Doesn't make doesn't make you uh doesn't it's not about you personally, right? So, I will say this for about imposter syndrome. I want you

to hear this. If you ever feel away you don't want to feel. It's pretty much always the same main reason. It's because you're focusing on what you don't have and what you can get. Rather than what you do

have and what you can give. Or you have more control over in life. What you can get or what you can give. When you feel a

positive room. You feel nervous. When you feel anxiety. When you feel doubt. When you feel any of those lower vibrational emotions. It's because you're thinking about what you can get. Rather than

we can give. If you have one client, don't think about getting more clients. Yeah, sure how to target more risk but don't think about getting yeses. Don't think about getting clients. Don't, you know, be aware of your targets but focus on what are you going to give, how you're gonna serve. Because if you're focusing on what you can give, that empowers you with a sense of control and ability to do something about it, a response ability. It put you in this the

drive seat you're in life in your business and if you feel that way, if you're focusing on what you're, man, you can focus on the client that just quit or you can focus on, I mean, that's fifty people register for this webinar. There's thirteen on here. I can focus on the thirty-eight that aren't here. Or I could pour my heart and soul into the the thirteen that are here. Live. Sure. Hundreds, maybe, thousands went up watching it. So focus on

what you have and what you can give. Have one client. I can give them my time and energy. I can help them transform life. One person. You transform my

life. You know. If I can inspire and empower you guys to make decisions. Make action that you've never done. You go all in. In three months, six

months, nine months, even a year from now. Even it takes you a year. In a year from now, you message me, Jason thinks that webinar, I made a decision. I went all in. I made changes. And I made happen.

Finally, an abundant mentality. An abundant mentality. A lot of people have a lot of scars in it. There's not enough to go around. There's too many coaches. It's saturated. It's not saturated. Okay? An

abundant mentality is more than enough money to go around. There's more enough clients to go around. There's more enough social media partners. There's so much abundance. So much

fresh air. There's so much food. There's so much water. You know, you know, overeating is a bigger problem now than people going hungry on this planet. You know, the world is covered in 80% water. And at

this week, they announced a new dissalamation process where within twenty-four hours, they can remove 99.9% of the salt in salt in even in the ocean's water. We're not gonna run out of water. We have an abundance. acute in abundance. There's so much. There's so much joy in the world. There's so much

happiness in the world. There's so much pleasure in the world. There's so much money in the world. There's so much, you

know, so many kind people in the world because that's what you all attracts. When you have the scarcity mindset, you'll attract it. Focus on build, you'll get more bills. Focus on clients quitting more clients will quit. Now, you guys know this intellectually. Abundant

mentality. Last part. Oh, by the way, Um I am actually for the first time in a couple of years, in a couple of weeks, I'm doing a free three-hour live workshop. all on mindset, right? For online coaches. Got

the emotional rollercoaster of Online Coaching. How to create a bulletproof mindset as an online coach. Uh it's 2 weeks from this Saturday. It's free. I normally charge $500 for these. Um we're doing it completely free. Uh we'll have prizes, giveaways, cool stuff.

It'll be like this but more interactive. Or just be me talking. Be quite interactive. Uh raising your financial permits that we're gonna talk about um a critical period up.

Uh we're gonna talk about limiting beliefs. We're gonna talk about um uh self sabotage around money. Uh your unconscious financial money blueprint. Uh bunch of other things as well. Um the we can

talk about the psychology of the seven picking coach. It's 3 hours on how to align your psychology of success. Uh who would like uh an invite to them? If you guys would like to join uh free. Couple of weeks. It'll be awesome. Yep. Send me

a message. I'll send you the link. You'll see that everywhere over the next few days anyway. Renell. Hey how

you going? Um I'll go a little bit much deeper uh down the road. I'll actually take you through a process to help you become aware of the unconscious limiting beliefs, values, self sabotage, structured behaviors and habits, fears, doubts. I'll actually take you through an exercise to help you uh become clear on those and actually refrain, right? Using AA process of neuroplasticity. Alright, let's talk about the strategy. That's great, Jason. Keep saying, I've gotta be hungry. I gotta make a decision. I know my numbers.

Yes, I know my numbers. I'm ready to go. I'm all in. I can form this belief. I'm gonna show myself about people. A gay student. I still need to know

how to get the kingdom now. Tell me. Tell me how do I get that? I'm gonna give you the checkpoints today and then I'm gonna give you the tools to go through the checkpoints in your own time uh cuz I wanna um I wanna hear from these two amazing ladies. I'm running a bit overtime already. Strategy, I would recommend suggest taking a screenshot of this. there's seven checkpoints and then we do them in this order and if those that follow this checkpoint, Lisa and Carlo, who you'd like to hear from, follow the seven checkpoints. They

just follow these seven checkpoints um and they're built a full time online coaching business and then a um. Six-figure online business. Now, we're building the $20,000 months. You need the bulletproof? Yeah, baby. Let's do it. Ali just setting up so right on point. Perfect. Who knows? Interesting webinar.

Great. Yeah. Awesome. I'm glad you're enjoying it. Is this stuff good by the way? Yeah. So a lot of people do these webinars and go, here, take my strategy but it's almost never strategy. If I give you two

marketing strategies right now and you love one but you don't like the other, which one's probably gonna work better for you? The one you love. It's not the strategies how you think you feel about it. It's not, you might think, what, you know, some people might have been, may go, oh, I don't like to look at Whatever. I don't

mind. What you think of me is none of my none of my business. I I'm I'm good. Trust. I'm okay. I can take. I fix it. All approved mindset right? Um it's understanding who you think you'd feel about things. It's

not the meal plan. It's not the fitness program. It's not the business plan. It's not the health system. It's not the it's how you think about it. How you feel about it? This is what this convert is, right? But this is the check reviews.

I've over 2,000 coaches in twenty-one countries through our program, this program, more than, I think it's 12 years old over 12 years younger. But the first step is go to Rosa. A refining offer. Um in a moment I'll give you some calls to be able to do this and you can go through them in your own time. Refine your offer, your sales system, your value ladder, your upsell, your downsell, your pricing, all that. Go to refinance that your brand page.

Then you do a launch ready But shout it from the top to the mountain tops that you're launching. It's business and everybody's got it all. internet's a little bit unstable so. River, hey, how

you going? Okay, can you hear me okay? And my internet was a bit funny. Yup, okay. LinkedIn and Instagram, YouTube, my only presence. Step four, now, we're using social media. We can begin to create your free offers, your funnels.

Ebooks, meal plans, fitness planners, business kits, whatever they are. Free offers where you can lead not just growing your social build your phone list and your Email list. Building your business, one of your challenges as a new business owner is obscurity. People don't know who are what you do. So, you wanna build

only on social media but also your email list and your phones because you don't own your social media list includes the group, the page, the platform, to borrow your account. Your phone list and your email, you own them. Your email list that people can't take it away. You can lose your fight, your email addresses, right? You own that list. Now, emails are great but

they're not a community. People can't interact. But phone numbers in my opinion is the alt. But you own it. The internet can crash tomorrow and you can get on the phone. old school. So be obsessed with

building your E nine phone and your social media cuz you never know what's gonna happen. You heard you get into the lot. The database and your list is the brain of your business. Number five, more online events. I'm a huge fan of online events, webinars, challenges, masterclasses, prizes for.

Webinars, masterclasses, challenges, prize draw. I know we say do one webinar a month. On masterclass a month. So every 2 weeks a weekly for you guys in the US. Challenge every eight to four weeks. Surprise

delivery. This will give you chunks of phone numbers and emails. Chunks of leads to call and and book an appointment because the only real reason your business is not growing more or faster. It's only really one reason a lack of a point. The underlying reason why you're not getting appointments could be psychology, limiting beliefs, could be a lack of action, could be a strategy thing. But at the end of the day, it's appointments. That's why early

this year, I launched my own appointment setting in VA agency. I've been using a recommending to my client's opinions. Finally, after ten years, I'm like, hey, I can train them myself and pick them and I can have more control over actually helping them. Uh one of our guys today, Scotty, 9,000 $9,000 cash, two sales in 30 days from our appointment set. It's not bad for uh ten bucks Aussie an hour. Uh so,

the next step is higher than eight to do social media, create only presence, make your calls, book in appointments. Imagine waking up every Monday with ten or fifteen quality appointments booked into your schedule. You wanna Then, you can look at launching group coaching That's the third of roadmap. Now, if you wanna learn more about, okay, the threeGs, how to equip an offer, how how do I launch, you can find all of those Emails in these two, okay, many of you already have one of these or both of these. My free playbook, how to build 20 thousand a month. It's got my

five-step lawn process, creating off, everything I've shown is in that Ebook. It's fifty-five pages for free. So, I'll Email this here tomorrow. Have you registered? Now, if you're watching this on YouTube or Facebook or somewhere else, send me a private message to send you and on the right, you've got my free Messenger marketing training. That's a mini course or a video to how to optimize your social media, then, videos on how, what to post when, and my DM scripts. Those two resources have all the checkpoints at description, okay? That's enough about me.

That's enough. I'm sure you guys are getting sick of my votes already. Um so what I wanna do now is we've got two very special guests. One thing for me to say it. But it's another thing. I've been working with these two amazing ladies since earlier this year.

Uh they're both in around six to nine between six to 9 months being able to build by any full home. A six figure online fitness businesses, online coaches and they're both now international business coaches with our business business coaching and then coaching other fitness business owners. Sorry they're creating other coaches rather to build full-time six-figure online businesses and they're amazing. They've just done it themselves. They're a product of our system and I'm gonna bring them both on in a minute to share that story. We're

gonna start with Lisa. Uh now, Lisa actually spent uh the both based in Australia but I mean, right now, we've got clients I think in seventeen countries uh uh in between our VA and coaching business. Um but Lisa uh spent 24 years in graphics and um you know, woke up 1 day was like, that it wasn't her anymore, want to pursue. He

started as a personal trainer in years ago and then started her own business and was working offline. Then when Covid hit obviously she looked at ways to pivot online. Um she came to me earlier this year which helped pick her up. Uh like I said she's been six figures online. And she's now approached with us. Um but Lisa

are you there? We'd love to get Lisa on to share your story and just gonna share these three old nuggets on uh that you can apply to go to So just wanna bring yourself off say hi. You should be able to just do it automatically. Hey, hey, great. Hi, there. Hi. Good, thank you. I couldn't see

myself before. I was like, I don't know where I am. That's okay. Uh is your video on? Uh

I'm just gonna leave this guys with comments. Wanna share your story and just give those guys a couple of gold notes. It'll be awesome. Continue video on so we can see you. Can you not see me? Yeah, yeah, it is on. I'm just gonna stop sharing.

Can you see me? Yes, I can see you. Yes. Okay. Awesome. Hey, guys. How's everyone doing? Hope you're enjoying this. It's pretty cool. Um yeah I as um Jason touched on I was in the publishing business in actually the graphics for doing graphics work for magazines for twenty something years and I actually went through a quite an awful um divorce and I basically turned to my health and fitness and I was actually advising people at my work all about health and fitness and I decided that I actually wanted to um change careers and I quit my job probably I think it was seven or 8 years ago now and got into the um health and fitness business which I absolutely loved because my passion really is to help people and um and because it really did help me a lot for my not only physical health but my mental health and that has been my driving passion um with my with my business and as Jason mentioned so I actually started my own business just over 2 years ago and I was doing face to face and that was really cool like I was making a decent income but um I was just sort of like plotting along um but it wasn't really growing as fast as I wanted it to. Then Covid hit last year so that was a whole new kettle of fish that I had to deal with and I did get online but I was just winging I didn't really know what I was doing to be honest with you. Um luckily II live in

Sydney so last year the the lockdown wasn't too long so I wasn't too badly affected unlike for Carla who you'll hear from soon. Um but still it got me thinking. So I continued you know back into my my face to face training but it was just always in the back of my mind. I was like thinking oh I

really think I need to get more online and actually continue training some of the clients online but but sort of like got to the end of the year and my husband and I sorta we both had some goals for our following year and I'd actually been chatting to several coaches um and what they had to offer cuz I thought I really need to start investing in this business and in myself because I really really wanna make it. And um and I wanna make like a full time income on the in the online space. And I don't even know how Jason came into my life but he appeared from somewhere. And it's Just been

an absolute godsend. He's like an angel. And um I've just managed to grow and develop so much in such a short amount of time. Like I am absolutely

gobsmacked. Um I'm still doing some face to I'm still doing face to face training as well. Um but my actual online business like I don't even need to do my face to face. I've

earned I'm earning that much money now. I'm like into the six plus figures. So It's actually incredible what I've been able to do. Um and look I did not think I was really going to be able to do it to be honest with you. I hadn't like I think II mentioned the other day like I had sort of like gained knowledge through just looking at stuff on the internet. Um but I so as Jason I think mentioned before like there is a lot of information out there. So I was quite aware

of all the different strategies that Jason uses. But I didn't know where to start. I really didn't know where to start cuz you know there is so much information out there like you just don't know You just don't know what to do. Like where do you start? How do you do it? Like do you do ads? Do you you know I tried doing ads that didn't work very well. Um but the way like Jason's um systems and of course his coaching and also the community that he has as well has just helped me well has helped my business explode. It's just been amazing. Um you

know a couple of I've just shared like a few of like my top tips um with you. Now it's it's all about like and this is what I do with my PT clients as well is I encourage you to like write down your goal. Right have I have like a financial goal but I also have like a goal of how many people I wanna help. And this is something

that I actually look at daily. So I stay focused and I think all right I wanna be helping this many people. I wanna be earning this much money. But I

also feel into it. So I think about do I wanna be earning the money? Like it's so I can you know so I can live comfortably. So I can like help my kids out. So I can take my husband out. So I can give to charity. So I

can you know and I start to really think about all the reasons. It's not about the dollars. Like it's not the money. It's what you can do

with the money. And the freedom that I can have with that money. And and then obviously with the clients I'm very like I said to you before I'm so passionate about helping people for their mental physical health. And you know the more people and now I've now I'm getting to help people with their wealth as well and then they can help more people as well. So it's just a big snowball of effect of being able to help. Um and so this is so me looking at my goal and thinking about it regularly is what helps me going. Um because

look it does there are times where it's tough. So this is the second point I'd like to make. Um you know everything is hard before it becomes easy. Okay so really you know especially when I first started out with Jason, I actually touched on this last night. I would like have like a almost a panic attack every night after I'd spoken to him because he'd set me things to do, tasks to do and I would just be like, oh my god, I don't know how I'm gonna do this. I can't do this. All those limiting beliefs would come into my mind and I'd be like, oh my god, how am I gonna do it? I'd wake up at like 3 AM in the morning. I'm

already in an early rise three AM's a little bit too extreme so but I would get up generally that time and start working on stuff because II was and like you know even though I had those limiting beliefs I just was like nah I'm gonna do I'm gonna make this happen. Um so and and it does get easier. You know. Your like I still you know get a little bit anxious about things but not to that same definitely is so much easier. Like just even talking

um you know I still get nervous talking in front of people but it's not like it was when I first started talking in front of people like you know those 8 months ago. Um so it definitely gets easier as time goes on. So you just need to like stick to it and you know realise that it will get easier. Everything

gets easier. But it's just like a baby. You know a baby never gives up when it's when it's learning to walk at all you know it'll fall over. You know but then it just keeps on getting up so that's how I feel like my basically my development's been really over like the last 8 months just like a baby trying to learn how to walk. Um and thirdly you know it's it really is like you do need to get serious about your goals and and and set some non-negotiables. I've had to

learn to say no to people. I have quite a busy social life normally. Jason well when it when when I when it's not in Covid times Jason's used to think I was very social. Um So that's been a benefit of me this late this lockdown is I don't have to say no to people anymore. But I was learning to

say no to people. Um because it's you know my vision is very very strong and I'm basically I'm gonna succeed no matter you know no matter what. And I think Jason touched on that before. It's like you know you're only gonna fail if you give up. Um and I'm not giving up. I'm here for good and I you

know I my aim is to help more and more people. Health and fitness. And now with people's business goals. So um yeah that's well that's in a nutshell. Awesome and thank you so much for joining us. I'm I'm so proud of you. I'm so

grateful to have you. Both Lisa and Carla are they're like sisters. We become fat like family. We haven't we haven't even technically met yet. And

it's just the beginning. And you can see guys why Lisa has had this success chat as well. And yeah. I love what you said. I mean how how how many times do you let your child try and walk before you say hey that's enough. Stop don't you've

failed and that's it. Just quit. Well you don't. You know the child does it until. It's

the same with you guys in your dream. You keep getting until, until you win, until you succeed. I love that. That's awesome. Lisa, thank you so much for sharing. Love having you in the team. I think some of you guys have a chat with Lisa over the next week or two as well. You guys are an

amazing hands and I love like Lisa's just so authentic, so real, and so genuine. But she's also an amazing coach, and she, she, she has that what I call a fluffy hammer. So, she knows how to empathize, but she won't get to let you get away with too much either. So, um, which is really good. So, yeah. Um,

true Yeah and oh man, III put you to work in the beginning. But and so Lisa said like everybody you guys are just starting out. One of your biggest challenges is lack of belief. Having a coach that believes in you is one of the most crucial things. Having a

lion in your corner that believes in you. Having eagles that you flock and fly with. But believe you it's so crucial. That's where you get your belief from the beginning. Hundred percent. So thank you

so much Lisa. I love those tips. Awesome. Uh we have another very special guest and then we're gonna wrap it up. Um and oh we're gonna draw. I think anyway we're gonna draw the winner. We're gonna do a random draw for the winner of uh the Edward Tree uh Online Coaching Programme, a valid thousand dollars. Uh our next

very special guest um has been uh in the Fit Testry for twenty years. Been competing for I think fifteen years. Uh early this year got a pro card. So,

she's a pro um competitor competing uh were you competing in Legacy Hitley? No. US? Anyway, it's nationally, right? So, an athlete as well and um last year, uh cuz her her her um husband is very well known uh in in the fitness industry in around. I mean, he's he was a he was old school when I started. So, uh he's been around but they got a gym and when Covid hit, they're at Melbourne Victoria and I'm sure you guys even are not in Australia have heard about Melbourne, Victoria right now and so, they were borderline hopeless a year ago cuz the gym had shut down and they're getting locked down and and so, we connected earlier this year and just Carla just took off and you'll notice Carla and Lisa are in many ways very similar although they have very different strengths to weaknesses. Um and uh Carla, you know, II love what she's doing but I'm gonna bring Carla on to share her story and give you a couple of gold nuggets and some tips as well. Uh

Carla, are you there? I'm here. Alrighty, I'll leave the guys in your capable hands for a few minutes. Hey, guys. How are we? Welcome. Thank you for jumping on this Thursday evening. Yeah, thanks Jace. Um great introductory. So, yes, I have

been in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years and uh it like Lisa, it's just a passion of mine. So, uh and the one thing about this industry is I absolutely love helping people. With their goals. Their aspirations. Whether it's to get healthy or get on stage. Drop twenty,

thirty kilos or drop two or five kilos. Or even put on weight. You know I just I absolutely love working with people and helping them step by step to achieve their goals. So yes we some um interesting times when Covid hit last year and yeah we were totally nearly homeless. I was calling my

parents saying hey Mum Dad you know your caravan? we might have to live in it. And I was dead serious and ah you know like I would have done it if if that's what needed to be done. You just do what needs to be done. And somehow you know we were in panic mode because both George, my husband and I were out of work and everything that we'd built was just taken away. In an instant. And we were in such a stressful place and um not being able to pay our rent and you know um bills lots of everything going out. The

money going out. Nothing coming in. Which I'm like I I'm sure a lot of you can can relate to in these times. Ah so II knew I had to do something really quick and and think pretty quickly. And um so II did

actually throw myself into online. Ah had no idea what I was doing. But I was giving it a go. Right? And Look I managed to kind of fumble my way through for the rest of last year and then I had real aspirations of finally getting this pro card that I'd been aiming to get for so many years competing for the last 15 years and been close quite a few times but with this pro card in in March II was 100% all in. I'm I'm all in anyway but it was different this time. My mindset was different. Jason

and I were having this conversation not that long ago and it it was it was a different compress. My mind was like it is this or nothing. There there is no alternative.

I have to get this pro card. And I'd spoke then with ah Jason about coaching and so forth and um you know he he said II think do comp get it done. It'll be a great opportunity to launch your business online after the competition. Whether you do or you win your p

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