How To Build A Business With No Experience

How To Build A Business With No Experience

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Okay. Now. My. Livestreams making noise because, it was on mute. So. If. You ever have a live stream this, is what you have to do you have to check this stuff, which. Is what I'm so glad that I just checked my live stream to make sure that people can hear me he's because it was on mute and you can't hear me. Life. Of an, entrepreneur. But I'm. Brandy, of blog, and brandy calm. For those of you that do not know me I. Help. People build their businesses and, their brands. And, I share all of my tips. And tricks on YouTube. And social media and, today, I, get so, many questions about, building, your business and, how to get started and. Whether you need money or, experience. I. Started. With. Nothing. I, had, no experience starting. My own business I had no, money. To really, be doing anything because, I had a job and I was about to quit it. I had, bills. Up, to, my eyeballs. I. Can't. Even tell you where I was but, I. Sat. Down today and said okay I keep. Getting all these phone calls especially from, one of my, really, good girlfriends. She calls me all the time, to tell me about how she has this great idea and she wants to start something and, I keep saying you know why. Have you not started, and she keeps saying I don't know brandy but, the, whole reason that, I. Haven't started is one reason is I'm scared and, I say, to people like what are you scared of what. Is keeping, you from breaking. Through and is, it. Money is it experience, or is it just your mindset, and your thought process, so that's, what we're gonna be talking about, today and, I. Have something super, special that, I'm going to announce at the, end of this livestream as well as if, any of you have any questions I'll. Be answering those live. And after, this video the. Way that YouTube works is this is gonna go and listen I'm gonna make sure everything's good on here and re-upload. It so you can come, back and leave your comments. And I will go through them before. Tomorrow and, hopefully be able to answer. Some. Of your questions on here I will try to make sure and cover those so I know that have not always the best and returning your questions but if you put it on my newest video I usually, will comment on your comments, your questions if you subscribe, to my channel I try, to follow all of you and subscribe to yours so.

On That note if you have not, subscribed, please. Please. Please please subscribe to. My youtube, channel, because. It helps me reach. New plateaus, like, even when I'm doing this live stream one, of the things that day will allow is super chat so if one. Of you wanted to say it just sponsor. This. Livestream or say something on this livestream, and have like an ad come up what, you can do in the super chat is pay. Money, I want to say you can do like two dollars five dollars it can be anything whatever we, set it up as and you, could comment and have your, comment, read and address in front of everybody. So. Once. You start to grow your channel and you get a larger, audience those, things start to become a lot more important. And so YouTube sees, those for. Those of you don't don't know there's been a lot of changes, in the algorithm so either way. Subscribe. There's, like a button down, below somewhere. That you can subscribe as, well as I'm gonna be putting this in the description of, this video whenever, I upload it so. Without further ado let's. Just talk about how, I got started in my first business and. What. I really. Had starting, out and where I started. So. I. Did. Go to college I, do have, a degree but that really has nothing to do with what I do now, so. For, those of you didn't think that you have to go to college, and you have to get this big corporate, job and learn all these fancy skills. That. Would be wrong. Because. Think. About it anytime you get a job you've learned, skills you've learned how, things are going and, you start to develop in a month in two, months and you start to look back and say wow, I had no idea what I was doing and, now this, all makes, sense, why, did I make this so complicated so. It's the same thing with, starting, your own business, nobody. Tells you how to do it there's not, really a system, in place you, kind of just have to throw yourself out there and figure it out so. I had. My job and. One. Day I watched. This, webinar, online, and, the webinar was really, about. And. I have my notes here like I'm not kidding I really planned this stuff out um. Was. I saying that I've joined, this webinar and the, crazy, thing, about this, webinar is it just got me thinking and. I was like you know I'm sitting here all day and from I would, say 9:00 to 5:00 but literally 7:00, to 5:00 I had. So. Much, to do but, then I would have these free time, so like, from I don't know seven to ten or seven to twelve I would do a whole bunch and then the rest of the day I was just like wait on people to call because. I traded. Stocks. And, stuff like that and it's totally boring and, not anything, that I do now, but. I used to trade like. Billions. Of dollars for, Wall. Street and, I. Did. This conveyor. Belt job and decided. I wanted to do something, else because what, I figured, out was that I. Knew. How to automate, the systems, that. We. Did and all. Of the people that worked with me and so everybody would come to me and I would put together a system and everybody just knew that this is how the system flowed.

So. I've watched this webinar and it got me thinking about how to sell, stuff because, up until this point I had only sold, stuff on line. Like. Money, so. I've traded money for people invested, money for people but I really had never sold, a product. Selling a service. Innocence. Or I was telling your product that was was, more like a service based product, so. You could purchase things, like, plans, for. Me when I did individual, advising and stuff but either way I did, have some type, of skills. In, selling, only because, I was talking to people all day I was, not getting paid to sell. It. Really just started out as learning. In. My job so I moved on to. Selling. Stuff online Amazon. EBay I, came across just. This, webinar that taught me about how to make money from going to Goodwill going, to Walmart I would, go to Target. And. Thrift. Stores yard. Sales, you name it flea markets, I, started. Learning how to sell, online, and. It. Just opened a whole new world for me because it was almost like a high and, so. I went from shopping. For, myself for. Shopping. For other people, and it, was like an, addiction, in a way then, I was able to shop and, go buy clothes, and toys and, baby. Items and. Weird. Stuff you never even think that people would buy believe. Me people buy really. Weird. Things, so, I. Started. Selling everything. You could think of and then it like I said it became a high so I was like okay how. Can I, get to. The, bigger thing, and the bigger thing so from. Going into. The retail shops, I went into, pallets. And I started trying to figure out like how can I buy more, of this stuff and. Sell. More of it because I was selling, out online, I was selling on Amazon, I was, selling on eBay, I was. Selling on local. Offer apps, and, here, we have offer up and. Was. The other one let go so, you may, see a lot of commercials, for that at least here in the US. And I'm in the southeast, 8000. So, I. Started. Selling, crazy. Things online people were buying for me right and left I had a beautiful, apartment, that, was stacked, to the ceiling in, boxes, Amazon, boxes, packaging, then. I moved into a, warehouse office. Space and. It. Just kind of blew, up from there like, I said I had no idea, what I was doing and it just kind of fell, into. This. Business, and I didn't really know I was making, I was just, kind. Of trying to figure out how to make extra money on, the side but. I, wasn't, necessarily planning. On it becoming a full-blown, business. So. I'm. Started, doing, the pallets like I said, and that was like local, auctions. So. I found, some local ones that, are here in Atlanta and I was just searching, online I, would search warehouse. Inventory, liquidation. Deals. Things. Like that and. Closeout. Sales, closeout deal things of that nature and, see. What came up so some, of the things that started, to happen, was. I would get these huge pallets, of new, items and. One. Of them was magic, kids I remember these, magic, kits sold, out like, hotcakes. I cannot believe how fast these things sold, out so. I would go back and get more and, it. Just got really crazy and. The, I even, started, what was the other one I think there's no starburst it's called bulk beat, ulq. And. I. Was, living, in this beautiful high-rise, across. From Sara, Blakely, back, in the day, before. She moved across the street now from where I'm at holler Sara, because. I'm, still, across the street from you. That's. My girl like my real girl. So. Sara if you ever want to invite me over and, just. Thanks, I totally. Can see you and I would love. To come up there and out. But.

That's My shoutout. So. Pallets. Auctions, on, line, my. Walls. Were, stacked, up with boxes and, I, was getting these, huge. Trucks. To. Come and deliver these pallets, to my condo, and it was kind of a little. Sketchy also, because I'm here in Atlanta and, I'm just gonna say like it's not the safest, place and, so, I would be downstairs getting, stuff delivered and people would say these fancy, items come by and, I. Was thinking oh my gosh somebody's gonna steal this before I get it out to my condo, I'm. Sitting here unloading, these huge pallets of stuff like I wish I had video. And, pictures. Of all of this I have some old pictures of my house then. I took but, I wish you could have seen a lot of the truck show up there's. So much that I wish I could share with you because it was crazy and, even. Till it's dial I my warehouse all that so document, document document, your. Journey and, you're. Gonna have so much more even if you don't share it now document. Where you're, headed, and where you're going so. Sorry. I pitch um, I. Got, these pallets delivered, like I said I was stealing stuff on so, I flipped, these items, I flipped, and I bought new items. I did, get into return, items, but. That, was just a. Bad, business. Move so if anyone ever asked if you want to sell return items, or buy return pallets. Absolutely. Not do not do that it is a waste of your time and money. So. Um, sold. On Amazon, sold on eBay, when I first got started just flipping, items that I found, at local, stores and I. Came across this. Amazon, seller app there's, also some other ones I think they're, called maybe profit, bandit and some, other stuff I made some videos about this called like goodwill series, a while, back probably a year ago and, shared. My journey on this, and what I would do because. A lot of you were asking questions. So. Yes. I even, till this day sometimes. If I get really excited, and I see something that can sell a lot I. Will. Scan, it with my Amazon seller app and see what the cost will be so. What. Happened, was I started getting, so, busy, that, I went. From buying, just, individual, items, to my mask. Quantity. Of items to. Then I started getting I, don't want to say, complaints. But people would say something about the product that I sold like, something broke and, they wanted me a fake shirt fix it or replace it and, I was thinking well I only have one of these or if I had another one I would send it to them which thankfully. Did it happen, very often. But. I, started, to learn that I didn't want to be selling someone, else's, product, because I had no control over the manufacturing. I had no control over, the. What. They were putting out the content, they were putting out about the product and it.

Led To me. Private. Labeling, so I started, out private. Labeling. Or. I would say importing, and exporting. Probably. The labelling products, from like, China and. Then. It, moved on to me, not. Importing, and exporting but private labeling, products here in the US, so, at, first, I started, out on some. Tools that many of you may have heard of one. Is Alibaba, and, it's. Like the Amazon, of the. World for, trading. Wholesale. Goods and items and then they have another, option. Which is called Aliexpress. And so. With Alibaba, normally. They expect, you to buy like, 100, 200. 300. 500, 100,000. Of something, to sell but. With, Aliexpress. You can buy a smaller, quantity, maybe, you want two or five, or ten of a, quantity, to sell and you. Can start now with Aliexpress. You can't do the private, labeling both Alibaba. You, can because you're talking, one-on-one, with the manufacturers. And working. Out deals, and that's a whole, nother ballgame of, what to get into and how to get started on that if, you're interested, in stuff like that let, me know. Like. I said I'm going to be uploading. This. Video again. After. The live stream and you can put your comments in it and if you're hanging out here don't. Forget to say. Hello and comment, on this. But if you're watching this later on make, sure in comment, in the description area. Comment, section and tell. Me if that's the kind of stuff that you're interested in so. Like. I said things, started to multiply and, even when I was private labelling I did. Kind. Of run into something I've never really talked about this so you're, the first to hear this I private. Labeled a product, and it, was I don't want to say the epitome. Of my. Business but it taught me a huge, learning, lesson and, I lost a lot of money and I spent a lot of time and, if. I, could go back there's so many things I would do different, because I probably. Could, have saved so. Much I know I could have saved so much money on Semak time but. It's all a learning experience so. I. Private. Labeled, an illiquid, except, for some of you that don't know that's a product that you put in those ecig, arete and, I. Had a company, it was called smoke serendipity. Still. To this day of. My company, it's called smoke serendipity, and I'm working on changing. That. Because. I also, have my, company blog of brandy, and so I really, need to combine those but moral. Lesson, of his story do not name, your business anything, that you're naming, like. Your product, and, the. Other thing, was. That the product that I was selling, it. Wasn't. That it was a failure it, was just the whole thing that, surrounded, it that was a failure so, the. Biggest thing that I had no idea I didn't really think about was the fact that they. Outlawed, people. Advertising. Cigarettes. I mean, how many times you ever see a Marvel, commercial, or anything, out. They're promoting, any. Type of smoke sensation, Atari you don't see that anymore because. They, outlawed, it so I learned. That the, hard way I was trying to buy, advertisements. And I couldn't sell. The product, and obviously. I did this the exact way that a lot of you do your businesses, and a lot of the ways that you keep telling, me that. You're starting your businesses you're talking about buying, a mass quantity, of t-shirts, oh i'm by about, 500, books of this already in a sample copy. Okay. Let's. Back up, don't. Ever buy, products, in mass quantity, until you, have started selling them and the way it works means, you sell ten then. You buy twenty yes. Then. You buy a hundred then you buy a thousand, and you sell out each of those quantities and then you do more if you're. Not selling. The product, that, could tell you something, and if. You're running out it's, not necessarily, a bad thing it's letting you know that you need more. Quantity. And, that's. A good thing that you're running out ok, cool now I need to get 20 now I need to get a hundred and in. The beginning you're not necessarily gonna make money you may be losing, money, which is totally, fine because that's how a business starts, you will lose money in the beginning you're, not always, gonna be winning.

Chassé, So. Um. What. Else so I tried to buy these Google, ads and I'm sorry, to figure out there was all these regulations around. Smoking. And sanitation, products even know some of the things I was selling we're more vitamin. Based or, all, natural. Healthy base. So. That. Started, to get me thinking, about well, do I really want to be selling this and then I sort of just look, at my competition, and all of these, legalities. And legal actions, that we're taking against. Them so, it just really put, me in a mindset okay again I don't. Make the liquid, for this product I just. And private. Labeling it from, honestly. China. So. It, was. A janky, situation. Needless, to say I, do not sell that anymore and I'm a huge stock of this inventory still, to this day I believe it sitting at my mother's house. But. That, was a business lesson, learned um. So, I bought, a lot of it and then, my morals, kicked in I was just thinking, like do I really want to be selling this am i hurting someone. Would. Someone, want to brand themselves with, my company or say I'm associating. With her she sells this big cigarette product, and another thing is like I don't smoke. That stuff so. It's. Not really a conversation piece for me if I'm out around people that are smoking yet I'm running the opposite direction and. It's. Just not something that I would be selling. Along. With my morals so, during. That process that, I had set up my own website like. Three. Times and. Learned. How to promote on social media, because, social media wasn't, as restricted. As the. Google Ads and the, other thing was I knew the power of Google ID so I just kept saying well if I could just get a product and I can just put it on Google Ads then I know I can make money but. That wasn't the case because, the product itself was just a bad product, in general it wasn't something I could put on Amazon, it wasn't, really something that I bei wanted you to promote so I was, really limited on, my channels, and how to drive, traffic to the brand in the way that I wanted, in a way that I knew how to drop traffic so. Um. What. Changed, for me. We. Went out of town and. I. Think, we, actually went to the casino. And. My. Email was blowing, up, we. Couldn't even enjoy ourselves, on, this trip because of, how much was going on and whatnot so. We. Went on this trip long story short I was freaking, out every, time we went to the casino I can't thinking oh god we need to get back home we need to get back home and it was just not a fun, time and, at that point, I said you know what I am, putting the brakes on this I was. Reading some, books at the time, and I believe it was the 4-hour workweek by Tim Ferriss, and it, just taught, me okay. There is, not. Any, kind of automation process, to this it's not set, up the proper way then. I'm trying to hire people now, I'm trying to figure, out how to manage my time and when you hire people it takes a lot of your time and a lot of your money so. I. Really.

Wanted. To just, breathe. And. That. Wasn't what I was used to when I hadn't met a corporate job I had automated, the process where people just shut up and knew what to do and nobody. Ever asked all these questions I wasn't constantly realigning. Myself. So. I. Really. Just took, a moment and, from. The hiring and, the, training. And the sending, and the mailing and just trying to figure this whole thing out and I, had so many streams of income, happening. From, all these different directions I couldn't keep up with what I was spending, because. I was just trying to make it happen instead, of worrying about how much I was spending I was just like okay we've, got a mail it doesn't matter how much I'm spending we just we've got to get this out we'll figure it out later let. Your turn to later and, then, never so. Why. Do I say all of this I'm. Sure, you want to know well. This. Really. Took a turn for me when I said, okay I have. Got to come, up with a process and here is the process, I've talked about this in a lot of my outsourcing. Videos, but. There is a very, simple strategy to, this the. First step that, really helps me get clarity any time things are going crazy or figuring out I need to start something or do something new is really, to, get, organized, I start. Out organizing. Everything my. Files, my. House. My. Car, my. Contacts. My, email. Whatever, it is I get, completely. Organized. I'll even organize my youtube channel my, Twitter list whatever it is if I think something's, going crazy I will organize that. Even. My ads on the phone believe. It or not when, you're gonna, you say that so, much more time so. After you, get organized which is the first, step. The. Second, step is to, eliminate, so, you can't, really eliminate, things until, you've put them in the proper place to know if you, need them. After. You've, gotten organized, you can go through and figure out okay I need this I don't need this maybe, this is something that I can do later on and prioritize. So getting organized, and eliminating, has to also do with prioritizing. So you're getting the. Things are important, put up front and eliminating, the things that maybe aren't so important, or at least just pushing, them off to a lighter date in time, after. That hey. Thank, you for joining and, thank you for all of your support on my channel I'm so excited that you're here I'm getting ready to announce a special announcement, and. You're. Not gonna want to miss it so and. Please. Put your comments, in the chat everybody. So. Getting. Organized. Eliminating. And then the third thing is, to start automating, and I know everybody. Is so, scared. Of automating. I don't. Know why you're scared of automating, because if you think about it everybody has this, Alexa. Button now from, Amazon. And you're saying okay I just want her to automate, everything I heard today on a commercial, they were automating. Buying. Coffee it said hey like so put in my normal, Starbucks order to, her car and, I. Was thinking okay this is so weird. People. Don't. Realize that this stuff is already kind of automated but now they've got this robotic, thing talking, for them. So. Yes. These things can work in your favor you just have to figure out what works for you, and again. When it comes to automating, this systems, that work for me may not work for you and someone else's, systems may not work for you but I take bits, and pieces from. Everyone's. Ideas. And, kind of like create my own so. Look. At your competitors look. At what. Other people are doing that are in your space and. What I'm talking about automating, I'm not just talking about automating, your business I'm talking about automating. Your life. When. It comes to cleaning, your house can you think about the, amount of time. You. Would spend cleaning, your house versus the amount of dollars, you could pay someone to clean your house and that's. How I start, this process of. Outsourcing. And eliminating, and putting things into motion for, how I have. Honestly like built my business is I've, put everyone, into a. String. And. They. Came from different places but, in the end they all end up in the same place, so. Organize. Eliminate. Automate, and like, I said automate, your life automate. Your business they all go hand in hand if, your, time, you. Really need to know I always ask people how much is your time worth and, if you don't know to answer you honestly need to sit down today and, stop and think because I know. How, much my time is worth I know how long it's gonna take me to sit down and help someone set up their YouTube channel go through all their social media set, up their social media accounts help.

Them Create their post help, them look, up their hashtags, help, them, brand. Their business go through their colors their fonts, look. Through their channels look, through everything that they're doing listen. To them and give, them feedback it takes a lot, of work, and honestly. These things that I do for people, where. I find. That most people fail is they want to do one piece and not the other piece to their business or something, that they think is maybe not important, so. The. Only way to know that something is important, or not is to be going back in analyzing, these things, so. The last and, fourth final step to my process of how, I really, broke free and made. Started, making like serious. Money in my business had. Clients, calling me like. Crazy and. I. Mean, now even. While I had this live stream I'm totally not trying to look away but my email is blowing, up and it just keeps saying sold, sold, sold I'm. Not kidding, because, I just started a new product on Amazon, and, I. Just. Could not help but come on here to talk to you because I'm so excited, about how fast this thing is selling it is crazy how fast this stuff is selling so even. Till this day I still sell, on Amazon, but I sell my own private. Label product, on Amazon, so some, of you've heard me talk about it, but. That's not what we're talking about today. So. Outsourcing. And. Nobody, wants to do this it, is a lot of time but. It has to be done if you want to grow you, can. Not. Be. In the same place all the time, and. What. I have, learned is, if you plan on answering, all of your social media putting, all your posts together creating. All of your emails. Putting. All your videos together for, YouTube, creating. The post looking at the hashtags all the things that I said it people asked me to do for them it is a lot of work. How. Do you think I get it done I, have. One, systems, and two people in place, so. Whenever. You're. Trying to figure stuff out it may be, video. Processing, maybe that's not your strong point or maybe, you. Know that, your time is better spent somewhere else so, when it comes to outsourcing I look at what can free up my time and. Also. When, you're thinking about outsourcing. And automation keep. In mind that there are systems. Out there even. The. Transcription. On my videos so after I get this video done YouTube. Does make a transcription. But. I, need, the transcription, to put on my blog and, I. Also like, to have the transcription. To, pull. And use for other things I, like to read it make sure it's right and if I'm gonna go through and do all that I might as well do it right and, Plus YouTube, kind of determines. What you're saying and are you gonna have to go through and do the work so I outsource. The. Transcription. Of my video and. First. I was doing a human automation, so if it's a long transcription.

I'll Use a human. And outsource, it but I pay a dollar, a minute so. That's. Pretty cool, and. She, unless. You have like a really launching so this one is much longer I'll probably, use another service that's. More of an automation, or. Artificial. Intelligent service, because, it's so much cheaper and. They have apps for your phone so I could have been recording, this on my phone and already have the, transcript, to go with it there's so many options but the only way that I learned this was because I started to suffer and really. Want. That time back, with, my family, for. My, dog, to. Travel, and, to do all the things that I love to do so I do not spend all my time on social media and YouTube and, Facebook. But I will tell you the time that I do spend, I spend it very, valuable, and. I'm. Able, to do that because I take. The time to automate, my process, and outsource, my weaknesses, and really like, gain clarity, so. I. Want. To, teach, you the. Same process. That, I started. And I, told, you I literally, started with nothing I had this job and. It. Was not really what I wanted, at the time just because I was going to the same thing every day and then. I started selling a product and, then that led to the next product and the next product and I learned how to sound then I learned how to do email marketing and then I learned how to do social media and, it's, these relationships. That I've built with people on line, and the people that I've met and the customers, that, I have, created and I'm gonna be really serious, with you right now like this is how serious I am I have. An email database, of over. 500,000. Emails, I am not, kidding. When I tell you that I am a hustler five. Hundred, thousand. People over. That now have, shown, interest in my. Products, and services and it's all because, of social, media, email. Marketing and, some. Other little tactics, that I've learned but. It comes from, trial. And error and that's. What's allowed me the freedom to travel the, freedom, to do. These live streams with you and talk to you and teach you and so. I, have. Gotten so many questions about how I do this how do I automate my email how do I automate my social, media, and. Ultimately, how. Do I. Automate, my. Selves funnel, so. Tomorrow. Yes. Tomorrow I'm so excited like I have been waiting to tell me all this, I was gonna just do the webinar, today but, there's. So much that I really wanted to share with you it's. Gonna be tomorrow because, there's a lot of people that really wanted to join and, I kind, of asked around about who could go in so, the best time is, tomorrow, at, 7, p.m. and, the. Goodies. To oldest are gonna be in the description, after this video so, after. This livestream, ends there's. Going to be something, in the description. And I think I can even put this in the chat now for, those of you that are watching. Make. Sure that you grab your seat, to. This, webinar, that I'm doing tomorrow, and I'm going to show, you. How. To. Automate. Your. Everything. Online and if, you, even. Have one. Subscriber. Like one email, subscriber, one person, interested one person, watching your, YouTube video oh hi I'm telling, you it is, money it is. Money. If you have their attention it is, money. So. I. Put. The link in the, chat so, this is gonna replay, and then I am. Going, to upload, this video here shortly, in just a second, to my, channel so you can rewatch it and, I, want you to put your comments, if you have questions about the webinar please put, them I'll be answering them, after, this video and, responding. To them and then I'll also be, mentioning, this on, social, media tomorrow, and, probably later tonight here after I get this up so I can come back and watch it but please, do, not miss. This webinar and do not forget to subscribe, to my channel so you don't miss any, more great, tips especially like this and if you push the notification, button, hint, hint I might. Be doing somewhere in these live strings, here. Soon, so. If. You want to be able to ask me questions in, real time and. Kind. Of get feedback, maybe about your business, or your channel I want, to hear what questions you have and this. Webinar is gonna be a great, time, for you to ask because it's gonna be one on one communication I, think and. It. Will probably last done. 3045, minutes maybe an hour will. Probably stick around for at least an. Hour to, answer any questions that everybody has but the actual webinar itself, shouldn't really take that long but. It's because I'm sharing with you my systems, how I automate, my business the things that I use what do I use to follow. Everybody back on Twitter every day cuz. You know it's a lot of work when, I mean, I can show you I get, 1,500. Ok. I can get like 1500.

Actually. 3000, I can probably do like three thousand. Twitter subscribers. In a month or followers, in a month and it's. Not anything special, that I'm doing I'm doing what you should be doing already. And it's not the amount of followers like. I said you can have one follower, one, subscriber. It's. Not about the numbers even though everybody else thinks it is it's not about the numbers so, I'm gonna show you how. To put your business, on autopilot and. How, I the. Tools the systems I'm using to do my email, and, my social media and my sales funnel and the things that I use, to automate my business so, you. Don't want to miss this and it is going down tomorrow, at, 7. P.m. you, can grab your, seat, and. Learn. About all the special bonuses, that are going down in. The. Length that I'm putting in the description, after this video and as well as in the, chat so, if, you, have any questions. Please, let me know now you. Can also put them in the comments, after this video. But like I said please. Subscribe. For good vibes, thank. You for joining I'm, brandy, a blogger brandy calm, or you can find tons of free businesses, for, the free I can't. Even say it because I'm here alive and I do this on like every one my videos I'm brandy a blog, and brandy calm where you can find tons of tools and resources to help you brand. Your, business, and. Just. Turn it on to autopilot. Money-making. Machine. So. Please. Join me tomorrow for, this, webinar you're not gonna want to miss it, and I, am so, excited to share with you what I've been working on for all the questions that you've been asking I, am listening. And I've, put it together in, a simple format, so that you can all follow and, learn for me and I don't know when I'm gonna be doing another one of these again this, was just something that was asked of me so I'm going to be putting this up but, after the, webinar I, don't. Know when I'm doing another, one of these because, I can't, leave this information up there it's. Not. Really, in, my best interest. If the whole world can see my method, for, how I get all my subscribers, and butlers, especially. If you're my competition right. So. Come. And learn from. The boss what's. Up here tomorrow. In, my webinar, and I will see you then so thank you so much for everyone that has joined, today, and on. My social media I know we had some great conversations so. I hope that I have answered those. Ensured my story and given you some light at the end of the tunnel that literally, started from nothing. Even. Though I had a job I was quitting, my, job that had nothing coming in I turned, it into something more profitable, with my phone, I took my phone, literally. I took my phone. For. Those of you too don't know I love, sparkling. Water so to Pacheco, haha, I. Took my phone and I would scan, the barcodes, on stuff and. Learned. What, they, were selling for how much it was costing me to mail them and, it. Turned, into so much more I had no idea what I was doing where, I was going how I was gonna make money with this thing and it turned into this, huge, business that, now I am traveling, and meeting people that I never thought I could meet. Influencers. Brands. It, is. Crazy, I mean I've been to Walmart. Headquarters hanging. Out with. People that never thought, that I would and. You. Can do it too so. It. All comes from, getting, organized. Eliminating. Automating. And outsourcing. And I'm gonna show you how to do it tomorrow, in the webinar so I'll see you tomorrow and. Don't. Forget to subscribe I know, I keep saying that it is super light here and I just. It was a crazy day we have the washing machine here guy and. Crazy. Life my business goes on and we're here we're showing up and I said you know what if I'm not gonna publish my video today we're gonna do it live.

Plus. I had so much to tell you so I'll. See you tomorrow. To. Answer all your questions and, I hope you will join me. It's. 11:00 p.m. in the UK well. Good tomorrow it won't it won't be that late, there's gonna be a little bit of a replay, because. If, you, join, it's actually gonna be hosted, in my, Facebook, group so, I'm. Putting, the link to that down below as well but you want to make sure you get the class times and if you, subscribe, to the webinar I'll shoot you a quick reminder, right, before it starts, so. That's the benefit if you join the Facebook group make sure you turn on notifications. So. That you know when I go live, but you'll be able to rewatch, it for a little while but. There is secret, access i'll drink lots of coffee in the afternoon that's. A good idea drink lots of coffee and, show up and hang out with me don't, forget to go join my facebook group and let me put that in here, for, anybody it's gonna be rewashing to make sure that you say that because this is where the live the webinar. Is gonna be at. Is. In my face bakery. So. That's. It I will see. You tomorrow. And thank. You again for joining me it's late I probably, should have had some, coffee before, this, but, hey it is what it is so, I will talk to you tomorrow. Good. Night from. The u.s.a.

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