How To Build A Business Online - List Building - Email Marketing

How To Build A Business Online - List Building - Email Marketing

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What's. Going on my friend Adria lives in in here and I appreciate you for checking out this video train and super excited to be shooting this video for you this is actually gonna be an extension, of the cheat sheet that I written for you we haven't had a chance to download it now here's. The link print it out and with that being said let's dive into this training. What. Is going on guys, Adriel here if you're watching this right now chances, are you've put your information on, my page the, pursuit of more calm, and what. I want to do for you not only in this video but throughout, this entire video, training, series I'll be creating for you it's put some information together, show, you what's possible and help connect some dots that, will absolutely help, you start or scale your business or business, opportunity, it'll, also help you turn your passion into a, full time income from your computer, leveraging. The power of the internet and automation, systems, some, pretty exciting stuff right guys again, I want to give you a perspective, of what's possible when. You decide to apply the information, that you're going to learn into. Your business. But. Before I dive into everything here guys I want to make sure that you all are subscribed. To my list so that this all makes sense to you in bite-sized, pieces all you got to do is go to the pursuit of more, calm. And it should bring you to this page right here and depending. On when you're watching this video the page may look a little bit different but you're going to see where you can put in your info, and click, continue so that you're subscribed so that you can receive all my future videos and newfound resources, that'll be sent straight into your inbox okay, so I'm gonna go over to this is for and more importantly who this is not for this, is not for non action takers, guys people, who are lazy people, who are looking for a handout, or some kind of get-rich-quick, scheme, that involves no work and no hustle that. Doesn't exist, do us both a favor and exit, out of this video right now that's you now if you do find a unicorn, that makes profits, with no work reach, on that to me on Facebook, and I will gladly hear you out alright okay, so I know those of you who are still watching are people who are serious, serious. And making a change in your life and in the lives of others and in, your business and, you know it takes a burning desire and passionate. Hard work to make it happen whoo this works for, this absolutely works with those of y'all who are an author a coach, a speaker, I'm sure some of you who are watching are in consulting, and want, to scale your business right this. Is especially for people who are in network marketing or affiliate marketing or maybe you have your own product, or service that you're trying, to launch and you need to sell but you just don't know how this, is going to help you I have several, friends and subscribers, who reach on out and say hey Adriel I'm. In this MLM, business.

Opportunity, Like MCA. Melaleuca, amway, it works, Herbalife lularoe Essential Oils Jeunesse Kyani, WorldVentures. I mean there's a million of them out there guys and they're all amazing paths, but, only if you know how to do what I'm about to show you even, if your yoga instructor teach, ukulele, lessons or walk dogs do music promotions or want, to start your own blog, or video blog because. You see people who are doing it and you want to know how to because, at the end of the day you, need to build a brand online and monetize with it right away without, having to spend a ton of time and money doing so or else, you've got to stop right I have people who tell. Me hey Adriel I've got a real business, my, brick and mortar business and, these. Strategies, that I'm about to explain to you absolutely, works with what you aren't doing, I've personally, offered, my service and implementing these strategies for, chiropractors, barber. Shops and restaurants so, no. Business is any different, or special that it would fall outside of needing to do what, we're about to go over so I need to add even, if you're not in the type of business that I'm in you, still need to implement this into, your business or you will be that person who fails as the, market becomes more competitive because. Big, corporations, don't want you to know that the truth is that it's not the economy it's not your price it's not your product it's the way that you set up your business okay and this works for all types, of businesses if I haven't made myself clear enough yet here. Are some stats I want to share that people will instantly, resort to and spit out at you whenever they see that times get rough and the struggle is real right and, we all know, that most businesses, end up failing after the first few years in business so, I'm here to help you break the cycle rise above and implement this today. Not when, it's too late so I just want to say guys that I've done a lot of things right. I've done a lot of things wrong, inque I remember, when I was first introduced, to the online marketing space back, in 2012. It, really blew my mind with what was possible, and how people were exploding.

Their Business, living, this life through their laptop, and making an income online and. About. Five years ago I started my sale as a marketing journey selling. Home security solutions, door-to-door, all over Texas and later moving to Arizona yes. To super, hot places and while, I had this amazing opportunity and, a, six-figure. Job, having, hiring. And firing responsibilities. And the youngest at my level throughout the country by about ten years you, know climbing, the corporate ladder making. A name for myself in that industry. I was working six to seven days a week building an office I was, chained, to, my. Business. And. You. Know one of the late nights that I had I remember scrolling, across my social, media feed I ended up coming across this, guy and I, saw. On his feed, that I mean, he was just traveling. The world living. A lifestyle that I had wanted even though that what I was living at the time was, what most people want I ended up kind of scratching, my head a bit and was wondering you know how, is this kid doing, this he's about my age. He's traveling the world going different places making. Money online and, living, the life that I, saw was amazing and as opposed, to being a skeptic. I realized, that people, were doing this at the time and people continue to do this today and I. Resolved. I resolved. And made a decision to. Make a change in what I was doing so. That I didn't, always have to be chained to my business ok maybe some of y'all are feeling this maybe you you have something similar but I know with me I ended, up realizing that it's something something's. Got to give this can't just be it. Because. I mean, as. Much as I thought I was really happy I I, was, an experiencing. Joy, and passion I ended. Up realizing a couple of things, and. I want to be able to share them with you and the reason why I want to share them with you is because you're probably struggling with these, same, or similar things, in your business. So, the first thing that I want to go over is the big problem, okay, doesn't, matter what your business is if you're in business the, number one thing that you have to do every single day is find, prospects, find, people get, eyeballs on your offer and, find. People who are interested. In your business right now on the digital or online marketing space we call this traffic, one of the things that I've mentioned to clients in the past is that now. Our billboards, are not signs. In the sky off to the side of the road it's what we're seeing on our computer. Screen or our cell, phone screen right, and, traffic. Is just people and I go over that and the cheat sheet that I created, for you that you need to absolutely print out the, second, thing that everyone, has a big problem with is making sales also, known as closing, as you see here might, always, be closing reference, because, if you're not getting, people to see what you're offering if you're not helping others reach their goal with, the solution, that you have which, is your product you're not closing and you're not in business right so what the majority of people end up doing is they end up making a list and I remember back. In the day whenever I ended up taking out pen and paper and write in the names of everybody, in my phone so I ended up right in their names down I got excited I was like man I've got I've got over a hundred people and then the next step that I ended up doing is what I call the beg bother creep, method, if I could get you it had Walmart, to talk, to me for five seconds, I would say hey man would you be interested of course I tried it my home meetings and pass out my business cards and I'm sure some of y'all who are watching they're just like yeah I've.

Done That too I need to actually taking it to the next level knocking. Door-to-door for my network marketing opportunity. And I had some success but it wasn't a duplicatable, method, whenever, I ended up bringing people into my business people who also wanted to do what I was doing not. Very many people want to knock on doors right because it's hot or there's, lots of rejection and rejection. For a lot of people I mean, it just crushes, them all you got to do of course is just get over it you learn a lot from it and I know most of y'all who are watching this have, already gotten over that the, next thing people end up doing after you've faced all that and if it wasn't enough for you to quit is you, end up spamming, the hell out of social media platforms right you've. I've seen it in on your newsfeed you've got friends who are joining different. MLM. Zoar network marketing opportunities. Or maybe it's their own business and all they do is in the spamming. You know hey this is what we've got this what we've got to offer and what's. Funny is that the, day that you might ever think, about getting any of that stuff what you know where to go but, you, never have, to think about it because it's not be presented to you or delivered to you in the right way so don't. Be this guy right here okay last, but not least once you've exhausted everybody. In your warm market your, family and friends and gone to a couple of strangers and kind of freaked them out and after you've spammed your social media platforms, we, end up going to paid advertising. Which is a great method but, when, you don't know how to do it you end up burning hundreds, and thousands, of dollars on various types of advertising, that simply, do not work, and now, not, only have you wasted a bunch of time and a bunch of energy but you've wasted your money that's. Where the. Feeling of failure starts, to creep in right guys now, unless. You see that I've got that here unless unless you. Follow a very, simple. Principle. Whenever, it comes to success, so Tony Robbins, one of the things that he mentions that if you want to achieve success all, you need to do is find a way to model, those who have already succeeded. All. Right I'll repeat, that again if you want to achieve success, all, you need to do is, find a way to model, those who. Have already succeeded. The. Secret to success is that there is no secret the, universe is totally, indifferent model. What successful people have done and you too will, yield the same results, nobody is smarter than you nobody, is better than you people, have just learned and applied something that you have yet to learn the good news is all skills. Are learning so, this is what 10%. Of people do this is what the few end up doing in their business, and you, will do after this all the movers and shakers in any industry they build a list building. Unless that you can truly own and you're going to do this with list building, software, now. When.

I'm Talking about list building or building. The list or having, your own list that you own this is not going to be you know on a pen and paper guys this, is going to be digital, medium, this is gonna be like people's. Names phone. Numbers email. Addresses, social. Media handles, the reason why you want to be able to do this is so that you can market to them in the future, the, second thing that 10% of people do is they bring, value, they help serve others guys and you've got to do this because if you don't develop a relationship, and don't, help serve others, people, are not gonna want to listen to you the, third thing that 10% of people do is they show people they show their following they show their list so they show their audience, how, to move away from pain and towards, pleasure it's actually kind of what I'm doing here in this video I'm showing you how to move away from being. Chained to your business and I'm showing you how to automate, things and how, to build. A book of business even, if you haven't yet even, if you're not good at technology so. That you're not held up by the different excuses, of the economy, or the prices, or people. Don't want it you can rise above and go against, all that guys the, last and most important, thing that 10% of people do is that they find a mentor, it wasn't until I found a mentor that I ended up becoming successful. On the online space I put my ego down and I realized hey I don't know this I need to be coached by somebody who is great, at this because, I can try to figure this out all day, but, I'm not gonna get the results that I want stop, being creative, stop thinking you know it all and find. Somebody who can just say this is the way so it's like baking a wedding cake that's the easiest way I can explain this for. The layman it's, really, difficult right I know that if you put me to to. Bake a gourmet, cake I would just I wouldn't know what to do I wouldn't even know where to start and what to preheat what ingredients, to use I would just be lost but, to the person who, does, this they would say hey Adriel here are the one two three ingredients, that you absolutely need and here are the 1 2 3 steps that you have to take to, bring this cake, together and once. You do all this you will end up yielding a cake every, single time and as long as you follow that, recipe, you, will have a recipe, to, success does, that making sense guys again, going back to what I was saying the universe is totally, and different as long as you follow the proven steps on how to do something you will yield the same results, and as time passes, and you're practicing, this you're practicing, your crap you're going to get better at it and you're gonna scale what works near and scrap what sucks, you can start scaling, your business you can start experimenting, with different means, of advertising, or paid advertising, whether it's solo ads Facebook, ads or hiring people and using your money to work for you and if you all want to know the reason why I'm doing this guy's is because a mentor. Jay Abraham once, said if you truly believe that what you have is useful, and valuable, to your audience, to your clients, to your following then, you have a moral obligation to, try and serve them in every way possible and. That's exactly what I'm doing in creating, this video or you all and showing you how to do this because you can implement it into your business so that this can also change, your life and change your. Business forever, when. Pursuing, my passion, of helping others, guys I realized, that carrying. A lot is what. You need to be doing, I could, either keep this to myself or I can show people how to do this and I'm, helping you throw rocks at the people who say that you can't do it the people that don't want you to do it because I'm gonna encourage, you to, go after what it is that you're doing because, there, is a way to do it you've just got to learn, the information and as.

You've Got all these ideas running, through your head you might be thinking kind, of like our friend Rick here hey, whole story bro I mean I'm getting this Adriel and it makes sense so far but, how do I do this exactly, how, is this all possible, well you helped me out if I have some questions because what you care about is how you can do this for you and your, business and your life right well, because. You're watching I'm absolutely here, to help you and I'm gonna show you how this works for you so that you can do this too so, the first thing you've got to do to build a successful business for, whatever it is that you are doing is you've. Got to grow and build your list so the way that you do that is with, traffic it's with people right, with prospects, eyeballs. People seen what you have to offer and you can do this in a variety of means from, Facebook to Instagram the snapchat, to YouTube to Twitter LinkedIn, people. In your network people that you know because those are the people that you're trying to serve so. In that teacher you're gonna see that there's three secret. Ingredients, that you need to absolutely be successful. And here, they are the, first thing is the, traffic second. Is the funnel process third, is the follow-up so the easiest way to kind of think about it is the. Traffic this is your, means of advertising and that can be word-of-mouth, you. Can do something as crazy as going door-to-door or more. Specifically, what I typically go into is your, paid advertising. Methods, second. The funnel process this is where you end up capturing information, and this is going to be the information of your perspective clients, or your customers or, your audience the people that you're wanting to serve and the reason why you want to do this is because last you. Want to follow, up with them you want to help people reach. Their goals with what we have to offer the, fortune is in the follow now, here's. A handy diagram and I'm distinguishing the three things that you need for your business so, your Facebook Ads your Instagram and your YouTube ads AdWords, banner ads or solo email, ads all, your different routes of traffic. Are gonna be going to one place you, can bring them to the, funnel process because, again we want to capture the information and, this will look like what we've got here you're gonna take them to something call, an opt-in, page or a landing, page or a squeeze page. And if, you go to my, website the pursuit of Morecambe. You'll, see that I practice what I preach because there's only one thing that you can do on that page and it's click a button put in your information and click continue or submit so that I can deliver what I've promised, you with what you wanted and that's going to be a free cheat sheet or free ebook. You, want to follow up with them it's a last step in the process as opposed. To throwing people to a standard, website which is just like a brochure, bombarding. Them with a bunch of information, where, they, can't make a single concise. Decision, on what they want. Or what they need to be able to achieve their, goal you, want to follow up typically, you do this with email automation, and you can send out an email, or two that helps, people by, delivering value you're going to give them value to help them solve their problems, and, you want to be able to take people away from hain, and towards. Pleasure day one you can introduce yourself as to who you are day two you can provide them one, of the solutions, you give them free value, or free, content, you want to be able to help them and what. You're really practicing, is the law of reciprocation, and if you don't know what that is there's books on it it's something that you need to follow if you want people to buy from you because once, you offer people a ton of value and you help them out they end up wanting to reciprocate, for what you've done for them already, if we don't the competition, is gonna end up touting you and you'll, find yourself, out a business so, as.

You're. Going through your follow up sequence process, with your emails, you, want to redirect, people to your solution your, offer, because, if they ended up opting in to your page you, send them a follow-up sequence showing them hey here's my, first video this is a couple of different exercises hey. Check out this case study you're, bringing people back to, your solution, which is typically, your sales page which, has a call to action saying, hey buy now with, your low ticket or high ticket offer and it's going to be your, solution that. You have for them to, be able to get them from point A to point B you're connecting the dots for these people and you're doing so in a guided method, you're, not just saying hey you know what go to our corporate website at. Basically selling, without being sales because people. Choose to, open up the emails people choose to be able to read whenever they have the time and people, ended, up taking in the information, and dissecting. It whenever they are able to and thus make a purchasing, decision whenever. It's convenient for them and at the end of the day once you bring your traffic to a funnel process and follow up with your automation, sequence, you end up bringing, in an income, because. You're able to make sales in an automated, fashion you're, advertising you're capturing, information and you're selling, thus, making an income and you're doing this at all hours. Of the day because as opposed to me reaching, out to you and bugging, you and taking, time out of my day and, asking, whenever you're available all. This is automated, for me and it's going to be able to deliver information to you in bite-size. Pieces as opposed to overwhelming. You all at, once and it's, going to help bring you a solution, bring you to your goal as you follow and as you're taking the information that, I'm going to be giving you all, right, I'm gonna log in to one of my list building software's that I use in my business in, my account overview you'll see that yesterday I gained a total of 44, new subscribers. We've got a few unsubscribes, and that's okay because that's gonna happen when you start this building if you please everyone you please no one right look at this I actually have 40 subscribers so, far for today in two days that's north of 80 total, subscribers 80 new, leads 80 real, people, interested, in my business pretty. Cool don't you think plus, the, time that I'm recording this video for you all is about 4:00 in the afternoon so I'm actually on the higher end for today which is nice because by the time it's midnight by the time that today ends I should be north of 50 leads I don't, get in that y'all steam the power of this I'm only, sharing this part of my business with you because if I can, do this you can do this now, before I keep going let, me ask you a question what. Would an extra forty, leads per day do for your business or even an extra twenty leads per day what, would your business look like or better yet what would your life look like if, you implement these strategies in these video trainings, and if, you take action and apply the knowledge that I'm gonna be sharing with you I just want you to imagine, and I want to ask would, it be worth it to you if all. You were able to do was automate, a painstaking part, of your business like prospecting. Would it be worth it to you if all. You were able to do was be able to fire your boss and leave a job you don't like would. It be worth it to you if.

All You were able to do was make a few more sales per day or per week while, you were doing things like sleeping. Or spending time with family or on vacation and simply, living, life, would, it be worth it to you, now. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna leave a resource, beneath this video a link that you guys can click and what it's going to do is take you to a weber right here again, i'll recap how this works and how powerful, this tool is and how its going to allow you to automate, all your marketing for your business online, so, when. People go to this page right here and they put in their info all of these leads are going to be going into your a weber account and this is one of the most trusted services, out there that, i've been using for a while now, to build a massive list i'm gonna give you a preview of what it looks like when someone subscribes to my list this, example is actually to my case study that i promote and you'll, see here that two, emails, are sent to, the subscriber, once, they end up opting, in and giving me their information one. Of these emails get sent immediately, the second gets sent shortly, after the previous message, alright. So i'm going to send a test, email so, you can see where both of them end up looking like, you'll. See here the first email, it's entitled, access, here's your case study link when, they click the link in their email it takes them to where they want it to go where i want them to go which is the case study that they requested, so, the second email that is sent after, the previous, message is sent, and received is, subject. Line day one this is where I introduce myself to my new subscriber, and let them know what to expect from me in the coming days you'll see that I tell them to look for my email tomorrow subject. Line day, two I'm basically, letting my subscriber, know the benefit, of being on my list and what value, I'm gonna be delivering to them as they, open up my emails to make sure that they are engaged, in the future. One. Of the things I love about this automation software is that it will notify you when, you're receiving new, subscribers, to your list in. Time so. I had a solo ad campaign, running the other day and was woken up in the middle of the night at around 3 a.m. with. My phone blowing up with a bunch of notifications, and I was, super relieved that it wasn't me missing important, phone calls from family or some, kind of emergency was happening but. The, best part was that I received, a notification from, my stripe account a credit card processor that allows people to purchase my products, and receive some nice cash in the middle of the night from people. Purchasing, my digital, products in different parts of the world I've never met them I didn't, pitch them face to face and business was just running and showing people things that, can help them achieve their, goals online. 24/7. 365. Isn't, that awesome. So. I've showed you the 3-step process on how to capture information from, traffic, coming to your website to my website to your clients website and how from that traffic. You, start gaining subscribers and building, a list of qualified leads fans, people, everyone. To market to and follow up with that is, the Golden Nugget of value bombs right there, bookmark. Or save this video to refer back to because it will be taken down and used for one of my paid products, soon, to come so take action my friend. All. Right we're wrapping up here guys those of you who have been getting my emails or started, this video at the end this, is what I'm doing and using right now and I want to share the secret sauce of this building with you this, can be used for anything you want to promote anything, you sell help, you build your own brand and allow you to automate your business, if, you can click buttons copy, and paste drag and drop then, you can do this. You'll. See that I just typed out a simple, email created. A button, to redirect to YouTube and, it. Works. Beneath. This video I left a link to the same autoresponder. Software that I mentioned in this video that you can use to build your list and automate the most important, part of your business 24/7. 365 if, you go through that link you'll be able to create a free account and be able to play around with the software for 30 days at no cost and over the next few days I'm going to be walking you through how to implement, what you've learned in this video and how, to create your own follow-up sequence your, own broadcast, and help you build your own list now what I want you to do after you click the link is if you got value out of this video or learned something new go, ahead and leave a comment if you were able to take something from this video and use it for your business or new opportunity, if you have any questions be sure to post them below whether you're seeing this on Facebook or YouTube or on my website because I read and respond to every single comment, and that way I'll know exactly what information you all want me to go over in the next video and what traffic generation methods you want me to dive into I'm gonna be talking later about my own traffic source that I've been using but if you give me certain topics, or ask me specific questions I can help you out specifically.

In Your digital marketing journey just. Understand, that when you create your email follow-up, sequences, all your going to be doing is providing value, to your people to your audience, and that can be in the form of YouTube, videos testimonials. Facebook, posts asking people to connect, with you on your social media platforms, I mean they can be invitations, to conference calls with your upline invitations, to webinars, simply, what you are doing is building up a ton of reciprocity, which, means that the more value, that you give out to the world the more that you give the, more that you receive right everybody's heard of this it's just the law of life and the law of the universe, that being said click the link below this video to get started, leave a comment or ask a question below, I'll be talking soon about how to get more traffic to your page how, to convert, so that they can opt-in to your list so, that you can be consistently, getting twenty to thirty leads per day share. This with people on your team people, in your business or your business partners anybody. Who wants to learn how to build a successful business online leveraging. Social media that's, it for now guys take, massive action click, the link below and break on through to the other side I'll be seeing you there my friend, talk to you soon peace.

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