How To Avoid Death of Retail In Your Business With Adam Hudson

How To Avoid Death of Retail In Your Business With Adam Hudson

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Hey. Guys find out Adam Hudson I'm the founder of reliable, education, and I teach people how to build reliable. Our, businesses, on the Amazon, platform. And today I'm on Dolph, barons loyalty. And leadership program and we're going to be talking about how. To, you. Know bring. Authentic, leadership into your business I'll be sharing some of my ideas around how we've done that in my companies, and how that social, cause and that social giving, has had a real, impact on the business and we also going to touch on why, Amazon is such a great opportunity right now so stay, tuned. Congratulations. You, are tuned into DAF Barons leadership, and loyalty show the, number, one podcast for, fortune 500 executives, and those who were dedicated to creating a quantum, leap in leadership, your. Host dog Baron is the founder of full monty, leadership, calm, he's, an executive mentor, to leaders like you a contributing. Writer for entrepreneur. Magazine CEO. World and he's been featured on CNN, Fox, CBS, and many, other notable sites, dove. Baron is an international, business speaker who was named by inc magazine as, one of the top 100, leadership, speakers to hire now. Over, to DA baron. An, insider. Leadership. How'd you survive retail. Business, you, listen to nebula strap yourself in we're about to go full monty if, you're a regular a big thank you to you for making us the number one podcasting, globally, for, fortune 500 listeners, and with over 2 million downloads and, plays on, it too grateful to be cited by, as the number one podcast to make you a better leader so, thank you for sharing the show with everybody, you know remember, we always need your help in staying relevant so to sum over to iTunes great, review, and subscribe to, the show, alright let's strip it down and dive right in as, a leader, whether you are a CEO c-suite. Leader Sales. Leader entrepreneur. Leader in any capacity you know, that even the ones of us who were the most uncomfortable, with the idea of giving our credit card online are. Now making fewer and fewer purchases. In physical, retail, stores and by. That more, and more of us doing it without leaving, our home we're purchasing all the time online, so. The question is if, you're in the business of retail, in the retail world not. Only can you survive but can you thrive, well, stay tuned because you're about to find out our, guest today is Adam, Hudson, he's a serial. Entrepreneur, no. He's not from Kelloggs that's just what he is he's a serial, entrepreneur not, a serial murderer but a surrealist who's, built several multi-million. Dollar companies, in both Australia United States including, a highly successful animation. Company in Hollywood, Adam, has been featured on the Brian Tracy show Sky, Business News eventual. Millionaire podcast. USA. Today The Wall Street Journal, web, retailer, calm, Inc now come in newsweek he, currently owns an amazon marketing, service, firm a house.

Where Brand that sells his products exclusively through, amazon into, over 30 countries he. Also runs and owns. Reliable. Education. And online education, company. Which teaches, students across the globe how to build profitable Amazon, businesses, which generate, reliable. Income. Streams. So, he's, also the author of brand-new best-selling book entitled. Primed, so ladies and gentlemen please put your hands together and welcome give it a girl good I might. You. Were just showing me out of a window there and I'm just realizing. The. It's. Actually it's. Coming towards the end of winter where. You are, it. Is where I live, as you your, viewers might actually enjoy this view too it might warm them up this is where we are this morning this is my home in Australia on the beach it's in, the winter but it's absolutely, stunning here year-round so, either it's. Beautiful, so. Adam. Is based in in. Queensland. Which, I have had the pleasure of spending some time in when I was lived in Aussie and it's a, rather. Beautiful place and like you said I've been there in the winter and it's. Not too shabby even in the winter so, pretty. Nice and you're obviously right, on the beach there so, I'm. Glad you're managing to suffer, for. All of us. Brave. Leader. So. I want to jump in here because you recently, you know one of the things I am feel very proud of that was on my resume, is that. I got to speak at the UN. Not. Last. Year yeah so in, 2016. I got, to speak at the UN and you, recently spoke at the UN on the subject of social entrepreneurship. Tell us a little bit about that before we go and get anything else how. You got invited and what the hell it was like, yeah. So. Fundamentally. The talk was about my. Belief. That it's, no longer just, a, nice thing to do in, business to you know to embed, some, sort of social cause into your business I actually believe, it's economically, intelligent. To, do it as well you know I think these days. You. Know the buy-in from your customers, from your employees, and all of that is considerably. Higher when you do it it. Says a lot about - as a brand at a company the space from which you operate if it's done authentically. And. I'm, absolutely convinced, in our business it's resulted, in in more income less, refunds. Employee. Happiness. And engagement, being higher, and. Importantly. The type of work we do we take people actually, we, take you know, we just took 30 of our students, in our education, business up to do the charity work on the ground and.

We're Taking another 60, up in November. So I spoke. To a small group of business leaders there, about how, I'd implemented. You. Know this is social cause and we would do that and we also do micro loans through Kiva so I just, talked about the direct, impact, that we've seen financially, and otherwise as a result, of that giving and, it. Was it was really quite a you. Know you've been it's quite, amazing when you get there and to get the United Nations, passed at the entry and you realize the gravity of of that, environment, it's it's quite a special place and, it. Was it was a real buzz to do it how. Did you end up getting invited to them I have, a publicist. Who gets me other shows like the bride Tracy shown or sorts of things to table but hey they've got you on - barons leadership of loyalty I know. You got me gonna see I mean we get very best as everything else my friend is like UN. I'm sorry my friend you got on the Dalek parents no conflict. I've gotta go on the dub show. Definitely. Be on my intro. Reopened a lot but yeah basically the opportunities, are short notice I was in New York to. Be on a show, called Time Square today which I was there anyway and it was two days later so I went, over to to, do that and it was it was fabulous they're really good fantastic. Yeah I. Mean, I think that this you know it's important that you you spoke about this because I think that this is. You. Know there's, a rise in the understanding of the need for. Social. Enterprise, for doing things that are about the greater good but. It's on one. Side of it it's, a PR thing and, on, the other side of it is well, we're not allowed to talk about profit, and you seem to be very much about both. In, that. This, is about something that really matters, it, is good PR and it's good profit. Yeah. And I think we need to sort of evolve past that I mean I think. You. Know cuz for smaller businesses the reality, is we live and die on our ability to make money you know if you're a big corporate, it's one thing but if you're not making, you, know in small business and small business it's hard enough so, so. Hard to make money in small business so, it has to economically, stack, otherwise, that you know we can all talk about it it's all warm and fuzzy but it has to work, and. You. Know and there's all that other side of it as well you know I honestly, I, said to people when, I got back from this last trip to Indonesia it was the best thing I've done as an adult in my life which is I've done all these fancy hollows but hands down was. The most fulfilling, rewarding, thing, that I've done as an adult, there's, you know 400, Indonesians, walking around today that were blind a month ago because. Of the work. That we did directly. And the the. There's. No replacing job the emotional. Shift. Because you. Know so much of entrepreneurship. Is management of you, know of stress and all that when you having a bad day there is nothing that motivates, you to do something, more than, the. Memory of a you, know a daughter coming up to you or son, coming up to you and grabbing, your hand and saying thank you in the best way they can because we just did surgery on their mother or their grandfather, who wasn't able to work. Or contribute, to a community and we had that over. And over and over with hundreds, of people's the ones that really stood out for you is one of those experiences that really stood out, one.

Was Actually a little boy out there he was probably I think probably eight or nine years old he lost his eye in a fishing hook accident. Got, a cord ripped his eye out and you. Know buddies pulled out of school because the kids teased him and everything and while we were there we, we. Were with, present, when we put in his artificial, eye because we do about 20 artificial, eyes per. Township. That we sponsor as well so, he watched his little kids sit down and his mom was sitting there and you, know he, put the eye in and then held the mirror up and his face just lit, up like I'm back in business I looked completely normal, the eye moved, when he moved this because it's the. Muscles in his eyelid just, seeing his kid in a moment, regain. His confidence was just I mean, all of us that were there were just crying, it. Was just such an emotion, many like that watching a grandparent. Get leaded by that little four-year-old granddaughter, to this to the truck you know and going in for the surgery it was there's. Just so it was two or three days of just being on a high. Just. So, humbling, yeah, obviously. That's very powerful very moving how. Do you think that you, know because you mentioned, it right the beginning there how do you think it's. How. Do you think it's interim. Pacted, the bottom line of doing business. Well. You. Know you, know one of the we we sell two products in our education, company we have an online course which sells for about, two and a half thousand u.s. and, then we have a higher level sort of coaching program, and we. Talk about high level coaching clients, to this past one and of course that the next time we open it up will, have testimonials. From those people who joined. A high-level business coaching, program, and several, of those people came up to me we. Were only was only a couple of months into a 12-month, program and they came to Bali with us they. Looked at me and hugged me and said Adam I don't care what you teach us for the rest of the twelve months we have had more, than our money's worth just, from this experience and we didn't even talk about business so, you have, this authentic. Genuine. Endorsement. Of the. Experience, that we fundamentally, are selling and. Those. Things from a commercial, point of view are priceless to have an authentic, genuinely. Happy customer, has, the results in in more sales so.

This Idea that you know success, and doing good and mutually exclusive, in my view couldn't, be further from the truth it's. Fascinating, because in the old School of Business we. Really have had those two things separately, it's about the profit, and when, we've got some money left over then we'll do some things of course you've got to make profit, you got to make money that's why you're in business, but. Understanding. That. In, actually doing good actually, makes you, do. Better yeah. This is a is. A wild, concept that I think a lot of old school leaders really still struggle, with that, idea. But. Yeah I mean obviously you're, seeing, tremendous. Results, with it which is fabulous and what an experience, to have you. Know two little. Boys confidence. Come back just alone right yeah. It. Was amazing the impact of that over the course of his life when. You think about how important, those formative, years are a child. Yeah. So, I was previous. Experiences. Like that and it's, about it was amazing, I'm sure now, you one, of your companies you have is reliable, education. Which, is where you actually train people how, to sell things through Amazon and and actually. Turn it into a real business and and, I want to talk more about that in a moment but one, of the things that I really, liked about what you're doing with that was, it seems that in, some. Ways you've taken a leaf out of the book of Tony Hsieh one of my favorite. Leaders. We. Needed with the Zappos thing which is that he openly. Paid people to go away you don't do that when you openly, reject. 7%. Of the people who want to buy you of course who actually trade way of course tell, us about why you would turn away 7%. I mean you know if I went to a big company I don't know like a. Multi-national. Or, 14100. And said listen I want you to turn away, 7%. Of the business, that's, coming your way I think they would probably buy me a big cross and want to nail me to it. So. Tell us about how you came to that idea, why you decided, to do that, you're. First of all Tony Hsieh is one of my favorite guys as well a couple years ago I had an opportunity to tour his apartment, in downtown Las, Vegas oh yeah. Yeah. And that act alone the fact he opens his home every day to strangers. To go and see his vision was, just so off then chicken was. A billion it basically, allowing, strangers, to go through once a day I don't think he still does it but it did them both on to your point. You. Know we're. We waded, into when we when we started reliable education, we basically, were going into one of the seediest shark, East businesses, in the world selling, how to make money on the internet courses. The. Thing. You and I talked about this in the pre-interview, I mean it's not lost on me how sketchy this industry, is and. There's huge, conflict. Between you. Know it's far more profitable in most cases to, sell, the idea of or the concept of making money than to do the thing that you're teaching other people to do so.

It's A really fine. Line. It. Was not as clear as day to those with moral compass. But. It's. A really seedy space and there, are a few good people in that space though you know ramit Sethi's one of the guys that, that. We first heard about I went, with, when people bought his course, he. Would ask them or he'd have his employee his, team ask them how did you fund this program and if. They said they put on a credit card because they didn't have the money he would refund them because he was fundamentally. Against. Putting people further into debt and. My. CEO, and. I said this is a fantastic idea so we actually started, doing when somebody buys the course we, then do a live on boarding call for 30 minutes with one of our team, and they. Ask that question how did you pay for it and do. You have money saved to buy products. Because fundamentally we're teaching people private. Labeling so, you have to be able to buy inventory out of China or something so, if they've got on their credit card that no savings, they're paying, for of course they can't execute, on they come and buy the infantry, so say listen we're going to refund you now but come back in six to twelve months when you've saved up another ten thousand. Or five to ten thousand dollars on top of the course fee, and. People. Are shocked they're like what but I've already paid I like I know you've really paid but we don't want anyone in the community can't do what we're going to teach them, because. We don't financial, stress and then there's, another, three. Percent that don't pass we. Have one rule in business and I learned this from a very, successful guy called. Cameron Sinclair who's, a build. Homes for homeless, people. All over the world and he'll, probably win the Nobel Prize one day and he said I only have one rule for business, and. That is it's, another asshole policy, so I know be in our soul and I take money from hospitals and I don't work with ourselves and, we adopted that as well so sometimes in your onboarding get people who are really. Arrogant, or people who are wanting. To get rich quick and it's miners, day and they ask all the wrong question, and you can just see that just at the wrong phase of their life for this they're either too young or too inexperienced or. Just, they're just dicks and so, we say, look we just don't think you're a fit for our community and we fish those people out and as a result of all that we, have this community that like, you know when people buy our course they're shocked that we provide a real, community, support which in our Facebook group aren't there everything, I've just finished the national tour around the country where we just do meetups, we just put drinks on and bring everyone together and. The only reason we're able to do that is because we've, been so honest with people on the way in the door and we've been an actual Guardian for our community, that, we actually have a community, of good people that have you know for the right reasons, that can afford to be there that aren't under financial duress, as a result of us and. We've got this amazing community. You. Know everything, about our community, works so, much better like our refund, rate is is like less than 5%, of, an online course. Which is just ridiculous, usually, it's like 30%. So. Yeah so we've got all those things riding with and and. The business is just growing. And thriving as, a result see listen this is why I wanted to have you on the show because you know when we talked in the free preacher. But the first I was like this, is so not a fit but. Pretending a leadership, this guy's, plugging, a course on how to make money online I mean couldn't, be further off base you know and it the, initial, reaction at, first was like absolutely, not, because. I know some of those guys I've, actually met them and. Shady. Is an under tongue it's. Not this statement so but. You you, know the, interesting thing about this is that you're doing. You're. Involved. In a you. Know world that, is. Very. Much like. I said a little bit shady and seen that way and you're, approaching, it from a completely new what style of leadership with. A great, deal of integrity. There's. Gotta be some. Splash. Back on that you're going to be getting some you. Got to be getting a bit of grief about that front from the powers that be in that world because, it's a very deep online, marketing, world and people may or may not he's a pretty ancestral, world I know some of those guys I know. You do personally, so tell. Us a bit about what, that's like to do that, kind of leadership.

Yeah. So it's a great question job and you are right you know some. Unfortunately. An, industry, that's flooded with insincerity, and, and um and people. Are absolutely, petrified, to tell the absolute naked. Truth that it's hard and so on and we have we struggled, and still sometimes do struggle to, find affiliates, so usually, what happens is these little clusters of people with really big lists. And they, cross promote each other stuff. It's. Like a little boys club with big lists and lots of power and we. Were sort of locked out for a while and in some circles we still are because we, tell people that we have our policy, where we'll refund them if they, if. They this and we tell them it will take our. Fastest, students, don't go live with a product on Amazon for, six months and the average is nine to twelve so. It takes six to twelve months to actually just simply go live and then we tell them as I could one or two month period of establishing. Your Amazon listing so. It could be eight to, fourteen months before you start making sales and it won't be until the end of the first year that you'll probably know the second year that you'll probably start making any kind of real profit. Which you I'd be able to spend because, the profits you'll want to reinvest into growing or inventory base and. There's something wrong with us right off the bat this. Is this true telling' ship this is this, is this. Is you completely, oh. You, buy this you've got to tell them that they can make money in three months or less and. Well you can't on Amazon I'm sorry you can but you'll, be selling crap that you've never really researched, and it'll be such a short-term play so. We tell people it's, that kind of process that it should be a side, hustle three to five years at the end of which you've got a really nice business, that's built, and established on fundamentally. Good business principles, because, three to five years at the end of the day to escape. The rat race is short. But. They're just so afraid of actually telling people, but, I sort of believe that my CEO believes at the market, the reason we got into it is that we. See no abatement in the appetite, for knowledge people, need, solutions, people are in a really bad money deal they're in jobs giving away their lives the best of their waking hours to a job. They hate at the expense of their families, and their health and everything so there's this huge, massive, demand and I find it absolutely ironic. That people are supposed to be you. Know teaching. Abundance. Mentality approach. It with such a poverty, mentality as so, few people out there that can actually handle the truth I mean people have been beaten, up in life and when. They hear truth, they know truth and we. Haven't it's been quite the opposite, you know we've you. Know we built a multi-million. Dollar business in in two years from, as zero scratch, start, by just telling the freaking truth it's. A wild wild, wild concept. So. As. You know this is a leadership show so I want to talk about what I call the great white elephant, which is. Politically. Corporately, in any form you want to address what do you see is the current state of leadership, today. It's. An interesting question I think it I, think, in a word I would say fragmented. There's. A real. Chat. Isn't there's an appetite for change in the air and leaders, don't know what to do like Donald, Trump for example, not. To wade into politics, too much but, he really shook, the, foundations. Of, a. Lot. Of people's view of the world like it just demonstrated. How its tired of, the. Old model, people are and. Here at Strayer for example we're seeing politicians, now trying, to adopt at the Donald Trump way because, it's successful. Politically, at least in the short term. So. I think people are like really frustrated, with insincerity, or. What they perceive as insincerity. No, matter what you think of Trump and the irony of what I'm saying right now be, but. They're, just tired of this insincere. BS. You know they're they're they're ready for, authentic. Leadership. People wouldn't be their, mistakes, and their claws and their shortcomings, and saying I don't know when I don't know instead of glossing, over with some, answer so I think. Leaders, that are authentic people like Tony Hsieh for example is just such an inspirational. Next, generation, of leader that. You know you. Know making, 800, or 900, million dollar exit and then opening up his own home, at the Ogden Hotel in downtown Las.

Vegas To strangers, to go through so they can see his vision for regenerating, it you, know otherwise gentrified. Area of town and and, his vision is passion he's currently living in an airstrip Caribbean, it, is in one of his developments, in downtown Las Vegas and. And sitting. Around the campfire at night with other you, know normal people. This. Kind of engagement. Is not only more fulfilling more appealing, and rewarding, to the modern modern. Person, I think you know yeah. So. Yeah it's, it's it's a very interesting thing because I. Think, you're absolutely right that we people, wanted, different and I wrote. An article. Quite. A while ago that they talked about Trump. And Obama and how similar, they were in, the in the sense of the, people who voted for them wanted, something, different they wanted change okay. And you, know that's what they both wanted, was. Wanting I don't know that they got it with either of them in the way that they would have wanted it but, they did get different they did get but it is that there, is that calling. For something that is a little more. Authentic. A little more real I mean in in this book my, last book fiercely. Loyal I talked, about Bob Hawke and him winning the election, when, I had her in the eighties and talked about how if, you're you're probably too young to remember this but I remember him winning that election when, he was Andrew. Peacock was about to kill him it was there was no way in a world he could we've been a bad Prime Minister and, he openly admitted that his daughters were our drug addicts and, he came out and Bob. Hawke bet that guy's guy that guy who could out drink and outfight anybody, you, know that material I and said you, know I've done a crappy job and I'm sorry you know my, kids were going where they were going and he. Won the election and that. For, that any sight, book as a case study because. That's, how much we crave, authenticity, and. We, crave it even when it's destructive, so, we had to, remember his name no just flashed in my mind the, Mayor of Toronto. Who. Was caught smoking, crack and it were a crack pipe and said no I didn't, and like. Denied it denied he was on film five months later he admits it and he wins the election, because. That's how much we crave, authenticity even, when it's even.

When It's. It's, better, than the. The. Nicely. Wrapped version. Of what, we been. Sold whether, it's in politics, or whether it's in internet marketing and, in internet marketing the, wrapping, is has. Been you. This, is quick this is easy and you'll make money within three months. And. The fact that you didn't, go to their makes. You the you. Know the Bob Hawke makes you even the Donald Trump of saying, no, no we're. Not doing what everybody else did and I, think that you know you've found your time. Cuz. I think that though the guys are right I don't think you'd have died of death five. Six years ago the fueler burglar you. Cannot compete with you, know back. In the day you couldn't, compete, with the guys that were doing get-rich-quick. Stuff, and they're still doing it even in our space this course just players, that are still doing because it still works to the less, educated. Other people are just not quite in touch with themselves but I know. With my I have a sort of sense of sometimes, I have to I don't have to I I have stuff that goes wrong in my own Amazon, business where I've made a mistake, like I know I. Decided. To gather the product that I knew in my heart a hat wasn't after the quality standard that my customer, would expect but, I did it anyway or or. I didn't, pay attention because I was too busy doing other stuff and then something happens in the packaging, or something so, I will do a video post to a community, and the headline will be here's how I completely. Screwed up today and as. I and, I just write it and I can feel it my stomach getting nervous like oh my god just so vulnerable right now I'm supposed to be this leader and then. I'm every, time I feel that feeling now I go this is going to be a really high, engagement, and by. Far, the most engagement. Ever are the videos where I say here's, how I screwed up here's how I made a mistake, because. People fundamentally good people want to help somebody who's in a vulnerable position and, people trust people that are actually not. Hiding, they're down days and you, know I did a video few, months ago I got home from the office in LA I was sitting in my car I was exhausted, I look like crap I've, been up from 7, a.m. until 10 p.m. I was just about to go inside and I thought this is actually a moment, where I want to share with my community what, an entrepreneur looks, like at the end of a you, know 14-hour day I said guys I'm wrecked, I'm tired I'm sitting here in the dark my best accountant crashed inside but this is what entrepreneurship, looks like at the coalface, it, is freaking hard some days and I've just had a bay but.

It's. Better than actually, being in a job so I was what you to save me at my worst have, a good night and people. Just loved it you know, yeah. Absolutely I did a video recently. It was called Gary, Vaynerchuk lies. And. I and, I started off by saying listen you should know I'm a caravan Trek fan. But. I said I'm also you know I'm also a kind of a fan of. The. Buddha and, of Jesus and maybe even Mohammad, I said but I'm not a big fan of the interpretation. Of those things and. They said it's the same thing with Gary Vaynerchuk he, talks a lot about hustle, and most people think hustle is watching five hours a Gary Vaynerchuk, they. Think that hustle, is, about just, working your, nuts off but actually not enjoying. Anything, and. So there's a glamorized, version. Of everything, that's, got nothing to do with the reality of the thing and I, love that you did that video to say you, know Here I am I'm, like, a wet. Rag at the end of the day I'm naked and finished but it's still better than going to work for some crappy boss in a job I don't like and. I just I love that because again. That's that an authenticity and it's it's such a need, we're desperate for it totally. So. You come from this, various. Background which said serial entrepreneur, you, had animation. Company you've done different. Things what. Was the returning point was the return in your leadership real business philosophy. Yeah. Look I mean I think. You. Know III did. Quite well in my early, late 20s early 30s and, then I lost it all you. Know sure series are bad things. That happened 2008. Occurred. And I just, taken, a small, done, a small public float, of my company, just, months. Before the 2008, crash and I, had you know lots and lots of wealth. Tied up in the company that was now almost, worthless and nobody would buy what it was now, worth anyway I had, to sell my property portfolio. At fire, sale prices to, lend money to the company to, get. It through and. It sent me back I worked it through two or three years after that trying to save the business which we did in the end to. Save the money that my friends and family had invested. And. Then I went through is really hard time so I was. Up and then I went right down and then, had to earn it all back and but. I think, in recent times one of the big. Turning points was I. Walked. Out of my animation, company in Hollywood about three years ago and you. Know from the outside I was three, companies, that were successful, everything. Was good and then I was walking down Sunset Boulevard the. Street started to feel like it was spinning and, I just didn't feel very well and I, said to the guys with was one of my employees I said I don't feel very good I don't need to go back to the office the next thing I know I had me you know they are people over they rushed me to the hospital and, my, heart rate was spiking. Through the roof and I've had my first ever. Serious.

Extreme, Panic attack I've never had one before I thought I was dying and, I, also had vertigo at the same time and it was basically I, had been ignoring my body and ignoring the amount of stress I was dealing with living in a foreign, country running. Three companies and all sorts of stuff going in my life which as most men do we, ignore all that just think we're right you know we don't talk about it and, my. Body just said that's, enough if you're not going to pay attention we're going to shut you down as, I went to Bali and I did a yoga, meditation, retreat, and I. Have. A guy there who's a calling. My happiness mentor and he basically said. And on one side sit on this side the piece of paper Adam write down moments in your life in your life recently. Where, you were experiencing, true joy when you just call yourself back joyous, and I sat there for five minutes I couldn't think of a single big, eventually. I came up with it with white which was being on a jet ski at full speed here, on the Gold Coast and other was coming out of the ocean after a swim those, little, moments in my life I was actually not, thinking about it I was happy and, then on this side of the paper he said write down how you spend, your day and I. Looked at the two lists they said so the key here is to make the, lists look a little bit more like the joy list. It. Was so simple but so powerful and, we talked about what it takes to experience, joy and it really got down to just gratitude, just slowing down and learning. To be grateful let's start with the basics, the fact we can see each other we could breathe air clean air and and have food on our table, and it took me through this extreme, gratitude exercise. Which was just like really eye-opening and, I realized right there and then in on this little island off off Bali that I really. If I just sold, my animation company could have everything, I ever really wanted so. I ran the brokers in LA and said you know what they've they've been trying to get me to sell the business their buyers for and I said it's for sale here's the price within, a week Oh two written offers for more than I had asked I sold, it in my board shorts on that little island signed the contract went back to America got, paid and then bought this place for up sitting and now some of the proceeds, and just said that's it I'm making, happiness a priority. And. So from that moment on I said oh whatever, I do in business day forward I've never ever ever go back to that feeling of unhappiness. Or stress is just not worth it and I already have everything that I could possibly want, and. It's. Not because I have hundreds of millions of dollars or anything like that I just I just want what I have and I, want to feel in business that I'm actually I want, my customers, to actually be authentically, happy I want to feel I'm making a difference because I am and, I don't want the weight of this creating. An expectation up, here and delivering. Something here I want to create an expectation here, and delivery here and. Since. I've done that the last three years my businesses, have blossomed. I'm happier, and healthier. And the, irony is everything's, coming much easier now than it ever has previously, and I'm happy over that's, fantastic this is really great so tell. Us what it because I think it's important, for people to know tell us what it was like, at. The bottom end of that dip ah. In. In in LA with the panic attacks and the anxiety, and, was. Horrible, I mean it was I never really, understood or had genuine, compassion for people who suffer with mental illness and that's what it is and. I, went through a, real understanding and, appreciation, for mental health being equally, important, to physical health especially in the u.s. that you can Australia with this very strong, concept of physical health we, all walk or go to gym or II well but, what about our mental health is it being treated the same way so, I struggled, with serious, panic attacks for two years I was hospitalized, twice in that time for the most ridiculous. Of I got, I got to a point dog when I can translate back to Australia I was still suffering I go through a beach walk which I do every morning here, pretty much and I, would walk you, know half, a kilometer down the beach and all of a sudden I panicked because I felt what if I can't get back to my house and I was 500, meters of my house clear, blue beautiful day on the ocean and I have a full-on, panic attack. It's. Just a horrible, experience, to. Go through, and. Yeah. Then yeah, so I think that's. A real you know when you have mental health challenges it's, a real problem and and. Also I've had you know other dark challenges, of just you know. You. Know having. A life like my business, life is so dominant you, know I can't, Leone single but, you know it's, easy to go are these guys you, know got successful businesses in a beautiful home and all those things but I'm single there's areas of my life where I'm, not as fulfilled, as I would like to be so I'm working about that at the - there's always areas that yeah that you need to sort of get, together yeah, and again it's you know it's part of that.

You. And I talked about this so we won't use any names because you and I talked about this when we weren't recording. And. There. Is this whole, thing that's. Become. Very big again with the get-rich-quick, schemes. And the, guy will on a plane, with the girls, boobs pushed, up and showing. You the. Maseratis. And Ferraris, and their their crib and all that kind of stuff and. It. I, get that it's very seductive. For people who are desperate. I really. Do I get I do I understand, that I have compassion for that but. That's not. It's. Not real, and, it's also easy, to see, somebody. Who has all those things and think that. Person, is better off than I am that they've you, know and I really appreciate, you sharing their Adam you know that you, know one of the gaps in your life and we all have gaps when, the gaps in your life is yeah I'm not as fulfilled as I'd like to be in relational, and. That's, you know that's important, for people understand because here's. The thing you. Know that we've got this concept, that we can have it all and, I think to some degree we, can but, not to the full extent. You. Know I I'm. Very blessed. I've been, with my wife for 20 years my. 19th, wedding anniversary, is coming up to, the greatest decision of my life was asking to marry me I'm deliciously. Happy she's an amazing. Amazing amazing. Woman and every day I go to bed and I'm grateful at every morning I wake up I'm grateful for my, life but. That doesn't mean, that. There. Are days when I'm working, and I get lost in my work and I put in too many hours and all the rest it and I do love what I do but it's like I pay. That price, that's. Time that is away from my beloved that is. A little, more than it should be and this. Is the illusion, that, people, have they look at my life at your life and they go ah you know it must be so great to be him. With, that life and I want everybody, to grasp I don't care whose life you're looking, at right. Everybody. Has their to, shovel, it's. That simple everybody has got their own stuff to deal with nobody's.

Life Is perfect and, you just have to and you know for. Me you have to come back to what is your purpose why. Are you here what is the meaning of what it is you're doing and it and it has to be about something bigger which is again back to what you were saying and I think is so vital about it know being yes. You've got to make profit yes you're a profitable, business but. It's got to be about something, else as well and the social entrepreneurship, which is wonderful and, helping people who come into your business and, taking. Them on those journeys I think that's pretty. Freakin amazing because I'm sure a lot of those people never. Even cross their mind I'm. Going to take them to Indonesia, into. Some into, some village that you've helped to build and some, so you know help to repair, the eyes of people who were previously blind they, go oh this. Is why I'm making money yeah. A lot, of people will ironically. Job you know they. People. Are fundamentally, good and there's, a lot of people out there that actually and not that inspired, by having a Ferrari or a Porsche but, they don't know that they won't do it for themselves but. There were people who went on that trip with us he said I've now found a reason to do this that's bigger than anything that I put on any Joel's list prior. Is I. Want I want the feeling of knowing that my business. Funded. You, know like, that that village, and this is a number, that I, want everyone that here especially entrepreneurs, that entire, village, there. Was. Four. Thousand. Three eye examinations. Done over five days, to. Surgeons. Four. Hundred, blind healed, Wow. And twenty. Prosthetic eyes that, entire, drive, was, fifteen thousand, euro sorry, fifteen thousand Australian, dollars that papers it's. Nothing, like it nothing for, the impact, and like, we do that three times this year so it's forty five thousand, dollars which. Is nothing I mean the everybody, listening to this who has a business if, you can just say I coach people fifteen, thousand dollars a year if I can just do it once a year out of a business I can, at the end of my business year wake up and go there's, four hundred Indonesians, walking around today who. Have eyesight because of, that. Fifteen thousand dollar investment I mean is there a better way you could possibly spend 15, grand in your life I mean it's not a large amount of money well, it's a family-owned, business people will spend 15, grand and. By, that I don't mean an extravagant. But, going on a holiday, without. A problem, not much it's any. Kind of business you, know and and, for, an extra five grand you can fly up there with your wife and kids and and actually, experience, with the air fares at the hotels I mean we started a four star hotel in Bangor, wangye was 47 dollars a night would take the, whole crew to go. It's. Just it's not a lot of money but the impact, is spectacular. The return on that $15,000.

Is Just, so profound, yeah, that's. Fabulous, I'm really, glad you're doing is really, important, I share, the Papa Doc because a lot of like people are sitting there going but how much that goes and they can't put their head around a lot. Of people think yeah well when I get big enough I'll, be able to do that when we are a 20 million dollar company, you, don't need to be a 20 million dollar company, to put 15, grand in to, making 400. People be able to see hello. It's. An incredible. It's absolutely, think well and that's so a few businesses, do it when we went out there we got off the president and the Red Cross for Indonesia, was there to welcome us and. You. Know they were so happy to have that level of contribution. I'm like this is such a small level of contribution, so anyway it's, very inspiring my friend thank you very. Inspiring, so, let's go back into into, the other part of what you're doing a the. Business side of it Amazon. It's, the new it seems to be the new Main Street of business, and. At the same time. Again. I'm seeing stuff like this people offering, courses and trainings in order so it's, also seems, to be a new bandwagon. To jump on like. What, was the name of the the other one oh. I. Just had in my head I'm sorry. When. He was people sold things online, was, the very. Kind. Of me in. Cuts. Sold as well never mind anyway I'm kind of me but it was it was the was the thing to do is to, Easter now start, selling stuff on Amazon is. Is. It, a bandwagon. And. If it is how do people avoid. The. Snake oil salesman. Hmm. So. What we're seeing fundamentally. Here is you, know we've, all witnessed uber disrupt taxis, with all which the witness dare been paid disrupt hotels well Amazon's disrupting, retail one of the largest industries in the world and all. They've done is create, a more efficient, model for the consumer, in the same way so you. Know huge, tracts of money sways. Of money are moving from brick-and-mortar to. Physical, retail and that's that's so, there's this trend as, I say one, thing these info mark was I write about trend is your friend so there's money moving and, entrepreneurship. Is there putting yourself in the way of the movement of money so, so. That again I want people to get that that's very, important on, Genosha purpose, about. Putting. Yourself in the way of the movement of money you. Know I have this thing that I teach that so often I I jokingly a bit like your Gary belies I didn't my one of my trainings, I had a photo of Tony Robbins say this guy will you up and what. I mean by that is I love Tony as well but, Adam, you, know if, you make it if you approach, success, from this ultra masculine, point of view that's all about you and if you're not successful sometimes.

Really. Good smart people are just in a bad business, or doing the wrong thing at the wrong time and then there's masses in the world that are out there at the right place at the right time you're getting rich despite, themselves so. You have to be in the right place at the right time to. Truly, make. It a little easier because it's really hard in, business as it is so you need to be where them event that's happening the, reason I got into teaching Amazon, is because it's the only business I've ever owned that I honestly believe I can teach somebody else to do because you, don't need to build the website you don't need to find the customer, and you don't, have to do any of the technical stuff like setting up credit card during all the trust and traffic, and customers already at Amazon your. Job is simply to find products. That those people, want and so, that's actually teachable. But, what, the you. Know what I would consider the snake oil salesmen in our space teach is it's, all about fancy, headlights a keyword optimization, at, this ABC. Checklist, that. That. We can teach you and sell you for X amount of dollars but, it's actually, very very nuanced. You know like even. Students we've taught haven't. Really, fully graphs what we're teaching them, because. They haven't got a mind that's able, to receive or formed yet but you, know that when people go, to Amazon, you've really got to be thinking about how much the people care about what they're buying here right now are they buying just based on price that they really truly care, about for, example one of the one. Of the things that we taught in one of our trainings recently, was looking. At wedding cake toppers on Amazon, and so. Wedding, cake toppers you know if you look them out but there's a tool we use called zonker it tells you how much money each of these products is selling per month, so. You can actually see in advance and, you know there's people there making tens of thousands of dollars at Matt's and sales of wedding cake toppers so, when your dollars. A month selling, little, brides and grooms a, little group. That. Sit on the top, and. I use this an example because it's it's a simple product but it's a product that people actually care, about if you're getting married and you're a young lady looking, for this usually it's going to be the ladies into, all the details without trying to be sexist but they, actually give a about what they're looking at and for that we're gonna look three four five pages deep and if, it's ten dollars or thirty dollars they don't care if it's the one they like right, so the room for people to pay a premium for creativity.

Now. When you look at the space there's one brand that has done, a little bit of humorous ones where the white that bruit the groom and then wiper stand together that, the wife has a hand on the groom's ass you. Know another one where they've got the back of their pants cut out just a little bit of humor, and they said well but, if you pay close attention there's, none for gay couples there's. Nothing for older, people there's none where, to put children around as well like Cherie crowded families none where the girls in a short dress or taking a selfie, or there's, that there's almost no African Americans there's almost no Asians, so. You've got this I mean it's just like a basic gay people, black. People change. People don't get married obviously, yeah. Yeah they don't get married ever right I mean there's none of those in America America's, just wipe it exactly. Well. What I'm saying is it would like it that way it's. Not it's. Not indicative of America, at all, it's, opportunities, where they're just not, taken. Care of so, that sort, of thinking is this just fundamental. Business thinking what problem are you solving now. These courses, don't teach that at all they don't talk about you, know this, just pragmatic. Approach. To. To. You know one of our successful students, here in Australia she's got a young kid, she, only has a very limited time she just launched on Amazon a month, ago and is already netting, about 70, grand a year income. From her first product and she said what I did was I started with my customer, in mind had, a very clear avatar, but might who I wanted to sell to and, then I simply went to Amazon and looked at particular products, and said would my avatar, buy that anything here and if the answer was no she would then go onto the internet and look around to find a product that our avatar would buy somewhere, else and then she went and got it made in China and she went into a niche where every. Product on page one pretty much is doing between 70 and 150 thousand dollars a month in sales and they're, all just by huge companies with no heart and soul she, found this little product online that somebody else was selling she got it made in China put it onto Amazon instant. Income, for life because, there was nothing else like it so visually, differentiated. Beautiful product. Most. Courses teach optimization. And headlines, and out and all this stuff that's this crap instead. Of the fundamental. Reason people buy which is a better ending. Better product, with, a specific avatar. In mind and they specifically. Care about you, know okay yeah. You know again this is this is what I really liked item was that. What. You're doing, where with, your reliable, education, company is. Business. You're actually. Teaching, people a, business. As opposed. To how. To make money, and. I think that that is the distinction, that I really, liked about in our conversation, as, I said there's there's social entrepreneurship, as the caring, does the rejecting, people, who are coming in with credit cards and. Then it's because, this, is a business, hmm. We're, going to teach I do a business now, I will. Understand, that on the other side there. Will be people who go I don't want a business I don't know make money now yeah. Right. That's a fair, they're. Not you have exactly, so it's interesting that's my point is that you have clearly. Defined. Your avatar, which. Allows the people you teach to know that's because you let me go you're our avatar. Thank. You came in you didn't borrow money to do the course you have some money you can buy product, you understand, you're going to spend two or three years building this out before.

You Start to make any real profit, oh, yeah. Okay it makes sense yeah. Our. Avatar, is what we call we probably got one of the oldest groups. You know they're 35 to 55 year olds is our avatar you know and they're people that have been to the circus seen strings they know, when they hear it and. That's. Who we deal with and the rest are just not for us you know the people that want to follow you. Know I mean you look at Tai Lopez for example he's got a different avatar he's marketing, to kids too you know a ferrari equals, success. What's. That don't forget the girls with the push-up bras are the girls in the in the private, jets and and all that stuff where, there are advertised many. Of them could actually buy, a Ferrari but, they don't because, they've made their money over many years by investing, in real estate stocks, and they've held good jobs and have families, and they're just normal real people, you know, that's. Fabulous I, believe. That, the. Most successful people are obsessed and, I don't mean that in a negative sense I mean that in a very positive sense. That. It's. That thing that we can't resist, it if there's a conversation going on about it over, there at the party we've gotta sort of migrate. Over there if there's a movie and there's a part in the movie about it we've got to go that's. The part we talk about what. Is your obsession what are you obsessed with that. Right. Now in a business context, I'm I'm obsessed, with trying, to teach, this nuance of good. Business in. Amazon. That's something. That I'm really authentically. Trying to solve into a large group of people as teach them how to think, in. Order, to best set them up for success and and just on those nuance things like what we just talked about you. Know learning, to identify products. That people are emotionally, vested in buying teaching. Them how to differentiate, so. People look at Amazon, you, could pick my student, out of the lineup you to print off all the products, on page one for the category, they're in it and my customized, students, product is in that lineup you, can spot it instantly, because you can see it's the only one that's visually. Differentiated, it looks like somebody loves while, they were making it, so. I'm obsessed with that at the moment and and bringing. A new. Standard, to this information. Selling. Business, and. Resetting. People's expectations. Of what, they should receive. In exchange for a two or three thousand dollar course online, and. Yeah. So, you. Know we're doing stuff in our business that people. Told us would never do you know like we have a three-day. Summit that we only open, to our students we do it twice a year and at, that summer we sell out high-end coaching, and everybody, said to us you can't charge for that event it has to be free cuz you've got to get as many people in there so you've got a maximum, chance of selling your high ticket item that's, what people was not only telling us that were charging, for we. Said well we don't think that's fair exchange where we're not selling in this event other than the program we're going to offer it even that we're not gonna sell it's gonna say here it is if you want it yeah, okay, but, I'm not going to get on stage and spend a hundred grand on a three-day event for, free and, but. That doesn't work whereas, if I charge the ticket price even if we don't sell any of the higher coaches we're not out of pocket so we put, a ticket price on it it's around $1 and we over, it sold out in advance every, time, just.

Doing Thing and because, it takes the pressure off of us having to sell at all because it's gonna break a deal yeah. We fit everybody, when they come so, tickets around dollars but we put lunch on every day 10 copy in the morning we treat them like human beings, and we, said you know we don't have three days yeah. Erick's. James because I've run too far the other way those these in Australia at these multi-speaker, events, where they, were free to attend at night they, would you know put 10 speakers, on who are all had. To sell to in order to hide, and self esteem, to the intern. The industry, and. I give away a DVD, player at the start of each session to make sure people were in the room, this is just so bad you know like for, for. Just not, treating people like dickheads, how about just give the really, really good authentic content, and if they want to buy they'll buy yeah I have. Exactly, the same challenge. As a speaker, as you know I speak internationally, and I'm, often asked to speak on those stages and I say absolutely, not and, they go why I say I offer. I, offer quality. Content, I'm, not that of pitch, I'm not going, to pitch if somebody wants to buy from me they can come talk to me and I'm happy to because, to offer them something else but to, stand up there and be part of that pitch fest I I, know how, annoyed. I am in the audience that. I'm ten, minutes into this talk god oh yeah I can already see where this is going and, I can, see that the credit cards of the desperate, coming out if, it wasn't. Said that you know it's the tide of the desperate, you. Know it's just very said. Just. Go through the floor, and it's just all geared, up wrong yeah. Yeah. It's, all good, when, you you. Know I know you've been doing a lot of podcast a lot of shows a lot of things and sometimes, on those shows there last year what is the best advice you'd give to your 20 year old self I like, to do things nunc, eventually, as you've noticed, and. So, here's what I want to know is what. Is what, if you were going forward, in. Time and you're seventy year old self was giving you advice what, do you think your seventy, year old self would be saying to this Adam, haha. Yeah. So right now I think he'd be pretty happy with a way out tracking but there's been very few years, in my life where he would be but Pappy. Would. Be going maybe, you're doing pretty good I. Think. You would say make sure that you slow down and and and. Just. Smell the roses a little more that's what my mum used to say to me all the time she'd say Adam just make sure your pores and smell the roses so. I think that would be basically it, just like you. Know believe in people and. And. One of my favourite things to say to people is I believe in you I think it's some of the most powerful words people indeed can hear so. He would say you know, don't, lose faith in people, always, lead from your heart and, make.

Sure You slow down and up - to. Smell the roses because no, matter where we are you know in, in, the Western world we are insanely. Blessed. Like we are buried, in abundance. And. Just. Remember that because it'll bring so much more happiness to your day I sort. Of say to people that gratitude our happiness, is the unavoidable, consequence. Of gratitude and. If. You. Just pause and breathe and think about the many blessings you have even on your worst day in fact in particular on your worst days. You'll. Get back to happiness pretty quick and, that's like, a muscle right now I you, know I find happiness pretty, easily that's, awesome. So. Adam I want to thank you for being here with us it was really great having you here and as. A you know as I said you, know when we preach at it I thought, the. Beginning of is this gonna be a fit and it's been a great show and you know because I think it and the reason I think it's been a great show is because it's an example of leadership moving, forward. You, know I'd love to talk, more about Amazon. Drones, in the future of retail and olmos because it's a fascinating subject but, the leadership, side of this and what you're doing in the leadership side of this I think is vitally important I think there's a lesson in it for all, of us whether. You're a corporate, CEO whether, you're a c-suite, leader whether you're a Sales Leader or whether you're just a high-level entrepreneur, there's. Some really great takeaways. Of here and I really hope that those people who, are listening and seeing will, take, notes pay attention and I want to encourage them to reach out to you get, in touch with you and. Tell you what they got on this show and maybe get some more guidance from you can you tell people where they can find out more about you and what it is you do please, sure, you can just go to. Www.hsn. Or if they want to email me if they're listening to your show just add on that reliable, that education, that goes right to me it doesn't go to a PA or anything if. There's anything I can help you with or connect you with the. John Porter foundation that we work with in Indonesia, anything. I can do to help, I'd, be happy to do that and. Yeah. It's, been a real pleasure. Being here I've really enjoyed the dog it's nice -, what. I love about your show is you, know you're just you talk about stuff it's just a little bit deeper and I really, value that and appreciate it so thank you for making, the time because I know it's not easy for someone, from our industry to get under your show so I appreciate, it thank, you so spin an honor and a pleasure really has so thank you and, again I want to encourage everybody to reach out to you and for, everybody else appreciate.

You Tuning in but you should get being part of the show appreciate, you sharing the show with everybody you know as, always, I tell you please don't just listen to the show we don't just watch the show listen. Back take notes I promise you you missed a ton go, back listen again and then put it into. Action it's, vital. Vital, and remember the research consistently, shows that the biggest the biggest challenge. Facing some of the most successful companies can be somewhat counterintuitive in, the fastest growing companies often have a point where they realize they're, spending an absolute fortune attracting, training and developing talent only to have them believe them than, just. An alarming, rate of turnover so if you're sick of investing. And training and developing your telephone you have to believe you before you get the ROI reach, out to talk to us and full, monty, leadership. Comm we, provide you the essential, leadership skills to rekindle and amplify the hidden worth the essence of your organization. By tapping into your purpose, full. Monty, leadership. Calm, providing. You with the concrete soft skills to get you and your organization, to the top and, keep you there why, well, because you can't outsource, authenticity. Till. Next time this is Dov Baron full, monty, leadership, comm saying stay, curious my, friends, stay curious about. How you can. Do a little better. By. Being a little better and. Giving, a little more. Staying in gratitude til next time this is Dom Barrett.

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