How To Attract A LOT MORE Customers Into Your Business! My Story & Introduction - Part 1 / 6

How To Attract A LOT MORE Customers Into Your Business! My Story & Introduction - Part 1 / 6

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Are you ready to bring in a lot more clients and customers into your business? Hey, Scott Haug here, and in today's video, we're going to be going through a six part series. That's going to allow you to use these manifestation law of attraction, universal law principles, to bring in a lot more business and success into your business. Now, if you're not a business owner or you just have a side business or something like that, this will still work for you. Okay?

Even the principles here that we cover, if you're in a full-time job and you want to attract a soulmate into your life, you want to attract a new job into your life. You want to attract a new bonus, a chunk of money, whatever it is, the principles still apply for this video series. So you're definitely in watch all six parts as we put these out during the next few weeks. So as we get into part one here of the six part series,

I'm going to be sharing a little bit of my story, some very important, positive thinking knowledge. It's going to allow you to transcend your consciousness around your success and what you're desiring and intending for your life and your desires. And we're also going to do an introduction. You're going to want to actually listen into that all the way through, because I'm going to talk about some misconceptions and blocks when it comes to manifesting what you want.

And if you can be aware of those blocks and then remove them or what we call dissolve them, what it's going to allow you to do is bring in a lot more success into your life, into your business. If you have one into your career, whether you're in a job or a business, you know, no matter what it is. Okay. So listen to series here, and we're going to transition into the video now, as you do. So definitely take some notes and make sure you're subscribed to a channel.

So you're notified when we send out the other five parts in this six part series, you're going to want to watch them all. And then once you watch each one of them binge watch them all the way through. Cause each one connects with each other, like a staircase, one stair at a time, it's all going to connect all together here. Remember law of attraction works for you. It works for everybody. It sounded like it works for one or another or another only.

It works for you at all times. It's just whether you're bringing in more of your desires or more of your undesirable things. And in today's video, we're going to start to cover some of that right away. Let's transition right now over to the video and let's get started with attracting a lot more clients, customers, and sales into your life right now.

Hey, everyone. Welcome onto our day. One of our three-day live masterclass here. Now with me, Scott hog, I am very, very blessed to have all of you here and now on day. Number one, I hope you're really thrilled and excited for what we have to cover here in this masterclass. Now, a lot of you know who I am, a lot of you already members of my various programs and things. So if you don't just yet, but you really get to know me over the course of the next three days, and I want to blow you away with the deepest greatest content, put into a very simple, easy and fun set of action items for you to really attract and manifest all of the customers and clients and all those people.

You're really looking to pull in at this time. Now really quick, just a little disclaimer, a little note. I am very aware of course, of our world health challenge, if you will going on. And a lot of us are in various countries or states in the U S or wherever you're at, where it seems like there's a lot of challenge going on for a lot of people. I like to look at this as an awakening time, and I hope you can also see a point of view like that. This is a great time to reflect, maybe adapt how you run your business and really realize that you can thrive during this time. A lot of people are,

especially if you're an online business owner or an entrepreneur, even if you're in a job and maybe the job isn't going on right now, or in a brick and mortar business, you can find ways to soar. And to remember that your sources apply as the universe, not just the job, not just the business that you have, but the universe is your source. And today's a day. One of the masterclass at three days,

we're going to go through will help you thrive. It'll help you soar during this time. Especially if you do have a customer client based business, you're really gonna find some great little golden nuggets as we go throughout the masterclass here in now.

So I hope we're really excited and ready to kick some butt and do some great things all together here. So we are recording this. Somebody RDS are recording cause the Internet's a little choppy. Absolutely. I'll be, uh, hopefully whenever zoom webinar process are recording, I'll be sending that right out to you. So you got it. And you can go ahead and look back. I hope you've already gotten the PDF workbook as well.

Check your email if you haven't. I sent that out to everybody again. That's right in the email. So go ahead and let's go ahead and start with, go into the chat box there. If you want to say your first name and maybe where you're from, whether it's the United States here or a different country.

And remember on the bottom there, you're going to want to put to all panelists and attendees. You have to like click that little down arrow or else I'm only going to be able to see it if you only have all panelists. So go ahead at the very bottom there you had to click all panelists and attendees that little down arrow, then put your name and where you're from. And while you're doing that, I'll go ahead and start sharing my screen here so we can get started right away. Um, really good. And we have a lot of different countries. We already have over 175 people on today and we have a lot more, um, attending in the next five minutes. Usually happens for a couple of people.

Come in a little bit late here. So, uh, really quick, we have a lot of people from Virginia, Texas, Washington, DC, Arizona, UK, Nebraska, Texas, Florida, uh, Bermuda, Ohio Vegas, Vienna, India, Utah, South Africa, Vegas, Denver, Detroit, Colorado, Illinois, Denver. Great. Uh, okay. Oh, California. I used to live in a Los Angeles dinner. A couple of you from Los Angeles, Atlanta, Georgia, Nebraska, North Carolina, Germany, upstate New York, Oregon, Morgantown, Virginia, Atlanta, Illinois. We've got a lot of people in today. So this is really good. All right.

So for today we're going to getting into something that's going to be really quite miraculous and we're going to keep the pace going. Today's masterclass is going to be very, very quick if you will, but you're going to be able to understand everything. It's going to be a lot of fun going through the content day two and day three, which is tomorrow, Wednesday. And then the third days on Thursday of this week, March 26, I'm going to slow it way down and the coolest part about it on Wednesday and Thursday of this week, I'm doing the exercises with you that are going to change your business like night and day. They're going to start to make quantum leaps forward because we're going to do the exercises and apply the content together. It's going to be really awesome. I'm going to give you manifestation music.

I'm going to give you a PDF that has a set of advanced exercises. They're going to allow you to participate in actually do it. So by Friday of this week, I want every person that's going through this three-day masterclass to attract more customers and clients by Friday, that gives us three days to really diligently work. And of course by Friday, if you get some new clients and customers that much more money flow is going to be coming in, and then you can repeat the process over and over for the next couple of weeks into April of 2020 as well, and use this stuff over and over and over as well. Okay. So I really want you to stick with me.

It's as much as we can throughout today. Even if you have to get up and like walk around, you know, or just keep yourself tuned in whatever you have to do, fill out the PDF as we're going through. I'll help you do that as well. Then tomorrow I'll send you that workbook and then Thursday I'll send you that workbook. So we are ready to go. You have everything in writing pictures, visuals, everything as well. I encourage you to take a lot of notes as we're going through the masterclass today.

So sometimes I'm going to have my video off so you can really pay attention to the screen. I'll be jumping back on video, jumping off the video. So we'll keep you a little bit more tuned in to the content when we want to be tuned into the content when we're going through here. All right. So let's go ahead and rock and roll. If you are ready to rock,

put a number one into the chat box there, just so I could see if everyone's ready to go and then we'll be doing some Q and a at the very end. So if you do have questions or anything like that, I'll go ahead and get those questions covered for you tomorrow or tonight, tomorrow. And then Thursday is going to be very interactive with me. It's going to be like a mini coaching call as well. And maybe it'll help you personally with a lot of the questions that you might have for your business clientele, manifestation, process, attraction, whatever it is. All right, so let's go ahead and rock and roll. I'm gonna turn off my video here. Of course, I'm still here audio wise,

but we're going to be going through the actual content here in now. So go ahead and throw a number one. If you are ready to rock and roll and let's do it. So the big idea here, Michael, for you over the next three days. So basically again today, tomorrow and Thursday is providing you everything you need so that you can attract a manifest many more new customers with more ease and speed immediately. So the big key here is everything.

I want you to have every little thing, directions, guidance, uh, key points, everything you need to attract many more, not just like one by Friday, even if you've been learning and trying manifestation for many years now and how to do it all with consistency and predictability, it's going to be really good. This training's the real deal. I really want you to pay attention as much as you can to this because this training, a lot of people even pay me upwards of $20,000 in my private clients for this exact training we're going to be going through in the next three days. The manifestation techniques and methods that you're about to discover are the exact same techniques that I've used to personally attract over 150 high ticket clients paying between 6,000 and $20,000 and 300 plus more clients paying $50 in just a few years. Okay? So this is really, really important that you realize, again, I'm not just doing it from some book. It's not from some YouTube videos I've been studying for many years.

This is from my experience. That's really helped me earn a lot of money. That's helped me attract a lot of people and it's pretty easy. And a lot of my clients and people that are with me are experiencing that as well. It's like clients will start to become a magnet magnetised towards you so easily. And it's for, if you have a $50 product, do you have a $5,000 product or like me have a $20,000 product, it doesn't matter how, how much you price your service, your product, or whatever it is. You can win and you can win big using this information here.

All right. So let's keep going here into the area content. Now, here I am obviously with, um, Proctor, some of you know who Bob Proctor is, who's featured in the secret. I consider him the master teacher of prosperity in this current day, but truly I became one of his top coaches just from the things you're going to see today. So again, everything that I'm showing you is from personal experience and not only me, who's winning, but also my client.

So you can see all my clients are going to pop on here. Um, they're just through our membership program. That's very low amount of financial investment, but they, they win and they win big and like right there, John earned and manifested 6,000 and basically 24 hours as well as others popping on the screen here. So basically you're going to become a money magnet.

I want you to become a money maker machine. I want you to attract a lot of clients and that's what the training's all about for the next three days. Pretty exciting. Okay. So of course it's again, proven and everything you're seeing here. It's going to be a great process. It's going to provide you a lot of consistency as well. All right. So as we go through here, just want to give you a quick overview of what today is. We're going to go through why you can thrive and manifest so much good right now, regardless of what's going on in the world, we're going to go through the five core steps of attracting and manifesting many more clients filling in some missing links for you.

You're going to see a lot of content today. You've never seen before, whether into self-help material or not, or you've listened into secret Abraham Hicks, manifestation, whatever it is. You're going to see a lot of content here that you really never seen before piece together. How to activate becoming a magnet for clients,

what that looks like opening more channels for people to find you. Then tomorrow and Thursday, Thursdays, I mentioned, it's going to be very deep, advanced exercises. They're still very easy to handle. It's very easy to go through if you will, but it's going to be a lot of at the same time, but those are very advanced. Uh, so you can really look forward to that over the coming days as well. All right. So let's keep going through here all the way to the content.

So stick with me to the end of day number one today, and I'll provide you everything you need for day two and day three. As you saw and read in the emails, you're going to get the links for Wednesday, Thursday, the webinar, you're going to get the PDFs as well. And I'm going to give you all of that. And I'll also be providing advanced notes for you to use immediately. So you can start attracting customers right away.

So basically right after at the very end of this, I'm going to give you some advanced techniques to do between now and tomorrow. So you can literally get results as soon as possible. Like, I want you to have a new customer come in or a new high ticket client by tonight or tomorrow morning. Okay. That's how fast I want to help you get results. Now that's kind of a disclaimer that not everyone's going to be able to do that, but we're going to try and do it as fast as possible.

So I don't want you to manifest new clients in like 90 days. I want you to do it now. I want you to do it immediately because really that's the power of our mind. We can do it. Now, if you follow the exercises that we're about to go through, that's the power of what we're going through it as well today. So it's gonna be really good.

So before we get started here as a couple of quick notes, remember these techniques and manifestation are not magic. Okay? A lot of people say manifestation, it's like this invisible stuff that you're just going to have money up here on the table or something like gold bars. It just doesn't work like that. You really truly do have to do the work. It's, it's kind of like a cliche nowadays, the law of attraction and different things. It's really important to remember. It's not magic. Okay. This is a process.

This is a natural scientific process on how you can actually start to pull by actually being in the right energy or what we call right. Frequency to attract those clients. Okay. So if you have a high ticket program, you have a low ticket program. Doesn't matter.

Just remember it's going to require work. You have to stay the whole time today. You have to go through the action items, any kind of get to. So I want you to feel like it's a really good process to go through, but remember, it's going to take some work. Okay.

This isn't some magic pill that you're just going to earn like $3 million by attending the masterclass today and tomorrow and Thursday. Okay. Just very, very important that you remember. It's not a magic process. We still have to do some work here and our results. Aren't typical. So, you know, if you get results from this, isn't going to be solely up to you. And I really want you to remember that as well.

You can have the ability to see immediate results. Like I said, by tonight and tomorrow, having new customers come in, but also seeing the long-term results will be, will come from being consistent with these exercises and action items. We're about to discuss it took me some time to get to where I'm at today.

So again, many of you know who I am, but I'm one of the top coaches of Bob Proctor today. I live in Miami now, but I'm from upstate New York originally. Can I live in the sweet little penthouse? Okay. But I wasn't always here. And I mentioned all those great results I've had before. Not in an ego way. I just want to let you know that I've lived it. And I've also been on the other side.

I've also been on the side where it's been a struggle. It's been very hard to bring in. Clients has been very, to attract the right customers. It's been very hard in the money flow. I was reading all the books, all the personal development I read, think and grow rich parts of conscious mind, all of these cool books of the books you see behind me, all the YouTube videos, audio books on audible. Okay. But it wasn't always easy for me. It was very hard actually. And very daunting. I have actually never showed this photo. And this was the first time.

And I really want you to see some of my story before we go into this. K, because again, if you feel like you've ever struggled, manifestation, getting consistent results, I've been there. Okay. This is where I used to live in Los Angeles, California. I had a mattress on the ground. As you can see from the photos on left-hand side, there used to print out photos of people that inspired me almost like a vision board, put them on the wall. You could kind of see the pictures.

I know it's a little blurry, but there's Steve jobs on there. Richard Branson, Jim Roan, Wayne Dyer, Lez brown, Elon Musk, and a lot of others Ziglar in different things. Right. Um, and he could see right there.

Actually the book on my low nightstand is the Alchemist. I would read a lot of books. I do a lot of things. And man, I was trying, this is what my desk looked like. It was this wooden old desk. Okay. Old laptop, some books that you can see right there.

And the why that blankets kind of over the books was because I was trying to do some recording. I was trying to inspire us in a direct sales business at the time. And I was trying to produce some audios and deliver them to my team and everything. And that was actually the best sounds that I can do without purchasing all that stuff. Cause I didn't have a lot of money at the time. So this was very challenging. It was like a dark time for me during this time they can see in these photos.

So I've been in a place where I could not consistently manifest. And now I'm in a place where I can. And the three-day masterclass, these three days is helping bridge that gap. What am I doing?

What are my clients doing to help produce the results that we're looking for? Okay. So if you've ever felt like me or you actually live in a place like this have ever, or still today throw a number two into the chat box there, just to see if any of this resonates so far. Okay. A lot of us have been through, you know, those little dark times and that can be really tough. I was reading all those self-help books.

I watch all the personal development videos I was doing all I could, I was trying really hard and I had a lot of mental and spiritual progress, but I just couldn't seem to get physical progress going consistently. Then one day hit me. I wasn't applying it. I just knew it. I always said, you know what? There's something I'm not actually doing the information.

I'm not actually living thinking or rich. I'm not living Abraham Hicks material. I'm not living what Bob Proctor teaches. I'm just reading all these books and hoping things will change. It hit me hard one day. And I said, that's it, that's the key of why this isn't working as much as I want. I was trying to be successful in business and manifest what I desired by just consumed knowledge. And I wasn't doing anything with it.

And out of my darkest hours came my biggest breakthrough instead of reading and watching more experiment with applying all the content systematically and bone that I became a top coach under Bob Proctor within six months. So I stopped watching all the YouTube videos I stopped consuming. I stopped being in that mode of reading all the quotes and different things. I just started to apply.

I started to experiment what would happen if I started to apply some of this information and what results can I get from that? Not only did I come, uh, uh, big Bob Proctor coach, a few all top in the top of the world, by starting to attract spiritual friends, all the people that you see here are some of the top consultants from Bob Proctor and to what you call his inner circle. So I started to manifest a lot of success. I got a silver pin award, as you can see, there's only 3, 4, 5 of us that actually got this at that time. And that was like a huge thing for me because what that means is you can manifest this year.

You're manifesting levels of success beyond everybody else in this world. And therefore Bob rewards you by getting a silver pin recognition. That's what this was right here. So I started to manifest, I start to systemize everything. And again, that's what we're going through in the next three days here is that system.

What did I do? What are my clients doing to manifest all this good stuff into our lives? Especially those new customers and clients. I actually spoke on Bob stage as well. And there was a dream of mine to always do, was actually get on stage in front of hundreds of people and actually teach them on Bob stage, how to manifest, how to enroll clients, how to get in flow. And that was pretty incredible at the time. And I kept improving my system.

I kept improving how and what I was attracting. I started to really increase what I was attracting, including just running into less brown. As you can see in that middle photo, in whole foods here in Miami, just randomly one day I wrote it down. I wanted to attract these personal development speakers into my life.

I wanted to talk to them. Boom. Within a couple of weeks, I saw Les brown and I demon lived in Miami at the time. Okay. You can manifest anything you want. It's okay. Just the process. As long as you activate it, it can happen top right hand corner. You can see some of my clients and his reading, Dina and Susan that I can see in person manifesting these very million dollar round tables with Bob Proctor on the top left hand corner.

And that's actually my view from my penthouse here in Miami. So again, I don't mean this to provide some ego, but again, this is everything I'm showing you today is how those results are coming in for me and attracting all those clients and customers and all that good stuff. Okay. Imagine yourself manifesting what you decided for the next few years, what that would look like. If my clients are winning from using the same system, I'm going to provide you over the next three days, including today you can win two. And here's some more of my clients. We just did a five day challenge. Some of you are on this here and you're here.

In fact, you might be pictured here on the screen of the screenshot. We did five day challenge last month. And we had over 50 people manifest a thousand dollars in less than five days. The same information I gave in February. I'm giving today only it's going to relate to customers and clients. Okay? So it's not just me. That's winning again. We just did this 30 days ago, this exact same information and all these clients one big and they're all manifesting huge big chunks of change.

Now imagine during this time thriving, imagine if you can manifest twenty-five hundred bucks like Amy did, or like the other stead, okay. You can using this information. Here's a big, critical factor. And here's where you want to start taking some notes. If you have your PDF printed out as well. Okay?

Most people know about terms of manifestation, law of attraction. Self-image they know about it intellectually, but knowing doesn't produce results. There's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.

This is actually from one of my favorite characters in the movie, the matrix it's Morpheus, if you know the matrix, okay. It talks about there's a difference between walking the, knowing the path and walking the path. There's a difference between studying personal development and actually the key to manifesting and applying the information today's can be completely all about applying and actually walking the path and not just knowing more and to intellectually applying the knowledge and walking the path is key.

And when you do, you'll start to win in a win in a big way. So here's a couple of quick notes. As you can see on the PDF, this is step one on the PDF there. So if you flip to the second page,

you'll see a little space to start filling in some misconceptions and things around manifestation. Okay? Most people feel they've learned this. They know it. They talk about it. They know about affirmations. They know about visualization. They know about gratitude. They know about these things, okay,

but they're actually not doing it consistently in the right way. Sometimes two people can do affirmations. One can win in one camp. Why? Because there's other things that go behind it, especially the feeling is the key. We're going to be talking about that today. Your vibration, many more, keep reading a lot of books, YouTube videos, all that good stuff, but they're looking for answers outside of themselves.

They're looking for answers outside of themselves. A great thing to write down the answer is closing your eyes, visualizing actually changing your consciousness. When you start to change our consciousness around clients and customers, that's when everything drastically changed, don't look for answers outside. Look for answers within. And we'll talk about that deeply and many are trying to manifest, but then don't see results like by tonight. So they think it's not working.

They think law of attraction is not working well. The laws are always working. The manifestation is always working. It's like law of gravity. It just doesn't work for one person. One day in another,

all the laws are always working. It's just, if you're in harmony with them and you know, kind of how to be in harmony with them, that's what you're going to learn as well. Over the next three days. And many of people are doing it without a system. They don't have an organization. They just have a lot of knowledge.

They have a lot of stuff, but they're really, truly not actually applying all the material. Cause a lot of frustration. We don't want to be there. And throughout the next three days, you won't be there. In fact, you're going to be somewhere so drastically different that you're going to start to be your full potential. That's what we're talking about today.

I don't want you to be here. I want you to be somewhere else where you're making a quantum leap in success and sales your business. And certainly can do that through this information. So manifesting is activating the invisible ideas you have within so they can naturally flow to you in the physical realm is a great opportunity to take your cameras out on your phone, take a screenshot of this, or take a screenshot on your laptop or whatever it is.

This is what manifesting is. It's not magic. It's activating the visible ideas you have within. So it can naturally flow too to you in the physical realm. So you can actually start to attract to a bridge of incidents. We're going to cover what that means in the coming slides here so that you can naturally start to be a magnet for good it things don't magically appear.

You don't visualize and open your eyes and expect things to happen. What you do instead. It's actually activating the energy fields of frequency so that you can be in harmony with those clients. And then tonight, tomorrow the next day you'll be at the right place at the right time. What people call divine timing. You'll be at the right place at the right time to receive that next client to receive the next customer. And that's how this stuff happens. So it's not magic.

It's activating. Is that going on within so it can naturally hello to you on the outside. Key word is naturally flow. Okay. Really good here. And we're manifesting every moment of every day. It's just a matter of manifesting results. We do want or results we don't want. And in fact, this masterclass right here is a manifestation that you brought upon yourself.

And that's really part of this as well. Manifesting what we do want can be put into a system that will produce consistent results and always be a desirable result as well. So let's jump right into it. If you're ready to rock and roll, we're going to get into some content here. So go ahead and put a number three into the chat box.

If you're ready to rock and roll, we're going to start with going through the five core concepts. I just, I want you to get like a big picture overview first, and then we're going to slowly go through each one and then we're going to start to learn what is it going to be to take, to be actually a magnet for those clients and customers? Uh, pretty good stuff. So I just want to give you an overview that allows your mind to see a big picture view. And then the big picture view we're going to zone into each one of the steps and actually how to do it. And actually this is number two on the section in your PDF on the five core steps to write down. So go ahead and write down the five core steps on the next slide, but go ahead and throw a number three into the chat box. If you are ready to go.

And everything's making sense so far. Okay. See tons and tons of threes coming in. Great. And I thought somebody say, let's go, okay, let's go. Let's definitely, let's go into our next slide.

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