How to access quick cash for your business and be safe in the process

How to access quick cash for your business and be safe in the process

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Back and so we are live so everyone, say hi Facebook. Oh, first. Time I'm on Facebook, how about, that. Exciting. Yeah, all right so we're gonna go ahead and we'll start recording the podcast episode. For all of you listening we I will, post probably. Friday or Saturday, when. Our next this episode, will air so you can go download it and subscribe, as well, as share some nuggets. Of information that. Both these beauties shared during, our interview. That will also be available so let me go ahead and get us started here. All. Right hello, listeners, and welcome, back to another episode, of. Lead. Up for women speak up to lead up we're using, your voice is empowering. I've. Never said that before but it just sounded really good today so. I'm really excited because, I. Live, in Arizona and, most of you know that, we are in like phase three of the, lockdown meaning. That we are kind, of back to a, new, kind of normal I guess I would, say so. Restaurants. Are open. Cafes. Are open. Hairdressers. Are open, haven't, made my appointment yet nail salons, are open, so. We have a lot of businesses, that are coming back and emerging out of this really strong and so, my hope is by the end of the year, we, will all be, back to what, we call that new normal. So, today, what I wanted to talk about on, our, podcast, with. Our guests that we have we have stormy, Scott and we, have Katie silversmith. I'm gonna give them a chance to just say a quick hi to all of our listeners ladies. Hello. Happy. To be here. So. We're gonna get to interviewing, them in a moment but, what we want to talk about today is. We. All remember, the influx, of the millions, and trillions of dollars for, the PPP, loans the, idle loans, some of us qualified, some of us did not qualify there are a lot of rules and regulations around, that so what. Now so how do you get cash we're. Going to talk about that, how to get quick credit for. Your business we're, also going to be talking about how. You, can be, safe with having a home-based business most. Of us use, our home addresses is that the smart way to go so. We're going to be talking about how we can, be, safer, with, our businesses, and I'm really excited to be discussing, that today but, first of all I just wanted to cover we have a few. Teaching. Tuesday, webinars, coming up in June 3, I don't know if any of you remember but we used to do one, teaching. Tuesday a month on the second Tuesday and, coming, up in June we have three so Stormies gonna talk a little bit about our first webinar on June 2nd, when we get to interviewing, her and we're gonna talk about and. Do a webinar on how to. Be able to get that cash so stormy, Scott is gonna be our host for that so, that is a definite, you need to, attend I don't care if you don't even need cash for your business right now the. Opportunity. To understand, how you can get cash for your business, that's. What's important, how to get the funding, how to get the funding I like to say without putting yourself in that quote-unquote banks box are. You this yes, are you this no, are you that yes, oh sorry, you don't qualify here's, your paperwork by you, know this is a different opportunity, so I'm excited for me to host that on. June 2nd, and then on June 9th, Roseanna. Berardi's, gonna be teaching us how to turn our businesses, and the money-making machines, post kovat, very. Important, one to attend again all of these are free so, I invite, all of you listeners, if you're listening to me right now and, this is your first time or maybe you've listened, to our episodes, in the past and you haven't gone over to our website it's very easy to find us we are everywhere, lead, up for women and all you have to do is click on register, for the free event and then, show up and most. Of the time every single one of our hosts make, a free offer for, you, to be able to attend. A webinar or, something, like that or consultation. With them or free, downloads, you know it varies on June 23rd, Patti, TRO see this is a really, important one too I you know they're all so unique, so. This next one is going to be about how to be camera, so, how, do you video yourself on camera how do you get those disbeliefs, out of your head that you're not pretty enough you're not talking eloquently, enough, people, you're not framed right people aren't paying attention to you you don't know what to say words, to start flowing, out of your mouth how are you able to kind. Of set those aside. She has a formula, and it's called simple, and she, actually, goes, through the s the I the M the P the l and the e and, this is a lady who's been you, know 2530, years as an actress she was on cutting light, she's been on several other shows we might as well learn from the experts, so she's gonna be hosting our fourth, teaching. Tuesday, fourth Tuesday teaching. Tuesday which is our third one in June all right enough, about that, let's. Oh wait, I want to win - one more thing we're, back out on sanctuary so, I am like overwhelmed.

At All of the response we have gotten from our event so we have one more person event, left, this year and it's gonna be hosted in Dallas Texas and it's, our sanctuary, and for those of you that haven't been we're. Getting a promo video out so you can see that really really soon and it's. All about mind body soul how do you take what has happened, now because we're gonna be pivoting, and bringing in some other facilitators, how, do we take what has happened, and how are we able to learn and grow and emerge, from this strong like how can we take our businesses, to the next level I've talked with so many women and they, are growing. Like, exponentially. Right now through, this. Through. This pandemic, this unprecedented, time, has actually been a gift for so many people so, I'm very excited about. About. That and I. Welcome, all of you to go apply you can just click on the events section click on the sanctuary it's 4 days and 3 nights we, have a celebrity chef we. Have yoga, every morning we. Have about 5 to 7 workshops, we're, talking like intense, intense. Shedding. Of layers and disbeliefs. And then growth and then, the real transformation happens, in the four week post coaching, that, we get afterwards, because now we are gonna hold you accountable for, everything you said you're gonna do thanks. I know. Scary part right okay. So, moving on now I want, to get to my first guest uh who, is Katie silversmith, so Katie welcome, to our show. I'm very excited, to have you here today, so Katie is a licensed. Clinical social worker, but, most, importantly, she's the founder of, thrive, CO and she's, out in st. Louis Missouri and I. I. Love, how quickly she, contacted, me when we went into this pandemic, with. Her. Pivot so imagine. You own a co-working, space this, is in person, physical, I show. Up at, a co-working. Space and that is my quote-unquote, office, that I'm renting well, now there's the necessary. Stay, at home so. Everyone's. Staying at home what, does that look like Katie. At your. Building. When, it there stay at home orders is anybody, there that's. A great question so it's, been interesting so our st. home order was lifted earlier, and May and we. Actually throughout. The stay at home order stayed, open because we have essential businesses, that operate out of the red code but. You know it was kind, of all over the map very. Few people were coming, for sure only. The people that really need it too and the vast majority were staying home but we, really, pivoted, fast and hard to, shift our whole model online I, mean. Obviously we still have the physical space and that's available for our members but we, our. Mission, is to provide companies with access, the things that they need to be successful we. Thought when do they need it more than now right, so, we launched an access series, online for, entrepreneurs, and business owners to help them get access to like business, tips and strategies, from experts, in all different fields to, help them be able to grow pivot, and actually thrive, during this time. So, we've been super busy and our members have been really I would, say even more engaged than pre kovin with, our new model, and we. Launched the virtual office membership. Which we've partnered with lido for women on, to, really give.

People A way it's have safety, and security in their business and an extra layer of protection and have, a prestigious, physical, address get, all of their mail taken, care of we. Open, it scan it and email it to you or forward it depending, on what you need and, to, just how about that, extra protection because, so many small businesses. Use. Their home address like the owners use their home address for their business and there's so much legal risk there if, you run into any legal, issues or banking, issues a lot of times it comes down to that where's. Your address and if, it's linked to your home address your personal assets can be a risk and so. Yeah. We just thought there was a huge need and that the response, has been significant. We've, been so excited and, definitely. Continuing. Or furthering, our mission and the work that we're doing so. Thank. You for sharing that with our listeners I wanted. To ask you a question let's go roll it back to, the, very first, point, when. We were. Quarantined. To our homes and, the lock don't happen which was like the first or second week I think of March. What. Was kind of your your moment, when you realized, oh no. This. Is gonna be a problem for us what happened, in that moment you know when you were just thinking okay something. Has to happen I didn't realize that it we were gonna get here. That's. A great question I can't remember the exact moment but, around that time I was just realizing. So. I'm a social worker as you mentioned, and my whole. Drive is really to help people solve problems I'm, different on different levels, and as I started, having. More calls with members that week and. Just to check in on them and see how they were doing I was, hearing that things were really really. Hard right businesses. Were already, depending. On the industries, they were in they're already being hit really really hard and so it, just, made me I mean I'm somebody that when I feel the pressure a jump in action, and that just made me realize that okay. They, need something different right now you know we've been used to doing all these live events we can't do it, can we give. Them access the things they need but in a way that's manageable, for them doesn't overwhelm them, that, they can opt into and, still. Feel like they have a community standing behind them and I'm, really, excited to report that we really haven't lost any members so. We we have one, that's not renewing, due to finances, but, we're working with her and, trying. To keep her on pro, bono because we just want people to be a part you. Know have access to the things that they need during. A time when, people, need it the most. So. Our membership, base has been holding strong and actually. Just leaning on each other for support and, it's. Been amazing. It's only actually. Furthered our community, so it's been good even. Though there's so much hardship I should say obviously, in, the, world at least these business owners have each other to kind of lean on yeah. And. We can't overlook the hardships, it's good to certainly.

Acknowledge That. But. I love your drive for action, so I want to anchor in your point of helping. People solve problems and. In helping people solve problems, tell our listeners, when. You created, thrive, Co and that became, a thing, what, was the intention, on helping people solve a problem, through creating, that space. Yeah. I think. So. I am a social worker so I come from a little bit of a different lens but. Basically. You. Know my husband and I have both been business, owners and, seeing. Not. Just for us but friends, and family that we know that our business, owners there's such a lack of support, right there's you, it's, it's. All who you know and whether you have family, members that have owned businesses, before and the barrier to entry is really significant. And a lot of small businesses, fail, right, they a vast, majority do and so, I. Actually. Applied. The social dork model. Of wraparound. Services, which is you, know in social work if somebody comes to see a social worker for a problem let's say an addiction, the social worker would work with the whole. Environment. Surrounding. The individual, in a dish that individual to try and solve a problem right so it's working with the family it's working with their their work it's making, sure they have access to food and shelter and all. The things that they would need that they can solve this problem so we took the. Same approach for thrive, Quebec for small businesses, to to, give them access that things that they need so, not only do they have events, where they're learning from experts but they have access. To literally any business, service that they need their, partnerships, that we've made a. Free. Or reduced cost so, whether it be legal, or, accounting. Or. Marketing. Or whatever the need is they have they have access to that. So. It's just this whole we also funding partners so, we have venture. Capital, and small business loans and accelerators, that have partnered with us so. It's really this one-stop, shop for them to have access to everything, they need to grow their business, and. There was a very clear need we actually we opened in January. 2019. Before. We opened we had sold out and, so we expanded, before we open to get more space and we did our second expansion in November of 2019. So, there's, been a huge response, from the community of this kind of model and. We. Don't know of another that's doing it in this way so yeah, and I know you're in st. Louis so those, listeners, that are listening globally, or in other states, they. Are not able to participate, on. The level of physically, having a space in thrive Co unless, they travel, and they're, utilizing, that as an office for when they travel, because they may have clients, in the area but let's talk about how you've now. Created. A. Community, within. Thrive, Cove for business, owners to thrive and, the, additional, resources, you've, made available such as the. Address because that's you know something. That I, wanted to bring forward to our community, because there. Are so many women business, owners within lead up for women and it's very important, for them to be educated, and understanding like, you said a little, bit earlier you touched on why, it's so important, to, not use your home address, is the business address so touch little bit more on the. Resources, that you've now created, that. Really can be nationally. Yes. So. The virtual office, membership. Is our new newest, membership, and that is available to anyone nationally. And basically. It gives you a prestigious. Physical. Mailing address mail. Services, so you can get your mail delivered to you in all sorts of different ways whatever is the easiest for you, it, definitely gives you access to meeting rooms when you're in town and you need that and. A. Host, of other business services for example II partnered with Chicana Hughes who's the owner of the Szabo group which. Is a virtual, assistance agency, run, by women entirely. Women, women. To run and operate it so and. They work nationally. With a lot of women-owned, businesses, and so we've. Partnered them for phone answering services, as. Well so it's really it's. Giving, you all the cool things about, an office or co-working space but don't need to work from home which is what the vast majority of business owners are doing right now right.

But. The reason that this is so important from the agile standpoint, is there. Definitely, a number of risks using your home address so we touched on just the legal. Aspect. Of if you ever. Unfortunately. Are facing, this lawsuit of some kind. It. Can be it can really muddy the waters to, have your, home address listed. As your business address and have everything tied to your home, because. If they're going after your assets it can be confusing what's your personal, and what's your business address if your assets. If you're using the same address there, can be a lot of crossover there so, experts, really recommend, separating, the two as much as you can separate, bank accounts, separate addresses all. Those things Colleen. You and I talked about how difficult, certain. Banking, processes. Can be if you're using your home address for, business like. Getting loans and, maybe. Stormy can speak more to that but it's. Definitely it. Can be a challenge, you can be denied certain, things because you don't have a physical address for your business a lot, of people turn to Pio boxes, and those have their own challenges, with Pio boxes, you can get all forms of mail you, often cannot get packages, of any kind. And, they're really restrictive and you're the one having to physically go and pick up your mail. Which. Is not the situation with us that's all taken care of for you so. Um, and, a, lot of places, I mean I think that there's a certain level of prestige that comes from having a real physical, address over a PA box. The. Other thing is that if you whatever, is listed as your business address is public, record so, if you don't want your clients, showing up at your home thinking, they, can just do walk-in, appointments with, you or whatever, the. Services that you offer maybe. You don't list your home address is your business address, so. There's there's, a lot of things I think, kind. Of pitfalls that you can avoid by just getting, a different address for your business yeah. Yeah. You're absolutely right, I, personally. Have, been on. The struggle bus when it comes to. Filing. As a women-owned. Organization. And. They, didn't like the peel box and so, you had to have a physical address so if you try and use the physical address of the peel box that doesn't work and so we've had to refil.

Probably. Four or five times and, still. Haven't had. It approved, it, keeps getting kicked back so the, government, you know through the Small Business Association, they're, especially. Sensitive to, the. Types of addresses that you're using so I think you make a very valid, point and, that, we need to make sure that women, are educating, themselves in understanding, the liabilities. That happen, with, using your home address and yeah I'll definitely have stormy, touch on you, know her background, and being in banking for all of the years that she's been in banking and understanding. You. Know separating. Yourself from personal. And business. Because most. Solopreneurs. Just, go after business, loans or do everything, from their home address everything, through their personal credit and so, they're not establishing. Any, type of residency. Or, credit. For their business, so I love, the marriage, that we have going on today in talking, about how important, it is to do that so, Katie, let's talk a little bit more. Quickly. To our listeners, how can, somebody, get. In contact with you if they wanted to look into understanding. How to utilize, your services like, Chicana, because. I've already looked into that we've already had the conversation I'm super excited to. Understand. Her packages, and what she offers for lead up for women you, know to be able to utilize her, her, offers, as well as you. Know how can someone again. That, physical, address and, contact. You to be able to get started on that and we have access, to your resources. Absolutely. It's super easy so, our, website is. WWF. Co-working. Comm and. If you go there there's, many. Places where you can hit contact, us and just. Type, in your interest. And it'll. Go right to me my, email is Katie it's arrived - co-working, comm so you can also reach out to me directly I will, say speaking. To the the, point. Of if you live outside of st. Louis having, a st. Louis address so we have folks that have signed on for that some. Have done it because they. Love the, location it's great to have their business be based there even if they're not physically, based there.

We're Actually number, one in the country for women-owned, startups, and. We're. In our, addresses Clayton, Missouri so, it's in within st. Louis County but, it's a very high-end, area and. Our the commercial, occupancy, rate, here was 99 percent in 2019, so it's kind of the business hub, there's, a lot of hustle and bustle going, on and it's kind of where everyone wants to be so. There's that piece to it, but. Others do it as a second, address or a third address to show that they have reach in other markets. Because. The truth is you kind of need if you want to target a new market, you kind of need a physical location to, do that or some legitimacy, for me to show up on Google searches if, somebody's, looking for what you do in st., Louis or in. The Midwest it, helps to have a physical location in that area, so we do have folks where this is their second or third address. As. Well so, so. This is option there yeah absolutely. So. Where, if you watch, us on Facebook you can find this video, for, under, lead up for women on Facebook and Katy is ka, TI, e at. Thrive. -, co-working, right. Calm, if you wanted to email her so I just want to make sure you knew, that if you were listening and you, can always go look up you know thrive. Thrive. Go online and, find them and they're in st. Louis I definitely, recommend for the low low low, entry. Price, to. Please make sure that you check this out because your safety, is important, how, you're setting up your business is important, the, addresses, that you're using for your business, are important. And it does give. You the opportunity, to show prestige, and, reach, in other. States. Especially if you have. An address in the st. Louis area I know I have so many women that are part of lead up for women in st. Louis and the. Numbers are growing so, it's a good opportunity for me the next time I'm in town and want to hold a luncheon. Or a gathering to do it at your co-working. Space it would only make sense especially, you, know if I haven't addressed there thank. You so I love, what you offer today Katie so thank you so much for being with us and don't go anywhere I know. Yes. Absolutely. All right stormy I call storming, the business credit guru. But. You know she. Just has had this, experience, in. Banking for so many years and what I love about her, Drive, and. About her passion, is that she went into doing what she does now with the company leverage, because, she didn't like being stuck in a box in, banki, and she, wanted to help all of these clients and was unable to, because. Of the rules, the. Black and white rules, that. The banking system has so. Leverage. Has actually, found a way around that. To. Be able to help women in the privacy, of their own home, be. Qualified. So. That they don't even have to worry about going down and applying and having that conversation they. Can be qualified, walk, in the door where one sheet of paper set, it down on the desk and say this, is how much I want to borrow and then, that makes it easier for, the bank to, then be able to work with them to lend them the money because they're already home qualify, and I'm sorry that I'm going on so much about this stormy but it's so exciting. For. Women, to be able to utilize so, welcome, to the show stormy, Scot thank. You for having me you can keep going I love it. All. Right stormy, I'm like totally. Jazzed. Up about this one so tell, me a look tell our listeners, a little bit about, your. Banking days so, let's get back as you're so young it's not like it's far all, right. So. Tell us about your banking days what, that was like why you started, you know working why you were at Wells Fargo why, you you know just talk a little bit about your history yes. So, I started off in the banking world like right out of high school and, I, started off with a very large financial institution. Like you said Wells Fargo and I, started off as a personal, banker and that's, when I really, got to start. The journey of helping, people financially, and learning, like, how it made me feel as a person being able to do that one. Of my favorite parts of my job during, that time was actually teaching financial literacy, classes I would, go to different businesses, and teach, classes, to their, employees. As well as different organizations. I've good homeless shelters, and speak to them from. Topics, from you, know how to create. A budget to how to prepare. Yourself to buy your first home how to build credit and so forth and I, just loved, that because you.

Know If somebody's. Going through school and, somebody. You, know didn't get, taught, certain things growing up but they didn't have those principles, growing up so, being able to go and be able to add that value I loved, it so I, just. Kept continuing, on with my banking, career worked my way up the ladder if you will and I, became a branch manager at a regional, bank and during. That time is, where I really got to build. Relationships, with small business owners you know I would go into their businesses, build. Relationship learn more about their business as well as you know they would come to me for certain things and, during. That time is where I really found out the struggle. That business, owners go, through every single day when it comes to obtaining financing. Like. You said that you there every single lender has their box and by that means the requirements, that you have to fit into and, my. Lender. At the time that I was with they. Were just very conservative, and I. Cannot. Tell you how many times like, I would. Have to deliver the bad news of unfortunately. They were declined, are only getting a portion, of what they would apply for and I, hated. That because, like. I said I built, that strong relationship with them and if you can just see their. Face like when they just fill with uncertainty, because obviously you're applying for a business loan or a line of credit to one. You're having maybe cash flow issues or you're, trying to expand, or whatever the case may be but you're not going, going. To apply for something just because you're doing it for a reason, so, I, just knew I wanted to be on the other side of that I wanted, to be on the side of doing. That financial, literacy and, supporting. Businesses and, not. Be the, bearer, of bad news so. That's where I decided that's. When actually I got introduced, to leverage, and like. Colleen said it amazingly, but you, know it allows, business, owners and property investors, the ability, to prequalify. Themselves. Against. Common commercial bake guidelines, and be able to find out if they could, get approved or not before. Going in and speaking with the banker and I. Mean, when. I was getting introduced, to the software, and late, colonists, Colleen said you get a one sheet of paper and with. That one sheet of paper it can be digested by, banker, within like less, than two minutes so it's a very quick it's written in Bank language for them to read and if, someone would have just walked in with that one piece of paper like I would have just been I would have fell out of my chair because, they're, doing something that's not being done in banking and that is they're walking in one, feeling empowered and, to their coming and prepared, and the. More people going in with, with that one sheet of paper and going and prepared, they're, gonna be very delighted of their outcome, rather than going and kind of not knowing not, knowing you. Know how much, can I get not. Knowing, how to prepare, themselves for, that conversation, with the lender to feel confident, this, changes, the game it, really does I'm I, can, go on forever I.

Love. The banking world in a way, to. Join leverage just to help help. Borrowers, become, empowered and. I. Love it I love it you're. Right it does change the banking. World and, what. Is, the we, all have a passion we. All have businesses, that we're running we. All want to continue, running these businesses but, what is the number one reason why businesses, fail stormy. It. Can't get access to the capital, no. Cash no cash. It's. You know it's it's we, talk about it all the time you have this passion. For this business and. You're gung-ho and, you jump into it you have a vision yeah, you really haven't put that vision down on paper or even if you did and you created a business plan, which, unless, you've gone for funding, maybe you haven't created a business plan because it wasn't required. For. You to get the funding, so, then you run your business and, before you know it you're wondering why you can't pay your bills and why there's not enough cash and. Women. Tend to under. Charge, for. What. Their, services. Are so let's just combo. Those we. Didn't. Really put a plan together and exactly, how much money we were going to receive based, on our goals every month in a business plan when we wrote because, we didn't apply for funding and now, we're under charging, for our services, of what were worth that, combination. Equals. Zero. Cash and. So. There. Is going to be come a time and I also look at this as, it's. Not like you it's not necessarily. In the time of crisis. I look. At it like we were just in right that is a time when everyone needed cash quickly however, let's. Talk about when it not a crisis, let's talk about how you, can establish, business. Credit, not. Personal. Credit, business. Credit let's talk about that stormy. Yeah. So I think it's very important, to separate, everything, I. Met, with a lot of business owners who would come in and they were very nervous to apply for anything business, credit because they didn't, know how to establish it, and that is something that we're really gonna dive in deep with our webinar, on. June. 2nd so we'll dive, in deeper there but that's, a very important, to separate everything I worked with a business owner who charged. Absolutely, everything, on her personal credit card and what. Happens, it's like okay well she wants to be able to grow her business it was actually I remember it was, on, she.

Walked The dogs and, she wanted. To grow and he eventually have like her own building, to be able to like, dog watch and so forth and she's, like I don't know how to do it and I don't know where to start and I, she. Applied for her first business credit card because she kept charging everything, and she started up very small I think but, like the limit was less, than thousand dollars it was very small because she had to start somewhere, and she, would charge just monthly, things I believe it was like dark dog treats honestly, she, would charge just little things here and there and pay it off every single month your, later, goes on and she's able to increase it and be, able to move forward and then later on she's able to apply for a huge, commercial, real estate loan, to be able to have that building that she wants but, it's all you. Know starting, point you have to start somewhere and I, know it's scary to go in debt especially. You, know on the personal, side it's very scared for people as well as starting a business and how to start that but you have to take the first step and I, always suggest the business credit card is a great way to go or. Once. You go to Duns and Bradstreet, and you get your you. Get your number and everything start. Sending up credit. Lines with your vendors that's, another really great way to start building credit, as well, but. Gotta. Start somewhere that's. A great suggestion, and, great, advice for all of our listeners because. Just. Take, action, yeah I always say show up for your business you are the one responsible and. If you want to continue impacting. The world and making, the changes that you are looking to make with your business whether it be dog, walking and, making the changes through the eyes of, the. Animals, and the owners of the animals, or whether it be you. Being a coach or owning, a co-working space and providing, business, owners the resources, they need you, can't do it without capital. And. So, there will be times, when, you need to be able to access that so be prepared. To be able to access that capital, so let me see that a great, point on that so, we are going to be doing a webinar actually, not we stormy.

Is Doing it just like our teaching Tuesday webinars, she, will be hosting, that our and. Stormy, let's talk a little bit about how they. Can get registered, for that webinar, yes. So I believe, colleague, is actually going to be sending out an email to all of you lovely ladies so you can register for, it it is going to be at 12 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, but. I'm going and register, I know it's coming up soon it's coming this upcoming Tuesday, which is shocking, and that is already June to me that, it's already coming. But. Yeah so once, she sends that out and I know we are also going to be posting on all social media platforms for it as well so you can also register there, yeah. So, then this is this step in the actions you need to take if you don't or if you're not already signed up for a lead up for women newsletter, my suggestion, is you go to our home page putting, your information and, sign up to get the free newsletter because that's gonna be going out tomorrow or go. Follow us on Instagram. LinkedIn. Twitter. You. Can follow us on Facebook, we're all over the place and we're gonna be marketing. It on social. Media as well and, I, know the link is a little bit long so I don't even know if theirs will, put it in this video we'll. Put the webinar details, in the comment section of this video so if you are listening and if, you are listening before. Tuesday. June, 2nd, at 9 a.m. Pacific Standard, Time because, you might be listening later, than that if you are listening to it, this episode. Then, you want to make sure to get signed up again. Ladies. We're. Offering, free advice, to. Everyone. To be able to build their, businesses, stronger. This, is this is, services. That, are smoked we're talking small, amounts, per month to, have a membership, to be able to separate, your business and your personal and have a different address we're, talking about the. Price. On the software is dirt. Cheap, and. So you have to come to the webinar, to get the special, discount, for, the, the webinar, price and so you want to make sure you're there but you, are the ones responsible to. Show up and be seen that's what lead up for women stands for it's about using, your voice it's about taking action, if you're, not gonna take action for your business, nobody, is, going to do it for you you. Have to take the action and I am consistently. Putting, people in front of you that, can assist, you with how, you grow, your business how. You are, safe with your address how you can, appear. With a prestigious. Reach, in having, multiple locations. For your business and have, a place. To go when you are in town for, your business and a mail service of having your mail sent to you so you don't have to worry about it stormy is talking about how, you build business credit so, you do have access to cash and it's very, important. I was at a webinar, once and I. Don't know a seminar, in person, back in the day when. We used to actually go, in person, and sit, in a you know an.

Actual Summit, right where it was a couple days long and when, a gentleman got up and spoke about how, you access, cash, for your business, on business, credit I have never seen more people pay. Attention, feverishly. Right as fast as they could when, he was going through slides, because, it's not, a common. Thing that people know how to do I I. Was. Totally, oblivious to understand. How to get business, credit when I first started. My, only knowledge, through. It because, of my history, in launching. Businesses, with CEOs, was SBA, loans because, these were big massive. Projects. Like, Katie's, right a big massive project, where you have to go in create, a business plan because, you're building out an entire. Facility. Which. Is what I was launching in the past so, if you're not building out an entire facility, and you're sitting at home what. Are your options for, you to grow your business, safely, acquire. Business, credit, we've, discussed it today. So. Stormy, thank, you so much for being with us was there any last words that you wanted to mention. Let me ask each one of you a question I'll start with you stormy, what is your most favorite. Part. Of doing what you do today, from. The bottom of your heart. Can. I tell story yeah. Okay. So, one. Of the clients, that I like was Rick I got really excited about being part of lunch because once you like, start hearing the stories, and have, the impact that you have on your clients, is amazing, so there, was a restaurant owner and, she was it was on. Female-owned. And she. Actually had a partner, right and she. Got to the point where she. Wanted. To buy that partner, out she wanted to do different things to her business and that partner was kind of like bogging, her down and being like no you can't you can't do XYZ and she, got to the point was like I want to buy him out but I have no idea how to go about it she would first time business owner and she. Was in business not. For two years yet I went to sue it was about a year and a half so she goes down to her, her, banker, and says, hey this is what I want to do well a lot of you may, know this may not but a lot of lenders. Do require that you have to be in business for at least two years before you can get. A bank, loan and so. We introduced. Her to the software, and she inputted, everything, and so she was going through and filling it out and you put in your business's income. And expenses, any add backs that you can add back and she would just want it she.

Was Looking for a line of credit to be. Able to buy the partner, out and you. Get to this big green button and clean you know what that button is and it says run analysis, and she. Got to that point and she just she didn't want to click it like she was kind of shaking because she just didn't think it was it was it you know she went to her bank and she got told no she, didn't think it was possible she had, stopped by and she just gasped. Like really. Loudly like, hands on the chest gasp and it was because the big huge green button showed up and it said yes you, are financeable, you have the revenue, you, can do a girl so. She. Got it on the phone, later, on that evening and, so, you get the leverage report, and you can email it so she emailed, it was able to connect with a lender in the Box, you, know that she fit in and was able to get the lending that she needed when she was so discouraged, that she didn't think she could and she was able to and, the. Reid that's why I love what I do because in, that situation she. May have closed, she. May have just been like this isn't worth it like I don't want to have another person controlling, my business, that I'm here 24/7. For and I. Love, like that's, why I'm here yeah. She, could have gone on feeling. Unempowered. Because. There, was disagreement and. She. Was doing, you know things that she maybe didn't want to do in the business so, yeah a great story stormy, thank you Katie, same, for you so tell us you, know why do you do what you do yeah, I think, at the end of the day it just comes down to my members, our members they are incredible. Inspiring. Hopeful. Badass. Able. To pivot and, I don't. Know they've just been super. Inspiring, to, me the whole way through and that's why I love what I do so, and you cater to men and women right yes, yeah, yeah, and I know so to stormy, and, but. You know we're I'm. Specifically. Talking to, females but, any males that are listening it's. Just as important, for you in the business but you know I want, women to understand, how, important, it is separate. Your personal from. Your business learn, how to get business credit i I, can't, offer anything, more than free. These webinars are, free I, understand. I understand. This one things it's very important, to me and I share this a lot your, time your. Energy and, your money are all currency. So. I wouldn't. Put, out a, webinar, that I didn't, feel was. Important. Enough for you to take 60. Minutes of an entire week. Or month, for. You to learn something new right. If learning, is beneath you then leadership, is beyond you you're creating, a community of, leaders, you. If you want to lead your business, and you want to make the impact you need to make then, you have to take the steps to do it and we're, offering you these opportunities, to learn more. So we will have Katie put her information in the comments section on Facebook same with stormy about the webinar, if you want to get more information on, the webinar all you have to do is follow us on social media you, can click and register, there you. Can sign up for our newsletter, before. Friday. I guess. So anyone on Facebook that's listening you, can sign up by the time this episode comes, out it'll probably be past Friday hopefully not, but. You still can follow us on social, media to be able to get. That locked up so ladies thank, you so much for helping. People solve problems, like. That's what you're doing. It's. Just the, most beautiful thing in the world so thank, you for being my guest today and I want to remind everyone that next, week we're gonna be going live on June. 2nd, after, the webinar we're gonna be interviewing Kelly, O'Neil she's, an international. Award-winning brand. Marketing, and profit strategists. Strategies. On profit, that, really goes along with what we're doing so what. Evan R at 9:00 a.m. and, then, you, can show up for the podcast at 11:00 a.m. and Kelly's, gonna talk a little bit more how been doing.

Use Um strategize, your profits, right how do you utilize your money and then Deborah Cappuccio, what I love about her is. She. Just, went from being a mom, wife and feeling. Like I don't know what to do with my life to let a Beachbody. Wealth builder, and she. Changed, her whole body around changed, her whole life around and her life's dream is, to change the lives of so. Many other women and now, that's what she does and she helps, them be empowered, to, build wealth and do the same so they can live life on their terms I'm very excited to to, bring both of those ladies on next week and as, we close today I just want to remind you to remember you are the only you that has ever been and, you. Are the only you that will ever be so. Think about that how, you live, your life is up to you so. My suggestion, would be be, you and be strong and take, action, you only have one time and one life to, be able to lead up and speak, up we'll, see you next week bye. See. You Facebook, say goodbye everybody, Oh. Herb.

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