How She Grew Her Business to $30k/m By Working Less & Shifting Her Identity

How She Grew Her Business to $30k/m By Working Less & Shifting Her Identity

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All right guys, welcome to a brand new episode of client interviews. Today. We have Louise booth. Luis is located in Sydney right now, but she's originally from the UK and, uh, Luis joined us about 11 months ago. And in 11 months she has gone from barely doing 5k a month in her business. I think it's a, it's an agency business where you have your market agency and you have clients that you deliver a service to, correct? Yep. That's right. Yep. So. From barely making 5k months to now consistently doing $30,000 months, basically six Xing her revenue. And as a result of that, it's unlocked,

you know, her being able to spend more time with her daughter and, um, many other things that we're gonna discuss today. So Louis, I'll let you introduce yourself a little bit about you. Anything that I might have missed. Yeah. So I'm Louise booth. Um, I'm living here in Sydney. I have three kids. They're uh, seven, five and two. Uh,

and I started my business in June or July, 2020. Gotcha. July, 2020. And he joined us in, uh, 2021. Yeah. Yeah. In a, around March, April, I think.

Yeah. March, March. I, I just looked at that. I was like, oh yeah, March. Yeah. Yeah. It's 11 months. So, um, what motivated you to get started with a business? I, okay. So it's actually a video that you did. Okay. I was thinking about it. And then, um, I saw a, that you did where you talked about, like, if you wanted to start your business, it's better for you to not be an employee. Like it's hard to be both people at the same time.

And that kind of made me realize it kind of solidified it in my mind that I'm, I'm gonna have to leave my job to really do this and to, to become a business owner and not be one foot in like corporate life and one for in business. And, uh, and then I, man, I essentially manifested leaving my job. Um, they decided to close the entire marketing department down, which was awesome. So it happened and then I could start my business and, yeah.

That's fantastic. So how did you like know that you wanted to start this business and were you considering other opportunities? Like what was your journey as an entrepreneur, even in the decision making process? What was that like? Uh, it was really messy. I'll be honest. It was messy. So I thought, well, I I've been in marketing for 17 years. Yeah. I've worked in a lot of large corporates. I've run marketing departments. Obviously I should run a marketing agency. Right.

And then I kind of started looking around and everyone was saying like, pick a niche, do one service to one nation. I'm like, all right, then I'll do Facebook answer dentist. It never thought. Everyone picks that. I feel like. Every right. And it never geed with me. And I had the most awful time.

Honestly, it was so hard to compete. It's such a saturated market. I had to do so much work just to even get on the phone with a dentist. I got all the run around from their receptionist. Finally got some clients before Christmas of that year. So from July until December, I finally got about four clients. And then with COVID and everything, I lost, 'em all just around Christmas time.

They were like, look, patients can't even come into the dental practice. They don't need more clients. So I lost all my clients and I was back to zero by January. Okay. And then how did it evolve from there? So then in January, my grandmother died, she was 101 and she was like a massive model in my life cuz she always lived her life. Um, doing whatever she was passionate about. Like she followed her joy essentially. And she was very wealthy.

She was an opera singer, flower ranger. I mean, she just did what made her happy. And uh, and then I was like, I can't do this anymore. And I'm, I think I'll work with accountants.

So I was still limited mindset of like one service to one niche. Um, so I started, uh, working with accountants and I felt really positive about it. I'm like, they're not really gonna be affected by COVID, I'll be able to do all my stuff. And then, and by the way, everything had been really rollercoaster with my emotions. As you can imagine with everything I went through and like all the pressure of like, I have to make this work. Like I need feed my family. How many kids? So how many kids did you have back then? Just like, oh.

Three, yeah, three, two in daycare and one in school and daycare fees are like, you know, not cheap, like having them in full time daycare and you know, rent and food and everything. And um, uh, yes, I started working with accountants. I felt really positive about it. I was getting a lot, lot of leads, a lot of new clients and then I just crashed. I was like, I don't even know how to get results for them. I don't really know what I'm doing. And I just hit such a low point, like so low. And that's when I kind of that's when I joined your program.

Gotcha. Gotcha. Okay. Okay. So from what I recall, when you joined the program, you said you were at the point where, you know, you were working hard, you were taking massive action. All of those things were in place, but you just didn't feel certain and confident in your ability. And I think one of the biggest things that I remember is you didn't feel confident in your ability to get your clients' results. Right. So how do you think that sort of affected you, uh, in acquiring clients, um, fulfilling your services and like, you know, how did your business change as a result of your mindset changing? Um, it was like, it was so tough. I can't tell you like to be, to have that much doubt, like that much self-doubt and to get up every day and do work for lines.

And I worked probably harder than I needed to like really long hours. I didn't see my kids. It was awful. Like they were just crying outside the door in my office, wanted me to make them breakfast and I'm like, no, no, I gotta, I gotta get results for these clients. Now I've made this promise to them. Like, I can't tell you how like heart wrenching. It was to see my kids crying all the time because I'm not with them. Yeah. And,

um, it really affected the relationship I had with my youngest one, cuz she was still very mummy at that age. Yeah. And um, you know, I did, I did my best with the, with the clients that I had. Like I tried everything and they were really nice about it. They were like, I didn't, a lot of them, I didn't get results for them. And they were like,

look, but you, you worked really hard. You tried really hard. It was like no bad kind of, you know, energy with them, but it just took everything out of me. I didn't have anything more, you know? Yeah. Uh, and I was like, I can't carry on like this can't carry on with this roller coaster of sometimes feeling like on top of the world and I can just do everything to then completely crashing down. Right. And I just wanted some consistency and I realized that like, while I'm good at manifesting events or things, I actually need to shift my personality. I can't be the same person that I.

Can. So what did you realize that it was you that like your personality and how you perceived the world? That was the problem and not like, oh, let's, let's just pick a different niche. Yeah. Yeah. I, I think because I'd already pivoted and I was like,

things haven't changed. It's kind of like when you think, oh I'm not happy in my life or I'll move house or I'll move to a different country and then the problem still follow you around. Eventually you realize don't you like this, isn't changing. Something's wrong with me and I'd see other, yeah. That's so huge. That is huge. Yeah.

And I'd see other entrepreneurs out there and they had, like, I had a mentor at the time that was like, you know, your problems in your business don't disappear when you become more successful, they probably get bigger, but you are a bigger person so that they don't don't seem as big. And I was like, well, other people have these problems and they're not on the floor. So there has to be something about me that I need to change. Totally. And even other areas of your life. Right. Like I think this is what Tony Robin says.

Like you don't have business problems, you have personal problems that reflect in your business and just cuz you grow in your business, doesn't mean these personal problems, whether this be with your marriage or your health, like just magically go away, you know, it's just like it, it's just inevitably waiting to bring you back to bring you down, but you keep suppressing it and like stuffing it away. Yeah. And um, and I've been doing a lot of like Dr. Joe dispenser meditation and the same problems with that. I can gain a really great state in the meditation, but soon as I come out of it, I I'm the same person with the same problem that they haven't moved forward. Right. If that makes sense. Yeah. Right.

So I guess what was your experience like going through the six weeks of the program? Like, because you were in a, in a particular situation at that exact point when you joined and then you made the decision to commit to this process of this internal growth. So as you through the program, like, can you, is there any like gradual shifts, was there a sudden shift? Like, you know, if you could describe your journey. I think that that would be pretty great. Yeah. So as I went through the program, I realized that, um, a lot of what you teach them was about doing certain things consistently. And that's what I needed was that consistency.

And I remember like talking to your team saying, I just wanna know what I need to do every day. I'll do it to help me shift who I am and not be at the victim of myself as it were. And so I was going through it. I was doing the exercises. I was doing the things every day. And I think what shifted, it's hard to remember what shifted initially. I think it was the fact that I wasn't holding on so tightly to everything, I kind of let go. I think it was a surrender, um,

like a gradual surrender of like. I, I remember that. Yeah. I remember like you, you were literally about to quit your job. You posted in the, in the group.

I think you came on the call. You said you were about to, uh, oh, sorry. You were about to get a job. You were about to quit your business and you were like, you know what I'm done with this. I'm about to get a job. And literally right. When you were about to get a job, that's when my clients started to hit you up and you had business. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. So I, I CA like, yes. So there were two points.

There was one where I was like, yeah, I literally was just looking for jobs. And my husband was like, no, just keep going. And I'm like, do you know why it doesn't matter anymore? It doesn't matter if this business works out or it doesn't, um, I can just get a job. Yeah. And then figure it out later. Like I just have to stop being so weded to certain outcomes cuz it's obviously having a bad effect on me. And yeah, I did. That was the first jump. And then a little bit later on, I, I actually came on one of your calls and said that I had like moved into like massive surrender where I basically shifted away from this frigging Facebook ads for accountants thing. Just like, I'll just do anything,

any marketing service. I've got a really broad background. I can actually help people with anything. Okay. As soon as I started doing that, uh, it just like, I just, for example, I just give you some example, like before I was doing like cold email, cold LinkedIn, I had a full-time VA doing cold email. I was doing cold LinkedIn. Um, I was doing like Facebook posts and you know, connecting with people on Facebook, doing the appointment setting. Like I had all of the, I was running ads, everything right.

All going at the same time. As soon as I like to rendered people, came to me and people that were interesting and people where the work was fulfilling. Mm. Who'd never have predicted that. Like for example, I connected with a guy on LinkedIn. He ran a disability service business, which helps people with a disability, like whatever services they need.

And what he does is, is like a game changer in Australia. Like no one else is doing it. And he asked me to help him with his brand strategy, marketing strategy, website content. I'm still working with him almost a year later now. Oh. Wow. That's great retention.

Yeah. It's absolutely amazing what we're doing, but like just this people just came from everywhere and I, when I jumped on that call with you, I'm like maybe surrendered too much. Cause I really don't know where the business is going. Like I've just got this project over here and this person, and I landed a big client and I like got like, I think within two months they'd spent about 12 K with me on strategy work. And that was like really interesting and fun. And it was like, I just stopped trying so hard. And they came like,

that was a friend of a friend that get, gave me that big client. Like they came from unexpected places. So the client just came from LinkedIn. Oh like, is this someone that you were connected to? I just connected with him. I didn't even write him a message. And he just saw my profile and was like, can you help me with my business? Spoke to him for an hour on the phone. And then I was like, met him for coffee and we're still working together. And then yeah,

the other one was like a mom friend. Her husband called me out of the blue and was like, um, our head of marketing left. Can you help us with our marketing strategy? I'm like, yeah. Wow. So from what I understand, like everything was like at a,

at a stagnation point, you know, it was kind of like money was coming in maybe a little bit, maybe not it's up and down to rollercoaster. When did it all of a sudden start to blow up? I what, like what, I can't remember which week it was where it was all about the surrender and, and the mirror and everything. And I just really focused on those practices. No, no, but like when, when last year, like. Like when, oh gosh, it must have been, it must have been around. So that March, April, may, may time. Okay.

And that large client started at the beginning of June. So like a couple of months after, after. Joining the program. Start the program.

That's when my income jump to about 15 K a month consistently. So, and prior to that, you've never made like more than 10 K right? Oh God, no, no. From the, yeah. And I wasn't really charging enough either. So it really was around the four to five K mark. Okay. So when did you change how much you were charging? Um, gradually throughout last year. Got it.

Um, I started to increase, I realized I was just charging like nothing. How did you realize that? Um, seeing that people weren't taking what I was showing them seriously enough, like 17 years experience. I do know what I'm talking about and they weren't really, they were like, yeah, yeah, yeah. And I'm like, well obviously charging $350 for a marketing strategy is not enough because you're not taking it seriously. And. Yeah. It's like, it's worth way more than that. So.

Isn't it crazy because I've, we found that to be so true as well. Like whenever we increase, whenever we raise our prices, we get much better, much more committed clients and we may not get as many clients, but the clients that we do get, get fantastic results and they're great to have in the community. They engage. They, they really value it. And when you try to explain this to people,

like even just like, I dunno, people who are not maybe in the entrepreneurial space, they're like, oh, you shouldn't be charging a lot of money. You know, you, you're doing a social service, you should be doing this for free. But the unfortunate reality is people don't pay attention if they don't pay, when you pay, you pay attention.

So did you see some sort of like a, like a different quality of clients, different kind of commitment from your clients when you started to value your service more by charging more for it? Yeah, definitely. So they would respect my opinions. They would put it into action, this larger client, they've done everything. I've told them. And I've like, and the average client value for this client is 2 million and I've generated them four leads that are gonna convert. So when you think about it, like I've generated them a lot of revenue, that's like 8 million. They do. Yeah. So they do what I tell 'em to do. So. Yeah. It's, it is definitely,

it definitely makes a huge difference. If you charge more. I've got this like, uh, this screenshot here of what you posted in the group. I just wanna quickly share it. Um, how you went from 5k to 30 K months in your business. And, um, I think one of the things that I was interested in was you mentioned how you were worried about getting results for your clients. And I believe that was, you know, when you were working with the dentist and you know, when you were working with the accountants, so what realization made you like open up your niche? Cuz you know, you hear all around like, oh the riches are in the niches.

You know, you've got a niche down as much as you can and get all laser focused. What made you go against like, I don't know, conventional business advice. Yeah. I can, I can tell you exactly the reason why, because in tandem to these, these like gurus saying you should pick a niche. Yeah. Are a lot of people that aren't actually happy in their business or fulfilled.

And all, all they're doing is thinking about the money and knowing that the money will enable them to do what they love. And I'm like, no, I wanna love every day that I come into the office and I don't buy into that. You just have to grind it and then you can enjoy your life.

I don't believe it at all. And I fi think that if you go broad, the niche will find you or your passion will come through because I could like, I just, it just wasn't, it was hard for me. Cause I was going against what my soul wants to do. Like I don't know I'm going against the grain as it were. Right.

And after I went really broad only in October of last year that I really like find my passion. It's like dating and then suddenly like, that's the one. Yeah. I mean.

You don't date lots of people. You're not gonna know who the. One is. You're never gonna know. Yeah. It's like hiring. Like you're never gonna know until you speak to a lot of people and you're hiring for, for a position. I mean, you don't even know what the position is until you start speaking to people.

Then when you meet the person, you're like, oh my God, this is the person. Exactly. Yeah. And so now I do have a niche, but it found me and I was just open to whatever. How would you describe your niche now? So now I do personal branding for small business owners and corporate executives, which is all around, helping them build their reputation online, to differentiate themselves, stand out from the market. And the premise of everything is being your unique self and finding your unique voice rather than just being like everyone else in the market. I think that's fantastic. And I'm a huge believer in that,

like your voice will get totally drowned out. If you just try to copy someone and replicate someone as opposed to, if you just, cuz if you are your unique self, there is no competition. Yours literally stand you're shining in the sea of like whatever's going on. Yeah, exactly. Right. Exactly. And now I'm doing a business that like, I have to pull myself away from it on weekends cuz I just wanna keep going. Like I just love it so much.

And I think it comes through when I meet people when I'm on sales calls. Cause I don't really understand what personal branding is. And then when I talk to them about it, they're like, oh yeah, I totally need your help with that. Um, but it just all flows naturally. So I'm not like busy trying to figure out how to get better at doing sales or looking at scripts and stuff for sales. I'm just being myself,

my passion and knowing that I'll be able to help the right people and want that kind of help. Yeah, absolutely. And like, it's not like you have to be robotic and try to get an outcome. It just naturally flows up because you're passionate. Yes. Yeah, exactly. Fantastic.

So you've taken your business from 5k to 30 K you've found your core passion and created business that absolutely energizes you. Now you can take Mondays off to be with your daughter and you actually love the clients that you work with. So with all of these things, this, this huge shift, like looking at life right now versus life before, what do you think was like the, the biggest thing or the biggest concept or the biggest takeaway, the biggest epiphany that you had, um, that really made this shift happen? Um, gosh, like I feel like there were so many different things that kind of contributed to it. It definitely okay. One of the things was definitely believing in myself. I don't know why I didn't now looking back cause I had so much marketing experience, but I, me in treating myself, like I knew nothing and I didn't value the expertise that I had. I do honestly believe that a lot of what you want to know is already inside you and no one's listening to NA inner guidance enough.

They think that some guru outside has to tell 'em how they should be doing things. But maybe I had to go through that journey to realize that. So there's no, definitely, you know? Yeah, yeah, no, absolutely. Or else you wanna be here today, if you didn't go through that. Yeah, exactly. Right. So I like, I have no regrets, but um, yeah, so really believing in yourself and your gifts and that everyone has something to give. Everyone has something to give.

Everyone has something they can share with the world and can grow a business or a lifestyle that they want. Um, believing that it's possible, I think was really key for me knowing that I could do this. And then like you said, just constantly looking at, um, the positive things that happened as I was starting to make that shift like that positive.

The confirmations. Yes. Huge, huge. Everyone talking. At what's going wrong, always looking at what's going wrong at the end of the day, I write it all down, all the things that have on well that I've succeeded at. Um, and obviously like the plat technique and trying to just keep in that zone of where I want to be and who I want to be rather than being consumed by what's happening around me. So all.

I've gotta admit though, Luis, when you went through the program, we didn't see much of you in the community. I think you are just quietly executing and we do see this like a lot, like there's a couple of people who just come in and like never say anything, but then they'll just make a dramatic shift just through following the program, like going through the material and applying. So I'm just Go ahead. Okay. I'll share one thing. This is a bit embarrassing, but I'll be really honest. So I did the program, I followed everything. I went through all of the weeks I did, I executed and then I dropped off and I stopped and then I had a dip and I was like, this isn't right.

And then I was like, no, no, go back, watch the program again and stick to it. And then I realized that the last two weeks I hadn't actually done the exercises. So I went back, I did everything and this time I stuck with it. So I guess I'm just mentioning that for anyone that's done, what done. Right. Go back and just be consistent with it because then you will get the results.

So that's why I was quiet because I think I did it and then I dropped off a little bit and then I was like, no, no, go back. Do it properly. And then I did, and then I got the results. Right, right. Yeah. I mean a lot of this, when I see it,

like a lot of the people who get really successful with the program it's they they've gone through it. And multiple times, not just the one time, like I just posted, um, like a, like an email today to the customer list. Uh, one of our customers, Manu who like who completely dramatically changed his life, you know, he raised like 1.2 million in seed funding for his new startup. And you know,

he just had like back then two years ago when he joined his startup with like, he had a startup, but it failed. He was just going through a tough, um, relationship or tough breakup. And now he's found love again. And so he's completely changed his life. And he's been through the program,

this is a sixth ITER iteration going through it. So it's like, you see new things every time. It's kind of like reading a book, you know, when you read it for the second time, it's like things jump out at you because your consciousness level is different now as opposed to how it was before, when you came in and you're looking for different things now, you know? Yes. Actually, Bob Proctor used to say that, that he'd read the same big bit book or the same part of a book over and over and over again. It's like, that's how you should read a book. Yeah, no, I totally agree with that.

And I think I've been reading a book like that too. Like good books are meant to be read multiple times. Yeah, definitely. But yeah, I'm definitely gonna go. Oh, so the other thing I was gonna mention was that, um, you know, I can't remember what it's called now, but you know, that document that you write about your ideal self and then your goals and everything, your. Self master guide.

Yes. That I read like morning and night. I I've done a few iterations of it. And then I was looking at one that I did last year. It was in March, my March one. And my goal for last year was to hit 30 K months. No way. Yeah, exactly. It's a 30 K for, for. 12.

Months hit in December. Okay. So you hit it, uh, in nine, nine months. Yeah.

Wow. Congratulations. That's huge. It's. Just, it's just, it's just freaky when you see someone, it. Is freaky, but it's only freaky and it only happens when you don't like, when you look back at that document and you didn't have it, like you weren't like thinking about it every day. Like you,

weren't thinking about 30 K months, 30 K months, 30 K months. You know what I mean? Like you just let go of it. You thought about it made the decision, let go of it and all of a sudden, oh look, here's my old self mastery guide. I hit it. Yeah. That's awesome.

That is fantastic. So I guess, um, what would you say like, so was some of the biggest things apart from surrender and letting go that you took away from the program, you know, the self mastery guide, surrendering, if you could name one more thing that you thought was really useful for you in making this transformation to becoming the Luis that makes 30 10 months. I think, um, a part of it was like having really clear on my ideal self and having like those role models, those people, those people that I kind of would refer to as being people that I wanna be similar to in certain areas of my life and being really clear about, well, how would that person say to myself every day, well, how would that person show up? How would they deal with that problem? And just really focusing on being my ideal self and who being, what I'm doing in those situations really helped me to shift. Um, because you know, when I started my business, I struggled to put myself out there and to be on video and to do things. And I've had to become that ideal version. That's really comfortable and focused on service and not like worried about how I look or how I feel. So for me,

it's really been clear on those role models and those traits, those personality traits that I want to adopt and then being really focused on becoming that, that version. That's awesome. It's been really big for me. What's your personality type? Do you know, like in the Mayers Briggs. Uh, I N J something or other, I can't remember now, one of the really rare one that actually like mother Teresa's one, um, but very like introverted, um, more creative than analytical.

I NFJ. Yeah, I think so. Okay. That's do you find that, you know, like an understanding of yourself, like helps you understand more like what's, what's next, sorry for you to get to the goals that you wanna get to, like, just that self-awareness like, is that something you think about like your own patterns, what your strengths are and what your weaknesses are? Yeah, I do actually. I do think about that. Um, I think about being the introverted personality, really that like had to be something that I fixed and I just shifted out of so that I could be, uh, put out there.

And that also comes back to the feeling of self worth like that you like, you know, know that you are worthy and, you know, deserving of what you are looking to achieve. Um, the other, like also working to my strengths. So being that creative type of personality, being good at creative, um, problem solving, I like, well, that's the strength that I have, how can I amplify it and make it work more for me? Right. Um,

rather than tempering things that are obviously working for me and then that kind of analytical side that I've had to build up as well. So yeah. Like you have to be really aware of it. Um, sometimes it helps to see how your role model would handle a situation or how they talk about things. Yeah. Um, but yeah, having role models been really helpful just shifting my personality to be more similar to them, knowing that I'm still my unique self. It's not me trying to be them. You're just. Taking bits and pieces. Yes, exactly. And making them your own, I'm curious,

who are your role models? Um, Alex homos. Okay. He's good. Um. Yeah, so him from a very business strategy perspective, very like, like love him, Shaina Taylor. I really like her energy and she's very much like herself and, um, very self-confident and she has really amazing magnetic kind of energy.

So for me, it's like the, the, the female role model, that's very a magnetic, big energy, um, lot of self belief. And then Alex homos, that's very like the analytical strategic numbers, data driven business owner. So they're the two main ones.

Gotcha. I like it. You keep it very focused and you know, there's like that creativity, that creative side going on, the more feminine energy going on. And you've also got a bit of like that analytical the masculine energy going on. And there's like a yin and yang kinda like a balance of that and that what seems to be working out quite well for you. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. It's good. So. How, how do you like implement that though? So for someone watching, you know, if they were to, you know, have their own role models and they were thinking of like bringing this into a daily lives, how would you like advise them to do it based on how you do it? Hmm. That's a really interesting question. So, um,

Alex takes a lot of emotion out of business. It's very black and white. This is what you need to do to be successful. Just go and execute it. So when I'm feeling self doubt, or I don't feel like picking up the phone and calling a lead, I think about Alex would just do it. He would've called 50 leads by now. So just pick up the phone and do it, like that's the Alex side of things, right? Like just this is business, this is what you need to do. You know,

a team member's not performing. I need to get, let them go. It's just business. So just make the decision quickly and just go ahead and do it, like just execute on it. Um, so that's very much the Alex side of things then with, um, the sh I think her personality is very much like this. Um, you know, it's your presence. It's like, how do you actually show up? How do you have like that self-belief and confidence in yourself when you show up, whether that's, um, in meetings with clients.

And so I'm really focusing on my energy before a meeting, like maybe I'll do a bit of breath work or something so that I can come and really pump this, but I should, like, let's say I had a client who's maybe not happy with how something's going. And I think it's gonna be a really difficult situation. Then I'm gonna focus on my energy. Be really grateful that they're a client. Think of all of the great things about this client that I really love about working with them and just go, whatever happens happens if they decide they don't wanna work together anymore, that's fine, but I'm gonna go and gimme my B, give my best energy.

That's full of love and appreciation, right. And, and the same with my video content. I want to have that kind of high energy, um, feel about what I'm doing and know that it's not just about being like the Alex where it's just all of the data and numbers and everything.

There's also about this like aspirational side to it as well. Right. That's very interesting that you share that. Like it's, it's also, I believe, will be really helpful for people who, who deal with like clients on a regular basis, because, you know, inevitably you're going to have difficult clients.

You're going to have clients who are not fully satisfied with that's a reality of running a business. So if you could just, you know, go back to that, like, how do you, how do you find that, you know, when you get a situation where a client's not satisfied or they're just plain being difficult, how do you, what's the best way you, you found to deal with it? Well, I, I realize partly through your program is like, if I, if I am medicine energy level, I can affect other people and their energy. So that's why I'm really gonna focus on getting myself into a really good place of like gratitude and love. Before I go into this call, firstly, I've already accepted and come to terms with the fact that the worst thing that can happen, the worst outcome is this client leaves, right? That's fine. I'm already, that's fine. If they want to leave, that's fine. There's, you know, abundance mindset. There's more clients out there, right.

As long as I know that I've done everything I could to help them, I can't always control the outcome of a campaign. For example, whether the ads are gonna work or not. Right. Um, and I'm gonna think about what are the things that they might bring up. I wanna kind of preempt it. What are, what I think their problems are, what I think maybe going on for them in their background, what could be the stresses in their business? This it's causing them to feel less way. They're obviously like in a, um, a, like a kind of fear state, right? Like if they're upset about campaign or something, there's some sort of fear or upset or expectations that maybe they are on them in their business.

So I try and get into the context of what they might be going through and then just, yeah, empathy, right? Like what could be have to them? Like, I, I have a client who's very successful. He makes 50 million a year in his business. And yet he has such a li like a scarcity mindset around spending money on marketing. Mm he's afraid to spend money on marketing. I'm like, how can you be that abundant and yet have that. But anyway, people do. Right. So I.

It's kinda like Warren buffet, you know, he lives in like a little cheap house. Yeah. And he's like the Rick, just one of the richest people in the world. Yeah. It's so funny. It's so funny. But you just accept that. Like, as I have realized through this program, I have my limitations and my blocks, so do everyone else. And so we should be compassionate that everyone's going through their thing.

And so I'm going to really think about what they might be going through, think about the different outcomes and just be there as a guide for them to help them through whatever happens. Right. As I get on the call, because I feel so thankful that they've been a client that they're so good, I start off with a bit of chat and then, you know, we get into whatever the problem is. And I just wanna hear them speak and let it out, let them release that energy that they've got pent up, that they've been waiting to say on the call, let it out. And I just wanna clarify and understand and repeat back to them what they're going through. So you feel like this way, and this isn't working for you. Okay.

Well, let's, let's look at some other options or let's see if there's anything that we can do differently that could help fix this. So I'm gonna be in solution mode and helping them through what could be a solution. That's. Yeah. Like I said, some clients do leave and they're like, you know what? Yeah, I appreciate this. Didn't work out. You know, you did everything you could. That's kind of how I want them to feel, to feel good.

Like some of the clients I never got run Google ads for two months. Never got them one lead, not even a lead, not even one phone call, still friends, still like my post and comment on my post on LinkedIn, but I never got him any results. Yeah. And I mean, it's, it's amazing that, you know, you are, you can openly share all of this stuff because it shows to me that you are not in scarcity mindset. You know what I mean? Like when you can talk about this stuff comfortably and you know, you can admit that not every one's perfect, you know, everyone goes through in their lives. It's just how you, how you deal with it.

But also, like, I feel like there's, especially when I started off and I would have a tricky plan, I would just get really flustered because I was in that scarcity mindset. When I started off, I was like, oh no, I could lose it all. Do you see what I mean? It's like that mindset is when we don't accept the, when we don't allow ourselves to have abundance, when we don't allow ourselves to be that 30, 40, 50 K a month, or however much a month business owner, you want to be when you deep down know that, oh, this is not gonna be permanent. You see what I mean? So when you believe deep down that this is not gonna be permanent you're, you will naturally grab everything that you can right now.

So in, in that way, I feel like a lot of business owners who are starting off, they, they are in that scarcity mindset and, and their energy is very closed off. So do you have any advice for people to get more into that abundance mindset? Get more into that surrender state that you've gotten into? You know, you've got none of that massive action grind. Hardd grind. Hardd do outreach, do all of that into more of, you know what it's okay. The right clients will come to me. And if this client has to go, then they have to go. That's completely fine too.

I know there are more efficient in the sea. There's gonna be better clients. Something better was meant for me anyways. How do you get yourself into that attitude? What really helped you do that? Uh, yeah. That's, that's a, that's a really good one. And it's such a powerful thing as well. When you come from that place of just feeling like things just come and go, people come and go, you know, it's all because. That's what happens when you believe that when you live from that, from that energy. Yes.

Yeah. It's true. And like, sometimes I will have, I'll just make, be really clear. I'm not like, um, I have a meditation group and a lot of people think that because someone here themselves in meditation, their life's just like happily ever after. It's like, you'll never get sick again. It's like, and then they do. And then they're like, well, what happened to you? You healed yourself. And then you got sick again. It's like, we all have these still, like these little like negative thoughts or days when I'm not feeling as like abundant as I want to feel. Yeah. And, um, it's being able to not,

um, connect to those negative thoughts and kind of let them pass by. And if you catch yourself going, oh my goodness, I'm getting really attached to, you know, my clients, aren't showing up for coaching calls. They're not gonna get results. I have to just let that go and go, you know what? I'm just here to support them on their journey. It's up to them. They get results at the perfect time for them, if that's what they truly desire. So that's how you talk. That's how you speak to yourself. Right. That's.

How I speak to myself. I'm like, I love my clients. I will follow up with them on a weekly basis because I care about them. And I want 'em to know them. I care.

And I'm here for them whenever they need me. But I'm, I like if they don't wanna show up and do the work, it's okay. Like that's up to them. I just want them to know that I'm here regardless, which.

Is one thing I'm sorry to interrupt. One key thing that you mentioned was I don't let myself get attached to those negative thoughts. I know because everyone has these negative thoughts. Like you mentioned, everyone has a bad day. How do you, you know,

not let yourself get hatched to the negative thoughts. Yeah. So two ways. One is, um, I'm like, imagine I'm standing in a stream of water and the water's going over my feet and that is the thoughts. Mm. Then as I feel like a negative thought coming out like, oh my goodness.

I've like, got so much work to do today. I'm like, nah, just watch. I'm gonna flow. It's just energy rightful. So just energy. Just let it go by. Or I imagine it's a bus and I'm like, don't get on that bus.

That's like the negative bus. Not taking it anywhere. Good. Just see it at the bus, like the bus go by. Or I just say nothing is more important than feeling good right now. Nothing is more important than feeling good right now. As soon as. That's the mantra that you said yourself.

Yes. That's, that's brilliant. I love. That. And I do it in meditation if I'm in meditation and I start thinking, yeah, nothing is more important than meditating right now to cancel out their thoughts in meditation. So yeah, I use it in two ways. So that's how you're constantly, almost bringing yourself to the center. You're centering yourself instead of moving and going with that bus or going with that river own stream of thought.

Yeah, I'm doing that. And then O obviously, um, I do, um, I'm doing the plat technique. I'm doing the, um, the, the stuff about myself. Like I'm reading that morning and night and I'm doing a lot of meditation the days that I don't do those things. And the days when, you know,

the thoughts attack me and I, I can't fight them off as much, but when I'm really consistent with the exercises in the program, then I'm more centered and feel more abundant. And I do a, I do like at least an hour of meditation a day and I try to get into a feeling of abundance. And for me, a feeling of abundance is carefree. Like a kid just playing outside, whatever you need, kids, don't worry about when their next meal's coming or their, their next thing. Right. All their needs are met and they're not doing anything.

They're just having fun. That's abundance. Exactly. Yeah. That's, that's very true. I, I just have like a curious question, cuz you've, it seems like you've really found your groove with all the routines and the meditations don't you sometimes feel like, you know, why does life have to be this way? Why couldn't I just, you know, not have to do anything and just be, as I am right now, you know, hasn't that, does that thought ever occur to you? If so, how do you, how do you like deal with it? Yeah, it's funny. Cuz my guru is like that, right?

Like I have a guru and he's just like, you know, just abundant and happy and funny all the time. And yeah, it's just because of all this negative programming that we've picked up and accepted in our life. Like if we were like a clean slate, like starting from day one again, or you know, maybe we would just be like that and we wouldn't have to do all this work. I feel like we're countering all the negative programming all. The years of condition.

Yes, exactly. So it's kind of like, it, it takes some time they say like once you've had a baby, don't expect to just lose the weight straight away. It took nine months to get that big. It's not gonna just suddenly disappear the next day. So I feel like it's the same thing. You've gotta keep reconditioning. It's just like going to the gym.

You're just reconditioning yourself back to a who you are. I essentially, if we're all abundance, then we're just getting back to ourselves. That's a great way of looking at it. I love that. I'm curious too. Like how about other areas of your life apart from business? Like how do you think this, this shift in mindset in you becoming this and continually becoming this new person in your family life and your health and your relationship with your maybe how do you feel all of these things have, have really affected these other areas of your life? Yeah, well it's, it's made me realize that with my kids. Um,

like I've obviously worked on becoming more of the kind of parent that I wanna be to my kids, which is that very kind of unconditional love and patience, which can be hard as a parent. And uh, I realized that I really wanna teach this stuff to my kids. Um, cuz I can see their negative programming. Is there already, right? I can't do this. I'll never be good at that. Like it's already starting at this age.

So I'm trying to figure out ways to kind of be that role model for them. Um, they sit with me when I'm meditating, you know, they try and do yoga with like those things are gonna have a really big impact on them and the way I talk to them about life and how it really works, um, they start, they wanna learn that from me. And so that's really amazing. It's like, can I help them to maybe reduce or counter the negative programming as it's happening to them as a child so that they never have that much to get over as an adult. Um, and just being in the state of appreciation, like I have my own business, I can just go off and have coffee in a cafe if I want right now or on a Monday in the middle. Of the day, you could do that in. The middle of the day.

And I can just play in the playground with my daughter on a Monday. Um, or I can just say, you know what, at three o'clock I'm gonna finish work and just pick out my kids from school and maybe we'll go to the park or um, we'll do some baking or something like it really random. Right. Or I can decide at seven o'clock at night that I just feel like recording some videos and I'll just disappear into my room and record some video content. I think it's like having a routine, but also just when you feel inspired in a moment just doing what you feel inspired to do.

Right. Right. And how about, I'm just curious to know like how about like maybe your husband when he's seen you go from, you know, know barely making it with a business almost on the verge of giving up to now making 30 K a month, you know, how did, how did he react to that? Well, he was the one that kind of pushed me through in the beginning. He was like, not gonna get a job. You were never happy and you, you know, whatever company you're working at, like he was the one that kept just saying no, like if we have to use our savings, we use our savings. He was just like, no, every time, no. And um.

Ladies and gentlemen, get you a husband like that, get you a husband like that. Oh my God. Yeah. And he kind of looks at me like he just shrugs like, well I knew you could do it like that. Even more shows me my lack of self-belief, but he didn't, he didn't have a problem believing in me, like, you know, colleagues, ex colleagues from work. Like since I've been like running my business ex colleagues and people wanna meet me and see what I'm doing and yeah. How I manage to do it. And like,

none of them are surprised. I always had like really great feedback from managers and stuff. But that was the other thing with, I was always seeking approval from outside. I think you get that working in corporate career. Yeah.

Is my manager happy with me? Are they happy with what I'm doing? And then you get like that with your clients. My client's happy. I better call them 10 times a day. Are you happy? Yeah. Yeah. Just needing that validation all the time. That's also a problem, but yeah,

he just, he just shrunks his shoulders. He's like, yep. That's cool. Well, that, that is, that's great to have people like that in your life who like unconditionally kind of believe in you and they kind of see your true value even though, even at moments when you can't see it for yourself. Right.

Oh yeah. And I've had the times when I've been like crying in the kitchen, like, you know, I drop. If you're an entrepreneur and, and you don't cry, you're doing something wrong. So true. If you're an entrepreneur and you're not crying, like at least once a quarter, at least once a quarter, you're, you're definitely doing something wrong. No, that's so true. But yeah, you get, you get, you, you can be lonely.

You can feel like you're just, you know, I'm in this room on my own all day, you know, and it's, it's good to, to do things like we're doing now. So people realize you're not on your own and you're not going through this on your own either. So what is a, what is a typical day in the life of we look like, like, what's your, what's your daily routine? Yeah. So I, um, I meditate at 5:00 AM until probably about six 30. Um, then I read my, you know, profile on myself. Um, then I do the plat technique and I do it for a bit longer cause I really wanna get in the feeling of abundance and abundance disconnect for my business.

So I'm happy for money to come to me in ways that aren't necessarily related to me working, um, which I actually just manifested a huge summer money, which is really awesome. So it works nice. So I just wanna feel abundant. Uh, and money can come from anywhere. It doesn't have to come from my business. Uh, I do, um, a gratitude meditation. Yes, I'm quite a long morning routine, bit of a gratitude meditation as well. Feel really good. Maybe I connect in with my guides if I want some guidance and then I'll, um, get the kids ready for school. Um,

they get dropped off and then probably about eight 30. I start my day, got my plan for the day already. Um, and if I feel inspired, that will be the time that I do my social post or record videos. And then I've got client meetings and meeting with my team and um, working on my business and my brand, maybe I do like a podcast interview or I, uh, things like that, just basically the day of my business taking little breaks to just center myself, be aware, um, and then take like a little lunch break, but I basically just work solidly throughout the day. Cause once I'm in the zone, I don't really wanna.

Get. Out of the zone things. Yeah. Right, right, right. I get it. Um, yeah, like every day's different. Like yesterday I worked from 5:00 AM to 6:30 PM. Like I had quite a long day. Oh wow. And then some days I might do like a half day,

like I've gotta take my son to medical appointments. So I can't really say it's like set. And I think that's the thing with being a parent is it's not gonna be like really set like, well yesterday I had a medical appointment, three o'clock with my son. So, you know, I had to stop for an hour then. So it really varies. But then yeah, I work very solidly on my business. And then at the end of the day, which is probably around four o'clock, I'm gonna be reviewing my day. What did I get done? How did I show up? How aligned was I to my ideal self? Yeah. What can I do differently? Um,

I'm gonna read my guide again, then pick up the kids and have my kitty time dinner, uh, homework, play with them, put them to bed. And then, um, then I'm gonna read and I usually read like books that are more aligned to what's in your program. Right. I still really like to focus on my mindset and how I'm showing up.

When's hub time. What's well, he's there, he watches TV. He's really into TV and I'm not really into TV. So we chat and everything when we're with the kids and have dinner and everything. And then he watches TV when I wanna read or I wanna, um,

meditate or do something along those. Do. You guys spend some time together? Like on the weekends or. Yeah, the weekends finally manage to get out of the, of needing feeling like I need to work on weekends. Sometimes you just feel like you need to be doing something all the time in your business. It's just. That insecurity. You know, it takes a long time to realize like, wait,

I'm not doing anything productive right now. So why just do anything at all? Why don't I just spend time with my family? You know. Why do we feel like we need to be working all the time? I've really like, that's something I really struggled with, but now I'm taking the weekends off and then I have so much more clarity when I go to work, when I've taken the weekend off, you've. Gotta get out of the zone if you wanna really get in the zone. Yes. Yeah. That's so true. We go for walks outside. We go to the beach.

Um, I'm like really into nature and just, I don't, the kids don't have tablets or watch a lot of TV. I'm all about being outside. Yeah. Yeah. Cause I think being in nature is kind of meditation anyway. That's what I've heard and that's what we do on the weekends. Um, yeah.

See friends sometimes keep it really simple. I'm not particularly material realistic or I don't like shopping in malls or anything like that. Just. You just do online shopping. Eh. I even hate that too, to.

Be on. Just, just keep the, keep the same clothes like. Oh man. Some of my clothes are like 15 years old. Cause I, are you serious shopping? Yeah. I hate it so much. And just like, just at.

Like shopping, make shopping. I think you're the first female I've met. Who hate shopping. I'm not joking. Yeah. Furniture. Shopping's the worst followed by clothes. Just can't stand either of them. If you go shopping and you don't find anything you like, I think that's such a waste of time. Oh definitely. Definitely.

That's why I would rather like shop online on the websites that I like. Yeah. Instead of going in the store and you're like, right. I don't really like anything here. Why did I, what, why just pop in here?

Just wasted my time. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. You know, but yeah, we are doing like furniture shopping right now because we're moving to, uh, our new house. It's like, it's, it's kind of crazy. Like moving is just, it's a whole new beast. Well, I'll be doing that in April.

Cause I'll be moving house and I'll be doing the same thing. We're selling everything in Australia and moving to the UK and we'll buy everything again. Oh, you're you're fully moving to the UK. Yep. What inspired that decision? Um, to be with my family to spend more time with my like, you know, I had quite a few relatives die while I've been in lockdown here in Australia. So yeah. I'm really keen to just spend time with family and, you know, go visit castles, do all the things that you can do in, in the UK.

Oh yeah. Yeah. That's, that's fun. There's a lot of stuff in the UK too. I mean, I'm sure there's a lot of stuff in Australia and you've probably done 'em all. Yeah. Yeah. By now. So yeah. So that's awesome plan. So what's, uh, what's the, what's the business goal or like what's the next milestone for Luis moving forward? Mm so with personal branding, um, I really I've sort of identified like, you know, the larger business owners that I wanna go and, and support them and their teams and building their personal brands and then the smaller business owners. So I really just focusing on, um, upping my skillset, getting just becoming a better marketer. I really realize that's something I,

I just wanna be as good as I Alex homos. Like he's amazing. The reason he's so successful is he's just really good at what he does and that's the kind of success I wanna have. I just wanna be really good at what I do. And so I just wanna continuously work towards that put time aside to just become better at what I do and then focus on growing the business, um, more and more and um, over time probably spending less time in it as I grow it bigger and I can bring more team members in. Yeah. Delegate.

Yeah. Delegate, get it, get the business a bit bigger so that I can, I'm trying not to the guidance I'm receiving is not to keep putting like a number figure on how much I wanna earn. Cause I think that can cause some like stress, you know, if you're like, oh, I've gotta hit this number by this month kind of thing. So I've kind of left it open. It's more of the feeling of abundance. I just wanna feel abundant every day and know that clients are coming in and you know, I'm making a difference.

And so I'm just more going for the feeling that specific hard numbers. Yeah. And it's interesting you say that because different people are different. Like, like you mentioned with the personality types, I've noticed like people who are Moret and thinking they need the numbers and to see like, okay, well this is the target, this is the goal.

This is what I need to move towards. And that is what gives me personally clarity. And it makes me motivated and energized and excite. I'm like, okay, I have a number and it's simple.

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