How My Student Jack Kellogg Found His Niche In The Stock Market

How My Student Jack Kellogg Found His Niche In The Stock Market

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In this video I'm gonna showcase one, of my top upcoming, students and the lessons, that he's learned in two years of trading. Hey. What's up Tim Sykes here millionaire, trader and teacher. And today we have a treat, this, is my newest, six-figure. Student Jack Kellogg, who we will be discussing, and he actually did, his own video with a lot of the lessons that he learned because, he just made quite, a bit of money in one month understand. Past performance, is not indicative of, future returns what works for Jack what works for me might, not work for you it might not work for anybody else but you can still learn, from, what someone, is doing well, and learn, the process and, learn for yourself this, is all about you becoming. Self-sufficient. This. Is all about you learning. Your own process. So I encourage you not to copy any trader not to try to be any exact, trader but, take a little something. From every trader who has found success, take, a little something from every trader who has had failure, you're trying to learn the game you're trying to understand, this world better because. 90%, of traders lose never, forget, that there's, too many losers, too many fakes too many frauds the, key in this game is being, honest. With yourself and with others that, is how you will find the most success so here, is Jack this, was an Instagram, post that he did just the other day he, said two years ago I was blessed to be introduced to the idea of day trading stocks the first year and a half I had a lot of ups and downs while learning the process, understand. He says the process six. Months ago I got consistently, profitable yesterday, I crossed, $100,000. And verified. Trading profits and closed out a stellar month trading. For forty, six thousand, dollars roughly, big. Thanks to Tim sites tim Kotani Marc crook my cutty Stephen dog troll and wolf for being my training wheels and huge thanks to Dominic. For, being for, giving me the latest the last push I needed to become a profitable trader I'm more grateful than you guys will ever know feels, like a dream to achieve this level of success twenty, years old the truth is is not a dream it's the result, of hard. Work an insane. Determination. Hashtag. Embrace, the grind this, is a great post notice.

The Geotag he's in Michigan, I don't, know what it is about Midwest, people but they just work hard they just understand. You know hard work better than other people and a, lot of my top students, are from the Midwest we're actually going to go to the Midwest we're gonna have a Midwestern, Meetup leave a comment if you think that's a good idea, if, you want to attend the Midwestern. Meetup say yes or no, in the comments. Underneath this video, but. Here's Jackie shows every trade I'm so proud of him embrace. The grind okay, no, days off no hours, off I don't want you to think that this is gonna be easy, cuz it's not everybody. Wants easy money that, doesn't. Exist, and if you do make easy money like a lot of the Bitcoin people you'll, probably lose it because you didn't earn it you didn't actually go, through, the ups and the downs the, right way you, just got lucky and lucky, people make money in the short term and then they lose big in the long run once, they realize that they don't know as much as they thought they did Jack, has, made, a lot of money in the past month, or two but, he struggled, for a year and a half first, so, you, find this happening, we're. Gonna go to a blog post that he wrote can we switch to the Prophet Lee. His. Nickname is jackaroo, on profit Lee and here's, a little video that he did explaining. His big month and the ups and the downs and the lessons along the way watch. It and pay close attention. My. Background how, I got into trading stocks what I started doing. And. I want to get into my recent success in, the last 30 days and. Then. We'll. Go over a few charts, at the end just talking about, a few things I want to point out for next week. So. I got into trading January. Of 2017. And. When I I got, into it an old friend introduced, me to it I joined, the challenge immediately, at the end of January, and then, I did exactly what everyone, does just. Started, absorbing, all the knowledge that I could, watching. All the site video lessons, as IQ DS for, tiny webinars. Smart, crook. Webinars. And video lessons. And. I, just, had absorbed so much knowledge that way I did. Start trading.

Halfway. Through the year in 2017 I was training part-time, I didn't, know what strategy, to do I. Tried, Scout listed, stocks on a long side but, my win percent would only be 30% they, so he was just me chasing strength. And then. I, did. See some success shorting. I. Was. Shorting capping craps over sending gap downs. Stocks. Going red for the first time. So. That, showed me that I was, better at shorting and going long so, I said okay what, do I have to do now to get, my hands on all these sick. Barros that everybody's. Getting I need to grind, up enough money to. Open up Centrepointe, account so, my. Goal for the rest of 2018, was to put. My head down and make a lot of money and. Open. Up a Centerpoint account in 2018. So. That's what I did I grind. It out I got enough money to open up my Centrepointe, account and, I was just so stoked, because, can. Was going on the sick, run in January. At the start and I. Was going through like my. Processing. And, you have to wait for your County it open so, I literally, missed, this can. First. Red day and I opened. My count, January. 5th and then. From there my. Account really didn't go anywhere. I. Think. I made. Like. A grand or something in January, and. Didn't. Really know what to do because I. Just, wasn't nailing, a and the fees are killing me but, then I did start to get. Pretty consistent, in March, and April and, I. Got up to about 8 grand in profits, but, then this, turtlebeach. Came along and I, got, smoked this day for 8 grand and lost all my profits, I. Our insurance not for me. I'm, Way too biased I weigh too much conviction, no this is junk and I'm just really, bad at cutting my losses so. I, just knew that wasn't for me and then. I. Saw. This traitor. Absolutely. Killing it going long, these. OTC plays he was up about a 30 grand, so. I, started, bugging him about his strategy and. For. The next couple months I took it off and I was. Just working a little bit saving, up some money some more money and then, I. Had. About, 29. Grand saved up or something I threw that in an he trade account and. I. Started trading. Again. This. Day right here and this, was basically a day that CBS. I started, its month run from 2:00 to 9:00 and let. Me tell you I was checking the stock for the whole entire month and I made $0, guys I didn't, make anything on this, but. I was learning. A ton about ot, C's which. Really. Paid off for me and then. September. Came along and. That. Was the mantra we saw of our MD we, saw. September. Mmm-ah. Stocks. Like this making these sick o TC breakouts and I. Was able to capitalize on them, and I, had a really consistent month I made. 10. Grand or something in September, and that kind of jump-started me. And. It really showed me that I could trade these OTCs, I'm alongside and. Then. We. Did have to go through a slow period in November. And December and. Then. Write. My summer next hot. Market, of. SH. NP I was, really able to capitalize on, this run because of everything, I learned over the last six months so I think I made about 20 grand on shrimp so far which, is just absolutely incredible, to make down the, biggest OTC runner, because it shows that I was prepared. So. I just wanted to go. Over my stats, so. These are my stats for the, last 30 days. I've, made about 47, grands, Myers percent gains about 12% my average dollar gains about. 1100. And my winning percents right around that seventy this is very ideal stats to me Gus and. This. Is the statistics. I really want to stress my, average lost was. $200. How. Is this possible with my average gain, is 1100, because, I start, really small my position guys and once. I start once the play starts working for me. Then. I start, buying. It for an ad because not a cushion, of profits, and, once. I see confirmation, of the moves on then. I try to build into, a position, size where I can make a couple grand and if, the play works if, the play fails and I just want to cut it for break-even so, my whole goal is to build it into a big position, risking. My. Average being my risk level that's the goal on every single play, and.

It. Works out really good for me because when you do get these. Stocks. That are going to run up huge they. Kind of just on. It. Some. Of these things just grind up on the whole entire date you ista oh why I these. Stocks just grinded, up the whole entire day so, if you're able to start early on these and then add on to see confirmation you're, able to get into a pretty, big position, size and. Your, risk is your entry so, if this thing is, going to work and really. Go you're. Risking, nothing and if the plays going to work you're going to make a ton on it which. Is the. Goal on every single time to go long and, when I would go short. You. Have to add in to loser you got the short strength because that's what is, being taught short strength and. Keep. Your risk at resistance, well it's very easy to fall into the trap - okay I'm just going to risk this next resistance level I'm generous, late, and keep moving your risk up and that's how you can develop huge, losses on the short side what's going long if the, stock starts family, or the stocks on your view whatever, I get really scared I'm just like okay the stocks gone is zero I need to cut my losses immediately, and. That's. My mentality when, I go long so I'm able to keep my losses tiny. Guys, and it's. Actually funny I only took two shorts in the last 30 days and my. Fabious last is $500. And it was on a shirt just, as, funny to me. So. Now, I kind, of just want to go over some charts, and show you some. Thought process on so TCS. What. I really, like to see on these is. Look. At this look at Al like this you know I was when, the most ridiculous, dachshund. When. The stock rose, three green days in a row on increasing volume so, now the stocks ran from 1 to 3 so you have the two to set mark as half the spike and the, stock comes down and holds the spike half, the spike and then we have this first green day and we're. Closed right near the highs of the 3 cent mark so, a ly IPRs. Next day and takes advantage of it and also, you need to be looking at this to. Look. At exactly where they topped it out right, at the same 3 cent resistance, level they branded up perfect, into the 3 cents the. Stock showed to me that it can trend and hold it to get hold on green on the day and, it. Held half at spike. Now. Let's look at Fannie Mae when. Fannie Mae was run the. Stock proved to me that it could run 3 4 days they, ran it into the same thing they ran it into a multi-month, resistance. It. Came down from 1/3 held, 125, started. Trending back up towards its highs and busted. Through. So. That's. Kind of what I look for is I wait for the stocks to that, are gonna prove yourself like, here's an example of a bad one. See, BBT just, look at this daily chart guys why would you ever want to be trading look, at pops. Up tails, right on the day it's, just comes, back all the way down then breaks out is so, choppy it's just really, not ideal you want to be focusing on the stocks that, hold. Near, ties do. Ist consolidated. On five signs for 5 days before. A. His huge movie the. Stocks that look, the cleanest, are the ones that are going to work guys, not the stocks that are.

Super. Ugly, look. At this fakes. Read every single day that daily Church does the whole entire mess. So. You really want to be focusing, on the, charts that are clean, you, want to be focusing, on. Price. Action. Let. Me think that's a good a. Perfect. Price action one day. When. Stocks can. Have. Morning spikes and hold above the rock going sideways all, day between, two key levels that's a very, nice channel to me I mean when, you get volume over, it the price level you, can start here and then, the stocks going to come down and hold it this, is just super clean, action, and you get that rip all the way up to 20 the next day. So. That being said, this. Is the one I'm watching next week because. It's. Doing the same thing Aoi I did spike, from one now to two and, had. Increasing, volume now we have twenty five mil and look. The stock has proven, to me that you can trend, like an OTC pop, up sideways pop close. Strong ha. Sideways. Review ah ha sideways. Holding, the high. Top. Rate, at two cents and now it's kind of fading in the clothes so this stock can hold right around that 1.5, and have, a red day for one or two days and then pop over to Suns you, better bet damn well this thing's gonna run to four or five, these. Are the ones that work these the ones that need to be focusing, on it. So. That's. Basically it for this. Video lesson guys I hope you could take something from it. See, you guys in chat on. Tuesday. So. How amazing, was that video that Jack did leave a comment, underneath this video let, Jack know if, you liked it because I want, more students, to be that meticulous, and. Really talk about their, success, or failure, openly, there's. So much to learn from all, your trades good and, that all your experiences. In this industry good and bad, but. I want, you to notice one thing because at the end of that video I think he did it on like February 17th. Like mid-february sometime, and he said he was watching one, stock in particular SW. RM and here's, a chart, because. You know Jack did that a few weeks ago as we're filming this now and. SW. RM has had quite, a run up when. He did that in. The middle of this chart we're, using stocks to trade software. Click, the link just below we're going to include a link for, stocks to trade software. But, when Jack. Was talking, about this this stock was trading at roughly 2 cents a share it. Has since doubled. And Jack, I think just locked in some more profits, the other day on this one so it's kind of cool, to. See that he was there, before, the. 100, percent increase and it didn't like spike 100 percent the next day like it was down for like 4 or 5 days and I think he was buying on the dip and then selling into strength I don't know the specifics, we'll find out shortly but in the video he was talking about it so learn. From Jack, learned, from me learn from all of my top students, who have a process. And who have put that process. Into. You, know working, for them and what, works for Jack like I said might not work for you what works for me might not work for you but try to take little lessons, and little tidbits from every trader whether, they've made six, figures or seven figures all transparent. Traders, should be studied, you can't learn much from, people who don't share all the trades I'm sorry to bust the bubble of you. Know a lot of people where they show one screenshot like look how amazing this is or you know one screenshot at month-end, I've seen traders do that you, need to see every, single, detail. Never, forget, that 90%, of traders lose, and in case someone.

Who's Non-transparent. They say oh you don't need that full transparency crap, never, forget, Bernie. Madoff arguably. The biggest scammer, in, the entire world was, chairman, of the Nasdaq, so, the chairman, of the Nasdaq, could be a total, fake because people didn't check his trades, meticulously. Enough anybody. Can, be fake make. Everyone. Share, all their. Details, okay. I'm not a perfect trader Jack, isn't a perfect trader Michael, good is an imperfect trader Tim Burton isn't a perfect trader a mark, book is in a perfect trader, but all of my top students and I show every, single. Trade not just the profit and loss but, how much did we risk what, was our you, know percent, gain or percent loss what was our, analysis. Of the trade it's not even about necessarily, how the stock trade plays, out because. Sometimes you can have a good plan and for whatever reason, it just doesn't work that doesn't necessarily, mean that it's a bad trade start, to understand, that this process. Has, to be dissected, every. Little bit why. Are you entering the stock what's, the catalyst, what's the flow what's the past performance, in history. What's the sector what's the market environment all, of this stuff plays, a part, in what, time of day is it what's your schedule all this stuff plays a part in, increasing. Your odds of success, you. Can ignore it you can ignore me and my rules and my patterns entirely and just try, to guess the, next hot stock or the next big product but, trust me okay, I've been doing this for twenty plus years and I do show every, single trade not just profit, in losses I actually show my audits and my income tax returns too so that you can see everything, that's the beauty of being real in an industry full of fakes so, props to you Jack Kellogg, props, to all you guys who. Are studying, remember. That, no trader is perfect, you, must follow rule number one and cut losses quickly, I don't care how good you are or how, much money you've made we're, all one trade away from, blowing, up if we get too cocky and if we do get too cocky the market will humble us so jack has had success, but, he needs to stay on his game he needs to keep taking it one trade at a time needs. To keep cutting losses quickly you, need to follow the rules and the rules that I learned the hard way remember I didn't have a teacher okay, so I learned everything through trial and error I want to save you from, that pain I want to save you years of frustration and hundreds of thousands of dollars in. Unnecessary losses, as you. Break rules that, I've learned you should follow so, again. Congrats, to Jack congrats, to all of you guys actually studying, this give yourself a little, pat on the back a little round of applause if you're even studying, because most people trading these penny stocks they just want hot picks there's, a lot of chat rooms where, they just say buy this ticker and everyone tries to buy it at the same time that's, not gonna get you rich that's, why none of these chatroom, people are as detailed.

As Us that's why they're not self-made, millionaires, that's why they can't be fully transparent it's all included, I'm not just whining because, I like to whine and I'm Jewish and Jews like to whine I'm whining, because I want you to be warned, okay, I don't want you learning. Bad, rules from a fake trader who hasn't, personally, made it a fake. Teacher who hasn't personally created a lot of successful traders, you. Know I'm proud of my accomplishments, and I want you to be next be, ready to work hard no, days off no, hours, off embrace, the grind hey. Tim Sykes millionaire, mentor and trader thank you for watching my videos I hope that they help you I want to share everything that I've learned over the years you can check out more videos right, over there and also, click subscribe, so that you can watch all of these videos get. That knowledge and become my next millionaire student.

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Loved it

“Focus on the cleanest setups”. Good advice!

I'm still trying to figure out my favorite strategy, but I do like clean charts! I learned that losses hurt and the bigger, the greater the pain, and it really gets you to pay much greater attention to the rules. More importantly, ACTUALLY follow them! I also learned the HUGE importance of a good Risk/Reward strategy!!

Great video Jack and Tim!

Come to Chicago Midwest vibes

This is fucking great awesome job man

Awsome video

Great video. Very helpful

Very useful video, Thanks for your inspiration.

I couldn't hear it very well Maybe I'll have to watch it a few times. Hopefully I'll be able to understand it better.

Good Lesson ✔️Y.N.M⚜️

Come to Evansville, In also know as "the most miserable city"

Congrats! Keep grinding!

very informative

@Ronnie 367 see

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