How Minimalist Living Can Help You Pay Off Debt

How Minimalist Living Can Help You Pay Off Debt

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I am so excited because today's, show is all about, minimalism. So. Keep watching. One. Of my favorite things in life right. Now is Netflix. I can. Binge watch a show I love documentaries. I just love Netflix, it's a way I can like come, home after, we've put the girls down and, he dinner Wednesday, night we love to have a good show, and it's, great so as I was scrolling through Netflix I saw a documentary that I had heard a lot of people talk about and I hadn't seen it it was called minimalism. So it. Was like cleon this would be cool let's really watch this by, the end I, was like praising. Jesus hallelujah, I was. So fired. Up because, not only did, they talk about so much of what. We talk about here on the show about getting out of debt and getting rid of stuff and selling stuff and not. Going into debt for things I mean everything we talked about they've, kept reiterating and, like kind of have the same philosophies, but, their whole thing was that they got rid of a ton of their stuff cuz they realized that stuff does not equal happiness and an America today we've fallen. Into this lie that the more stuff you have the better your life is going to be and I. Just realized as I was watching this and like theatre we. Have so much crap, in our lives and in our houses, and in our bathroom, sinks, and in our closets, like we have so, much. Stuff. So much stuff and you know me I enjoy some, things so I always say it's okay to have nice stuff just, don't let your nice stuff have you, but. You walk into the average person's home and it's like we just have stress. Everywhere, it's just it's, unbelievable. And then again for, the average American that goes into debt, to buy stuff that we do not need and I just got so fed up I was like who who. Set the standard of living in America everyone, says you got to have this style this lifestyle like this is average you know whether it's a three-car. Garage or a room, for every person it's just like everything. Is just like yeah this is it this is it this is what your life should look like this is the vacations you should take these are the clothes you should wear this is a brands that are great here's the grocery, stores you should shop at this is what's average whoo, who said that's average. Average. I'm like no it, just made me so mad because I think we really have we into this idea that, man our lifestyle should look like this no matter what we make no matter what our income is we deserve this standard of living and it itches fired, me up and sounds like we've got to get the minimal it's not our show we, have to get them here to talk about all this because you guys again. Stuff. Is not going, to make you happy, stuff. Is not going to make you happy stuff is not bad I want, you to be able to shop at the grocery store you want to take. The vacation you want that's fine those are not bad things but when we put our value, and our happiness, that that stuff is going to fulfill us it's, not we. End up like a rat in a wheel for, our entire lives chasing. Something that is never ever going, to fulfill us. Are. You mad - I hope you're mad I hope you're just like you know why I need to get rid of some crap in my house so the money challenge, for this episode, is when. This show is over I want you to look around your house and I want you to start small but can't write off one thing I go, in your closet and like wow. I have four or five black. Long-sleeve, shirts. Have. I worn one. Shirt one, of these shirts in a year the, answer is probably yeah, no no you haven't, get. Rid of it sell it give it away I don't care what you do with it get rid of one thing this when you start to purge a little bit it's like wow. I did this I went into my closet and I did this I went and I looked don't think okay I had. This filter up okay if I was going on a four week vacation. What. What would I pack so, it's a lot right I mean I enjoy, clips then, I'm like half the stuff I haven't worn in like a year and a half and I always have it in there I'm like well, just in case that one thing comes up I'm gonna need it I. Chucked, all that clothes and it felt so good, to purge, it felt so good because, again every time I buy that stuff these, little, part of me thinks life's. Just gonna be better if I just have that thing no, you said that to yourself I could just have this I would.

Be Happy well, I kept, saying this about. One pair of shoes for about four years and, well my, lessons are hard. So. There's this pair of shoes will not a pair it's more like a brand and. Like. The last four years I'm like my goal sub stupid and shallow original, but I'm gonna say it in my heart I was like michaelis oh one, pair of those shoes just, one pair of those shoes but, every time I went to go buy him I was like I can't it's just too expensive it's, stupid to spend that kind of money on this shoe I'm not doing I'm not doing it so after, Caroline. Our second it was born, she. Was probably like three weeks old and the. Doorbell rang Winston, was home and he. Wins, the front door he got the box and he said okay Rachel, but. I had Caroline, a little Caroline it's like gimme Caroline you, take the box I was, like what is this it's. Like this. Is just a gift to say I love, you I'm. So, proud of you just enjoy, this is just a gift from me to you don't think and, so. I, opens. The. Tape of this big box and, there, was. The. Name of, the shoes on top of the shoebox and I, may or may not have cried. Like. See. What no, I was like there's no way you bought these you bought these and I, was hormonal, I just had a baby people okay so I probably wouldn't cry over her pair of shoes today but I did I cried and I'm opening, home and I mean I mean my adrenaline, was like pumping. And my hands were sweating and all's like and. I got, him out of the box and they were, beautiful I mean they were perfect. Is everything, I thought I hadn't ever imagined, in my life inside, notes, credits. To him he went in ladies, ovary Jesus he went in my closet and saw my other shoes and found my shoe size and then even the heel measurement, he took, like. A ruler. Thing to measure the size of heel that I wear with high heels in order, like the. Perfect. Shoe I mean like. Cinderella, has nothing on me I mean like it was like it fit, like a glove, it was perfect, and, that, feeling lasted. For. About 48 hours, and. Now about. A year later, those. Shoes are in my closet and honestly when, I look at those shoes what I think of is more of Winston's, sweetness. And love, towards me than. The actual shoes anymore. And, so that's what's so funny to me without this accumulation, of stuff that we have in our lives and this thing that we think if we could just go. On that make you just get, a new car if we could just just XY, or z everything. Would be better and you guys I'm telling you the finish line keeps. Moving, and moving and moving the finish line never, fulfills, you guys never, fulfills, you in contentment, is something that you have to find and I'm gonna be bold here and say you guys there's nothing on this earth that is gonna fulfill you the deepest part of you that's gonna be fulfilled this piece that you think is missing if you do not have a relationship with Jesus that. Is it that's the ultimate answer, preacher. Rachel's coming out I'm telling you you guys if you don't know, him if you're not in a relationship with him that's the ultimate that's. The foundational, of everything. In your life and everything, beyond that you can build on your giving, changes your generosity explodes. Things. Suddenly, have a different meaning in your life your relationships, change everything. Is dependent, upon that and not, stuff, not, stuff, I can tell you tell your I'm telling it to myself again remember my shoes Rachel. Come on yeah we got to learn together we've got to practice what we preach people, right so remember stuff, is not going, to satisfy you and the, guys that teach this the best are the minimalists. And I'm so excited because they are coming up next. Landing. And cooking meals for the family can, be stressful knowing. What I'm going to cook having, all the ingredients and, making. Something everyone, will love is a balancing act that's why I use, home chef, they deliver straight to your door and get this the, ingredients, are pre-portioned. So you never end up wasting food and throwing, money away plus they offer 18, fresh choices, to choose from every week you'll, find easy to make well-balanced. Meals that the whole family, will love and it, makes me feel like a true, chef at home home. Chef meals, anyone. Can cook and everyone. Will love visit. Home chef comm slash Rachael today or use the promo code rachel, at checkout and get $30, off your first order. Guys.

Let's, Be real being, a parent is hard work. Now. That I have two daughters of my own it feels like the to-do list never ends and as every parent knows your priorities, change and, you have to make important, decisions for your child's future that's, my term life insurance is, a must from, every parent it's, so easy to get and it's affordable what. You're looking for is 10 to 12 times your annual income to, make sure everyone, in your family is taken care of Winston. And I use xander insurance, they do all the work for you to find the best prices, and options so go to Xandar com to get started, on a quote today because, that's who we trust to take care of our family. My, friends the minimalists, are here on, the Rachel. Yes. I'm, so pumped you're here and I was telling everyone earlier about your documentary and how much I just like watched it and became like obsessed with everything that you guys are doing so, for those people that have not seen the documentary, or even heard of you guys just. Explain what is a minimalist, and how did you guys get into all this well the thing with minimalism the, way I describe it is minimalism is the thing that guess has passed the things so. We can make room for life's most important, things which actually, aren't things at. All. Grew, up in Dayton Ohio we were, really poor and we thought the reason we were unhappy growing, up is we didn't have any money, and, so when I went out when, I was 18 I got that entry-level corporate, job and I spent the next dozen years sort of climbing, the corporate ladder and, take, about my late 20s, I was living the American, dream, I had a six-figure salary the. Luxury cars. There. Was nothing inherently wrong with the stuff but. I wasn't. Fulfilled, I wasn't happy because of course I made good money but I spent even better money, and, so I along. With the American Dream came the American debt and, I, was just, consumed, with almost, half a million dollars worth of debt at my my. Peak or I guess mine a tiara. And. And. I didn't feel like I had control of my time my resources. My own life, I realized I was focused on the wrong stuff I was focused on success. And achievement. That's, really was this thing called minimalism. Entered my life yeah. For me you know it's it's interesting if you were to have toured my 18 year old self what, my 28, year old self was going to have I would have been so excited, and when I was 28 I found myself questioning. I was, I was the opposite of happy I was I was I was, drowning in debt I was. Had, a lot of discontent I was depressed and I, remember, seeing Josh he. Had, a major shift. In the way he was living his life and, I sat him down one day and I was like - what is going on with you why are you so happy and that's, why are, you. So happy. And it was like he, introduced, me to this thing called minimalism. So Josh and I we came up with this crazy idea called, a packing party where, we decided to pack all my belongings as if I were moving and then, I would unpack only the items I needed, over the next three, weeks so, Josh came over and he literally helped me box up everything, my clothes my. Kitchen, we're moving. The. Idea, was is if, I packed up all this stuff and I really really missed it and I really really wanted to put, everything back out I could totally unpack, it and put everything back in its place but, of course after three weeks I had a completely, different perspective, on my life a completely, different perspective, on my things and I remember going to Josh and I was like man this is a really this. Is a really cool story there, there might be some people out there who could benefit from this story so, you know we went and did one any two 30. Year old dudes would do we, started a blog. Spread. The word. Started. It was with, that 21-day packing party story so good okay that's just that's such a brilliant idea cuz I even think because, I'm a confession, I have not done the complete minimalist, lifestyle, but. I but when you said I'm like even my bathroom, sink right now like I'm thinking about it underneath I'm like if I took out all the. Lotions. And the IKE right all this stuff and put it in a box to see it for three weeks what do I actually use out of that you guys, okay. They're probably like what like four things like it's just I'm feeling convicted. Right now as you're, talking about all this because. It is it's that's such, a smart way to think about it really is and I love this, concept that you guys live, out so well that stuff it doesn't fulfill you right and I think we all know that and the contentment piece of that foundation, of your heart is so huge in this process so so. Someone that's hearing this what's like the first couple of things that they need to do so if you do want to simplify your life the first thing you have to do is not an action, welcome to the action in the second first thing you do is ask yourself a question and that question is how might my life be better with, less and by.

Asking That question, you start dies in a file what, the benefits, of simplifying, are because for me initially it was finances, I knew what my finances, were out of control I needed to simplify life, so I could regain control my finances. I uncovered, all these other benefits like well I made, more time for creativity and the, people in my life and improved health and and so what are the benefits for you and understanding, that won't just give you the how-to but. Give you the why - why. Am i simplify, my life from there I think it's important to start small, just start, somewhere, we have something on our website called the 30 day in the Nobel ism game and so here's how it works you partner up with someone a friend a family member a co-worker at the beginning the money each decide on the first day we're both gonna get rid of one, item second. Day of the month two items third day the month three items so it starts off really easy that. Momentum, you need but, by the middle the month starts getting more difficult day, 15. Well. Okay so but day by day 20 you're like I figure of 20 on it today even tomorrow so get rid of 21, items whoever. Goes the longest between. You and your friend bunny you win but, if you both make it into the month you both won because you've got enough about 500, items it's a really good start okay so I'm just curious personally. My face like what does your house look like like. Where y'all live your closet, it's like like, what yes. Like what's your life look like if you were to walk into our home it's, not like you would jump, up and say oh my goodness minimalists. Must, live here yes yeah really you probably would just look at our house and say you, know whoever lives here they're, pretty tidy, and. That's because everything, that we have in our lives that serves a purpose or it, brings us joy everything, else is is, gone that's so great yeah we've, got a washer and dryer and you, know we, still like to use hot water. So. There's, kind of the extreme guessing. I'm assuming Thursday there's a arrange, to, be a minimalist there's like the crazy extreme, that you're like you know we'd, laughed about this but like a fork and a spoon in one place where it's like something like here and then some people they're like okay I like the idea but I would rather be like minimalist. Ish right, like, I don't want to dive in all the way can you go, 50/50, on this lifestyle, we can determine what is appropriate in, our lives and I think everything. That we own fits in one of three categories, it's, either essential. And we all have the basic same basis and it just all wearing clothes right now right we, need housing we need food we, have the same essentials, and then we have the non essentials, things that we, probably, do without but they truly add value to our life they augment, our experience, of life they amplify, our life and. Then we have this third category and. That category is, junk, most of the stuff that we own is junk, that gets in the way of the more meaningful experiences, in our life absolutely, well we went into the Fate our Facebook community and, people. Loved you there in my facebook community so we have some questions from, people awesome for, you guys answer okay Briana asked, and what, ways can be a minimalist, help save you money and become debt-free Holman. I know for me that was one of my biggest, drivers, behind getting into minimalism so. I'll tell you the first thing that I did. What. When I started. Going down this road is I took my you know brand new nice, you know Toyota, Solara. You, know real nice brand. New car just a couple years old I traded, that in for, 2004. Toyota. Corolla that had no car payment, and I. Still have that car today so that that's the for me how, I really you.

Know Appreciate. One minute when those minimalism, has helped me do when, it comes to my finances I am official, I was officially debt-free back, in 2015. I love it and I, certainly. Owe minimalism, a, lot, of credit for that absolutely. So good okay, the next question is from Emily she asks my husband and I like to think of ourselves as minimalists, I think, one thing that we struggle with though is do you buy quality like. Expensive things or do you buy cheap I think. The terms minimalist, and the term frugal, are very similar but they're also different I think when we think of a minimalist we think of some guy living in a cave with no possessions or, something, in, fact I send the own really high quality items I own far fewer items it's the weird paradox of minimalism for me is I get. Far more value, from the few items I own yep, then if they were watered, down by 300,000, other items that were sort of getting in the way right I mean wouldn't you rather have one. Pair of really nice pants is gonna last you for two years as opposed to 10, pairs of pants it'll last you for a month each right. Katy, asks, what's the very first small step you, recommend, to anyone who wants to move toward of minimalism, then, I think, starting with like that question how how. My life be better with less that's definitely, you're, gonna get the leverage by getting to the the why of that, question but, ultimately I mean you know there is the, packing. Party approach, if someone, is extreme, the. The, 30-day minimalism, game I mean that is huge Josh talked about that earlier that is amazing, you have to just find someone else who wants to encourage, you and all to minimize and wants, to minimize themselves. And you could have a lot of fun with it there's a there's, a lot of little small steps you can kind of, sensing. Another chad and diana challenge, date. Night challenge, to the minimalism, challenge, so we'll see if that happens okay Nancy asks how to part, with stuff when spouse wants to keep it because we might need it for, win. If. Well. I think, ultimately in, order to get a spouse, or a friend or anyone else on board with this you. Really have to show them, the benefits I mean you know if Josh had come to me and said hey Ryan you know what your life's a mess you. Need minimalism, I probably, wouldn't, have reacted. So excitedly, towards that but by seeing, the changes that Josh made it, made me want to ask him that question what, are you doing different with your life you seem pretty happy but, ultimately. By you. Know just kind of living the example, and showing the benefits, of it that's really how you get someone. To to. Make a move with their stuff yeah can't force anyone in any of that totally, ok last question Lauren. Asks how to be a minimalist, with children, I'm, actually very intrigued well, I mean not having any kids it's very easy for me to project. My advice, yeah. I do. Like to use this one example we, were at we were at an event, where. One. Of one of the people who showed up they were talking about what they do with their, child the example that they gave is you, know that their five-year-old six-year-old, would come home from school and of course they got you know a piece of art that they've made that they're very very proud of and, and, they would go to their parent okay can I put this on the refrigerator, and and. The, mom was like yes, you, absolutely can, put. This on the refrigerator, so as they're walking over like it's already covered with. You know other art projects, just the, whole refrigerator. Door yeah and they'll say now. You get to choose which one you, want to replace this. And we will go over and we will get. Rid of this so we're not you know having. A bunch of clutter in our lives so that's what they did they'll pick the one that they want to come off the fridge they, put the new one up then they go over they might you know scan it or take a picture of the, work and then you know toss them in the trash sure but I thought that was a cool place it's good well honestly kid craft stuff I'm like Amelia comes home from like preschool and it's just a crayon this. Picture. Or like a handprint, or a foot but right I mean like very. Small things right, they're. Sweet but yeah, I think. It's important to realize, that minimalism, is not about deprivation. And we need to especially, keep. That in mind with our kids, I know with. Ella I first, you know she's 5 now when she was really little I'm like oh you're, gonna be a minimalist, and you can play with sticks and stones and, that's it like. Well what am I trying to do here like no, she gets a lot of value from the toys that she has, so having, a big crate of toys that she really enjoys is great. Now, she's not gonna get more value if I got our 10 crates of toys they're actually gonna start getting in the way just like us we just have our own toys as adults, right and so, with.

Her I've realized once, she's done with the toy the, thing that one is still in her is she's, no longer getting value from it but some other kid can so let's go donate that together and, and and letting, her realize, the the benefit of giving as well all right you guys well that was so great thank you so so much for being on I so, appreciate you guys and your advice and your wisdom and everything, likewise, thank you for everything you do oh thanks. Travis, it's been fun so you guys if you want to check out more I thought the minimalists, you, guys are on every. Social media channel right I mean like YouTube you have YouTube channel Instagram, Facebook and you have a great podcast that's and if you guys want more tactical, ways or encouragement as you're selling your stuff to get a debt make sure to check out my book love your life not theirs you can click the link below, okay, so we'll head back to my kitchen where jenna is gonna help us take ingredients, the same ingredients, to use and prep for 5 meals for the week. Okay. We all know food. Is a struggle. In life right eating healthy things but, yet not busting the budget and, it's just like the tug-of-war constantly. So I brought, in dietician, registered, dietitian, Jenna waters to help us out so thanks Janet we're happy we're, actually friends from college, college. Friends college, friend go Falls good, balls okay, so you've been doing this for how long now so, I've been a registered dietitian, for about five years and. My background is, with, sports. Nutrition and then I became a mom we have three little ones and I just couldn't help but think we, are professional, athletes moms are athletes yes okay, all the time all day every, day right, so. But. At the same time we have so many demands and need to find a way to balance all the variables, yeah and wanna keep, kids well right want to feed them well but not go crazy in, the process that's right that's right and so you have two words that I love source.

Source And systemize, that's right I feel like every family has to find their sweet spot of let's. Source things well in terms of ingredients, what ingredients, are we using so essentially, we could use the same recipes, that we've always been using yep, but by having better ingredients automating. The source what's changing it which is over here and, see so a few things that you're like you know what look, and see and you could switch, out a few, ingredients right for better ones absolutely. No high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated. Oils like canola oil, no soybean, oil instead. We're gonna choose things like olive oil or avocado oil, okay, I was guilty of this I'm not gonna lie okay I probably had like terrible, stuff in my refrigerator I love, that you say it's just like a baby stuff like like one thing at a time instead of buying that, type of ketchup just wit just buy something else exactly, and look on the label and see and I love this this is a snack. Basket brilliant. Really, well. And it was born, out of the fact that my kids asked for snacks like, 12, times in a collision so these are healthy, dunno lavars these are called perfect bars unsweetened, applesauce, is, at. The beginning of the week I'll just chop up some veggies, and put them in here so how, this packets, just individual, makes it easy cuacamole, packets, a bunch of fruit yeah and our policy, at home is when, this is gone for the week, it's, y'all are snacked out weird, anymore yes. Crazy. Okay so, sourcing, and then right sends, my systemizing, for a week and this is gonna look different for. Every single family yeah so taking. A look at your week what are maybe the nights that you can spend a little bit more time in the kitchen what are some nights that we have to do leftovers, or maybe. A night that would have been a drive-through night maybe let's just do a quick instant, pot meal so here's an example on Monday nights I have a little bit more time so I always choose a recipe that I, can make in Vault okay double or triple okay and then use in different ways throughout the week okay so where do you buy something, like this really this would just be any conventional, grocery store so, we, just bought chicken breasts, okay organic, chicken breast and then cut, them into three. Pieces each and then, just dipped it in egg wash and then into a almond, flour flax, seed mixture I make a big batch at night and then like I said with the leftovers, we'll use that in, different ways throughout the week and so this is a honey mustard dipping, sauce okay, so then on Tuesday, here's what I do I just do an easy sheet pan meal tuesdays are really busy nights for us and, so whatever night might be busy for you. You can just I do a honey mustard salmon, and so we're using the leftover sauce and putting on top of the salmon nice just some veggies it's all one sheet really easy pop, it in pop it in bake, it roast, it whatever you need to do so, good yes so this these, look familiar, these, are their chicken tenders and so, we're gonna make chicken parm and so, we're, just gonna take the chicken tenders and literally, put the sauce over it all over it yep if you want to do the cheese yeah, Crow's one cheese, that.

Was Literally like a five minute dinner and, then, taco bowl this is cauliflower, rice yeah, I. Should've bought that for the first time this week I'm gonna kidding the, first time yes. The. Government and little, like transitions. Like that can make such a big difference in, terms of nutrition, but doesn't, taste a whole lot different yeah we're, on beef peppers, and guacamole exactly. True these are those individual, guacamole, packets, from that basket right there okay using ingredients, in different ways. Can. Really go a long way Lovitz yes and then I'm seeing if I'm feeling a pizza or pizza Friday, night night. Spirit, is moving. So. Instead, of takeout, pizza which kind, of used to be our go-to we're, like all right we need to save some money and we're gonna actually try to make it a little bit healthy so this we're gonna again, I cubed up the leftover chicken yep yeah and we're gonna make a chicken pesto, pizza, oh yeah, so I'm gonna do this the pesto if you want to and, this is a cauliflower crust. Okay. And get wet and rose in the freezer section sound freezer section, and how does you at any grocery store it's great it's like a flatbread, basically. Okay which I do love lepprince some chicken and some, sliced. Roma tomatoes. Mm-hmm. How, your kids like it they honestly, they love it I think sometimes we, have a you have to try it rule in our house I know that's good we're just not you, know yeah. It. Was like you make my mom cooks and that's it Simon, yeah amen, so they try it and. Interestingly it. Studies. Show that it takes about 20 times for a kid to try something before they put start to like it if they don't like it at first and I like, to, oh yeah. So. He does he can change I guess that's so great and, so big bacon is plan think ahead so you're not last-minute, running, through, the drive-through and spend an extra money on each I think, Adam you can do so quickly I mean this is like we literally just made these. Meals so fast, yeah. Great, a little kind of for thoughts okay. And if you want that all these recipes in detail make sure to click the link in the description, and enjoy. Enjoy the good food thanks Jenna. Oh I just love Jenna and she's so smart I love that she kept reusing, everything and, she planned off these higher weeks is like good healthy, foods love, it alright, now. It's time for she. Works hard saving. Money I love, these love these lovelies Abigail, said our family is growing and now it is time to get a bigger vehicle just. Paid cash for a new to us Honda, Odyssey well.

Done Abigail well done Jessie. Said I can't believe it's been nine whole, years since we said I do I would not trade our five, hundred dollar wedding for anything. My grandmother was right a wedding, is just a day on the calendar but marriage is a lifetime grandma's. Always right. Nine, years three dogs three moves three kids and over. $100,000. Of debt accumulated, and paid, off and many. Many. More memories to come Oh Jessie. Congrats. Sara, said Emily, worked, hard the last three months, saving her commissions for her pillow, she was, so excited love. At this hard-working, loving girls give save and spend guys. I love, this I love it seeing everything you're saving up for Annie your kids how cute is that oK, you've been posting photos which, I love but I also want you to post videos, which is so fun cuz we may show, them on the show and remember to use the hashtag she. Works hard saving, money Instagram. Facebook Twitter all. The things so. Exciting, remember you guys to like or subscribe so. You do not miss the, next episode, so, hopefully in this episode, there was something that you could take away to make, your life better so thanks so much to our guests, the minimalist, and to Jenna and remember. To, take control of your money and create, a life you love.

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I'm a 20+yr Minimalist and its not about stuff. Can having less change your life for the better sure, can more stuff change your life for the better sure. Its perspective!! If you have a photography business you may have more photography stuff. If your a writer you may need some other thing's. Here is a beginning tip Learn to love yourself and the rest will follow. Whatever you like or dislike will come to light and you will start reflecting your inner being with outer being. You may even gain or lose people in your life because you will find that they no longer serve you.

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Maybe the packing party idea for the stuff that is harder to get rid of. Maybe having a bit of distance from those things will make it easier to get rid of therm. Or maybe finding people who would have true use for them might help as well.

You realize when you say "Praise Jesus, Hallelujah" you're talking about the King of the Universe? It sounds very flippant, even though I don't think you mean it that way. Please consider leaving that part on the editing floor, or not saying it at all. Thanks.


YES Jesus! What a blessing to randomly hear of the good news today!

Funny though - I recently moved and there are two boxes for my closet that I have no idea whats in them... but I've been in the house for 3 months... I don't even want to open and donate.

I am a minimalist too. I am happy to see Ryan and Joshua.

Yes,Amen our Lord and savior is #1 above all..

LOVE THIS! Our family has taken an intentional approach to living with as little STUFF as possible and that helped us become debt free and helps us now and in the future to focus on our relationships and fun times with each other rather than having STUFF!

Love the minimalist guys! My life has been better With less.

I love that you said the relationship with Jesus is most important in our lives! Amen!

This is a great show! You are an awesome communicator, wow! God bless!

such a long introdution, I must be the inly woman that doesn’t like too much talk. Anyways, the best video of your channel

Go Preacher Rachel!!


I love the minimalists! I've been watching a lot of their you tube videos. I've always been someone that purged stuff quite often and had family ask why I got rid of something. At least I know I'm not alone. There's more I need to get rid of but compared to the average home & most homes I've been in, I am pretty close to being a minimalist myself. Thanks for having them on.

I saw the documentary just yesterday morning and now they happen to be on your show. It was eye opening and I’m totally on board.

Great episode! I loved seeing your passion when talking about minimalism!

I’m betting they were Jimmy Choo shoes

I was thinking Louboutins...

Ha! I LOVE how fired up you are! Reminded me of myself when I found Marie Kondo, Bullet Journaling, and Dave Ramsey.. on board.. 100%.. full throttle.. immediately! :D

Hi Rachel, I've been minimizing since 2016 and last year I walked away from Wild lol Fargo Bank. With the help of some friends I'm still getting rid of clothes. I love to watch your dad, he's an older brother to me. Take care and thanks!

Love love love!!!! I am obsessed with Minimalism!

Fantastic segment Rachel!

Thanks Rachel, about to watch your Dad's show on YouTube.

This was my favorite video you’ve done until you included vacations on that list. “Stuff” vs experiences are not on the same page for me. Experiences do fulfill you and make you happy.

I actually did this yesterday... and to be honest, it really did feel oh-so great! Like you'd think to yourself, "I've bought this for a reason. I'm keeping it." LOL! But yeah, it felt good to get rid of some items. I got rid of 3 shirts and a pair of shoes.

So excited! Haven't watched yet! Great idea for a show!

I saw this documentary a few years ago. Not sure when but this really good. And totally true. I integrated minimalism in my life a few years ago. Just slowly and I totally love it. Simplifying your life is really so good and there’s more time for a lot of really important things and it saves you a lot of money. And every time I feel like shopping for stuff I ask myself do I really need this? And 8 out of 10 times I don’t so I don’t just buy stuff. And I go for quality over quantity. Indeed stuff does not make you happy, it’s just temporary happiness. Experiences are more important and spending time with loved ones. Xoxo

ever see BBC special The Men Who Made Us Spend? if not look for it. really eye opening

I thank these guys for becoming debt free. I watched their Ted talk and decided to become minimal that day. I completely stopped shopping (I would hit target and drug stores several times a week for nothing but crap and chasing dumb sales all week) and started decluttering a kitchen draw right away. Then a cabinet, then a dresser, then a closet, and so on until my whole condo was done. There’s no rush or time limit once you have the mindset. I’m now debt free and make one shopping list for everything and try to get whatever I can at the grocery store. It may not be the absolute cheapest but one trip a week is way better than running around to different stores. Traffic, gas , time and stress is not worth a few bucks. It’s about making your life better for you. It’s so nice coming home from work to a clean decluttered house. I cook at home more, sleep better and hardly spend any time dusting and cleaning because I don’t waste time moving crap around and organizing unnecessary stuff. I just do it and go.

Think there’s no way minimalist living could be right for you? These tips will show you how minimalist living is not only easy, but it can help you pay off debt AND create a life you love! Get practical tips or encouragement for getting out of debt, budgeting, and creating a life you love with my best selling book:

Preach it girl!

Want to know what can spark a minimalist lifestyle? Being the executor of the estate of an 80 year old widow who lived in the same home for 50 years! 15 years ago I walked away from that experience, went home and immediately started cleaning house! My daughter is now 31 and I've told her for years that my goal is that I will not leave her with that kind of mess, financially or with "stuff" when I die. Over those years, post-divorce and during my BS2 journey, I have lived in two rooms of the upstairs of a condo, down to most recently, a master suite. Everything I own fits in that master suite, bathroom and closet. It's very freeing to not be hooked on "stuff". When I do move into a home of my own, the minimalist in me will still rule!

Preach Rachel!!!

You remind me of Mandy Moore

Before the boys come I get of my papers and notes that I didn’t use anymore

PREACH. Saw your passion talking about those shoes and I understand you sentiments.

I think this was one of your most helpful episodes. Really valuable advice in every section!

Girl, preach, loving hearing your message! These guys are great, and love the meal plan ideas!

Yeah! This is awesome....heard you talking to Dave about the show and had to watch! Love the Minimalists.....and everything you do! Keep it coming!

Ok Preacher Rachel!!! ,

so true .stuff is not necessary.

Amen! Love it.

Really enjoyed this! Also, Joshua Becker is a great source for minimalism. Thanks Rachel.

Amen! Praise the Lord for your boldness, Rachel, and thank you for not dancing around it. Salvationt through the Lord Jesus Christ is the ONLY thing that will bring true satisfaction, peace, joy, and contentment in this life, and that will contine throughout eternity!

loved the menu tips.

When you hit rock bottom and rebuild your life step by step you have a real eye opener. I have been there. I don't buy unnecessary stuff. I really think long and hard about stuff before purchasing said stuff! I need to work on when I am ready to treat myself it is ok to do that. I am a work in progress! Thank you, Jesus!


Their is no better example of “minimalism” than our Lord Jesus. ❤️

Thank you for being bold in your faith Rachel. ❤️

I wanted to be a minimalist, but I don't look good in black tshirts.

Great episode! I love the Minimalists!

I stopped caring about stuff and being way more generous after becoming atheist. Kinda funny

I’ve been waiting for the Ramsey channel to relate minimalism to the beliefs. Totally makes sense

I watched the documentary about a year ago and started living with so much less stuff! Living with less has made me so much happier. Less really does equal more.

I have been waiting for this episode!!!

Really? A show with a Christian, female host! OMGoodness. I stopped watching these type of shows and tv in general because they were so shallow and had little substance. I'm so happy I found you. Thank you.

Watching this as I sit and sort through jewelry I never wear!

Amen, absolutely! Same here!

Same here, when she said JESUS I pressed the like ✋

Such a blessing! Wouldn't it be great if it wasn't so random, though....if we as Christians were in a constant state of fulfilling the Great Commission and spreading the message of the Gospel? Just food for thought. It's something I need to be better about being more bold in, myself. Your comment just got me thinking.

Joe Filiatreau came to the comments for this!

I agree. I never regret spending money on a vacation. I do know now I don't need stupid souvenirs that will end up in the trash in 5 years...

Sorry wasn’t ready. I said I’ve seen about how owning lots of stuff doesn’t really make you happy and how we are destroying our planet by buying cheap things that are bad quality just so we can throw them away again a few months or a year later.

judas brute no I haven’t but I will definitely check if I can see it somewhere. I’ve seen and heard a lot over the years about how money and things

Christian Louboutin...

I would like to see the shoessss!!!

black shirts and black jeans, the minimalist look.

Great production quality with the show, followed Dave very closely for a while but now that I have a firm path and am within months rather than years from being debt free I have been focusing more on content related to things like investing and minimalism. Not only did this topic catch my attention, I was really impressed with the production quality!

Ha, ha, 48 hrs REALLY? Keep the husband, sell the shoes for xyz

*screams* What's in the boxxxx?!?!?

The Minimalists and the Dave Ramsey team equal a perfect match ❤️ Thanks for featuring them, Rachel

YES. Thanks for showing a REGISTERED Dietitian. This RD appreciates that!

So interested for about 7 minutes. Had a feeling it would all come back around to Christianity

You don't have to wear black! Wear what makes you happy! Minimalism is all about what adds value to you vs. what's just there- there are no true "must haves" despite what people might say.

Who said you need to wear black in order to have less clutter?

Agnes Laufer you know I never thought about it that way before, but I think you're right! Many people, especially those who think wealth is "bad", claim Jesus was "poor". I believe Jesus handled a ton of wealth (I mean, Judas was able to steal a LOT from the offerings) but he had simply what was essential. A true minimalist. Love it!

Joe Filiatreau 4

Jesus was minimalist! ;)

I don't know Jesus and I certainly have a hole. I'd trying anything at this point. Where does one start?

Prayer is a great way to start a relationship with Jesus. You are talking directly to Him when you pray! Find ways to worship and find Jesus in your everyday life. It looks different for everyone- some people read the Bible every day. Some people listen to worship music. Find some friends who will stay with you on your journey and help you come closer to Jesus. They are so valuable. Good luck!

It makes me heart sing to see these two powerhouses of advice (Ramsey solutions and the Minimalists) coming together to talk about these important subjects!

Read these books Affluenza and Stuffocation will enlighten you about how we are influenced to buy and buy.

I love how much enthusiasm and energy you have!!! You are such a wonderful person!

Type "minimalist" in the youtube search bar. They are all wearing black t-shirts. Its hilarious.

I don't really want to be in a relationship with someone who never talks to me.

So good.

Doesn't really have anything to do with minimalism though

Loved this episode! Can't wait to try those recipes.

You are amazing Rachel. The positive energy coming through is fantastic. Keep going!

I've tried... I'm giving up on attempting a budget, paying down debt, retiring in 13 years, and the husband who says, "tell me what to do and I'll do it" moments after telling the Mercedes's repair guy to go ahead a fix the top on the convertible that he broke because he has no patience. I'm going to go back to work 6 days a week just to cope with his antics. (I work 10 hr days and drive 2 hrs round trip to and from work).

I’ve seen the minimalists speak and they are so inspiring!!! Minimalism changed the way I view materialism, finances, and life in general. Thanks for sharing.

I am blessed me and my hubby are pretty low key in STUFF!  I go thru STUFF every few months. I only have clothes/ shoes  I WEAR :)

I'm loving this ❤

Read the Word! The gospel of John is a good place to start. ☺

What if one isn't a Christian?

Was totally into it until she brought in Jesus. I’m all for minimalism. I unfortunately had to minimize and remove religion from my life and I can honestly say doing so has helped tremendously.

Another great way to save money is to eat more plant based meals! A lot of people think "vegan", but there is still a lot of processed food that is vegan. I think that would be great for people to see how easy, cheap, and healthy plant based meals are!

I think it is nice that Russell Crowe and Christopher Walken can play well together...

The advertisers are the ones who said that "This is normal and this is what you should have."

Adore these guys! Always inspiring me to live with less and live life with more value.

Amen, Jesus changed every part of me. I love him!!! I am so self determined to get out of debt and be free but i know in then end it wont truly satisfy me, its only Jesus!!!

Why why why why why are you coordinating with these millennial blaming conservatives? You are ruining the minimalist brand

Read the magical art of tidying up by Marie Kondo

Yes! Jesus is the only one that brings us joy!

Does anyone know how is she related to Dave Ramsey? Is she his daughter? This lady also has a good way to minimalize your junk and a good way to find stuff to sell from your onw home.

how about the little house living or full time rv living to go with it?

Why are you giving up? Stay the course and you'll find the light at the end of the tunnel.

I am into minimalist since 2016 till current.

All of your episodes are great but I think this was my most favorite ever!!!! Love Jesus, love The Minimalists, love the meals for the week... Y'all knocked this one out of the park!

so many stuff...)

Was quite interested to watch right up until I got dictated to about religious beliefs. No thank you

Amen Rachel Cruze! as your dad used to put it, "stiff-itis". Stuff will ultimately not bring me joy, all I want is love in my life. Sure it's great to be debt free on everything, even owning a house that's paid for, I just hope I find someone who will try to understand my belief in your program, I believe in you and your dad's philosophy so much.

Música de Ramón Ayala Rancheras

"Cinderella has nothin on me" lol I love it

I have a relationship with Richard Dawkins. Get to know him!

Let me guess, get a job?!???! But of course they'll be expected to work at this job sometimes a job is called work sometimes when you're texting at work they say to their friends I'm working at work when they're not really working but they're at work because it's called work.

Agreed for the most part but what about atheists what fulfills them what makes atheists content if it’s not god

I love what she has to say but her shirt reminds me of a hospital gown. Please go minimalist and give the shirt to a hospital.

Way to interview! She is graceful and relatable and kept everyone engaged and her team kept her beautifully organized! Love her show she has grown so much

Is that a pair of broccolis behind her under the TV?

A precious suggestion for parenting in a minimalism: Go to the library weekly...lots of reading with out needing to pay for many books or only shop at dollar tree etc. Readers are leaders but you don't have to collect many books to read many books. My son re-checks out the same book for a few weeks but always gets new ones! Enjoy and hope ppl read this.

I was shocked in a great way! Automatic subscribe :)

Yes, she is his daughter.

You should interview Marie Kondo, Konmari Method.

bmo Haha, great comment.



Best book!!!

Jesus is not a religion! He is the relationship

Yes Lord...

yyyeeeesss preach it Rachel!!!!!!

You lost me at Jesus...smh bye

love4stamps Jesus is everything❤️

So very True Rachel, only Jesus can satisfy! Everything else is just stuff. My Husband & I are debt free and enjoying life. We have no desire to live beyond our means

Jesus is not a religion. Jesus is Love

You lost me at Jesus

It’s Sam Edelman, isn’t it...

Promoting saving and minimalism to pay off debt. Then advertising Home Chef that costs $40+/serving for a family of 4??

I love this video. I’ve started selling stuff we don’t use anymore, purging, months ago and now I know what it’s called! Minimalism. It feels so good to do it. Not only do you make some money if you can get cash for it, but it sets your priorities in life. Life is too short to worry about things. Thank you Rachel for this video!

Rachel, I love you and all of your family’s teachings.. can I make one tiny request to say God or higher power, or something bigger than you as not to alienate those in other religions? You have Jewish Ramsey fans also! And other religions as well. Just a thought.. thank you for everything ! Xoxo

When my parents would take us kids out to dinner (or lunch), we could not order the same thing off the menu twice. Needless to say, we have varied taste buds for sure! Now I cannot imagine kids now a days eating so much boring junk food.

Dave White Actually, it is funny. How many more atheists do what you do? Now I'm curious.. . . .

''Simple is the best''. You cannot take all the stuff with you when you die. Invest in yourself, your hobby, interest, travel to fulfil your life, not in stuff.

Was interested until she started preaching. Moving on. That’s what’s great about YouTube.

Regardless of our personal religion, we all need to be learning how to be more fiscally responsible. Thanks, Rachel!

I would pray the prayer salvation, “Dear God please forgive me of my sins , wash me clean with the blood of Jesus, I repeat of my sins. I accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior, please come into my heart and fill me with your peace and joy” God will answer your prayer

Briana Molina  I am Agnostic, not Atheist. Was raised Christian. Materialism runs in individual of all religions and we can't generalize based on our own circle of knowledge because compared to the number of people in the world, our sample is way too small to generalize. Dave White, if it works for you, great! :D I am sure Rachel would want us to be generous and debt free regardless of our religious affiliations! Thank you for caring about others.

I’m selling all my hoarded new items and putting the money towards my cc cards

every HGTV program sets the bar for the oversized-extremely modern home. At least 1000 sq ft per person in a 2-person family. there's your standard.


I'm already a minimalist, these guys are amazing but to take it up a notch I'm also in a permanent one meal a day lifestyle.


I have absolutely no problem whatsoever with her beliefs or anyones beliefs for that matter. My philosophy is and always has been live and let live. What I object to most strongly is when someone tells you that the only way to happiness is through a certain religion. Her way to happiness may be through a particular religion and that is a great thing, but dont tell others that the only they can be happy is through a certain religion and that is the type of terminology she was using. Essentially that is not a huge amount different to the terminology used by extremists. If everyone just accepted that everyone else is entitled to their religious beliefs and didnt try and force their own on others the world would be a much happier place. And I definitely didnt expect to be dictated to about religion in the middle of a minimalism video

Aww I respect her believes. And Im an atheist. Always keep an open mind. ;)

her shirt is horrible, good show otherwise.

This is exactly what I realized. Initially, it was about saving money but like Marie Kondo said: we really aren't going to reread the majority of our books. Now, the only books I buy and keep are the ones I want my children and other loved ones to read.

9:56 the minimalists on the show


Girl, YOU ARE FIRED UP!!! love it. PRAISE JESUS. I REEEEEEEAlly needed this. LOVES!!

Good points! Stuff is Not going to make you happy! Like a Rat in a wheel...Yes the amount of materialism has truly changed the way many live, they get chained to their stuff not realising that it's all holding them back!

It is. About the love as the foundation of the gift. Not necessarily the gift itself. Share the Gospel girl. Yeah! So Thankful for your virtual fellowship. :D So much to be thankful for and Repent of. I don't want to go to Heaven if God is not there...

We do have too much stuff!!!

After experiencing Katrina in 2005, I realized how much money I had lost on unnecessary stuff. Pounds of meat and seafood lost in the large deep freezer for a family of three. The thing that got me, while going through the mess; I had realized I had a lot of items with the price tags still on them. What really hit me was, I'd purchased two identical bathroom sets from different stores. I couldn't remember when I purchased them.

Love Josh and Ryan. They've been so helpful to me for awhile now. Just want to put it out there though, atheists and agnostics can have joyous and fulfilled life too.

I feel the same about a purse.its really expensive

LOVE your real talks!!!

so relatable

Just discovered your channel today! What a great show! I just subscribed! God bless you in your endeavors!

1:28 Did she say, “bathroom seats?”

I reached my goal of discarding 2,018 items in 2018. So freeing.

When you started preaching Jesus, you lost me. I know stuff will not fulfill you and have been a minimalist fan of Joshua and Ryan for years. You made this about what fulfills you and not each individual finding their own path to fulfillment. Keep an open mind to other possibilities of fulfillment. Onward, Jerri

Love how feisty you get talking about how STUFF will not make you happy! Only JESUS! Keep it up lady!

Girl you are preaching truth to the world, especially the part about Jesus Christ!

Yes she is!!!!

Red bottoms??

AMEN!!! Wow I absolutely love you for this video, if you don't know Jesus, you'll never be fulfilled!! This is my first time watching your videos, and I love how this looks like a professional talk show.

How many commercials can you have in one video

I find it difficult to save money on grocery items without meal planning and a partner who does not stick to the shopping list. My supermarket list is planned with a survey of the ads and purchasing sale items to fill the freezer (just bought two 19-lb turkeys $5 each) promoted for a holiday. The best thing I do is reduce my expenses and cut out wasteful spending.

I think I just witnessed Rachel have her first Dave rant

Amen! @Rachel! I loved this episode more than any other episode. Way to work! #RealTalk

The majority Jesus lovers and bible thumpers are hard core 2 face liars.

Minimalism has changed my life for the better

Kirkus Karen

Yea girl. Jesus is the answer

I love how much like her daddy she is. I love Y’all who family and recently started watching all of yours and daves videos and got fired up to get completely out of debt. I’m 30 and husband is 34 and pacing to be completely out by next year God willing

Whatever We don’t use, we should give it away throw away

Less is definitely more.

Jesus Christ didn’t have a car.

What we need to ask ourselves is: what’s in our minds that make us want to go shopping for things that we don’t even need. Maybe we try to fill some empty spaces in our hearts or the anxiety level is too high.

Have an Ferrari would bring me a great value lol

Brian Fenwick instead of going out and eating fancy dinner...this works out cheaper

"Contentment is something you have to find..." I'm reminded of that Jack Prelutsky haiku about a mouse: "If not for the cat/And the scarcity of cheese/I could be content." We humans can come up with an excuse for discontentment, no matter the situation! I think minimalism is just about finding joy and contentment in the metaphorical cheese we already have--or thoughtfully curating the cheese we allow into our lives. Which makes me want to go out and get some nice brie, haha.

Adopting the minimalistic lifestyle is what led my wife (and eventually me) to Dave Ramsey and in turn Rachel Cruze.

O.o I don't believe in jesus or any gods, but my life is fulfilled and happy. I am successful and joyous living with my husband. I have friends and a wonderful job. Saying that someone can't be fulfilled without jesus sort of devalues the lives of others who don't need to live with those beliefs.

Your sellout endorsements take away from your message.

Main interview@9.59 second

YES! and YES! Love your boldness! and your love of "Jimmy Choo?" ;)

Buy experiences with cash, not stuff with credit!

sorry I don't understand- you sold Jesus, pre-packed food, insurance to us first.....

LOL I rather the long term desire of an item than the item it's self now. I have a story much like you but it was a dishwasher that only got used a handful of times before we moved offgrid :)

When I throw stuff away I feel bad

No matter your faith or lack of, I'm stoked that minimalism has brought so much to your life. Keep doing you and living your best life with less.

Nothing physical will Ever fill the God shaped hole we all have until we discover the God within..... then you don't care about or value physical "stuff" anymore....

I own higher quality items but less too. I love the packing party idea, although I lived it for real as I was living with a lot of debt at one point. I had to move quite often and lose "stuff" and I had children. It may be forced, but eventually they understand bc I think they have a better relationship. It's more about the connections and experiences in life...and also it doesn't spend as much money as a result.

You like Netflix?! I’m outta here

Sam Edleman is my weakness. I always buy them on sale but I have too many of the Hazel pumps!

Rachel, thanks for having the minimalist guys on. Im learnin so much from you.

enter Christopher Walkens son!

Omg! Five minutes into this video was pure torture! So many other great videos out there with better content! Too much blab.


Stop screaming. It’s a bloody label that illustrates the concept of saving. U guys make it a fad. Being stingy and poor is uncool but oh minimalism is sheek. Making stingy cool .... cool

I thought there will be more show than talk, disappointed

How many infomercials do you do!? Geez

God is everything! I love that!

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