How James Travels The World On SEO Profits & Investments

How James Travels The World On SEO Profits & Investments

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Head Start ahead welcome back to another episode of the lies your show, in this episode I'm joined by James rule and we're, discussing how he's gone out there and built a business now that basically pays him to work like 30 minutes a day at most isn't, really that much to do which is epic, by the way and what, he's done how he's done this is went out there and built an affiliate, site and this one I feel like just took off they don't offer lots of them but this one of them just took off and, he. Uses that to basically write cash flow to pay for his livestock but, also to make investments. And these, investments are in fins like like FBA businesses, and different things like that where his invest in low level amounts of money in. Terms of like investing, as a whole right and he's. Making like really, nice returns, and it's, just very awesome, as high-risk investments, but it pays off extremely well for him so far every single one was worked out and that allows him miss Lee to make his money work for him so he asked what makes 30 minutes of work a day and he's making more and more and more money busy leveraging. The, cash flow from one single affiliates, Isis very very interesting, you wanna create, a lifestyle that basically pays you to travel, or do different you'd like to do it and spend the time doing what you want to do and have, minimal work to do then this is a Corey episode, I really love James as an attitude I really love how I built this up so let's, get into it and enjoy, the episode, James. What's up buddy thanks for joining me on the show today it's very awesome to have you here hey. Darrell good to see you again man so. For the people that don't know you already to an introduce yourself what it is you do, yeah. So, my, name is James rule I. Am. A former, SEO I don't really do SEO too much anymore but, I'm. Kind, of more into investing, at this point but. I still. Do have a few affiliate I have one affiliate sites that makes me a very large, amount of money and a. Very. Passive profit. I. Have, a. Ecommerce. Business that's attached to that on top of it so. That. Also does very well and then I've got a couple. Other e-commerce businesses.

Going At, the same time and. On. Top of that I have a startup I was involved in it's. Blown. Up it's become one of the biggest car rental agencies. Or peer-to-peer, car. Rental agencies in the US and. I. Just, do a little bit of investing, in apps now. So, a, lot. Of different yeah. You. Were saying before we started recording at your whole motto. So, to speak these days is like how, can I make as much money as possible as, little effort as possible that's. Really really cool how did you get, to like this stage I presume, you weren't always like me now it's a just, invest in all these different project stuff that you must've started off like working, pretty hard and. Struggling. A little bit I guess it a beginning yeah. Exactly, actually I struggle a lot a lot. At the very beginning and there's a there's, a ton of stuff I mean I think it's. I always see these guys I meet these guys at all these conferences, who like oh I've been an SEO for six months I'm already making 10k a month and now. I'm like whoa. So. For me it literally took me like five years to really like click with something I was like working my ass off for five Geiger's. Started. Off doing like actually I started off doing paid paid. Traffic affiliate, marketing back when I was like 19 or 20 and, I, have like one or two successful campaigns but then the. Advertiser. Basically, turned. Didn't, like my traffic so after, like those yeah, yeah after those continuously, happened, over and over again I was, like screw this I'm gonna do SEO so. I started off doing client SEO that, was just like clawing. At the wall for a long time you. Know was I was pretty shy guy back then and. I. Was very, afraid to like ask for any type of real money I wasn't confident in my skills so I. Would have I had like like, maybe five or six clients, at like $200, a month each. Yeah. And, you know that's like very hard -, yeah. Yeah so took me a long time to like realize. What. My worth was and like how. To get actually, like good clients, and so eventually I, just had car I did, the client thing for a while while trying to launch a couple different affiliate sites every. Affiliate site as soon as it started to take off got hit by some type of penalty. So. It's pretty ridiculous in that aspect you know there's like I. Started. Off trying to do I I cut, a lot of corners my I started off as well so that was the issue tried to do use GSA, to. Blast my authority sites like. Spamming. Them all that stuff I'm sure it works but I just wasn't very good at it, so eventually I said alright screw this I'm. Gonna start like an actual like white hat authority, site I'm gonna do this I'm gonna make a massive site, no. More PBS no, more. No. More spammy. Backlinks nothing. Like that and, it's not to say I don't think PB ends I mean PB ends still work they're definitely an awesome strategy that happened for a long time I think they still will be for a while but for. Me like managing, all that it was just much easier for me to just email somebody and be like hey can I get a link like this is my page really good content. And. Because. The content was usually such high quality often. More often than not the person I would email would actually like wow that's a really good resource, yeah. I'll definitely link to you no problem so, I, saw. A lot of luck doing a lot of success doing that eventually. Over two years two. Or three years, built. That site up to you, know making, very. Passively, at this point I actually have. Search. Initiative, guys who are awesome working. On that site just, running it totally passively, that's, making you know anywhere between 20 to 23. Km unthe and it's. Growing it's growing every month so. So, yeah I was a long journey at this point but. But. You know finally got to a point where all right cool so. Yeah and I did I did work my ass off for a long time if that was your question I worked really. Hard like 12, hours a day every. Single day just absolutely, addicted to trying to make this work like there was basically, no way I was gonna give up on it even. Though I like kept on failing over and over again and I was like I'm gonna make this work no matter what happens, what, changed, there was a big change the. Long-term. Thinking rather than like cutting corners and stuff or what. Yeah. I think it was like it was like I kind of just got fed up with. Suffering. The consequences of. Cutting corners and. I. Just. Suddenly snapped I was like alright I'm gonna actually do something big now like I'm tired of having clients I know a lot of people do well with clients I hate, oh I hate, having my I, don't, like having like someone asking, me what's going on and I know there's, a lot of strategies you can use to stop, that but for. Me it's just I prefer the freedom of having something run totally passively, without. Any input from me and that's oh that's where that's, what I like let's. Go man I'm pname, standard projects you got going on now because I think you have quite a few friends right yeah.

So, I mean like you said earlier my whole thing is like make. As much money as possible with as little work as possible I'm. Doing the whole lifestyle thing right now just enjoying travelling around the world, I'm. Living in Asia in Manila, right now actually and, just I basically, moved to a different city every couple, weeks, it, does get tiring but it's also super fun meet. Tons of awesome people. But. So. I enjoy. That lifestyle, but. Yeah. Yeah the projects that I've worked going, on right now is, that. They all run very passively they're all basically I use my I use my cash flow from all my from. The. Affiliate. Site that I have I use that cash flow to invest, in other people. To. Help build. Businesses, that build more cash flow so, for. Example with. My affiliate, site I partnered with the super smart guy super, hard worker who. Had already had successful. FBA. Businesses, I partnered. With him he. Needed cash flow to launch more products I said yo let's partner. Together I'll give you money, and. We can we, can build. A huge business together and we have build a huge business together and that that one kind of piggybacks, off with the affiliate site i've also invested. With other friends, yeah, i've also invested with other friends basically, the same thing I saw they were struggling with cashflow, I was like hey look yeah you're good at what you do let, me help you give you some money, and through. That I mean it's been a great, partnership both ways I'm always super I want, to make sure like everybody, I partner, with is super, happy with the partnership I never want to make them, feel like they're getting a bad deal, so. How. I. Mean I'm generous I'm gonna happen, I always, I'm pretty generous with what I do and I'm always super honest with my intentions and. If. I can tell maybe they're not super happy about something I always try and address it and even if it means I have to give up a little bit more I'm totally okay with that because I don't I think that someone. Who's not happy with the deal is not gonna work super, hard to make that business successful. If. They're like oh I'm not getting a great deal out of this like I could, work on something else and get a better deal like I want them to be happy with with the deal and so, far everyone I've partnered with it's been super so, it's been great so, I. Usually do 50/50, partner splits on these and I end up giving them quite a bit of money but, they. Work there they're both tough for it too so it ends. Up working out quite well and. Everyone profits from it because with my cash flow injection they, can launch way more products, way faster, than they normally would they, don't have to deal with the the worry of. Running. Out of stock and not having money to buy more stock like cash flow management and all that stuff it's not an issue because I'm there to take care of all of it so it's. Cool man so. Like like these are kind of like friends rights not like a full morphine or anything like that one. Of them was, a, guy. I met just, through traveling, you know there's um there's. Hubs in Saigon I met this guy in Saigon actually and he. Iswhat. We were like acquaintances. And then I, approached. Him about this and now I can send him a very good friend after working with him for for, soldier yeah the other guy was actually a really good friend of mine who I, could see what he was working on but I'm totally I've. Approached other people they're just acquaintances. I mean I'm down to work with anybody but I need. To see that they've had successful, businesses before and that they actually, like, have. Done it on their own because. There's, tons of people you could partner with they're like yeah I'll totally do that that sounds awesome and but they've never started their own business the. Fact that they've never started their own business means that they don't have that like fire to make a business successful so. I'm, pretty strict about that I want to make I want to see that you've done something on your own before and you've seen, it all the way through and.

You Haven't given up on it like. That's. Like my stipulations. So I've, got like a few other apps which, like. Some. Apps I've invested in that. Have done quite well that, it's kind of the same situation, I know, that I knew the guy I knew, he's had successful, projects before I know that, he's a hard worker I know, he's smart so I thought yeah like if. I could be a part of this I super. Down to be a part of it so how. Do you do that though so to say someone's in your situation to grow some money they find someone that's like like, so I'm gonna takes massive action and they, look at the starving project you just like reach out to them it's like what hey can I invest in this so how do you kind of word that yeah, I'll just I'll talk to them about it and I kind of like poke. And prod and I'm just like oh so like, what. Would, you do if you had some extra money like do you think that would help you out like I kind, of just poke and prod and see what their responses, are and then. Then. I'll be like hey look just to let you know like I'd be interested in helping you out like maybe, buy. Some equity of your company and, I've actually got another friend who. I'm talking with right now who's. I think's got a really badass project, project he's working on. I kind, of. I've. Been, waiting to approach him about it and he actually hit messaged me and told me he might be raising funding and I was like all right I'm in and like I definitely wanna be a part of that so. So. That's another one's gonna be coming up soon and, these are these projects, I like them you know you don't have to have a ton of money you, know I'll put in anywhere between ten to thirty thousand dollars for, them and, it's. Not like I'm giving millions - yeah, it's not like we have a million dollars I mean these are SAS products, or. Physical. Products whatever we're, ten to thirty thousand dollars will do. A lot for them they could really like, they. Can use that money a lot especially a lot of these guys work out of Southeast Asia where labor, is a lot. Cheaper than if you live in San Francisco you, know so called Valley or whatever so. Okay. So. Yeah, but. I think that might answer your question no. That's it, well I love is that what's really cool is that, um you love traveling anywhere like you do that no matter what and then that just so happens to like a byproduct, of that as they get to meet logical people which, can also bring, about partnerships, and investments like that yeah, I'm always looking to meet people if I think someone has like a good project on the all right tell me more. Okay. Tell me more and then I kind, of poke and prod see like oh are you guys making much money right now like what are you like, what are your advertising. Methods. Like how are you I'll just try and figure things out and obviously like the biggest thing about me is coming from, an SEO perspective, SEO. Background, I look. At projects and if, this guy has no SEO background. But he I can see there's so much potential, like. Launching a content marketing strategy or whatever, behind this then. I'm like dude I can help you out with this like I can get my input on that end so it's kind of a. Strategic. Investment. As well because, I'll. Often try to invest, in projects where I think I can use my knowledge to help them in that aspect right, with. The startup, I was, involved in I did a lot of I. Did, a lot of press outreach like we got tons of. Huge. Publications. I mean CNN, Money, CNBC. We were on like television, camera we were on the, ABC, 7, News like. Ax, not just like press, releases I mean these were big like, we. Were the centerpiece of the articles and so I have a lot of experience, like reaching out to news on that end, and. How, to pitch press so. I'll use that experience as well to help like. These. Little. Apps that that I've been involved with so I can give them advice on how to do that as well so it's it, can usually be like a strategic, investment for them as well because they get they get that s but I think it's the experience I've had, it's. Equipment how many investments do you have right now. Off, the top your head I. Mean. Not counting crypto because crypto is, put. A lot of money into crypto as well but I've. Done like maybe six or seven investments. In here in two different companies. Over. Ten thousand dollars so. Yeah. Yeah, and yeah. Good. Sorry. And you're like you said you also invest in like a little bit of like your skills and what you bring to the table do you, how. Do you manage like seven investments, like that are you, working. On them daily or like, yeah, I mean I'm very I'm very off like, it's more when I bring my skills do I not do any work it's more like kind of consulting, like hey this is what you guys should do these. Are the tools you should use these are some people you should use that I know are really good at this those.

Types Of things it's not like I'm gonna sit down at a computer and do the work for them it's. More like hey let me give you some advice maybe I'll do some keyword research for them I'll like maybe, help them come with a content marketing plan but it's not gonna be full-out, like. Working. For the company you know yeah. Yeah, so. For, the most part like what. Do you actually work on her, uh. Yeah, I mean I travel, a lot I work out a lot I eat a lot I. Don't. Have much to do turning this hit I, usually. Will just sounds, good man oh it's a good it's a good life I'll do calls I basically. Just spend my time catching up with, like. These investments, though have, a investor. Call like once a week or something like that, I've. Got I and. My, in my spare time I just messed around with crypto I have, fun doing that so. It's it's, a fun little industry, to be a part of so. Yeah. I'm making some pretty decent money from that as well I think everybody is even not in this market but yeah, that's. Cool man so, how does how, do you get to the stage obviously you mentioned you a big party site how did you. Get to. Like this way like you don't really have much wealth to do you've got a few investments of stuff right. Hmm. It's. Gonna open you in any question yeah, so I think. That's kind of the appeal, of having. An affiliate website is that. You really want it's, going you. Really. Don't have much work and the fact that I've delegated everything, to the. Search initiative, like, I really don't have anything to do on it it's it's their responsibility now. And. They you, know they've I'm, very confident in their ability to keep, it earning. More or hurting at least the same amount of money so for me it's kind of like an insurance. I'm. Just paying them an insurance to manage the site so I just don't have to worry about it. How. Did I get to this point I mean, it was really once. I think I got to maybe. 20k. Per month, with the site it was, that's, more than enough money to, invest. Into other projects you know I'm, not spending 20k a month living, in Southeast Asia so having. Extra money from that I don't need I guess. Like a lot of people they. If, they're not working. Then. They feel like their day is getting wasted or whatever and for me like if I have money in my bank, like. I feel like it's getting wasted if I'm not using it for something so, I. Don't I don't need to have a crapload, of money in the bank but. And. You. Know it is risky, it's a risky risky, strategy, because, if I lose everything I'm kind of screwed but I'll still have all these assets all these different I don't think I'll lose all like, six investment, assets you know those are all gonna be there and, there's some something, crazy happens out there all in totally different industries, totally different yeah so I don't think I'll lose they're very diversified so. Cool. Man it. Was just that one, big. Side like he struggled for years you say and then it is that one big sigh and I kind of changed everything I was like, the tipping point said to speak yeah. For sure it's been a massive, massive. Massively. Effective, on my life and, I'm. Very. Grateful, yeah. So I think, I will probably sell it this year I want, to get it to 30km month I mean just, in my head I want, to make a million dollars before I'm 30, so. It's. It's just a little goal in my head I want to sell it alright ideally. I'm turning 29 next month so, I want to sell it before I'm. 30 basically, in the next year so. For. A million-dollar flip things could be pretty happy with that, yeah. Be pretty epic how. Did you build up that site then is. There any lessons in that like obviously, it wasn't all luck I did. A lot of white hat outreach when I first started I hired really. Really talented riders. Basically. Put all my money back into it like a lot of the money from the agency, that I was running at the time back. Into it. And. It. Was I really my focus was on creating, really awesome content I did, a lot of the stuff I was got super, hands-on and then. Eventually I processed, everything out to where we were just launching like at least one, to two articles, a day of super, high quality content we. Were doing we, had a whole outreach process just building links every single day naturally, coming, in so. It slowly started, off a little bit slow but. Because. It's. Funny at the time when I first started off - I think I did get lucky in this aspect when, I first started off the niche was super. Uncompetitive. There was one other guy in the niche and now. Nice now, everybody, their mother is coming, out with an exact copy of my site it's pretty frustrating it's look they literally come out the exact copies of my site, with.

Just Read content, sounds like affiliates, yeah just rewritten content, but like its. Exact. Structure I mean they copied literally, everything to the tee but. So. That that bit is a bit is a bit frustrating for sure but. But. I'm still still. Number one baby so. How. Did you create. More like three times so you're very hands-on initially what, changed, like did you build up a team of EAS, to do services, how did you free up your time I had a big team I mean there's at one point in. 2016. Yes. 2016. Where I was working on an enormous amount of projects I was working on the affiliate site, I had, the. Startup which is called hire car, and. They were you, know we were growing like crazy doing, insane, revenue. Numbers they needed my work like, full-time so, we had a we had a team of like maybe. Six people six, Vietnamese, people working with me who. Were working on other projects, and. Eventually. I just got to a point where I. Kind. Of finished the site I finished, my affiliate site there's not really any new content to write and not really any new affiliate, products to write about so. We wrote over probably 500, pages of unique. Content, for reviews and all sorts of stuff and there still is extra, content to write for sure but I. Kind of finished the site and I, realized okay, I can just let this go on its own and then I. Ended. Up leaving. Hire car so I didn't have to manage with them anymore oh I still own a good chunk of equity in it, so. I left hire car and, the. Site got completed, and could. Run on its own all, the investments, that were invested. Message for cash flow were just. Going. On their own because the the I made it very clear with the people, I invest in that look I'm not gonna do anything like this is you this, is completely, your job you know and made it very clear on that you know they all understood like totally so. Yeah. Just, at a certain point I realized I don't really have much to do I could still definitely do. More work, but. For. Now I'm just kind of enjoying life and. Enjoying. The cash flow and I'm. Not really interested in projects, unless they're gonna be like a hundred million dollar projects. So. Nothing, like that has come up across the table yet I mean higher hire car is gonna be I, can't. Really say too much about the revenue numbers right now but it, should it's, insane. Amount, of money that that, comes or anything right now so. So. That's. Gonna be a little nicer than that nest egg when that happens, I'm. Just not really interested in making another affiliate site I'm not really interested in small. Kind of I, guess, in the. Big picture type stuff small stuff, so, I'm looking my, next projects would be a hundred million dollar. Project, that's that's what keep me interested I. Love. It man for. Anyone that's not. At their level yet you've got they fill it side that's making decent, money and that's paying for everything and you use that to invest for, know it's kind of like James. Pretty, affiliate, site did, you have any advice with those guys to kind of get started they want to live a lifestyle like you, yeah. Okay, so what you're, saying. Like. They are just starting an affiliate site or they have an affiliate site already, maybe. They have some ciphering for that but they're not making anything close, to like what you are making from, your site. It. Depends how, big the site can be I mean if it's just like a very narrow niche, I, would, say. Just. Keep building more sites just try and get as much cash flow cash flow as possible cash flows the game you know and my. Whole thing is like play to win, I'm. I do super, risky stuff I'm. Still young I have no no, wife I have no kids so it's I'm in a bit of a unique perspective or, situation, I, play, to win not play to not lose I got play to make as much money as possible so. So. I, mean if you want some bad advice I guess for, for. Some risky advice for. These people is just get as much cash flow as possible, and. Look. For other opportunities to invest in people. That you know are good and. Just invest hard, and, maybe. Because. For a while when I was investing in these guys like there was a while where I was only making maybe 10k a month I was putting a lot of my money into them and. Yeah, it, was a little bit stressful I mean I was I'd be down to maybe a thousand dollars in my bank account some chance but.

Like. I said I mean I like to play to not lose or play to win not play a lot not lose so and. Like you mentioned your me. Tears well a good, stage where it's no, real big deal we don't have huge responsibilities. Or anything like that like. We live in Southeast Asia I, travel. Around that so stupid keep here and I feel like that yeah, and if I lost everything like if God. Forbid I somehow lost everything I still have my skills I could still get back into and do everything all over again like it's not that big of a deal you know and maybe it's sending back through theaters but it's. So. Yeah, if, I lose everything is not that big of a deal but if I really bit, hard on on some stuff and really, it could be huge absolutely, life-changing money, so. Be. Sure like, you said the cash flow that's the that's, the key point right like no matter what you know that even if you drop, your bank. Balance up to a thousand dollars you know that you're gonna get, another chunk of cash coming in soon exactly cash flows huge man super. Important so. So. For someone. That's out there making that her safe house in 2000 dollars a month the the goal for those guys would be do. Whatever you need to to expand the existing site or build new sites so you can get the cash flow up to a point where, you actually bring something in and then. If, they, want to be what you're doing they want. To take a little bit risky then they can invest it and things like that, yeah. I mean I want to give like better advice than just, expand, your site because, that's. Not advice, out there but. If. I was making it it just depends on what type of site they have they have an authority site and then yeah they could definitely expand it if they have like a site about. I. Don't, know I'm. Looking around my house for something, okay. Anything. To be the floor that's already site but really, uh. Maybe. Launch a new site it SEO. I mean it's getting tough as well like I don't. It's. Tough so I would say you know maybe. Did. Diversify, a little bit try and take some of your profits put it into some FBA stuff a really. Easy way to. Increase. Profits, for an authority site or any affiliates, is to. Just launch an FBA product on top of it so. If you have Fisher, yeah if you have it and that's basically what we did, like. Are our top products, it's, you know a little bit ethically. Hazy but our, top products prefer, a lot of our biggest my biggest reviews are my, own products you know so, the number one product is James. Is perfect. And. We can, push products that way but, yeah, I think launching. A, an. FBA product like if you have a site about. Shoot. Let me just think off the top of my head. Workout. Supplements, and you launched your own workout stuff from it I'm probably pretty complicated but. Yeah. You can you can push it through your, site and. That's. An easy way to increase. Cash, flow increase. The value of your of your asset. Yeah. Fair. Enough here's an interesting question in so, you've got your um, affiliate. Site now it's doing really freaking, well before, you started doing you investments, how. Did you decide that's like this. One's working super well why don't I do more of this or launch more sites like this like stay in this fan how do you decide not to kind of transition and, we kind of worried about like the risk of. Not. Doing as well as Evan else it was is basically. Was I. Mean I don't want to turn anyone off from SEO because it's been really good for me but basically it was like. It. Was a long path, to get to where it is now you know it was sure, it was it wasn't easy to do it was basically two years before was making 20k mark I'm. Sure you can do it a lot faster than that I could probably five did things again I could probably do it a lot faster as well but. I, had. So much stuff going on at the time that. I, was working on higher car I was working on. The. Affiliate. Site I was just had way too much not, I did not have enough bandwidth to launch a new site so. And. Then. When it got to a point I was like well I could launch a new site maybe in two years it'll be maybe. At the same level. Again but. It. Just didn't really seem that interesting to me and who knows maybe I will because it is a decent way to get cash flow you know and, and. And. And the thing is there there are people out there who have processed, everything, out so well that launching a new site is super easy for them they, have the team they have everything you know it's not a big deal they do but.

I Don't I've never. Really invested, too hard and I tried, to do that for a while but what. I realized after not. Checking in with my team too much is that, the whole process had fallen apart when, I did actually check back in at them I was. Like what do you guys doing. The. Whole thing had gotten so messed up and and there's definitely ways to prevent that and, there's. A lot of people out there doing it and doing it really well it's. Just not really, that appealing. To me at this point in my life so, like, I said the only thing that's really gonna be interesting to me is like creating, a hundred million dollar business at. This point I like. It in terms, of obviously. Your your companies you're invested in you're an equity and stuff they have a team of course many. Times of you as in the investors, it just you do you have a VA, or even helping you out. With. With, the investments, or, yeah. Like what you're personally. Your day-to-day still work no. Not really. I do have like I do have a VA, that. That. Does like little stuff on the affiliate site but, like. He has daily tasks, on it but it's not really anything crazy I really. Don't have anything. Going on on that aspect I have no no, need for a VA it's a good. Setup yeah I. Like. That I think I was. Recommending. These days to people that it's so much easier to have like good, partnerships, and use great service and stuff versus building up a team in terms, of having an easy out lifestyle absolutely. Yeah I mean, hiring. A. Really. Solid SEO. Agency, to take over your site like that was huge for me and like I said TSI, like they're really good search initiative, shout, out to them again. They. There's. A lot of SEO, agencies out there that are absolute. I mean you know I'd, say honestly. A 90, 95, percent of the SEO services, in general are absolute. So, when. You find one that's really good. That's. Like. Okay, yeah they're kind of pricey but at least you're getting a real, out of it like, I. Think. It's you should definitely go for it I definitely. Spend more money than I should be on premium. Services that I believe, are worth, it but for me I pay that that extra amount of money because. It's. Just, nice to not to think about it not have to worry about it so yeah. I agree. How. Did you learn this stuff like investing how to pick out the, right sort of person and stuff like that it was a books mentors, coaches, no. It was more just kind of an intuition I guess like it. Was just really logical, it's like alright well this guy has launched. A successful product, he. Works hard like, he's. Why. Wouldn't I have invest in him it was just it was just kind of like, intuition. And I, haven't. Really read, much books on it but. Yeah. Just I really believe in partnerships, I believe in being like. What's. The word I think, people can really benefit from. Synergy. And partnerships, like so. Well like everyone has their. Value add to add in a partnership right and so sometimes, you know I have seen it work before -, SEO is working together to build a site idea that works it can work they're both SEO, s but like if you have maybe an SEO and a Content writer to. Build a site together right like. There-there. Are content, manager or you you partner, with somebody -, let's. Say you know obviously an, FBA or and you have the money right, they have the skills to launch the FBA company you have the money those types of like synergistic, partnerships, are really really, really good and. I sure so I love I love partnerships, I think, that a lot, of people are afraid of them and, I. Get. That but I think I you, know I like to be I've always been risk I like to live, risky. So. Korona. If you had any bad experiences or, any bad investments, or anything yet. No. Not really I mean I kind, of pride myself on my ability to like read somebody. And tell, if like they're gonna be a good person to, generally, work with and I, won't, prepare it with somebody that I don't. Maybe. I mean even like if I don't think, they're very trustworthy or, like. Maybe. I just get. The bad feeling about them I typically, won't even. Think about it but so, there's got to be I mean I got to feel like you're a good person and you're, not gonna screw me over and. Those.

Types Of things like I haven't personally, had a bed about. Scholarship. Yet yeah or investment, or anything yet, so. That's. Cool man I think, you like you a methodology. Of like seeing someone has already taken massive, action you've already built, stuff a successful before like. Its. Honestly. Obvious, but somewhat, obvious so you get like a vibe that like they can do it again right, for sure and and so I think a lot of people might see that in the guys oh good for you man and, I see it I'm like hey let me help you so I can be a part of this let me lead chopping yeah. So. That's kind of cool, yeah you, have any other advice to people about trying to create. Your, lifestyle, I think, just don't. Be afraid to spend money on good. People don't be afraid to just don't be afraid like I I, personally. Will. I'm. Not, afraid to spend money on. You. Know if that means investing in somebody or or like, people will really, overthink like oh should, I do this investment should I not like it's, kind of bad advice but. Risky. Advice, for sure but just like do it and see what happens and learn from it. I'm, definitely, the type of guy that like I will throw money at things I mean. I've definitely what I have done is I've wasted a lot of money on bad SEO services, so. Okay. Yeah so I've wasted a lot, of money where I'm where, I'll think like oh this guy like, he's popular in the, group people, seem to like him all right I'll throw like $2,000. At his links you know see what see what happens and they, end up being dog and, now. I've got dog links playing on my site and it's just like. So. Those those things were it's, a learning experience right it's all it's all like I spent a lot of money learning and then, I just kind of make. Assumptions. From that so, it's maybe not the greatest advice, out there to just go out there and spend money ah let. Me think of more I like it it's quicker like, you're just gonna forever to money oh these services eventually gonna get through all the crappy ones to find someone good like you have yeah yeah exactly so, I've, worked with a, lot of different. Service. Suppliers. In you. Know our community and yeah I mean I'm not gonna call anyone out but there's a lot of out there and. Sure. Yeah so. Yeah. That's pretty much it. Advice. On just maybe. For a beginner or. I'll. Just yeah I mean you're, gonna run into a lot of issues a lot of shits gonna suck but just keep going at it don't give up like it's. SEO. Is getting harder every year so. Keep keep up to date with all the latest stuff and, I. Personally. Like I know probably you'll probably I'll probably get a lot of for this but I would stay away from PV ends unless you're a, expert on them like. Unless, you know your stuff so, well and, you've. Been in the industry for a while like, I would stay away from them because. They're. Complicated now and I, would. Not suggest new people get into it maybe by by, pbn links from people who know what they're doing like I think you still people in links right there oh yeah. Yeah you Matt, diggity, I can't disagree because I tend, to recommend the same thing these days like building them up is, just. A headache if nothing else, yeah. For sure and I think it's just gonna get harder and harder and harder. So. I would say if you're. A new, person in SEO, I would, not suggest building, your own PB ends because, it's. Good just it was hard when I was involved like two years ago. You know what, yeah. Fair. Enough what, is your, plan going forward then you're just gonna keep enjoying. It lifestyle make a few more investments, stuff like that do you have any big. Hundred million dollar plans do you have some potential, stuff in the grapevine a potential. Hundred million dollar company. That. It. May, go. Through or - we're in talks right now so, that's. The only thing that's really interested, me in the past year. Or so so. Okay. That, one is gonna be. Really. Big if we can figure out the right way to do it but. Yeah.

It's Still still in talks and still just trying to figure it out so. What. Do you identify, yourself, as now like back, in the affiliate days without you a main fan I presume you're like an S er what. About now it's. Funny I change people ask me all the time what do you do I'll say digital marketer but I don't really do digital marketing anything. So. I guess just like an investor. Lease, not v6 is not like VC money angel, investor yeah I don't. Know I'm. Just chillin. Fair. Enough so. If you started over again would you build it I never I feel excite would you go second else. I'd. Look, and see what other options are out there these days to make money okay, I. Think I know if I if I started again I probably. Would start an affiliate site because I know it but. But. Also you know if I could raise money I made just launched an FBA brand like, if. I had no money to start off with so because I just I'd prefer like, getting, that cash flow in as soon as possible and basically. Like an affiliate site SEO you're you're buying links you're building. Content you're doing you're putting a lot of money in and, it's, a while until you see money back with. FBA or you basically you put money in and within, two or three shipments you can finally start taking a little bit of profits from it so yeah. Yeah, I'm with you especially. Like the like the Amazon, stuff I see people like investing. Money today so they can make like, an ROI in a year's time like that's a long, way yeah. It's tough man so, it. I'd. Have to see what see what other people, are doing out there I don't even know I haven't looked into it for a while but what. About you if you had to start over what would you do I. Mean. You. Know so the turn at around man um I guess. For. A little bit of cash flow I'd go for some clients just because it's what I know and it's just nice and easy to get, at least enough, cash flow that I'm not freaking out yeah, that's a good it's a good option and the, thing is if I were to start over again now. I. Would. Definitely take clients and I would charge a hell of a lot more than I did before so it'd be a lot easier sure. It'd be a lot easier than doing a client for 200 bucks a month so yeah. I just definitely suffer I, teach. This stuff as well so everyone seem biased but I would because, they just pay like enough money to pay the bills and - at least and then after, that I can choose whatever I don't, really want to build a big agency it's not my like. PPI was cool but, again I do it similar to you like partnerships, and stuff like people managing the clients people ranking. Them I just kind of. Give. Them money. It. Works out well huh. Yeah. I like the model it's kind. Of actually a realization. I had over the past year, or so as well similar to what, you're doing is that I don't need to actually do that much work as long as I have money to put in and I know great people they, can pretty much do mostly stuff for me yeah and I've met some of your team as well and they're yeah, so, yeah.

Smart. Guys yeah yeah you got you got a good thing going come. On um any words. Of wisdom to wrap, it up anything. Clever. We can end on. Put me on the spot. Yeah. I'd. Say. Nothing. I could honestly say is like it's cheesy, but don't give up again, I mean, there's. A lot of times I you know I I had, a. Struggling. Super hard and I. Was, so frustrated with the clients situation right, and I, had. Applied. For a job at reddit actually and. Read. It they, were like okay we're gonna fly you out to New York for an interview so, super, stoked I was like all right cool, like I can finally stop doing this, SEO, I'm so tired of it so, tired of working my ass off for like 1,200 hours a month this, sucks, so, I want to get. Interviewed at reddit and, it. Went really badly and I was, heartbroken I was like man that's like a dream job this is like it, was gonna pay me so well I all, sucks, but. Man if I had gotten that job like, my, whole life would have been totally different and who knows I mean I definitely wouldn't making the type of money I'm making now yeah and. It. Was all because I wanted to give up on what I was working on so I'm, just lucky I didn't get that job, but. To anyone who's listening like who's thinking about giving up like just keep working. At it man like just keep doing it and, a couple, years from now you'll be super insanely. Happy that you didn't give up on it so. What. Drives. You is like you struggled for years you said what drove, you to kept to, keep going for all that. A. Lot. Of it was to prove people wrong for sure because I didn't go to college so. I was basically I got a lot of for a while like all wearing on to college you're gonna be failure bah bah so I'm gonna do I proved a lot of people wrong and a lot of it was just like I've always, my, family, are all entrepreneurs, like, I've been an entrepreneur I, wanted. To be an entrepreneur like, so. I, just. Wasn't. Gonna give up like there's no way it was just not even a possibility so. It's. Fair enough I think it's actually cool, then um, a lot. Of people would. Benefit from figuring out what drives them and thinking I actually like. Being getting, hate and stuff likes it makes me want to like work harder and stuff like that like a view or that sort of person which, I'd say I'm a, Beshara, then, use. That deliberately. To to, make you work harder absolutely. Yeah. So there's some words of wisdom there to. Cool. Men. Exactly. Of course I appreciate you joining me today James it's been awesome, yeah. Thank. You want to connect or anything. Yeah. They can email me I mean yeah. I'll do a little bit of a picture if, anyone, is struggling. With cash flow and, you. Have a successful, FB Iran already you can email me. With. Some information and. That's, J rule 89, at this jru HL e 89. At Yeah. Awesome, man cool. Well it's been awesome chatting, again, I'm, sure we'll catch up at some point yeah see you in Vietnam. All. Right man I catch it yes. All. Right let me know what you thought of the video in the comment section below I try and respond to all of the comments I'm really excited to see what you guys think of the video be sure they hit the like button as well below if you likes it if you're watching on YouTube, aside, from that guys if you want more training just like this we should have to check out our scientific, rankings, and membership I'll put a link below the video again since the last leftover video and you can check that out as well we have more training just, like this other stuff and aside.

From That guys, that's about it, we have more episodes coming out every single week just like this on all sorts of different it's like SEO and building up your SEO business and managing clients, all that sort of stuff so you wonder how to build up your cash flow to get to the point of investing, then that's what we cover and be, sure to subscribe to our Channel and we'll create more training just like this so I'll see you in the next training video I'll see you there.

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