How I taught myself to trade Forex at 19 - (My Story)

How I taught myself to trade Forex at 19 - (My Story)

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Yoh, what's going on guys. It's your boy, Lesiba Mothupi, and today I'm super excited because we literally killed NFP. We took a buy on US30 and the market just shot upwards. Maybe I'll get to show you guys a sneak peek of it, what actually did happen, but I wanted to speak about today how I actually started trading forex, the currency market, even like, to be more specific at the age of 19 years old.

I just wanted to be a bit more specific with the title, because I know a lot of people are like, when did you start, you know, all these questions that are like, something that I don't mind talking about and hopefully you as a person, like if you're going through a phase whereby you want to know: what changes are for other people, what their journey is, what actually did they have to go through. That's like the video that you need, cause like with this, I'm going to literally walk you through how I got into the Forex market at the age of 19, and then how I was able to evolve and stuff. So, but before that happens, obviously I want you guys to do one thing for me before I sit down, cause I'm going to be sitting down here, we're going to be having a chat; you and I, I want you guys to do one thing for me; just make sure that you're subscribed to my YouTube channel. Obviously you can see that we are going for over 250,000 subscribers, and I know we will get there with the help of you, and at the same time comment below what it is that you want me to also speak about, some of the questions that you do have comment them below. I do observe them and then I do get to make topics about them, just so I can be able to help you out. So just comment below, tell me, and then let's get straight into the topic of today.

So guys, I'm literally happy to be talking about this, cause I know that for sure it's going to be helping out someone out there. The same video that I'm doing now, is the same video that I actually needed to hear someone speak, that has been able to walk through this journey, or someone that has already been able to achieve, you know, some experience when it comes to this So I was like, you know what. Hopefully this is definitely going to help a lot of people out there. So why not share my story? So obviously guys, I started trading at 19 years old, somewhere around those ages, you know, 2017.

And while I did trading at the time it was a bit more tough, cause you know things such as smartphones or even internet connections, and all those things were a bit more expensive for people like us, you know, cause obviously, you know, I'm still in college at the time. I can't even afford things such as data and not even that but, just being able to have a cell phone that's going to allow me to be able to trade, was a hustle cause I didn't have a phone at the time. I only had one of those smallest phones that you get at any store, for literally less than a 100 Rands, like 150, somewhere around there. So obviously, you know, I had to just sit down with my mom, and just like explain to her what actually it is that I want or I need from her, which was help into getting a phone. That's all that I actually needed at the time, because a phone is actually the one thing, that was going to be able to help me be able to learn about the markets, and even focus a bit more on trading and stuff. So what actually happened, like how I actually came into understanding what the Forex market is like, like I did say, I once saw this friend's mom trading, and she was actually trading IQ options and stuff, but she explained to me what currencies are or forex market is.

And then they just gave me like a broad understanding of what's going on, but the fact that she was able to make money on the cell phone, for me it was like, "I need to learn that thing, I don't care what it is. I don't care what happens. I need to learn that." And the fact that it's not even easy, it's a bit more complicated to understand. It means that once I do get to understand it, I'll be able to, you know, make the most out of it.

So that's when I went out there, I got the name; it was called Forex market. So I got out there and started searching, "What is forex?" Obviously we all start there; they started giving me different types of videos: "this is forex, this is how it works," Then, like I started like just searching a bit more. I was like a bit more into the "What is forex" site, up until I started believing that, "Oh, okay. This thing is actually a legit thing." Cause at first, you need to understand if that business model you're trying to get into, if it is legit, once you get there, okay, "Alright this is legit."

That's when you can start learning on: how can you make money from it? What do you need to do? Where do you go; 1, 2, 3 understand. But you need to firstly understand how legit is this thing. So after I've got my legit... like after I believed that, it's actually possible for people to make money out of here, I started searching, you know, success stories, started seeing different types of people from literally all over the world, that have been able to find success trading the Forex market, and then I would listen to them, I would hear their mindsets.

I'll just see what actually it is that they have going on in their minds currently, and what they had in their minds before, just so I can be able to see where it'll lead to, and where I'll want it to lead to. So some of these people, obviously others, they aren't really worth, so I had to just filter them out, and the ones that I found value from, the ones that I related to and understood, I literally stuck with them. I started learning a bit more from them, started taking more information on how forex works from those people. And then like that literally changed and helped me massively. But at the age of 19 years old, when I got into it, the first thing that I'd done was like, obviously on Google, you'd get like, you know, "What is forex?" There will be different types of websites, that would come with different information, I'd go into them, then I'd join these, you know, newsletters, forums, you know, your baby peeps. Obviously we all have to go through all those steps, that are going to help us to move forward.

There's also one... I forgot what it is, that had tutorials, but the name is That actually helped me out a lot. Cause they had beginner lessons; they were not too long shot, but like a lot of lessons about everything, even though it wasn't too deeply explained, but it gave me an understanding in a sense.

So, that's one of the things that I went through. So I went through understanding what the market is, how it works, what actually influences the market, how can I make the most out of it? What is like a normal trader's life like? Like I said, I had to study all these things, just to be able to see if this is for me, and guess what? I did study it. And then, I was still in college at the time, so it was a bit more difficult for me to be able to manage college, and also manage, you know my trading site. So eventually I had to decide where I'm going next. I had to decide if I'm going for focusing a bit more on my studies, cause at the time I was even writing exams late 2018, but also I had to also observe on the side, should I also focus more on understanding what the market is like, just so that I'm able to, you know, maybe make the most, what if I make it in the forex market, and I'm able to help out my family. Those are the thoughts that actually had going on.

Guess what I've done guys. Guess what I've done? I legit didn't even think twice or three times about it. I just went into the markets and then so I was like, "School? That was my dad's choice, my mom's choice.... They wanted me to do these specific courses and all those things.

That's not for me; I've never seen myself graduating from school. Like, you know, as much as maybe if my dream was to graduate, I would have went to school, not that I have anything against it, just that it has never been my dream to graduate at school, So I was like okay, no, let me put this aside. Maybe I'll see it in the near future.

Like maybe when I'm down the line, I'll come make, you know, do school things and stuff, but for now let's be real. What's actually going on? We need money, we need this, we need this, we need this. There's not time to be going to school, when your stomach is empty and stuff, you know? So, that was like the only thing that I had going on in my mind. So I was like, you know what, let me focus a bit more on the forex market, as long as I was able to see some people were able to make it, why can't I? Obviously I can make it.

So we started trading on the Forex market, we started going into forex. I started learning a bit more about it. I'm excited.

Obviously, I don't need to tell you where I am now in the journey, because most of you guys do know, but today, literally just today, we were able to close over 13000Rands, like, From just a few minutes trading; we even shared it in our premium teams. And like, we took the trade on US30, we took a buy actually on US30, and then it just spiked all the way upwards. And, within a few minutes, NFP came, and then like that, it just even spiked more upwards. And I was like, "Wow, okay, let's take profits guys. We're done for the day." So 13K, 13000Rands, we're able to make just today.

Imagine now if I didn't make this decision, where would I have been now with my life? So, it's not like... Maybe I would have been much more successful that side, I could have got a job, became a supervisor, became... I don't know.

But you understand that I'm just showing you that, the path that I was able to take, I'm a bit more comfortable with it, because it's not me just putting in too much work. It's just being able to get that freedom of doing what I love. And also having a lot of time on my side, sorry about that, to be able to figure out what it is that I want to continue doing. So that's what I've actually done. So, you know, obviously like, you know, 2019, 2018, I mean, you know, that was like, after I dropped out of school, like as soon as January, I didn't go to school anymore. They actually forced me to, you know, they wanted to register all those things.

I was like, please give me that money, you guys don't understand. And they, obviously, my dad didn't, but, for that year, I kept on just pushing, doing my own things, trying to see what it is that I can do on my side, to be able to flip the situation, into how I want it to be. The only thing that I could do was study as much as possible. I could, you know, just read and study, like learn the markets, see how the market is moving, put a lot of attention into my groove of understanding the whole concept of the markets, and being able to capitalize the most from the market. By doing so it helped me be able to find different types of mentors. You know, there are mentors that well, they trade.

I'm seeing the other mentors that would, that focus a bit more on the psychology, so different types of mentors, and then that helped me be able to see the mentor side of things, and then while doing so, while I'm learning about this information, I started knowing that, okay, you know, regardless of me trying to just master the market, how they move, looking at the graphs and stuff, I should also focus on my mind and my personal development, because, how I see the charts, how it moves, how I react, is all up to how I feel and how I think about that. So that taught me to be able to go through that. So at the time I was like maybe 20, 20 years old, I was somewhere around 20 years old and then came... During that year, I was able to actually make a few profits on the markets. I was able to go from like, you know, literally just three months, like I think I pulled over 350,000Rands from the markets.

And I was like super excited at the time. Cause like I'm what? 20 years old and I just pulled 350K, and, I'm just chilling. I'm still in the hood at the time. I'm still at home. I have nothing going on on my side, so it's not like I have a lot of responsibilities, but at the time, obviously when you make as much money as that, and you've never seen that much money, there will be things that are going to come and go.

So I started getting into different types of businesses, thinking that I'm investing, but because of my lack of knowledge towards that, I eventually lost most of the money, which brought me back into, you know, negatives. I was now back in debts, even because I was now back into like, I was owing money, I was doing this and investments not paying out; all those types of different types of things. So now, going through that phase, I noticed something. I actually noticed the fact that, it's hard to trade when you are not mentally stable, like when you're going through a hard time, or when you're just overthinking specific stuff, it's hard to place trades, it's hard to make profits. It's hard to manage losses.

It's hard to just even manage trades. So, like that was a bit more challenging, which I had to come up with a plan. I literally had to come up with a plan at this time.

I sat down, I thought about it and then I was able to come up with a plan. I asked myself, what is it that I had done back then, that actually was able to help me accumulate 350K, even though I lost it? But what is that one thing that I had done there, that actually helped me accumulate it instead of, "Hey, I'm bad,"; like seeing negative things. Cause obviously I'm good at making, but I'm not good at keeping, so now I'm here to see what it is that I've done to make, just so I can start learning on how to keep. Then I noticed that my eagerness for knowledge, you know, me just wanting to learn more about the markets, me just wanting to learn more about me, me just being able to stay dedicated towards the mission on a daily basis; that's the one thing that actually was able to show me just some small success, which now it..., and then as soon as I made that much money, like I started liking a bit more about different things.

Like, you know, I started being a bit more confident, started..., sorry about that, started feeling a bit this way and all those things. So I told myself, okay, you know what? Let me go be the kid that I was last year; a year ago. So I don't, you know, get distracted by certain things. So, I went back into the same process; started asking a bit more, started reading, started, like, you know, focusing more about trading books, the trading coach; that time I was even reading the trading coach, I was reading, you know, for example, like before that, I was reading trading books, psychology ones even, instead of just normal books.

And then I went into also just understanding how to stick with one strategy, no matter it gives me wins and losses, then I've got that. Then I also started focusing a bit more on, what it is that I need to do in order to just stay longer in the game. Because at that time I had a bigger account, then I lost it off, but I wanted to know what is it that I need to do in order to stay long. I don't want to make a lot of money and lose it; that was not security for me, because I've got a daughter.

10 years down, 20 years down the line, I still have to be able to have income from this. So I need to start thinking of ways that will be long-term. Then I started learning more about risk management, risk strategies, like things that come with risk, being able to just manage my capital, just so it can be able to grow and compound in the later months or years. And I started focusing more on that and, within a year from the time guys, I won't lie; a lot of things started to happen, not even a year, because at the time, I'm what? 2, 3, 4 Months down the line, I was able to buy my first car, which was a polo sedan, you know, I got it. And one thing that I like about that is that at the time, I didn't buy it for me being able to move from point A to point B, I was still comfortable with taxis, not too comfortable, but I didn't mind jumping in a taxi just to go get my things done. At the end of the day, I need transport, so that was like the only option that we had.

But the fact that now, I was able to buy myself a car at 20, 21... Is it 21? I think 21 years old; 22 was last year. Yeah, at 21, at 21. The fact that I was able to buy myself this car at 21 years old, like it was able to open up good things, that's when I was like, Okay, now, what it this that I can do. Then I got into different types of businesses, like I'll put it down into taxify, I was the one personally driving the car.

But even though, while I was driving it, I kept on staying focused on one thing, during the time went by, I was driving, hustling, doing my things. I'll trade, I'll be trading, I'll be trading, whenever I don't have any clients on in the car, I'll be trading. And then I'll also be reading some books, some trading books, and also personal development books, just so I'm able to, you know, grow and become better. Eventually one month down the line, I saw that that taxify business model wasn't for me.

So I had to eventually leave and focus 100% now on trading, because there were days where I would make a lot of money, then I would, when it comes to taxify, I would make that in a day from just trading. So that's when I saw that, no, I'm spending a lot of my time doing this, but it's not giving me most of my returns. Let me focus on this thing. That's when I started investing more in the markets.

I started getting like, you know, bigger screens, just so I'm able to see the markers a bit more as a bit more clearer, I started paying for my premium products, such as the trading views, such as things that; tools that I'm going to be needing in order to help my business, because now I could see that okay, forex now became a business like, you know, I'm making this much average a month and I'm also... I have also some expenses that I will be running costs for my business. So those are like, you know, such things, small things, even though not too big compared to now, and then like, while doing that, obviously like, you know, that helped me to be able to just open up my mindset towards,"what can I do?" What are the rewards that I can actually achieve or experience from this? Then, just by moving forward, I started learning a bit more about mastering one specific thing.

I started learning a bit more about mastering one specific thing. So imagine from like what 19 years old, I was looking at the fact that, Alright, now trying to understand the markets. I'm looking at the broader side of things, what's happening? There's a lot of things; there's shares, stocks, ETFs, currency,indices; all those things. What do I do? But like when you start being involved in it, when you start being in that experience, you're going to be able to see what actually does work and what doesn't work. So the first thing that I'm going to say now is that obviously you need to start.

You need to start with the journey; once you do get to start that's when a lot of things are going to unfold. When you go to school, you don't know what's going to happen for the GA. You think that maybe it's going to be tough, but as soon as you do some small, small, small steps at the end of the year, you have passed your progress to the next grade. So it's the same thing with that in the markets.

Start it! Like, once you start, then you'd be able to move forward. So I'd done that. And then like, you know, now deep down in my journey, like 21 years old, I got into understanding a model named Indices so I came across what they call indices. I saw different traders trading it finding success. But like, I knew about it before.

I just put it aside, cause I've never seen anyone gain success trading it. I didn't know anyone getting success trading it, but once I started seeing people doing so, that's when I was like, you know what, let me just privately test this and see if it does work out for me. I tried it a month, like that didn't work out too well. And then the next month I came back, boom, I made a lot of money. Like I tried it just this month, I blew that account; that didn't work out too well.

The next month, we went, put in like 5K, and the other account I had like 3K... No! A thousand. I had a thousand, 5K, so it was like 6,000 total investment; initial investment. On the 5K account, I was able to make over 40,000Rands in just 3 days, and also on the1000 account I was able to make, I think 11,000 in just those 3 days.

So, I was able to, with an investment of 6,000Rands, I was able to flip that to... I think it's 40 and... yeah, 51, 52. I was able to flip that into 52K within a period of three days.

I pulled some profits, I bought myself a new phone. I did this, I did this. There's a lot of things that I took care of, then I started going like, okay, I need to master this thing. What are these things? Then I went into getting more information about the index market, learning about it as a whole, and like just wanting to trade it. I want you to understand what makes up the index market? What actually does move the index market? What should I follow what are the top companies that I should follow? What are the tools that I need in order to become successful trading these things? Who is successful trading the index market that I can follow and look up to. And I started looking into all those things then like, you know, I wouldn't like just like, I pushed it.

And then within a few months from there, I started trading in six-figure account in Rands. And then, like, it was one of the first times I was thinking like, you know, an account that I brought from like all the way down into like six figures, and like nicely, you know, nicely that I built nicely, not too quick, you understand? And not like disrespecting risk, I was actually respecting risk, even though I made so much profits. And then like when I got into that six-figure, like, it changed my mindset in a certain way.

It allowed me to start, like, you know, being able to, have this specific feeling towards money as a whole, being able to just as much as like, you know, I trade to make money, but I detach some of my emotions towards the money that I was making. So I didn't have problems if I lose 3K or 5k in a day, because I know the rewards that I'm able to see in the longer term picture. That's what it actually helped me with. And deep down when I was at four months after that whole scene, which was like around June 2020; last year, was it? Yeah, I bought one of my favorite cars or the car that I actually loved; My Mercedes-Benz.

I've been working hard to get that car and as soon as I got it, like for me it was even still a bit more tough or hard, at some point, even when I bought the car. And it was a bit tough because, you know, I was still hustling at the time. So even when I bought it, it was that thing of, I need to see if this thing is really working out for you all. But when I started seeing myself driving it, I started believing more.

I know I did believe before, but that allowed me to have a belief. Like, you know what, it's simple to believe in something. Like let's say when you believe in something, yes, you can believe that it's working out because you've seen other people, but when you start seeing some of the things that you're doing leading in the right direction, that's when you are more likely to believe in that specific thing. So that's what it actually allowed me to do; I started believing in that. And then, I was able to make some specific moves, moves on, which now I wouldn't be speaking about, there's been a lot of moves that we're able to make, even within the past few weeks and months that are big, that I didn't even speak about. But I guess I'll share that for another moves...

like I'll share that for another video, cause you know, there's a lot of investments that I'm not getting into. There's a lot of business models that I'm not investing in, but investing in the currency, in the Forex market, was the best thing that I actually had done, because it literally took me from like, you know, being a 19 year old broke kid that didn't know anything about life, like that just went through understanding the school system, you know, that was just used to making small money, from just selling packets of sweets chips, and all those things, to literally being able to move out from where I used to stay at home, in the hood, to being able to become financially free, I would say, cause it's not like every month I'm thinking, what should I do? Like I'm thinking money, problems and stuff. The amount of money doesn't matter, the fact that you are able to become financially free is what matters most, because a lot of people do make money, but they're not actually free, but there's people that actually do make comfortable money, but they are actually free. And looking at my daughter in her eyes, knowing she's sorted, she's safe, she's comfortable, 1, 2, 3 makes me happy. Being able to see myself, you know, help out at home.

Being able to see myself contribute to other people, being able to see myself do a lot of things for a lot of people, is one thing that actually helps me out. Also being able to see the positives out of it. So, one thing that I want to say to you watching this video, whether you are still trying on trading the Forex market, whether you are on your journey and you thinking that it's not working out, whether you are, you know, you're about to jump into the breakthrough, breakthroughs are going to happen, if you don't quit, if you don't stop, the earlier it is going to happen, it can take longer. It can be quicker, but a breakthrough will eventually happen no matter where you are, whether you are deep down inside a shack or you're in a huge house, whatever. But a breakthrough is sometimes going to happen, if you just stay consistent towards you pushing in the markets, and investing in trading is one thing that actually is amazing, because, you will be able to, just trade anywhere, anytime, and not have to report to anyone else, and not wait for a specific salary at a specific time.

If you are used to having 20,000 every month come in at a specific time, then maybe it will be a bit tough for you. But if you're one person that you know, that if you put a lot of work in, you're going to give it a lot of rewards, if you don't... if you're that person, because I'm like that, I believe in if I put a lot of work, I need to get more, and if I don't, it should show; my results should show. If you're like that, obviously then I think, trading is one thing that's going to help you out a lot and massively, but at the same time, guys, watching this video, I take it that you liked the message.

Tell us in duct tape, you like the way that I instruct, you know, me teaching some of the moves that I see in the markets, my experience is one of the things that I have, which is why I'm going to offer you guys a chance, to become a part of the 3.0; the premium 3.0, the link will be left in the description box, obviously once you see that you are the person that like, you know, would like to flip your income into any situation, that you'd like to turn it into buying, trading the Forex market. Then it means that this is actually for you, make sure that you go in the description box, check it out, and see if it'll work out for you or not. At the same time, comment below. Tell me what you guys think.

Explain to me where you are on your journey. If you did experience a breakthrough, tell us your story. Just so other people out there are able to be inspired by not only me, but also other people that are finding success from trading the Forex market. It's your boy Lesiba Mothupi, I'm glad that you watched up until this very end. I will see you on the next video.

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